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Doctor Llamabean

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Erich Silva.jpg

Location: (East District) (Headquarters) Nionet's Office
Interacting: Nionet Sinblade, Katsura Kanna, August August
Wearing: See his image


August covers his face with a hand at the Vice Elder's behavior, questioning how he earned such a position in the first place; though, based on the few times he's seen Silva in action, he can understand it.

When the door to Nionet's office is opened, Silva falls forward a tad but quickly catches himself to see Kanna's briefly startled expression.

"Ayyyyeee, chica! ¡Mucho tiempo sin verte!" Silva steps out of the way of Kanna, smiling widely beneath his mask to see her.

August looks up from his hand. He waves to her in return but stops when she addresses him directly to ask that he meet her downstairs. He nods, looking to Silva who shrugs, then back at Kanna to nod again.

As she takes her leave, Silva waves both of his hands excitedly in the air, calling out in his deep Mexican-Spanish accent, "See ya 'round, amiga!" Then he quickly back-steps into Nionet's office, followed by August poking his head in to ask if he can be dismissed since he doesn't possess any information regarding the recent killings.

Nionet gives him the go, and so he leaves.

Meanwhile, Silva rushes over to Nionet's desk--his metal feet clanking against the wooden floors--and he mounts it, careful of knocking something off, then crouches down in front of her. Cutely, he tilts his head and says tunefully, "Wha's poppin'? Don' mind me, jus' watchin'." He starts to bounce on his toes, pointing finger guns at the Elder and motioning them as if they're recoiling from being shot, "Heard yo verse, lemme top it. Pick a flow- Any flow- I'll mop it."

His voice grows louder, as does his enthusiasm, and his bouncing becomes more intense. "Aaaaye! Aaaaye! Aaaaye! Aaaaye!" Feeling himself now, Silva jumps backwards off of Nionet's desk and lands firmly on the floor, where he shows her an impressive twirl before executing the even more impressive crotch-grab-thrust, as done and trademarked by the famed Michael Jackson.

Michael's Jinx, you ask? Anti-gravity.

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FabulousTrash FabulousTrash (August is up next!)
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August August.jpg

Location: (East District) (Headquarters) Lounge
Interacting: Katsura Kanna
Wearing: Click - Dark-Teal, Oversized Fishmouth Hoodie; Baggy, Black Sweatpants; Tennis Shoes


After receiving dismissal from Nionet, August was quick to make his way to the first floor of the temple, where Kanna sat in wait for his company.

It's not often that she requests time with him, so he wonders what's up, and that's exactly what he intends to ask her before spotting her across the lounge. She's sitting with her legs crossed, arms relaxed at her sides, and her eyes closed--a sight that falls much appreciated on the young August. After all, she's the whole reason he joined the Sapphire Dragons in the first place.

Slowly, with a sweaty hand on the back of his neck and twitchy eyes, he approaches her serene-self, hoping not to disturb her.

Once he's close enough, he quietly sits down beside her--opposite of her jacket--and mimics her ways.

It's been three years and he still knows very little about her. Interested but not in-love, he's quick to notice her in a crowd, but even quicker to acknowledge her in an empty room. Apart from her physical beauties, the way she moves and talks and holds herself is everything--her subtle expressions and soft voice--and the way the air around her is always pleasant.

The corners of his mouth perk into a small smile, but still he says nothing and simply waits.

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Indesicive lightbulb
Matsuda Russo “Ticco”


Once he sees that Boltius has loosened up, he releases his grip on his tense shoulder. He swipes his hair back, and hums in thought. All of the gangs could be suspicious. But, he has most of his suspicions on The Albino Tigers. Those pompous asshats. Since they are number one, they couldn’t take the chance of The Ruby Revenants rising up once again. And they will rise again. It’s just a matter of time.

After a moment of silence he speaks up. “We should check out The Albino Tigers. Maybe they’re afraid of us rising up again, and killing us.” He gives a shrug. “That’s my conclusion anyway.” Once he gives his answer his nerves start building up again. What if he’s wrong? But he couldn’t be. Theres no way he’s wrong on this.

“But, if you’ve got another idea, let’s hear it. I wouldn’t want my recklessness to mess shit up.” He gives Boltius a toothy smile.

Interactions- Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean


Alistair Fletcher “Rabid Dog”

As Alistair casually takes out his phone, he can’t help but let out a disappointed sigh. Stay in pairs? Yeah, right. But, him feeling a tad rowdy, decides to go mess with some gang. Maybe their territory? That would be fun. Maybe his elder might get pissed.. that sexist little-... He taps the side of his head, still in thought.

He gives himself a small smile. He spots a big.. man dog? And a lady sitting at a cafe table. The pup looks like he’s having trouble fitting inside the seat. He chuckles at this. Well. This should be fun. They seemed interesting to say the least. He enters the cafe and takes a seat where he can watch them. He watches them out of the corner of his eye as he orders a black coffee.

Interactions/watching- jaelee jaelee First Rose First Rose


RpNation's local Neko and Quiplash Champion
Katsura Kanna - Sapphire Dragons - Ace
East District - Sapphire Dragons HQ
interactions/Mentions: August August ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )
It wasn't a long wait before Kanna could hear August approaching her. However, she didnt open her eyes. She didn't need to.

She listened as August sat himself down, sounding like it was next to her, then shifting around slightly. Kanna knew that August had an interest in her. Every time she had interacted with him in the past, she would notice slight twitches or signs of nervousness. She never pressed whether or not he indeed had a thing for her, since it seemed pretty clear.

Kanna took another breath, letting it out slowly before she opened one eye, looking over to where August was. She noticed that he was mimicking her, but said nothing. Instead, she smiled slightly, opening her other eye and turned her head to get a better look at August, tiling her head ever so slightly.

"I wanted to ask if you would like to come with me to the Central District for a bit, just to see if theres anything weird going on there."

Taking August with her was a bit risky, and she was aware of it. Kanna knew that he wasn't the best when it came to confrontation. However, she decided that they were only going to visit the Central District for now. Hopefully, they would be able to catch members of other gangs and with any luck, they'd be peaceful enough for a nice talk. However, should fighting occur, Kanna would be ready. In any case, she would simply stall and give August time to get out of danger, then sort herself out.

"We might run into other gang members, however. If you're uneasy about it, its fine. I'm not forcing you to go."

