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Aspiring Amateur
Summer Reed - Ruby Revenants - Rookie
Interactions - SRUNewman SRUNewman

The soup kitchen buzzed with activity, as it had steadily since the flood, sweat-slick volunteers doing their best to keep up with the ceaseless demand. With each week that passed the portions grew smaller and smaller, the rest of the city's charity and pity transforming into an apathetic, willful ignorance. This in turn raised the tension and desperation of those in need of help, and drew further the blanket of helplessness smothering even the volunteers willing to dedicate their time and effort. One such volunteer was Summer, perhaps the only person still running her mouth and trying to lighten the mood, much to the chagrin of those who wanted a peaceful quiet. The batches of food she had brought in from her family business were one of the only guaranteed sources they had left and the only one that had a set donation size. Local churches would run donation drives of course and always found something to send in, but that something varied wildly, and no locals could afford to spare anything in the current climate. Only so long, she figured, until the whole effort collapsed. She couldn't let that happen, but wasn't sure what options she had. She was only a rookie so she wasn't going to get in on anything profitable with the Revenants . . ..

Back at HQ the next afternoon (having slept away her entire morning), Summer washed away the thick layer of sauce, sweat and dirt that had stained both skin and clothes. The drafty hotel she now called home had been a big change of pace from having her own apartment and store; but with time came familiarity and with familiarity came comfort, no matter how 'modest'. A little hard-work had cleaned up her living space pretty nicely - a monochrome floral wallpaper covered the blemishes and tacky graffiti on the walls, homemade shelves housed an assortment of indoor plants, and a new lick of paint had made some of the original furniture more palatable to her simple tastes. She maybe had a few too many blankets on her bed, but better than waking up cold and grumpy. Some low-level Rubies tried to drag her into some mischief they were cooking up but it sounded, to be quite honest, like a complete and utter waste of her time. She tried to invite them to lunch instead and they felt the same way about that idea.

The phone in Summer's pocket vibrated and when she looked down to see the alert was from Jin, she shooed off the others from her door before checking it. Huh? He had a lead on getting some cashflow and he'd invited a rookie along? Not that she'd complain, this was a great chance to prove herself and learn a little more about the boss. If providing for the others of the West District meant taking from those from elsewhere, that's what she'd do. She shot him a text to let him know she'd seen the message and would meet him outside the entrance, and grabbed her metal baseball bat. Hopefully, they'd be able to carry out whatever their mission was without having to use it for anything extreme. The text was a waste of time as it turned out, because she ran into her elder on the way to their meeting place. "Boss, nice t' see ya. Thanks for the invite on this thang," her greeting was accompanied by a confident smile. "And for the chance to talk. Who else we got runnin' with us? Or is this jus' a tango for two?"

First Rose

First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum
[] Sapphire Dragons - Rookie []
[] Wearing:
Formal Black Suit []
[] East District (Dragon's Temple)[]
Interactions: [Speaking with Nionet] Cracker Cracker
It was a miracle he still fit this suit, just barely, but it worked nonetheless. To be frank, he felt more awkward to be here, to be around the mourning as a newcomer; knowing no one within the crew but a single person, and he didn't even bother to show face. In fact, he had suggested that he not attend either; however so, as weird as it felt, Pit sort of inferred that it was a duty of his...just to be present. Even if the funeral room was a bit- odd, the pillows, the outlook, then again, he couldn't remember the last time he actually went to a funeral himself. It'd been a while.

He considered the option of just sitting beside the food table and consuming the snacks for the duration of the service, he had no problem doing so, however, this wasn't something to take lightly. No matter how he felt about it, in respect of others, his stomach could wait, he didn't want to make a mess of anything, anyway. The least Pit did was make a slow walk across the frames of those killed and nabbed. Wishing all those lost could and have found a permanent sanctuary. As he wasn't really all the religious type; a bemused glance toward those on pillows, their hands pressed together, and their eyes shut. He wondered what they were wishing for, and how close these individuals may have been.

Interrupting his train of thought was the sound of nearing footsteps; echoing through his earlobes within the near-silent room. In which such an approach was answered first with the instant perk of his tall thin ears, nearly turning a full 180 toward the one who approached. Her familiar scent then passed by his nose, and he already knew who he was talking to before he even turned around. Pulling his chin down to meet her gaze, "Evening to you Ms. Sinblade." His low and hoarse voice replied to her as he awkwardly mirrored her bow. Pit then gave her a smile, he still felt much gratitude toward her for his acceptance into the gang. He found Nionet good-natured, ardent, despite the ruthless and cruel gang leader he was expecting. He had been so nervous on that day he came in, despite his friend, who was a very member, telling him there was nothing to worry about. It was only when it occurred, that he believed him; however so, her presence, it always made him a bit uneasy for a reason beyond him. But perhaps, maybe that summarized any relationship between an employee and a boss.

"I am glad I could not disappoint..-" A look around the room full of those mourning over their losses, the gang's losses. Then turning back to face her, "-I do not wish to be disrespectful." He partially wondered who she had lost, though perhaps, she felt personally attached to each of them, this was her pack after all. Pit even wished to ask, however, Pit didn't know if he, as a lowly rookie, was in a place to ask. Or generally, anyone who he knew little of for that matter. He found himself once again feeling the familiar pressure in her company, Oh how he wished Tobias was here with him, not off chasing girls somewhere. Clearing his throat as he apprehensively adjusted his bowtie. Do you have any work for me today?" He asked, lately, he has been of much use, as oftentimes, he would approach the other rookies, juniors, and even seniors if there was more that he could do. He usually did not stop until someone demanded he'd take a rest; if it was up to him, he'd work for the gang all day and night if viable. Even so with a smile on his face.


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Omar Ayad - Sapphire Dragons - Jack
Location: East District, Omar Ayad apartment building
Interactions: None

It didn't matter that if it was Sapphire Dragon members that were being found dead but rather six people ended up dead and left to rot around or near the East District. That was more or less the last straw for the neighborhood association where many of the members boasted about how the East District was the safest among the rest. These string of deaths has only caused the association to wonder if maybe the Sapphire Dragon might not be the best thing for the East District.

While the association are discussing various plans for the East District, Omar Ayad had been busy these past six days. If one were to take a look at his day, they would see him helping out at his family Shawarma and Falafel store from setting up the tables and chairs to waiting for the customers orders to serving the customers to even cleaning the tables and chairs to washing the dishes and helping out with deliveries. Well the rest of his time is dedicated to Jack-o'-lantern activities from the redesigning of his costume, to obtaining extra horseman picks and even his night time neighborhood prowls.

