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Doctor Llamabean

*winks at Markus*
Bodily Temperature Manipulation
He can increase or decrease the temperature of his body up/down to extremes.

(West District)
[His Vehicle]
Sitting in the driver's seat

Matsuda Russo Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed , (Brielle Rousseau Cracker Cracker )

Loose Black Tank Top; Black Scarf; Black Jacket with some designs on the sleeves; Black Shorts over a pair of Black Compression Tights; Black Sneakers; Protective Gloves; Protective Knee and Shin Guards; Paintball Mask
39.jpgBoltius laughs with Matsuda, not because what he says is funny, but because of how tickled with himself Matsuda is all the time.

"Bruh, shut uuuup!" he snickers.

Matsuda gets up from the couch and moves into the anteroom with Boltius, taking the mask. "Nah nah, I’m just kiddin'. But I’m serious about the mask- it’s cool," he says, continuing, "Hope ya enjoy playing dress up today- though don’t blame me if someone sees you, and thinks of ya as silly."

Boltius looks down at himself, "What's silly?"

"...Shorty," Matsuda quips all of the sudden.

Boltius immediately swings for the other, holding back so as not to actually hurt him should the attack land, "Fuck off!" Then he prances in circles into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water from the fridge. Into the anteroom again, he slowly creeps into Brielle's bedroom, places the bottle on her nightstand, and tiptoes out, shutting the door behind him with a finger over his lips, shushing no one in particular.

"She's gonna need that," he says. "I'm honestly surprised you're not slumped, too, after that stunt you pulled last night. Crayon even posted it on her YouTube channel."

Sighing, he opens the front door to leave, letting Matsuda out first so that he can lock up, doing so with a quick insert and turn of his key in the deadbolt, which he then tucks away into his jacket pocket with his cell phone.

The complex is small, with only three one-bedroom apartments, one on each floor. Boltius and Brielle's takes up the second floor. The fourth floor--something of a basement--is a communal laundry room where each tenant claims their own washer and dryer for personal use. In order to even access the room, one must have a key, and just like that, they must also have a key to use their personal washer and dryer. This is because tenants used to hog all three washers at once to save time on laundry. After all, why wash one load when you can wash three?

Well, Boltius disagrees.

Appliance locks were incorporated by the landlord when, one day, Boltius and another tenant engaged in a property-damaging scuffle before Brielle was even in America. His name was Huxley McDonald, and he had a bad habit of dragging Boltius' clothes out of the wash mid-cycle so that he could do his own, and this didn't sit well with the young Revenant at all.

Anymore, Huxley won't even meet Boltius' eyes. Why? Because he got his ass beat.

Down the hall and out into the warm weather, Boltius looks both ways down the street before stepping around his vehicle--parked snugly along the curb in front of the complex--to the driver-side door. Jumping in, he quickly reaches over to open the passenger's side for Matsuda, afterward hooking his phone up to a charger and turning the key in the ignition, awakening the engine.


Junior Member

Mob Psycho New Oasis Gangsters Ed.jpg
Ivan Dime | Albino Tigers - Senior | Location: Rose (Central) District - Jinnie's Café | Interacting/Mentioned: Markus Weiss, Ye-Jin Park | Outfit: Full Outfit

At Markus' response, Ivan slightly tilts his head, furrowing both brows for a finished look of utter perplexity. Not by the response, but by the meaning of the response.

Meh? What is this word, and what could it possibly mean?

During his years of childhood, there was a room he would enter upon leaving his cell, which was not often. However, in this room contained a number of things, albeit a small number. There was a bookshelf, a couch, a chalkboard, and a single ball. It was the playroom.

Whenever the scientists wanted to explore their subjects' abilities beyond their lone capacity, they would put them in the playroom and watch how they reacted--they would study their behavior, like animals.

Given the chance in this room, Ivan spent every second of his time reading the books, of which consisted of dictionaries, experiment records, biographies, and Jinx analyses. With time, he managed to read every book on the shelf.

All 31 of them.

More than 20 times...

Ivan takes a deep breath and opens his mouth to speak, a harsh glare on his face as he prepares to forcefully extract the meaning of 'meh' from Markus, only to be cut short by the man's mumbled words.

"What does-"
"Tch, fuck off.”

Completely oblivious that it was in response to a message sent by their Elder--of which Ivan didn't hear the notification for--he misunderstands what Markus said.

Ah. I see. He is not willing to explain.

He grimaces in place of a calm and collected expression.

Then in an abrupt fashion, Markus stands from the table. Ivan, merely delayed by three seconds, copies his exact movements. However, as the angry ice-cube makes for the door, slenderman stays behind and stumbles over the legs of the table.

”Keep up, freakshow, it’s time to go to work.” Markus says before disrespectfully kicking open the door to the building, then pulling the bandana from his arm and placing it around his face.

Ivan finally gathers his balance and quickly walks to the door, catching it before it closes all the way, and then following Markus outside. A cold wind meets his face, sending chills down his arms and legs.

He glares at the invisible cold before refocusing on Markus, "What exactly are our objectives?"

Giving no reply, Markus approaches a row of cars parked in line along the sidewalk. Then, in a few sudden flashes, the ground becomes ice.

Ivan stumbles back in surprise and starts to slide across the slippery surface beneath his feet. Looking up, he takes in the unique view of the parked cars now forced into the air by jagged columns of ice like a set of stairs.

There's a scream, then one of the car doors falls down and crashes into the concrete. Chaos finally settles in the streets.

”HA! Run, you nobodies! HA!!!”

"I might be incorrect, but I am assuming our work is to disturb the surroundings." As Ivan says this, he remembers...

Of course! If they were given a job, then someone must have sent some kind of message detailing what to do.

The boy pulls his phone from his pocket and clicks it on to reveal that they did, in fact, get a message.

"Hm. I was correct. " He looks at Markus, "If you would like, I can increase the momentum of your ice. It would be faster."

Totally unfit for this line, Ivan bares his bottom teeth in what he believes to be a cunning grin, but is far from that.

Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Elenion Aura Elenion Aura


Doctor Llamabean

*winks at Markus*
He can bend, stretch, and twist his body to his will at a rate of 35 MPH.

(West District)
West District Police Department

Bash Hirabayashi Nobody Special Nobody Special

Loose Red Shirt + Grey Hammer Pants + Black Boots

Unlike the reference image, Brax isn't wearing any accessories. He's covered in dust and dirt. His face is smeared with dry blood, and he appears rather beaten up.
Bash smiles and, for the first time, Brax feels that he's done justice.

"'Kay, gonna start kickin' now. Make sure you grab those keys with your dumb fuckin' jinx," he says.

Brax nods, swallowing hard the bitter insult.

He returns to where he'd been sitting before, back to the wall, staring at the floor between his feet--waiting.

Then, suddenly, but not unexpectedly, BANG. BANG. BANG. BANG. Bash rams his boot into the bars of his cell, and once again, Brax jolts with every echoing rap as he holds his eyes tightly shut.

Just as Bash planned, Castillo returns, heard by the abrupt kicking open of the room's metal door, but still, Brax doesn't peek. Instead, he listens, and he makes out the officer's footsteps as he approaches Bash's cell, telling him to cut it out.

Of course, the banging continues.

"Damn it, you brat, cut it out!!" Castillo barks.

Brax opens an eye, heart pounding. His hand slithers slowly into the floor--his arm, still smeared with blood--and creeps across its cold expanse, slipping through the cell's bars and up to Castillo, who's occupied with Bash.

"Who's gonna stop me, huh? Who's gonna beat my ass? Who's coming in here to make me stop?" Bash provokes Castillo, buying time.

Brax's hand, like a cobra, rises to waist level with the officer where his key ring is hooked securely around his belt loop by a black carabiner, glistening ominously in the white light of the hall.

Carefully, studying his body language for any abrupt movements that might risk revelation, Brax grasps the carabiner. Ever so gently, he lifts up on it, pushing in on its gate to allow an opening, then successfully unfastens the keys from Castillo's pants.

Finally, he exhales a slow breath. His hand, snugly cupping the keys in a fist, returns to its normal place in his lap, and moments later the officer is gone.

Bash tosses his head back in laughter, getting to his feet to meet Brax's eyes from across the hall, and Brax matches him, standing quickly.

"Got the keys?! Get me the fuck outta here!" Bash demands.

