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Fantasy Nexus Academy of Magic (Reboot)

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The Overlord
1 Month Before the Start of the Term

Magnus Had been spending a lot of time in his office going over all the application forms he received. A good portion of them that he got back were interesting to say the least (well as interesting as they can be to someone who has read thousands before). It was looking like it was going to be one of that better years where they actually had a good number of students to come in. In fact it had been a while since so many have come to study with them. He wasn't sure of the reason but it seemed this time around more just happened to have been born capable of using magic. After much thought and speaking with his assistant Alice he notified all the staff that they were going to be holding a festival in honor of the newcomers arrival. All he had to do was send out the confirmation letter to them all to know how to make it to the school. Yes for someone like him it was very simple but for those that didn't know magic was real it can be difficult. In the letter every year he made it very clear that to enter the school all one must do is imagine a door that leads to the school. Unfortunately it is not uncommon to have to send someone to get them since they just lack faith in what he has told them.

"Well that's the last one," he said sealing the last envelope. Waving his hand over the envelopes he sent them away to be received by the applicants.

Arrival Day: Hector Morgan

It had been a month since Hector received another letter from that university he applied to. He had that long to think over if he was being punked about the method in which he was expect to travel there. Let alone that it never said where it was but that it only required mere thought to get there. It was a little hard to believe and didn't get easier with the passing days. The only reason he even kept thinking about it was that for some reason deep down inside he wanted to believe what was written in the letter was true. He wasn't sure why since as a writer he prided himself in knowing the difference between fantasy and reality but for once he hopped that it could be different. All of this lead to him standing at his front door with his suitcases and hoping that this works so he doesn't feel dumb.

"Here goes nothing," he said opening his door. Instead of his front yard he was greeted to a massive castle as he stepped out. "Well I guess they weren't just messing with me."

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The Infinite Being
In the month since receiving his application, Leo had all but forgotten about it. He'd left the unburned portion folded up on the back corner of his desk. Sure, he thought about it every now and then, but still thought it might be some elaborate prank one of his friends might be trying to pull. Even when his acceptance letter arrived that was still his explanation for it all. Magic wasn't real, right? How could it be! This letter was even more ridiculous than last time. Imagine a door leading to the school? His friend must have hidden cameras set up or something like that.

But even as Leo tried to rationalize it, something in the back of his mind urged him to take it seriously. Maybe he just wanted to believe that magic was real after all. It would certainly make his life much more interesting. Sighing, he dragged out a suitcase and packed the essentials. His favorite shirts, shorts, jeans, toiletries... you know, the works. With everything ready, he stood in front of his bedroom door. He read over the letter one last time before taking one last look around his room. Why did this feel so final? It wouldn't matter how hard he imagined the door leading to some fantasy college, it wouldn't change. This wasn't one of his stories. Still, he decided to grab the only photo in his room and slip it into his suitcase as well. It showed him and his closest friends during their camping trip. If this somehow did turn out to be real, he'd want something to remember them by.

Leo faced his door again, this time with more determination. He closed his eyes and tried to picture the school. Drawing from every trope he could think of to add more detail, it ended up looking like a messed up Hogwarts. Keeping that image in his head, Leo opened his door. Instead of seeing an empty hallway, however, it was replaced by a large castle. For a moment, he was too stunned to even move. Then, almost as if possessed, he stepped beyond the threshold, leaving his home behind.


Mystery Man
Bithiah was currently taking the time to prepare herself for the arrival of the next batch of Ignoramus wannabe Wizards she would be gracious enough to shape and harden into powerful practitioners of the Arcane Arts despite their best efforts to remain ignorant of the finer and more studious aspects of the Magical World and their role in it. Perhaps this time there would be one or two wizards who could grasp the fundamentals without laborious handholding. She cursed the names of the Twelve Wizards who deprived the world of Magic in childhood when the Mage is less set in their mundane ways and able to be properly honed. When they retained that connection to the fantastical and push beyond the limitations of reality, gone were the good days of Old. But if she had her way, they would not be gone forever, even if such a day was long off.

Then a sudden and quite loud Mooing broke her from the Daydream and allowed Bithiah to remind herself that today was Orientation, and that meant she and Hathor had to greet the students in style. "Thank you, Hathor." She said pausing a moment "I think it's time we show the Faculty and Students how Egypt does a welcome party. Get ready Hathor it's time for a spa day." Together they did the sacred bathing and purification rituals where Bithiah shaved all the remaining hair from her body (not much) bathed in perfumes and scented oils with Hathor (separate baths) and dressed in the traditional regalia of the High Priestess in the Temple of Isis (Bithiah puts on Fancy Robes, tons of Jewelry and fancy wig/crown) and the Sacred Cow of Hathor-Isis (Hathor the Moo Moo puts on an extra fancy hat) and after the spa day Hathor and Bithiah "The Not Visibly Bald" begin the preparations for opening theatrics and suitable mysticism to welcome the new students.
"Don't forget the Replacement Sacrifice Hathor!" She said as Hathor picked up a stuffed animal in her mouth "Good Job Girl!"
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Dreaming Melody
Akiyama Shizue/Lan WangXian

"So it starts today." The melody of a stringed instrument accompany his words, not quite loud, but soft and calming, white feather fluttering in front of him before a large bird landed on his right shoulder. "New faces, responsibility. Belief. Right, Lan Yue*?" Akiyama's deep blue hues slid to the corner of his eyes, silently scanning the figure clad in blue and black chinese robes, slightly behind him to his right sitting near a table, his back straight, slender digits skillfully strumming the Guqin on his lap bringing forth melodies, the gentle wind weaving through the other figure's long hair.

Currently they were both on the top floor veranda. Akiyama focuses his eyes forward once again, leaning on the veranda railings. The soothing music comes to a slow stop and Akiyama sat up straight. "Well, I'd better get going. I'm sure you'll have a lot of things to do once they come. While my responsibility comes when they had a lack of theirs', but-" Akiyama paused and flashed a smile before he continues "Let's just hope it never come to that."

As he left the veranda and entered the hallway, the big white bird also disappeared.

Lan Yue is Lan WangXian's birth name, only those who are close to him are allowed to call him by that name, or if he allowed them to.

The figure that was still on the veranda let out a light breath, akin to a sigh but it was not. Storm colored eyes remained calm, as with his posture even after Akiyama's presence was no longer there. Lan WangXian simply put his guqin into its case before standing up and took a few steps toward the veranda railings, looking down he could already see a few human figures, not dressed in the school's uniform. So, some of the students had finally arrived. 'Some' it depends on how strong their will is to go here.

How well would they fare and how will they cope? The answer to his silent question remained unanswered, as the answer would only come by itself. It was not to be seek. Lan WangXian continues to stand there. Watching the new students arriving one by one. His expression remained neutral.

It was until a while later that Lan WangXian decide to get ready, although all the preparation had already been done and double-triple-checked by himself , he walked down the school's hallway. At his back was a case holding his instrument. His destination is his room, he should put it back in his room before the ceremony begin.

