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SRUNewman SRUNewman

Akimitsu Grossi

Akimitsu was ashamed when it appears that he is now on his own according to Raven's response to the note that was jotted down to him. Being irresponsible to the gang he is a part of isn't what he is expecting to see considering how absurd his behavior was and the outcome isn't pretty for him as a result. Besides, he is a rookie and a rookie can make mistakes.

Perhaps, cheering her up might be a way to loosen the anger for the two of them as he didn't want Raven to feel enraged because of him not obeying her orders sooner than expected. He doesn't want this to go on any further. He wrote a reply on the note and hoped for the best. He is starting to get a little irritated from this but not literally. He needs to remain as calm as he can handle. He doesn't want his ambition to climb through the ranks to be interrupted by his constant anger issues.

"I understand what you are feeling right now but we must stick together as a team. I may be a rookie but it doesn't mean that I am not capable of doing anything as a result of my behavior. There is still time for self-improvement but it may not be perfect for you. This time, we will get through this together. I just thought this might cheer you up a bit. Maybe not. Anyway, I'll meet you there. See you soon." He wrote.


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Katsura Kanna - Sapphire Dragons - Ace
East District - Sapphire Dragons HQ, Moving to Rose District
interactions: August August ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )
Mentions: Matsuda Russo ( Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed ), Boltius Beckmen, Emelia Dawson ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean ), Carter Renshaw ( FangS31 FangS31 ), Pascal Corbin ( Anne Boolean Anne Boolean )

Kanna simply nodded and smiled again in response to August's reply. She reached up, taking his hand and pulled herself to her feet, picking up her jacket as well. Slipping it on, she began walking to the exit, looking back at August.

"If we do run into trouble, we'll try not to stick around too long."

With that, she would lead August out of the temple and down the road towards the Central District.


As Kanna and August entered the Rose District, she looked around. A lot of people were here, going about enjoying the activities offered. No doubt there would be other gang members here. Kanna paused for a moment, thinking about where would the best place to start looking be. She knew that other gang members would be here. Whether it was for the same reason as Kanna or if they just wanted to enjoy the festival, she didnt know. Hopefully, regardless of why they're here, they wouldn't be bold enough to start a fight in public.

Kanna turned her eyes towards the central bazaar, noticing that a crowd was forming at the entrance. Some people were moving to try and get a better look inside. Curious.

Kanna looked over to August, nudging him with her elbow lightly.

"Stay close to me. Lets not attract attention to ourselves."

With that, Kanna began to walk to the bazaar. As she got closer to the crowd, she could hear people whispering among themselves.

"Whats going on?"

"Did you see that girl? There were two of her!"

"That guy has steam coming from his body...is he ok?"

Kanna tensed up lightly. None of those statements were good indicators. Kanna continued to slowly push through the crowd, reaching back to hold onto August's hand to make sure they weren't separated. Eventually, she got near the front of the crowd where she could see what exactly was going on. In the center were multiple persons of interest, two of which she immediately recognized. Matsuda and Boltius of the Revenants. Matsuda was their Ace, Boltius their jack. Kanna had seen them every so often before during organized fights, but never spoke to them. Across from the two was another pair, a pink-haied green-eyed lady and another male with light blonde hair. Off to the side was another male with brownish eyes, but it was hard to tell. The one off to the side looked he had just recently got here as well.

Kanna looked back to August, speaking in a hushed whisper.

"We'll wait here in the crowd, see if they say anything of interest. If not, we'll leave."
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First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum
[] Ruby Revenants - Senior []
[] Wearing:
Thick leggings underneath black jeans consisting of leather boots on the bottom. Long sleeved sweater laying inside cobalt blue Jean Jacket[]
[] East District => On way to West District []
Interactions: Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean (Being Trailed by Naila)


The walk back to the Central square was smoother than she thought prior, it seemed, most of the Sapphires were at the festival, or not consisting in the streets. A relief for Snake as the trip was actually one she could enjoy. The festival decorations and lights of the East were beautiful, she could admit to such, it reminded her of her own traditions that she used to have for the same holiday. Only, it was a lot warmer when she celebrated it, a disappointment it was to have to settle for 30 degree-below weather, but somehow, the snow that came during the month usually made up for the lack of bright sunshine and heat. Nonetheless, she wasn't helping herself by wearing a simple jacket, the weather tactical interior long-sleeve only did so much for her.

Time passed, and the female revenant knew that the current district didn't have much left to go at this point, so soon enough she'd be home free. Though as if to be on cue, it was only then that she noticed a faint shadow, one that seemed to be trailing her. Refraining from moving her head, but only her gaze, her eyes narrowed upon the shadow that walked behind her, how long has someone been following her? "Ag- seis..." She muttered the foreign phrase in frustration, perhaps she'd spoken too soon. No matter, this stranger had enough of their fun.

Leading the stranger down a more secluded route, the streets became less busy, less crowded; purposeful to gain little witnesses. When the time came, as soon as the woman behind her so much as blinked, Snake had vanished within thin air, or so it seemed. The female's forward visual no longer consisted of the woman she was following, although, after a long moment, a voice was heard from behind.

"Thought I smell'd the stench of rum-..." Upon glancing behind her form, Snake would be standing square with her hand in her pocket, the other lifted to the cigarette that she nonchalantly puffed; the other being her right hand, one in which was closest to her hidden blade. Snake's gaze was locked on the dragon with no such friendly expression, though to be fair, that was how she looked around just about everyone. Her accent was strong with every word, as if nearly 10 years in the US had shaved absolutely nothing off the fresh slab of the perfect Bantu cadence in her speech. "If des was ah attempt to off me, dehn let me juz say-" She blew a strand of hair out of the way of her face. "- is a ver'dy lousy ah'ttempt." Though something told her this wasn't exactly that. Sticking her chin in the air as she rolled her mitch-matched colored eyes up and down the woman's form. Snake couldn't say she didn't look familiar, the girl was a more notable member within the Sapphire Gang, she knew that much.

"If not, dehn you follow me-..." Her eyes narrowed then in more obvious skepticism, having no problem making the woman disappear if need be. "Why?" More of a demand that a question. Perhaps this woman had no motives to fight, she didn't exactly look to be in a viable state to do so anyway, seeing as the girl had a slightly disorient stance. However so, Snake wasn't one to underestimate.
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Omar Ayad - Sapphire Dragons - Jack
Location: East District, Sapphire Dragons HQ
Interactions : SRUNewman SRUNewman Paige Lawson and Mercy Lawson, Cracker Cracker Nionet Sinblade and Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Erich Deon Silva

Omar Ayad walked past some of the stores near the area of the temple. Seeing most of the stores are closed for Christmas while remembering the various favors he had to do as Jack-o'-lantern for most of these stores and that little sticker of Jack-o'-lantern pumpkin at the corner of the storefront window. He then wonders how he is going to do this talk with Elder Nionet Sinblade, people know that Omar Ayad is the nominated spokesperson for the neighborhood association and they know that the Jack-o'-lantern is a member of the Sapphire Dragons but not many people know that Omar Ayad and Jack-o'-lantern are the same person. Does he go in to the temple as a member of neighborhood association or does appear as the Jack-o'-lantern? While he is thinking about the options a little voice in his head asked him.

Jack-o'-lantern: "Shouldn't you be more worried about telling the Lawson family about what happened?"

