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A Faded Ghost
Yeah, I know it's not quite the new year yet, but oh well. :P

About Me
Anyways, I'm Maxx! Or Maxxeen! Or 'bitch'. Whatever ya wanna call me!

I'm eighteen, non-binary, go by any and all pronouns.

I am what I think people call a literate writer: I can spell and I can use grammar. The things that matter, haha.

When it comes to length of my replies, I am like a Ditto from Pokémon: I try to copy what my partner does, but sometimes I'm like that one Ditto from the anime and I can't quite manage it. But I will always make sure my posts have the quality to make up for the quantity.

I try to be a frequent poster, but that isn't always possible. Of course I'd love to be able to get out multiple replies a day, but I think a more accurate average for me is multiple replies a week. If I know I'm gonna take a while to reply, I will try to warn ya, but if I don't, you can always give me a good ol' poke.

I am friendly, or at least try to be. I love OOC chatter, which I usually do through Discord. Roleplaying stays onsite, though.

I've linked my old request threads at the bottom of this, from newest to oldest. They've got basically the same info as this, except with other plots.

About You
I don't give a crap about your gender or age, just be mature enough (mentally) to deal with the fuckton of swearing I do on occasion.

Please have decent grammar and spelling. Oh! And past tense third person, please!

No one-liners. That's my only length requirement.

I won't give any frequency requirements. You can post multiple times a day? Brilliant. Once a week? Awesome. Less frequent? That's cool too.

I love vampire and vampire adjacent stuff.


But of course there's stuff not like that, that I like.


I can't think of anything else. There'll be ideas in my old request threads if you want to read them, lol.

Currently, I only have one plot idea in mind.

A sort of vampire/human, roommates to kidnapper/kidnapped thing. You have your classic "roommates but one of them is a vampire and is trying to hide it" thing. But then, what happens when the human finds out? Well, in this case... The vampire panics. They don't want to hurt the human, having become close to them. So they kidnap them. Maybe holding them hostage in their own apartment? Maybe taking them to some hidden away spot? Who knows?

It could be any gender pairing, I don't care. And the vamp could be switched out for a demon if you want, but I think it would work best with a vampire. Oh, and I'm happy to be either the vampire or the human.

My old request threads, for those who are interested
Not everything in these threads are things I'm still interested in, or things I still remember in cases where I wrote about vague ideas or books or anything like that.

Posted Nov 11, 2019:

Posted Jun 23, 2019:

Posted May 6, 2019:

Posted March 29, 2019:

Posted Feb 10, 2019:

Posted Dec 29, 2019:

Posted Oct 6, 2019:

Posted May 16, 2019:

Posted Nov 5, 2018:

Posted Oct 12, 2018:

Posted Sep 1, 2018:

Posted Aug 24, 2018:

If you're interested in writing with me, feel free to PM me! If not, see ya around!

So, got a couple ideas.

First one is to do with vampires. Who'd have guessed? The idea: A vampire princess has spent the past few centuries in her castle, content with staying safe within the castle grounds. Recently she's grown bored, and wants to see the world. But she knows nothing of the modern world. Her bodyguard, however, has frequently been among the humans in the modern world. And so, he has to accompany her.

Uh, yeah, that isn't the most coherently written. Sorry. But I think it gets the point across? Hopefully.

Oh, and my other idea. Not related to the one above. Something to do with a mirror or spirit dimension. That's literally it. If you ask, I can expand more on what sort of mirror/spirit dimensions I mean. I got the idea when me and my friend were talking about parallel dimensions. So, yeah...

Got some more plots, based off some of the roleplays I did back in 2018. Ignore the pronouns used, they're just the ones used in the original roleplays.

A persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling.​

A glance leads to obsession.
He watches her.

Obsession leads to stalking.
He follows her.

Stalking turns to kidnap.
He takes her.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You will be mine
I will have you​

Muse B is obsessed with Muse A. He watches her. He sends her messages and flowers. He follows her.
That was the original request thread for this plot because I can't be bothered to rewrite it. It's a simple set up, with the opportunity to go so many directions. Heck, it could even evolve into a vampire plot. For this, I'll be Muse A.

