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hi, quinx here B)

I haven't rp'ed in a super long while, so I joined this site to practice some and to, well, have fun!
a little about me: I started roleplaying when I was super young, around 8 or 9. I started off on a fairly popular warrior cats roleplay site, but after it sort of... died, I rped on and off on other sites before eventually quitting.
long story short, I'm really rusty right now. I usually do large group rps, so I'd like to try out 1x1/small group rps to see how it goes. I also suck at rping canon characters lol.

anyway, if you're willing to rp with a total noob, here's some things I'm interested in.

genres: fantasy, supernatural, action, mystery, horror, adventure, drama

books: harry potter and percy jackson- the usual. admittedly, I don't read much anymore.

shows: various animes- ask me! though I don't watch anime, I enjoy rping in the universes they're set in.

games: pokemon, persona, danganronpa, zero escape, probably others

other: homestuck. I really want to rp a fansession.

happy to be here and looking forward to rping with you all!
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Hello! Welcome!

I am interested in the list of animes you would want to rp(well the settings then or ya know) :)
oh, let me try to list them all:

- fate series
- soul eater
- naruto
- fairy tail
- sword art online
- toaru series
- tokyo ghoul
- my hero acadamia
- fullmetal alchemist
- rwby (?)

that's all I can think of for now, if you have a specific anime in mind I'll tell you if I've watched it or not.


(forgot to mention that I don't do romance unless it's a subplot lol)

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