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Doctor Llamabean

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(West District)
[Red West Bar]
At a table toward the back left

Brielle Rousseau Cracker Cracker , Matsuda Russo Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed

Loose White Tank-top; Grey Shorts; Red Nike Sneakers; Lots of Bling
[Reference] [Sneakers] [Cap]
When Matsuda scoffs, Boltius raises a brow, showing him an inquisitive glare and wondering if the plan proves impermissible. If so, he wants an explanation why, ready to defend his reasons at the next words out of the Ace's mouth.

They slip between his lips on a smile, however, and Boltius' features soften with amusement. “How dare. You even question whether we’d join your dumbass," Matsuda says.

Boltius laughs--loudly so--and he pours himself a third glass of rum as Matsuda empties his own in a daring gulp.

"Fuckin' right, daaaaawg!!" he cheers.

“Let’s get those sons of bitches while their pants are down!” Matsuda barks.

Boltius pauses mid-sip on his own glass, inwardly scratching his head at the comment. This wouldn't be the first time his friend has said such wacky things however, so he simply pushes it to the back of his mind and smiles, draining the rum with barely a wrinkle of his nose at its biting spice.

"So, what we do?" Brielle asks all of the sudden, pointing to herself and Matsuda.

"If word spreads abo't you ta'geting a Tiger, it might draw bad blood between us--more than the' already is."

Boltius lets her finish, refilling his glass.

"Like I say, if de Se'pents are trying to make us fight each other to eliminate en'mies, you'll only help dem. They are sneaky, true?... But ei'zer way, we have no othe' options. Truth comes one way or anotheer." The girl smiles then. "So les' make de fun of it..."

And Boltius chuckles. "No, I get what you're sayin', chick, but you're also ruling out the possibility of the Tigers being behind it all. I mean, think about it- fuckin' Serpents ain't got shit to lose, so what difference would it make to keep anonymous? And if I've learned anything over the years, it's that the Tigers are just as--if not more--conniving and sneaky than anyone else."

"As for the plan, I'm thinking there's three of us... three districts... one to each--you, me, and Ticco. Either that or we squad camp the fuckin' alleys until a stray cat comes along, if you know what I mean. If we get it done in one day, though, then we're giving no time for word to get around, which is good, so we'll cover more ground to split up."

"Only one rule," Boltius' eyes glint as his brows draw together, "Don't get yourself killed. Now," he raises his fourth glass of rum, baring his teeth in a wily grin, "Let's party."

[...] SOME TIME LATER [...]

The bar buzzes with the exhilaration of drunk patrons drowning themselves in seemingly endless intoxicants. Music bounces from the speakers mounted on the walls, reverberating through the ceiling and into the low-hung light fixtures.

Most noticeably, a rambunctious crowd has gathered around the main counter.

"GO! GO! GO!" They all shout, some pumping their fists in the air, others raising their beers or whiskey glasses, or whatever other beverage one might be sporting. Brielle and Matsuda, in spite of the Ace's usual anxieties, stand nearest to the counter in the very center of the gathering, where Boltius Beckman has been rid of his shirt and is laid out with his hands behind his head and one knee up. A fourth of a lime is pinned between his teeth on a smile, some juice trickling down the side of his face as he trembles with laughter.

Harriet is standing behind the counter on which the Revenant Jack lies, holding in her two hands a grinder of sea salt, which she's generously sprinkling over Boltius' neck, chest, and abs whilst laughing just the same, if not more.

"Hallelujah, baby, look at dat washboard~!" she cracks before trickling her fingers down his toned ribs. This causes him to jolt up and gasp, but Harriet pushes him back down onto the counter by his shoulder, "Nuh-uh-uh~, big boy. You always sayin' you gone do dis an' you neva do."

"I'dunit dedor!" Boltius mumbles out--an incoherent and panicked response when he sees Harriet going in for another round to tickle him. Thankfully, a feign is all it is, then she sprinkles another layer of salt over his body. He wonders how much more until it's no longer called for, and he wonders who'll be the one to partake.

Briefly glancing over the crowd, he hopes it's Brielle.

"Awright, awright! Lessee who gon' lick'im," Harriet's voice is loud. Everyone quiets down to watch as she clicks a button on her phone-screen and a list of names, one at a time, cycle by on a black background. It does this for about three seconds before the name Matsu-Man is singled out in bold white, and everyone looks at Matsuda--including Boltius with wide eyes--then they all burst into loud hollers and laughter and cheer.