Omar Ayad stopped a bit as he remembered the report of Mister Lawson and now wonders what he should say to Miss Lawson and the little one how he used to see them around ever so often and how he remembers seeing them come in during the local library story time sessions that Omar Ayad has helped out in the past few years. Then the little voice speaks up again.

Jack-o'-lantern: " It never gets easy. Telling a family that their beloved member is gone. I know it hurts being a messenger of death but we need to do this, its a responsibility that we cannot avoid."

Omar Ayad made a simple click with his tongue before muttering out loud.

Omar Ayad: " Seems like we are here... "

Omar Ayad had finished his walk while he busy deep in his thoughts of what to do and is now at the large courtyard of the temple. He sees the people around and all the various members of the Sapphire Dragons around. He then spots Paige Lawson and Mercy Lawson out from the groups of people. Omar Ayad then makes his way to Paige Lawson and Mercy Lawson before stopping just in front of them.

Omar Ayad: " Paige...Elder Nionet Sinblade needs to see us...It is adult business.... I'm going to head up so meet you there. "

Omar Ayad then slowly turned his back on them before slowly making his way to the temple all the while in his mind, he is trying to find the right words but it sounds wrong when he constructs the sentence in his head. While deep in thought, he climbed the stone stairs and entered the building before closing the door behind him. The Sapphire Dragons present were still mingling among themselves and joking around with each other. Omar Ayad is still deep in thought as he made his way to the stairs, the Sapphire Dragon members around were not paying much attention to him. He went up the flight of stairs to the second floor where the rooms for the Elder and Vice Elder were. He stood for a moment in front of Elder Nionet Sinblade room looking at the door before slowly opening his long sleeve shirt and pulling out his Jack-o'-lantern orange mask. He looks at the mask before putting it on and adjusting it again so he can see through the mask eye holes. He opened the door by pulling it towards him and sees Elder Nionet Sinblade and Vice Elder Erich Deon Silva. He slowly said out loud.

Omar Ayad: " I got a report for you to hear and it involves Paige Lawson."

He stares at them and begins to wonder if maybe they were doing something romantic and it felt like a lovey dovey aura. It started to make Omar Ayad feel awkward around them.

Omar Ayad: " Seems like you are umm busy. I'll go back to the first floor and come back in five minutes..."

Omar Ayad would then close the door before slowly turning around and was making his way towards the stairs. He stops in his tracks and then removes his mask again.
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Summer Reed - Ruby Revenants - Rookie
Interactions -
First Rose First Rose Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed (Conversation with Pit, spied on by Alistair)
Mentions - SRUNewman SRUNewman Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Anne Boolean Anne Boolean FangS31 FangS31 (Mention of the situation at the Bazaar)​


So many different questions and suspicions from such a short exchange, brawling for prominence. Pit had knowledge of what was going on, enough to ask her about it anyway, but he’d heard it was the Dragons being targeted? By the Revenants? The poor boy’s ears had been making an entire speech of their own and despite herself, Summer smiled. “Ah know the situation’s not the best, but ah’m glad you’re so understandin’. Long time since ah could speak this honestly. Surprised to hear about the Dragons though, since more than a few of ours have been put in the dirt recently.” She drank again, a bitter drink to match the bitterness seeping into her voice. “Ah know a few different fingers had been pointed from ours, personally ah’d been lookin’ at the Serpents, y’know? Rubies used to be on top, we’re weak, whole district’s strugglin’. Thought they were puttin’ in the moves to finish off their injured prey. Had really been boilin’ ma blood, actually.”

Had Pit’s nervousness only been a result of what she’d revealed? No. He’d said himself he’d lost his usual work, the only work that’d take him. She’d hesitated to recruit him because of her fondness for him, her worry it was predatory. Strangers from other gangs wouldn’t have had the same concerns. Strangers from the Dragons, she’d bet. The Rubies had been strictly ordered not to share the deaths and disappearances among their gang with others. She imagined the other gangs had the same rule, now that she knew at least the Dragons were also being targeted. The only way Pit would have heard about the situation . . .. “Pit, you’re uh, also working’ in the same field, right? No bother if ya are, the whole fightin’ side of things ain’t my concern when it don’ need to be. And if you’re trustin’ me not to be involved, which ah hope you are of course, then ah’m obviously gonna trust the same in you.” Another smile, lighting up her face like a ray of sunshine. Genuine, trusting, a little naive if any of her peers heard.

What did it mean that both the Rubies and Dragons were being targeted? Something for her higher-ups to ponder she figured and now would be about the time to check in on them. If it were more of a stranger, she’d be worried about leaving herself vulnerable near a rival gang member, but Pit had seemed concerned - not hostile. Maybe her fondness for animals biased her in interactions with a man who was at least 30% dog but she liked being able to cast aside suspicion and just trust other people. Others would believe that would get her killed. She prayed they were mistaken. “Listen, bud, gonna take a moment to check in through my familiars on some . . . colleagues. Like ah said, we’re being targeted too, so wanna make sure things are on the up-and-up. Afterwards, me and you are gonna need to hash out exactly what we’ve both heard, cause the Dragons bein’ targeted opens up a whole bag o’ worms ah’m not qualified to handle. Over a plate of hot food maybe?”

Without a lick of hesitation or suspicion, she blinked from her own vision to the raven following her Elder, who was sprinting through the Rose District not far from her current location, shit, what had she missed?! He was entering the Bazaar. The stranger from before was shouting into . . .. She blinked again, switching to the raven following her Jack. She groaned, what on Earth were they thinking, getting into an altercation in public during the current climate? Summer leapt to her feet , knocking over her cup, the last of it splashing over the side of the table. Her first instinct was to grab some napkins and try to clean it, the first instinct of a proprietor, not the best first instinct for a gang member. “Sorry, ah’ll get i- no no, no time. Sorry Pit, trouble brewin’ in the Bazaar, gotta dash!”

True to her word, Summer put her track experience to good use and began pelting her way to meet up with her superiors. Don’ needta escalate the situation. Jus’ gotta get close enough to directly control the ravens and run interference . . . take a minute to summon a wasp swarm maybe. God bless if I don’ end up needin’ to use ‘em.

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First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum
[] Sapphire Dragons - Rookie []
[] Wearing: See Reference []
[]Rose District => Cafe Nearby []
Interactions: [Open] jaelee jaelee | Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed (Speaking to a departing Summer whilst being spied on by Alistair)

To say the least, he was quite relieved Summer didn't take his words the wrong way, as the feeling of serenity once again began to radiate from her. It gladdened him, as her smile and solemn reply caused the thin black tail of his to wave from side to side for a moment. Only until of course, the conversation once again turned serious. With the incline of his head, it struck him that the Rubys had just as well suffered from a few losses. That was definitely odd, something he'd have to bring around to his gang leaders. The large hound responded in agreement. "I do not doubt it to be them, they have always been the most troublesome." A pause as he averted his gaze before looking back. "I do not know what to believe, just a few weeks ago, I could have sworn everyone was friends." A strong word to wield around in a city like Oasis. "Maybe they just took a vacation without telling anyone," He added, the straightening of his stature at that moment hinting his legitimate faith in such an ideal. Per usual, Pit was too optimistic for his own good.