If August were to say no, Kanna would contact the Dragon's Jack, Omar. Though, knowing him, Omar was probably off doing his own thing. If she couldnt find anyone else, she would just go by herself and return when nighttime rolls around.
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Luna Luskire | Albino Tigers - Senior, Jack |Location: Rose (Central) District | Interacting/Mentioned: Nakazajo Chikage | Outfit: Main outfit + Jacket

Luna had embarrassed herself. Her sad attempt to hit the Santa was a complete and utter fail--a displayed lack of her skill in aim for all to see, and of all people to be amongst the small crowd, the very Elder was there to witness it.

Despite his high views of women, where his world consists of lovely female protagonists, but putrid male antagonists walking the same ground as them, Luna knew Chikage would never look down on her for this specific moment.

Of course, his pledge to never fight a woman and his instant desire to protect them whenever near harm, no matter what side they were on, was disappointing sometimes. Luna was already weak and she knew it, but being treated like it on a daily basis was even more insulting to her confidence.

She wasn't so embarrassed that she could cry, for Luna was too humble for that. Rather, what she felt was the cringe in her soul that she could honestly laugh at.

Right now, going back felt like she had just escaped a burning building but was returning to retrieve her favorite toy inside.

"Wha- Uh- What's the matter? You tried only once?" Chikage follows her away from the game, trying to understand. "It's- It's... It's only a festival activity, dear. In no way does it determine your value."

"I- I know!" Luna chuckled awkwardly.

Before she said anything else, Chikage gently grasped her hand and walked her back to the stand. She stumbled at first, unnoticed by the man, but quickly matched his pace.

When they stood before the game again, Luna stepped back as Chikage stepped forward. He prepared himself to play, popping his neck and removing his gloves.

Luna glimpsed at his mangled hand. It wasn't something she had never seen before, but the very image of it was interesting. It was hard not to look.

The man behind the counter handed Chikage the metal ball, in which he tossed it up and caught it back for whatever reason.

Luna smiled from behind him. She enjoyed seeing him partake in simple, unimportant activities, even though he hated them. It reminded her that he wasn't all "boss" this, "lady" that, and "kill that guy" cause he's a dude, and that he was just another human with a mind and heart of his own.

"Don't miss!" The game host teased, which brought Chikage to a harsh stop, still holding the ball.

A couple laughs were heard from the crowd, but Luna winced at the scene. She couldn't see his face, but knowing his personality, she could feel Chikage's rage building inside. Though, he remained composed and only again readied to throw the ball.

Luna started to become anxious for him to throw. The determination she had for the prize before was slowly coming back, and waiting for Chikage's attempt to hit it was building on to that desire.

The second time the host teased him, Chikage stopped again and dropped the ball before he launched it.

Luna bit her upper lip in response to her nervousness. She was worried for the host now, for that ball might be the last thing he ever sees.

Chikage bent down and picked up the ball, still controlled and calm on the outside. From the inside, though, Chikage was most likely a volcano on the verge of eruption.

The host went to say the same phrase again, but Chikage let out a booming roar over his voice and shot the ball from his hand like a bullet.

Luna squeezed her eyes shut, biting her knuckle. She knew it was coming. In fact, it was slightly relieving that the ball didn't go through the host's face. Instead, it busted the Santa on the top shelf, then continued through the tarp of the booth, shattering the window of the store behind the stand.

The crowd screamed in fright and took cover from the flying shards of glass.

Luna and Chikage remained in the same spot.

"Give the lady the prize." The Elder muttered to the host and pointed over his shoulder at Luna. "I'll pay for the repairs."

From there, Chikage strolled away from the stand as if nothing happened.

The host placed the box on the counter for Luna, to which she accepted instantly with joy and gave him a light smile. She thanked him, as well as apologized for Chikage's fury, but he remained shocked, saying nothing in reply. He only nodded.

Authorities patrolling the festival were starting to arrive at the scene, which made Luna's heart skip a beat. She jogged after Chikage who was barely ahead, the huge prize in her hands, rattling whatever was inside around.

"Authorities are here! We should go." She whisper-shouted to him.

Luna pointed to a small crack between two buildings that led into another large opening, located further east of the Rose District.

"Through there."

She quickly paced over to the alleyway, but kept calm so not to look suspicious. Most likely, the host of the game has described them and they will be easy to spot around here.

As soon as she approached the alleyway, she picked up the speed, expecting Chikage to do the same.

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Maybe I want Happiness not Turds
Jin Masaka- Interactions: Pascal Corbin ( Anne Boolean Anne Boolean )/ Mentions: Summer Reed jaelee jaelee
Pascals words cut him like a knife when talking about the dead. Jin knows what he said was crossing a line but he wanted to see what the Tiger would say. He thinks of the dead he has found and how it hurts him more then ever. Jin calms for a moment. "You make a point. Since I am dealing with a lot of deaths as well. I do apologize for the comment." Jin doesn't completely calm when hearing the name. The name doesn't really ring a bell which is a problem since Jin wont have any info on Pascal. Though Jin does feel that Pascal is telling mostly truths and that he may be someone with similar goals to Jin. He slightly breaks he façade, from less murderous to calm yet wary. He continues to walk more relaxed than before. "Ill say this Pascal, I'm impressed you thought to talk to an Elder of another gang so easily." He gives a half smile in recognition to Pascals bravery, at least he believes pascal seems brave since almost no-one outside of his gang knows he is against unnecessary fights. "Well, you and i share something in common at least. I also want these tragedies to end. Knowing That the Tigers are having similar issues has me thinking of different possibilities." Jin looks up and sees a raven over head. He silent takes note assuming Summer is doing what she does best. "Good job Summer." The Elder thinks approvingly to his Rookie thinking it is most likely her.

Misa Tanaka- Interactions: Kazo Avincen Cracker Cracker
Misa feels a tap on her shoulder but when she looks over she doesn't see anyone until she looks down. Not much of a surprise, Kazo is sitting down relaxing. The walk here most have made him tired. She's use to seeing him like this and know she's going to hear a lot of complaining since they are going to be looking around the Central District for anything suspicions. This means a lot more walking but she can easily persuade him with sweets from the other stalls. She takes off hear headphones to speak with her Rookie. "Kazo I know you going to be upset by this unless you already realize but we are going to be walking around this district for a while. Though if you complain less ill buy you what ever you want from the stalls." Within reason of price obviously." As soon as she says this She hears a loud noise what could sound like fighting. This is the last thing she wants but knows she is probably going to have to deal with it anyways. At least she isn't alone. "Well Kazo at least we don't have to search that long come on we need to check out what just happened." With that she grabs onto Kazo and starts heading towards the commotion.