Harriett clutches her chest, "Oh mah gah~ This a dream come true. Matsu-Man, you gots ta do it. You gots ta. Make mamma proud."

Boltius closes his eyes, laughing hard.

"You just lick the salt, take the shot-" she grabs a shot glass and fills it with tequila, "Then suck the lime, baby." Handing it to him, hardly heard over the other patrons, her thick lips curl into a smile, "You up to the challenge, or I gotta have one o' these other men do it fo' ya?"


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Sonny Gomali | Sapphire Dragons - Rookie | Location: Central District - Burger King | Interacting/Mentioned: August August| Outfit: Shirt, Pants/Shoes, Jacket (not exact)

In an immediate response to Sonny's date proposal, August's snaps, "Yeh, moight as well. How's about we pay a quick'un to tha Red Cross Donation Centah TO DONATE SOME'AH YA FOCKIN' WASTE THERE MATE!"

At this, Sonny purses his lips and avoids eye contact, glancing left, right, up, down, and all around--everywhere but August's face. Why? Because he knows he'll laugh--he always does when people yell at him.

August continues, his voice growing louder, "THEN WE CAN MAYBE AFFO'D A BURGAH, OR MAYBE A FIZZY!? WAIT, NO, YA DON'T GET PAID FAH THAT! MATE, YA BEEN STABBED!" Gesturing to the obvious wound with a dramatic hand, August takes the boy by the arm and pulls him along.

Sonny stumbles to turn around, but quickly regains his balance to match the pace.


Upon paying a quick visit to an all-too familiar face, Oxie Lancaster, she healed Sonny's wounds and asked a few boring questions, to which he answered on a vague memory. Most of what happened vanished from his mind during the way there.


"Get wot ya want. I'll pay... It's a least I can do when ya done near been gutted." August sits sideways in his chair, leaning over the table with an arm holding his head.

A beaming smile spreads across Sonny's face as he starts to bounce in his seat like child, "Really? You're such a kind person! Seriously, I could kiss you right now!"

At this, the smile on his face drops. His widened eyes meet August's for what seems like an intense stare-down, and on a low whisper, he says, "I could kiss you."

Then, as if nothing happened, his smile returns just as fast as it went, "I want some nuggies!"

Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean



Wanted: Lost Marbles

Matsuda Russo


What the hell is happening. How the hell did he even get into this situation? It feels like the walls are all closing in around Matsuda, as all eyes are on him. That stupid phone just had to pick him huh? Knowing his luck, of course it did. He really should stop freaking out- or else he’ll start sweating. That would make this situation even worse. A whole room passed out by him just cuz of a stupid drinking game? He would never live that down.

As the instructions race through his ears, he finally focuses as Harriet, her words sending blood rushing to his cheeks. Out of either embarrassment or jealousy he couldn’t quite tell.

You up to the challenge, or I gotta have one o' these other men do it fo' ya?"

Taking a deep breath and swallowing a gulp of air- his adam’s apple bobbing, he steps up. He pushes back his hair, not wanting it to catch any salt, and shakes his shoulders, preparing himself (mostly prepping himself mentally). With a confident smile (forced but others would find it hard to tell) he lets out a loud chuckle, winking playfully at Boltius- his best bud. He can’t get cold feet now. Besides this probably means nothing, just a fun drinking game with friends.. and an audience… and the person in front of him is his fucking crush… who is being watched by the girl he likes.. shit this situation is messed up.

Hooking his shades on his shirt, he takes a shaky breath. Alright, let’s do this! The drink now in his hand, he bends down over Bolti, his anxiety building up. What if something goes wrong? What if he ruins everything? What if- he shakes his head. Get a fucking grip Matsuda, it’s just a party game. Intending to just take a glance at Boltius’ face to discern his reaction, he freezes as he watches his eyes. Shit, what now. Not looking away, he trails his tongue from his abdomen, up his chest, to the side of his neck. Once he pulls away his face is burning red. What the fuck was that?! All he had to do was a small lick.