Kawanagi Ryuusei

His older sister's hug had almost squeeze all the air out of him. "Would you calm down, it is not like he is about to go to war." A women's voice said, a little bit grumpily. And the hold around Ryuusei finally loosened and he can finally get the sweet, sweet air back into his lungs. "I apologize, mother." His sister bowed at the women sitting on a chair at the far side of the room, however it was clear by the smile on her face that she did so out of happiness. Their mother only regard Ryuusei with a cold stern gaze. "Ryuusei, remember this well: If you cause trouble there, I will have to drag you back home, no second chances. I will not allow you to bring shame to the Kawanagi family."

Hearing this, Ryuusei bowed, his heart felt as though someone had just plunge needle into it. Growing up, he had always attend the school his mother picked for him and ordered him to behave. Discipline is important in the Kawanagi family and based on how much family rules he had break... It was only natural his mother does not have much faith in him.

"Mother, I am sure Ryuu will be fine." His sister intervene and Ryuusei stood up straight, frowning. "Big-Sis? Were you cooking something? It smells burnt."

Hearing this, his sister's expression turned into confusion and then surprise. "Oh no! I was boiling lotus pods!" She hurried out the room after bowing to their mother.

"Ah... now I'm worried." Ryuusei said so jokingly, amber eyes lingering at the door which his sister had just left open but his mother only scoffed-- at him, he noticed.

"See what happens when people are around you. Now leave."

Lips pressed into a thin line, Ryuusei held his words in. Bowed and leave the room. In his head, he kept thinking about the way to go into the academy, the method is quite... Imaginary. But Ryuusei live his life with unconfined imagination, in contrast to the rest of his family members. "Well if it doesn't work I can just go play somewhere far away~" His suitcase and bags ready, all important and necessary items is packed neatly and nicely. Ryuusei is ready to start his life at an academy that he, in all his life had never heard of. He stood in front of his house's front door.

"Imagine huh? Hmm, what kind of place is it? Is it fun? Or like the last school I went to?" Pondering over his overactive imagination, Ryuusei shrugged to no one but himself. "Interesting letter and shady jackpot for a school letter. Well, fine. Lets go then." Ryuusei placed his hand on the sliding door and slide it open while closing his eyes.

He expected a scent of nature, flowers and lake. But he did not caught any of those familiar scent. Since the Kawanagi house is build above a lake, he find it a little odd. So he opened an eye and took a peek.

"Needless to say, I'm floored." Was his comment, lacking in enthusiasm for that matter, but filled with curiosity. Opening his eyes, he grabbed his belongings and step through the door, to the unknown place that looked like a castle, the door slide close behind him but when he turned to look, nothing was there. There was no door.
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Socially Anxious Chocolate Addict
Cameron Leatton
Interacting: N/A | Location: Outside the school

“I told you it was a prank letter,” Mother sighed, shaking her head. “Come on now, Cam. Don’t be so hung up on this working.” She stood on the other side of the door in the hallway. Cameron had burst through that door five times now only to find her looking down upon him. He didn’t understand; he was doing everything that letter had told him to do and yet he wasn’t getting anywhere.

With a stubborn huff, Cameron closed the door again. He glanced briefly over to the ashes still on the edge of his dresser, all gathered up in a neat little pile. Surely this had to mean something. There was no way he could get a follow-up letter if burning his reply hadn’t done anything. Surely, surely, surely…

“This has to work,”
he muttered to himself. He didn’t know what he would do if it didn’t. This was his only chance to get into a college for no cost. It would mean a lot to their financial situation if he was able to go through with it. “It just has to.”

Closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath, he once again picked up his suitcase and yanked open the door. When his eyelids fluttered open, what he saw was not his mother standing impatiently in the hall. No, it was a castle. That word echoed around in his mind as he struggled to comprehend it all. He turned around, wondering if he could go back to tell his mother he’d been successful, but was met with nothing but the most beautiful scenery he’d ever seen.

Cameron blinked, rubbing furiously at his eyes, but the things he saw weren’t just in his imagination. They were real. This was real. And he’d managed to come here. Returning his attention to the marvelous castle, Cameron allowed himself to stare with awe. It was like something out of a fairy tale. Except rather than reading it, he was in it.


Ten Thousand Club
uIHPAYAr.pngAtsuko stared at the letter in her hand in disbelief. It was legit? Like actually real? It had to be right!? He thoughts were running like crazy then suddenly before you could blink she was running all over the house getting her things and packing. Her mother watched calmly. This was really nothing that out of the ordinary to be honest. "Atsuko what are doing? Why are you packing?" Atsuko stopped for a moment to answer. "I'm packing my things I got accepted into that university!" She then took off and went back to packing. "Oh...alright then just don't mess up the house dear." Suddenly Rei, Atsuko's agent busted out of his room, yes he lives with them but that's a story for another day. "What do you mean you're leaving?! I got commercial auditions all lined up for you!" Rei yelled in a panic. Astuko yelled out towards Rei from her room. "I'm tired of doing commercials besides......." Her voice turned into a whisper. "I need to get away for awhile." Rei ran towards her room. "Sorry what you say?" Atsuko shook her head. "Nothing forget it...Anyway!" Her bright smile came back. "I must be off!" She said as she walked out of her room. Rei suddenly grabbed on to her leg holding on refusing to let go. "But what about the variety show?!" Atsuko kept making her way to the front door as Rei held on. "They'll manage fine without me besides I've been on that show since I was a kid I need a break!" Her mother seemingly appearing out of thin air grabbed hold to Rei's collar and pulled him off of her. "Let her go. The experience will be good for her. Bye dear! Call if you need anything." She said as she dragged Rei away by the collar.

Atsuko smiled, she was going to miss home but it was time to start something new! "Right let's see I just have to imagine it right.....ok" She closed her eyes, opened the front door and opened her eyes to find herself in front of a castle? "Holy cow!" She couldn't believe it! She never imagined anything like this! "THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!!" She looked around and then noticed there were others. "Hi!! Isn't this the coolest thing you've ever seen?!" She was practically bouncing around with excitement.
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Professor Aleli Void
Interacting: N/A | Location: Dark Arts classroom

To say Aleli was excited was an understatement. She was stoked. Her gait was that of a playful skip as she dashed around her classroom, pinning up posters and dusting off shelves. Each chair had a cushion, every table was thoroughly wiped down, and an apple was placed precariously on her desk. In other words, things were as they should be, and Aleli was proud of herself for having finished up so soon. It usually took her much longer than this to get ready.

Today was the start of a new school year. Aleli couldn't wait to meet all the new students and welcome them into her class. Her class of the Dark Arts, to be more precise. Of course, her classroom didn't look like a place where one would learn the darker side of magic, what with the pink decorations and stuffed animals piled in the corner. Yet, that wasn't what mattered to her. All she cared about was whether her students would have fun here. And, surely, they would.

Taking another look around the room for any impurities, Aleli nodded to herself, quite satisfied with her work. She sat down at her desk (whose chair had been raised to compensate for her short height) and glanced idly out the window. A few students were already popping up. She wondered if any of the others who'd yet to arrive would need to be fetched. At least one instance happened every year, so she wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. Then again, she liked to think that every new batch of students was going to be better than the last. Perhaps there would be no problems this year.


