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  1. Entry Number 6 since arrival on our new home planet,

    It's not quite been a week, but things are coming along well. Still no contact with any of the fabled super-intelligent beings that frequented stories from my childhood. Starting to doubt any existence of such beings. But even looking at a Hopper or even a pearltusk makes me think that there's still time for any creature to become that which we've only heard of until now.

    We just finished setting up the colony's first food storage, we have several people skilled in hunting and foraging out looking for food to keep us going until we get a few crops going to fill that storage. Our first coal deposit was found about two miles south of us, we can use the coal there to fuel our first generators until we find a more renewable source. Maybe even a water based power generator. the river that flows nearby should have enough flow to produce enough electric power to keep us going... I should get back to work, expect another entry tomorrow, as usual.
    Signed, Nick Hellsing, colony overseer.

    Closing the book with a slight sigh the man with dark hair and eyes stood up from his desk within his tent and walked back outside for his routine rounds, making sure everybody was doing their jobs. Passing various workers doing their jobs he came to a halt beside a snoozing slacker, one who already made himself named the laziest in the colony. He sat down beside the snoozer and casually said loudly "Good day for a nap, huh?" The snores abruptly stopped and the guy, Bobby, looked at him with a sheepish grin "Err, sorry sir... back to work with myself..." Nick nodded aned said "Lights out is at sundown, not a moment before, you can have 3 breaks in between now and lunch to catch your breath, and two more after. other than that I don't want to see you slacking any more, got it?" Bob nodded "Understood sir..." Nick nodded and stood back up to continue his rounds as Bob got back to work.
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  2. James sits in the guards barracks sharpening a hunting knife and cleaning his rifle trying to make himself busy before he goes out hunting. "Wonder if anything on this planet is good to eat.
  3. Under the shadow of the massive evacuation ship, the small-yet-to-be-named colony was setting its foundations.

    Tents and shacks made a crude town as major works were proroitized, a silo to the west made from the metal shell of one of the ships engines, and the begginings of a hospital made from their limited, but proper building supplies.
    Though Gary cared little about them, unless he was dying he didnt need to waste time with doctors and he would wait for the rations to be distributed like everyone else- no need to fuss about food.

    No, all he wanted to do was build his machines. He felt alone on this world, the air had a foreign taste and smell to it that wasn't to his liking. The people here were so fixated on the tragedy that befell earth- and yet so eager to keep the old hatreds alive that the idea of talking to them seemed less worth the effort then ever.

    Running between shacks and off of the dirt paths that made up the streets, Gary was trying to stay out of sight on his way home, a sack of parts and scrap lugged over his shoulder. Dealing with others was taxing... Partly because he was a stowaway, and the others felt he shouldn't be here but, mostly because Nick had caught him stealing components from the ship earlier in the day... and the day before that... it was hardly Gary's fault, Nick just doesn't understand the value of his robots... not that it was stopping him this time.

    He was near to his own shack, and started to get more cautious, Nick should be doing his rounds about now and Gary didn't want to get caught again.

    Looking over the dirt road he saw a guardsman- preparing his gear for a hunt probably- that he didn't recognize.

    Shaking his head he hid back behind the shacks and hoped Nick and the gaurd would simply leave on their own if he just didn't draw attention. He opened his sack and took stock of his gains, not alot surely, the colony had an entire ship and its supplies to work with... they weren't going to miss what he used, its not like he has the option of buying the parts anyway.
    Putting the sack down he moped... the outside always sucked... but this new world?