Shaking his head to rid himself of his thoughts, he downs the shot. The burning was a good distraction. Coughing a bit he slams it down on the counter. Gazing at the lime in between his teeth, he can’t help but wonder how far he’s gone already. Why the hell not, it’s not like he’d get another chance like this again. He couldn’t tell if it was the alcohol or his messed up mind, but without delaying another second he bends down over his friend once again. With a sharp intake of air, he licks the trail of juice on his cheek, quickly leading up to him slightly sucking the lime. Suddenly, something within Matsuda’s mind snaps. He snatches the lime from Boltius’ mouth and throws it away, leaning back down to press his lips on his. As soon as he does this, the freak out in his mind intensifies tenfold. What the fuck was he doing? Was this some drunken mistake he’d later deeply regret? Fuck, what the hell was he supposed to do now?!

Interactions- Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Cracker Cracker

Doctor Llamabean

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(West District)
[Red West Bar]
Near the car counter

Brielle Rousseau Cracker Cracker , Matsuda Russo Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed

Loose White Tank-top; Grey Shorts; Red Nike Sneakers; Lots of Bling
[Reference] [Sneakers] [Cap]

"GO! GO! GO!"


The wild cheers and pressuring chants meld together with the bumping music and background chatter of the bar--all eyes on Matsuda as he steps up to Boltius with a wink.

Boltius is laughing, holding his eyes shut as if to convince himself this isn't about to happen. Every muscle in his body tenses from the anticipation, and his chest rises and falls from his panicked panting.

Gaaah! Just get it over with!--he screams internally.

Then he feels it--the warmth of Matsuda's tongue across his stomach, over his chest, and up the side of his neck in just seconds, during which Boltius repetitively stomps his foot on the counter while cringing on a loud, growly howl and tickled laughter. The crowd loses it. Harriet's face is blood red, along with many others, but Boltius is mostly just amused, covering his eyes now, his panting more erratic.



"GO! GO! GO!"

More people have gathered to watch the scene unfold, just in time to see Matsuda lick the juice trailing down the side of Boltius' face, then suck the lime between his teeth. The majority of the girls standing around start squealing and fanning their faces. Some of the men cover their eyes, shaking their heads. Others instigate with drunken encouragement and emboldening whoop and bravo.

Matsuda straightens up, pulling the lime from Boltius' mouth, and Boltius uncovers his eyes. He thinks it's all over, grinning something awkward--but at the same time, entertained. However, before he or anyone else can react, Matsuda leans back down in the heat of the moment and pressed his own lips onto Boltius', which are sticky and sour from the fruit.

The crowd explodes. Some of the patrons start jumping up and down. Some run away laughing. Some stay to watch. And some are even recording.

Boltius' eyes gape wide, crossing as he stares at his friend from what might be the closest they've ever been, then he jolts up, tucks his head between his legs to hide his face, and exhales a loud, "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! MATSUDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" Steam rises from his body, waves of heat starting to radiate outward, which causes the crowd to distance themselves a tad.

Harriet, all too used to Boltius' Jinx, slaps him on the back of the head. "Boy, getchaself togetha," and he near instantly cools down.

A moment passes.

Everyone falls quiet.

When he finally lifts his head again, Boltius slides down off the counter. He approaches Matsuda with a downcast gaze, swaying slightly from the alcohol, then he looks up with a mischievous and crooked grin. One of his eyes twitch. He lifts a hand, taking Matsuda by the jaw, squeezing his cheeks, and he says jokingly, "Keep playin' like that and I'll take you out back, uuuuuhh!?"


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Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean

Akimitsu Grossi

Akimitsu wasn't expecting him to hurt Camaree's feelings, or that's what he thought he has done. He only wanted to come along to surprise Raven and have fun at the same time. Camaree's doubt of being popular than everyone else is affecting her negatively. If only he can understand the situation better, considering that he hasn't got a gift for Raven, but Camaree can give him a gift for something to give it to Raven for later. The confusion can be daunting for him sometimes, but he must work it out. Whatever the case, he should be able to understand it by actually seeing it for himself.

What he and Camaree find are gifts both big and small, slim and wide. The largest gift is on top of the smaller ones. These gifts are reserved just for someone special but aren't exactly sure who's it is because it is supposed to be a surprise, so he can't find out until then. It could be possibly Raven, though.

