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Fandom Nier: Automata 9S/male!Scanner (m/m)


The last of the real ones
I will make this short, and it's a shot at the moon most likely, but we will see.
With my regrown love for Nier:Automata I am searching for 9S/Male!Scanner-Android (like 6S or 7S, you get it, they are all so beautiful) to deal plotwise with questions like what are feelings anyway, where is the root of a soul, can androids feel, and so on and so on. Maybe playing around the beginning of the game, where shit didn't hit the fan yet. I do not mind that much. Honestly, I just think 9S needs some gay love, that is all.
- 3rd person, past/present tense, word range from 200-2000, whatever you give me. 18+. Really, I am desperate, so if this interests you in any way, do not hesitate to write me. Thank you <3

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