Lately these last few days not much has happened and lately Omar Ayad is trying to find where the missing pieces to this jigsaw puzzle as the more he searched for answers the less clear the jigsaw puzzle gets. Omar then decided he was going to take it easy today and just rest a bit before going on a drive.
Hector Moses - Pharaoh
Status Hector Moses | Ruby Revenants Vice Elder | Outside Revenants HQ | Interactions: Snake - First Rose First Rose

Hector leans back in the driver's seat, listening to the radio. Despite the cold, he kept the windows down, his hand resting over the door. He was used to winter's bitter cold, and it no longer bothered him.
He sat there, absentmindedly taking drags on his cigarette, as he planned the evening in his head. The only thing he had going on today was the street race. His last race had resulted in a soul-crushing defeat, so this time he was determined to redeem himself, even if he had to drag himself across the finish line.
The sound of another engine interrupted his thoughts, as he looks out behind him to see who it was. He smiles upon recognizing the bike and the helmeted woman driving it and admires both as Snake pulls up beside him.

“Fancy seeing you here,” he said with a grin as he watches her look over his vehicle. His grin fades a bit hearing her words, and he looks at her, slightly offended.
At least it operates? Have you seen me drive this thing? She isn't going to just operate, she's gonna fly. I got a race tonight, round the district. Got her out of the shop in time for it. None of them bitches stand a chance when the Pharaoh is racing, last race was just a fluke or something.” He finishes looking determined and sounding slightly bitter.

Hector gets out of the car, and leans up against it, towering over Snake now. He crushes his cigarette under his boot, putting it out. He looks back at her, grin returning to his face
“So, what you up to tonight anyway?" He had hope that she didn't have anything to do tonight. Eager to run wild with his new car, Hector was hoping someone could share the fun with him.


RpNation's local Neko and Quiplash Champion
Katsura Kanna - Sapphire Dragons - Ace
Rose District, "The Dark Dragoon"
Interactions: Nakazajo Chikage ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )
Clothing Reference: Shirt, Shoes
Kanna's gaze shifted away from Chikage as she stared down at her glass.

"So far, 6 of our members have been found dead with many more still missing and unaccounted for. From some of the crime scenes, we found evidence that pointed towards your members as the suspects. However-"

She took another sip of her drink, continuing.

"-I saw two of your members during Christmas Day. They had a run in with some Revenants. But, yours looked afraid, or like they didn't want to start any fighting. Obviously the ones from the Revenants felt different until Mirage, thats her name right? Well, she was able to handle the situation well and no major fighting broke out. That was what got me thinking something was off. And now we're here."

Kanna held her gaze downward, looking at the glass. To be honest, she hadn't planned what exactly she wanted to get out from this meeting. At the very least, she wanted to know whether or not the Tigers were losing members like the Dragons were. Did she want to propose a truce? An alliance?

That was usually something up to Nionet, but she wasn't here right now. Though, a temporary truce didn't sound so bad. Kanna let out a sigh, bringing her glass to her lips and finished off what was left, looking back at Chikage.

"If we're both going through the same issues, maybe working together to figure out what's going on wouldn't be a bad idea."

Regardless of what Chikage's response was, Kanna would let Nionet know whether or not the Tigers could be trusted. Though, from how things seemed so far, Kanna felt, at the very least, not very threatened.

Doctor Llamabean

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Anita Boston.jpg

Location: (West District) (Revenants' Headquarters)
Interacting: Brax, Hector, Snake
Wearing: Click - Orange Jacket; Camo Cargo Pants; White Tennis Shoes; Orange-tinted Sunglasses; Bookbag


Anita hops over the third-floor banister of the grunge hotel--claimed headquarters of the Ruby Revenants--and she flutters slowly to the bottom floor, landing softly into a forward strut through the entrance doors.

She exits the hotel, carrying a bookbag over her shoulder that's filled with Geographic study material, and she looks around the muddy field of snow at the many Revenants going about their own business.

Off to the right somewhere, Snake and Hector--to the left, Xavier Brax is shoveling snow off of the concrete platform surrounding the hotel.

That boy just stays busy, don't he? She thinks to herself, smiling softly.

The majority of cleanliness around the base is thanks to Brax. He's a hardworking individual and never leaves a thing out of place, which Anita admires since she's a bit of a germaphobe herself.

She decides to approach him and he looks up at her, furrowing his brow with a nod.

"Keeping busy, I see. You know it'll just snow again, right?" She snickers, hand on her cocked hip.

Brax says nothing, but he nods again, holding the snow shovel with two hands.

Anita sighs, "Yeah, figures. You'll just plow it again."

Brax nods.

"Anyways, you want to do some scoutin' with me today? I've finished the majority of my schoolwork this evening--just a few more assignments that can wait--but it leaves me with not much else to do, so I would appreciate some company."

Brax stares without a hint of a notion of yes or no, then Anita smiles and says, "We can take pictures," and his eyes suddenly light up. He gives a firm nod, slightly grunting, then begins finishing up his work as Anita turns away with a backhanded wave, "Alright, I'll be waitin'. Meantime, I'm finna see what's on over here. Love ya~"

She makes her way over to Hector and Snake now, adjusting her bag over her shoulder, where she pulls out her phone and snaps a picture of Hector's car. Believe it or not, the thing has fished her an entire fanbase of people who are dedicated to updates on its current and future upgrades.

There, she pulls her sunglasses up from over her eyes, resting them atop of her head, and she places herself beside Snake with a raised eyebrow at whatever Hector is ranting about. Something about a race being a fluke, which she takes as an excuse for some loss he's experienced.

He then looks at snake and asks, “So, what you up to tonight anyway?" And Anita does the same, waiting for Snake's response.

First Rose First Rose FangS31 FangS31

First Rose

First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum
[] Sable Serpants - Vice Elder []
[] Wearing: Dark Maroon leather coat with stripped & torn black jeans []
[] South District (Jo's Brother's Car) []
Interactions: [Joanna] Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean (Friendly chat whilst sharing a weed)


Mhm, so not too long, but longer than most rookies who stepped into the gang and decided the line of work wasn't their cup of tea. She envied the girl, good for her. As the cloud of smoke began to steadily fill the inside of the car, Ruthe took no shame in breathing it in itself. The mere smell of it making the voices in her head louder with each passing minute.

