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Anne Boolean

One Thousand Club

Pascal Corbin, a.k.a. Mech
"He remembered that...?"

Pascal let out a chuckle at Carter's response. "We seem to be in the same boat then," he answered. "My goal is also to eat healthier, though, for myself, anything aside from chips and other finger food would be suitable for that goal. With what you have, I assume you'll be cooking. I commend you for that. I know for certain with how engrossed I become in my work, any fresh produce will be left to rot. These ready-made frozen meals will have to suffice for now." He gently lifted his basket higher. "Baby steps and all that." The main goal was actually to step away from work to take time for self-care, though he knew he would become far too eager to get back to work before cooking a whole meal. Simply heating up a TV dinner and eating it took much less time, but it was a start.

"I plan to exercise more as well," he stated. Most of the physical activity he did came from practicing his martial arts and swordsmanship, the frequency of which had been steadily decreasing. He noticed his moves getting rusty as well, so more practice was certainly key.

"Perhaps we can go grocery shopping together again next time as well," the blond offered with a smile. "Having someone watching what we purchase may help keep us accountable. Are there any other new year resolutions you have?"

He followed along with the other, watching him pick up things here and there and add them to his basket. Pascal looked down at his own list and noticed the next thing was pineapple. Oh, right. One of the Tigers had gotten a girlfriend and specifically requested that be bought the next time someone went shopping. Pascal grimaced at the thought. Still, they were heading towards the fresh produce, so he could pick it up soon enough.

He looked up when the other mentioned wanting to ask a question. "Of course," he responded with a curious look. He gave a nod when hearing Carter's inquiry, remembering Emelia being there as well. Had she asked about it as well? They talked about that night at Raven's birthday party but he remembered being far more focused on his frustration with the woman's glorification of violence than anything else. "We were out investigating the deaths of our fellow Tigers that night," he explained, "and I ran into Jin." It felt strange to speak the man's name, but the thought of calling him the "Revenants' Elder" like Carter did felt even stranger. "I attempted to press him for any information and found out a similar situation was taking place among the Revenants as well. I can't exactly rule him out as a suspect just yet, but he seemed genuinely sorrowful about the deaths of his underlings, and he said he or anyone he directly commanded had anything to do with them. I suppose the look of familiarity between us was because we both said we would look forward to working with each other if we had the chance. I'm not positive we can trust him just yet, but I think we should be open-minded to him being an ally or at least not being an enemy." He hadn't done much with this information despite his deductions but felt it would be good to share with Carter since the man asked.

"Oh, here we are!" he said when his eyes fell on a sole pineapple sitting on a table. "Looks like we found the last one as well."



Adrienne "Ady" Hawthorne, a.k.a. Wendi
"That's a damn shame..."

The sudden change in demeanor from disinterested to shocked only caused Adrienne to chuckle. The reaction was nothing new to her and didn't phase her one bit.

"Oh c'mon, there's no need to be so dramatic~," she said with a smile. "You have two hands and two feet. You won't miss one! Tell you what, I'll even take some fingers and toes if that works better for you. And hell, if you're interested, we can even share the meal I cook up with them~!"

The black-haired woman pouted when Owen warned her not to ask again. "Well you're not fun..." she said. "Let's just get back to shopping then..." The woman let out a dramatic sigh. "Pineapples, here we come..." she said less than enthusiastically as she pushed the cart to the fresh produce. Adrienne perked up once again upon seeing one, especially since it was the last one on the table. "Heheh. Lucky us," she said but realized she spoke too soon as a blond man approached it and picked it up.


(Pascal's color changed to blue to prevent confusion in dialogue)​

With a low growl, Adrienne rushed forth with the cart in front of him until she approached the man. She glared at him, to which he just responded with a surprised and confused expression. "Drop the fruit!" she said. "We saw it first!"

Pascal blinked at the sudden confrontation. "Er... I-I'm not so certain that's..." His blue eyes glanced around. It seemed her outburst was loud enough that some of the other shoppers had taken note. He turned back to look at Carter. "Sorry, but we picked it up first," he said to Adrienne, starting to walk away. "It's unfortunate it's the last one, but-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! I think you misunderstood," the woman responded, a wicked grin spreading across her face. "I wasn't asking. Drop the pineapple, or else!" She lifted the end of her shirt to show the concealed knife she had strapped to her side, causing Pascal's eyes to widen.

Interactions: Carter ( FangS31 FangS31 ), Owen ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura )
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Nionet Sinblade | Sapphire Dragons - Elder | Location: East District - Her House to Erich's Silva's House (his garage) | Interacting/Mentioned: Erich Silva, Omar Ayad, Cordelia Vauhn | Outfit: Main Outfit + Jacket + Hair Accessory (flower)

Standing tall, Nionet calmly watches Silva's every movement as he expresses his excitement for their mission, as well as rambles on about Omar and Molly's mission. Seeing that he cannot remain still for a split second, a light smile tugs at her lips.

During this moment, Silva abruptly flings both arms into the air in realization before taking off back into the garage, "I FORGOOOT!"

Nionet furrows her brows for a moment, fearing it's something serious, then when he comes back with a belt around his waist, securing sabre claws, she closes her eyes for a moment, letting a small sigh.

The boy, now holding a phone, asks, "You want to see what 'appen?"

Curious as to what he's referring to, Nionet attempts to nod but the phone is shoved in her face before she can do so. Still, it doesn't bother her.

Despite the fact that Silva used to get on her nerves when they first met--back when she had a little more temper--he's grown on her like a stubborn tumor.

That's a harsh... weird way to describe it...

Nionet watches the video playing on the screen and finds herself amused at Silva's ability to maintain a goofy, energetic attitude during even the most dangerous of situations. However, as he's hurled into the ground below by the mysterious, evil... cat-eyed blonde, Nionet flinches and gasps.

She looks to Silva with great concern, only to hear him say, "You like?"

"What?" Before she can consider what to say, her attention is redirected to the van pulling into the driveway. Its tires roll along the smooth pavement, crunching any gravel beneath. A few seconds after it parks, the door opens, to which Omar steps out and retrieves a duffel bag under the seat before approaching them.

"I brought Cordelia Paderau Vaughn. Please tell me what is so important that you couldn't tell me over the cellphone.....Also if it is something ridiculous like you just like blonde girls and want to meet her like the last blonde...."

Nionet squints at his mention of 'the last blonde'... The one who hurt him?

Who is she?

"If it is the case do you want to handle this or should I tell his mother about this?" Omar speaks more directly to Nionet this time.

Is that true? Erich only likes... blondes... Interesting.

She takes a deep breath, "I'll handle it." Then turns back to face Silva and says in a soft tone, "After you give them their mission, we can leave for ours."

Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Vahn Vahn BriiAngelic BriiAngelic



U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
Sapphire Dragons- Senior
Location: South District Alleyway
Interaction/Mention: @ Anne Boolean Anne Boolean (Arty)

No Jinx yet?

"Hey don't worry kid, some folks are just... late bloomers." Deli replied almost automatically, having heard the grieving of numerous youths who were part of the unfortunate percent of the population that were jinxless for the majority of childhood. It was something he himself had faced while growing up in the south, and that more than ever confirmed to him that her parents most likely didn't care for her. An easily distractible child out on her own in the South District's back alleys was one thing, but one who didn't even have the safety net of a Jinx to fallback on? Deli was torn on the matter, recognizing that bringing her to a clinic instead would've undoubtedly gotten her more aid than her home.

"I was the same way when I was around your age." Doppel-Deli continued as he approached the scooter "Had to work around being Jinxless to everyone, wasn't fun then and it doesn't sound fun now."

Deli himself turned around on his seat to look at her as Doppel Deli carried her closer "But there's nothing that some tried and true work-ethic can't help you overcome, kid. If anyone tries targeting you for not having a Jinx, you could always ask for some Martial Arts Training on weekends, I usually do smaller classes throughout the week but I can turn you into one he... heck of a fighter Jinx or no Jinx."

With that Doppel Deli passed the scooter as Deli looked around, trying to ascertain which direction the girl's home was most likely in. As much as he didn't like it, he still had a schedule to keep. If he acted quickly, he could finish his upcoming jobs with haste and utilize the free time in order to double back to her home. Yeah, out of concern for her safety and remorse for the incident he could come back and then recommend she go to a clinic if his theories were proven correct. It wasn't a perfect solution, but it was a convenient one for his timeframes.