Brax begins trying the different keys until after one, two, three, the fourth one sets him free, and he uses it to also release Bash. Though, for a moment, he hesitates Bash's rescue, overcome by a sudden rush of trepidation for the near or distant future. However, by his solemn word, he follows through and pulls open the other's door.

Doctor Llamabean

*winks at Markus*
Electroluminescence Manipulation
He can craft digital matter out of pixels into the real world and utilize it by way of telekinesis.

(East District)
[His home - Reference]

There are five cars in the driveway--one of which is Nionet's, the other Omar's--and a few dirt bikes parked aimlessly about.

Nionet Sinblade Cracker Cracker , Omar Ayad Vahn Vahn , Cordelia Vaughn BriiAngelic BriiAngelic

Grey Jacket + Black Long-Sleeved Shirt + Black Shorts + Mask and Goggles + Baseball Cap + Green Digital Wristwatch
[Reference - Left-most reference]
38.jpg"Fortune? Pixel I hope you have something specific you’re intending to look for then. Or did you want me to just look for a few? Besides, she's an undercover? Like a cop? Or do you mean something else?" Molly asks.

Silva blinks behind his goggles, pondering an answer as he holds his knuckle against Nionet's head.

Then he says, "Not a cop~ Like a vigilante!" and his next instinct is to jump toward Molly to further inquire about his future, but as soon as he moves to do so, the girl bursts into an outrage, screaming to the skies, "AAAAAHHHHHH HOW DARE THEY! HOW INFURIATING!"

She's referring to the victims from last night's tragedy.

Silva watches with an idle smile--not quite an intentional one, but one that would fight any attempt to wipe it away.

Molly turns then and stomps toward him. He stomps right back, mimicking her stance.

"C’MON TELL ME WE’RE GONNA DEAL WITH THOSE FUCKERS! Are those guys chasing down Zylith with ‘em? I’ll do it I’ll knock ‘em ALL THE WAY OUT OF THE EAST! You can trust me with the job SIR!" she screams.

"AYYYYYYE!" Silva yells in response. His hands take the shape of rock signs, and he leans back with his torso, legs wide. "DAS WUT I'M TALKING A BOOOOOUUUUUUT!! WE ARE GOING TO KICK AAAAAASS!"

Evidently, their commotion can be heard from inside of Silva's house, as not only one set of eyes appears peeking through the blinds of the nearest of two windows, but now three, each pair positioned higher than the next.

Once Silva has quieted down, Nionet offers Omar and Molly a better explanation of their assignment. As she does, Silva taps his foot and nods along.

She finishes with, "Meanwhile, Erich and I have a mission of our own," and Silva starts doing jumping jacks. "VERY MUCH SO! AN' WE 'AVE TO GET ON IT, RIGHT A WAY!" The jumping jacks turn to a sprint in place, then that turns into a set of five squats as he does the macarena until Omar's words prompt him to stand straight.

"You know the neighborhood association is going to use this latest bit of news to try and put a leash on the Sapphire Dragons... Before going to pick up Cordelia, I got a text that they are planning to either cut off support or worse begin Dragon hunting..." he says.

Silva tilts his head, "Jacko... you know dragons do not really exist, yes?"

Omar says, "I would normally ask how Zylith knows us, but considering that she paid a lot of money... I would ask her myself but I wonder if this escort job is common, but considering that you picked us maybe Zylith just likes having a rare jinxless jack and eye candy..."

"Errr-" Silva looks to Nionet.

Before he can say anything, though, Omar continues, "If I die then I get to haunt Erich..."

Gasping, Silva pulls out his phone and runs a finger across its screen after it lights up. As he does, the glowing image of his wallpaper seems to bulge outward before bursting into an assortment of glistening specks that whirl up his arm, around the back of his shoulders, down his other arm and into his hand in the shape of a crucifix, which he holds toward Omar while shielding his face behind the flap of his jacket. "YOU COME FOR ME, I COME FOR YOU!" A joke, of course.

Omar finishes speaking, requesting that Nionet go to his family at the Shawarma shop in case of the worst, then he proceeds to mutter something under his breath before turning away, followed by an out-of-synch shadow that Silva notices. He does a double-take, blinking wide, then jumps in front of Nionet to hide it from her vision. "AAAH, BOSS-MAN! You l- You- You- You- You look so- err... How you are so beautiful!"

She's no stranger to Omar's eccentricities, but somehow he suspects that creepy shadow will unsettle her.

That's when something hits him and he quickly rushes after Molly, grabbing her wrist. "Smalls!... Aye, if-... How do I say dis?... If Jacko gets loco, an' you don'no wut to do... gimme a call, yes?..." He loosens his grip, but just as quickly as that, he tightens it back and adds, "Oh and, Smalls!... Keep it a secret, yes?..."


RpNation's local Neko and Quiplash Champion
Katsura Kanna - Sapphire Dragons - Ace
East District, Jenna's Apartment
Clothing Reference: Bomber Jacket (minus logo on chest and right sleeve) | Shoes | Pants (minus chain and pin)
Interactions/Mentions: Kimiko Kugisaki ( Nobody Special Nobody Special ), Saito Tadashi ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura ), Mako Hirabayashi ( SRUNewman SRUNewman )
Jenna was quick to answer the door after Kanna knocked. Kanna gave the girl a soft smile. The girl reciprocated a little, but her expression told a different story. Regardless, Jenna let the trio into her apartment, closing the door behind them.

They took a seat at the dining table just outside of the kitchenette, Kanna sitting across from Jenna. A few moments of silence passed before Kanna took a breath, speaking up.

"I'm very sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how close you two were."

Jenna only nodded in reply.

"Do you...remember, what happened the night of her birthday party?"

It fell silent again for a couple seconds, then Jenna spoke up. Her voice was quiet, but it was loud enough to understand her.

"Emily had just blown out her candles on the cake....then there was a flash of red and suddenly there was blood all over it... I saw what were like...spider arms o-or something..."

Kanna said nothing, but in her mind, it was now definite that the unknown killer possessed a jinx. Which mean that the situation was much more serious and dangerous considering they've managed to kill many people.

"Its all a blur...I ran and hid soon after. Others panicked and Emily I guess ran out of the house...After a while, it went silent and when I came out of my hiding spot, there were only a few of us remaining.."

Jenn's voice trailed off into silence once more, Kanna speaking up.

"Did you see what they looked like?"
"N-not really...but they were male definitely.."

As much as Kanna wanted to know more about the party itself, she could tell that Jenna didnt know much else. Once they left she would call Kasumi and ask for another address. But on the bright side, they had a good start to identifying the killer. There was also a good chance that if they had a jinx, they might be a member of another gang. And if it so happened that the gang in question was the Tigers, Kanna planned to have a long talk with Chikage, if she could get a hold of him.

Kanna gave the girl a reassuring look, reaching out with her hands and placed them ontop of Jenna's.

"Thank you. You've helped us a lot."


Maybe I want Happiness not Turds
Mako walked through the East district with a hoodie on covering his face with the hood. It was cold and he didn't like being out in the daylight. The issue was that he realized he might have left someone alive from the party. This could be bad since he wasn't wearing his mask last night. He brought it with him today just in case though. He has been scouting this district for a few weeks now and he has any idea of a few of the dragons. Mostly the more important ones like the four higher ups in the dragon. He assumes one of them might be looking into the murders so he tries to figure out if he was right. He heads close to the place where he killed that girl and sure enough the Ace was there. He couldn't remember her name but he remembers seeing her with the Elder alot and after enough recon he knew she was powerful. He got out of sight and got on top of the roof tops. Following them for sometime he sees her go to a few stops with others and they all end up at an apartment building he has never seen before. He tries to figure out which apartment they are going to and in one of the windows he sees a familiar face. A girl that was at the party last night. She had some injuries but nothing to severe. He gets a bit angry with himself. He should have made sure to kill everyone. He puts on his mask and watches from a distance. He sees the dragons enter the apartment and he was glad to be right. He waits for a bit seeing if he could find a time when no one was noticing her to grab her.

He grew impatient and figured he could get away with being more brazen. He backs up from the edge of the roof and produces his jinx. With it he gains some speed and launches off the roof and quickly makes his way across to the other building. He times it just right so that as he was landing on the side of the building his jinx reached through the window and quickly snatched at the girl. Kanna was facing the window but she seemed preoccupied with the girl. Though if she looked at the window even a little she probably say a figure almost flying towards the building. The look Jenna made as she was pulled towards the window would only be seen for a second but there was pure horror in her eyes. She is quickly dragged to the window and Mako's jinx grips to had and slices into her abdomen. Blood covers the floor as she is pulled out the window with a blood curdling scream. Once out of the apartment Mako's jinx eats part of her before he leaps off to run from the dragons that were with her expecting a chase.