When Camaree explains about she might hurting Raven's feelings a moment ago, he isn't the one to do that sort of thing, and it is a reasonable thing for her to say. As long as they have a great time together and him not selfishly stealing someone's gifts, then they should be fine but what bothers him is the way that she is thinking about herself and the fact that he won't accept her opinion regarding her idea and concerning his morality of whether or not he is a friendly person to be around. He is but in an anti-heroic manner, and because he is working for a criminal organization based on his interests.

From his standpoint, Camaree might be making a big deal out of herself, but she hasn't known him well since they just met a while ago, so it makes sense in context. She also stated that she is not as popular as Raven and that she wasn't expecting him to not going along with her opinion if it wasn't without her. Of course, popularity isn't a gamble for him, and she shouldn't be worrying too much about it as it is not a big deal. Popularity isn't his ambition to climb through the ranks, but it is a viable alternative for him. However, he might go with something different.

Because he felt bad for Camaree showing signs of self-doubt and not feeling socially comfortable, he lightly patted on the top of her head to ensure his friendliness and that he does accept her opinion, she is just overthinking it. He also gave out a smile by looking directly in her eyes to make it even better. From then on, there is nothing for Camaree to be ashamed of, just popularity is not necessary.

"Hey, there's no need to feel down in the dumps. Being popular than Raven won't make anything better, and you are making a big deal out of yourself. I would just enjoy the party and move on. I'm not objecting to you, and I will always agree with your opinion. That is what a loyal member of a gang is supposed to fulfill, am I correct? So stop whining for once, okay? After all, we're here to take some time off for ourselves, right?" He stated.

Well, he does have an aloof demeanor at certain points. It is meant for him to make himself clear, so he doesn't have to deal with whatever nonsense comes in his way.

Doctor Llamabean

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(Rose District)
[Underground Rave]

Alistair Fletcher Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed , Raven Sandford SRUNewman SRUNewman , Pascal Corbin Anne Boolean Anne Boolean

White T-shirt; Stolen watch; Black and white, striped pants; White tennis shoes; Black headband
C.C. glances between the two of Alistair and Pascal at the mention of Pascal being the "Jinxless one", a trait that C.C. has known to be belonging to one of the members of the Albino Tigers--though, he's never had the honor of meeting them.

His first thought is: Oh, so he's cute?

Pascal smiles, "I'd love to go to a rave. I must say though, I've never been to one before."

"No worries. I'll show you a good time," C.C. flirts, smiling back just the same.

[...] SOME TIME LATER [...]

Because C.C. didn't trust himself to teleport everyone to their destination, they took a cab, and Alistair paid.

Upon arrival, C.C. was greeted as a regular, and everyone was granted access without the requirement of a membership pass. Through a dark hallway, they emerge into a massive open-space that drops down over metal railings into a pit of intoxicated and euphoric men and women, visible only by the streaming, strobing lights of changing colors. Otherwise, it'd be pitch dark.

Standing with his back to the railing, C.C. looks at Alistair, Pascal, and Raven with his arms open. "First one to pass out wakes up in a helicopter," he says, his voice barely audible amid the bass-boosted techno music shaking the building.

Then he falls back, flipping over the railing, and begins a twenty-foot descent into the sea of people.

"Just kidding," Suddenly, he's standing behind Pascal with a drink in hand, peering over his shoulder. He hands him the alcohol, "If you're nervous, you can stick with me." Blue eyes narrow on Alistair, "Just not with that guy. He might sell your pretty face to human traffickers." A joke, of course, as he and Alistair go way back.

"As for you," C.C. points at Raven, "You're the only one I want to see drunker than me, birthday girl!"

Doctor Llamabean

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(East District)
[Sapphire Dragons' Temple]

Chu Ji-yoo SRUNewman SRUNewman , Omar Ayad Vahn Vahn

Capri Trousers; Sweatshirt; Black Beanie; Mask and Goggles
[Trousers] [Hoodie]
Silva stands up and hobbles over to Omar, scratching his stomach and giving a little peek of his bellybutton. "¿Que diablos, amigoo? Das a lot... But what for?" he asks, totally unaware of the current goings-on involving the Elder of the Albino Tigers.

Even so, whatever it is, guns likely extend beyond the range of how far Nionet is willing to go for this Temple. Silva raises a brow at Omar, which is hidden behind his goggles.