Just as he was about reiterate his previous question about which direction her home was in, the girl had voiced her confusion over his Jinx. While he really didn't want to get into a questionnaire with the young girl, denying her an answer would run the risk of her becoming more curious. It wasn't exactly uncommon for folks to seek answers even more when denied them initially, and children were probably the worst offenders in these scenarios. Their underdeveloped awareness of social ques leading to even more brazen demands for answers.

So both of the delis merely looked to her at the exact same time and spoke in unison, "Hey, I'm as real as it gets, hon."

With that settled, he nodded forward whilst scooting forward in his seat, "Really though, I can get you home pretty quickly on this thing.

"So just point me in the right direction."
Doppel Deli continued as he stood beside the scooter and carefully sat her on the seat behind him "You think you could hold onto me like that?"

Anne Boolean

One Thousand Club

Artemis "Arty" Barfield, a.k.a. Fontaine
"This is almost too easy..."

Artemis always felt conflicted when it turned out her mark was a decent person. Growing up, the facade the upper class individuals she interacted with put on was easy to see through, and servants were only polite because it was required for their work. As she had always been while growing up though, the ginger was selfish and put herself first. No matter how kind this person was, no matter whether he had a family or people who relied on him, the thrill she would feel when taking his life outweighed that.

"Okay, Mister. I'll work hard!" she said with a smile. "But we don't have much money, so I won't be able to take the martial arts classes." She gave a small pout to top off of the act. When the two clones spoke at the same time, it was honestly somewhat creepy. Instead of grimacing though, Artemis let out a giggle, continuing to play the role.

It seemed luck was in her favor when Deli put her on the back of the moped seat. His attention would be fixated on the road in front of him, and Artemis could pull out her knife and slash his throat from behind. It seemed so easy it was almost disappointing. "Okay," she said with a smile when he asked her to hold on. Her small hands grasped at the back of his shirt. Her eyes then fell on the doppelganger standing besides the moped. "Mister... I don't think there's enough space on here for all three of us..."

Deli ( GrieveWriter GrieveWriter )


U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
Sapphire Dragons- Senior
Location: South District Alleyway
Interaction/Mention: Anne Boolean Anne Boolean (Arty)

And there it was, yet another cherry on top of the grief cake. Not only was she being casually allowed to explore the South District on her own without any supervision or friends by her parents. Not only did she not have a Jinx to defend herself with or parents who worried enough to stop such ventures, but they were also strict on cash as well. Deli immediately questioned whether the casual negligence of their child was some sort of sick hope that a strain on their finances would rectify itself. He stopped himself before he could get too deep into that train of thought, he'd have time to ponder her particular scenario later.

For now, Deli just shrugged at her statement, "Hey now, I won't charge you for a few Weekend lessons, Kid." he said "Consider it part of my apology for bowling you over."

Once she was sat securely on him, he started getting the scooter moving. But not soon after they started, the girl asked about Doppel-Deli, seemingly confused as to how he'd be able to go with them.

"Oh don't worry about it." Doppel-Deli as he walked alongside the moving scooter "You just focus on getting home before-"

Before he could finish, a brick sailed down from above and slammed into Doppel-Deli's shoulder, causing him to grit his teeth and look back up as a figure laughed from the Fire Escape above.

"Look who we finally managed to catch, boys!!!" the figure shouted before giving a sharp whistle "Looks like the Saph Sap ain't ghostin' us anymore!"

"Oh..." Deli groaned at the familiar voice before looking ahead as two ratty vagrants emerged from a corner ahead to cut off their path. He didn't really have to, but Doppel-Deli looked behind them to find three more ragged individuals approached, with the one on the Fire Escape hopping down with a grimy crowbar in hand.

There was always risk entering a rival District, the South District especially. And due to Deli's particular field of work, he found himself targeted more often than not for the numerous packages he transported for several of his jobs. While he faced similar threats in other Districts, certain South District hoodlums had taken it to be some kind of loophole to infamy if they managed to take him down and snag his packages. Deli wasn't exactly sure why that was the result most had jumped to, but the result was the same.

He'd been so caught up worrying over the girl that he'd completely forgotten how much of a target he was, and now the consequences of that oversight were beginning to rear their ugly head. Already he could see one of the Vagrants behind them shouting into a phone, no doubt spreading the word among the South side's more rambunctious denizens. If anything he had about ten minutes before more of them started showing up try their hand at a quick grab for the spotlight.

"Look, Winzlow, can we do this another time?" Deli asked as Doppel-Deli stood at attention behind the scooter "If you haven't noticed, I got an injured kid here I need to get back to her-"

"Oh even better!" One of the Thugs in front of them said whilst walking over to a length of old pipe running along the wall of the alley "She don't look nowhere near as fuckin' slippery as you are."

He yanked the length of pipe right off the wall and slammed it several times against the ground, "Mr. Dedicated Worker wouldn't want the little bitch gettin' hurt now would he!?!"

"You don't even know what I'm delivering this time." Deli tried even as Doppel Deli cracked his knuckles, talking his way out of situations like this had failed far too much for him to bank on it "You never do, and yet-"

"Yet someone's always payin' out the ass for you to move it, ya shit!" a woman at the Pipe-Wielder's side shouted whilst brandishing a dirty kitchen knife "Now quit with the bitching and hand it over!"

And suddenly their ten minutes was six, and Winzlow and his trio of back up were getting antsier and antsier by the second. Deli was sure that he could get them out of this ambush, but if he was under pursuit leaving the girl at her home was out of the question. Her injuries hadn't seemed to be acting up too badly, so maybe if he reworked his schedule a bit he could slip in this ambush without having to move anything else around. He'd dealt with ambushes numerous times before, the only wild card now was the girl herself. If he could just keep her safe long enough to evade his pursuers and get his job done... yeah, he could see it through.

"Hey," Deli spoke back to her "Sorry about this, but do you think I could make a quick stop before I get you back to your home?"

"You even listening to us, shithead?!?" Winzlow laughed as his grip on the crowbar tightened "Bout to get the lil' fuck killed along with ya!"

Anne Boolean

One Thousand Club

Artemis "Arty" Barfield, a.k.a. Fontaine
"What an aggravating twist..."

And she had spoken too soon. With the doppelganger walking alongside them, even if she was behind one of them, there would be another set of eyes watching. She tried to think of another strategy. Perhaps after he dropped her off, while he was riding away, she'd get him in the back with a crossbow bolt? It wasn't as elegant as she preferred but any port in a storm...

Then fate seemed to do a complete 180. Someone dropped a brick and managed to clip the doppelganger's shoulder, followed by five people surrounding them. Apparently these goons had some sort of history with the delivery man and wanted him to hand over whatever precious cargo he was carrying. He may have been fast, but apparently he wasn't all that smart as he tried to use Artemis as an excuse to stop the altercation.

"Tch... I'll handle these buffoons..." the ginger said with a frown, dropping the act. She allowed herself to return to her true age before hopping off of the moped seat. She took off her bag and unzipped it, pulling out the crossbow as well as her quiver of bolts before tossing it aside. "Apologies, ruffians," she said, loading the weapon and aiming it at the man with the pipe. Despite the injures she sustained from her stunt, she was still in decent fighting shape. "I've already claimed this mark. Find another!" Her blue eyes turned to the two Delis. "Be on your way now, but do expect me in the future." She gave a chilling smirk.

Interactions: Deli ( GrieveWriter GrieveWriter )


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Adder Shaley | Ruby Revenants - Senior | Location: West District - Rock Java Coffee Shoppe (currently leaving) | Interacting/Mentioned: Retsuko Ichigo | Outfit: Main Outfit + shoes + Jacket

Adder takes a mental note of Ichigo's sheepishness and tries his best to hold a kind, affable attitude. The last thing he wanted was this man to be uncomfortable in the midst of his generosity.

Ichigo reaches down to snatch a leather case from the seat in which he was sitting. Then, from his pocket, he draws a silver money clip and places a five dollar bill beneath a cup on the table--exactly what Adder would do.

Seems we have more similarities... He smiles at the small act.

Ichigo says, "I am ready. I look forward to a tour of the city if you are willing."

At this, Adder gives a nod and smiles something crooked but joyous, "Yeah of course, let's go!" He says, turning around and gesturing towards the door, "We can take my truck."