Nico Nico No
Luci Greer564070
In a blink of an eye, a month had passed since the day Luci received her letter. While she didn't actively think about it after the first week or so, it always managed to stick around in the back on her mind. As the days grew closer to her arrival, the more butterflies appeared in her stomach. She was less nervous about being a prank than it actually being true. If it was fake, she would just look silly standing in her bedroom with the door open. But what if the letter was real? What kind of school could only be accessed by such a weird ritual? Her nervousness continued to crescendo until the day finally arrived. Her items were packed a few days in advanced. Clothes, toiletries, any possible school supplies (and of course her mini corn-hole set). With a few deep breaths, she closed her eyes. What would the door to the school look like? She could just make something up right? The image started off dim but the more she imagined, the more it came to life in her mind. Maybe there would be some kind of light leading to an impressive building? Yeah, that's what she would go with. Finally, after standing there for a few minutes, she opened her eyes. The sight left her in awe, it had worked! It brought up more questions than if it hadn't but she would figure it out later. Taking one more deep breath, she stepped through the doorway. Luci let out an 'ope' in surprise as she was able to cross the threshold.

Left standing in front of the massive building, Luci only could look around her. Was she dreaming? How was this possible? There were a few students who looked like they also just arrived, including one very energetic girl bouncing around the others. This would definitely be an interesting year.

Noah Klossner
Today was the day he was supposed to leave. Well, he would after he finished packing. Noah had kind of, sort of, forgotten about this whole thing until last night. Then, he procrastinated on packing until his alarm went off this morning. ...Whoops. He haphazardly threw things into a suitcase, hoping he wouldn't forget anything. Oh well, he would figure it out when he got there. That is if he could get there. Noah read over the remaining half of the note once more, reminding himself the directions to even get to the school. They were unusual but what about this school hadn't? Even the application was different than the norm.

Standing before his bedroom door, he did his best to imagine the school. But how could he? He had no idea what it looked like or what a door leading to it should be. Noah's eyes were squeezed shut, trying to conjure the doorway. Over and over he would open them, to see an empty hallway leading through his house. He tried around 5 or 6 times to conjure the door before giving up. "I should've known," he laughed to himself, falling back down onto the bed. "Of course you can't get to a school by imagining it!" Although he was laughing about the whole ordeal, he couldn't help but feel a little bummed that it was all some sort of prank.
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Mystery Man
Whilst doing the last few preparations for the Classroom opening Bithiah was interrupted by a request for one of the Faculty members to fetch a Student who failed to Arrive, she considered letting someone else do it but decided against it. Grinning devilishly she said "It appears a little birdie has failed to leave it's nest Hathor, let's help him out by giving a little push." Before she and Hathor disappeared in a big puff of Acrid Smoke and appeared in a bright flash before the young man currently in bed. "You're late to school Noah Kissinger. It does not reflect well on your career as Wizard if you are so easily defeated by the first and easiest hurdle. What do you think Magic is if not the power to see beyond the futile limitations of so called reality?" Mooniee Mooniee


Lemonade Enthusiast
Alex came around the kitchen counter with another helping of fried chicken, black beans and rice and set it down in front of James. This would be his third plate. With a raised eye brow he gratefully accepted and begun to dig in. “Don’t give me that look” she said with a slight pout in her voice. “I have no idea how they’re going to treat or feed you so I have to make sure you get a decent home cooked meal before you leave.” She made another trip into the kitchen, placing lids back on top of pots and pans before finally taking her seat beside him and continuing her own meal.

It had been about a month before the next letter had been received; mysteriously showing up out of nowhere on their living room table. He remembered when they both read the letter. Upon reading the contents it seemed rather farfetched, almost too good to be true at first. They had briefly exchanged looks before jumping over the couch and making a dash to the nearest door they could fine. Now, standing in front of their closet door James then closed his eyes. Taking a deep breath he allowed his psyche to wander into the realm of imagination, easily crafting the image of what such a door would look like.

Opening his eyes he glanced over at Alex who silently nodded her head signaling him to continue. Turning his eyes back to the door he reached out and turned the knob. As the door opened they were instantly met with a cool breeze, a lush meadow with a castle off in the distance.

Alex had yelled in surprise and was now jumping around the hallway in excitement. James immediately closed the door; taking a moment to blink a few times before opening the door once again. Still in awe he did this several times trying to give his mind time to fully digest what he was seeing before he was brought out his stupor by Alex’s laughter, “How many times are you gonna do that?” she was now leaning back against the entrance leading into their bedroom, arms crossed, amusement clear across her face.

“As many times as it takes for it to fully register” he said opening the door again. Alex shook her head leaving the doorway to put herself in between the closet door and her boyfriend. “You know, I already thought you were pretty amazing but this…is on a whole different level.” She said seductively. Totally missing the direction in which she was going James used his thumb and middle finger to reposition his glasses and responded with a smug look “Hm hm never underestimate an anime fan.”

Letting out a snort she shook her head muttering “Dork” as she stood on her tippy toes, grabbed his chin and brought him in for a kiss turned heated make out session.

James was brought out of the events that transpired a week ago by Alex raving and ranting about her concerns around this new world. “And let me find out a cute elf girl made a pass at you…” he let out a laugh at that. “Look babe, everything is going to be alright. I’ll be fine…probably” Alex let out a whine but James cut her off with another laugh and waved his hands defensively. “I’m kidding.”

The two of them finished their dinner and cleaned up the kitchen in comfortable silence; the both of them appreciating the others presence. Before long they were standing in front of the closet door with James’ belongings and a teary eyed Alex. “Now don’t forget to text me once you get settled in okay? Oh and remember to drink lots of water and eat three square meals a day even if the food sucks and don’t let those elf girls trick you with their huge chests” James laughed and raised an eye brow “What’s with you and elf girls?” Alex crossed her arms and replied “You must’ve forgotten I’ve watched anime and all manner of fantasy based stuff with you. I know what they’re capable of. I’ll be damned if they try to take my man!!”

Shaking his head in disbelief he brought her into a tight embrace catching her off guard. He often forgot the height difference between the two of them; him being at six foot one and her at five foot five. That was probably attributed to her big personality. “You’re the only woman for me”, he whispered into her ear, sending shivers down her spine. The simple things like that drove her crazy because she knew he wholeheartedly meant it. They stayed like that for a few more minutes before Alex pulled away with a satisfied look on her face. “Alright alright, get going before we start something that’s gonna make you late on your first day.”

“Is that really such a bad thing? I can always say my elf girlfriend distracted me” Alex gasped and punched him in the arm. Laughter filled the air from the both of them. Turning towards the door he opened it and was met with the fantastical sight that was to be his new home. Turning back around once last time he knelt down to give her a small but passionate kiss. “I love you” he whispered. Her hand running along his jaw line “I love you” she whispered back. They stared into each other’s eyes before he broke away by kissing her nose and grabbed his belongings.