Albino Tigers |Senior / Bodyguard|Jinx: Item Teleportation
Location: West District, Ruby Revenants Hotel
Interacting: Lucy ( BriiAngelic BriiAngelic ), Banshee ( GrieveWriter GrieveWriter )


Lucy smiled back at him, speaking before moving past him to enter the office. "Of course, now we get to have some real fun huh? ‘Betcha you’re eager to show off your skills too huh?" He laughed as he quickly, but quietly closed the door behind them. "Well, if our relationship is going to work out, I'll have to be able to pick the locks for you to hotwire the cars, right?" while Lucy immediately got to searching, deftly choosing to check Masaka's desk first, he took a second to reposition some of his needles so that he could draw them quickly in case of emergency. Once they were set, he turned his back to her, eyes narrowing as he scanned the room.

Akira was conflicted. On one hand, he was once a Revenant, and still supported them and didn't want to betray them in any way. On the other hand, selling his former gang out and stealing their information as a Tiger was sure to bring him closer to his goal of erasing his current Elder off the face of the Earth. On a hidden, third hand, he was curious as to how accurate his speculations regarding the Elders of gangs truly were. He stared blankly at the wall, lost in the conflict of his warring options, until a familiar voice pulled him back to reality.

"Bingo. Ten to one says this ones holding something fun. Wanna try to get it open?"

He moved over to the desk, crouching down on one knee to get a closer look at the keyhole of the lock that was keeping the contents of the drawer hidden from them. With a long, drawn-out "Hmmm...", he looked up at her, taking out the needles he had just placed for a fight. "This won't take long." seconds later, he immediately got to work. He bent the first needle, forming a makeshift tension wrench, and pushed it into the bottom of the keyhole, holding it in place with his finger. A part of him wanted to speak up and explain what he was doing, so that Lucy could learn how to get things open on her own, but he was quick to bite his tongue. If I teach her everything, I'll lose my reliability. He remained focused as he pushed the second needle into the keyhole. He feared that raking the hole would be too loud, and draw the attention of anyone who was walking by, so he stuck to lifting every pin in the lock, one by one. Tiny pops could be heard as he slowly lifted and lowered his needle, before finally...


The drawer slid open with a gentle pull, and Akira smiled at Lucy before standing and letting her go to town. "If you see anything Rocchi might want to know about, grab it and we'll--" he flinched at the sound of the door slamming against the wall of the office, and instinctively tossed one of the needles in the direction of the sound, sliding his mask on to hide his face quickly after. His brief state of shock, along with the fact that the needle wasn't in its original shape, caused him to miss the green-haired woman standing in the doorway. Her face didn't ring any bells, but he made another mental note to see if he could dig anything up about her once-- no, if he got home. After his needle missed its mark, the woman gripped her weapon, a dangerous-looking guitar, prepared for a fight.

"Oh yeah, guess we're doing this then," she uttered, before suddenly turning back and yelling to a man, who in turn disappeared, only to be heard shouting to the scattered Revenants around the hotel seconds later. The surprise had worn off by now, and Akira was more than ready to get rid of his green-haired opponent. But he had promised that he would protect Lucy-- even if she didn't need his protection--, and for all he knew there were dozens of jinx-wielding Revenants running upstairs. He'd have to use his jinx and get them out of there safely.

He looked at the other needle he was holding. It was also bent, so it wouldn't be any good to him right now. He smirked from behind his mask and tossed the needle into the corner of the office. If he was lucky, they would never even know it was there, and he'd have a free gateway to Jin Masaka's office. He looked to Lucy, hoping she was able to grab some useful information before grabbing her shoulder. "We need to go. Now--" He was then interrupted by a deafening, ear-rattling screech that came from the direction of the door. It was extremely powerful, and even pushed him back a bit and made him lose his footing. He dropped to his knees and held his head with shaky hands in astonishment, trying his absolute best to come to a speedy recovery after the mighty roar the woman emitted, to no avail.​


*Willingly Participates in Self Sabotoge*

  • EfqSMZQU4AEvAJY.jpg
    Location: Erich Silva's Garage
    Date: January 1st, 2021

    Nionet Sinblade ( Cracker Cracker ) , Omar Ayad ( Vahn Vahn ) Erich Silva ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )
    ~ An Unfinished Puzzle ~
    Title Screen: Zero Time Dilemma || Mollify’s CS File

    A vigilante! One that worked with the cops at that. How interesting! She was starting to see where their selection was coming in. She appreciated Pixel’s mirroring enthusiasm to fuck a bitch up. But worried they were being quite the disturbance to his family. Another quieter part appreciated that he trusted them near his family, and that his family trusted in them.

    Still, she couldn’t shake the image of the woman dead on the floor from her mind. She wouldn’t let them fail… but then why was she the one that attacked her in that vision?

    And she’d only seen snippets that made no damn sense. Of her being scolded for ruining the mission, of the two of them running away as fast as they could, of the mission going well and there being a big celebration after. It was rare she saw so many outcomes and so little context. Was the outcome itself a trigger of a new future?

    She did her best to note down what information they had on her. First, she was a spy. Invaded criminals to out them as criminals. Second, she had a high bounty on her head. By criminals presumably. So why not go to the cops and get proper witness protection? Third, She has reason to believe that if she left the city she’d be fine and was willing to shell out big bucks to do it. It was painting a picture for sure but she couldn’t tell where it was going.

    Had she’d been found out by a dirty cop? Why else would she not go to the local authorities over the local criminals. Even if the Dragons themselves were a highly orderly gang it’s not like Nionet could watch over every individual at all times. She’d beaten a few into place before, and as much as she’d love to think they were the only few she’d be naive to think so.

    But what if it was the opposite? What if Zylith had been pushing the limits? What if she can’t go to the cops because she herself was not spotless. It would lean more to why her attacker in at least one future was Mollify herself. But that still didn’t tie up the futures in a neat little bow. If only she could understand what her visions meant. Focusing on it too long made her want to throw up. If not from the strain from the bloody gore she saw from Zylith being blown to pieces in at least one future.

    She shook off her thoughts as Omar began to speak. Though she didn’t but in much as it seemed to go over her head. Neighborhood association? Leash the Dragons? Jinxless Jack… and DID HE JUST CALL HER EYE CANDY? She stopped listening as her anger returned with a vengeance. No Mollify no calm down girl.


    She threw her fists back down as she shouted in his direction before trailing off to a near whisper.

    “DON’T GO MAKING LIGHT OF THIS. If you have time to joke around you have time to MAN UP! It’s an important mission... so we both need to do our best.”

    She’d been so busy yelling at Omar she jumped as Silva came rushing at her and couldn’t dial back her face redding at his grabbing her wrist. Luckily enough she was always angry and could easily pass it off as frustrated embarrassment for jumping.

    “Smalls!... Aye, if-... How do I say dis?... If Jacko gets loco, an' you don'no wut to do... gimme a call, yes?..."

    Huh? Her face cooled a little as her expression shifted to actual puzzlement. Gets loco? Was… was that a thing that might happen? What if she wasn’t the one that attacked Zylith. Suddenly gears were turning in her head as a new piece of information to sit on.

    "Oh and, Smalls!... Keep it a secret, yes?..."

    “Yeah, of course sir…”

    She whispered back in a near-instantaneous reply. She looked up to Silva and caught another vision as her eyes flashed with color. One that could only be of the future as two of the four stood before her. The vision of Silva and Nionet fighting with all their strength against a pair of rival gang members, one she couldn’t place ever seeing before, and another she knew to be a ruby revenant.

    “Let Boss know... be ready to bust up some Rubies on your way beneath Rose”

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𓆗 Sable Serpents |Junior| Jinx: Embargo
Location: West District, Police Station
Interacting: Brax ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )

As soon as the door opened, Bash rushed outside of his cell, pushing past Brax and reaching for the door of the holding room with a violent glint in his eyes. Brax had worked with him to get the both of them out of their cells-- the least he could do was give the bastard a show and help him get out of the station without any hassle. Once he wrapped his hand around the knob of the door, he turned his head to Brax, just barely looking at him over his shoulder. "When I open this door, get the fuck outta here. Stay outta my way, or I'll beat the shit outta you again." despite being so excited about being freed mere seconds earlier, Bash's tone had a heavy air to it. He was being dead serious, and he made that clear. "If I ever see you again, I'm gettin a rematch, no matter what. I don't consider that a win... I ain't satisfied." after he said his parting words, he tightly gripped the doorknob and turned it, pulling it towards him to reveal the main lobby of the station, and, most importantly, the exit.

