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Book Niara Shadowleaf

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Niara Shadowleaf

Niara Shadowleaf is the high general of Ilhirel's legions and her second-in-command. Originally a princess of the elven royal line of Eldshaw, she was drawn to the Sorceress upon her taking the throne. Soon afterwards Niara forsake her own legacy to serve Ilhirel, who trained her to become what she is today - a feared, calculated military commander and loyal vanguard of her mistress' will. Though Ilhirel's victory was already assured in the last war, Niara's efforts helped further her goals faster and more efficiently than the current pace. She displayed a remarkable ability to lead and a natural gift for tactics. She has never failed a mission, and the only task she has yet to complete is the annihilation of the Resistance.

During the Quest for the Amaranth, the Chosen beat her to the Great Library in Aboran and made off with crucial evidence regarding the artifact before she could stop them. This failure became the first stain on her previously spotless career. Ilhirel was not pleased, but it would take more than this for Niara to fall out of her favor.

Niara came close to capturing the Chosen in Ridge but was half a day too late - the fellowship had just moved out earlier that morning. Niara managed to learn the time and direction of their departure but was prevented from following when the Resistance happened to mount an attack on the town, catching her unprepared. Barely escaping a fatal injury, the general was forced to retreat, giving ground to the Resistance and returning to Alicante defeated a second time to face the wrath of her mistress. Afterwards she was more motivated and determined to succeed in her task than ever before.
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