This plot is a variation on an old roleplay called "Falling For The King". This was the original search thread (credits to Miro-chan from the other top search result if you were to google search "roleplaying forums"):

[Muse A] made a mistake by lying to an old guy friend she knew back in middle school, who has apparently become the head of a gang in the streets. He contacted her, asking her if they could hang out and she lied to him, telling him she had a boyfriend. Being called a liar and desperate to make him stop contacting her, [Muse A] decided to look up a random picture of a guy and posted it as her background photo on her social media, even putting that she was in a relationship. The next day, she is stared at by everybody & ends up finding out the guy, [Muse B], she used the picture from was leader of The Kings gang!

The Kings gang was known for having some of the most ruthless, cruel, and troublesome boys in all the school. There were five boys in the entire group, each having their own specail habit. [Muse B], the leader was prone for getting angry rather easily, causing him to get into frequent fights, and skipping most of his classes. He didn't really care about his grades, so he didn't study. [Muse A] was a girl who got very good grades, listened to her teachers, and followed the rules. She tried her best not to get into any trouble and stayed her few friends.
He confronted her and she apologized to him for lying, and he demanded that she owed him for not ending her life right on the spot. She had to be his slave for the entire school year, even making her sit next to him to take his notes, and making her go buy food and snacks for him. Once she began doing as he asked, her world was turned upside down!
I would obviously love to even just do this version of it, but the variation I had in mind is a vampire version. What if Muse B was actually a vampire? Maybe he's actually school age, or just hasn't been to school so decided to go for whatever reason (but obviously hates that decision). I would be Muse B.

The Other Side of Town
This one I'm not putting the original post for, because that would be a little annoying because it's not following the exact thing. But if it'd help seeing the original thing, feel free to ask.


Somewhere, there's a town, split between the rich and the poor, the good and the bad. The two sides are as different as can be. No one from the good side of town dares go to the bad side.

Muse A is from the good side of town. Good grades, high social standing, perfect. But one day, curious to see what's so bad about the other side, she decides to take the bus there after school. Almost immediately, she gets into a conflict, and is rescued by Muse B.

Muse B has lived in the bad side of town all his life, and has never even been to the good side. His mother ran off when he was younger, and since then he's had to raise his younger siblings himself. Determined to make sure they can have a good life, he does whatever it takes. He makes sure they go to school, study, get good grades; hoping one day they'll be able to leave the bad side of town. To pay the rent and buy food, he has to sell/deliver drugs, and has been doing so since his mother left. Almost everyone in the bad side of town knows who he is, and what he does and has done. Muse A is injured after the conflict, worried about what her parents would say when they see, so Muse B invites her back to his so she can sort herself out, and asks her to babysit while he has to go do something. And then we can take it from there...

Alternatively, rather than Muse A going to the bad side of town, it could be Muse B going to the nice part of town for some reason, and Muse A comes across him, curious about the person who clearly isn't from around there. My thoughts are that his boss has to speak to the principal of Muse A's school for some reason, and gets Muse B to accompany him. I have more ideas than just that, but that's all I'm writing for now.

I would be Muse B, if ya can't tell. This is perhaps the plot I want to do most.
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A Faded Ghost

Got some more ideas, I'll add them into the original post in full once I've gotten some sleep. But for now, I'll put a brief summary, and if you wanna hear the full things, message me ^-^

1. Obsession - Stalker/Stalked into Kidnapper/Kidnapped - Me writing the stalked/kidnapped

2. Partners in Crime - Demon/Human - Demon royally screwing up the human's life - Me writing the human

3. Yup, that guy who rules the school halls through fear is actually a vampire, and now you owe him - Vampire/Human - "Bad Boy"/"Good Girl" (or Guy) - Me writing the vampire/"bad boy"


A Faded Ghost

Added plots! Decided I don't want to do the "partners in crime" plot. But I've added in "obsession" and "falling" (the third plot), as well as "the other side of town", which is now the plot I wanna do most.


A Faded Ghost

I have a kinda cute little idea to do with, like, a new single parent with a baby/small child who moves into a new house, but there's a ghost of a young woman who lives in the house who helps out without them knowing at first. They'd know about someone dying at the house probably but moved in anyway either because it's cheap or they don't believe in ghosts or something. Might write it up as a plot/setup later, but if it's something that interests you, feel free to message me! (I'd probably wanna be the ghostie)

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