He crouches down beside him, holding out his phone per Omar's request. "Wut's going on, Jacko? You make enemies or somet'ing? De password is 'Plus Ultra.'"


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Omar Ayad - Sapphire Dragons - Jack
East District, The Dragon's Temple
Interactions / Mentions :
SRUNewman SRUNewman Chu Ji-yoo and Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Erich Deon Silva

Omar would be checking the bag a bit as he noted that apart from the Glock and Revolver that there were four flash bang grenades also inside plus a recipt as he calmly took note of the what other options he got only for a voice to whisper in his head.

Jack-O'-Lantern: "You revealed a small card...but I don't think Nionet Sinblade will accept it if she found you have guns...."

Omar would let out a sigh when he hears Erich Deon Silva next statement.

Erich Deon Silva: "Wut's going on, Jacko? You make enemies or somet'ing? De password is 'Plus Ultra.'"

Omar turns to face Erich Deon Silva before readjusting his glasses a bit and then speaking out loud.

Omar Ayad: I heard from Oxie that you were bleeding and Chu Ji-yoo had to transport you here by flying...Any thug with half a brain cell could easily just follow the flying bird lady back to where ever you are....so even if the lady you fought did not need to finish you off, does not mean that any opportunistic thug or punk would not finish the job.....Caution is the better part of valor...Plus Ultra huh...

Omar would managed to open Erich Deon Silva cellphone and checked list of the contacts before finding the number and clicking on it as he then walked a few steps away from Erich Deon Silva.

Omar Ayad: Hello...Sorry this is Omar, not Erich....You see me often in the Shawarma shop....Yeah, you know my dad....Well its about Erich....No no he is okay....He was baby sitting and he left the kid alone to go after how did he put it. A hot young blonde lady......Don't worry, I took care of the kid ut Eirch got beaten up....Yeah, It was not serious but I think it was the blonde lady who did it after she say no maybe.......Yeah he is here. I'll pass the cellphone over give me one moment.

Omar turns back to Erich Deon Silva before handing the cellphone over did Omar look Erich Deon Silva in the eye and speak to him.

Omar Ayad: The reason I didn't tell Paige is because your mother can do things much much worse than Paige could ever do.

Omar Ayad made sure that the cellphone was in Erich Deon Silva reach so that Erich Deon Silva can take it without any problems.

First Rose

First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum


R. R. Senior

  • "Miniscule" Setback
    Location: Library [Serpent Territory]

    To be frank, the start of the whole operation hadn't been a complete disaster, they had the drugs, they already had the money-.. perhaps this wouldn't be a complete dis-...

    "Brax..-.." Her eyes batted toward the reverse engine lights on the SUV nearby. "Brax." She said a bit more sternly, and far too soon, the car gunned it into their way. Snake's eyes widened as she shook Brax with a hand, "BRAX!!!" And just as she did, he noticed and slammed on the brakes. However, their actions were much far too late, and the metal of the car's hood collided with the other car. Luckily, Snake had braced enough as she brought her arms before her- and the whip of her momentum pushing her forward was stopped by the large airbag that deployed. The back of her head hit the headrest of the car seat behind her, hard as a notable thump radiated through the interior of the vehicle. A fogginess covered her vision for a moment, the muffled sound of a door opening and few words reached her deaf ears; then in a near flash, she was sucked back into the present. It only took her a second to realize her surroundings once more as she swatted the airbag out of her face. It Seemed Brax had a bogey on him, something she wasn't too worried about knowing him. However, as she went for the door handle, on the passenger side, the man who had pulled the trigger was standing before her, gun raised.

    Her eyes narrowed and pure annoyance and boredom, more so at the bullet shell that lingered within the skin of his forehead. Resilient Jinx-...’ course it was. Her hands rose where the man could see them.

    “Heheh...Smart aren’t you. Why don’t you step out Shawty, lemme get a look at you...?” The man mocked through rotten teeth, and his smile poised in a patronizing manner; oh how that rubbed her wrong. Snake stepped out of the truck, a few thumps and struggled sounds perceivable behind her as she turned toward it. Only, the click of a gun rang through her ears as the muzzle of a gun was pressed at her temple. The man then continued, “Now then, here’s how this is gonna go down...-“

    Snake’s baleful expression slowly turned to face the man, her brows aligned in more disgust than any real fear as the sides of her lips tightened under a brim of malice. She let him blabber a few words before her hand shot up and grabbed a hold of the man’s wrist, twisting so quick, that his body lurched toward her alongside a surprised grunt in consequence. The next minute, she had her hand around his neck, positioned in such a manner that a single yank could snap his neck all too cleanly.

