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Newbie here ;_;


Be foolish & have fun
Hey Everyone!!! ^,^

Well, if you managed to get through my annoying greeting then congratulations! You survived! My name is Brooke and I have just joined so everything is a bit new to me. At the moment, I am craving many types of roleplays! In the past I have always used Kik so I guess that would work or just on here via thread or PM. My preferred is Kik and PM.

To clarify things, I am dyslexic so my spelling may not be at its best all the time so I don't expect a super literate buddy. But, what I would adore is, someone who likes to write about three plus sentences and paragraphs maybe! I am not picky at all, whether it's gender or age, I am fine.

Romance is fab and I love having it in a roleplay yet smut is a no no. I'm only fifteen and just, no. So I am sorry if that's what you want but no thank you.

With pairings, I am only comfortable with M/F but you can persuade me into M/M if there's a certain plot you have in mind. I usually play the female but am happy to double as a male if that's what floats your boat! ^_^ Although my list below contains fandoms I would rather use OCs. It's more creative yet, you can use them! And, I am more than happy to double as a canon. Here's my list below!

~Anything Medieval

~Fantasy Pairing

~Runaway Teens

~Creative plots

~Dark Plots

~Romantic fluff plots

~Fable (2,3) The video game

~The Last Of Us video game

~Beyond Two Souls video game

~The Walking Dead


~The Hunger Games

~Beautiful Creatures

~The Road

~Frozen Guardians (Jelsa)

~And pretty much anything!

So, please do either reply or PM me if you wish to do any of the plots I have stated. :D Have a nice day.


Be foolish & have fun
wizard justin]I would like to rp with you but I can't just seem to Pm you [URL="https://www.rpnation.com/profile/9855-perksofbeingacactus/ said:
Oh sorry! 0.0 I don't know how to PM personally but we may discuss about it here then make a thread or something? ^_^


Be foolish & have fun
Okay that will be awesome! ^_^

Oh nope I don't think so because three people have just recently PMed me. >.<


made up of opposites
Hi! If you're still needing an rp partner, I'd be interested! All the plots you listed sound really fun, I'd be happy to do any of them! Throw me a msg!

(Excuse the short post. On my phone.)

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