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coochie cop
what's up, I recognize my name on here (lol), but call me Brat! Considering this post, I don't want to post my irl name on here, but I eventually will to whoever dms me. I've been aching for lengthy, good 1x1. But of course, it can be any fandom we mutually know! I'm also open for oc x oc or any canon x canon characters! I haven't rped any canon characters, so give me a second to warm up my good ol' brain ^^;, but here's a list of fandoms I can or used to rp.


One Piece
The Last Of Us

There's more I have in my mind, but probably forgot. Slide some recommendations by me and I'll see if I can do those too!

RP Style:

I don't have a set maximum amount of sentences I write, it pretty much depends on the mood or how into it I am in that moment. But I do NOT write one-liners. I try to be as versatile as I possibly can be, but I prefer to type in third person. I also try to be as consistent as possible, but I am human too! Sometimes I may get distracted with a quick task, but if I know something is coming up and my response will take a while I will let you know/warn you.

I'm used to rping as a female, but I am open to rping as a male as well! I'm 17, so I'd prefer if my rp partner is 17+. I am completely strong enough to rp morbid topics, but I will not rp (ped*phila, scat, vore, etc). Long-term is awesome too!

Anything else, reply and we can start a private dm, to which I will give out my discord (since I am NOT on here, like at all).

Can't wait to talk to you!
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Do you also know both Incredibles movies and/or The Iron Giant, by any chance?

Are you also into some toons in general?
Interested if you wanna work something out in DMs — I have considerable experience with and a couple of OCs in one of your listed fandoms.
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