Upon a simple glance to the window, he spotted the slight frantic hurry of civilians as some seemed to rush away from the central Bazaar, either that or they simply approached the square with caution, meaning it was nothing all too horrible-..a fight perhaps? But with who? Mid-thought, Summer had pushed forward an accusation of his now, current work. One in which was much too accurate than he initially liked. His mouth then held agape, it was disappointing how his ears betrayed him so as he quickly replied, "N-no..no...It's just that-" However his declined ears and shrugged shoulders told a different story. As would a guilty pooch after confronting them on who ate the rest of the batch of cookies. Pit had no lying skills whatsoever, better yet, he had yet to realize. Upon seeing Summer's golden smile although, "-uh..." A huff came out of his nose in defeat. "...yes." His eyes then downcast, ashamed to have to admit to giving up an actual promising dream to turn to a crooked life on the streets, and just as so to have lied to Summer in the first place. "I joined them not too long ago after a friend of mine suggested that they could be of aid."

Pit then once again regained himself, adjusting in the relatively small chair that he occupied. His mood slowly regaining jovial sense just as well; food had that kind effect on him. Pit nodded to her with a small toothy grin, and with a second more, her eyes snapped into the bird's eyes again. Slightly tilting his head in curiosity, he then wondered, could he see through the raven's eyes if he looked deep enough into hers? Wouldn't that be kind of cool, but alas, suddenly she was on her feet, causing him to nearly slam a claw-stretched hand onto the table. Hm, it seemed he'd been correct, there was something going on in the bazaar. Pit opened his mouth to tell her farewell, though she was already making her way out, only managing to give a single wave. He wondered if the predicament would consist of some of his own members, but he quickly then shook his head at the thought, his members were either in the East district or back at the headquarters, at least, those he knew of. Not to mention, he had sensed none of them in Rose district upon his first approach. Pit looked out the window once more before reaching for the pack of napkins at the table's center, beginning to clean up the mess Summer had spilled. To no one's surprise, the drink's aroma began to make him hungry.

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Nakazajo Chikage.jpg

Location: Eastside of the Rose District, Between a small cluster of buildings
Interacting: Luna Luskire, Kazo Avincen, Misa Tanaka, Grégoire Tanaka
Wearing: Click - Thick Fur-lined Coat, Baggy Sweater-vest, White Undershirt, Denim Jeans, Leather Boots


Chikage narrows his ruby visions on the stuffed cat, then down at the gift card in the box. Hands tighten around his knees and he hangs his head, disappointed and in complete denial that he just destroyed a game booth and a toy-store, then ditched his favorite coat as a distraction while running from the cops in thirty-degree weather--all for a ball of fucking cotton and the price of a hair-cut!?

His teeth crunch together, risking to shatter into hundreds of tiny pieces.

Luna notices the gift card, and she picks it up with a quip of excitement, "Hey, A $100 gift card!" until the recent events seem to re-register in her innocent little mind by her fading smile. "We should totally give it back," she says.

Chikage agrees, nodding, "Yeah. Yeah-Yeah, we should probably..."

He stands up off of the brick wall and straightens his back, rolling his shoulders before plucking the small card from Luna's slender fingers and dropping it back into the box from whence it came. He figures that they can return it to the location of the toy store in the next day or so, preferably while no one's around so as to avoid being recognized. Most likely the host of the 'Down A Santa' is an employee of the establishment that the booth was representing, so he'll be easy to contact with all of the strings Chikage holds.

"I'll have to cover for the repairs to the business- Maybe compensate the employee for the inconvenience..." Thinking about it elicits a sharp click of the tongue from the Elder.

Looks like he'll be hearing from his Grandfather soon; an all too unwelcoming reunion it will be--just as it always is.

Something from yonder then professedly catches Luna's concern, and she makes cautiously toward it. Chikage furrows his brow, following her quickly while advising that she, "Be careful..."

Together, they draw closer to a dumpster that's sitting just beside a break between two buildings, an alleyway in which Chikage suspects someone might be hiding. He chooses to stop, also halting Luna with a hand on her shoulder, at which point he calls out to the anonymous presence in a calm voice, "Are you going to hide forever?"

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Erich Silva.jpg

Location: (East District) (Headquarters) Outside of Nionet's Office
Interacting: Nionet Sinblade, Omar Ayad, (Paige Lawson)
Wearing: See his image - Biker jacket; Grey Hoodie; Black, Demin jeans: cut-off and tightly wrapped above the knees; White prosthetic legs


Nionet sighs softly, showing a tender smile, "It wouldn't feel right to refuse."

Like a shaken bottle of carbonated soda, Silva bursts into the air with excitement and pumps a fist at the ceiling, cheering loudly. "Ya-haha! ¡La suerte está conmigo esta noche!"

He lands in a squat, directing his pumping fist toward the ground, then runs in place for a full 360 while muttering under his breath, "¡Gracias por esta oportunidad!" After which he jumps to Nionet with a big hug and says, "We will be so much fun, amiga! Guarantee. On my life."

Suddenly, there is the sound of Nionet's office door creaking open, bringing Silva to turn around. It's Omar Ayad, most easily remembered by the pumpkin mask he so often wears--and to see him, Silva starts to smile, but it quickly turns into a more concerned expression behind his own mask when Omar speaks.

"I got a report for you to hear and it involves Paige Lawson," he says.

Silva looks to Nionet for her reaction, feeling somewhat bummed that she'll be taken away from him, but he also understands her role as the Elder of this gang, so he's willing to step aside and wait. It's jus' sooooo boring! Like... how many posts is'is going to take?

Seconds later, Omar takes an abrupt leave after stating that he'll be downstairs, leaving them alone, and Silva quickly rushes out of the room to catch him before he makes it too far.

"Na-na-na-now, waaaait un momento!" Silva stands before Omar with his hands on the guy's shoulders, hunkering slightly forward. "Amigo, anything you say to her, you can say to me!" Saying this, he means no harm--only fellowship; to let Omar know that he's an open ear, and also to establish his role as Vice Elder of the gang.

"I promise I won't judge! Uuuuunless you ate kielbasa for breakfast. My zodiac said some things... But I trust it... And you can trust me!"

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August August.jpg

Location: (Rose District)(Central Bazaar) Blended with a crowd
Interacting: Katsura Kanna, (Boltius Beckman), (Matsuda Russo), (Emelia Dawson), (Carter Renshaw), (Jin Masaka), (Pascal Corbin)
Wearing: Click - Dark-Teal, Oversized Fishmouth Hoodie; Baggy, Black Sweatpants; Tennis Shoes


The night draws near, inspiring a magnificent glow from the Central Bazaar that radiates throughout the Rose District. They follow concrete blocks beneath guiding lampposts until the empty streets grow crowded with grey, faceless civilians.

Their cheerful laughter and chatter morphs into a disturbing blend of sounds.

August faces the ground but keeps his calm by shutting the world out with his thoughts.

Laughter and chatter. Laughter and chatter.

His brows furrow; eyes flicker. Someone bumps into him, and he bumps into someone else, looking up to maintain stride with Kanna in front of him after mumbling an apology to the unknown person--though, they pay him no mind. He prefers it that way.

When Kanna slows to a stop, August reaches her side and stops as well. She nudges him, saying, "Stay close to me. Lets not attract attention to ourselves," and he wonders what has made her so suddenly cautions, having not heard the topic of surrounding chatter to know that something is going on.