    It's only a matter of time till this sucks too.
  4. You know whats fun? Doing things. But at the moment, Ward wasn't doing anything. And that means he was bored. Sure, he could try to get high on the supplies around the medbay, but someone might need those supplies in the future.
    So all he could do right now is wait until someone who let an alien bite their hand off comes running in screaming for his help. The worst part is he had to be awake all the time. Yeah, occasionally he napped a few hours on the medical beds, but as the only doctor active the guilt of sleeping while on duty forced him out of his rest soon after.
    Though he had to admit, it was kind of strange trying to sleep in a medical bed. He didn't have his own shack yet, probably wont get one for a while, he doesn't like asking. He can get used to a medical bed, until they start filling up because of some alien-flu or something else horribly dangerous.
    When Ward wasn't sleeping, his favorite way to pass the time was to check the medical supplies. Organize them, then reorganize them. "MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY" he always shouted in his head when he finished. Its not like its fun, but its better than just sitting around.
    "Fuck this is boring."
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  5. Aurora Black


    Mood: Distracted
    Speaking to: Gary @Tierax
    Location: Wandering the town

    Aurora was walking throughout the encampment, arms wrapped around herself. She was lost in thought, her grandparents were being forced to sleep in the makeshift community center for those without homes already built, of course since they were elderly they were on the priority list, but that didn't make her any less worried about them. She was humming a song as she was walking along the back road, when she came upon none other than a very familiar Gary Oldman(I see what you did there :P). She frowned as he was examining the parts he'd taken. "Gary!" she said in a very scolding tone.

    Her hands were very close to clenching into fists, but not quite as she walked up and attempted to snatch the part, and bag there of of things, from him. "How many times does this make it?" she asks with a glare.

    Natheniel Smith


    Mood: Panicked
    Speaking to: Nick @AxelVanDeriz
    Location: Near the community center

    Natheniel was panting as he ran up to where Nick was getting onto the sleeping worker. "You, you're the guy in charge around here, right?!" he asked in a desperate voice. "My niece, Lanora, she's wandered off! I can't find her anywhere!" he says in a frantic voice. He was sweating from running around everywhere looking for the five year old girl. "Please, you have to help me!" he begged.

    Lorana Smith


    Mood: Frightened
    Speaking to: No one
    Location: Hiding

    Lorana was huddled under some pieces of scrap metal of the crash, she hadn't liked being around so many people in such a cramped area. She shivered, hugging her puppy, who whined softly and licked her cheek. "Kiki, I no like this..." she says starting to cry softly. She missed mama so bad, where was she? Why was she alone with uncle Nathen? Why had mama left her? "MAMA I MISS YOU!" she cried loudly into the night, but she was far enough from the town near the ship, only those around the ship would hear her yell.
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    Gary nearly jumped out of his skin, dropping a few circuit boards onto the ground as he hastily hid the bag behind him, almost losing it to her in the process.

    "Ah... Ms. black... you followed me?" His voice was deep and croaked, as if he barely ever spoke out loud.
    His eyes narrowed, he stood tall and his lanky frame seemed to thin to be threatening.. but he was still tense and backing up into the side of the shack.

    "I remember being told I wasn't allowed to scavange from the ships command deck, Nick said nothing about the engine bays."

    His eyes darted around, getting home was no longer a priority as long as he could slip away he could make his way home later.


  7. Aurora Black


    Mood: Frustrated
    Speaking to: Gary @Tierax
    Location: Wandering the town

    "I suggest you give me what you took, before I'm forced to take drastic measures," she says simply, as she actually positioned herself a bit away from him, but even he would be able to realize, it was in a way, that if he tried to run from where he was, she could easily tackle him when he tried. "Because even I know, you're smart enough to know that he means for you not to take anything from the ship at all," she says flatly.

    "And one of my men is over there, so if you think you can take me solo, all I have to do is call his name," she adds simply. She was calm and collected, but the frustration of this situation was obvious on her face. She wasn't happy about there being any form of crime this early since coming here, but she knew it would happen. And this time, she wasn't going to let Nick give him a slap on the wrist, he was going to have repercussions for his decisions.
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    For a moment it felt like the air had become still. Gary knew he wasn't getting out of this one by simply running... he slowly brought the bag from behind him and looked at it. He was very careful to keep an eye on her, at that distance she could easily close the gap before he could get away... but only if he moved first or dropped his guard.

    If she moved first while he was watching there was a chance he could still slip away, but neither was happening so long as he held the bag as he knew she wouldn't risk damaging the components, and neither would he.
    "No one needs to get hurt here... but i build robots not, stab at dirt or slap up shacks. I don't want trouble, I just want to make my machines... I can make farming bots or builders or survey or anything! Just let me build!"