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Nionet Sinblade | Sapphire Dragons - Elder | Location: East District (Sapphire Dragons HQ) | Interacting/Mentioned: Katsura Kanna, Erich Silva | Outfit: Main Outfit + Shoes + Hair Accessory (flower)

After Kanna made her exit, Nionet dismissed August from discussion, since he had no particular information of use.

Meanwhile, Erich slid into the room, walking backwards.

Nionet glanced up from the papers in her hands and tilted her head slightly to the right with furrowed brows, wondering what he was doing. She figured he was here to discuss the important matters at hand since it was scheduled, but knowing Erich, he probably forgot.

Before she managed a single word, the boy rushed over to her desk and jumped onto it.

Nionet flinched and dropped her papers, leaning backwards with wide, questioning eyes.

This was unexpected...

Silva crouched down and tilted his head before saying a tuneful rhyme, coated by his familiar Spanish accent, "Wha's poppin'? Don' mind me, jus' watchin'." He bounced to the inaudible beat, firing finger-guns at Nionet, "Heard yo verse, lemme top it. Pick a flow- Any flow- I'll mop it."

"Aaaaye! Aaaaye! Aaaaye! Aaaaye!" As he got louder and bounced with increasing vigor, Nionet remained seated and watched him.

She was smiling beneath her mask, but it wasn't visible. All there was to see of her expression was a single furrowed brow and concerned eyes. It was an interesting experience, contrasting from the rest of what she's seen today.

If it were anyone else doing this, Nionet would've stopped them and questioned their current well-being and mental health. But because it was Silva, Nionet wasn't too concerned, and all she did was watch in amusement.

Silva jumped backwards off of the desk and twirled, topping it all off by imitating a famous move of Michael Jackson's--the crotch grab.

"Erich..." Nionet slid her mask down around her neck, revealing her small smile--still holding a questioning stare, "I don't know how to respond. I- I mean, are you here for the scheduled discussion about the kidnappings and murders?" She asked with a more serious tone, her smile fading quickly as she recalled the situation.

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Rosser Miller.jpg

Location: (Rose District) Central Bazaar
Interacting: Matsuda Russo, Emelia Dawson, Carter Renshaw
Wearing: Click - See his image


Boltius laughs at Matsuda, "Those pussies are always sticking their noses where they don't belong." He casually moves forward, stepping to his own beat--hands in his pockets, back straight, chest puffed out. The man's a whole snack in the eyes of a woman looking for the typical "bad boy".

In one motion, he pulls his hands out and turns to face Matsuda, walking backwards now as he puts up two rock-sign salutes and shakes them lightly. He grins something cheesy and says, "I say we get reckless," before playfully biting his bottom lip and turning back around, mostly joking.

Orange eyes lock with the bright greens of a pink-haired girl through the moving crowd--beside her, a less colorful character.

Boltius recognizes the girl, which brings about a hearty chuckle from him as he continues moving forward.

"Speak of the devils," he declares. Vapor rises from his skin, whipping in the cold air, and heat radiates now from his body. The girl ahead averts her gaze and Boltius' smile grows marginally, earning him a few glances from passing civilians, some of which appear concerned by the wild look in his eyes.

Seconds later, he stands before Emelia Dawson of the Albino Tigers, paying hardly a mind to her no-name friend--though, he hasn't ruled out the idea that he's just another low-life member of the Tigers.

Emelia stares up at Boltius for a quiet moment, then Boltius laughs and asks her, "What'samatter? Cat gotcha tongue?"

He motions around the area at the array of activities and lights and people before adding, "Ain't nothin' t' be worried about, y'know. I'm not the type to go around attacking random people... if that's what you're thinkin'."

When he says this, Emelia's eyes widen with shock--and Boltius thinks to himself: Gotcha, bitch... But in that exact moment, based on her reaction, an uncontrollable rage swells within him for his lost friends, and he burns even hotter. Before he can think to calm down, he lurches forward and grabs Emelia by the throat, growling out a pained interrogation, "Fucking why!?"

Emelia Dawson.jpg

Location: Central Bazaar (Rose District)
Interacting: Carter Renshaw, Boltius Beckman, Matsuda Russo
Wearing: Click - Turtleneck Sweater Dress, Knee-high Boots, Stockings, Purse


Emelia nods sharply, "Yeah, the ginger."

She takes her phone from her purse per Carter's question and types a hasty message to Chikage that's short and to the point. It reads:"Ace and Jack Ruby Revenants. Central Bazaar. Quick." Then she puts the device away.

Looking up, Boltius Beckman stands just before her--within arm's reach--and her heart races. No longer does the cold weather chill her spine--rather, sweat has already begun building up along her hairline from the waves of heat radiating from the Revenant.

She says nothing, afraid of provoking him, but he has other plans.

"What'samatter? Cat gotcha tongue?" he asks her. Still, she stays quiet, flinching slightly when he moves to motion around the area.

That's when he says something shocking, and she thinks to herself: It's them!

After all, why would he even bring something like that up? How does he even know that their members are being randomly attacked? Only the most recent death of an Albino Tiger has been reported on the news--and that's without detailing the evidence at the crime scene, as all of the deaths have been discovered by other members of the gang before authorities could do anything about them.

So how else would he know unless he's directly involved!?

When Boltius lurches forward to take Emelia by the throat, she sends out a mirage of herself to the left and quickly transfers to it--but not before Boltius could reach her. To feel the fiery hotness of his hand in that split second before she tranfered, tears swell in her eyes, and she gasps for breath while clutching her neck with both hands. Her mirage vanishes then, and she says in a shaky voice, "We're not trying to fight, so please."

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Nakazajo Chikage.jpg

Location: Eastside of the Rose District, (Outside of a liquor store)
Interacting: Luna Luskire
Wearing: Click - Thick Fur-lined Coat, Baggy Sweater-vest, White Undershirt, Denim Jeans, Leather Boots


Chikage huffs and puffs and hunkers away from the scene of fearful civilians, grumbling under his breath with an annoyed bite in his tone, "Don't fucking miss, my ass. I'll fucking miss. I'll miss, alright. I'll miss and fucking pommel you in the face with your stupid ass ball."

His nostrils flare, upper lip curled to its maximum. If he was made of cartoon physics, his face would be glowing red with cloudy smoke fuming from his ears.

Just then, Luna catches up to him. The rattling of her prize box catches Chikage's attention, and he seems to calm.

"Authorities are here! We should go," she warns in a loud whisper.

Straightening up, Chikage's pace accelerates. He heeds Luna's directions and makes for the nearest alleyway without ever looking back. As he slips through the crack between the two buildings, he hears what he assumes is an officer in pursuit yelling for him to halt.

How preposterous.