Taking one last breath he walked through the door and fully embraced the scenery. It really was a surreal feeling. He turned around to say something to Alex but saw that the doorway had already vanished. Hm well that’s not creepy. Mentally shrugging it off, he laid eyes on the castle and began his journey.
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The Royal Phoenix
Misaki Himegami
Misaki just looked at the castle with a deadpan expression. She had to be hallucinating to see something like that when she walked out her front door to take of the horses for her aunt that morning. Nope, wasn't real. She turned around and found...no open door waiting for her to get back to her chores for the day. Only....herself.....She shook her head side to side violently and took a deep breath. Now wasn't a time to reminisce about the past. She had taken one step towards her future for herself without having her aunt by her side to guide her. She turned back around, looking at her feet to find her luggage, picked it up, and walked towards the castle with a determined expression.

Zain Qalli
Zain looked at the floating crystals in his little crystal garden. Granted, he had to ask the headmaster for permission to begin building one in a small part of his room, it had been about 2 years since he had asked, and it had showed by the small amount of crystalline vegetation in small pots in his room. It was an experiment he had wanted to do and it was very slow going as the vegetation required odd amounts of his magic to grow, nothing to say life threatening as the plants were just now beginning to show signs of having actual 'life' in them, in a way. Then he looked to the little crystalline tree next to his bed, it was a sprout now but it was odd how the 'life' within it was beginning to show signs of having a simple thought process, outside of a plants normal wants and needs. He kept it in a little special container that held purified water, and constantly refreshed every few days/months. The aura was very small, almost not there but he could see it. That's when he remembered students were arriving today and he had to be ready. He began to rush around, trying to find clothes but proceed to crash into the door that lead out and, without even thinking he was still in his PJs, ran towards the entrance hall, still wearing a string tied red comfy pants and he had no shoes on.

Azura Indukala
Azura was up with the sun and hummed as she cleaned her room, getting out any dust or dirt out of there so it would ruin her room. That's when she heard Zain's door open with a bang and hearing him run down the hallway. She rolled her eyes and took her time getting prepared. She couldn't complain that she was to 'keep' Zain out of trouble but that often backfired as her own curiosity is hooked on by what he does. Her mental imagery of astounding with how well drawn it could be if she sat down and actually drew what her mind tended to conjure up, nothing X rated or 18+ rated. It was just a simplistic painting but it often got hacked at and slashed at by her own mental critics. She remembered she had to be there to welcome the new students and she'll be there. Just not in a flashy way or in a panic, like Zain.


Dreaming Melody
Lan WangXian
-Currently interacting with Zain Qalli-

RoyalPhoenix32 RoyalPhoenix32

Lan WangXian was never the one to rush, he kept a calm almost non-caring expression as he walk, his beloved instrument still within the case strapped behind him as he proceed toward the direction of the building wing where the teachers rooms are. He knew there was bound to be someone getting too excited for the new students' arrival but he did not seem to expect one of the faculty member in such rush that they forgot to put on clothes... or even change for that matter. He simply blinked when a figure blurred past in front of him just as he was about to round the corner. It was Zain.

"Mr, Zain." He said after rounding the corner, looking forward at where Zain is, keeping his voice in a normal tone as he does not want to shout but perhaps still in the midst of his excitement and recklessness or the distance, the other man does not seem to hear him and continue running. How excited could Zain be to forgot his clothes, based on how fast he is running he should notice something is missing.

The raven pushed himself forward and chased after the half-dressed faculty member, catching up with ease yet keeping his distance slightly behind his target, a white ribbon suddenly lunged forward and wrapped around Zain's left arm. "Mr, Zain." Lan WangXian called out, in a controlled volume and comes to a stop, letting the ribbon tug with the other end of it held by himself.

Every member of the faculty and students within the academy know Lan WangXian always avoids any unnecessary physical contact with others at all costs, even if one try to touch him, he will simply move away thus such method to get the running Zain's attention was nothing out of the ordinary. "Mr, Zain. Pardon me for stopping you, however I have to inform you that you should return to your room and change into a more appropriate outfit."

After that, Lan WangXian paused and contemplates on something. If the students saw him like this on the way to get back... Lan WangXian sighed at the thought, he then pulled out a thin slip of paper from the sleeve of his robe. It glows a soft cyan color soon after-- and a blue-ish dark robe fell on top of Zain. "Put that on, then you can return to your room."

Kawanagi Ryuusei
Currently interacting with no one, feel free to interact with him

One by one he noticed other people about the same age as him began to emerge from thin air all around him, at least he was sure this wasn't some sort of lone kidnapping event. Although in the back of his mind, he couldn't quite hold back his laugh when he imagine this could be a mass otherworldly kidnapping event. "Pwhahaha! Oh, come on what kind of thought is that Ryuusei!" He spoke to himself, admiring his surrounding from where he is currently at, sitting on top of his balanced suitcase despite it having wheels. Right now he is surrounded with strangers but the strangers were also surrounded by strangers, that is how school works. Everyone are strangers at first.

A bamboo flute hung by the sash of his kimono as he adjusted his position, legs crossed on top of one another, turning his head to look at the overly enthusiastic girl with bright outfit and hair, he raised an eyebrow. Calling it 'the coolest thing ever' doesn't really fit, he is pretty sure they're bound to see something more amazing. If imagining the school gate lead them here, then the odds of them getting into more interesting situation may occur.

Now, if only there's someone from the academy would hurry and show their face so they can help show them the way of where they need to go. He laid his eyes before the scenery again, flute in hand and twirling it between his fingers, it is an interesting place.... from the outside, his mental thinking right now is whether or not he can find a hidden room or something similar within the castle, castles usually have those. "Hmm~"
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Yuna Jeon

Somewhere in the bustling city of Seoul, South Korea stood a humble orphanage hall, painfully out of place from the many skyscrapers surrounding it. The sound of wails and sobs resonated from the said place as the children inside gathered around a particular pink-haired girl. It was none other than Yuna Jeon with tears streaming down her face as she bid goodbye to the orphans whom she spent almost all of her life with.

“Big sis Yuna, don’t leave us!”

“We’ll be good, we promise!”

“Guys, this is just going to make Big Sis cry even more..!”

The teenager sniffled and sobbed as she tried to pry one kid from hugging her legs, “Uuu, I’m not crying! Something just got into my eyes!” she lied, her tsundere-ish personality kicking in.

The orphanage follows a rule which most of its kind shared in Korea: upon finishing high school and hitting the age of eighteen, one must leave the orphanage and live as an independent adult to make room for younger orphans. Of course a person wouldn’t be immediately kicked out after hitting the requirements. The orphanage still has to make sure that said person won’t end up on the streets as a beggar before letting them go.

Yuna, however, knew she’d most probably end up as a beggar because she got scammed real good. She couldn’t find it in herself to tell Madam Kim that the academy she applied to expect her to just imagine her way to it. More tears ran from her eyes as she fought the urge to punch herself on the face. Why was she so stupid? Burning the letter was a dead giveaway!

“Alright, that’s enough. Children, It’s time for Yuna to leave.” a woman in her late fifties stepped up and picked the boy clinging to the girl’s legs like a koala. It was Madam Kim who is also the person in charge of the orphanage and the one who served as Yuna’s parent from birth. She may have been strict to her all her life but the sight of her still made the eccentric teen to straight up bawl.