    The man gave a sputtered array of curses and insults toward her. Which- if one asked her- was no way to treat the person who had one’s life at their disposal, and she promptly made a mental decision to drop him mid-sentence. However, a better idea came to mind, and the slightest mischievous smirk lightly tugged at her lips as a wicked glare then met his gaze, such a face made him silent, concerned of what was to come. He only had time to gulp before Snake snagged the gun out of his already immobilized grasp and sent the brunt of it into the side of his head. A small clunk residing from his noggin, and the poor man slumped to the ground. The woman then neared him, her form starting to fade, almost as if to become a phantom before she stepped into the man's body so casually. He was still for a moment, until his eyes suddenly opened, only- they weren't his own, one was purple- the other blue. Quickly getting to his feet after grabbing his gun, the man-possessed individual ran for the back of the truck and opened it up. Swiftly taking the package into his hands, he then nonchalantly made his way to the driver's side of the vehicle, dropping the drugs before Brax and Jaiden as they tussled.

    "Dealt with the girl,- feisty she was." Despite the appearance and voice of a stranger, those eyes of blue and purple gave Brax assurance that Snake was inside, even with the Glock that was held in his grasp, Brax would know that the ill-intentful stare toward him was but a sham. The inhabited-lad gave a nod toward the duffel bag behind him, "The drugs are fine." He said as he pointed the gun toward Brax, however, as soon as Jaiden where to put some space in between himself and the mute, the gun turned straight at Jaiden's heart as she stood a few feet from him.

    "You- however-..." The gun clicked, locking the bullet in place. "Are not..."

    A nod toward Brax, refraining from taking his eyes off of Jaiden. By God, she swore if his jinx was some ridiculous, teleporting, invisible, or clone ability like some bitch she knew-..."Brax you alright?" He was alright. "grab the drugs, and go. I'm behind you." With that, the trigger was pulled, and the gun was suddenly aimed at the meat of Jaiden's thigh. As she predicted, once the man would lean over to brace the wound, she'd slam the Glock into his face, hopefully putting this man to sleep and allowing a smooth getaway.

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(Rose District)
[Central Bazaar]
Burger King

Sonny Gomali Cracker Cracker

Baggy Red Long-sleeved Shirt; Grey Jacket; Camouflage Coat; Adidas Track Pants; Brown Shoes; Adidas Beanie; Adidas Gloves and Socks
"I could kiss you right now!"
"I could kiss you right now!"
"I could kiss you right now!"
"I could kiss you right now!"

August, showing a look of concerned curiosity, turns his head to face Sonny--slowly, almost cautiously.

"I'm sorry, wot?" he asks, meeting Sonny's wide and distant eyes.

"I could kiss you." Sonny says again, this time on a more sinister whisper.

August sits up, shaking his head in utter bewilderment. "Wai- Wait- Mate, wot?"

"I want some nuggies!" Sonny says.

August waves a frantic hand, placing his feet properly under the table, "No- no- no~ Wind 'at back..." He pauses. "Actually, nevahmoind. I'll just... I'll getcha a ten piece." Standing to his feet, accompanied by the screeching of his chair along the tile, August steps away from the table to order their food, checking his wallet on the way.

"Eh-yeh, just a ten-piece nuggie and-"

The cashier interrupts him, "Nuggets?"

August looks up at her, blinking, "Wot?"

"Ten piece nuggets? Like chicken nuggets?" She asks rather matter-of-factly.

"Yeh, mah mate just said 'e wanted some nuggies. Not too much t' ask, yeh?" A small smile curls on his lips--not quite riddled with cheer, but also not entirely snobbish as intended. "An' also a numbah foive," he adds, pointing up at the menu behind the girl.

However, she points back at him, "What's with that?" asking about his horn.

"Yeh, just a ten piece an' a numbah foive, please."