"Uh, heard... Yeah, sure," he nods, looking around as he moves to put his hands in his pockets, but not before Kanna can take hold of one, with which she begins guiding him through a congregation of people who are all facing the same way.

August matches Kanna's pace and they eventually come to the end of the group. There, the focus of everyone's attention, stands the Jack, Ace, and Elder of the Ruby Revenants facing down three others, only one of which August recognizes to be "Miss Mirage" of the Albino Tigers.

He suspects that the guy beside Mirage is also an Albino Tiger, but he's not sure about the other.

Softly, August whispers to Kanna, "Whattaya think we ought t' do if sumthin' 'appens? Call Nionet? Silva?"

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Boltius Beckman.jpg

Location: (Rose District) Central Bazaar
Interacting: Matsuda Russo, Emelia Dawson, Carter Renshaw, Pascal Corbin, Jin Masaka, (August August), (Katsura Kanna)
Wearing: Click - See his image


“The fuck is wrong with you?" Carter shouts, taking a defensive stance against Boltius who yells back, "The fuck is wrong with you!?"

"Don't even try to make this shit about us, aight!" He gets closer to Carter, radiating a temperature so stifling that Emelia finds herself retreating--sweating even.

She reaches for her thigh, lifts her dress a tad, and retrieves one of her needles from a holster of five--a thin, black thing that's coated in a paralyzing agent--and she threatens to strike while Boltius isn't looking.

"You guys are always prying and sticking your noses where they don't belong, and this time you've gone too fuckin' far!" Boltius rears back. With a step forward, upon swinging for Carter, his fist bursts into flickering flames that quickly spread across the rest of his body.

In that same moment, Emelia aims for Boltius' neck and slings her needle. As it pierces his skin, there's a distinct tick of a sound, and he immediately reaches to touch it, rips it out, then turns to Emelia.

"What happened to not wanting to fight?" he asks angrily.

Emelia says nothing--rather, she looks at him with a feeling of sadness for his ways, but she somehow senses a sadness in him also. It makes her rethink the initial idea of Boltius Beckman being a bloodthirsty killer out to put Tigers in the ground.

Through her experience, he's always been a stand-up guy; a hype-man for his friends. Not to mention, a fair fighter.

She tells him then, "I'm just looking out for my friend. You would do the same."

"Fuck off with that bull-" A tingling sensation flushes through Boltius' arm, and moving it feels suddenly strange, "bullshit... What the... fuck did you do?" His arm falls limp at his side, becoming completely numb now, and the flames engulfing him seem to subside as he releases control of his Jinx.

"If you truly wish to fight, we can do so another time... Perhaps somewhere that's less populated."

Boltius stares at Emelia for a moment, then glances around the area at the people surrounding them--curious onlookers with their phones out to record the scene; children watching with their innocent gazes and wondering what's even going on.

He clicks his tongue. She's right.

That's when he decides to pull out his phone, locate his contacts, and toss the said device to Emelia. She catches it with two hands, showing a look of concern and bewilderment before Boltius tells her, "Your number."

At first, she is confused, but then it registers that he's looking to fight her in the future, so she types her alias in the spot where her name would normally go, then her number in the spot beneath it. Once finished, she saves the contact and tosses the phone back to Boltius, who catches it with his working hand.

"What's going on!?" a familiar voice sounds out.

Emelia turns around to find that Pascal has arrived on the scene--behind him, the Elder of the Ruby Revenants, Jin Masaka. She doesn't address such a thing immediately and simply states, "Just some drama, but nothing we couldn't work out."

Her eyes meet with those of Jin, and she offers a polite bow before gesturing toward Pascal and Carter, "I think it would be best to go our separate ways... For now."

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Kazo Avincen | Sable Serpents - Rookie | Location: South District | Interacting/Mentioned: Misa Tanaka, Nakazajo Chikage, Gregoire Tanaka | Outfit: Full Outfit

Misa's face went deathly pale when she recognized the Tigers across the street.

This earned a few questions from Kazo. He wondered if she had ever engaged in combat.

Her instinct to hide immediately upon seeing the Tigers vaguely implied that she avoided conflict, but it could be wrong.

In contrast to Misa's ghost-face, Kazo was completely calm and relaxed--that was until her sudden grip pulled him into the depths of darkness behind a dumpster. Confused, he had resisted her pull at first, but after he realized it was best to take their chances at remaining unnoticed, he went along with it. Besides, Kazo wasn't down to fight after all that running. Though it was dark and the thought seemed exciting, he was ready to go to bed.

"Cover us with darkness now, Kazo. I hope they didn't notice us."

Obeying her command, Kazo consumed the shadow of the dumpster, as well as his own, and joined them together. They stretched their limits further forward, where the umbra sat upon Kazo and Misa, darkening their figures to that of almost pitch black. Of course, a small outline of their bodies was visible in the face of the setting sun. It's last rays of light shone on them like a spotlight.

Tsk. Annoying.

Once they were hidden, Misa pulled out her phone and started typing.

Kazo knew instantly who she was messaging, for there was only one person he's ever seen her communicate openly with. That was Gree, her brother--also the very Elder of the Serpents. Though Kazo preferred to just call him "Misa's brother".

Shortly after, the notorious God (so he thinks) arrived with a lollipop in his hands. He tore the wrapper off the candy and plopped it into his mouth.

Kazo was eyeing the candy like he had just ran forty miles in a blazing desert and it was the only glass of water there was to drink.

“What’s up?” The Elder asked as he offered both of them a lollipop, which was very much appreciated by Kazo. “Always getting y'all selves into trouble, huh?”

Kazo didn't say anything. He only nodded and leaned back, enjoying the taste of the lollipop. It was cherry-flavored--bursting with sweetness, but with a hint of sourness in the mix. Yet, his moment with the candy ended when a disembodied voice called out, familiar to the ears. It was undoubtedly the box-interrogator, or, Chicken-Gay. Although, it wasn't hard to deny that the box was piquing Kazo's interest now.

What is in the box?

"Are you going to hide forever?"

Kazo sat still for a moment before inching his head around the dumpster, where he caught a glimpse of the voice's owner, then jerked his head back in hiding. All was done within a matter of seconds.

The man was unmistakably the Albino Tiger's Elder.

It was practically useless to continue hiding now. Their location was already known, and sitting there would only provide the Tiger's Elder with time for getting closer. He wasn't really one you'd want to face during close-combat--a Jinx like his, though, was dangerous in all positions of combat.

Kazo had a plan to prevent him from getting any closer: distraction.

Taking the joined shadows of himself and the dumpster, Kazo formed it into a large figure, standing at 7 feet tall, around three feet wide. It stepped creepily around the dumpster and stood before Chikage, sending a neutral wave.

Then, with a goofy dance, kicking its legs out one at a time, the shadow held out two teasing middle fingers.

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RpNation's local Neko and Quiplash Champion
Katsura Kanna - Sapphire Dragons - Ace
Rose District, Central Bazaar
Interactions: Emelia Dawson, August August ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )
Mentions: Matsuda Russo ( Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed ), Boltius Beckmen ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean ), Carter Renshaw ( FangS31 FangS31 ), Pascal Corbin ( Anne Boolean Anne Boolean ), Jin Masaka ( SRUNewman SRUNewman )

1604724903196.png Kanna was too focused on what was going in front of her to respond to August. She listened to the words exchanged between Boltius and the other two. By now, she had recognized 'Mirage' of the Albino Tigers, assuming that the other males with her was another member of the Tigers. The Elder of the Revenants had also shown, coming from the same direction as the third male. Members from all 4 gangs present in one area certainly spelled trouble if things were to go south. In a matter of seconds, however, Mirage was quick to paralyze Bolitus before he could strike. She continued to watch the exchange, averting her gaze slightly when Boltius looked into the crowd.