“Waaaah! Madam Kim! Can’t I just stay here for like...forever!!? I’m gonna miss you and the children so much! Don’t kick me out please!” Yuna pleaded, dropping the brave act she has been struggling to keep ever since a few hours ago.

The older woman, obviously unmoved, simply crossed her arms at her, “We both know that’s not gonna work. You need to learn how to be independent.” she sternly said which ignited more wails from the children. As an attempt to quell their cries, she quickly added a “You can visit us anytime though.” Despite Madam Kim’s cold exterior, Yuna knew for a fact that she was just as pretentious as she when it comes to emotional stuff such as parting ways.

Yuna sniffled and wiped her tears, gripping the handle of her pink rollerbag. She wished she wasn’t so stupid! She wished she read the whole part about ‘magically conjuring a portal to the academy through sheer willpower’ then she would have signed up at the local college a few blocks down! She wished she didn’t have to be an adult and leave! But most importantly, she wished the academy wasn’t a scam! With a heavy sigh, Yuna reached out to grab the doorknob, closing her eyes in blind fate as she pulled, hoping that it would somehow work and she’d magically arrive on the academy.

Lo, it wasn’t Seoul’s skyscrapers which greeted her when she opened her eyes. A castle-like structure loomed a few distance away surrounded by breathtaking views and terrains. Yuna blinked dumbfoundedly.


Madam Kim called out upon noticing the pink-haired’s pause and gaping expression. Upon receiving no response, she approached and gave her a tap on the shoulder, “Look kid, I know this is hard but leaving the orphanage is a huge step in achieving your dreams. You’ve always wanted to be a super star, right? Now get out there and achieve it-“

“Madam Kim, am I seeing things?”

“What’s wrong?” Madam Kim whipped her head to the direction of Yuna’s gaze and saw nothing but the usual towering buildings and grey clouds of the urban city.

“Did somebody build a castle in the middle of Seoul overnight?” said Yuna.

The way the older woman’s eyes started to twitch only meant trouble for the youngster as she was shoved out of the door and into the strange portal which only she seemed to see by Madam Kim’s gorilla strength. Yuna scrambled to land on both feet only to fail miserably when she ended up kissing the ground. She immediately rose up and tried to run back to the door, “Wait- no! Madam Kim, what is this place!? Let me in please!”

“Enough with your ridiculous excuses and face your responsibilities! You can visit us on the weekends! Now, shoo!” were the last words she received before getting the door slammed on her face.

“Madam Kiiiiiiiiiiim!!! Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!” Yuna Jeon dramatically fell to her knees and screamed at the sky after the portal dissipated into thin air, successfully trapping her in the strange yet beautiful place of magic.

Prof. Lavigna Lockhart

It was a brand new day on the magical realm of Nexus Academy. The sky was painted with the bluest of colors and white clouds lazily rolled by with each passing second. At the center of the school grounds was a noisy flock of students gathered around a certain whip-loving woman with beautiful features, thick red hair and a voloptous body emphasized by her tight outfit. Gorgeous as she may be, her appearance wasn’t the sole reason behind the loud gasps and cheers of the crowd.

“What the heck! Is that an actual lion!?”

“Shit! I have never seen one before!”

Indeed! A magnificent beast with rich and fiery mane stood alongside Lavigna Lockhart as it gave out a mighty roar. “Leon and I are very pleased to meet you all~!” the woman began as she extended her arms to her audience with a smile.

A series of reaction poured out from the people gathered. Whistles, cheers and applauses could be heard from the students already clad in the academy’s robes while a mixture of nervous whispers and cries of excitement ignited from the fresh ones.

“Welcome to Nexus Academy, everyone! I’m sure you will all enjoy your stay.” Lavigna said with a wink, “The opening ceremony shall begin in a few minutes. Old students, please make sure our new friends’ first day would be pleasant and wonderful. That means no unnecessary casting for the time being until the headmaster has properly oriented the newcomers. With that said, I shall entertain questions if you have any-“

“Do you have a boyfriend!?”

The speed of light paled in comparison to the speed the question was flung at her.

“None, however, I am basically married to my job as a professor in this very institution-“

“Are you into girls!?”

“Can we touch the lion!?”

“Is that a whip hanging on your waist?”

Oh my, it seemed like it would be a looong day for Nexus Academy’s resident whip-loving teacher. A drop of sweat ran down from her temple as she was bombarded with questions with little to no correlation about the school or magic.


The Royal Phoenix
Zain Qalli
Zain heard and stopped to see the aura of Lan WangXian. He gave a nervous chuckle and rubbed the back of his head with his left hand.
"Forgot that the students were appearing today. So I tried to find something to wear...Oh thanks, Lan."
He said, before putting the robe on. It was a comfy fit and he smiled back at Lan, knowing the teacher's dislike for touching. I'll return to my room and get some normal clothes on."
He said, before Jyotis, his barn owl came flying to him and landed on his shoulder, shrieking up a storm.
"Alright, alright, Jyotis. I'm returning to my room, Lan just gave me something to wear until I get there and put my normal clothes on. No need to....HEY!"
He said before his owl pecked him on the head, pecking him once for his idiocy and another for rushing and last one for going without proper clothing. That's when he noticed the tension on his left arm, looking up and seeing the aura of a raven.
He said, before releasing the ribbon and walked back to his room, getting roared at by his snow leopard Lixue. He took the robe off, Jyotis flying to a Crystalline Perch he had created for her and, from hoots and chuffs, he managed to get his outfit on and, wiping his feet down with a wet rag he kept, placed on socks and shoes. He placed his crystal around his neck and smiled, before Jyotis landed on his shoulder.
"Alright, lets go meet those students."
He said, walking out his room and to the meeting place of the students, though he did get curious of the smells in the kitchen...

Interaction: LNZetsumei LNZetsumei
Location: Heading towards kitchen, curious about smells​


The Infinite Being
Leo was still trying to process everyone when a woman approached with a lion at her side. He'd mostly ignored the others (they were too much to focus on at the moment), though the hyperactive girl that looked much younger than the others and a drama queen shouting at the sky were a little hard to overlook. He was trying desperately to rationalize what was going on. It could be some hallucination or perhaps a dream, but Leo felt much to coherent for that. No, this just felt too real. Maybe he'd somehow died in his sleep and this was some weird afterlife? That was stretching it, but then again, that wasn't any more ridiculous than acknowledging the existence of magic. For the time being, believing in magic would have to be his answer. It as crazy as it sounded to him, it was less unsettling than believing he had died.

The entire time he contemplated his situation, Leo stood there with his mouth agape and brilliant green eyes open wide. He must have looked like a deer in headlights. Realizing this, however, he closed his mouth and shook his head. If this was his new reality, then he'd have to question the very fundamentals of how he thought the world worked. Magic changed everything! Suddenly, nothing seemed impossible. With this realization, came another. If he truly was here to learn magic, then he couldn't stop and gawk every time someone did the formerly-impossible. The lion, for example. This lady (a professor, apparently) acted like walking around with a lion by her side was completely normal, and some of the robed students (returning students, he wagered) didn't visibly react to the lion all.

