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Multiple Settings new on here, lookin' for rp partner(s)

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birth of venus

beach funeral
bueno! i'm venus, 20, got about 6+ yrs of rping under my belt.
i am brand new on this site (originally made this account back in 2017 and forgot about it oops), but i've been itching with creative energy and figured hey, might as well right?

i'm really just looking for some casual fun; i'm currently in college so i can't always be active every day. nonetheless please feel free to hmu. c:
if you can't tell already, OOC i am quite a casual person, but i do write 3rd person literate and ask for the same w replies. pls be able to reply with two or more paragraphs at least.
side note: please be 18 or older, as an adult i don't roleplay with minors.

pm only! shoot me a pm if you're interested or have questions, don't post here thanks.

things i like:
- anything akin to powers/metahumans, og favorite (im fairly familiar w dc and marvel)
- action and adventure. spicy!
- romance! romance is always good. if our characters got chemistry then :^)
- sci-fi, futuristic (cyberpunk 2077 hype anybody?)
- post-apocalyptic, dystopia, zombie survival
- homestuck, bnha, john wick, euphoria
- supernatural/occult !! esp romance on opposing sides is fun. (i love rping witches)
- witch x werewolf/vamp/witch hunters
- guardian angel/demon x human
- supernatural x mortal
- this is a really general list, pls shoot at me whatever ideas you got in mind!
- as for specific plot ideas, i have a lil plot shop
here if you're interested in lookin'.

not my jam:
- major age difference
- historical plots
- lotr-style fantasy (some fantasy i'm cool with. just ask me first)
- (irt fandom plots) i very rarely rp canon characters. ocs only.
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