    His posture and tone pleaded in desperation, his eyes still darting about- looking for another option to get away.

  9. Nick wandered for a time, making sure everyone was doing their jobs. Stopped by the medical wing to make sure Ward had all supplies accounted for thus far, sent out the hunting and foraging teams, and twice, nearly caught Gary sneaking by, had Gary not timed his rounds well enough or hid just out of sight. But now, Nick looked at the red headed man with a single silver streak who ran up to him in panic. "Yes, I'm in charge." He listened to the panicked man and placed a hand on his shoulder "Take a deep breath for just a second, then describe your niece, you, I, and a few others, will all look for her." He said and took out a small pad of paper and a pen to jot down any details the man gave him.
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  10. Maji Gesalt - Dr. Lyoné Gesalt

    "I would tell you that men are afraid, but I know you would tell me a hundred reasons why sister."

    "It is only natural to think such things, dear Maji. Can you put another pillar there?" Lyoné pointed her hand swiftly to a marking on the ground. Her dress glided in the wind of their new home, wondering what will come of them. Maji thrusts the steel pillar into the ground until only the slots remained. Lyoné looked upon her brother's tank top, shorts, and messy hair in simple question. Her hands reached up to her face, dashing small accumulations of sweat on her brow. Three other pillars, roughly ten feet apart, faced each other. On the outside of the perimeter laid boxes full of completed building parts, some with slots, some with window panes, and some with door components, Maji and Lyoné had prefabricated most of their workshop from the allocated supplies given by the ship. Maji wiped his face as he lifted the metal plates into place onto the ground, letting a small claw-like tool expand over the plate and push it flush into the ground. Bolting the plate in six feet deep, this was quite temporary until Lyoné could gauge where other stabilizers would fit into her workshop's equation.

    "We should put the plates in so the walls can fit in flush with everything. Then we can start making shelves for our reference manuals."

    "Hmm..." Lyoné kneaded her hand on Maji's arm as he let each plate bolt into the ground. He looked up to her as she kneeled, expressing concern. Her dress mingled with her brother's legs and stopped him from his work. Although she never says it, she was worried for Maji's sanity. Even now with her comforting presence, he was twitching occasionally and pushing himself in ways even most would dare not. A hand of her's caressed his face before she stood up, letting her feet guide her to the shelves they made. Latching them to the prefabricated slots in the walls, setting books in neatly cataloged order that she kept in her tablet on herself. She wanted to back this data up, but she hardly trusted the ship's AI core for security. She trusted her abilities, her brother's as well, to gather the needed parts and make herself one. Though she knew to make it space efficient. She noticed Maji raise the walls into place with the mini ladder helping him guide them into place. Watching her brother's body stretch and strain from the work he was doing. She insinuated that Maji was her assistant and in dire situations would he be used for anything else, and even though she was not the top dog in the colony. She hardly went by without questions and corrections to the various structures the colony built. She noticed Nick from time to time, but she hardly cared. Her workshop was her domain and she was the god of it. Loving and peaceful, but also protective of her own. Her eyes followed the people wandering by, she would need more help. Maji running circles around everyone work wise killed her. He was her baby brother, and she damn well making sure he'd live.

    "Should I put on the roof now or help you furnish the place first?"

    Lyoné giggled before laying her hands on his shoulders and guiding him to a chair. He nodded, as she moved various desks and other furnishings they made during their travel. She began setting steps in place and moved the roof pieces in before completing the stairs. To those on the outside, they both seemed ingenious. The other colonists always wondered what they were doing on the ship, now they knew. It would likely by hours before a significant size to the workshop could be made, but in Nick's eyes, colonial engineering had a firm foothold on the colony already. Lyoné noticed her brother working again, setting up the roof in little time. Mostly flat squares for the floor of the next. She laughed, hurried an interior box into the new building and installed light fixtures, sockets, and some plumbing. All of her design, of course, one could have only imagined her house.

    "We should be careful to make sure no one takes our supplies."