New thoughts were swimming about in Kanna's mind. Particularly, she was stuck on what Boltius had said. 'Don't even try to make this shit about us, aight! You guys are always prying and sticking your noses where they don't belong, and this time you've gone too fuckin' far!'

For whatever reason, it felt odd. It was only a hunch, but Kanna began to think that there was more to the Dragon's problem than just disappearing members.

What did he mean by going to far?

Kanna broke her train of thought just as Mirage tossed Boltius's phone back to him, who seemed to have calmed down now. She had to make a move now, or else it would be a while before another opportunity appeared.

Kanna looked at August, whispering to him again.

"Wait for me outside. I'll be just a minute."

Before August could protest or even say anything, Kanna gently pushed in back through the crowd towards the exit of the bazaar. She then turned towards Emelia, stepping out of the crowd. Kanna wasn't particularly worried about being seen in public. If anything, it would send a message to the other gangs that the Dragons were becoming more active outside of their district, which itself would be considered weird.

Kanna approached Emelia and the other males that were with her, lightly clearing her throat. She made no effort to introduce herself, since she had shown her face plenty of times at organized fights.

"Before you go. I have a favor to ask of you. I want to organize a meeting with your Elder. Would you be able to pass on my message? If necessary, I can provide contact information. Or perhaps, you know day when he'll be free."

Kanna spoke in a calm tone, her hands in her jacket pocket. With any luck, Mirage would be willing to help her out. If she refused, Kanna wouldn't insist and find another way to meet with the Elder of the Tigers. Normally, she would've gone back to Nionet and asked for guidance, or at the very least report what she had learned and then go from there. But Kanna doubted that she would get another chance to make contact with other gangs upfront.

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Naila Fong.jpg

Location: (East District) Heading for the Rose District
Interacting: Donelle "Snake" Bankole
Wearing: Click - Leather-wrapped Fur Bracers; Fur-lined, Wool Kimono Cardigan; Leather Haramaki; Grey Undershirt; Wool Sweatpants; Leather Shin-guards; Barefoot


Naila maintains her staggering saunter behind the silhouette, careless and unthinking of who it might be as she empties the rest of her bottle, afterwards flipping it upside down to watch as the last droplet falls to the concrete at her feet.

"Whoops, what a waste," she mumbles amusedly, wiping the wetness of rum from her lips. As of the holiday, her odd-jobs have been paying extra, so there's no use crying over a little loss. That, and banana rum isn't much her favorite drink, but she was feeling fruity for the festival and figured it would be nice for a change.

When she looks up again, continuing forward, the silhouette from before is gone, and she narrows her eyes. Strange... but okay?

Suddenly, the sensation of a warm presence behind her sends a wave of chills down her arms, and she freezes where she stands.

"Thought I smell'd the stench of rum-..." a voice drones out, thick with an accent unfamiliar to Naila... but she would be lying if she said she didn't like it.

Slowly, she turns around to face the stranger, listening with a smile as they go on about some suspicion of her trying to off them or something, but it being a lousy attempt, and Naila finds herself chuckling away.

She spits out amidst her laughter, "Me? Off you?"

Naila eyes the woman from top to bottom--though, it's not a judging gaze; noticeably so. "I mean, I have a few things in mind on the topic of getting offed, but I don't think they're what you're implying..." A brief pause allows for some time to let such a remark settle in, then she asks, "You in some dirty business? Thinkin' of, haven't I seen you someplace before?"

The colorful glow from the Rose District reflects in the woman's eyes, creating a mesmerizing galaxy effect, and Naila chooses to let herself to become momentarily lost in them. Dayum, girl. I thought I wasn't gettin' nothing' for Christmas.

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Maybe I want Happiness not Turds
Jin Masaka- Interaction: Matsuda Russo, Emelia Dawson, Carter Renshaw, Pascal Corbin, Boltius Beckman, Katsura Kanna
The commotion that Jin seemed to find himself in doesn't seem like what made the large noise but this was exactly where he needed to be. The whole scuffle between his Ace and Jack with members of the Tigers made his blood boil. He knew some people probably noticed him walk up with Pascal and may know he's a Tiger himself. Jin grabs onto his tonto ready to stop this fight but The Tiger Mirage seemed to end the fight pretty quickly. When it seems to have settled Boltius makes plans with the girl to fight another time. Jin has seen enough. He walks up to his two members and just stares at them for a moment. "Since you guys seem so excited tonight then maybe you can help me in the morning with paroling the district. Ill need to talk with you two about certain things later on. Get out of here before more people show up." Before turning around to the Tigers members he changes the look of his face to what most people think he looks like. "Well, Mirage that was a good use of equipment. I hope you don't take his anger to seriously." He's grin becomes more wild. "He's only looking out for the right interests." Jin turns and leaves giving Pascal a look basically saying "See you soon"

Raven Sandford- Interaction: Akimatsu, GeorgeTownRaja GeorgeTownRaja
Raven unfortunately reads the note, she really doesn't understand how this rookie thinks. "Meet you there, See you soon" Why would he meet her there when she is right here. She takes the pen back and starts writing something once again. "Rookie the only reason i said to meet at the Mansion was because you needed to meet me. The location is irrelevant. I'm right here so you aren't going anywhere. You are following me to look for information." She sighs hoping this rookie wasn't as dumb as she is thinking and will understand. "Ill make this easy. I'm leaving for the East District either you follow me now or you enjoy the night alone." With that she hands him the notepad waits a few seconds for him to read it and then assumes he knows what to do and starts running towards the East District. "He better be following me"

Misa Tanaka- Interaction: Kazo Avincen, Cracker Cracker , Grégoire Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed Mention: Chikage, Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean
She takes the lollipop from her brother and gives him an annoyed look. "Why are you always so freaking calm. Wait don't answer that. Just I'm not about to die because i accidently run into the Fucking Rage Ogre. I figured if this was going to be a fight you at least can pull you weight." She laughs a little being calmer now that her brother was around. He never really needed his Jinx to calm her down. He just did it naturally for her. Before any fight could happen Kazo makes a shadow monster as a distraction and flips off the Elder. "That might not have been a good idea Kaz." She looks to her brother on if he wants to fight or leave, knowing she will follow what he wants to do.

First Rose

First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum
[] Sapphire Dragons - Rookie []
[] Wearing: See Reference []
[] Rose District []
Interactions: [Open] (Spying on the Current Party Within the Rose District)
Finally taking his leave from the cafe not too long following Summer's departure, the large hound began to head back to the east district. After the Dragons had let him in, Pit was leased a place for himself not too far away from their HQ. Generous of them, as he had not at all expected such, with only a week's worth of casual initiative task, Pit had merely expected an old couch to occupy for a few nights; he was grateful. Before he continued on with his stride, the gathering of people and quick departure of others from the Rose District caught his attention. In curiosity, his feet pried themselves from the concrete sidewalk, and he turned into the direction of the small feud. Just a look couldn't hurt, not to mention, even if it was Gang related, he was fairly new to this business, despite being a familiar face around the streets of Oasis City, no one would, or should have any idea he had join the Dragons. Well of course, if Summer didn't go around spreading it. The doubtful feeling washed over him like fresh oil however, she wouldn't do such a thing, and that wasn't just optimism, but trust.