As soon as the door was fully out of his way, Bash dashed forward. Instead of bolting through the door and running, however, he stopped in his tracks. In a desk to his left was Castillo's partner, who stared at the two in awe for a split second before immediately reaching for his weapon. Unfortunately for the officer, Bash was faster. He grabbed the man by his head, and mercilessly slammed him into the desk he was sitting at with a loud thud, putting him out. With an annoyed grunt, he dropped the officer on the ground, staring intently at the door that was right next to the desk. Where are you...

The door finally shot open, and Castillo was there, taser drawn. Bash's eyes were wide with excitement as he leapt towards him, knocking the taser out of his hand with a powerful blow to his forearm. "...There you are...!!" He grabbed his uniform shirt and shoved him down to the ground, standing above him and baring his fangs with a wide smile before ferociously grinding his knuckles into his face. The pounding sounds grew louder and louder with each punch, and Bash finally stopped hitting him, smiling at his bloodied knuckles and ending the assault with a heavy, winded-up kick to the head.

He felt rejuvenated. The anger inside of him that had been bottling up ever since his fight with Brax was finally being released the way he wanted it to be, and, perhaps in a brief fit of lunacy, Bash threw his head back and proudly howled at the ceiling of the building. He was stained with blood, from his boots all the way to his face, but he couldn't care less as he roared at the hidden sky. Then, suddenly, he stopped. That's right, pigs could come any second. He zipped outside of the station and ran in no particular direction, not even checking to see whether or not Brax saw his onslaught. He had to get somewhere safe, and he had to get there fast.​

Anne Boolean

One Thousand Club

Jordi Callisto, a.k.a. Float

"Not again..."

Yet again, regardless of whether people followed the rule of neutrality, as long as it wasn't happening in his place of employment, it wasn't Jordi's problem.

"Perhaps Madam Je-Jin can actually employ jou," the brunet said with a chuckle, "then there won't be any need to pretend." When asked about his shift, as if suddenly remembering he was still working, his green eyes scanned the care once again to make sure everyone was still doing fine. He then looked down at the watch on his wrist, an accessory of some nameless brand, unlike the Rolexes he had grown up wearing, before returning his eyes to August. "I only 'ave approximately 'alf an 'our left," he responded. He expected it to pass by peacefully, as the cafe wasn't very crowded, and believed he would spend it simply chatting with his friend.

Unlike August, when the Tigers stood up from their chair, Jordi simply watched them leave. Had they walked past him, he would have even given them a smile and thanked them for coming, as opposed to hiding his face away from them. His pleasant demeanor only disappeared when he saw the way King Cold manhandled the door, being replaced for a moment with a small frown. Upon seeing no apparent damage to it though and watching it still work properly as Bowl-cut stepped out, his expression returned to its previous content state.

He had floated away from his friend's table to make another round through the cafe when smashing, car alarms blaring, and people screaming all sounded one after another. The brunet was able to meet the other's gaze with a confused one of his own, but then his lucidity started slipping away from him. He found himself trembling at the sounds of the chaos as panic overtook the patrons in the cafe as well. His levitation started wavering and his body looked as if it was having trouble staying off the ground. His surroundings sounded just like they did on that day, and just as it happened back then, the usurped Prince simply hovered by, fearful and unsure of what to do.

August took on the role his guards previously had and instructed the other employees to help the customers evacuate through the back. Jordi was able to get some grasp on reality when his friend spoke to him once again. "J-jes..." he said in a shaken up voice before following August out the back. "Mm... perhaps we should just go..." Jordi suggested before they could get closer to the action. Had he been in the right mind, he would have known August's plan of clearing out people was the right, kingly, thing to do. He would have even tried to stop the Tigers, as when he tried to retake the throne he would certainly have to deal with altercations such as this. Yet instead, in this moment all he could think about was getting away and surviving.

Interactions: August ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )
Mentions: Ivan ( Cracker Cracker ), Markus ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura )

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Sensorial Link
He can bind a person to himself or someone else, causing them to mimic his or another person's physical disturbances. He may also heal his own injuries once per link, but only the injuries inflicted upon him during that link.

(Rose District)
[La Grante Hotel]
Deelo Sabat's Suite

Vicky Burnomi GrieveWriter GrieveWriter , Jaiden Wilson FabulousTrash FabulousTrash

Yellow and White Striped Button-Up Shirt + Black Slacks + Black Dress Shoes + Wrist Watch
[His Bike - Harley Davidson Fat Bob 107] [Helmet]

His face is busted up pretty bad--mostly the left side. Bruised, scuffed, and swollen cheek; somewhat of a black eye; and his lip is cut, sort of swollen too.
36.jpgMalik could have done without the elevator music, but he will admit it was funny seeing Vicky sway to its melody.

A classical number of which favored the piano. Perhaps a masterpiece to your every day enthusiast, but a repetitive nuisance to Malik as the elevator scaled the grand hotel, lifting them high above the rest of the world.

For a moment, he made the connection in his mind that, to a desperate man, La Grante in all its magnificent glory is merely a diving board to a concrete ocean, and its stairwells a walk of shame.

Such an image--he found himself smiling. Then, the signifying ding of the elevator as it slowed to a halt.

He was the last one out, rolling his eyes at the back of Jaiden's head as they found Deelo Sabat's suite per Vice's lead. And when Jaiden knocked on the door to reveal a large brute in suit and tie, Malik gave a simple wave, still hugging his helmet beneath an arm.

Once they're inside, the door shuts behind them, and the tower of a man steps around to guide them through the suite. Immediately, Malik takes a headcount of the multiple guards within--some are lounging; some are toiling about, moving luggage. He also takes a visual snapshot of the suite's layout for memory.

Meanwhile, Vicky approaches Mr. Sabat on the balcony.

"Deelo Sabat," she voices. Deelo turns to face her a moment before looking again at the cityscape below. "A fallen leaf ventures to the accord of the wind, a wandering frond such as I can only be thankful I've been blown your way this fine hour."

Deelo hums, and Vice continues. "And here I was worrying for just the briefest of moments that I'd be underwhelmed by the scale of your retinue. You wouldn't believe just how glad I am to be wrong."

Finally, an amused smile cracks the hard shell of a man he is, and he looks to his personal guard--larger than the others, like the doorman, and seemingly more tense. And he says with a laugh, "This a interresting one," rolling his Rs, "Welcome to La Grrante... Beautiful isn't she?" On the question, he gestures out at New Oasis, referring to how it glistens beneath the day's sun.

Then he asks, "Which one are you?" glancing into the suite at Malik and Jaiden. "Serrpent."

Malik sets his helmet down in one of the cushioned dining chairs, nodding to the nearest of two basic guards, one of whom is smoking a cigarette.

He places two fingers to his lips at the guy, "You share?"

A nod in response, the man pulls out a pack of Sobranie Black Russians, ushers out a single stick until its protruding higher than the rest, then holds it out for Malik to take.

Damn... is all Malik thinks as he takes the golden-filtered thing from its place and pops it between his lips, using his own lighter to light it. Then on a smoky breath, he says, "Thanks," before staring through the windows at Vice and Deelo Sabat, Deelo of whom asks Vice, "You brrought a sample, did you not?"

Carter Renshaw
Status Albino Tigers Junior | Grocery Store | Interactions: Pascal, Adrienne Anne Boolean Anne Boolean Owen Elenion Aura Elenion Aura

After his not-so-convincing speech, Carter waited to see if it affected either of the Revenants' resolve. He didn't expect much more than the response he received from them. They were all in the same boat right now. Neither the Tigers nor the Revenants were known for backing down from conflict. Carter couldn't help but feel small though among the two Revenants, and his eyes darted over to Pascal for backup.

The first thing he noticed was the knife, that was now in Pascal's hand, and his eyes lit up a little. The bigger threat was now disarmed, and he figured if Adrienne had a useful jinx, she would've used it by now. Then he noticed the blood on Pascal's hand.
Carter winced seeing the wound, hoping it wasn't a deep cut, but gave a confident nod to Pascal, letting him speak before making any moves. The ball was in his court now and Carter was willing to back him up in whatever he had to say. Having already rammed one of them with a cart, Carter was ready to go for Owen if that was Pascal's order.