Chikage passes ahead of Luna and takes her by the hand without thinking, widening his strides as he picks up speed and begins weaving through the crowd until able to slip into another alleyway.

When finally it seems like they've lost the officer, or however many were following them, another one turns the corner and draws near. At this point, Chikage just hoists Luna over his shoulder and takes off in a full sprint through the concrete gulley.

Ungrateful, pathetic, plebian! I said I'd pay for repairs!

Fast forward five minutes and Chikage stands beside Luna with his back against the brick wall of an Eastside Liquor Store--hanging upon its glass, gated doors, a glowing signs that flickers 'CLOSED' in bright red.

He speaks through deep breaths, "I think... I think we've lost them."

Looking at him, his fur-lined coat is no longer present, as he used it to fool their pursuers into thinking they took a turn that they, indeed, did not.

"What's..." Chikage leans forward on his knees. "What's in the box?" he asks, pointing to the thing in Luna's hands.

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Doctor Llamabean

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Erich Silva.jpg

Location: (East District) (Headquarters) Nionet's Office
Interacting: Nionet Sinblade
Wearing: See his image


"Erich..." Nionet drops her mask, piquing Silva's noticeable interest by the wrinkles on his forehead, as caused by the perk of his hidden eyebrows.

"I don't know how to respond. I- I mean, are you here for the scheduled discussion about the kidnappings and murders?"

Silva brushes her off and says, "Ai-ai-ai, chica~ You know I don't be broodin'... and neither should you."

Silva approaches Nionet's desk and steps around it to get closer to her, where he sits against it with his arms crossed and looks upon Nionet with soft eyes--though, she cannot see them.

"I'm here to take you out. You been sittin' 'n workin' n' doin' all that stuff that's so borin'--Like, maaan, if I was you, I'd be soooo booooored!"

Saying this, Silva throws his head back in faux agony to emphasize his expression, then he stands properly on his metal feet and pulls Nionet up from her chair, leading her out from around her table and to the open space of her office.

"A lovely gal like you should be out on tha holiday! Is Chris'mas!... Though, I don' celebrate Chris'mas... But it's Chris'mas!" A bright smile beams through his mask as he holds the Elder's hand and tosses her out before spinning her back toward him, all so he can dip her like a crispy chip in a warm bowl of homemade salsa.

For a moment, he holds her there. He admires her, reaching for her bangs with his spare hand so that he can move them from her face, after which he stands her back up and steps away like nothing happened. Jumping up and landing with a wide stance, holding his arms out, he asks in an excited tone of voice, "Aha-heeey?! Whatcha say, chica!? Wanna go?"

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Kazo Avincen | Sable Serpents - Rookie | Location: South District | Interacting/Mentioned: Misa Tanaka | Outfit: Full Outfit

Misa turns around in search of the "shoulder-tapper", glancing down to see Kazo, who is sat on the icy concrete, entirely relaxed. She removes her headphones from her ears and her music is barely heard, which catches Kazo's full attention.

She speaks up, "Kazo, I know you're going to be upset by this, unless you already realize, but we are going to be walking around this district for a while.

Kazo groaned in annoyance, already exhausted by the mention of walking.

She continued, Though, if you complain less I'll buy you what ever you want from the stalls." Adding one last note,"Within reason of price, obviously."

This earned her a pleased look from Kazo. Despite his eyes being covered by the orange-rimmed sunglasses with purple lenses, his expression of comical rumination was still noticeable. The idea of receiving free sweets and drinks seemed like a reasonable deal. He stood up from the ground and dusted the snow from his bottom.

A quiet crash was heard from within the Rose District, followed by distant screams, which caught the pair off guard. Naturally, the first thought that came to their minds was that a had fight broke out.

"Well Kazo, at least we don't have to search that long." Misa says, "Come on, we need to check out what just happened."

With that said, she grabbed Kazo and pulled him along the streets toward the source of the sound.

Kazo found himself holding her back, but he did his best to keep up. As much as he wanted to shove her off and fall asleep right there, he was still curious about what happened.

Recently, according to the rumors, a few members of the Serpents have been kidnapped and/or killed, which has stirred up tension with the other gangs. Evidence points to the Tigers, which made sense after the many years of hatred between them and the Serpents.

Kazo was only apart of the gang to find who killed his brother, with no real intention on getting involved in the gangs' rivalries. Though, the majority of his time as a member has been interesting, but he has yet to fight. In fact, he's never really engaged in a fight at all during his lifetime.

There may have been one moment which he tried to choke the Vice Elder with her own shadow for stealing his chocolate. That earned him serious punishment...

He shuttered as he remembered that horrible day.

Noticing that the sky was darkening, Kazo smiled. The night was a time in which he felt alive--his energy would boost significantly, and his advantage in the darkness was quite exciting. The thought of it gave him chills. Shadows come in greater amounts during the night, which meant more power and less jumping from shadow to shadow.

Upon reaching where the commotion was heard, there was a crowd of people around the scene. Authorities flooded the place, asking people various questions, unable to be heard from where he and Misa stood. Attempting to get through this unnoticed would be tough. Kazo thought of another way around it--literally.

"We could go around, ya' know?" He stated simply, a pant in his breath from their run, "Or just sit down and chill. No? Okay." At least he tried.

"We run through the east side and get around the crowd unnoticed by the po-po." He said to Misa, "But you owe me hardcore, Boom. I'm talkin' a large coffee and a bucket o' chocolate.

From there, Kazo hadn't noticed that he took the lead, now dragging Misa along with him. They ran around the buildings surrounding the festival, nearing the north-eastern side of the city's center.
Rounding a tall, apartment building, Kazo stopped, Misa still in his grasp. He collapsed onto the ground, exhausted.

"Shit!" He gasped for breath, "Sorry, Boom. I'm gave out."

He closed his eyes, but reopened them as he heard a voice further down the street, "What's in the box?"

"Hah?" Kazo looked towards the direction of the voice, "Box? Wha'?"

He recognized the face of the pair standing against the wall of the liqueur store, and turned to Misa, "Ay, isn't that the uh-" He paused in an effort to remember the name, snapping his fingers as if it's going to aid the process, The uh... that ogre dude, Chicken- Chicken-Gay? Ya' know, guy who tells the white kitties what to do."

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August August.jpg

Location: (East District) (Headquarters) Lounge
Interacting: Katsura Kanna
Wearing: Click - Dark-Teal, Oversized Fishmouth Hoodie; Baggy, Black Sweatpants; Tennis Shoes


August opens one eye when Kanna speaks up, then the other as he meets her gaze with a small smirk.