Picking up his bags, Leo moved closer to the crowd. He was trying to formulate a question about orientation the school in general without looking like a total moron, but came up empty. Instead, he skirted around most of the other students to get a better view of what lied beyond them. Hopefully he'd see the headmaster approach them and attempt to bring order to this chaos. Not that he really knew what that headmaster looked like, but years of dissecting fantasy tropes put the image of some wise, old Gandalf-like figure in his mind. He knew that such outside knowledge might betray him here, but it was better than walking around blindly with no expectations.

Leo found himself staring at the lion. He was partly apprehensive to have such a large predator wandering around but he didn't seem aggressive. Sure, he'd seen lions before in zoos, but never this close. He'd considered becoming a zoo keeper himself, partly to get closer to such majestic creatures, but that seemed kind of silly now. It then occurred to him that he might be able to summon his own animals and his eyes glassed over as he became lost in thought. Leo was suddenly much more excited than nervous, despite being surrounded by people he'd never met before standing in God know's where.


Nico Nico No
Luci Greer

Okay, she had to be dreaming. First, she stepped through a magical doorway and somehow teleported to this castle of a school, now there was a woman who was casually parading a lion around campus. Of course she had seen a lion before, having been to the zoo countless times. But Luci was shocked that they would have a live one on school grounds! While other students around her asked to pet the lion, Luci decided to stay back. She loved cats and all but she wasn't especially fond of the ones that could bite her hand off.
The new students seemed to be split. Some of the students were pretty much bouncing in excitement while others, like herself, were more stunned. She had read plenty of books about magic schools but those were just fantasy, right? Luci's eyes glanced around, taking in all of the new scenery before resting on a boy near her. He was dressed in a kimono, something Luci really only saw online. He also had some kind of instrument at his side. Hoping he was just as lost as she was, she approached him. "Isn't all this stuff crazy?" She started, trying to break the ice. "I'm Luci by the way," she stuck out her hand to shake.

LNZetsumei LNZetsumei

Noah Klossner

Noah was up from his bed in a start. A bright flash followed by some stranger in his bedroom. His hand reflexively reached for his phone, ready to call the police. Who were they? How did they get in here? It would make more sense if the stranger had walked through his open bedroom door but what was this? Career as a wizard? What was this woman talking about? "Who are you? What are you doing here?" He paid little attention to the talk of magic, more concerned about the bald woman standing in the middle of his bedroom. And... Was that a a cow? Noah's eyes shifted rapidly between the woman standing over him and the fluffy, white cow beside her. The more he looked at her and thought about what she had said, the more confused he became. Also there was a cow in the middle of his bedroom.
MrThe MrThe
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Mystery Man
Bithiah could see that the young man was having trouble processing this. "Of course, I forgot my manners. I am Proffessor Bithiah at the Nexus Academy, the creature beside me is my animal companion Hathor. Say hello Hathor." Hathor Mooed out a hello "As for what we are doing here, we're obviously taking you to school. Didn't you receive two letters?" Mooniee Mooniee


Ten Thousand Club
ezgif-1-1b2d3af8bf.pngRoxie just stared at the letter with a dull stare. Was this for real? "Seriously imagine it? For one thing, the last thing I want is to go to school. It's not like it'll be challenging doesn't take me long to learn shit......" Even though she found the whole thing utterly stupid she couldn't help but wonder. Roxie reluctantly got up packed all of her things and went to the front door. Ok, all she had to do was imagine, right? She breathed in opened the door and.....instead of a school, she found her older sister standing at the front door getting ready to knock. "Oh, Roxie....what's with the bags." She smirked, "Are they finally kicking you out? Cause it's about time they already think your waste of space." Her older sister walked passed her forcefully brushed past her and looked around. "Where are they anyway I wanted to tell them the good news. "What good news?" Roxie asked not really caring. Her sister smiled brightly. "I'm getting married! Charles finally proposed! With him being the president of his own company and I know mother and father will be very pleased. You know Roxie I think it's about time you left I mean mom and dad want nothing to do with you. I don't like you I mean...there's nothing left for you here. Why bother staying where no one wants you right?" Roxie glared at her. "You know what?! Your right! I don't why I bother staying here! Well, don't worry sis I'm leaving right now! And you won't ever have to worry about seeing my face again!!!!" As Roxie was saying all this she had been walking closer and closer to her sister right up until she was up against the wall and in her face. "What's wrong sis?" Roxie said with a smirk. "You afraid of me? Good, you should be." And at that Roxie took steps back away from her and headed upstairs. She pulled out more suitcases and backed everything she wanted then went back downstairs grabbed her other suitcases then left. She couldn't take the car seeing as her parents paid for it so she had to walk.

Roxie later found herself at a park luckily not a whole lot of people were there. Dragging her bags she went over to a tree and sat underneath it. "Well even though that school thing was a prank guess it was good I packed...." She wondered to herself why didn't she call anyone to get her. She could easily move in with one of her "friends". Part of her just really wanted to be alone. She leaned back against the tree and looked up into the sky. "I wish that school really had appeared. Would have been better than this."


Dreaming Melody
Lan WangXian
Currently interacting with no-one as of now, feel free to interact with him

Lan WangXian watches the scene of Zian's pets giving him a well deserved peck with little interest. His expression little even after the shrieks of birds echoed around the halls, reprimanding their careless owner. The ribbon that was once being held by him had already disappeared soon after Zain left. Lan WangXian continue his way toward his room as if the little side-trip did not even happen. Upon opening the door to his room, Lan WangXian was greeted with a small fluffy creature, looking up at him with bright red eyes, its long ears twitching occasionally. It hopped over closer to his leg as he closed the door behind him.

Carefully placing the case containing his instrument down onto his table carefully, Lan WangXian scooped the fluffy rabbit into his arms. With gentle eyes he looked down at the small energetic animal. Most wouldn't know what Lan WangXian's pet were, since this rabbit is always within his room and he would only bring it out during nighttime or secretly in daytime when there are less student around.

A large colorful bird appeared by his leg and Lan WangXian placed the rabbit down so it could play with the Peacock, the two always play together whenever Lan is not in his room. He exited the room again, this time heading to greet the newly arrived students.
Well, not so much as to 'greet' but to observe. second year students were eagerly running to greet the new students but the running and loud chatter comes to a stop when Lan WangXian comes into view, each of them greeted him. Lan WangXian replied with a slight nod of his head. After that the students walked in a brisk pace before breaking off into a run once again.

Upon arriving, he could already hear the chatters of confused and excited students, storm colored hues caught sight of Ms, Lockheart's lion. That is one way to entertain new students...
Lan WangXian stood a good distance from the crowds, he could feel their eyes on him, yet Lan WangXian seems indifferent, scanning the crowds in front of him with unnoticeable movement of the eyes.

Kawanagi Ryuusei
-Currently interacting with Luci Greer-
Mooniee Mooniee

Ryuusei curiously looked at the child who had approached him, guessing a girl's age is impolite, yet he couldn't help but to wonder how young she is, surely not more than sixteen. "My name is Ryuusei." With that, he let go of the bamboo flute he had been holding, letting it fall back to hung by his waist. Ryuusei shook the young girl's hand. "Hn~ Well, all of what happened within these past few minutes can be considered crazy, but I'm sure we will see something even more interesting." Ryuusei gestured toward the large crowd, if the lady is allowed to walk a lion around the castle, then Ryuusei wondered what else that lies ahead.