"Let them have it, it's clear this isn't any official Revenant business."

Carter was almost relieved that he wouldn't need to put his skills to the test, but couldn't help but feel embarrassed by how his threat conflicted with what Pascal said. Still, it was hard to blame him for conceding.
"So be it. Watch your backs." Carter called after the two Revenants as they fled the scene, before focusing attention on Pascal

"So we're just letting them leave? We might have been able to take them..." Carter's voice trailed off as he knew what he was saying just wasn't realistic. Even without knowing the capabilities of his opponents, it was hard for him to have faith in himself or his jinxless ally to take them down. It was too late anyway.
"I'm sorry. Is your hand alright? I tried my best but with my jinx, I couldn't-" He let out a sigh and bowed his head away from the shoppers that were still watching them. "It doesn't matter, I guess we should just keep this incident to ourselves? I doubt Rocchi would be pleased to hear about it anyway." Carter said in a hushed tone. He wasn't sure how he'd even tell people what had happened, the situation didn't feel real. Was anywhere going to be safe from gang conflict? Carter thought about it as he waited for Pascal's reply.

Doctor Llamabean

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(East District)
[Blue Leaf Valley Neighborhood]
Sitting in their Uber

The Guild

A small building crammed between two larger, more professional looking establishments. Behind them, five acres of fenced-in forest.
The interior is cluttered. Stacks of papers are wherever they can fit without falling. Empty and full liquor bottles are tucked in every corner.

Charlie Hoshizora Taigakitt Taigakitt

Black Leather Boots and Gloves + Dark Grey Tunic and Pants + Light Grey Tabard wrapped with a Dark Grey Sash
[Reference] [Naginata]
43.jpgNaila stands by as Charlie verifies their Uber, inspecting her bottle--its contents like clear water, but potent as venom.

Deceptive... she muses, feeling its effects.

"After you, Ma-dam," Charlie's voice.

Naila cocks an eyebrow, looking toward the girl to see her waving into the car with a bow, prompting pursed lips of amusement upon Naila's face.

Charlie Hoshizora, the Albino Tigers' most recent defector--the Jinxless renegade--is, at most, a straightforward individual. Stubborn, temperamental, and prideful--though a victim of her own DNA--she has conquered the binding pressures of societal perceptions, and the only way left for her to go is up.

Naila tucks her Patron snugly into the front of her sash and, at first, rolls her eyes. As she nears the car, however, a new air becomes her and she flutters her lashes at Charlie with a hand on her cheek, "Goodness, me~ How gentlemanly of you. Puhlease paaardon the intruuusion, if you will~" A short lived character, as she returns to her usual self once seated in the vehicle, not moving over. Instead, beckoning that Charlie go around.

"So, where we looking?" the driver asks.

Naila meets his eyes in the rear-view mirror, "Blue Leaf Valley. Got some advertising to do. Gotta get The guild's name out."

"The Guild?" he asks. "What's it about?"

"It's our shop," Naila points a thumb between herself and Charlie. "We do mercenary work for civilians." A short pause. "So long as they're willing to pay, that is. Why? You interested?"

The driver laughs, "Ah, not particularly. I mostly do my own work."

Disappointment seems to paint itself upon Naila's features. She clicks her tongue, turning her attention out the window, "I'm hearin' ya. Well, tell your friends, alright?"

"I'm sure I will; it sounds interesting. To what extent do you take on work?" he asks, focusing on the road.

Naila looks to Charlie, "Wellllll... It really depends, I guess," Once again, staring into the rear-view mirror, "We've taken on some pretty dangerous stuff before."

"Y'all Sapphire Dragons?" The question hits her ears like a fifty-pound weight smacking water, but she maintains her cool with a sudden burst of laughter, "You would think, but naah! Nah, nah. I run my own shop, bud. Why would I willingly throw myself under someone else's leadership? Freedom's all I've got. Besides, aren't the Dragons bad guys?"

"Only to the cops."

"What's that mean?"

"Well, think about it... A lot of people are failed by the system, so they don't trust'em. A lot of other people can't trust'em. The Sapphire Dragons provide an alternative."

Naila is quiet, letting him continue.

"Like people who get in with a bad crowd or people who make mistakes. The authorities don't care why someone does what they do--a crime makes you a criminal, and that's that, even if that crime was done for the sake of others."

"You sound like you've got experience."

"My aunt's missing."

"Missing how?"

"She owed a debt, is all I know. A debt that she couldn't quite report to the police, else they'd arrest her."

"That doesn't sound right. Borrowing money doesn't make you a criminal, last I checked, but lending the money without a license might put you on the radar."

"No, I know, but... like, I don't know... much about it. She talked about owing some money. Said she couldn't go to the police or they'd take her away."

"They'd arrest her, or take her away? Which is it?"

"Take her away- I just assumed she meant the police would arrest her."

Naila hums, saying, "Sounds about like the police and 'they' are two different kind."

"What?" the driver flips his blinker, turning onto Blue Leaf Valley Drive.

"How old are you, kid?"

"Uh, twenty-two."

"Oh, older than I thought... Anyway, what I'm sayin' is that whoever this 'They' is is responsible for your mom's disappe-"

"My- My aunt..."


"It's not my mom." A smile props itself upon his lips.

After a moment of awkward glancing around, Naila shakes her head, cracking a laugh, "My bad- I'm saying that the police didn't fail your aunt. Your aunt refused to go to them for a different reason... She got kids?"

The car slows to a halt at their destination, but no one moves to get out.

The driver answers the question quickly, seeming to grow more invested in their conversation, almost as if overcome with hope. "Three of them- my cousins. Luke, Paisley, and Elias, all a bit younger than me."

"Could have had something to do with them then. Loan sharks can be ruthless bastards, you know. My guess is they threatened her children, so she either up and left on her own, or she did something to provoke whoever They is." Naila crosses her arms, puckering her bottom lip. "How much do you know about this?"

A short silence. Then, "Uh, I learned everything about three days before she disappeared. She told me about the debt, but not what it was about or why she borrowed money from someone. I told her to go to the police, but she said no, they'd take her away. After that, she said she'd figure something out and left. I didn't think it was a big deal... Guess I was wrong."

"How long has she been missing, dude?"

"Just a week."

"And you haven't called the cops?"

"I've been trying to find the Sapphire Dragons."

"You got a Jinx?"

His eyebrows knit curiously together all of the sudden, as if bewildered by the question. "Uh, I can make anything conform to me..."

"Uh, what?..."

"Here, watch..." he places his hand on the radio. Naila watches for something to happen, briefly glancing at Charlie to see if she is watching too. A second or more goes by, then the radio caves inward to the shape of the guy's hand, giving the image of someone pushing down on memory foam. However, when he moves his hand, the imprint remains--the radio, deformed--and Naila's mouth falls open.

"Whaaaat! That's cool! Does it still work!?" She lunges forward and starts clicking buttons, turning the volume up and, low and behold, music starts to whisper through the speakers. "Can you revert it back!?"

He nods his head. Without so much of a twitch, the radio returns to its original state, and he says, "I just have to will it."

"Daaaaamn! That's some cool shit, man. Does it stay like that forever, or...?"

"Only until I sleep," he snickers. "But... I guess this is your stop. Sorry for bothering y'all with my sob story. Maybe I will go to the police... My cousins have been wanting to, but I told them not to if they care anything about what happens to her."


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Charlie "Ragnarok" Hoshizora

1614120686795.pngCharlie tipped her invisible hat, “Anything for the pri-tee lay-dee.

As soon as Naila was in the car, she didn’t move over. Back to her normal tone, “Bruh, making me walk to the street side?

She shut the door and stalked around the back and slipped into the other side of the car.

Mercenary work makes us sound like killers. I prefer Adventurers.

As Naila dropped the push to potentially get a new patron, Charlie just stares at her, her lips set in a straight line.

At the mention of dangerous work, Charlie’s expression turns gruff as she puffed her chest out. “As dangerous as demonic plumbing and more!” That would probably be the last tease. In all seriousness, there have been more dangerous tasks that took careful handling.

When the driver asked if they were Dragons, Charlie tilted her head, her face attempting to go innocent. Hiding her affiliation wasn’t something she was the best at doing. Growing up a baby Tiger, it was just known among her family. To be secretive was a strange thing for her in general, but she decided to keep quiet and let Naila talk. It was her place, after all.