From here, Adder leads Ichigo outside of the shop, where they're met with the fresh air outside. One deep sniff and the distant, briny smell left behind by the tsunami lingers. It's surprising, more so depressing, how much of an impact the disaster had on the district.

Life here is completely different now...

With the click of a button, the blue truck in the parking lot clacks, signaling that the doors are unlocked. Adder reaches an arm towards the door handle as he approaches the vehicle and pulls it open, then stepping on the running board to plop into the cushioned driver's seat.

He waits for Ichigo to climb into the passenger's side before inserting the key and turning it, at which the engine sputters for a second and then dies down into a low hum.

"Alright," Adder adjusts himself to sit comfortably, pulling the car door shut, saying on a light chuckle, "The tour begins!"

With that said, the blue truck rolls out of its parking space and onto the main road.

violentfish violentfish



U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
Ruby Revenants-Rookie
Location: Ruby Revenants HQ West District
Interaction/Mention: Nobody Special Nobody Special (Vulken) Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean (Anita)
To say that she was furious would be an understatement, but Banshee was often agitated nowadays. The constant defense of the West District in its weakened state was a 24-hour job that she could only indulge in at certain times, and the more and more brazen actions of other ditricts required harsher and harsher retribution to keep them from spiraling out of control. She knew this, and yet she'd come across Flush on her home turf. That wasn't just a spit in the face, that was the equivalent of lighting a paper bag of dog shit on fire and tossing it through her bedroom window tied to a brick.

She'd need more than simple retribution for this, and informing the senior members of the Ruby Revenants was the first step to doing so. And so she marched her way towards the Revenant HQ, yet another hotel that had been devastated by the Tsunami. But unlike the other wrecked hovels that had been overrun with homeless and riff-raff, the Revenants HQ was at least under reconstruction. Sure it paled in comparison to some of the facilities the other Gangs had, but damn it if Banshee wasn't convinced that its resilience in the face of despair didn't perfectly encapsulate the unyielding nature of the West District.

But for now, she only cared about those inside.

Emerging from an alley and hopping over a fence, she landed in a determined march as her eyes snapped towards the front of the HQ. She passed by most of the other members without slowing down, the guitar case on her back bouncing in time with her steps until she finally managed to throw open the doors of the hotel and immediately drag her eyes across the room. There were already two other Revenants inside, one she recognized and another she didn't. Anita Boston, a senior member with a jinx that essentially made her a mix between a chick and and a wasp, was being greeted by a man with red hair that definitely looked as though he fit the gang. But for the life of her, Banshee, couldn't bring herself to care at the moment.

Right then and there, she only wanted to speak to either Jin or Hector. She needed someone at the top fully informed of the Barbossan Flush problem that was slowly dripping into their weakened district, needed to know that somebody was going to do something about it. That way, maybe she could focus her efforts in aiding that instead of throwing a shit fit and tearing up someone's personal Flush Labs.

"Hey B, Hector or Jin in?" she asked as she walked in, glancing to her associate for a moment and nodding "Sick hair."

As she spoke, she came to a stop several feet away and looked to the walls for a moment. Very briefly, she could see the gleam of prosperity that was one abound in this structure. The image of lavish interiors faded almost as quickly as they came, causing Banshee to lower her gaze. But just like the rest of her home, that glamour wouldn't be gone forever. That was a promise she'd made to herself a while ago.

Galaxy Bear

The best of both worlds

Black Star


Central District, park.

dress shoes

Estella was glad that both of her accomplices were finally there. She stretches her arms and back on the bench before standing up and taking a look at her fake ID. She felt the ID in her arms, she hasn’t had a fake ID in years, not since turning legal. It was good. Estella examined the ID on all sides, feeling the smooth edges. The last thing she looked at was the name tag. Mary Anne it read and she frowned. She supposed it didn’t matter, she was going in as a waitress, and no one cared about her name anyway. Estella looks up when the two finally introduced themselves, as she had mentioned her name yesterday before departing.

"I’ll be Mary Anne for today, you two haven’t forgotten my real name yet, have you?” She asked a bit sarcastically and looks over to Emrick. It was good to have names to the face. “Nice job. I mean it, this ID looks decent,” she says before scanning over to Shore and back to Emrick. “Do we need to have a rundown of the plan before we go? Remember, I’m to go inside first as a distraction, as it is likely the hostess will know who her guests are. Don’t walk inside the main room until I give you the signal. Then make your way to the back,” even though they didn’t ask for a recap of their plan, she gave them one anyway. She had to make sure that nothing got screwed up. The plan was simple and efficient, there should be no trouble as long as the hosts didn’t spot Shore and Emrick it was all fine. .

code: @s e v e n

Anne Boolean Anne Boolean Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed

Doctor Llamabean

*winks at Markus*
Bodily Temperature Manipulation
He can increase or decrease the temperature of his body up/down to extremes.

(West District)
His Apartment - [Reference]

The place is relatively clean.

Matsuda Russo Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed , (Brielle Rousseau Cracker Cracker )

Loose Black Tank Top; Black Scarf; Black Jacket with some designs on the sleeves; Black Shorts over a pair of Black Compression Tights; Black Sneakers; Protective Gloves; Protective Knee and Shin Guards; Paintball Mask
39.jpgJust as suddenly as he'd came, Boltius feels, Vulken is gone.

He stares through the archway beside the refrigerator, past that silly 'Home Sweet Home' rug that Brielle brought home one day, half expecting the front door to swing open again, and to see Vulken popping his head back in as if to respite the lingering feeling of disbelief in Boltius' chest.

That his brother is actually alive and well, and back in his life, he is above the clouds with relief and joy. Though, some part of him battles a deep trepidation, for he has already lost Vulken once.

Delving deeper into such a thought, Boltius sighs a slow and shaky breath through his nostrils, lifting a thumb to chew his nail, unaware that worry has reshaped his features.

One, two, three minutes pass, and finally he forces any and all negativity to the back of his mind, locking it behind the doors of today in order to focus on what is rather than what if. Snapping his fingers at his ears and smacking his hands against his cheeks, he resets himself. As always, Boltius is quick with resolve.

In the bathroom, he showers, using Brielle's body wash since his own has run out, urging him to make a mental note to pick some up later in the day. To save on hot water for Brielle's susceptibility to temperatures, Boltius only showers cold, using his Jinx to heat up the water as it descends upon him instead.

Following the squeak of the faucet handle, the steamy room falls silent.

Boltius throws open the shower curtain, stark nudity, then wraps his lower half in a pink towel that was folded, sitting on the shelf to his right. A soft, fuzzy thing with Brielle's name stitched in black cursive along an edge. He doesn't think about it; he just does it, usually the one who upkeeps the laundry anyway.

Meeting himself in the mirror, reaching a temperature hot enough that all of the steam in the bathroom simultaneous hisses into nothing and clears the fog that was screening his reflection, he runs a hand along his jaw, feeling some stubbles.

Hmm... It should be fine. I'll shave tomorrow...

He exits the bathroom, moving in a straight line to his closet, which is maybe five steps away. It takes him some time to decide what to where... He looks for something dark; something that doesn't scream Revenant, but rather... bad guy.

Black... Fuck you, Serpents.

Mischief spreads his lips across his face. He snatches a baggy black tank top, wrestles it on, then yanks a pair of black, cotton shorts from their hangar as well, tossing them over a shoulder as he rifles through a drawer for his black compression leggings, something he often wears to the gym to keep everything... where it belongs.

After that, he returns to the bathroom to dress himself, exiting again moments later to search for a pair of socks and some extra, crafty additions to make his outfit pop--a black scarf, black paintball mask, and some old protective dirt bike gear that was never used for its intended purpose.

Just then, a knock at the door. By its rhythm, he knows it's Matsuda.

Hurriedly, he finishes putting on his shoes. What color? You guessed it. Black.

He adjusts his shin guards, testing their flexibility by kicking a foot up behind him and grabbing his ankle to stretch his bulging quads.

When he opens the door, fully expecting Matsuda to be dressed just as, if not more than, suited to the occasion as himself, his expression falls immediately flat. "Bruh."

Boltius looks Matsuda up and down, gesturing a hand, seemingly annoyed, "You tellin' me you intend to walk up into the North District lookin' like Matsuda Russo, Ace of the fuckin' Sable Serp- I mean Ruby Revenants?- Sorry, I've had 'Serpents' on my mind this mornin' since I started lookin' for shit to wear- DUDE YOU LOOK SO UNDERWHELMING!"