    "Oh don't worry, baby brother, no one is going to take our precious pieces of art!" Her voice elevated as she noticed Maji heaving more pillars into place. Her center table notched quickly, placing hundreds of vials and other instruments in a neat and cataloged way on the table. She connected cords together, scraped from unneeded systems on the ship. Her thoughts overtook her as Maji continued his work. They might formalize their sleeping quaters by nightfall if Maji keeps working, but that was hardly likely. Someone would need them for sure. As Lyoné finished her interior work, she gave a swift hug to the sweaty and aching body she knew too well. She remembered holding him in her arms in her teenage years, and ever since then, the theme of their relationship never changed. It only grew into a unique partnership.

    (Open for interaction for all.)
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  11. Meanwhile Ward was laying on a medical bed, face down, but not sleeping. "Seriously, you bring me to a amazing new undiscovered world and the only thing I can do is stay in the med bay and wait until someone almost kills themselves. I didn't suffer through the boredom of med school to suffer through the boredom of doing nothing." He thought to himself. "Getting high is still an option, but someone would notice and I didn't want to get in trouble. Makes my chances of doing something less boring even smaller. Or maybe even higher? Doesn't matter, I guess, bad idea any way I look at it."
    Ward sat up on the bed and sighed, before standing up and starting to walk around the room. In an effort to entertain himself he did 3 push-ups, before realizing that isn't going to really work out. Or he won't really work out, if he would be honest to himself.

  12. Aurora Black


    Mood: Prepared
    Speaking to: Gary @Tierax
    Location: Wandering the town

    She stayed perfectly still where she had put herself. "Give me the bag, Gary," she says simply. "You're not going to get away with begging me, or anything of that stupid crap," she says coldly. As long as he was taking stuff like that, the longer it would take for her grandparents to have a proper home. "Now, give it here, or I will take you down and take you in," she says flatly.

    Natheniel Smith


    Mood: Panicked
    Speaking to: Nick @AxelVanDeriz
    Location: Near the community center

    "She's only five years old, so she's small, with light brown hair, she has a puppy, with red brown fur," he says. "Her eyes are brown," he says rushedly. He needed to find her, before it was too late. "Please, we have to hurry!" he pleads.

    Lorana Smith


    Mood: Frightened
    Speaking to: No one
    Location: Hiding

    She quietly sobbed herself to sleep.
  13. Gary stared at her, looking at her face he could tell this was a hopeless situation.
    He couldn't restrain his glare, as he tossed the bag at her hard, not bothering to make sure it was sealed.

    Parts scattered everywhere as Gary turned the side and fled.
    He felt for a breif moment a solid tug on his hoodie but slipped free, not even hesitating to look back.
    Jumping out to the street he noticed the guardsman staring at him confused, so Gary bolted away towards the makeshift clinic. By this point he had drawn alot of attention and was feeling exhausted from his sprinting, He had never looked back and had no idea where Ms. Black was, for all he knew he was about to get tackled and caught.

    He misjudged the distance between himself and the medical centres door and slammed into it hard, falling straight onto his backside, cursing almost immediately and grabbing his face by instinct... though worse was the burning shame of running into a door...

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  14. Ward, who was as tired as anyone who'd at most have slept 3 hours in the last day, stumbled towards the door and opened it. Seeing the injured man in front of him he rubbed his eyes, an indifference in his face, laughed a lot on the inside, but didn't even smirk on the outside, out of exhaustion and professionalism, meanwhile pulling the man up and helping him inside the clinic, onto a bed.
    "Your face is fu- injured, but I can imagine that isn't the problem that led you here?"
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  15. Nick Jotted down the description quickly. "Right then, we'll cover more ground if we find a couple more people and split in small groups...." he turned to two soldiers "You there." The soldiers stood and saluted at attention. "We got a missing persons situation..." he gave them the descrtiption and sent one of the soldiers with the red headed male. "Alright, let's split up and find the little girl." He said and walked North with the soldier.
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    Cedrie stared at the pile of shiny metal parts of different weapons, bored, doing lots of nothing. Being a gun repairer was not difficult at all, while the hunting teams were doing their thing. "They're all going to use the guns" he said, "you would too if you were more capable" he said, "after finishing their mission they'll be too tired to do anything" HE SAID. I hate this job, I do nothing in the middle of the day and when I just want to sleep I have to almost burn myself to repair these guns, I do not like it, it brings me bad memories, it's confusing, it's messy, it's suffocating... Sigh... I do not even have a home of my own ... " Cedrie complained, complained and suddenly stopped."Complaining is not going to take me anywhere... Hmm... "He glared at one of his books , an old one among other four books. "... Nah." Cedrie gave up and took a cigarette out of his pack and lit it, then started trying to think like two minds at once, an old thing he wanted to learn how to do.
  17. ((@Zaltusinel & @DakWantsToBattle ))