Carefully, she listened to the conversation about the cops versus the Dragons, curious about what the driver thought.

A missing Aunt seemed like a good task to take up, and she was antsy in her seat, wanting to try and wrangle the guy in to accepting the Guild’s help.

When the car stopped, Charlie peeked outside before scooting to the edge of her seat, her hands grasping her knees as she listened to the story about the guy’s missing aunt.

Charlie wasn’t at all interested in the jinx the man displayed, so she more or less ignored Naila’s excitement about the weirdly-shaped-yet-still-worked radio.

She clasped a hand on the driver’s shoulder after swinging open the door, “If the police can’t do shit, come by the Guild. It’s where you picked us up.” She smiled and winked before climbing out and onto the sidewalk.

As soon as Naila joined her, she put her hands on her hips, “Shocksy, I think you could work on your marketing skills!
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[West District]
Leaving the gas station

Vulken Beckman Nobody Special Nobody Special

Long-Sleeve Hooded Crop Top + Orange Playboy Jogger Pants + White Nikes + Earrings (X) + Sunglasses (X)
[Reference] [Shoes]
She laughs at his claiming he's the climbing master. As if such a person even exists.

This Vulken--an interesting character, to say the least--she's curious about him. He somehow seems familiar, but she can't quite place a connection.

His hair beneath the sun is as vibrantly red as the feathers of the cardinal flying overhead as they cross the grassy field, through the bushes, and into the gas station's parking lot. A small 7-Eleven, like she had said, with only a vintage bike propped on its kickstand outside. It isn't until they're almost at the door that Anita notices droplets and smears of blood on the ground, as well as large dents in the fuel dispensers, and she furrows her eyebrows at a feeling of unease.

Thankfully, her apology was well-received, but she still can't help feeling bad.

They enter the store. Anita's nose wrinkles at the penetrating stench of oil and dust mixed with various cleaners wafting toward them, but she's most taken back by Brax's absence. He usually works Fridays, she's sure of, but perhaps he took off for New Years.

When they get to the counter, facing an attractive woman behind the register, Anita stands behind Vulken, peering around, lost in thought until Vulken looks back at her with a smile. "Want anything? On me," he offers.

She shakes her head, seeming distracted. "Ah, n- Uhm, no thank you."

Then once he has finished his transaction, they're out of the store, and Anita takes several glances back at it as they leave before finally expressing her speculation. "That's weird. I've never known him to call off before. Sting, I mean."

A moment of silence overtakes her, during which a darkness shadows her eyes, but suddenly she perks up, snapping her fingers, and concludes, "Oh, unless he's at the Hotel, and I just didn't see him. I didn't think about that."

That's when she realizes that she's probably not making much sense, so she decides to explain. "Stretch- I call him Brax. He doesn't mind the use of his name. Well, he's only ever in two places, and those places are either here or the Hotel. He goes home at night, so it was confusing that he's not at work, right now. I probably just didn't see him at the Hotel... Though, it is weird to see him off on a Friday, but he could have traded with a co-worker. He's not the type to turn someone down if they ask."

Based on how she speaks of him, one would think she holds a type of romantic interest in Brax, and it's not rare to hear someone cracking jokes about it, but she will point-blank tell you that's not how it is.

"Anyways, I'm sorry you didn't get to meet him. You would like him; he's sweet, but he doesn't talk." She remembers then how Vulken strikes her as familiar, and a small notion from the back of her mind moves to the front. "By the way, you remind me of our Jack. It's- Ah, I think it's the eyes, mostly, but also in your speech. I don't know. Maybe it's silly... Sorry. I should hold my tongue more. Some people don't like being compared. You would like him, too, though. He makes for a good Revenant..." She adds with a snicker, "But he's a little dorky."
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Anne Boolean

One Thousand Club

Adrienne Hawthorne, a.k.a. Wendi
"I wonder..."

As she continued making her escape, the eccentric grin remained on Ady's face. Her red eyes stayed fixated in front of her as she made her way towards the automatic sliding doors, ready to break through the glass with the cart she was riding if they didn't open quick enough. She peeked into her peripheral vision every so often to make sure her companion was still running alongside her.

"Hehe... I hope you've got a high percentage of lean meat," she said as she continued pushing the cart forward even after they made it out of the store. "We can find a nearby alley and ditch the shopping cart. I got cloth reusable grocery bags we can put everything in and then go about our day as if nothing happened." The woman continued down the street, getting confused looks by the people she passed by, until she found a secluded alleyway to turn down. After a few more turns between buildings, when she felt the two of them would be somewhat difficult to find in the maze of narrow paths, the woman finally stopped.

"Now..." She opened up her shoulder bag and pulled out several folded up cloth grocery bags. She held some out to Owen before opening up one herself and starting to put the abundance of produce sitting in the cart inside it. "You definitely have to stay for dinner when we get to mine," the woman said. "It'll be a way for me to thank you and make up for what happened. And don't worry, it'll be vegetarian... unless..." She looked to him with a smirk before chuckling.

"It's a shame though... those two certainly looked delicious. Plus they don't seem like your average Tigers, especially with how quickly they backed down. I'd love to get inside of their heads... and find out what all they've been through."

Owen ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura )


It was a relief that Carter didn't want to give them chase. Though it might have come too soon as the blond soon approached and questioned why they were letting them go.

"Perhaps," Pascal responded, taking off his red scarf and wrapping it tightly around his injured hand. "But it would be a truly pointless fight." Sure, pineapples weren't in season currently, but they would certainly be able to find one somewhere else. "It would have been a different story if either of us were on an official mission, as then it would reflect poorly on the Tigers or Revenants respectively. Since it wasn't though, it will only reflect on us as individuals." If Pascal was someone with a reputation of being tough and unyielding to approach, this may have been a problem, but since practically everyone who knew of him expected nothing out of him, frustratingly so, the outcome would come as no surprise. "If anyone gives you trouble about this, you can tell them you were with me. They'll understand why you had to forfeit then." He gave a reassuring smile. It seemed being looked down upon did have some perks, at least for those around him.

He shook his head when Carter tried to apologize. "It's no problem." He looked down at his own hand as well. A dark spot was apparent on the fabric that now covered his palm, but thankfully the color mostly matched. He tried to stretch and flex it, wincing at the pain the small motion brought about. "My hand seems to be mostly okay, but I don't think I'll be able to move it properly until its healed. You'll need to drive." Speaking of, the crowd that had initially seen the ordeal happen were still lingering around, staring at the two and chattering. No one had come up and ask if he was okay just yet, but Pascal didn't want to wait around until someone did. "We should leave now, though," he said starting to walk away from the cart towards the store exit. "We won't be able to buy what we came here for, either. Even if we were completely in the right, being stopped by the police for questioning will only cause problems." Maybe he should have just completely embraced his role of basement-dwelling recluse and had groceries delivered.

He let out a soft chuckle at the other's statement. "Yes," he agreed, but imagined the Chikage he knew as a kid would find the absurdity at least a little funny. "Although maybe he'd be happy to hear that his subordinates didn't cause a ruckus over a simple pineapple."

Carter ( FangS31 FangS31 )

Vulken Beckman
Ruby Revenants |Senior| Jinx: Incinerator
Location: West District
Interacting: Anita ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )


He dropped the pack of cigarettes into his coat pocket as they left the store, listening to every word that came out of Anita's mouth while looking at her. She seemed concerned about his absence, and even though he probably was at the hotel like she said, he still felt sympathetic. She probably saw him as a younger brother, or something of that sort, especially with the way she defended his devotion to cleaning the hotel earlier. He had a younger brother, too. And he'd been worried about the brat for the past eight years.

"You should call him," he suggested, opting not to smoke around the lady as it was a personal rule of his. "Or, text him, if that's your thing. I'm sure the guy's okay. Plus, as greedy as I am, I don't mind lending another man a few seconds of your time." he flashed her a cheesy smirk, quickly switching his gaze forward to make sure they were going the right way before directing all of his attention back to her. Hope that helped, even if it was corny.

"Anyways, I'm sorry you didn't get to meet him. You would like him; he's sweet, but he doesn't talk." he raised his eyebrow, curious, but not willing to pry any further. "Okay, let's stick to texting, then, maybe." the cold winter breeze annoyed him, so he activated his jinx once again, keeping both himself and Anita warm, since she was in his radius. It was better for him to start stocking up on kinetic energy now anyway, in case they ran into trouble on their job. "You ain't gotta apologize. I can meet him another time, no worries."