He balls up two large, gloved fists, "WE'RE OUT TO KICK SOME ASS, DAWG! YOU NEED A MASK!-" All of the sudden, he straightens up, relaxing. He points a finger at Mastuda, a curious quality riding his tone, "You need a mask?"


U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
Mr. Grime
Albino Tigers-Rookie
Location: East District- Reprieve Motel
Interaction/Mention: Open for now

Most people didn't really understand the notion of breaking things. They, for some unholy reason, tend to jump to trying to fix what's broken or replace them with something whole. It was silly, asinine and nigh barbaric to disrespect the process in such a way. The kind of thing that would only be done by those with thumbs lodged in the squishy, juicy confines of their brains. Scoop it out with every word and slurp it up into your gullet. It doesn't taste good at all to the unprepared, right? Sliding down the esophagus like aging dog feces and festering inside the stomach until the roaches eat their way out.

A pain for all, so why pretend otherwise?

Breaking something is an invitation to use it differently! To dramatically shift perception and explore the possibilities!

But killing erases the possibilities, and led to boredom for Mr. Grime.

Which was why he was hunched over a desk frantically scribbling on a large map of the city. His hectic breathing echoed throughout the motel room as he muttered words to himself, "Break all you want, breaking's the in thing with the kids after all. But Kill?"

"Why kill?!?"

"TOO messy and quick to be anything but a massive dick waggling project by those goddamn Vultures!"


"Homeowners gotta keep a minimum quality of life or else the kids stop paying their taxes, you get strikes and a snowballing effect that'll keep going until."


Mr. Grime crushed the pen in his hand suddenly, jumping back from the desk as the ink burst out all over his map. He reached up and tore his hat off, throwing it away as he gripped the edges of the map, smearing the ink along one side before releasing it and taking a step back. Though his mask remained as emotionless as usual, his head tilted as he examined the tarnished map for a moment. He stared until someone cleared their throat, prompting him to look behind towards two large men in dress shirts and coats. One of them raised a folder with a raised eyebrow, with Mr. Grime taking a slow... deep breath.

Then he turned on them and pointed to them with a glove stained in ink, "HOW LONG WERE YOU TWO JUST WATCHIN' ME?!?"

"Long enough for a smoke, boss." the other thug stated whilst releasing a puff into the air above "You was really into it."

"HOLDING RELEVANT INFO NO DOUBT!" Mr. Grime snatched the folder away from them with a laugh "Gettin' one over me, hm? Oh I knew I couldn't have picked sweeter fellows to acts as my lil' earworms~"

With a giggle, Mr. Grime spun around and brushed the map off to the side before pulling open the Folder. This was it! Exactly what he'd hired those two on board for in the first place. Usually his resourced went into financing several less than legal construction operations, a little bit of transportation and a little bit of finance management. He had a large number of interests around the city, though many were based completely in the North. These properties required the sufficient amount of muscle and oversight to keep things secure. But the moment he'd heard about that terrible massacre that had taken place, he'd dipped a hand into the labor pool and directed some of his muscle to become investigators to aid him in uncovering the perpetrator.

They'd made their excuses of course, saying things like: "Thought we was just supposed to be intimidating?" or "We ain't no damned forensics experts!" But Grime found such acceptance of defeat nothing less of appalling. He'd dressed them up in the investigator attire! The hell could they want beyond that?!? Didn't they realize that everyone had to start somewhere? Trial and error could give incredible results as long as they persisted! And through their efforts, eventually they'd discover who was killing his play pals.

It was a befuddling scenario that left the entire city scrambling to figure out what was going on, at first it was just Gangsters turning up dead one after another. But recently a whole handful of civvies were counted among the dead, a step too far for Mr. Grime. While he bemoaned the loss of other gang members as it meant the Factions didn't have as many tricks to throw at one another, civilians were toys to be broken and enjoyed at their leisure. And a whole handful of his stress relief toys just up and dying was making him a very unhappy customer.

And they even had to go and die in the East District, what was perhaps one of the calmest, boring districts of the four. How the hell does that even happen?!? He could see such a thing happening in the south and west, even the North had its slip ups here and there. But the East? Nah, there was some tomfuckery going on. And he wasn't about to wait on anyone else to explain what. He'd immediately hired some help and opened his own investigation into the matter, setting up camp and getting down to business.

But upon opening the folder, Mr. Grime didn't find the treasure trove of gossip and details that he'd been expecting. Instead there were simply several pictures of the crime scene, taken from across the street. Most of them were merely of the police that had been surveying the area, no DNA results footprint lineups or even a autopsy report. The duo shared a glance as Mr. Grime sniffled the photos falling from his grasp onto the folder as his hands trembled.

"W-What is this?" he asked in distress, only for one of his goons to sigh

"Sir I don't know what you expected, really." he shook his head "The police got most of the stuff relating to this case on lockdown; The most relevant neighbors in the area, the crime scene and everything are literally impossible for us to get to. If you wanted something more then you coulda used some dough to bribe an officer or something like-"

"iS THe MoNeY nOt EnOugH?"
The goon quieted down as Mr. Grime's trembling hand reached up to take off his own hat. He pulled it off, revealing the rest of the metal mask that covered the majority of his head. Turning towards them with his shoulders trembling, Mr. Grime pressed his hat against his chest as he nodded towards them

"NoT eNoUgH iNcEnTiVe fOr GoOd EfFoRt, Eh?" he asked with his head lolling to the side, chuckling as he lowered his head to the floor "ThEn FuCk MoNeY... i'Ll GeT yOu BoYs tHe FiNeSt PiEcEs Of AsS tHiS sIdE oF tHe CoNtInEnT."

The goon scratched the back of his head, "Sir-"

"aH, dId ThAt GeT yA?" Mr. Grime asked as he leaned closer "tHoUgHt Of GrInDiNg A fAcE iNtO a SoLiD WaLl GeT tHeM dEtEcTiVe JuIcEs FlOwIn?!?"

"No but-" the smoker lowered his cigarette only for Mr. Grime to rub his ink stained glove along the top of his metal mask with a low groan

"ReAcHiNg In AnD gIvInG tHe InNaRdS a SqUeEzE uNtIl It AlL bLeEdS oUt AlL oVeR yOuR-"

"We have a lead, sir!" the other Goon shouted over Mr. Grime's rambling "Christ."

He stepped past Grime to the folder and pulled out several photos before turning them towards him, "We weren't the only ones with eyes on the crime scene, couple of folks we're pretty sure are from the Dragons snuck in for a while."

Mr. Grime immediately whipped his hat back on and darted for the photos, snatching from the Goon and looking them over with a growing sense of abject glee. As he started to ooh and ahh to himself, the duo shared a look before the smoker shrugged and put out his cigarette. Just as he opened his mouth to speak again, Mr. Grime spun around and flung himself at the two of them. Before either could react, they found themselves wrapped in a massive group hug as Mr. Grime released several overjoyed giggles.

"Oh I just knew you two were right for the job~!" he cheered "Oh I feel as though I could just eat you Lil' Munchkins up right here and now, you're so sweet~!"

The two goons shared a look as Mr. Grime hopped back and began dancing in place, "We need to get on this right away!"

He reached down and slid a metal briefcase out from underneath the bed, hastily opening and stuffing the pictures inside. This was it, a lead they could follow one way or another. In hindsight it should've been obvious from the beginning. Mr. Grime and his loyal Private Investigators had started from the incident itself, when they should've gone for those most likely to be looking into it already. Well... besides the police obviously... asking them for a lead was bound to go nowhere for several very specific reasons. Looking into the Dragons and seeing what he could sniff out about their own investigation seemed like a much more productive use of his time.

"I'll meet you guys at the car! Let's do this, G-Team!" With that A rift split open behind Mr. Grime that he immediately leaped backwards into., with it sealing behind him leaving the motel room devoid of the immense amount of sound he was generating. One of the goons held out his hand to his comrade, who wordlessly offered him a cigarette as the two made their way out of the room.


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  • eb82bce1e144df8146088970ab23264f.jpg
    Location: West District, Outside Apartment Complex
    Date: January 1st, 2021

    Akira [Inari] ( Nobody Special Nobody Special )

    ~ Where do we go when Everyone's Gone? ~
    Worst in Me || Lucidity’s CS File

    He paused. It was a good few minutes. Good. She would have been upset had he shown that he was all confidence and no plan. His grip on her wrist was one she would have instinctively tossed off had he not been a fellow Tiger. Luckily it seemed as though Akira was more than comfortable with sneaking in. Made sense, she doubted some of his teleport spots were easy to plant.