That familiar light-hearted feeling began to settle in as she took her second drag from mary jane. A small sputter of coughs following as she let out the heavy smoke gathered in her nose. By the time Ruthe passed it back, a grin had latched itself upon her face. Though it was more twisted, deranged, than one goofy or disorient like most after smoking weed. “Aww," she gave a surprisingly genuine whine of sympathy. "That's too bad, I can usually depend on a good few liquors to put me out of it..." Really she preferred the one and done, crack for instance, boy was she dangerous after a hit of that.

Turning back to see Joanna fishing for her phone, Ruthe then took the moment to take another dose of the lovely smoke. Focusing more on the fact that the music was indeed not pulling through the speakers, she tilted her head toward the dashboard. Whatever could be the problem. However, it soon occurred to them both that there had indeed been failure to start the ignition. An expression of skepticism ony befell her gaze, though after opening her mouth to let out the grey swerling fog, she gave a few coughed breaths before a small burst of laughter came through her. A sound that wasn't at all very canny as it sounded like it'd come from someone's old evil, fairy, godmother.

Extending the blunt back to Jo, she then rolled her hands through the strands of her hair in effort to stretch her arms. Rutheless thought over her question for a moment, a smug smirk sliding across her face as she did so. ”Hun, how many chicks have seen going about are running these gangs? Hm?" The smirk only grew as she spoke. "How many females are really out here bossing around these dimwitted bloodhounds, one right? And Personally, that twat's pack of soft little stooges is nothing to look at." A moment of silence as she let the slight dizziness smolder from talking too fast.

"After Greégoire is either dead-...or gone," It wasn't certain whether the first option would be done by her own hands, "I'm going to make this whole city my little bitch." A muffled chuckle. "I made that vow as soon as I stepped into this gang, not a day I didn't intend on achieving it." Her malice eyes then turned back to Joanna, it was with that gaze alone that Jo she wasn't messing around.

"So love...indulge me, what why'd you join the Serpents, is just for the money, the fun?”

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Nakazajo Chikage.jpg

Location: (Rose District: East-side) The Dark Dragoon
Interacting: Kanna
Wearing: Click - Green Trench Coat; Formal, White, Button-Up Shirt; Denim Jeans; Brown Boots; Brown Leather Gloves


Kanna averts her gaze from Chikage, but Chikage's lingers on her. He sits with both hands around his glass of water, running a leather-gloved thumb up and down its wet surface, and listens patiently.

She talks of possibly shared circumstances regarding the recent deaths of gang members, suggesting perhaps an unknown culprit beyond that of the gangs. Or, that's what Chikage concludes, and it earns a more strained look of concern upon the Elder's face.

He, too, averts his gaze now, staring down into his water as the cubes of ice shift, clinking against the glass--and he contemplates Kanna's observations.

Emelia has seemed somewhat absent of late, as if overcome by deep rumination since her encounter with the Ruby Revenants on Christmas. She has wandered around the mansion with little to say, seeming withdrawn or distracted by her thoughts, and Chikage has noticed--much to his disquietude, but to others' as well.

He intended to approach her about it today, but... as you can see, things came up.

"If we're both going through the same issues, maybe working together to figure out what's going on wouldn't be a bad idea," Kanna proposes, piquing something in the Elder by his quickness to turn and meet her eyes.

He's quiet for a moment--only the blurred chatter of distant patrons filling that silence, and the soft hum of the baseboard heaters.

Chikage studies Kanna's expression, glancing between her eyes.

He searches for any sign of ill-intention, but finds only sincerity.

Looking away, a tense smile, he cocks his heads to the side. "Ahh~ I see. Have you... discussed this with your Elder?" He looks back, raising a brow, still probing the features of her face.

Then he says, "I've lost a handful of members, but there has been evidence pointing to all of the Revenants, Serpents... and you, the Dragons. It is, to say the least, a troubling situation. We have no answers--only questions--but it seems almost clear that the culprits are perhaps... of some other affiliation outside of the district gangs, no?"

"Either that... or... we're being fooled somehow."

On that note, Chikage lifts a hand to catch the attention of the bartender, and he orders a drink, "A White Russian, please."

He sips his water, holding the rim of the glass to his lips even after he's swallowed--"I'm not opposed to the idea of a truce... or alliance... but it is definitely something requiring of a meeting between Elders. You, dear, are only an Ace. Correct? I don't wish to cause trouble between you and your peers by some 'behind-the-scene' partnership."

FabulousTrash FabulousTrash

First Rose

First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum
[] Ruby Revenants - Senior []
[] Wearing:
Black hoodie and light blue jean jacket w/ slender black pants. Shin high leather boots on bottom. []
[] West District: R.R. HQ (Standing Outside) []
Interactions: FangS31 FangS31 Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean (Talking to Hector & Anita)


A slow blink came from her as she took in his stack of words, though it wasn't that she didn't believe him, at least not with her in the race, it was just more than she needed, or could ever need for that matter. Though at the same time, she had to remember who she was talking to.

Eventually Anita made her way over, the only other senior who didn't decently ride her nerves. The brows upon her head arched as she then took a more attentive look to her clothing. Orange-on orange-on-..orange. Her taste in fashion was on a whole different spectrum to be frank. Snake, with an amused yet completely callus and indifferent expression, resumed eye contact with Hector as he spoke, though leaning over slightly to whisper to Anita; still audible to Pharaoh's ears of course. "Appa'antly, h'ay claims dhat his near-death exper'ance, was just ah- "fluke"..." A snort in disbelief before she returned to her previous position. Her mismatched eyes of blue and purple watching him as he steps out of his car.

Her gaze immediately turns to the sky as he leaves his door frame however. A slight frown crawling across her lips as she cranes her neck up to him, how she hated that. Snake knew she was-, tip toeing on the edge of average, though she could do just well without a remark. Unfortunately, Pharaoh's mere existence seemed scream, "hello down there." Though managing to stifle her snobbiness for his sake, the frown disappeared as she spoke once again toward the two present. "I was called ba'y Jin t' accompany him on 'ah drug exchange." Not exactly seeming all too excited about it, though, the same could be said about most things that come to her phrasing. "So.." A click of her tongue before she continued, "Ah'least some ah'f us will beh able t' enjoy our evening." Discounting herself from those few of course.