Accompanying her to the Rose District is a simple enough request that he offers a near immediate nod, saying, "Yeh, no biggie," in his signature Australian accent as he stands slowly to his feet.

He steps in front of her and holds out a hand, "I wasn't plannin' much on lingerin' aroun' the festival, but I haven't much else t' do, so..." He shrugs a bit, averting his gaze. "Might as well, yeh."

Festivals aren't much his thing because of the large crowds and rowdiness, but neither was the idea of joining a gang--and he did that. Besides, what's one night out of the year at a place opposed to his interests when that night is with a person as pleasant to be around as Kanna?

"I'm also not a coward," he adds lightly, meaning no offense by what she said about the other gangs.

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Summer Reed - Ruby Revenants - Rookie
Interactions - First Rose First Rose (Pit, in conversation), Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed (Alistair, being sneaky nearby)

Summer gave a sympathetic smile as Pit shared his own employment-related woes but was interrupted from providing reassurance when his head turned with curiosity and he asked a question she wished had remained unspoken. As he licked the remnants of his meal from his hand, she chewed her bottom lip and felt the sharp cold drift off her, replaced by the flush warmth of embarrassment and the numbing emptiness of anxiety. “Ah, well, you see-” Truth or lie, Summer? Deception ain’t ya strong suit, but honesty in this situation?

An idea formed out of her mix of sympathy and anxiety, swirling together into something brighter, like oil with water. She’d come to this place in an effort to protect herself and was sitting with a friend, a very muscular friend. When she’d lost her employment she’d found a place and purpose with the Revenants, even if they were more of a tool to an end when she first joined. Pit was an energetic sort, he’d fit right in with the rowdier elements of her gang. Which was most of the elements of her gang, truth be told. She doubted he’d face any discrimination from them, they’d accept anyone who could pull their weight … . However, if she was remembering correctly, his goal had been to become a man of the law. A gang member was a complete 180 from that dream. Would it be, well, predatory to use a man’s inability to find work due to discrimination to offer him criminal work in a gang? A gang currently being targeted? Even if he’s a friend you want to help?

“Truth is, bud, it’s not really safe in the West District for me on ma lonesome at the moment, so I like the big crowds here. Reminds me of times past and all.” I won’t make the offer, but a little truth here won’t hurt. Might not want to broadcast that little truth to the entire cafe though. She leaned in on her elbows and picked up the coffee sat before her. When she spoke again, her voice was quieter. Quieter than Pit or most others would have ever heard it from a woman usually so forward and loud. “I’ve actually been working with the, eh, Rubies, y’know? Authorities were draggin’ their feet a little too much on the relief efforts for ma likin’.” Summer brought her drink to her lips and leant back again, hoping to God she’d swallow her apprehension with the bitter hot warming her core.


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Akimitsu Grossi
As soon as Akimitsu was ready to leave, someone has placed a note on his face without a glance. The note in question is from Raven. He has also been given a pen to write a response to her. Could it be that she is both mute and deaf? Who knows. He wasn't intrigued for this to happen but it was his fault that he was busy all this time. What's more important is that he must keep his objective in mind before things could get the best of him and it can get worse over time if he isn't keeping his attitude in check. Also, he is both puzzled and irritated.

He reads the note that Raven has given to him and it comes to mind for what she is expressing herself to give him a piece of her mind. Unmistakably, he can hardly read the note because of his lack of knowledge as a result of him dropping out of school a while ago but he can write just fine. Well, it was time for him to write up a response to deal with the situation. What can go wrong for him?

"Okay then. You don't have to get angry at me, you know! I did nothing wrong and you are making a big deal of yourself. I'll meet you there, okay?" He wrote.

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Soon enough, the tasty leftover essence of candy was licked clean, leaving him with a lack of something to consume. It was hard to believe the large mutt still had room left in his stomach, even after the cookies and the oversized candy stick that was the length of his arm. Perhaps he and Summer could go find some ham or even some roasted goose; he licked the side of his mouth at the mere thought. Pulling away from his food daydream, his eyes glanced back to Summer as she began to reply to his query. His face drawn in complete ignorance of what churn of thoughts she hid behind her words. However, her sentence quickly halted just as quickly as it began, a flurry of emotions washing over her like a storm, a storm that was clearly visible to him; thanks to his sort of sixth sense. Though he had no idea what it was for, which caused his head to tilt once again as would any baffled pooch. He was no stickler, he'd wait patiently for her to regain her train of thought.

Another sense came to him, as if to benefit from the faculty of feeling watched. A few moments after the stranger with a sort of alternative motive walked in, Pit's eyes darted around for a moment, his ears tuning in to his surroundings just the same. But who was he kidding? Pit stood out like a sore thumb, why was he surprised he was getting such a feeling. No longer paying any mind to the slight trigger of his sense, his attention was regained by Summer as she spoke. He supposed she was correct, in fact, he never liked going into the West District himself after the flood, it was always...dark...quiet...spooky. Pit had gone within the district only twice after the tsunami, he did not walk back in a third. Well, now with his current affiliation, he'd no longer have the pleasure to step into the territory, not that he particularly liked to anyway. He merely nodded in agreement with such a statement; though her last comment caused his face to shift into one of near dread as would the flip of a light switch.

"The-.." Catching himself before he almost quite too literally announced his words. His ears declined backward as he too leaned forward to speak softly, though his large bod and mass made such a movement seem clumsy. "The Rubys?" He repeated, hoping it wasn't true. What would that make them? Would he get in trouble for merely being associated with her? Would she get in trouble for being associated with him? Questions blurred his speech as Pit only managed to open his mouth before rapidly closing it. He couldn't tell her, could he? Slowly rearing himself back, his gaze averted for a moment to piece together of what would best be of response, he didn't want to seem rude after all. "I-..." He swallowed, "Can see why the Rubys could be appealing." What made it worse was when he began to turn to the recent news, nearly everyone in the Dragons had turned their heads toward the Revenants. To think he'd have to possibly be of harm to her just because of the group she belonged to made his tail curl underneath his lap. What was he going to do? His husky voice began to speak once more, "I just hope they are treating you well. And-... I hate to be one to presume but-.." Maybe this could open things up, he would never believe that she herself was a culprit, but the Rubys-...

"I have heard around that some dragons were toe tagged, and some have started to think it was of malicious intentions...-" Trailing off, as he lacked the muster to ask, though he assumed she got the gist. It was quite apparent that he didn't actually believe she or even the Rubys were responsible. But the question was of definite relevance.