    Still the perimeter was nothing to be proud of. Was this really how the Revenants played? Making themselves one of the biggest eyesores in their own district? She would scoff at what she saw later with the Tigers as more graffiti lining the building. Just what fit of stupidity led her father to them? She dearly hoped that the place was better on the inside lest her opinion of her Father be tainted by his poor choices.

    They came to a halt and Lucy scanned the area for what made the other stop. She made out as he brought out a needle and turned her head to where his eyes lined up. Huh? The needle flew and made its way between the boards. She turned and watched as he pumped his fist in the air.

    How cute.

    She would have questioned his plan to just hop in if it was possible for people to be on the other side but she never got the chance as they shifted yet again. She would have closed her eyes to steady herself but with the possibility of needing to fight and fast she snapped her head forwards and fell into a fighting stance. Only to find the room was plainly empty. She let herself untense for a moment and caught her balance from the shift.

    "Okay, we're in. Anything specific you'd like to take a look at? Or is this all the thrill you needed?"

    She let out a small hum of thought as he asked. Sure this was already plenty, but it wasn’t like she was here for just a thrill. But, she also couldn’t say that she had a plan here. Starting from getting some information would be best. The question is what information was relevant.

    If it was that she just wanted to get information on the gang members, well she could and had done so in their brawls. No. Neither Jin nor Hector were of any use to her. She aimed bigger. But to say she knew where she was aiming was too much of a lie. Searching their desks wouldn’t come up with what she needed, not if they had any sense. It would still be plenty useful but it was merely crumbs in the grand scheme of things.

    “Hmmm. Tell me Akira… How much do you think about the ones that Age out of gangs? Ones that have been in so long, but just disappear or show up dead one day. Have you ever wondered what happens to them then?”



Lost: Marbles

Grégoire Tanaka


Grée’s eyes widened in horror. Did.. did Chikage really mean that? A life for a life? He shook his head and scoffed, taking a step back from his presence. If Chikage even dared to touch him like that again, Grée will cut- no. He will make Chikage cut off his own hand. Despite the strain, Grégoire’s voice bursts out from his chest.

You seriously think I’d give up my life that easily?! You have to try harder than that to kill me Chikage..” Grée hissed his name with such malice, even he was surprised.

Of course he would give up his life for Misa, but this prick didn’t have to know that. He could feel his fingernails digging into his own palms, the anger tensing his body.

He should just kill Chikage now.

That way, it would be so much easier to kidnap one of his healers and force them to heal Misa. Although, he supposed that would set an even bigger target on Grégoire’s head. That would be too much of a hassle to deal with.

He grit his teeth and jeered through his voice, “I.. will not give up my life. But I’m willing to do something else you asshat.” His hands started to tremble from how hard he was digging into his palms. This bitch really thought Grégoire would give up this easily? He would usually feel offended if it was any other circumstance.

Interactions: Chikage - Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean

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Lost: Marbles

Matsuda Russo


Matsuda paused his munching and tilted his head, waiting for Boltius’ tantrum to be over with. “You done? Good.” He then continued his munching as Boltius asked his question. With a swallow and a swipe to his lip (where brownie crumbs previously lay) Matsuda finally answers. “I mean, I guess a mask would be nice- but dude I doubt they would recognize me. I’m not like a freakin Elder or something.” He smiled and shook his head in a “That’s such nonsense” kind of way. (Matsuda really underestimated how known he was.)

With that said and done, he made his way into Boltius’ and Brielle’s apartment, not waiting for an invitation in. Not really paying attention to what he says, Matsuda called out to Boltius- his back turned to him. “But, if it really annoys you that much DAWG feel free to undress me!” He made a booming laugh to himself. Man- he really should be a comedian. He can already see the stage lights calling his name.

If he was honest, this mission was freaking him out a lot less then he expected. He supposed that was a good thing, less of a chance of him sweating bullets and making them knock out before they even got started. Maybe he should wear some powder or some shit.

He makes his way over to the couch and plops himself down onto it, taking out his phone. “By the way- why didn’t you answer my texts? Too busy making yourself look good for me?” He chuckled and kept swiping through his phone, landing on his dad’s contact. He guessed he could send his dad a text- just so he wouldn’t worry where Matsuda went. Although, he doubted his Pops would even care at the moment. He sent it anyway.

‘H3y Pops, just want3d to l3t you know I w3nt out for a bit. Mon3y is on th3 count3r, don’t forg3t to buy yours3lf lunch.’

With that said, he stuffs it back in his pocket and lays his arms behind his head satisfied.

Interactions: Boltius - Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean



Lost: Marbles

Emrick Nakamura
“Royal Clover”


The genuine curiosity in Shore’s voice confused him. He gave them an awkward chuckle, rubbing behind his head. “Uh.. thanks? I’d like to learn more about you too.. I think.” Stiffly turning his attention, he clapped his hands. “And no, my name is really Emrick, but today I’ll go byyyyy.” He makes an imaginary drumroll in the air, then throws his arms up in overdramatized excitement. “Jason West! Rosalind West’s husband, if that’s not obvious.” He twirls an imaginary mustache with his index finger and thumb. “Figured marriage sounds more refined than just a normal couple.” He over exaggerates his own accent whilst saying this.

Course I didn’t forget your name Sugarcube.” He winks with all the confidence in the world. “And thanks, I’ll have you know that I spent all night making those!” He shakes his head jokingly. “Nah just kidding, but I am grateful.. I guess.” He was telling the truth before, but they didn’t have to know that.

So, with that recap, let’s get this show on the road!” He claps his hand once more, beaming from ear to ear. Hm. That begs the question. Which persona should he put on for this? The bitchy businessman? The stuck-up Sleazer? The happy-go-lucky idiot? There was so much to choose from!

Interactions: Shore - Anne Boolean Anne Boolean Estella - Galaxy Bear Galaxy Bear

Hector Moses
Status Revenants Vice Elder | Aki's room, Facility | Ineractions: Minos BriiAngelic BriiAngelic , Alistair Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed , Jaimme Taigakitt Taigakitt

As Alistair spoke, Hector felt for the chain that was attached to his belt. He kept an iron grip on it as he detached it, ready to lift the chain into his field of vision. Once he did that, the fun could begin. He noticed Alistair prepare his weapon similarly, thinking, "Who does that bastard think he is? Does he want to die tonight?"
Alistair had found the perfect way to get under Hector's skin, with the "disregarded little puppies" remark, and Hector snapped back as soon as he was done talking. He took a step forward as well, close enough that they were almost touching.

"We're here for business. Business that you have no reason to interfere with. That child?" Hector flippantly nodded his head toward the young boy, "he's coming with us. How are you going to stop us anyway, gonna stab me with your- what is that? A fencing sword, fucking really?"
Stifling a small chuckle, he pointed to his mission partner, Minos, specifically the claymore he had pointed towards the ground. Turning back to Alistair with a cocky grin, Hector continued to talk.
"Either one of us could defeat you in a heartbeat by ourselves, you're way out of your league, kid. I hope for your sake you know how to use that thing, but will it really matter anyway when we-" He was cut off by the arrival of a new opponent, one he was much more familiar with. Things became a lot more personal to Hector as he stood before Jaimme, the victor of their brawl 3 years ago. He made that known, unable to hide the disgust on his face as the Tiger Senior spoke to them, and he gave him his full attention at that moment.

After being told to leave, Hector glared at Jaimme for a moment and responded soon after, almost shouting.
"You want us to leave? If only I cared about what you have to fucking say. I am the vice elder of my gang, and you? You are nothing. You're as worthless as everyone else in your dogshit gang. So look, you know you don't stand a chance, so how's about I be merciful. You have five fucking seconds to leave this room and this building, and let us do our job in peace. I'm sure the kid doesn't want to see you two bleed out on his floor. Isn't that right, Possess?" Hector waited for a response from the others, keeping an aggressive stance against the two Tigers.

Doctor Llamabean

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Electroluminescence Manipulation
He can craft digital matter out of pixels into the real world and utilize it by way of telekinesis.

(East District)
[His home - Reference]

There are five cars in the driveway--one of which is Nionet's, the other Omar's--and a few dirt bikes parked aimlessly about.

