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Multiple Settings (Niche fandom/original pairings) Need to keep busy at school

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RP Madoka Magica w/ me!!!
I know, I've posted way too many searches. But now that I'm back at school, I need some rps to keep me occupied during the insane amounts of downtime that come with being an ADVANCED advanced student. (Not bragging, I'm literally in all the advanced classes and finish all the material very quickly.)

About me;
I am an advanced high school student in the USA, central time zone. I'm typically online from about 0800-2200 (8AM-10PM).
I identify as genderfluid and prefer they/them pronouns, but you may refer to me as a he if you must. My name is Kuro but you may also call me Amatsu or give me other appropriate nicknames.
I am considered advanced literate but prefer semi-lit rps.
I have clinical depression and use rps as a way to escape from reality, so I take them very seriously. If you do not take rps seriously or treat them like a game, gtfo.

What I need from a partner;
The usual expectations and site rules still apply, of course. Please understand that I am NOT demanding or controlling, I simply know what I want from a rp and my partner in that rp.

MUST BE VERY ACTIVE. This means I need multiple replies daily when possible. I understand if you're genuinely busy, but if it means you consistently can't reply 30min~2hrs after I send a reply, then please don't join a rp with me. I am not impatient with my partners, but I reply very fast (usually under an hour) and I expect you to try your best to match that speed.
If there are certain days/times you are unable to reply, please tell me before we get started with a rp.

For post length, I don't expect a wall of text. But I will also not accept one-liners. One to two paragraphs is fine, especially in dialogue-heavy scenes with a lot of back and forth, but I'd like you to try and match my reply length. Three sentences is not a paragraph, you're not in kindergarten.

Communication is key, PLEASE tell me any extra info I need to know about you, your characters or what you'd like to happen. If I'm doing something you don't like, tell me and I'll try to fix it or reach a compromise.
I will also gladly chat with you OOC about anything, I like to be friends with my partners.

I will rp with anyone of any age, as long as you act mature and use proper grammar in-rp. Outside of rp I don't care how you write or how childish or silly you are. My rps are serious and contain many mature or "trigger" topics such as weapons, mental illness, threats of all sorts, crime, illicit substances, murder, etc. So do not inquire if you cannot handle writing such topics.

In fandom pairings, I prefer my partner to play canons. Doubling is encouraged and sometimes required.

Characters I will play are bolded
Please note that some, if not all, of these pairings have an established world and/or setting, as well as preset genres. Any M or F role (regarding the gender of your character) can be swapped for NB or Trans any, with no questions asked.

Gangster x naive outsider (Preferred MxM)***

Suicidal gang leader x sweet gay boi (MxM obviously)***

Bullied student x popular student (FxM)**

Pyromaniac fire elemental x chill water or ice elemental (FxAny)*

Murderer x innocent*

As you'll notice, I prefer my partner to play canons. Doubling is encouraged.

Soul Eater;
Rogue weapon/OC x Crona***
OC x Kid*
Weapon x Meister*

Puella Magi Madoka Magica;
OC x Kyoko***
OC x OC***
OC x any magical girl of your choice**

Doki Doki Literature Club, AUs only;
Glitched OC x MC (after reset, canon universe)**
OC x Yuri ("real life" AU)**

Undertale, original AUs only;
OC x OC**
I will add more to the list later. Please DM me and tell me which pairing you'd like to rp, or if you have another idea.
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Uuuh... Hello there I'm Nesy. Just looking around for roleplayers to make stories together.

I like genres that are like: Fantasy-Warfare or science fiction. Medieval n all that kind of stuff. I have a lot of ideas in my stash but I do not mind brainstorming.
My activity varies depending on what issues I have and what kind of problems I can face. I do reply more then twice per day and almost absoloutly able to consistantly reply to people if there's not too much going on.

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