Flapping of wings could be heard and Ryuusei tilted his head up, seeing a large white bird flying overhead. "Oh look, another animal." Ryuusei pointed up. "It looks like a... a white hawk?"

Akiyama Shizue

Currently interacting Lavinga Lockheart
. D O V E . D O V E
The white hawk flew through the flock of students and lands on his shoulder with grace once again. For some reason Shizue appeared out of no where beside Lavigna. Seeing as the commotion with the lion and question seem to make other-- more timid student seem to wanting to curl away into a safer place. Also Lavinga need to be supervised despite her 'responsible nature' and it was no shock Shizue took it upon himself before things escalated.

"How many times have I told you to not carry that today?" Shizue questioned her, since yesterday he had been reminding Lavinga to not carry such equipment yet she is an unstoppable force when it comes to having fun.. fun in her own way.

"Are you single?!" He was being questioned by some of the students gathering. Shizue looked at them and flashed them a smile. It was not an answer, yet it makes so many heart flutter they were not able to make comprehensible words.

"Welcome to the academy everyone! Orientation has not start yet as we are currently still waiting for other students, but during this time you should get to know one another."
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The Overlord
It had been a busy morning for Archibald this morning as he had so much to prepare. he had so many things to prepare and wanted to make sure he had enough materials for everyone. Unfortunately only 30 minutes into checking his materials he was called to go retrieve a student who failed to conjure up the portal to the school. This had been such a common occurrence in the past 5 years he has been teaching that it didn't even surprise him anymore. Sadly it just was hard sometimes for people to believe enough in the idea of magic to actually summon the portal. Before leaving he checked the file h was given with the students application so he he had an idea of what he was going to be dealing with.

"Hmmm, Roxie Heart... Lives in Los Angeles, evasive, and seems to have the tough chick personality," he said. "This one won't take that long at all." Somehow he seemed to always get people (women mainly) that seemed to fit that personality type all the time. It was kind of getting to the point that they started to become less of a problem to him. Mentally preparing himself with a wave of his hand he was ported from his classroom to the part that Roxie happened to be sitting under a tree. Luckily they seemed to be the only ones around so he cast a ward to make anyone in the area to avoid coming near to them.

"Excuse me Ms. Heart," he said walk up to her. "I has come to our attention at the Nexus Academy of Magic you were unable to open the portal to the school. As such to prevent you from thinking that we forgot you I am here to escort yu myself." Waving his hand in the air in front of him he summoned a door that leads to the academy. "Please step through when you are ready."

animegirl20 animegirl20

Magnus had been standing in his office watching down as the new students started to arrive. He had already given Alice her assignment for the day so he was left to just wait until it wa time to give his introduction speech at the orientation before today's festival starts. From the reports he had received stated that only a few students needed to be picked up. That was a good sign all things considered since in the past whole classes have been needed to be picked up. It just seemed that as timed passed the idea magic could be real was becoming more common. All in all things were looking good, well until he heard someone knocking on his door. From the sound of it the only person it could be was Professor Eivis Killian. Now Magnus has nothing against him of course but he didn't want to talk. So as to not draw any attention he teleported himself from his office to close to the entrance so as to keep the new arrivals in full view. Being this close would give him a chance to also see Alice in action with the students. As to not draw any unwanted attention he made sure to keep himself masked from all taking extra measures to prevent even magic of any kind to detect him.

Mention: Reshy134 Reshy134

Hector was almost a bit overwhelmed with all he had seen, well maybe not that much. It did look like the first day of a school term with a bunch of returning students and new students arrive but it just didn't look normal. Heck there was also apparently a teacher who looked like a model who carried a whip and had a lion with them. Not once ever in his life did he think he would see such a thing. Other then that there were tons of people who from his best guess had to be new like him since they were all dress in normal clothes. It was at least comforting to know that he was not the only person in this situation. It did bring up a question though, who here was supposed to be guiding the new students?


Ten Thousand Club
ezgif-1-1b2d3af8bf.pngRoxie was actually beginning to doze off when she suddenly heard a man's voice.

"Excuse me, Ms. Heart,"

"Huh? What?" She opened her eyes and saw a man standing over her. "Do I know you?"

"It has come to our attention at the Nexus Academy of Magic you were unable to open the portal to the school. As such to prevent you from thinking that we forgot you I am here to escort you myself."

Roxie stared up at him in disbelief. Do you mean that damn academy that told me to imagine my way there? Look I'm not in the mood for pranks man if you could just-" She stopped talking when saw a door appear of thin air. Her eyes widen a bit and she looked at the man.

"Please step through when you are ready."

After a moment Roxie stood up grabbed her things and walked to the door. She then stopped and looked at the guy. He didn't seem untrustworthy though......."Lose the glasses you like a nerd." He would be good to draw though. She thought to herself. She looked back at the door and kicked it open and she stepped through. When she did Roxie couldn't believe her eyes. "A FUCKING CASTLE?!" She couldn't believe what she was seeing right now. Even she had to admit it was pretty incredible. "Haha look at this place!" She had a real genuine smiled on her face. Though when she realized the way she was acting she shook her and coughed. "Um, it's nice..." She said blushing from slight embarrassment.
Quinlan63 Quinlan63


The Swiftest Shot In The West
Clair O'Reilly

"Ohh ho ho, the playboy of the Academy strikes again praying on the naivety of the first year students..... Now come on, we can't have you doing what you did last year can we now..." Clair having seen and heard everything as she was patrolling the campus gate made her way over to the gathering group with her tiger in tow. Her sudden outburst made quite an impact on the situation at hand, she had pretty much diverted all the attention from both Shizue and Lavigna to herself. Taking a stand on the opposite side of the group Clair was soon bombarded with questions. What did she mean by Playboy? What happened last year? Was she herself single? Was that a tiger? Wow, tigers are so much cooler than lions!

With a devilish smile planted firmly on her face and a fire burning deep in her eyes Clair could hardly contain her excitement. The suckers had taken the bait and now that they had a strike could be made with ease. "Oh my, you mean you weren't informed... I'm so very sorry. My Name is Clair, Clair O'Reilly and I'm the head of security around here. You see it's my job to keep you guys safe and I had asked that after last year you all be informed of the danger this man here poses to you all." Letting out a soft sigh Clair put her hands together as if praying and in response, her tiger did much the same using its front paws as hands and hind legs to stand upright. Mind you the tiger's actions did spark a short round of applause from some random passers-by but ultimately Clair's persona and aura left the vast majority of the girls gathered very anxious and attentive.

"You see, last year girls. This man right here. Professor Akiyama broke a first years heart brutally! She confessed to him and he then told this to the entire academy and crushed her spirit by coldly rejecting her! He's a monster! A cold-hearted monster! And.... I don't have a boyfriend, Yes that is a tiger, its name is Varicks and yes tigers were definitely cooler than lions " With that, the group practically turned in unison to glare at the slender male situated behind them. Several whispers could be heard passing around the group. He's a creep, what a loser, he shouldn't be allowed outside, who would even fall for a guy like that. And with that Clair's plan had worked like a charm, You see Shizue was terrible at hiding his emotions and he was even worse at keeping his cool when teased. Having this many people turn against him would likely turn him scarlet red and leave his brain fried trying to think of a response. Still, at least he had Lavigna to back him up if he really started to struggle.