A smug look came from her, the closest thing to a smile, as she looked to Hector with a tilt of her head. "I do n'aht doubt you will wit'dout a prop'ah challenge." Referring to the fact that without Snake at the race, he mine as well just claim the win. Her arms then folded across her chest as she back against the polished metal of her bike, though, as if to remember something, she gestured with a hand toward them both. "An' you will beh out t'ngiht, yes? Ah, pick meh up some cigarette's. I don't caya what kind. Eh, B & H if you see any." Having ran out of her last full pack, she'd gone almost a whole two days without a proper smoke. It was almost a miracle she wasn't in a bad mood.
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Brielle Rousseau | Ruby Revenants - Junior | Location: West District - Airport (terminal) | Interacting/Mentioned: Boltius Beckman | Outfit: Full Outfit

When Boltius reminds her about not being fluent in French, Brielle nods, letting out a soft "Mhm".

The entire flight was rather exhausting. Although being in France for two weeks was enjoyable--if not relaxing, Brielle never spoke a single English word there. It was going to take a hot minute to remember what she's learned already.

Upon breaking up their hug, Boltius moves Brielle backwards and holds her there with a hand on her shoulders. He inspects her appearance before playfully asking, "You meet any guys back home?"

Brielle rolls her eyes, "Haha, funny." She says sarcastically, her accent much more pronounced than before she left. She watches as Boltius retrieves her luggage and nods to him as to say thank you.

Now holding the luggage by the strap on its side, Boltius gestures for Brielle to follow him out of the airport, "Come on, I've got some tea to spill. You're gonna like it... Want to get drunk?" He says over his shoulder with a raised brow.

Brielle squints at him as she follows him, trying to decipher what the hell he just said.

After a moment of searching her mind for those words to remember what they meant, she finally figures it out, "Ah~ Yes... We drink and spill tea." She says aloud in her lifeless tone of voice, before mumbling, "Oui, oui. Pas besoin de demander."

Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean



Maybe I want Happiness not Turds
Jin Maska-
Jin was glad to see Summer was in high spirits. It would at least off set Snake's normal mood. "Snake will be coming, I figured she would be perfect for the job." After a bit of walking they finally made it to were Snake was and low and behold Hector was there as well. "Damn." Jin says under his breath. Anita was there to so it wasn't to bad. She didn't always seem to hate him so it shouldn't be all to bad. "Snake its time to go. We have to get there before it actually starts." Jin shouts to Snake once he caught up to her he didn't stop to wait for her to follow he knew she would just start walking with them. Snake may not like him but at the moment he was still her Elder so he knew she would at least follow orders. This mission wasn't going to be easy since the Serpents are unpredictable and Gree just might be there. Also Snake can be just as chaotic and he was hoping she would be calm for this but we will have to see.

Raven Sandford-
Raven was watching everyone have fun while she was by the upper part of the stairs. "This is all for me, god i love having power like this." She thought to herself. She began walking down and saw a face she really didn't think she would see. Chikage was there and this really threw her through a loop. He seemed to have been acting strange though. "Why does he seem so much goofier than normal." This thought made her wonder if he was okay. The he did something she knew wasn't right. He started to talk to Pascal and they seemed to be getting along well. All of this just made it click. "Pablo!" She walks right up to the two and smiles which is not very normal for people to see. She writes in her note book. "Chi, honey I'm glad you were able to make it. I thought you would be out for the night." She wants to see how Pablo was going to respond she knew she could scare Pablo to cut it out but she figured it would be more fun to play with her food first.

Misa Tanaka-
His plan didn't sound to bad but also this was Malik, Misa figured he had some dumb plan to get it when she could just switch the cases while she was distracting him. She decided to just go with his plan and help where its need it. "Alright but first let me see the case." Without waiting for an answer she grabs the case opens it and takes a few chips and pockets them. "I'll be taking these if the plan doesn't work, well ill take them if they do work either way." She grabs the VIP Badge and starts walking towards the victim. "Hope you know what your doing Malik." She says with a little laugh.

Paige Lawson-
Paige hugs Silva after he was done talking. "Thank you Sil, you have no idea how much this means to me." Paige starts to cry a little which garners a worried look from Mercy. She lets go of Silva and wipes away her tears. "Okay, i need to go to the memorial you two have fun." Before she leaves completely she leans close to Silva. "If she gets hurt Uncle silly will be wondering where all his legs went." She gives a little smile and starts to walk to the memorial. Once there she sees Nionet and walks over to her sitting on one of the cushions closest to her. "How are you holding up Ni. I know today is as hard on you as it is for me." She gives a half hearted smile knowing this day will be rough for a lot of people.

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Joanna Finchum 2.jpg

Location: (South District) (Her brother's car) Parked in a back alley somewhere
Interacting: Ruthe
Wearing: Click - Black Beanie; Black Scarf/Mask; Oversized Hoodie; Oversized Cargo Pants; Combat Boots; Black Backpack


Joanna takes the blunt back from Ruthe after situating herself in the driver's seat of the car. Wake Up in the Sky by Bruno Mars, Gucci Mane, and Kodak Black bounces tunefully through the speakers now, sounding more mellow--almost ethereal--than it would if she were sober.

She sets her phone in the cup-holder to her right; its bottom is glazed with some sticky substance that she doesn't notice--then she questions curiously Ruthe's reason behind joining the Sable Serpents.

Like most, if not all, other members, Joanna imagines that it has something to do with money or some motive for revenge against another gang. Or maybe Ruthe is just one of those who's looking for a thrill in life, the Sable Serpents being a sure-fire way to assure that. Either way, she places the blunt between her lips and inhales. The red tip glows brighter, then when she pulls it away, it dulls again while a thicker stream of smoke rises from it and disappears into the blend of smoke already coating the air.

She listens to Ruthe's incentive, noticing the playfully sinister vibe on her words.

"After Grégoire is either dead-...or gone," Ruthe continues--Joanna looks at her, "I'm going to make this whole city my little bitch."

The idea of working under the reign of someone who considers their followers "little bitches" doesn't weigh lightly on Joanna's mind at first, but she decides not to overthink it and simply draws another puff of the blunt before handing it off.

"I made that vow as soon as I stepped into this gang, not a day I didn't intend on achieving it," Ruthe adds.

Their eyes meet--and, in that moment, something unsettling washes over Joanna, but she doesn't show it. Rather, she lets out a chuckle and begins inspecting her nails, "Well, I mean... Whatever you set your mind to, I guess. You've made it this far."