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Omar Ayad - Sapphire Dragons - Jack
Location: East District, Coroner Private Office. (Moving back to the Temple)

First Rose
First Rose First Rose Rose Donelle C. Bankole aka “Snake” and
SRUNewman SRUNewman The Lawson family

Omar did not saw Snake until the last minute as Snake managed to step aside just in time to avoid his van. He quickly checked the rear view mirror just to make sure he didn't actually turn her to roadkill but then he realized there was no hop. No hump or body to roll over it felt smooth sailing, he then turned to look at the drivers side-view mirror only to see an African American with those golden hair rings nodding at him. His only thought was that this was odd as he almost run her over and knowing people this is usually the moment they let loose their more colorful insults and language. This being East District, he was almost expecting a colorful insult of some kind in the lady native language but nothing.

Normally this would trigger an alarm but he looked again at the rear view mirror again and was remained that he is not wearing his mask and that he is back to being Omar Ayad and not the Jack-o'-lantern so no need to draw unwanted attention. He thought about waving but saw that he was still wearing gloves better to not do anything and just drive away. He then made a mental note to check on her later. He drove the van back into the main street and away he goes.

He drove back to the community garage where he the parked the white van and he started picking up the things he left at the back, his war pick, micro fogger, the forensic report papers, and the Jack-o'-lantern bucket. He then place them back into the duffel bag as he then carries it out of the van. He then locked the van, he then stares at his Jack-o'-lantern orange mask before opening up the long sleeved shirt and putting it into the inner pocket of the jacket. As he walked out of the community garage before nodding at the security guard, he then walked out of the garage and slowly making his way down the street before stopping at a newspaper vending machine that has a simple sign that said Oasis properties. Omar Ayad then placed a few coins in the vending machine before pulling out a newspaper. He started to stop and look at some of the pages and so far it seems like most of the for sale or rent properties are in the West District. He thought it was interesting for a bit before opening up his duffel bag and placing the news paper in it. He then pulled out of his duffel bag one of the forensic reports, as he read one of the reports he muttered out loud.

Omar Ayad: " Poor Lawson...how am I going to say this to her and the little one? "

He placed the forensic report back in his bag before taking out another and reading it before muttering.

Omar Ayad: " Well this clinches it.... One of my theories is clear just not the who, I can present this to the boss. "

He then placed the forensic report into his duffel bag before making his walk to the temple or better known as Dragon headquarter and looking very much depressed in what he has learned.

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Pascal Corbin

The apology put a small smile on the blond's face. An Elder who values the life of his subordinates, that was a refreshing sight. Then again, perhaps Jin only valued them for the benefits they brought him. Pascal assumed that was the case with the Elder of his own gang, except maybe when it came to the female members. Or, depending on what was being considered a benefit, especially the female members.

"It's no bother," he responded. "I'm sure you have to put on an air of strength as an Elder, lest you be taken advantage of. It's nice to see someone who cares about those below him though." Once again, Pascal couldn't be sure as to the reason why, but figured a little flattery wouldn't hurt.

He let out a chuckle at the compliment. "I'm practically a nobody, so I presumed you'd be less on guard if I approached you, as opposed to any of the more well-known Tigers. I was planning on talking to you under the ruse of being a regular civilian but you were able to quickly see through that, so I must commend you as well."

The blond gave a nod when the other brought up their common goal. "Indeed. Unless you're an exceptional actor, I can say I'm glad to hear that the culprits aren't the Revenants, at least none directly under your command." Some rogue units from the other's gang being behind it was a possibility Pascal couldn't rule out, no matter how strongly Jin would vouch for his underlings. There were always those whose goals didn't directly align with those of the Elder's, Pascal being a prime example. Unlike him though, there would also be some who were willing to act.

"With that being said though, may we once again return to neutral grounds?" he asked, stopping and turning around to face the path they had walked from the Rose District. "Surely you trust me enough now to no longer feel the need to lure me into any sort of trap?"

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Jin Masaka- Interaction: Pascal Corbin, Anne Boolean Anne Boolean
Jin chuckles at Pascals remark about being less on guard. "The fact that I don't know you is the reason I'm more on guard. Rocchi, Library, even Diamond, I know them pretty well. If they approach me with a fight in mind I have knowledge of fighting style and possible weaknesses." He pats Pascal on the back, "You are an anomaly to me. Rank doesn't always mean power. And you could have a power that levels the city within a 1 mile radius. But I don't know that and I'm assuming you do know my Jinx at the very least." He worries about the fact that the killings could be rogue Revenants. "I'm hoping none of my gang is involved but I at least know that I didn't order this." The thought that revenants could be behind this is terrifying but Jin couldn't understand if that's the case why are Revenants dying or disappearing as well. Jin makes a silent sigh of relief that he has someone outside of his gang that shares his goals though. "Well, I am glad as well that..." A large noise with other commotion interrupts Jin and he has a terrified thought. "We need to see what that was." and before Pascal can get a word out Jin is in a dead sprint towards the noise.

Raven Sandford- Interaction: Akimatsu, GeorgeTownRaja GeorgeTownRaja / Mentions: Chikage, Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean
Raven reads the note, fuming from the Rookies attitude towards her. She contemplated beating him to death but knew Rocchi could do worse. At the very least she didn't want to deal with him at this moment. She takes a deep breath, calms down a little and writes on the notepad some more. What was written was simple and plan even this ignorant rookie could understand it. "You're on your own tonight, expect a meeting with me and Chikage soon. Good luck Rookie." She knows Rocchi will give her shit for leaving especially with the new events happening but she also knows Chi is use to this behavior from Library and will hopefully deal with this Rookie. Library immediately turns around and leaves not letting the Rookie write something for her to read and just leaves the note in his hands. "I cant stand the new members we get. Maybe i should start making sure we don't get anymore annoyances in the gang."

Misa Tanaka- Interaction: Kazo Avincen, Cracker Cracker , Grégoire Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed Mention: Chikage, Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean
When Misa heard an unfamiliar voice she looked towards it her face turned pure white with fear and at the same time Kazo was realizing the same issue. The Tiger Elder Rocchi was here as well. She was locked in place fearful of her life and the remarks Kazo was saying did not help the situation any. She didn't know what to do. This was the worst case scenario but she had to do something. She pulled Kazo behind a dumpster checked to see where they were exactly and looked over to Kazo. "Cover us with darkness now Kazo I hope they didn't notice us." Without waiting she sends a text to her Brother hoping he's close with her location and the situation she was in expecting to fully have to fight and wait for her brother to get here and help.