Next, Anita hit him with a surprising fact. "By the way, you remind me of our Jack. It's- Ah, I think it's the eyes, mostly, but also in your speech. I don't know. Maybe it's silly..." The statement caught him slightly off guard. That was right, most of these guys didn't know he was Boltius' older brother. He decided to stay quiet and hear her out, kicking a small pebble that was in front of him out of the way as they continued to walk down the street. "Sorry. I should hold my tongue more. Some people don't like being compared. You would like him, too, though. He makes for a good Revenant... But he's a little dorky."

Vulken let out a stifled laugh to go along with her giggle, before raising his head to look at the sky. So he wasn't the only one who thought that! "You think so?" he replied, his eyes softening as he looked up at the clouds. "That runt... he really is a dork, ain't he? Always has been." he reminisced for a few more seconds before lowering his head back to its neutral position. "That dorky kid's my little bro. Name's Vulken Beckman." extending his hand for a sarcastic shake as he re-introduced himself, he thought up a question of his own. "On the topic of siblings, what about you? Got any brats of your own? If you do, hopefully they ain't a pain in the ass like mine are."​


Lost: Marbles

Alistair Fletcher
“Rabid Dog”


As Alistair was tugged by Hector’s chains, he let out multiple surprised expletives. He crashed to the ground, landing painfully on his side. He mumbled under his breath as he looked back up at Hector, “Fucking bastard…” as he got himself up, an explosion of fire suddenly filled the room. What the hell just happened?!

He was once again knocked over by the explosion, all the air in his lungs leaving him. He yelled towards Jaimme over the deafening crackling of fire, “We can’t let them leave!” It seemed the flames did no job of helping him. His body felt like it was a smoldering mountain of coal. The whole left side of his body was throbbing with pain, his arm dealing with most of it. Alistair struggled to his feet, all while muttering under his breath, “We can’t.. let them..” suddenly a snarl graced his face as he caught sight of Minos and Hector. These stupid Revenants had to go and ruin his day.. Alistair will be sure to make them pay.

Jaimme - Taigakitt Taigakitt
Minos - BriiAngelic BriiAngelic
Hector - FangS31 FangS31

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He can bend, stretch, and twist his body to his will at a rate of 35 MPH.

(West District)
West District Police Department

Bash Hirabayashi Nobody Special Nobody Special

Loose Red Shirt + Grey Hammer Pants + Black Boots

Unlike the reference image, Brax isn't wearing any accessories. He's covered in dust and dirt. His face is smeared with dry blood, and he appears rather beaten up.
"When I open this door, get the fuck outta here. Stay outta my way, or I'll beat the shit outta you again," Bash snaps.

Brax stares at him, brows furrowed, but without the intention of malice.

"If I ever see you again, I'm gettin a rematch, no matter what. I don't consider that a win... I ain't satisfied."

Brax sighs a slow breath through his nose. This will be their parting, from which he may never see the Serpent again--a realization that weighs heavily on him, as he wishes for, one day, closure to annul his countless suppositions for what's to come. Perhaps, through prayer, he may bless the boy with proper guidance. Though, of course, the Gods do not plan one's path. They simply walk it with them, seeing it through their eyes, feeling their every emotion, temptation, and hearing their every thought.

The Gods do not know what will happen. They know only the possibilities, as the future is ever-changing. If it wasn't, free-will would not exist.

And so, Brax does not question the Gods for answers. How ignorant that would be. Rather, he prays for understanding of himself and others. He prays for patience, knowledge, and guidance, forever seeking the betterment of himself and others.

However, just as the world and its people change, the Gods' ways change too, because you cannot punish someone for what they do not know.

Seeing Bash, Brax wonders what his heart feels like. Does it ache? Is it heavy?

Suddenly, the boy is gone. Brax steps slowly through the metal doorway, and the first thing he sees is Bash throwing his head back in a frenzy. Callisto and another officer are out cold. He stares blankly, then again, Bash is gone, off into the seemingly endless distance without any hint of remorse for his actions, or even a thank you.

Brax's eyelids grow heavy, his otherwise tense features softening with sorrow as he steps toward the two officers to check their pulses.

Still alive. Good.


Lost: Marbles

Grégoire Tanaka


Damn It. Chikage and his fucking words. Sure Grégoire liked gambling, but not with Tigers. Especially with someone who thinks he could control him. What’s even worse- a CHILD had to go with him. Grée despised their very existence. Such annoying little mistakes.

Speaking of, he watched as a small, grey-haired little blunder walked his way with people of no remembrance in tow. As she met his eyes for a split second, he smirked- but didn’t bother to do anything. Not with all her little guards around anyhow. The hell? Why was this little bastard speaking in third person? Yeah, Grée could admit- he’s conceited- but not enough for himself to speak in third-person. (Or so he claims. Wouldn’t put it against him if he suddenly started to, due to the influence of Camaree. How ironic.)

As she finished speaking, Grégoire clicked his tongue, still eyeing her. Oh how he hated children. He could just imagine himself now tugging her hair back and slitting her- he blinked himself out of his thoughts. No time for that. Unfortunately, he needs her to heal his sister. How annoying.

With a sigh he introduced himself as if she shouldn’t already know. “Squirt huh? What a pathetic name.. I’m Grégoire Tanaka. And just know, I’m allowing you into my territory- but don’t be mistaken.” He bent down so he could be at her level, and looked her straight in the eyes. “I will kill you without hesitation if I even get an urge to.” He got himself back up and motioned for them to follow him. He couldn’t care less if the guards around them heard him.

. . .

As they arrived into the Serpent’s territory, he couldn’t help but keep an even closer eye on the people following him. If they tried anything here, Grée would be sure to kill all of them. He lead them to where his sister was a residence at the moment, and stomped just in front of the entrance way- blocking them. He turned on his heel and crossed his arms, glaring daggers at all of them. He declared in a demanding tone that held no question, “I will only allow Squirt here inside. If any of you dare step a foot in- I will fucking kill you.” He then turned back around- not waiting to see if they listened. If he did, however hear their no doubt- louder than a child’s footsteps- he will stay true to his word.

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    Yelena Zaytseva
    "Now I vill go slowver."

    Yelena acknowledged and swiftly ignored Eustass, exiting the car to follow Tomi's lead. He seemed capable enough, at least compared to their other travelling companion. Yelena followed along as hee led their little trio inside, offering up colored commentary of their surroundings as they went. Yelena tuned this out. Her mind was elsewhere, in places far afield.

    Tomi, through some apparent connection of his, must've ascertained their mark's location. His estimation had been right. The rat had holed up high above them. They gleaned this, and one additional piece of information: somehow, some way, this 'Gideon' person knew that Armond had failed, and that the Serpents had come knocking on his doorstep. The possibility of walking into a trap (another trap, in Eustass and Yelena's case) did not likely deter them, and they pressed on until they were, the three of them, just outside the door to Gideon's room.

    Yelena had witnessed enough of Eustass' Jinx in action to know that he could make swift work of the locked door, and she wondered at whether or not Tomi's Jinx would have any effect, but this time, she acted first. Pressing the palm of her hand against the air that existed in the space between her and the lacquered door, Yelena pushed her will through the flat of her palm until the wood splintered and caved inward. The door itself tore off of its hinges and shattered upon impact with the opposite wall, revealing the room's contents within. Empty.

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Adrienne "Ady" Hawthorne, a.k.a. Wendi
"The coast is clear."

Adrienne let out a chuckle at the other's response. "Of course, of course~!" she ensured. Once all the groceries were packed away, she picked up as many cloth bags as she could carry. Owen seemed to be compliant with everything that had been going on so far, but she didn't want to impose the duty of carrying any bags on him if he didn't want to. This was about the weight of her normal grocery hauls, after all. Then again, she wouldn't refuse the help if he did.

With bags in hand, she retraced her steps back out of the branching alleyways to the main road. The black-haired woman made sure to peek out and look both ways before stepping out, just in case there were any cops that were still lingering around. Once the coast was clear, she continued down the street alongside her companion to the subway station from which they emerged.

"So," she said, her red eyes glancing over at Owen. "You never said why you left college. You seemed pretty excited to go, if I remember correctly. You sounded excited to get out of here."

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Sapphire Dragons |Rookie|Jinx: Explosion Enhancement
Location: East District
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It was all coming so fast.