That's when Ruthe wonders the same as Joanna previously had, asking, "...why'd you join the Serpents?" and Joanna looks at her again, seeing how small the blunt has gotten in Ruthe's hand, and she answers on a bashful grin, "D'aah, my brother's a member... Josiah Finchum. I've followed him through everything, just about, 'cept for he dropped out of high school and I didn't."

"To be honest, though... I don't have hardly a plan for my future, so in a way I guess the gang suits me. I like to fight. I like the thrill... My purpose isn't exactly something worth etching in stone, but it's the only excuse I've found to keep moving."

In the midst of her speaking, her eyes flicker up at the rear-view mirror, and somewhere in the back of her mind she believes she saw something. Being stoned, she puts the idea aside, "I'm not the working type... No desk job or standing behind a counter, taking orders from random punks. I just-" Once again, in the case that her vision minds right by her, she sees a hint of motion through the rear-view, but this time she addresses it sharply, "Am I fucking trippin', dude?! I swear I'm seeing shit in the mirror... Like, I just saw someone walk by back there..."

Joanna turns in her seat with an arm over the shoulder of the chair, and she squints her eyes through the smoky screen and through the rear windshield.

First Rose First Rose

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Emelia Dawson.jpg

Location: (North District) The Mansion
Interacting: Pascal, Raven, Pablo
Wearing: Click - Brown Turtleneck Sweater; Gucci Belt; White Skinny Jeans; Brown Knee-high Boots; Bronze-tinted Sunglasses; Purse


"Morning, Ems," Dalton Ponce greets--a short fellow; bald at the head and covered in tribal-patterned tattoos. He approaches Emelia with two glasses of champagne and hands one to her, "How's your day been?"

"Oh, thank you," she takes the drink, "I was busy this morning, but that's about all."

He stands beside her in the foyer, nodding his head, not quite knowing what to say. Emelia does the same, looking around at the crown molding along the walls, the chandelier from the ceiling and such. She's not very close with Dalton; though, she's been on a few missions with him--none of great importance to say the least.

To excuse herself from the awkward interaction, she fakes a startled jump in the shoulders and pulls her phone from her back pocket, clicks on the screen, pretends to read a message, then hurriedly puts it away while saying, "Oh, that's my queue. I need to find Pascal. Sorry, Dalton! Thank you again for the drink."

Dalton waves her off, smiling, "It's no problem!"

She moves through the foyer and into a wide-open lounge that's occupied by several other Tigers. Two loveseats are centered in the room on an expensive oriental rug that matches that of the floor and walls--a glass coffee table is placed between them, set with an aloe vera plant and some drink coasters.

Some display cases containing ornate weaponry are off to the left and right of the lounge, and the room is decorated with paintings, plants, and different miscellaneous objects worthy of admiring.

Emelia moves around the sofas and exits the lounge through an archway, which takes her into the dining hall--a room big enough to qualify as a cafeteria. Sweet and savory aromas blend together in the air, gracing her nostrils pleasantly so, and her mouth begins to water as she overlooks the many dishes.

She thinks to grab a bite--the last time she ate was around ten this morning--but she quickly spots Chikage, Pascal, and Raven through her peripheral, and she remembers her initial goal for the day. Pascal...

Sill holding the stem of her glass, Emelia approaches the three but stays quiet for the time being. She's not one to interrupt others, so she waits patiently to be acknowledged.

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Malick Padovani.jpg

Location: (Rose District) The Lazyboy Casino, Heading to VIP - Click
Interacting: Misa
Wearing: Click - Formal Attire: Black Pants; Black Blazer; Black Long-sleeve Undershirt tucked into his pants


Malik sits idly by as Misa nabs a few chips from his earnings, tapping a finger on the table as he waits, casually viewing the gamblers and patrons about the casino.

She tucks them away in her pocket and says in a tone that makes him roll his eyes, "Hope you know what you're doing Malik," to which he bites back, "Yeah, 'cause you wouldn't, right?"

He gives her a wink before standing up and moving out from around the table, then he approaches her side and holds out an arm for her to latch onto.

A slim smirk graces his curvy lips, "Gotta look the part, you know?" Then, when she takes his arm, he starts for the VIP lounge.

A tall, strapping old man dressed in formal wear stops them at the curtains and asks for their passes. Malik hands him his. The man swipes the card and it beeps, then he returns it to Malik and swipes Misa's which also beeps, therefore granting them entry into the lounge.

"Go on in," the man allows--his nametag reads 'Morpheus'--and Malik nods, holding the curtain open for Misa to enter, afterward following in behind her.

Only a few people occupy the room. A group of three is nearby the entrance; a couple is making out in the center-most booth along the right wall; and a man by his lonesome sits in the very back. In front of him, the famed suitcase that brought them here in the first place.

Off to the left, Malik picks a booth that's further from the entrance but closer to the mystery man, then he takes a seat and immediately pressed the red button of a small remote sitting on the table. Above the button in small white letters, it reads: Press for service.

Shortly later, a beautiful woman enters the VIP lounge and visits their table.

"What can I do for you?" she asks, holding a pen and notepad.

"More than you think," Malik flirts--she blushes--then he orders, "I'd just like an Old Fashioned... And a, uh... Muh... I don't know, like a... Martini for the lady... Actually a water," he finally decides, having forgotten that Misa isn't of age to drink.

Once the lady is gone, Malik turns to Misa and nods his head in the direction of the "suitcase man". "That's him," he says even though he's already pointed him out once, "He's definitely waiting for someone... No one just sits around like that alone... Fuckin' loser."

Once his beverage is served, and Misa's water, Malik holds his breath and takes a hefty swig of the whiskey.

That's when the idea hits him, and he looks to Misa with a mischievous grin. Running a hand down his face to swipe away the smirk, he asks her, "What do you know about seducing a man?"

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Pascal Corbin

He had heard it all before from Pablo, except maybe the nickname. "P... Breezy...?" he repeated with a raised brow. He listened with a smirk as the kid tried to backtrack on the surprise he expressed and immediately perked up at the mention of exploring. "Hmm... I mean, I'm sure you have quite a few things you need to look after in your office, Chikage," he said with a grin. "And if you end up tearing the place up, well, no one can be mad at you since it's your office!" If Pablo wrecked the place, Pascal couldn't wait to see the fit the real Chikage would have after coming home. "Your office is-" Sadly, before he could direct the boy, the birthday girl came over.