Paige Lawson- Open Interactions
Paige Decided she wanted to spend sometime with her daughter but didn't want to risk the public area. She she decided to make a little festival for her daughter at HQ. She knew Nionet wouldn't mind much as long as Mercy didn't make problems. She really enjoys this times with her daughter. Ever since bodies have been surfacing Paige has been way to busy so now is her time to give her daughter a really fun festival from home-ish. The only thing missing right now is Mercy's father, she texted him to meet her at HQ so hopefully he wont miss the time. Mercy really is the joy to Paige's life. Not to mention Mercy is showing her Jinx already, very small things. Her eyes are glowing every once in awhile just like Paige. "Three generations of Solar powers. Maybe you can summon cooler stuff than mommy." Mercy just giggles at this he eyes beginning to glow again. "Lets just hope daddy will be by soon to make the day even better" She lifts Mercy and spins her around. Unaware of the tragedy that will change her perspective of what is happening in her life.

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The look she perceived from the van driver was one of indifference, which, she quickly took advantage of. Upon his second look in the mirror, she was gone, as if she had never existed in the first place. Only when the silence of the alley return did she once reappear in presence. Taking in a breath as she walked back into the dark avenue, her form parting from the solid brick wall behind her as if she had merged with it. The head of the woman turned on a swivel as she looked around, completely freeing herself from the wall as she saw the coast was clear. And as if to see the many frames of an animation, her form lagged behind her, mirroring her previous movements before once again coming in sync. Something that paid her no mind, though annoying sometimes, as the action felt as if half her soul had to catch up with her.

Her steps then resumed as she moved to the edge of the alleyway, her eyes gazing over the streets of the East Districts in more irritation than anything else. It was a bit of a walk back to the central district, better yet, the West. Not only that, but her walk would most likely be hindered with every time she'd have to duck for cover. 8 years of seniority gives one a pretty big head, though, it had its pros and cons, as one could guess, this was a decent-sized con. Kissing a tooth of hers in ponderance, maybe she could steal a car-..no...that could easily turn on her if she wasn't too careful.

"Hmph..." With a decision made, the female began her walk back to the central district, the streets here were always busy anyway, with her wear, she'd be able to blend in pretty easily. Though of course, there were the occasions she spotted a group of familiar lower dragons, their wear was usually familiar and accordance. With caution, Snake made her way back toward the Rose District, confident there wouldn't be too much that got in her way.
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Pascal Corbin

Pascal chuckled as well, though more so at the fact that Jin ascribed him with such power. "How did you guess that my Jinx was so uncontrollable and destructive?" He made sure the sarcasm in the statement was obvious. "I understand your wariness, but I assure you, as much as I can, that I have no intentions of causing you or anyone harm. I'm simply a humble mechanic who is interested in providing technology to the people I care about in order to better keep them safe.

"And I am indeed familiar with your Jinx. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of it."
He had fallen victim to powerful Jinxes in his youth, and the experience made him do his best to steer clear of being the target of any in the present.

"Yes, everyone is their own actor," he commented when Jin feared Revenant involvement, "which can be a good thing and a bad thing. Although, from this conversation as well as talk I've heard about you, I feel as if you genuinely care about your people, unlike... some other Elders. There's less likely to be dissent if people feel they belong and are appreciated. You should know though: not all dissent is bad. If the Elder has goals which are... less than righteous, some dissent could be a good thing. And keep in mind that Revenants are not the only ones who could go against the wishes of their Elders." He gave the man a small smirk.

Pascal's expression changed to one of concern and confusion upon hearing the chaotic noise. When Jin sprinted forward, he tailed after him, although his lack of experience on the field made him lag behind quite a bit. Upon arriving back at the Rose District though, the blond saw a Revenant reaching for the neck of one of his own. Thankfully, Emilia was able to shift out of the way with her Jinx, but the way she was clutching her neck led Pascal to believe that some damage had still been done.

"What's going on?!" he called out. He fished around in his coat pocket for something to help with this. Although he didn't have his full arsenal of technology with him, he had made sure to take something with him in order to defend himself during the investigation, if it was needed.

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Grégoire Tanaka “Grèe”

Walking up to a nearby food stand, Grèe feels his phone buzz in his pocket. He lets out a frustrated sigh, and pulls it out. What has his sister gotten herself into now? He can’t help but smile at her stupidity. He pockets his phone once more, and makes his way to her said location. His strides wide, but he looked casual.

Once he arrives near, he sees his sister and another Serpent hiding behind a trash can. He lets out a small chuckle at the sight, his grin ever widening. He trots over to them and plunks down beside them, not having a care in the world. He unwraps a lollipop and plops it into his mouth. “What’s up?” He offers both of them one. “Always getting ya’ll selves into trouble huh?” He said, his voice slightly muffled because of the candy.

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Naila Fong.jpg

Location: (East District) Heading for the Rose District
Interacting: Donelle "Snake" Bankole
Wearing: Click - Leather-wrapped Fur Bracers; Fur-lined, Wool Kimono Cardigan; Leather Haramaki; Grey Undershirt; Wool Sweatpants; Leather Shin-guards; Barefoot


Dressed mostly for the cold, Naila struts barefoot down the street with a bottle of banana rum pressed to her lips--cheeks flushed from more than just the weather--and she moves her shoulders with each step in a way that exudes confidence.

Her spare hand is tucked into the front of her haramaki--the fur of the lower-half of her cardigan bounces against her legs--and hairs that have strayed from her topknot dance in the wind at her face.

Staring ahead at the Rose District, she admires its glow, feeling at peace with the moment until she loses her balance and stumbles slightly before recomposing herself.

Normally she would stay away from the festival to save parents from having to steer their children clear of her path, but the nights have been different since someone started attacking their members, and she finds herself wanting company.

Along the blurry horizon of lights from the festival, a silhouette walks in front of her.

Naila squints at the figure, noting some reflective ornaments in their hair, but she doesn't say anything. Rather, she tilts up her bottle and opens her throat to its burning passion, becoming warmed to the core as it rushes into her stomach.

A short-lived wince then she's back to cherishing the Rose District's festive radiance, all the while following behind a popular member of the Ruby Revenants.

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Carter Renshaw
Status Carter Renshaw | Albino Tigers Junior | Central Bazaar | Interactions: Emelia, Boltius - Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Pascal - Anne Boolean Anne Boolean Matsuda (nearby) - Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed
Carter eyed Emelia as she quickly texted Chikage, nodding at her afterward. Anticipation filled Carter's body at the thought of confronting rival gang members. He's not been out fighting as much as Emelia, nor has he ever fought the Jack or Ace of the Revenants. Despite his eagerness for answers, he wasn't sure how ready he was and hoped they'd underestimate him if it came to a confrontation.

His thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of Boltius, who was now stood close to Emelia. He takes a few steps back, and opens his mouth to speak, but realizes Emelia isn't talking and decides to keep his mouth shut for now, lest he says the wrong thing. One thing he does do is start pooling water into his hand, until it's completely submerged, and keeps his gaze fixed on Emelia and Boltius, ready to step in.

“I'm not the type to go around attacking random people”
Boltius's words struck a chord with Carter, who started thinking rapidly as he processed the situation “Attacking… people? Could it be him? Shit.”
He didn't have long to think though, as immediately after, he saw Boltius lunge at Emelia, who thankfully escaped from his grasp, but was now clutching her throat. Carter raises his water-covered fist, poised to attack, and starts to yell at Emelia's assailant, not noticing Pascal arriving on the scene.

“The fuck is wrong with you? Don't lay a fucking finger on her. Psychopath, you think we don't know what you and your friends have been doing?”
He briefly turns his attention to Emelia, "Are you okay?". His voice is filled with anger at the sudden attack.


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Luna Luskire | Albino Tigers - Senior, Jack |Location: Rose (Central) District | Interacting/Mentioned: Nakazajo Chikage | Outfit: Main outfit + Jacket

After escaping from the authorities, Luna and Chikage were now seen resting with their backs against the brick wall of an Eastside liquor store.

Breathing heavily in between words, Chikage says, "I think... I think we've lost them."

Luna breathes more smoothly since she was carried and ultimately unaffected, "Hopefully." She mumbled beneath her breath.

"What's..." Chikage leans forward on his knees. "What's in the box?"

Luna glances down at the prize box, surprisingly still in her hands. It was dented from being squished through the crowds, as well as by the firm grips she had on it.

She untied the yellow bow on top and lifted the lid from its place, setting it on the ground. From within, Luna pulled out a small stuffed kitten dressed in a Santa costume. Its eyes were wide and sparkly, and its fur was as soft as a cloud may inevitably look. She gasped, dropping the rest of the box and its remaining contents, then lifted the kitten above her head.

"Oh my goodness, Chi, look at this thing! It's so adorable--I can't even look at it!" She said dramatically, shielding her eyes from the toy as if were a blinding light.

Her over-exaggerated moment of admiration with the stuffed animal ended when she noticed the box still had something else in it. She reached towards it with one hand, the other holding the kitten, and pulled out a small card.

"Hey, A $100 gift card!" Her expression was filled with surprise, but it quickly faded to that of concern, "We should totally give it back."

When she said that, a glimpse of movement was caught in her peripheral view. Something slipped behind the dumpster down the street secretively, which caught her suspicion. She could have been wrong, for it was darkening quickly--nearing the time when your eyes deceive you most.

Luna leaned towards her Elder and lowered her voice, "Um, I think someone is watching us..."

The streets around their current location were fairly barren since most people were at the festival in the center. Yet, an eerie presence poured from the corner of the garbage container.

The idea of someone spying on them wasn't unusual if people within their gang were being targeted and killed. The mysterious individual in hiding just might be the answer to who was behind the killings.

With that lingering thought, Luna started to approach the dumpster with caution, leaving the toy and the gift card behind.

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Nionet Sinblade | Sapphire Dragons - Elder | Location: East District (Sapphire Dragons HQ) | Interacting/Mentioned: Erich Silva | Outfit: Main Outfit + Shoes + Hair Accessory (flower)

"Ai-ai-ai, chica~ You know I don't be broodin'... and neither should you."
Erich says to Nionet, to which she looks upon him with consideration and sighs.

Stepping around her desk to get closer, Silva leans against it with his arms crossed. His head turns to look at her, but all she can see is the mask that hid his face. It was never easy to determine his mood, so she always sought confirmation in his voice. If ever too quiet, Nionet would find herself worrying, which would lead to her addressing him with an empathetic approach.

Though, most of the time he was caught in a daze, lost in thought. Either that or he would be asleep--which has been the case one too many times.

"I'm here to take you out. You been sittin' 'n workin' n' doin' all that stuff that's so borin'--Like, maaan, if I was you, I'd be soooo booooored!" He said, flinging his head backwards to accentuate his expression of loathe.

Nionet grew a sweet smile upon hearing his words and she couldn't deny that he was right. Ever since the first killing, the time she spent at this desk more than doubled, whereas her stress nearly tripled. The constant worry for the lives of her members was pulling the strings of her heart with each passing second, to which one would brutally tear at another loss. Though, it seemed as if Erich knew just how to tie them back together.

And when her restless mind would burn up at the exertion of work--which has only intensified due to recent events--Erich would provide her stress with relief, and cool her head with his playful behavior and his strange remarks. She could easily admit that his presence was thoroughly enjoyed.

Silva took ahold of Nionet and pulled her to her feet, leading her around the desk into the open space. She went blank, unsure of whatever it was that he was doing. But she didn't think too hard--Erich is a whole new world of his own, entirely full of surprises.

"A lovely gal like you should be out on tha holiday! Is Chris'mas!... Though, I don' celebrate Chris'mas... But it's Chris'mas!"

Erich cast her out, then drew her back in with a spin before dipping her with passion--Passion that was more than likely obscure to both of them.

Nionet flowed with his moves like wind, though her eyes flickered awkwardly between emotions as he acted; from shock with the spin, to fear at the dip, to concern with his prolonged gaze. She tried to study his expression, but it was to no avail.

As if the tender hand clearing her bangs from her eyes wasn't enough to scream his emotions. Of course, Nionet would never consider such things, for she is unfamiliar with the ways of adoration and desire.

In an instant, Nionet was back on her feet with Silva standing before her like nothing happened. He jumped and landed in a wide stance, arms sprawled out, and asked excitedly, "Aha-heeey?! Whatcha say, chica!? Wanna go?"

Nionet stood dumbfounded in silence, trying to comprehend what all that was about. She let out a small puff, "I..."

The girl was lost in silence, contemplating his offer. It made her nervous to drop the matters at hand, despite the fact that she has already skipped plenty of sleep to implement more time for research. In addition, this would make the first time she's left the Dragon's HQ in three days.

When her decision was made, she sighed with a smile, "It wouldn't feel right to refuse."

Turning to her desk and snatching her wallet from its surface, Nionet stuffed it in her jacket and prepared to head out. She pulled her mask back over her face and took a deep breath, "Thank you. You've brought light to my day, Erich." She then gestured to the door and waited for him to lead her out.

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