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Multiple Settings New Year, New Search - harry potter & original ideas

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AU, Harry Potter, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Mystery, Platonic, Slice of Life, Super Powers


Ultra Nerdy


☑ help me flesh out prompts/ideas
☑ be a descriptive writer (example available upon request)
☑ respect my limits, inform me of yours
☑ be able to post at least once a week

☑ 31 years old, female, in EST
☑ I can reply between two to three times a week
☑ I like to do world building with my partner
☑ I can write 2+ paragraph per post

☑ No characters with real world mental illness
☑ No forced romance
☑ No child/adult pairings

During the War (Grindewald OR Voldemort) Purebloods flee Europe for the relative safety of America. However America has a strict immigration policy so they must marry a citizen of the country within a month or risk being sent back home. In this time of upheaval British purebloods are being murdered and it's up to a recently arrived pureblood and their american match to solve the crime.

After the War (Grindewald/Voldemort) a Squib finds themselves suddenly inheriting a magical zoo/magical pet shop. They tasked with keeping the family business afloat for one year in order to keep their inheritance. They need to hire on a employee (pureblood/werewolf/etc.) to help keep things running.

You have always known there is something a little odd with your child. Oh nothing bad, but things would happen that you couldn't quite explain away no matter how hard you tried. Honestly when the stranger came to your house and turned your coffee mug into a piglet you were just relieved you hadn't been imagining things all these years.

Your child is ecstatic to find out they have magical powers and is eager to attend magic school. Your excited as well as it means you can find answers to all those questions you hadn't dared to let yourself ask all these years.

The stranger is pleased by both your enthusiasm and gives you a list of school supplies and the number to a "parent group" that is full of other people who have discovered their children are far more than they could have hoped for.

You put down the number and prepare yourself for a magical adventure.

You get a letter on day inviting you to an animal expo (or the opening of a new shop). It's addressed to you but there is something a little funny about the return address. And it mentions strange things like replying by owl or registering your wand. You think it must be some kind of themed event and decide to go along with it. When you arrive the people around you are definitely a little odd and super into the "magic theme" of the event. You start to get a little excited and hope that your own last minute costume holds up.

Unfortunately when you try to sign in something goes wrong. Security gives you strange looks and you are quickly bumped up the line of seniority until you walk into a room with another person and the head of the event. Turns out magic is real and you are what as known as a muggle (no magic) and you and the event staff are all in deep trouble. The other person in the room is a magical person with your same name who was meant to receive your letter. The only way to prevent a nasty incident with something called a Dementer or an Oblivator you have to pretend to be related to your magical doppleganger.

You are the proud owner of a successful business, which also serves as the locus of your power and thus the very reality within its walls bends to your will. You're employees are dealing with a particularly rude and entitled customer/client who has just demanded to speak to the Owner.

You are a actor/actress on a popular television show that is based on the lives of superheroes. It is a good job and one that you enjoy doing. However your best friend/relatives are actual superheroes and think your wasting your talent by pretending to be a hero.

You have been plagued by a persistent exhaustion all your life. At night you move around a lot and often talk in your sleep. It's something that both worries and amuses your relatives in equal measure. It's not enough to prevent you from going about your day to day life but it can be an annoyance.

One day while your at work, doing your best to stay awake in the middle of a long shift, a strange man walks up to your desk and drops a package in front of you. "Sorry love, had to go further than usual to find these. You should be able to get the garden growing again though so Boss won't be in too much of a snit."

You stare at the stranger blankly, having no idea what he's talking about. He doesn't say anything else just gives a wave and walks back out. You contemplate the wisdom of taking the package but in the end don't have the energy to worry too much.

You take it home and open it. Inside are strange squishy beads that shimmer strangely in the light. You can't imagine why you would put them in the garden but figure the stranger was just odd and put it out of your mind.

You go down to eat your dinner and come up to find that your pet has gotten into the package and eaten all the squishy beads. You're panicked a little and are frantically trying to remember what the beads looked like so you can Google if they're toxic.

Then your pet burbs and a live dragon flies out of it's mouth. And you realize that Google isn't going to be much help this time.

HIDDEN ZOO (can also be an HP Story)
You receive a letter one day from an elderly relative offering you the chance to stay rent free on their property. They ask only that you water their plants and feed their animals. You think this is a fantastic deal and you eagerly accept. The house is a little run-down and the garden looks overgrown but nothing that takes away from the fact that you don't have to spend half your paycheck on rent.

You don't see any animals at first, outside a few odd cats that you dutifully leave some food. Still the letter had sounded like there were several animals and you start to feel guilty. What if there is some animal that is lost somewhere and they end up dying before elderly relative returns? You'd feel like a real ungrateful dick. So you set out to see if you can find any of the other animals. You think you might check one of the old run down barns, figuring they might have fled inside at the sight of a stranger.

The second you walk into the barn however you realize you heavily underestimated what you were being asked to do. The barn is full of animals you've only seen in fantasy novels and they're all looking mighty hungry.

Harry has wealthy relatives whom he is sent to instead of the Dursleys. There is another magical child in that family who is also mistreated and the two grow up being tossed around various relatives who want nothing to do with them. Until their tenth birthday where a wizard comes to their home and takes them to live in a magical temple

Lily Potter is from a branch of House Chandler. Her more prosperous merchant family have knowing to do with Lily's parents or Lily/Petunia themselves. When the Potter dies and Dumbledore is looking for a place to put the baby Harry he tries the Dursleys first but Petunia flatly refuses to keep the child. So instead she dumps him off with their Chandler relatives claiming the haughty merchants ought to do their family duty. So Harry and Tris are both passed around as children until they are ultimately taken in by Nico.

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