Pascal had to hold in a groan, knowing there was no way in hell Raven would let any trouble come to her precious Chikage. He watched as she posed a question to Pablo in her notebook but figured the way he answered wouldn't be able to fool her. With how often Pascal had caught her ogling their Elder, he was she knew freckle on his skin and could see through Pablo's disguise because his nose was slightly less hooked than the real Chikage's or something. The blond figured he may as well just give her the birthday gift he had made and continue to enjoy the festivities.

"Nice to see you, Raven," he signed and addressed her casually. The formalities were reserved for brownnosing Chikage. "I brought you a gift." He handed her the plain box. Once she had opened it, he continued signing to explain, "it's a neural headset which reads your brainwaves and converts your thoughts into words. It transfers those words over electric frequencies to the speaker, which plays them as audio. Essentially, you can have someone out of the range of your Jinx hold the speaker and then 'think' your words directly to them. No more writing things down!"

In the midst of his signing, Pascal noticed another familiar face approach. It was the pink haired girl who had gotten into an altercation with one of the Revenants on Christmas, while he was talking with their Elder. Right... unless she forgot, she probably had some questions. "Hello, Emelia," he greeted. "How are you doing?"

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Erich Silva.jpg

Location: (East District) Coffee Shop
Interacting: Mercy
Wearing: Click - Reindeer Costume; Prosthetic Legs to match his costume; Tactical Pocket Vest; Waist holster and satchel


Silva lets Paige hug him; though, he doesn't hug her back, lest he allow Mercy to fall. He smiles beneath his mask and dismisses her appreciation with a bashful snicker, "D'ahahaaa~ Any'sing for a friend, chica!"

Paige then leans in toward him--much to his confusion--and she presses her lips close to his ear, which is covered by his headpiece, and she whispers in a sing-song voice, "If she gets hurt Uncle silly will be wondering where all his legs went."

At that, Silva blinks wide behind his goggles, pursing his hidden lips in deep consideration of the threat, but he's quick to take it lightly with a laugh. He swats the air with a hand, still holding onto Mercy's ankle with the other, "¡Qué terrorífico, chicaaaa!~ You make me laugh~!"

He shoves a thumbs-up into Paige's face, stating confidently, "No worries! Mi hermana pequeña will meet no harm as long as I'm in charge!"

He follows Paige off of the porch, balancing Mercy on his shoulders, then eventually breaks off and the two go their separate ways.

For the most part, Mercy is quiet--she seems tired; distracted. Silva's not the most emotionally understanding person, but he can tell, and it weighs on his heart. Stepping down the street, his metal feet leaving prints in the snow, he comes up to a coffee-shop and ducks through the doors so that Mercy doesn't hit her head. A tiny bell tied to a ribbon and hanging from a hook on the door lets out a jingle to notify employees of arriving customers.

"Welcome!" a peppy man greets, smiling brightly.

Silva furthers through the café, pulling Mercy off of his shoulders--he sets her down beside him upon reaching the counter; above it, a wide menu decorated in chalk swirls and flowers and whatnot.

"¡Buenas tardes, amigo~! Wut's the special today, yeh?"

Seeming familiar with Silva, the tender presses a hand to his own cheek, blushing somewhat, and he says, "Oh my gosh, it's a Chai Tea Latte with marshmallow whipped cream and cinnamon dolce sprinkling on top. They're calling it the Christmas Chai. You want to try it?"

Silva throws his wallet down on the counter, "Aye, you know me, mane. I take whatchu give," and the tender lets out a hearty laugh, taking it--and with it he executes the transaction after digging out Silva's debit card.

As he hands Silva his receipt, he shows a curious expression, asking, "Have you uploaded any new videos to your channel? I just saw the newest addition to your Building Dive collection, but I've had no internet for the last week, so I haven't been able to keep up with everything."

Silva chuckles, "Of course, amigo!" He takes the receipt and stuffs it in his pocket, then gestures toward his wallet and says in a low voice, "I mean to get a hot chocolaté for the young one."

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't even think. Hi there!" The tender starts another order, smiling and waving to little Mercy as he does. She waves back, forcing her lips to curl into some semblance of a smile back, but it's hard.

Silva reaches down and pats her on the head.

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Hector Moses - Pharaoh
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Hector notices Anita approach and winks at her after he's finished talking, while he waits for Snake's reply. He chooses to let Snake's side comments slide this time, too eager to hear people's plans for the evening to make a big deal out of it. He does, however, give her a brief, but a not-so-subtle warning look before she starts to speak again. Hector couldn't help but let out a small chuckle upon hearing who Snake would be working with today. He tries to quickly stifle it before his reply.

“Aren't you lucky, you get to go on a play date with Jin,” he says, a smug, if slightly pitying expression on his face.
“Well, you two have fun buying drugs or doing drugs or whatever the hell he has planned. I'm going to be busy driving my girl across the town.”
Hector pats the car behind him, nodding at Snake when she asks for cigarettes.
“I'll stop at the store. Pay me back, yeah? Got my own shit to pay for too, y'know?”
After finishing his brief conversation with Snake, he turns his attention to Anita, who he had not yet spoken to today beyond a wink, and says to her,
“So, you noticed the car? Gonna race her tonight, might drive her around beforehand. You up to anything today?”

While talking, he notices two figures of interest exit the hotel, Jin and Summer. Hector gives Jin a side-eye while he waits for Anita's answer, listening to him shout after Snake and continue on his way, not even stopping to speak to the Vice-Elder. Although not particularly enthused to have a conversation with Jin anyway, Hector was seething from the lack of acknowledgment. He made this clear, calling after him loudly,
"Hello. I texted you earlier. Don't fucking ignore me."
He focuses his attention back on Anita afterward, shaking his head at the perceived disrespect from Jin.


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Grégoire Tanaka “Grée”

Grée stalks around the gas station, glancing at the shelves as he passed by them. Nothing has caught his interest so far, boredom slowly creeping up his veins. As he passes by the junk food aisle, he raises a brow. He hums in thought, contemplating his choices. He gives a slight shrug and grabs a handful of sweet candy. He unwraps a jolly rancher and pops it into his mouth. Sweet and hard. Just how he likes it. He dumps all of the sweets on the counter, leaning his weight into it as well. He rests his chin on his palm, staring a hole into the cashier’s eyes. He activates his Jinx and says in a bored tone, “I’ve already paid for this.” Once he sees that the cashier has registered the thought into his mind, he gives a condescending close eyed smile and picks all his sweets back up, deactivating his Jinx. He doesn’t bother saying goodbye, why should he? This stranger is just a nobody like everybody else in this wretched world. What useless piles of trash.