    Nick walked into the general area of the Gesalt siblings, thinking as he stopped More people would mean we'd find the girl much faster.... he then approached and then knocked on their door, waited on someone to answer when someone did he said "Gesalt, you and your sibling are needed, we have a missing child we need to find." He then read off the description the redheaded male had given him. "The more people we have looking, the faster we'll find her." he then continued on his search upon receiving their answer, stopping near the gun repair guy, Cedrie, and said "Hope you heard because I'm asking for your help as well." waiting on an answer before continuing the search.
  18. "I don't suppose you've got any sway with Ms. Black do you?"

    Gary was slow to accept his help, but once he had sat on the bed for a while and no one barged in he felt more relaxed.

    Looking around he saw a very barren-if very well stocked- clinic. There where medical apparatus and pills of all sorts, vials of some such and the other stored about. It was all well and truly beyond him, medicine wasn't his field.

    "Looks boring in here... "
    His eyes continued to drift about the room, realising he was at this point, the only patient he could see. His eyes wandered back to Doctor Ward, who seemed to be fixated on something on Gary's chest, he then realised his nose was busted worse then he thought when his shirt suddenly became noticeably damp.

    "Oh... that's not alot of blood... right?"

  19. "You aren't going to die, so you could say that, yes," Ward started seaching out the medical supplies needed "Can you take off your shirt?"

    Some disinfectant, some bandages, some cotton wipes, should be everything. He turned back towards Gary and put the items on the small table next to the bed.
    "Oh and sorry, no, I barely know who she is."
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    "Ah... well..." Gary trailed off, shuffling uncomfortably on the bed before resigning himself to remove his shirt.

    He held his shirt for a moment, taking a good look at the decent looking patch of blood spots on it's collar, though Gary wasn't sure if it looked anywhere near as bad to anyone else. When Ward stepped in front of him with a tray and seemed to wait patiently for Gary to stop being so fixated on the clothes, it occured to him he didn't know his name.
    "Oh uh... names Gary by the way. Probably heard of me, the stowaway."

    He awkwardly reached a hand out.
    "Nice to meet you?"


    ((Thanks for pointing that out Guul, clarified what i had pictured in my head.))
  21. "I'm Ward. I mean I'm doctor Coles."
    ((Whats up with his torso?))
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  22. "What's the big deal?" Cedrie said. He didn't want to pretend not to be disappointed with Nick's presence, he knew that Cedrie doesn't like him very much anyway. Cedrie scraped the tip of his cigarette on the table to put out it and took his feet off of it. "What should I have heard?". Yeah, say it to me, what would bring you to me? Cedrie thought. (@AxelVanDeriz )
  23. Nick raised a brow at his slight attitude that seeped into his voice. But he remained calm and said "We have a missing girl, about five years old... we need to find her... quickly, I know you don't like me much, I'm not sure what I did to invite such dislike, but put it aside for a short time and help us look for this child." Without another word he continued his search with the small group of people he had gathered. (@DakWantsToBattle )
  24. "Bru- Wait, a missing child? How did they got in this- ..... Really? Uhh, I got nothing better to do, better go faster" He stood up and though: Wait, but where do the rest were looking for that kid?... "Sir!" He shouted and began following Nick, leaving the filthy building.
  25. "What is it, Cedrie... try to be quick, every life in the colony counts, losing even one could be disastrous for the colony." he said and kept his brisk pace up and directing members of the group in different directions.

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