Nionet Sinblade Cracker Cracker , Omar Ayad Vahn Vahn , Cordelia Vaughn BriiAngelic BriiAngelic

Grey Jacket + Black Long-Sleeved Shirt + Black Shorts + Mask and Goggles + Baseball Cap + Green Digital Wristwatch
[Reference - Left-most reference]
38.jpgSilva watches Nionet's reaction to his video like he's got tunnel vision. He sees her concern, but he doesn't process it, holding his cheerful smile all the same.

He taps a foot, cocking a hip, listening to the commotion vibrating through the phone's speaker.

Then he asks, "You like?" fully expecting a smile or play of entertainment to show up on her face, but no. Instead, she shows him an expression that he perceives only to be anger.

Though, it is not anger at all.

Ohwuh-oh... she does -not- like~

A white van pulls into the driveway, parking behind Nionet's car, which is parked behind two others. For a brief second, a pair of eyes can be seen peeking through the closed blinds of the nearest of two windows, but they're gone just as quickly. Probably Silva's mother, or one of his many siblings, curious of the growing congregation.

Nionet's attention is averted, so Silva clicks off the screen of his phone and tucks it away into the pocket of his jacket, not withdrawing his hand.

Omar Ayad, Jack of the Sapphire Dragons, approaches with a duffel bag in tow, upholding his usual air of business, much opposite of Silva.

"I brought Cordelia Paderau Vaughn. Please tell me what is so important that you couldn't tell me over the cell phone... Also, if it is something ridiculous like you just like blonde girls and want to meet her like the last blonde..." Omar pauses to look at Nionet. "If it is the case, do you want to handle this or should I tell his mother about this?"

Silva widens his eyes, flailing his arms, "Uh-wai- wai- wait, Jackoooo! You 'ave got to stop brringing mi madrre into this!" His voice lowers to a whisper, "You'll gemme in trouble in front of dee ladies. Heh heh~ You know wut I mean?" His eyebrows bounce behind his goggles, unseen.

Nionet, still standing beside the Vice Elder, exhales a soft breath. "I'll handle it," she says, looking to Silva. "After you give them their mission, we can leave for ours."

Silva crosses his arms, adjusting his weight to his right leg. Left leg extended slightly, he taps his foot rapidly, looking between Omar and Cordelia; though, not moving his head, so it's hard to really tell what's going on behind his mask and spectacles.

"¡Escuchen!" he hollers, throwing up an unnecessary finger.

He then begins pacing slowly back and forth in front of the two, shaping the one hand into many random gestures as he explains the assignment that the two are to go on, "La mujer call herself Zylith Cross... an' she need an escort out of the city- Er, she contacto us.. t'ree days ago," Silva throws up two fingers, then a third that's slightly delayed, stopping in his tracks for a split second, only to continue again as he does his words.

"She say to meet'er at de big place wit' de bunny door," saying this, he appears behind Nionet at lighting speed, bouncing his index fingers above her head as if to symbolize bunny ears, referring to the East District's Play Plaza--a daycare and restaurant where parents can pay a small sum to leave their children for as long as ten hours at a time.

"She call it- Er... Wut's de word?... no sospechoso..." He thinks a moment, tapping his chin. Then it hits him and he perks up, "Unprredictable!... She say it a place her enemies won't suspect. So you meet'er there! Alguna pregunta?"

Doctor Llamabean

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[West District]
Ruby Revenants' Headquarters

Vulken Beckman Nobody Special Nobody Special , Banshee GrieveWriter GrieveWriter , (Jin Masaka, mentioned SRUNewman SRUNewman ), (Hector Moses, mentioned FangS31 FangS31 )

Long-Sleeve Hooded Crop Top + Orange Playboy Jogger Pants + White Nikes + Earrings (X) + Sunglasses (X)
[Reference] [Shoes]
When Vulken chokes on his cigarette, Anita's pace slows. Her hand, initially waving, scrunches up in the air, concern playing on her features. She consciously glances away to pretend she doesn't notice as secondhand embarrassment reddens her cheeks.

"Well, well, well." Vulken's voice brings her attention back to him, and her face brightens. "If it isn't the lovely Anita Boston. Feels good to finally put a face to a name."

She stops short of him and lifts her sunglasses until they're resting above her forehead. "Mhm~ It is I~ Glad to be here." She giggles. However, a frown suddenly replaces her glee when the other flicks his cigarette to the floor, stomping it out as he chucks some gum into his mouth. Before he can see her noticeable disapproval, she smiles again.

"Even if I did wait long, I'd have forgotten about it the second I caught a glimpse of a beauty like you," he says with an extended hand. She returns the gesture, though her response is short and lacking energy, "Oh, that's sweet. Thank you."

"Name's Vulken. I'd appreciate if you called me Draken, though. Kind of a comfort thing."

Anita's smile seems to develop a rather passive-aggressive quality. "Oh, of cooourse~ I'll be sure to do that..." Then suddenly she frowns, "Only as long as you pick up that cigarette, 'cause we got a boy that works his ass off to keep this place clean, an' I ain't 'boutta be lettin' anyone... disrespect him like that." Her eyes ride him down and back up again, "No matter how handsome."

The smile returns, "But it's a pleasure to meet you... Draken."

"Hey B, Hector or Jin in?" A familiar voice calls from behind.

Anita looks over her shoulder, seeing Banshee then turning to face her properly.

"Sick hair," Banshee says to Vulken.

Anita chuckles, "Banshee, this is Draken... A returning Senior as far as I know." She places a hand on the guy's shoulder, giving it a gentle pat. "Draken, Banshee." She felt it only respectful to introduce the two before answering the other girl's out of the blue question.

"I haven't seen either of the two. I don't know about Jin, but Hector mentioned something yesterday about how he'd be busy babysitting a rookie today. Have you tried his cell?"

Anne Boolean

One Thousand Club
Lancer.pngLancer (1).png

Shore Salvatore
"Are we prepared?"

"Yes, I remember," Shore assured the woman. When they heard the name Mary Anne, they couldn't help but find it unfitting. It seemed like the name some elderly woman would have or perhaps some Southern Belle. It didn't match Estella's face and demeanor. Then again, Shore wondered if they were a good fit for Rosalind. At least to their ears, it sounded feminine but also had a bit of masculinity to it. Perhaps it did work, although they certainly wouldn't have picked it up when they were discarding their previous identity due to having no connection to the ocean.

"Jason West," they repeated as they looked at the other green-haired individual. "Fitting." The name was youthful and fun-loving, fitting the expression Emrick wore along with his age. In terms of his character though, perhaps not. They didn't see a wealthy man's parents naming him Jason, even if he was of the current generation. Then again, the only wealthy people Shore knew were the ones they targeted, and they often didn't bother to get their names. Perhaps Jason was a much more elegant and refined name than they imagined.

"Sounds perfect," they said when Estella gave them the run down. "I suppose we'll wait here for a bit until you're able to find your place among the rest of the staff." It was still before the official start time of the event, but Shore hoped that Estella would have no issues infiltrating their ranks. Hopefully the staff didn't need to show up even earlier for set up.

They then turned to Emrick once again. "I don't suppose you were able to find a floor plan for this building?" they questioned. "If not, we'll need to find the boss and get a tour in order to find his office."

Emrick ( Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed ), Estella ( Galaxy Bear Galaxy Bear )


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  • d1cc990de3047eaf371f46c20d05123f.jpg
    Location: The Facility, Aki's Room
    Date: January 1st, 2021

    Alistar [Rabid Dog] ( Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed ) Hector [Phaoroh] ( FangS31 FangS31 ) Jaimee [Thundersnow] ( Taigakitt Taigakitt )
    ~ STRIKE ~
    Beggin' || Possess's CS File

    Disregarded Puppies? Oooo this fucker was asking for it. He let a slasher smile out as he lifted the sword from the floor to toss it over his shoulders. The place was too tiny to really rock out with the flames, especially because as far as he knew the buyer wanted the “merchandise” in alive pieces. But the dickhead here trying to steal his mission? As far as he knew this dude wasn’t off-limits. He let out a chuckle as Hector went for the jugular with his taunt to the dainty little excuse for a sword the man carried.

    He took a quick stomp forwards before he heard a door open up behind him. Turning his head he saw an awful familiar annoying mug that turned his grin to a smirk. He stuck his left in his pocket and took out his lighter starting a flame. With a flick of his hand, he expanded its heat and range manipulating it to his blade as he pointed it forwards at the two. He dropped his lighter to the floor now that his flames had started.