He pockets his findings, and takes a look around. Oh, he was supposed to be doing something right? He finds it pathetic. Why should he listen to them? He’s Grée for gods sake, he shouldn’t have to obey anyone. Internally cursing out his higher ups, he takes out his phone and sends a text to his fellow Sable’s that will be accompanying him. A simple, ‘We’re doing a drug run, don’t be late, or you will be punished.’ He gives a slight chuckle at his text. It sounded dirty now that he reads it over. He gives a shrug and sends it anyway.


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Alistair Fletcher “Rabid Dog”

Tidying himself up to look more presentable then usual, he gives himself an approving nod. A smile creeps onto Alistair’s face. Finally! A party was in commence! And for once he didn’t have to go out of his way to find one himself. It came right to him. How lucky is he? He glances down at his lime colored glasses sitting on the counter. He won’t be needing those today, why the hell would he? With another stroke of his hair, he’s ready to go.

Driving in his car, he arrives at the Tiger’s mansion. He slips in through the front door, not wanting to cause much attention to himself. He is, after all, not the main attraction this time. He jogs over to the nearest cushion he could find, and drops himself into it, not very graciously. With a catlike stretch, his arms and legs spread, his head touching the floor, he feels content. He wouldn’t try anything just yet, not until there’s reckoning to be reckoned.


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Matsuda Russo “Ticco”

Feeling the wind blowing through his hair gave Matsuda a feeling of freedom. Letting out a joyous laugh, he jumped off of the stranger’s car roof, trying his best to do a flip in the air. He somehow manages to do it, but fails miserably at landing. He crashed into the ground, his shoulder and side taking the brunt of the fall. He grunts in agony, and rolls over into his back, staring up at the sky. Man, that was fun. He never gets tired of the look on these people’s faces at his dumb stunts. He pushes himself back up and onto his feet, having trouble along the way. As people pass by, they give him odd looks, him relishing in it.

He trots around the Rose District, stretching out his shoulders from the aching feeling he just received. He hums. Coffee and cheesecake sound real good right about now. He enters into the nearest cafe, and lounges inside one of their booths, already making himself at home. He glances around at the people already inside. Wow. How boring. It’s about time he changes that. With a wide grin, he gets back up and targets his vision on a couple sitting inside another booth. He plops himself beside one of them, and throws his arm over the girl’s shoulder, giving a nod to the man facing her. What he got in return was shock, then a scowl from the man. “Heyy! How’s it going guys? Couldn’t help but notice how drag it was in here. Figured I could help you two have some fun huh?

Five minutes later he exits the coffee shop, his totally not bruised at all eye throbbing from pain. He was just tryna get them to have some fun, and he got a black eye in return. How ungrateful. With a sigh, he continues on his way to find a different cafe to actually get some grub.

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Rosser Miller.jpg

Location: West District Airport, getting into a cab
Interacting: Brielle
Wearing: Click - Loose, White Tank-top; Grey Shorts; Red Nike Sneakers (x); Bling; Flat-bill Cap (x)


Boltius steps out onto the salted sidewalk, careless of the cold weather, as it does not--rather it can not--effect him through his Jinx. This is the reason he's always dressed for Summer.

Along the curb just outside the doors of the airport, several taxis are lined up in waiting for someone to hitch a ride. Boltius approaches one, Brielle's bag over his shoulder, and he knocks with a finger upon the passenger-side window, seemingly startling the driver inside.

He gives a snicker. Then, hearing the door unlock, he opens it and asks, "Uh, you mind popping the back-hatch for me?"

"No problem," the driver obliges, doing as asked. "Where are your clothes, boy?"

Boltius looks confused at first--he's used to wearing whatever he pleases, something he's sure a lot of people do given their Jinx--but after a moment's thought, he realizes the cause for such a question and tells the man, "I don't get cold, dawg. It's my Jinx."

The man seems to understand, as he doesn't ask anything more.

Putting Brielle's luggage away in the trunk, Boltius hops into the back seat of the cab, leaving the door open for Brielle to get in beside him.

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Albino Tiger's Mansion
Chikage's Appearance

Chikage's office? The grown man's eyes widened with a boy's wonder. "Yo...no cap?" He had to stop himself from beaming, it had been a while since he'd seen Chikage smile, and a week before even that. In turn, he didn't exactly get the teeth right, and "Rochii's" two front teeth had- quite the gap between them, one that was quite familiar in fact. "Man!- you know what he got in there?" Beginning to rapidly think of what he could get his hands-on. However, as a familiar face came into view, his thoughts halted, Raven. To be frank, he didn't believe he'd get this far without getting caught. Feeling himself getting nervous,- was he really pulling this off,- he stretched a hand down his scalp as he let out a nervous chuckle.

The "Gang leader" seemed to hesitate before he began to sign a few words, trying to remember what she'd taught him. Unfortunately, it wasn't much as his attention span and recognition was definitely something to reckon with.

I wanted to come back to grab some bread...

The disguised Pablo managed to push out with his spasmed hand motions. Though finally, after saying a few more phrases in sign that didn't at all make any sense, he gave up. The young lad then shook his head and said a simple phrase that he knew how to sign perfectly.

It's me Rae-Rae, Pablo! As if she didn't already know.

A bright smile upon his face as he did so, though as if to remember something, "Oh! Hol' up Rae-Rae! I got something for you!" He exclaimed as he pulled out his phone. A small little iPhone mini, small in Chikage's hands, pretty much fumbling with it as he simply tried to unlock it. Much different than holding it within his own small palms. Before going to his gallery, he typed a message out in his notes and showed her.

Spray painted on a wall down the street, just for you Rae, Happy Birthday!!


With that, he then went to his gallery, and showed her a picture of his creation. There was no doubt of what it was, a raven, its wings spread wide as it seemed to rise into the air as if to be summoned by a calling. It was painted with many different colors, though the clever Pablo had remembered a specific detail about Raven and had made most of it out of her favorite shades. It had took him all afternoon, but it was worth it, he loved to spray his cans empty.

Soon enough, Pascal then handed Raven a small box, and within, some kind of...mind reading thing? When was this a thing, part of him was offended that Pascal didn't let him test it, another part of him was eager and excited to see how it worked. "Woah!" The boy said surprised. "That is Doohohoohohohoope..." Though still making sure to keep his voice minuscule, he still wanted to the disguise to at least last long enough for him to get into Chikage's office.