Once he got closer, the massive hound did not attempt to blend into the crowd, at least he realized it before attempting to do so. No, instead, Pit merely hid behind the slab of a building. It's angle managing to hide-most- of his bulky form. Not at all fully however. With an incline of his head behind the edge of the building, he peered toward the small gathering in the middle of the rose district. Though as quick as everything seemed to boil and brew with tension, the predicament then quickly simmered down, ending with the gang leader of the, Rubys he believed, backing down his men. Good, it would be unfortunate if someone got hurt; he didn't like to see people get hurt. A small scan over the crowd, hm, didn't Summer come this way..? He supposed not; and a part of him was thankful, thankful she wasn't close to something could so easily break out into chaos. He'd been in this city for a long time, he knew what the Gangs of Oasis City were capable of.

Before he decided to be on his way, a small scent tickled his nose, a faint, yet familiar one, which lead him to turn toward two other Dragons who remained opposite of his little hidng spot. One being urged to depart while the other walked over to the mix. In that instant, he didn't know what spiraled through him, why his gaze narrowed, why his grip on the wall flexed, and neither did he know why, but the mere fact that she resided within the same affiliation as he, made him want to be much closer to her as she approached the mix. To be there, just to make sure. The female, so calm and composed as she confronted the one who, what he could make out, was known as Emilia. Pit didn't even know the girl's name, yet he would act in a second's notice if anything even looked to turn south.

The massive mutt did not move, his ears attuned to their conversation as he watched the Ruby's leave, leaving just the few there. Though she was still outnumbered, 3-1, peaceful conversation or not, the loyal brute watched from afar, his stare more composed and curious than essentially belligerent. As soon as everything went back to normal, at least regarding his cohorts, he had scooby snacks to find within the East District's market.


Indesicive lightbulb

Grégoire Tanaka “Grée”

Letting out a loud mischievous laugh, he nods his head. How could he turn down a good ol fight? Against a strong elder nonetheless? He’d have thought Misa knew him better by now. Then again, maybe just a confrontation will do. He doesn’t want his sister hurt after all.

With a motion forward of his head, he signaled that he was going to show himself. With a grunt, he pushes all his weight into his feet from a crouched position, and jumps upright. He lands on his feet steadily, almost comically. This will depend on whether Chikage wants to fight him, or if his comrade does, either way, he wasn’t one to back down from fright. He puts a hand on his hip, and leans more of his weight on one foot. With the lollipop still in his mouth, he gives them a wave. He figured they already knew Kazo was with them since he showed his shadow, mocking them. Grée will have to compliment him on that recklessness later, he really admired that. It amused him.

He pops the sucker from his mouth and waves it around as he speaks, “What’s up, Ogre? Haven’t seen ya in a while. What happened?” He gives a dramatic, fake pout. Then immediately smiles right after. He notices the box, but decides not to bring it up, honestly not really caring all that much. “Visiting the back alleys as well? How our minds think alike huh?” He really enjoyed teasing someone he could easily piss off. After saying this he pops the lollipop right back into his mouth, crossing his arms in confidence.

Interactions- Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Cracker Cracker SRUNewman SRUNewman
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Omar Ayad - Sapphire Dragons - Jack
Location: East District, Sapphire Dragons HQ
Interactions: Cracker Cracker Nionet Sinblade and Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Erich Deon Silva

Mentions: SRUNewman SRUNewman Paige Lawson

Omar Ayad would first look at Vice Elder Erich Deon Silva before slowly putting on his mask and looking at the stairways before turning around to Vice Elder Erich Deon Silva.

Omar Ayad: "I thought you were going to get..... lucky, I think the term was... "

He stares back at the stairway before moving towards Vice Elder Erich Deon Silva.

Omar Ayad: "Seems like Paige Lawson is not coming.... Well at least I wouldn't be handling that heart breaking situation."

Omar Ayad would then make his way back into the Elder Nionet Sinblade room. As he walked into the room, he sees Elder Nionet Sinblade standing and Vice Elder Erich Deon Silva behind him as soon as he got into the room. He stares at Elder Nionet Sinblade before speaking.

Omar Ayad: " Sigh...first off Elder Nionet Sinblade and Vice Elder Erich Deon Silva I apologize for disturbing you while you were busy.... as for why this will involve Paige Lawson, its because I found out that the Sapphire Dragon that was killed...It was her husband.....I managed to make a contact within the forensic team and the contact provided me with forensic reports."

Omar Ayad would move his duffel bag in front of him and he slowly pulled the zipper before placing his hand inside to find the forensic report. He would find it after a few moments of shuffling in the duffel bag. He then handed it to Elder Nionet Sinblade.

Omar Ayad: " Based on the forensic reports that I have obtained from my contact within the forensic team. The bruises on Mister Lawson body were only aimed at the back and severity of the attack on Mister Lawson suggest that he was ambushed and unfortunately got bludgeoned to death....He never saw it coming and whoever it was or whoever they were, did not allow on Mister Lawson to get up or retaliate. The forensic report shows that the first strike was to the head precisely on the Occipital bone on the left side basically the lower left side of the skull on the back. According to some tests they ran, it was a metal bat that was used to make the strike and based on the angle and position; the first person who made the strike was declared right-handed however the next strike was made to the right shoulder blade and based on the tests, it indicates that it was also a metal bat and that positioning and angle suggests that it was a left handed person. Based on this I though we were dealing with a lone attacker however based on the frequency of the attacks to the back of the head, shoulders, lower back, arms and legs it is suggested that it was more than one person. I have to say that on Mister Lawson was attacked by multiple people. Given the method that was used, I also don't see how they could have left any piece of evidence unless it was intentional."

Omar Ayad would look at them before looking up at the ceiling and then back at the report. Omar Ayad took a few quick breaths then he continued.

Omar Ayad: " Basically we are dealing with a classic group ambush, where someone marks a target and then calls in a group to beat down and quite frankly kill their target. I'm still looking for the motive in all this but we can easily dismiss any gang marks or gang colors found at the scenes. This whole puzzle is missing a lot of pieces "

Omar Ayad would be readjusting his mask as he realized that one of the eye holes was tilted a bit to the left and preventing his eye from getting a good view. He readjusted it to get a clear view of Elder Nionet Sinblade.

Omar Ayad: " At the moment, I only have one other person that is linked to the Sapphire Dragons that has appeared in the morgue of the East District is....."

Omar Ayad would look at the second forensic report that is still in his hand before saying it out loud.

Omar Ayad: " Mister Jeong who was found in a pool of his own blood at a back alley. He had multiple stab wounds and the blood splatters found on the scene of the crime suggested that he was running from the initial attack site. Further autopsies and tests suggested he was stabbed in the stomach first and with the various stabs on the back suggested that after the initial attack, he managed to run away from whoever did the first strike but then the attacker used multiple knives to throw at Mister Jeong until his final resting place at the back alley. The puncture wounds suggest a fifteen centimeter blades. Basically that is the two members that died within our district, I intend to investigate the other districts to get information if other Sapphire Dragons died outside our district."