    “Couldn’t have said it better myself Boss. but uh OneTwoThreeFourFive

    He didn’t give them a proper chance as he forced the flames out. His rapid count could hardly be called fair but he’d been waiting for a rematch for awhile. Soon his sword was radiating flames as he gripped it dual-handed.

    “Hey pretty boy! It’s time for a rematch.”

    He swung around and aimed a slash at Jaimee with one swooping motion.


Doctor Llamabean

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He can corrode and disintegrate things by touch at a rate of one or two-inches-per-second.

(South District)
[Random Neighborhood]
Random Ramshackle Abode [Reference]

Contrary to the reference image, the ramshackle building is under construction--though, the construction has temporarily been halted for personal reasons by the new owner of the property. One of the front windows has been shattered. Where another road can be seen in the image beside the building, this is actually the property's parking lot in the story. There is a long chain connecting two concrete posts that's blocking the entrance to the said parking lot in order to keep people from loitering for the time being until the business is up and running. The parking lot is littered with different construction equipment.

Yelena Zaytseva Elenion Aura Elenion Aura

Tightly Fitted Spandex Shirt + Black Cargo Pants + White Belt + Black, Red, and White Sneakers
[Crowbar Saw]

Since he's shirtless, the hand-shaped scar on Eustass' right hip can be seen. By appearance, it's like a bruise that never fades, but upon closer inspection the skin is hard and cracked, dry and rough to the touch.

Due to his recent fight, almost the entirety of his back is reddened and blistered with burns, as are the palms of his hands and his right cheek.
135.jpgEustass feels the cold plaster of the wall against his blistered back, his body still slick with sweat and the moisture from the air by effect of Armond's Jinx.

The stress of remembering his horrid past lingers with the rapid rising and fall of his chest on deep, panicked breaths.

"Ha! Not so tough now, are ya, little guy?" One of the goons says smugly, approaching Eustass with the others following along behind him. They gather around, gazes downcast from their place upon black, featureless canvases.

"What's a matter?"

"Yeah, what happened?"

"Hahaha, useless scrub!"

One of them kicks at Eustass' foot, which Eustass pulls closer to himself, tucking his chin, receding into a conceptual haven where not even his own thoughts may reach him. It is simply silence, and darkness--a defense mechanism he developed at the young age of nine. When someone has nowhere else to run, what better place than their own mind?

"Hey, kid."

Eustass flinches, not looking up. He stays staring at the floor between his legs, zoned out from reality, and calm now.

"Oi," a different voice says, "Oi, oi, oi~" The goon steps closer to Eustass' right. Two large boots, double-knotted at the strings and covered in grime; nonetheless, they appear brand new.

Eustass sticks to his haven; though his brain feels as if it is trembling. Rattling and throbbing, but not with pain. No, his brain is numb. His breathing accelerates, slowly nudging him back to the real world, and his vision blurs at the edges, seeming to zoom in on his crowbar saw that's lying exactly where it had landed when he threw it at Armond, just a few feet behind the booted man.

There are five of them.

Eustass' eyes flicker between their individual sets of footwear. It's all he can see without facing up.

"HEY, YOU LITTLE SHIT, I'M TALKIN' TO YOU!" the man lifts one of those boots then, and he plants it hard into Eustass' right shoulder, giving him a jolt but not enough to knock him over.

However, just enough to bring him back.

Reaching up with both hands, Eustass grabs the man by his ankle and, in no time, pulls himself feet-first between the man's wide-spread legs, sliding across the floor for his crowbar. The man stumbles into the wall. He whips around, the others following suit--but as soon as he does, he's nothing more than a headless body per one clean cut from Eustass charging into battle.

There are four of them. Three to his right, one to his left.

He doesn't think. Twisting, twirling, and dodging through them as they kick, swing, and grab. His body moves on its own with no predictable pattern. At one point, he and Yelena are back to back, but neither of them notice the other, too distracted by their own dangers.


Then two.

Now one.

All without activating his Jinx. He'd even started laughing uncontrollably somewhere in the middle of the chaos.

Blood is splattered across his face, smeared--a smile so wide--and there's no trace of his previous trauma to be seen as he stands before the last remaining of Armond's henchmen.

"Did'ja really think that I'd be intimidated by a- b- uh-.. by a- fuck-.. by a-... by- that's not- by-... by-AAAAAHG FUCK!" The boy writhes, stomping his foot into the floor, pulling at his own hair with a hand and using the other to hold his weapon, "FCKNFCKSTPIDFCKNGDAMMIT! THIS IS BULL- THIS IS- THIS IS BULLSHIT!" Following this, some more incoherent nonsense before Eustass all of the sudden hurls his crowbar at the man's face, and all that's heard is a devastated cry abruptly halted by a sickening, wet crack as the saw of the weapon lodges into the man's skull.

"HOW YA LIKE THAT, HUH?!" Eustass spreads his arms out. "HOW- HOW YA LIKE THAT!?" Breathing heavy.

A shockwave shakes the building then, causing him to stagger. He turns to see Yelena and Armond--Yelena of which is screened by the heavy steam in the room. Armond, however, Eustass can see clear as day.

It's no secret to either of the three that there were two fights going down: Eustass and the goons, and Yelena and Armond, but Eustass gets the idea that Armond doesn't quite notice he's behind him.

An urge overcomes him, shredding a wicked, crooked grin across his face as he creeps toward the larger man, reaching with a sprawled hand.

Once contact is made, spreading in every direction from the tips of his fingers, and then his palm once it touches, Armond's flesh hardens, cracks, and crumbles away, near instantly reaching his spine. Perhaps the shock is so great that he's unable to react, because he doesn't--not even a twitch or spasm--not a cry or whimper as Eustass' hand tunnels through his upper torso from back to chest, eventually exiting out the other side for Yelena to see.

Then when Eustass pulls his hand back out, Armond collapses to his knees, falling forward without a clue of an idea of what just happened.

Locking eyes with the blue-eyed woman, he turns his nose upward, feeling above himself with confidence as he asks her, "What's the matter?

Sapphire Dragons |Rookie|Jinx: Explosion Enhancement
East District, Kasumi Katsura's Apartment
Interacting: Kanna, Kasumi ( FabulousTrash FabulousTrash ) , Tadashi ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura )


Once the cat was set free, Kimiko's gaze went up to Kanna as she happily listened to the twins answer her every question, still smiling due to her amusement thanks to Tadashi's reaction. As her questions were being answered one-by-one by the twins, she lifted her cup of tea, but examined it before taking a sip. Steam was still billowing from it, and she had no dreams of burning her tongue before she had even eaten anything today. Waaaay too hot, she thought to herself, gently placing it back down and giving it some more time to cool off. Hope nobody burned their mouth.

As Kanna handed Kasumi the phone, Kimiko's interest was piqued. She had been curious about the contents of the phone from the start, but her hopes for getting inside of it were low, since it definitely had a password. But, if that was the case, why was Kanna handing it over to Kasumi? She poked her head out a bit to see what was going on, before looking in awe as the phone seemingly unlocked itself once Kasumi looked at it. What could it possibly have been? Magic? Was Kasumi a hacker? She looked on in amazement before the obvious finally came to mind. Right, jinxes. What could she say? Aside from blowing up a few cops earlier, her day had been pretty un-exciting so far, but now that Kasumi had revealed her cool jinx, things were starting to look better again.

What came next, however, was fairly dispiriting. Right. People are dying. How could she forget, even if it was for a brief moment? It was the Dragons' job to keep the peace, and yet, somehow, lives were still being lost for reasons unknown to her, and many other members of her beloved gang. Just thinking about it made her clench her fist in frustration. But, the revelation of this 'Jenna' and Tadashi's question had calmed her down just as fast as she had became upset. She rose to her feet as well, slightly disappointed that she would have to give up such comfortable slippers after only wearing them for a few minutes. "Jenna, right? We'll find 'er in a jiffy! Before anything bad can happen." she imagined her bat in her hand and swung the nonexistent object violently at her baggy-eyed colleague, a determined smirk on her face as she did so. "And, if the culprit is there... I'll blow 'em right into the sun! Promise!"​

Doctor Llamabean

*winks at Markus*
[East District]
The Guild, also her home

A small building crammed between two larger, more professional looking establishments. Behind them, five acres of fenced-in forest.
The interior is cluttered. Stacks of papers are wherever they can fit without falling. Empty and full liquor bottles are tucked in every corner.