Speaking of which... "Alright Lavigna hand over the whip! You were specifically told not to bring it with you today by the principal himself no less. C'mon I'll give it back to you after the ceremony. And oh, just while I'm here let me just say you're hair is looking great today! What did you do?"

LNZetsumei LNZetsumei . D O V E . D O V E

. D O V E


Prof. Lavigna Lockheart

A sweat ran down Lavigna’s forehead when the sound of silence engulfed the crowd, a huge contrast to earlier when they were overwhelming her with relentless and personal questions. A loud shriek from the female populace eruptes soon after accompanied by the sound of wings flapping about. The female professor immediately knew she was in trouble way before a male voice suddenly rang from beside her.

Lavigna slowly turned her head to face Akiyama Shizue, the academy’s guidance counselor himself and as well as her senior for about... a couple of years. “Geez, whatever could you be referring to, Mr. Shizue?” she said, faking innocence as she let out a light chuckle.

Yes, Shizue did tell her a lot of times not to bring the whip but to be fair Lavigna never agreed to it but rather ran away every time it was brought up. Thankfully, the subject has been cut once the students began asking about the counselor’s relationship status to which he responded with a silent smile. Lavigna, seeing the opportunity to completely bend the conversation away from her prized possession, immediate resorted to teasing.

“Aw, Mr. Shizue! Even I may fall in love with a smile like that!” she exclaimed while poking him on the shoulder playfully.

However, her fun time was short-lived when a certain someone popped out of nowhere with her tiger and stole the spotlight. A vein immediately popped from Lavigna’s forehead upon setting her gaze at Clair O’Reilly, the Academy’s very own head of security, with her familiar.

It was almost funny how in sync Lavigna and her lion familiar rolled their eyes upon being compared to the other big cat.

“Well if it isn’t Ms. Clair OH REALLY.” the red-haired began with a proud smirk, “Spouting lies after lies. We both know that lions are better than tigers. Henceforth why they are the Kings of the Jungle.” she added much to the delight of the audiences who were now fueling the rivalry with their chants.

Unfortunately, the conversation swayed back to the black prop hanging on her waist. She smiled at Clair with twitching lips before slowly creeping towards Leon and hopping on his back, “Oh my! Quite frankly, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” she said before pulling out a pair of goggles from her pocket and slipping them on.

She faced the remaining crowd of students and sent them a quick flying kiss before riding away and into the Academy itself with her beloved whip still secured on her hips. At the same time, she was screaming a “And my hair is naturally beautiful like thiiiiiiiiiiiisssssss!” as she disappeared from view.

A sigh escaped on her crimson lips as she hopped off the lion upon entering the long hallway. She gave Leon a big grin and peck on the forehead before unsummoning him.

Well that was a close one! There was no way in hell she was gonna be separated from her trusty whip that easily! Not today! She hummed to herself as she wandered down the halls, fully adamant on evading a whip-confiscation and pursuit. She figured that her chances would be better if she stayed inside the castle-like structure.

As she wondered around, a familiar figure began to catch her attention.

“Mr. Z!” Lavigna called out to the man who seemed to be heading to the kitchen’s direction, “I need your help!” she added before jogging to him hurriedly.

RoyalPhoenix32 RoyalPhoenix32 LNZetsumei LNZetsumei @Swiftshots

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Dreaming Melody
Akiyama Shizue

Currently interacting with Clair O'Reilly
Swiftshots Swiftshots

"Last year, what?" Shizue turned to face the newly arrived can of trouble waiting to spill. But it was already too late, the can had already been opened and by the sound and looks of it... This will not end very well. Shizue tried to remain calm, even under the murmur of students Clair had made them believe of such lies. But they have no reason to not believe her either, having coming into a strange place and encountering such a scene and unknown people, it would only right to know of the 'danger' that lies ahead.

"Ridiculous..." He muttered, a facepalm couldn't even express the 'what on earth are you doing?!' feeling building inside of him. The white hawk on his shoulder began to bristle but Shizue kept it in place with a low whistle.

The accusation was so very wrong. It was true that he had received confession letters and in person, however he had never done such cold-hearted vile things before. Next to him, Lavinga seems to be seething and Shizue did not want to ponder about the reason, but he will make a safe bet that it was because of Clair's presence. Of course, Lavinga refused to hand over her whip."Clair O'Reilly." Shizue hissed, this is not something he would get flushed about, rather, he is quite annoyed but before he can open his mouth again, he sees Lan WangXian approaching the energetic women, his face as cool and unbothered as ever.

Lavinga left soon after in a hurry... betrayal.


Lan WangXian
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Swiftshots Swiftshots

Lan WangXian.PNG

"A muddled mix of fish and dragons.*"
Lan WangXian approached the women and stopped a short distance away, as expected, this brought the attention to himself, unwillingly. Yet Lan WangXian remained calm as he always does, his voice, cold and strict as he spoke again, his tone hiding a hidden warning for the source of what he could only be described as 'a candle burning too brightly that it hurt others.'

A muddled mix of fish and dragon*
"It refers to crooks mixed in with honest folk."

"Ms. Clair. In life, it is not possible to bloom bright flowers from lies. Thus I will have to ask you to refrain from saying such disgraceful lies to unbloomed flowers such as them." Words spread like uncontrollable disease if it is not taken care of, they do not need such dark and vile rumors circulating around the academy. It will effect their studies and performance. Moreover, the once chattering and squealing crowd seemed to became quiet, gasps could be heard upon seeing Lan WangXian.

But the silence does not last long and the rowdiness returned, this time aimed at him.
Yet not a single strand of hair or thread was out of place on Lan WangXian, the storm within his hues were calm... too calm. "Time can reveal a person’s heart. Yet words may cloud one's mind and heart. You should be more careful as to what you say, Ms, Clair."
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"Woah," Luci let out, looking up to see the enormous bird flying around. She listened intently to the professor's words, slightly disappointed that orientation wouldn't be starting until later. She wanted to know more about the school as soon as possible. At least they might get out of the typically ice breaker games by having to socialize before orientation. No wanting too much time to pass in silence, Luci continued her small talk. “So, where are you from?” She was curious, mostly due to the boy’s different attire. The way Ryuusei spoke also interested her. It was way more formal than her own way of speaking. Oh no! Was she being impolite? What if she looked dumb, should she try to match his way of speaking? She overthought the situation immediately after asking her question.

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Noah stared blankly at the professor for a moment before things finally clicked. Take him to school? Was it because he couldn’t conjure that door thing? Grabbing the handle of his suitcase, he said “Okay, let’s go.” He wasn’t upset or embarrassed that he couldn’t create the pathway to the school, surely he wasn’t the only one. But, it surely must be an interesting school, if the professors looked like Bithiah. He was used to more of middle aged men and women in stuffy clothing with any tattoos hidden. But hey, he welcomed any changes. They made his life much more interesting.

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