Omar Ayad would then stop talking for a bit and take another few breaths before returning his attention back to Elder Nionet Sinblade.

Omar Ayad: " That is more or less my report...I thought it was imperative to let you know....Sorry again for interrupting your free time. "
Carter Renshaw
Status Carter Renshaw | Albino Tigers Junior | Central Bazaar | Interactions: Emelia, Boltius - Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean . Mentioned: Jin - SRUNewman SRUNewman , Pascal - Anne Boolean Anne Boolean
Carter tries to keep his composure as Boltius took a step towards him, hoping he could stand the intense heat for long enough. He kept up a defensive position, taking another step back. The cool water was a small blessing, but even that was heating up from the stifling air around it.

“Don't even try to make this shit about us, aight!”
“Playing dumb, eh? Or do you really not know what y'all have done?” Carter continues to keep his cool with Boltius so close but knew he couldn't stand here having a conversation forever. “I could tank through and attack him, and then make some distance between us,” he started thinking. While Boltius was talking again, Carter drew back a bit more, to prepare to launch an attack afterward.

“You guys are always prying and sticking your noses where they don't belong, and this time you've gone too fuckin' far!”
Carter moves forward a bit after Boltius finished his last sentence, but Boltius was the one who went for an attack first. Carter braces himself as Boltius's fist came flying towards him, and held his arm in front of it.
The water softens the blow slightly and starts steaming as it comes into contact with Boltius's flaming fist, and then a second after that, it hits Carter's forearm. Pain shoots through his arm as he recoils from the punch.
He doesn't notice what made Boltius turn towards Emelia, but prepares to push through his pain and counter-attack, only to stop when Boltius's arm went limp. Carter realizes what Emelia did, and gives her a grateful smile. He shoots a dirty look at Boltius before leaving him to walk towards Emelia, holding his arm, which was now showing a burn from the attack.

Carter waits for Emelia to give Boltius her details before asking her, “Are you ok?” He closes his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath before looking at her again. “The fuck was their problem?” After asking his question, another voice shot up, and Carter turns his head to see Jin, and more surprisingly, Pascal. He listens carefully to Jin, glad that he didn't seem interested in continuing the fight. Carter did notice the look Jin gave to Pascal, however.
“When did they get here? You saw that look too, right?” Carter quietly asks Emelia, nodding in the direction of the two men.

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Emelia Dawson.jpg

Location: (Rose District) Central Bazaar
Interacting: Carter Renshaw, Boltius Beckman, Matsuda Russo, Jin Masaka, Pascal Corbin, Katsura Kanna, (August August), (Pit McClain)
Wearing: Click - Turtleneck Sweater Dress, Knee-high Boots, Stockings, Purse


The skin around her neck tightens and burns where Boltius touched, blistering above the charred collar of her turtleneck dress, and she can already hear Camaree scolding her as she works bacterial magic on her wounds. This brings her to mentally apologize in advance, Sorry, Squirt. However, she knows Camaree is an addict for helping others.

Jin Masaka, Elder of the Ruby Revenants, parts his grinning lips to speak, sounding amused, and Emelia swallows a lump of uneasiness.

"Well, Mirage, that was a good use of equipment. I hope you don't take his anger too seriously," he says, drawing only a nod in response from the pink-haired girl as she watches him depart with a look of unknown intentions toward Pascal--one she would otherwise interpret as friendly if not for their rivaling statuses.

Something tells her that all is not as it seems, and that she should keep an eye on the jinxless mechanic of the Albino Tigers--After all, if there's one person that hates Chikage more than anyone else, it's probably Pascal.

Tired, mentally exhausted, and itching with pain, Emelia drops onto the bench where she and Carter had met up, and a sigh bursts from her lungs.

She tells Carter, appreciative of his concern, "I'm okay... and I saw it, but not here... Not right now." Her hands tremble in her lap.

That's when Katsura Kanna of the Sapphire Dragons approaches her from the crowd, and Emelia's heart skips a beat. What would a Dragon possibly want from her, especially the Ace? When Kanna speaks, though, it all makes sense, and Emelia noticeably relaxes.

Kanna requests an audience with Chikage--for whatever reason, Emelia feels no need to question. "My Elder is a busy man. The nearest date that I can think of when he'll be free is the thirty-first of the month, so Monday. I'll let him know... that the Ace of the Sapphire Dragons wants to meet with him. Do you have a location in mind?"

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Akimitsu Grossi
Akimitsu read the note that Raven has given to him. He nodded without saying a word. What's best for him is to just follow Raven to the mansion until any further notice. Surprisingly, he and Raven are the only ones alone with Nakazajo and Pascal absent. He is slowly trying to fit in with her but things might work out for him in the meantime. He returned the pen and the note back to Raven while following her. He is struggling with his first objective already as he is not quite on top of the popularity ladder.

However, his first objective doesn't get in the way of following his dream and that dream will come with a reasonable price whether it is for the sake of his rowdiness or by being fairly upright. It all depends on his actions. If he were to take a taxi instead of following Raven to go somewhere important, then he would've made an idiotic mistake like last time when he mistook someone for belonging to a different gang even though he is a part of that gang until they reveal it to him. It is one of his common running gags but it isn't as dramatic as last time. On the bright side, he is working towards controlling his anger to gratify Nakazajo for it. He is just happy to collaborate with a fellow gang member. Raven, that is. He followed her just by walking behind her.

First Rose

First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum
[] Ruby Revenants - Senior []
[] Wearing:
Thick leggings underneath black jeans consisting of leather boots on the bottom. Long sleeved sweater laying inside cobalt blue Jean Jacket[]
[] East District => On way to West District []
Interactions: Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean (Being Trailed by Naila)


The fact that her words seemed to prove amusing to the girl, didn't push forward a positive reaction, in fact, it did just the opposite. Snake simply frowned in the opposite notion of a smirk as she slightly turned her head to the side. Almost as if to be disgusted by the words that were coming out of the drunk's mouth. The woman's chest rose and fell, playing on the gesture of a deep breath in annoyance. However, resisting the urge to chuckle, that was funny to say the least. Providing a quick rebuttal, "Ye'hs...You ah're correct, they are not." Her words laced with monotionial sarcasm as she spoke, as if to illustrate a mental eye roll. She hoped this was just the rum, for her sake.

This....vibe that she was getting from this girl, strange it was. Snake awkwardly rolled her shoulders as she watched the woman's eyes scan her figure, her sheer look of disinterest unmoving. That's when it came to her, Nelly-...Nally..? Nila? Snake was close, she knew so. The drunk of the Sapphire Dragons, well speak of the devil. Seeing as the girl appeared to mean no harm, Snake's stride presumed. Only but batting an eye to her as she passed by; it was only when she was a few paces from the woman that she turned to answer her question. Deciding to patch up a stream of falsehood, as if such info was her business anyway.

Snake exerted a casual shrug, "No..." Nonchalantly pursing her lips to side, "I am pretteh sure I would have remeba'hd, a fa'ece like yo'urs if so." The small adjective being but a minimal effort to seem amiable. Then hopefully conversation could be easily forgotten, no one needed to know that she was seen here.