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Omar Ayad - Sapphire Dragons - Jack

Location: East District, Omar Ayad apartment building

Interactions: None

Omar Ayad opened his eyes, he looked around for a moment then remembered that he thought to relax and accidentally took a nap on his sofa. Must be from all the late night prowling and trying to investigate these murders. This strange jigsaw puzzle is now haunting his dreams but the most worrisome thing about all this was...

Jack-o'-lantern: " You are starting to hear things. "

...That voice...Omar quickly looks around and survey his situation. Yes still on the sofa, in his own room nothing but his normal stuff and the various clippings and maps of where the deaths occurred and the various details sprawled on a make shift board showing small x marks on a larger map indicating the supposed sites, the chairs he had set around his apartment and the various locked doors to other parts of the apartment but no one else there. Omar Ayad shift his body so that he would be in a sitting position before letting out a sigh and placing his hands to cover his face before uttering out loud.

Omar Ayad: " Beware beware Jack-o'-lantern is coming. "

Omar Ayad thought to himself; Now focus on yourself imagine lowering your fear, calming your inner self and relax. Nothing out of the ordinary and you did imagined hearing another voice when there is no one around.

Jack-o'-lantern: " You know that never actually works right? Fear is the mind-killer...Between you and me, we both know your best talent is raising fear while the whole calming fear works better on other people and not yourself. We got something to talk about. "

Omar Ayad: " I'm losing my mind...is that what we need to talk about? "

Jack-o'-lantern: " Not really...more like your lack of sleep. I am going to say this once stop working for this day at least and actually focus on resting plus sleeping more than what you do now because one of these days you could end up in the grave due to the lack of sleep. It will do both of us some good. "

Omar Ayad: " Will that cause you to be more quiet? "

Jack-o'-lantern: " Not really but sleep deprivation causes deaths and I don't want you to die because of that. Now do something relaxing for once. "

Omar Ayad: " Okay I get the picture so you quit it and now shut up. "

Omar Ayad would then remove his hands from his face before looking around and deciding to just head to the park. Omar Ayad would get up from the sofa and make his way to one of the locked doors. Omar Ayad would then pull a small skeleton key and open the door before entering the room. Omar Ayad would first start gathering things that he would need. First off a duffel bag to put said things in it, the horseman pick, a small hand puppet, a book, a small circular tin with small bits of hard candy inside of it and finally a cellphone. Omar Ayad would then get a black hoodie from his closet and wears it. Omar Ayad would then shut the doors behind him and walk down the steps out of his apartment building. Omar Ayad makes his way to the park.

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Emelia Dawson.jpg

Location: (North District) The Mansion (Dining Hall)
Interacting: Pascal, Raven, Pablo
Wearing: Click - Brown Turtleneck Sweater; Gucci Belt; White Skinny Jeans; Brown Knee-high Boots; Bronze-tinted Sunglasses; Purse


Emelia stays quiet while Pascal describes the gift he'd bought for Raven.

A neural device that's capable of transmitting her brainwaves into audio through a speaker beyond the reach of her Jinx. Hearing it, she's impressed, and she feels more confident about the reason she's sought Pascal out in the first place.

Patiently, she continues to wait, absentmindedly staring at Chikage and noting his strange behavior.

That's when she recognizes... Pablo..., and a small smile graces her lips as she stifles a squeak of a snicker. How cute, she thinks--otherwise worried for what Chikage might do when he finds out he's being impersonated.

Perhaps she can calm him down when that time comes. Either that or Raven--whom Emelia glances toward briefly before her attention is taken by Pascal.

"Hello, Emelia," he greets her. "How are you doing?"

Emelia looks at the others, then back to Pascal, "I'm doing well... Thank you for asking- Listen, I was wondering if I could confide in your mechanical expertise for a moment? Do you mind... perhaps meeting me in the garden?"

Holding her champagne glass by its thin stem, she points with her spare thumb over her shoulder to the exit of the dining hall. There's a piercing gleam in her eyes--a hint of seriousness that her voice seems to lack--conveying, in some way, that there's another motive behind what she's willing to admit.

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Anita Boston.jpg

Location: (West District) (Revenants' Headquarters)
Interacting: Hector, Snake, Jin, Summer
Wearing: Click - Orange Jacket; Camo Cargo Pants; White Tennis Shoes; Orange-tinted Sunglasses; Bookbag


Seeing Hector's wink, Anita grins, rolling her eyes at the gesture while half listening to Snake as she goes on about some near-death experience, talking about Hector, then she proceeds with, "I was called ba'y Jin t' accompany him on 'ah drug exchange."

Hector pokes fun, “Aren't you lucky, you get to go on a play date with Jin," and Anita pulls her sunglasses back down over her eyes with a snicker, somewhat wishing she'd have been invited, but no matter. As a long-running member of the gang, she's had her fair share of missions; though, she would definitely love something to pass the time on this drab day.

Most of her school work is caught up and she won't be visiting her sister until Sunday, so for now she's an empty to-do list.

Snake and Hector are back and forth at each other--meanwhile, Anita catches eye of Jin and Summer approaching, and she nudges Snake with an elbow, mumbling, "Duty calls, love."

"An' you will beh out t'night, yes? Ah, pick meh up some cigarette's. I don't caya what kind. Eh, B & H if you see any," Snake asks, gesturing toward Anita and Hector, to which Anita shakes her head and raises her hands, "Giiirl, I'm broke as a virgin hooker, so don' look at me." A small laugh parts her lips at the simile.

Hector, however, obliges--then he turns to Anita, “So, you noticed the car?"

She nods, "Course."

"Gonna race her tonight, might drive her around beforehand. You up to anything today?” he asks.

Anita looks back at Brax--he's still shoveling snow--and she imagines that he won't be too interested in something so reckless. He's a bit of a worry-wart, avoiding chaos at all costs in such a way that people question his being a gangster. Although, he and Jin sure get along.

Looking back at Hector, Anita shrugs, "Of course again."

Jin nears the group. Summer is close behind him. Without missing a beat, he barks out, "Snake its time to go. We have to get there before it actually starts," but before Snake can respond, Hector snaps all of the sudden and bites out, "Hello. I texted you earlier. Don't fucking ignore me," at which Anita purses her lips with wide eyes. She stares at Jin, inspecting his features for a reaction of sorts.

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