Charlie Hoshizora Taigakitt Taigakitt , Whisper (Naila's pet capuchin monkey)

Black Leather Boots and Gloves + Dark Grey Tunic and Pants + Light Grey Tabard wrapped with a Dark Grey Sash
[Reference] [Naginata]
43.jpgShe's bored of the small jobs.

In a city so large, you'd think there would be more excitement. Everyday, it's the same thing~

I can't find my dog!--Could you mow my lawn?--I'm on the clock for my work but my girlfriend wants to meet up; could you deliver this package to this address for me?

"Every. Freakin'. Day!" Naila kicks the foot of the coffee table, startling Whisper off of it--her baby capuchin monkey. He'd been nibbling on some graham crackers for five minutes now anyway; best he take a break before his tummy hurts.

Down onto the floor, then up her clothes and onto her shoulder, he peers innocently around the room, tilting and turning his little head every which way as Naila paces back and forth, hands on her hips.

Her naginata is through the kitchen, propped beside the front door.

She huffs, stopping in front of the stairs, which lead up into her bedroom--a small space that overlooks the entirety of the living room

"I want to do something exciting!" she whines, slouching. Whisper holds onto her ear.

Contrary to usual, Naila is sober, hence her bad mood. Though, this is nothing new. Anyone who she deems close would know that she never starts drinking until a minute past 12:00 PM. The current time: 11:20 AM. And they've had not a single customer aside from Charleen Maybody requesting, for the fifth day in a row, that they purify the demons hiding in her shower drain.

44.pngShe's says it bubbles something sinister and awful. Naila's told her already, it's probably a clogged vent pipe or something of the sort. But definitely not demons.

Pacing again, she's talking to someone. That someone happens to be Charlie Hoshizora, Jinxless Junior of the Sapphire Dragons who has, since becoming a member, grown into a valuable asset here at The Guild, Naila's Civilian Aid shop. Basically, what they do is take in random requests from strangers at a bargain that everyone can agree on, hardly ever turning someone away.

"I'm seriously about to scour the district again..." she says, referring to the last time she was this bored.

Drunk on red wine because she couldn't afford good liquor, she roamed the nearest neighborhoods, beating on doors to ask families if they needed any work done. At some point, the cops were called, and Naila spent the night in jail... in an open cell.

She could have left whenever.

"That's it! I'm serious! Come on!" She raises her voice, storming toward the door, startling Whisper. He jumps from her shoulder, onto the coffee table where he starts wiping his graham cracker crumbs into a neat pile. "If they won't come to us, we'll go to them!"


U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
Sapphire Dragons- Senior
Location: South District Alleyway
Interaction/Mention: Anne Boolean Anne Boolean (Arty)
Although he was focused on keeping track of the goons that were surrounding them, Deli wasn't so captivated as to not immediately take note of the change in tone that came from his passenger. Now he'd had suspicions of her reasoning for being where she was in the state that she was in for quite a while, but that was apparently only the tip of the iceberg. Despite himself, Deli couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the young woman who the child grew into over the course of several seconds.

She immediately laid claim to him whilst yanking a crossbow out of her bag and angling it towards the goons. The statement seemed to drive Winzlow into something of a state of manic interest, as he began laughing uproariously at her claim. He seemed to be the only goon taking enjoyment out of the new development, as the men and women who were backing him up only seemed to view her transformation with heightened rage. But Deli couldn't bring himself to care about those developments, as he was too busy calculating how he'd be able to fit the sudden changes into his schedule. Obviously he wouldn't have to worry about taking the girl anywhere, her legs seemed to be in perfect working order, but would she be able to provide enough of a roadblock to his pursuers for him to seamlessly return to his schedule?

"Sorry Sally!" Winzlow shook his head as deep lines began to form in his skin, segmenting his body "But I can't go letting a prime piece like that go! Guess we gotta race for 'em!"

"What? No." Doppel-Deli glanced back towards both him and the young woman "No racing, just me getting back to work."

He glanced towards the woman, "I don't know your particular reason for getting the way and I can't care, now that it's settled I have a schedule I have to keep to and these interruptions aren't helping."

"You ain't going nowhere, motherfucker!!!" One of the goons at Winzlow's side called out whilst balling a fist "Don't care how many shits I gotta break through, District Traitors like you need lessons if you ever gonna learn!"

Deli sighed on his scooter as he leaned forward, giving Doppel-Deli more than enough room to turn and race for the back of the Scooter. He used it as a stepping stool, flinging himself over Deli and drop-kicking the knife wilding woman in front of him. The man with the pipe reared back to attack, only for Deli to drive his scooter directly into his side and send him spinning away. Doppel Deli was quick to pin him against the wall as Deli sped off on his scooter, but his absence only seemed to enrage Winzlow's partners even more.

"Fucker's fleeing!" shouted a woman behind him as she and the two others ran past Winzlow for Artemis, but Winzlow himself merely spread his arms wide as those deep-lines contnued appearing along them.

Then he split at the seams, his body separating into floating segments as they stretched away from each other in the air. His floating hands came together and clapped as the other goons engaged Artemis, with the floating pieces of his body floating up to the top of the alleyway. Doppel Deli merely watched for a moment as the man he was pinning struggled against him.

"Every day with this, God..." he shook his head as the distance between Deli and him grew too great, causing him to vanish without a trace

"A race!" Winzlow cheered again as his pieces reassembled at the nearby roof "Gotta see who catches 'em first eh? I'm always game goddamnit! Let's play!"

And with that he took off, running in generally the same direction as Deli had gone.


*Willingly Participates in Self Sabotoge*

  • cfe4ae655b567c966699b23628005e51.jpg
    Location: Erich Silva's Garage
    Date: January 1st, 2021

    Omar [ Jack-O-Lanturn ] ( Vahn Vahn ), Nionet [ Sixth Sense ] ( Cracker Cracker ), Erich [ Pixel ] ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )
    ~ Hesitations ~
    Bottled Angel || Mollify’s CS File

    Thought people like small talk? She guessed they did. Vanja never liked small talk. It was easier to just get to the point wasn’t it? At least that’s what the woman would say. He on the other hand was just out here spilling all the details of his life unprompted. What did she care if-

    No breathe. In. Then Out.

    This wasn’t the south. She’d never needed to watch for trap doors here. Even if it meant she had to reel herself in more than she’d liked. She started tapping at the door trying to ground herself. Getting worked up meant visions, and visions were often more a nuisance than a boon.

    But then she’d have context to that woman’s words.

    No. wasn’t worth it. Who knew what she’d see. Who knew if it’d be the future or the present. Who knew if it’d even be relevant.

    She let out a sigh.

    “You’re a downer. If you got promoted then you got promoted. If you don’t wanna be a lapdog then don’t. I came here because I agree with Miss Nionet’s philosophy.”

    She waited until the car came to a stop before unbuckling her seatbelt, grabbing her things, and hopping out. She looked directly into Omar’s eyes before speaking again.

    “Where I’m from, peace is something only the strong have. And I was too weak. I have someone I’ve been looking for, and they’re probably in the gangs. I want to make my own peace, and that requires finding them and making them confess to what they’ve done. I can’t look my brother in the face again until I do.”

    With that she started walking up to her two elders with a scowl she couldn’t erase from her face despite her trying to. She gave them a quick half bow before addressing them.

    “Good afternoon Sirs!”

    She pulled herself back up quickly before standing at attention. This… was a mission right? She was so sure it had to be but … hearing it conformed by Nionet almost had her release a sigh of relief. So it wasn’t just Pixel being Pixel.

    Wait an escort mission? Her? Hell she lost so many times before. She wasn’t exactly the best for bodyguard material. She tried to hide the cracks of worry shown in her expression. And a daycare meet up? Why were they only being told now? Er- well maybe she was just a last minute replacement then.

    “I have- so many questions.”

    She felt it slip before she could retract the words. Luckily she’d been picking up some spanish here and there since their Vice slipped into it so often. Unluckily all the mindpower that would usually go to filtering her words went to translating them.

    “Er- I mean what I meant to say was- ah- Well why us? An escort mission shouldn’t need a jack, unless she’s rather known but uh if that’s the case I can’t help but feel you might have found better candidates than myself…. especially given what i saw

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