For a moment, the girl looked to be lost in her thoughts, or rather, somewhere else. This reminded her of some of the reactions she'd gotten from some men, though a few words from her, and they instantly decided they were good. It was a mutual feeling if Snake was being frank. She'd never gotten this reaction from a woman before although, in turn, she was a little bemused. I mean..you do you I suppose.... Nonetheless, Snake expected her to gain the same disinterest as others did just the same.

With a small look toward the sky, Snake watched as the sun began to quickly make its descent behind the horizon. She was risking her livelihood with each passing moment remaining her, though good thing the central district was much closer now. She turned back to the girl, "It is getting late," she said. "You are e'ble to get home, or at least to ah ple'ace to, sober, for dah night, yes?" But an innocent question that held no real foster, especially for a member of the Sapphire Gang.
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Nakazajo Chikage.jpg

Location: Eastside of the Rose District, Between a small cluster of buildings
Interacting: Luna Luskire, Kazo Avincen, Misa Tanaka, Grégoire Tanaka
Wearing: Click - Thick Fur-lined Coat, Baggy Sweater-vest, White Undershirt, Denim Jeans, Leather Boots


Standing before a dancing shadow, Chikage is unamused--his eyes are lidded with apathy and his lips curl into an open-mouthed frown. Looking upon the thing, he reckons to have seen something like it before, but cannot muster a name nor face to mind.

Beneath the dying sun, where night has left its hiding, Chikage and Luna wait patiently at each other's sides, watching the dumpster for any movement or sign of others.

From a dark crack between the silhouettes of buildings, someone finally steps out--unexpected from that location, as Chikage's sure someone is behind the dumpster. Probably Luna, too.

The face is, at first, unrecognized to Chikage--shadowed and featureless without light--but the voice registers immediately.

Filthy Serpents... Just thinking the name triggers his nerves.

“What’s up, Ogre? Haven’t seen ya in a while. What happened?” Grégoire asks, amusement playing on his words, much to the annoyance of Chikage as he spits a sharp and hateful response, "Isn't it obvious? I'm staying the hell away from you."

“Visiting the back alleys as well? How our minds think alike huh?”

Chikage grumbles, "Our minds are so far from alike."

A vibration suddenly sweeps down Chikage's leg, and he quickly retrieves his phone from his pocket, clicks on the screen, and sees that he has a message from Emelia Dawson from earlier in the day. How he missed it is beyond him, worryingly so given that it seems she's in trouble.

Must have been when we were evading the cops.

A snicker then plays on Chikage's face in the form of a cheesy grin, and he looks at the Serpents' Elder, saying to him in the most patronizing way, "Oh, well, would you look at that. You know, I would just love to stick around and bash your brains in--since I'm sure that's why you're here because why else?--but it looks like I've got some business to attend to elsewhere. Don't worry, though, I'll kill you some other time."

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Summer Reed - Ruby Revenants - Rookie - Scene One Ender
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Summer parked herself round the corner from the Bazaar, panting more from panic as exertion, but much to her palpable relief her bird's eye view found the situation defused. She took a moment to recollect herself. Letting her emotions swing this wildly would make her a liability in the future. Calm. Determined. An untrained mutt is in wait of a muzzle or a mercy, a thought echoing in her father's tone. With the commotion ended, all the civilians that had been huddling begun to flood back through the streets, chatting excitably and already exaggerating the event in the retelling. She strode through them after the raven marking her fun-size elder, Jin, catching up with a polite smile. "Boss, not gonna steal much'a your time, busy as ya are. Jus' wanted ta ask for a word or two later this week. Stay safe."

After, Summer had the run of the town. Her superiors would be on edge following this and she didn't think the other gangs would be eager to provoke, so no need for her to keep too close an eye on them. She summoned a black cat to keep her company amid the crowded festival, returning to the café where she'd abandoned Pit. She apologised to the owner and bought another drink to go, and began perusing the actual attractions. One poor man's stall had been destroyed, along with the actual store behind it; another had caught fire after some kids had mishandled a bundle of fireworks. Otherwise, a nice day for most involved. The cat wrapped around her shoulders drew much attention from passers-by and her already fluffy sweater soon had a thick covering of black fur from all the scratches it received.

To her delight, she ran into some old neighbours who had moved to other districts following the West's disaster. They spoke and wandered and laughed till long after the sun had taken its leave, and then some more. A rumbling stomach demanded her return to the dilapidated and graffiti-covered hotel the Revenants called home, where she stuffed her face with leftovers from her meal the night before. A part of her considered calling in on a lover, maybe the tomboy-ish peer among the rookies, whittling away her stress with sweat and shared ecstasy. The thought would have to suffice, as sleep swept her away as soon as she laid head to pillow.


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Luna Luskire | Albino Tigers - Senior, Jack |Location: Rose (Central) District, near the North-Eastern side | Interacting/Mentioned: Nakazajo Chikage, Gregoire Tanaka | Outfit: Main outfit + Jacket

Luna stood behind Chikage patiently. Her hands were held before her, ready for some good ol' crystal generation if need be she defend herself.

She was fairly frightened at the shadow's appearance, though her fear shifted into provoked annoyance when the shadow raised its inappropriate, teasing gestures. She squinted her eyes and pursed her lips, unable to match the Jinx to a known name.

When the silhouette of a man stopped dancing, it stood back and blended in to the darkness of their surroundings.

The sun had set, and the only source of light left was the dim, bright blue haze glowing across the horizon, the spaced out streetlights, and the moon rising in the distance.

After the shadow stepped backwards, a man came forth from behind the dumpster. His laugh at the shadow's mockery was vaguely heard, which made Luna flinch. She was nervous to see an actual figure step out before them, a voice so familiar--it struck Luna nervous. She knew Chikage would most likely avoid a fight if she were around, but the Serpents were a dirty bunch. Who knows what they could've planned.

Luna remained silent throughout the spiteful conversation between the opposing Elders and watched out for any other Serpents.

Once Chikage dismissed themselves from conflict, Luna walked backwards, facing the Serpent as she moved away to make sure he didn't try anything.

Upon reaching the box, Luna knelt down and pulled the stuffed kitten from it, holding it with a gentle grip. Her love for it was almost scary...

She gave the gift card to Chikage before saying, ''Here, Chi. Give this back to that game-host--he needs it. She placed the toy beneath her arm by her side, and started to walk toward the North District.

"Oh, and..." She paused, turning around to face him again, "Thank you for winning this!" She held out the toy with a bright smile. It almost radiated a light of its own, "I see it as your gift to me, so I'll keep it."

With that, Luna walked back to the North District. Her original intent was to head back to the Tigers' mansion, but her Christmas spirit led her to her parent's house instead. It only seemed right to visit them for the holiday.

When she arrived at their house--a mini mansion in its own--her parents were delighted to see their daughter. It was the perfect timing, too, as they had just finished up their Christmas dinner.

Lying out on a white cloth across the dining table, a finely prepared feast was set. Luna felt her stomach growl, to which she chuckled.

After they ate, her parents offered for her to stay the night, and she couldn't say no. She didn't want to either, so she slept in her old bedroom, still decorated the same way it was during her childhood. Not a spec of dust could even be found, which was surprising to Luna. She figured the maid had kept it clean for her, since the two always had a platonic friendship.

Laying down on the fairy-themed bed, Luna felt a sense of nostalgia wash over her. It was weirdly comforting. Her old memories came flooding in like a wave crashing into a ocean-front restaurant, and she fell asleep peacefully, tightly hugging the Santa kitten toy.

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