Kimiko's eyes were stained by the pool of red that was in front of her. As traumatizing as it was, she couldn't move, riveted in place by powerful chains of shock. At that moment, all of the feelings she'd been unknowingly repressing-- grief, confusion, fear, rage-- they all hastily revealed themselves at once. She wanted to apologize to Jenna, for not being able to protect her, for failing to keep the peace, for taking out and wasting the time of the police who could have been there to save both her and her friend-- but it was too late.

At first, her eyebrows were violently furrowed, but they softened mere seconds later, crystal-clear tears quickly staining black and red with mascara and blood shortly after escaping her tear ducts. While she was baring her teeth, seething with anger, she was also sniffling with every breath. Her fists were clenched, naturally ready to defend herself after witnessing such an incident, but the adrenaline that was now flowing through her veins was causing her arms and legs to shake. How could she have been so nonchalant about all of this, just minutes earlier?

The flood of emotion seemed to release Kimiko from her immobilized state, and she raised her shaking, blood-splattered fist to the handle of her bat, slowly relaxing her hand and pulling it out with a desperately tight grip. As she slowly came back to her senses, she realized that Kanna was already gone, probably in pursuit of whatever the hell butchered their lead. It made sense that the ace would be the first to react in a situation like this. She wanted to scold herself for making light of such a situation, but dwelling on the past wouldn't do her any good-- especially not now.

Leaning her bat against her leg, she raised her hands to her face and forced them inwards, hitting herself with a stinging slap that lingered for quite a while. Then, she turned to Tadashi, who was recovering just about as fast as she was. She stood on her toes, stretching her arms out to reach the taller boys face before cupping it with a loud smack.

"...Lets go. We gotta support Miss Kanna..." she uttered, her tone surprisingly bleak compared to her regular, fun-loving mannerisms. She grabbed her bat and headed towards the window, making sure to step over the pool of blood in front of it, and climbed over it onto the metal fire escape, perching herself on its edge. She let out a loud sigh, trying to push away her nerves and ready herself for combat, before turning to face Tadashi one more time.

"...For a guy named Sonic, you better not be slow. Just... please, don't get hurt, okay? That goes for Miss Kanna, too."

She raised her bat over her head, and with a grunt, slammed it into the edge of the fire escape she was on top of. What came next wasn't the same powerful, yet controlled detonation that her bat had made in their altercation with the police, but a thunderous, powerful explosion that launched her to the rooftop across from the building. Despite practicing this maneuver numerous times before, she wasn't able to land as gracefully as she had hoped to, scraping her palms a bit and brushing it off. She broke into a sprint, only stopping to ready herself and jump over to the next rooftop. Her first priority was catching up with Kanna. Taking the killer out would come shortly after.​


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RETSUKO ICHIGO | No gang affiliation | Location: West District - Traveling - Piggly Wiggly | Interacting/Mentioned: Adder Shaley | Outfit: Sharp |

Adder quipped jokingly while making a path back to the front of the store. Immediately identifying the jest, Ichigo turned towards the retreating tour guide lifting his hands palms-up and out-stretched to join in the witty exchange “So that’s how it is? Well, walking isn’t crowded I guess.”

Adder apparently received the humor well according to a swift scan of his emotion levels. Scans are a habit to determine people’s mood and has always been Ichigo’s routine for remaining out of conflict or quelling a conflict that could initiate his involvement. Always a normal and acceptable behavior for Ichigo. However, this time a new emotion welled up in Ichigo. A culprit that he has seen frequently in others and knows its affect on human behavior. A balloon of toxic guilt erupted from within for invading the privacy of Adder’s emotions.

A mental scolding, “THIEF!!. Why would you invade the emotions of someone you admire and want to befriend? It violates the spirit of trust and limits your own honesty, a free will to be who you are.”

Adder found his way back with a buggy and the search for coffee filters continued. Adder and Ichigo strolled around the store sharing instinctual conversation without hesitation on a multitude of random subjects. The eternity of the shopping venture wound down as the two comrades emerged from the last isle divider and approached the check-out. Empty check-out lanes and fair weather assisted with the timeliness in getting back to the truck and on the road with xtra-crunchy peanut butter in hand.

Adder navigated with accuracy and efficiency, giving consideration to all travelers. Ichigo intently admired who Adder was. Conversation lulled as thoughts began to fade into the passing scenery and their own futures. Amidst the conditioned air of the truck cab, without notice, silence exploded save for the rumbling of the chariot and the intermittent thuds of deteriorated sections of pavement. There was no record of the time that has passed since the store. Ichigo floundered in the vast oceans of his own emotions. His regret for invading Adder the way he did, without hesitation, taking advantage of the moment to gain the upper-hand, insuring positive position, shamed him. The heavy effect Island Elders had in their condemnation for using his curse or revealing his curse to others seemed to be fading. Ichigo has desired to share his curse with someone for a wretched-long time, but fear of rejection and the Island Elders objected.
An unfamiliar urge consumed Ichigo and despite his resident fears of rejection, he felt so comfortable and content with Adder, that a jumble of sounds spilled from Ichigo’s lips. Liberation, relief, a freedom never experienced in his life, Ichigo replayed the words dissecting them so that he could know definitively his shackles have been removed.

“I’m cursed. I see human emotions.”

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Nionet Sinblade | Sapphire Dragons - Elder | Location: East District - Erich's Silva's House | Interacting/Mentioned: Erich Silva, Cordelia Vaughn, Omar Ayad| Outfit: Main Outfit + Jacket + Hair Accessory (flower)

At the mention of their mission, Silva energetically bursts into an entire workout session, "VERY MUCH SO! AN' WE 'AVE TO GET ON IT, RIGHT A WAY!" Transitioning from jumping jacks, to sprints, to squats, and somehow the macarena...

Nionet tries not to give too much attention to his weirdness, but he seems to be off the wall today. She bats him a concerned eye until Omar's voice redirects her focus.

"You know the neighborhood association is going to use this latest bit of news to try and put a leash on the Sapphire Dragons. Before going to pick up Cordelia, I got a text that they are planning to either cut of support or worse begin Dragon hunting..." He says.

While Nionet takes in this information with furrowed brows, Silva is quick to respond, "Jacko... you know dragons do not really exist, yes?"

Just then, her mind goes blank.

Dragons. . . What?

She squints at Silva with a look of pure confusion. Does he even comprehend anything before developing a reply?

Nionet gives her head a light shake before looking back at Omar, saying, "That's odd, as I am certain that the neighborhood association has no authority over the Sapphire Dragons. However, if it is the case that they hunt our members, they risk becoming our enemies, as well as criminals of the state for harassment, assault, or even murder, all depending on the extent they're willing to go over these false assumptions."

She pauses to take a breath, then continues, "There is nothing connecting us to the murders of those civilians last night. It is much too soon to jump to such ludicrous conclusions, and even more so to threaten such extreme measures in order to handle those conclusions."

After a moment of silence, Omar continues on about Zylith, then, "If I die then I get to haunt Erich....Nionet if anything does end me, go to my family Shawarma shop...My family works with the neighborhood association and they can help with future negotiations."

Nionet bows as he turns away, "Understood." She grabs the mask around her neck and pulls it over her face, closing her eyes as Silva panics about what Omar said.

"YOU COME FOR ME, I COME FOR YOU!" Though, it appears he notices something on the ground, urging him to jump in front of Nionet--almost like a distraction. . .

"Erich, what are you-"

"AAAH, BOSS-MAN! You l- You- You- You- You look so- err... How you are so beautiful!"

Nionet sits silent for a moment until his words register in her head, to which her cheeks flush red and hot, though it cannot be seen through the black cloth.

"I'm not- why? What? The- that's not- not nec- necessary. . ."

As she stutters over her reply and shuts down internally, Silva swiftly switches over to Molly, attempting to distract her as well.

Realizing this--that Silva was no longer talking to her--Nionet buries her face into her palms, then runs them up and over her hair, brushing it back. She sighs, "Erich, whenever you're ready, I'll be in my car."

That said, the girl makes her way back to the black vehicle and adjusts herself comfortably in the driver's seat.

Beautiful? That's just an adjective--an opinion. It's not a fact. He was being. . . kind, as I was to my father. I lied to be kind and save him the trouble. . .

A sudden guilt takes over her conscious and she finds herself drowning in regret for lying to her father. Though, there's one simple solution. . .

Nionet places her palms together and closes her eyes, using her jinx to take away all surrounding sounds. After which, she begins to meditate.

It won't undo the lie, but it will take away the painful feelings, and maybe she'll forgive herself.

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