"Yeh, nor proiblem, maytee," she mocks, finally punching the order into the register as August stands flat, his expression lifeless and easily unamused. In the moment, he cannot help but wonder: Wot would Silva do? And so, sporting a suddenly goofy smile, he raises a hand in the air and slams it down onto the counter, startling the girl back a step. He squints his eyes and asks excitedly, "Oi, mate, wot's gotcha so down?! It's 'boutta be the New Yea' 'n you sulkin'? Not off to a good staht, moight I say."

For a moment, she stands in stunned silence.

Then, "We're closed now," is all she says for August to take a quick look at the placement of the hands of the nearby clock, and he realizes... "O-oh... Roight..." Awkwardly, he clears his throat, fetches a sharp ten from his wallet, then slides it toward her. "We'll get it t' go." Afterward approaching Sonny with their food in a bag and a defeated slump in his gait.

He beckons toward the door, "I gotcha some bahbecue. Let's go."


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Mixie Edellson | Sable Serpents - Jack | Location: South District - Abandon Library | Interacting/Mentioned: Jaiden Wilson, Gregoire Tanaka, Jin Masaka| Outift: Main Outfit + Eye Patch

Like a grenade tossed in the midst of a battle, Mixie's detached hand twirls as it travels through the air.

Upon reaching the peak of trajectory, the limb spirals rapidly towards the ground, only a few feet from where her target--Jin Masaka--stands.

And the very second it lands in the grass, a loud boom echoes throughout the area, leaving a deafening ring in the ears of those closest.

Chunks of dirt and grass are flung about in random directions.

Flames spark and roar, reaching high for only a moment, then dying down. Whereas black smoke swirls into a cloud above it and sprawls out.

At this, Mixie's heart skips a beat.

Gradually, a lopsided smile forms from her lip, followed by a shrill, deranged laugh.

Squinting to see through the smoke, her smile fades into a frown upon seeing Jin merely stunned, his back met with the bark of tree.

"Boo! You suck!"

Jin pays no mind to this childish remark, and instead redirects his attention to the other Revenants. Sparing a few words, he gathers a stable stance, then commences a sprint.

Of course...

Caught in a daze, Mixie has no time to react, only acknowledging him at the last second before black smokes blinds her vision.

"Sorry Mix but I can't promise you won't die today." Jin's words hit her ears like a gunshot.

As she turns around, the sharp edge of a blade falls from above, dividing the smoke around them. Flinching, Mixie stumbles to the ground and, instinctively, raises her only hand in defense.

From there, everything goes silent...

Then there's a thud.

What just happened?

Opening her eyes, Mixie goes to gasp but holds her breath at the sight.

Where her right hand would be, there's nothing but a stream of blood spurting from the wrist.

Too shocked to recognize the pain, millions of thoughts flood her mind.

He cut my hand off?

Why was there no explosion?

Will it ever grow back?

The pain finally kicks in, sending Mixie into a crazed state of panic, bursting a blood-curdling scream that blends with cries of agony and horror.

Hugging the arm to her chest, hyperventilating, and violently kicking the air--anger begins to take over.

Now looking through blood-shot eyes, ridden with madness, Mixie rises from the ground--albiet wobbly--and scans for Jin Masaka.

All rational thoughts have officially been lost to her.

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Location: (South District) Random Café
Interacting w/: Audience Valor Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean

The door eases shut to avoid slamming. Walking on the balls of her feet, Felicity tries to soften the sounds of her boots against the tiled floor. She knows she has already drawn enough attention to herself. Slipping into the nearest seat, it's not long before the adjacent seat is occupied as well.

"You're slow as shit..." Before given the chance to speak, Audience continues, "What's that on your forehead?... You've got something- Yeah, yeah... It looks like the fucking door." Just after parting her lips, she is interrupted once more. "Anyway, give me the details. I don't want to talk to you any longer than you do me."

With her elbow on the table, she rests her temple on the palm of her hand. "You done yet?" The next few seconds are used to give Audience a stare that has 'shut the hell up' written all over it. "Okay then..." she continues, "word on the street is that Chikage intends to meet the elder of the Sapphire Dragons. Not sure where. Not sure when. Can't even guarantee the accuracy of this information. If this is true then... I can't help but wonder..." if they're working together. A waiter in a dark blue button up and a black apron approaches the table with notepad in hand. "What can I get for you ladies today?"

Galaxy Bear

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Central District, coffee shop.

dress shoes

The cockiness of the one character is what really got her irritated. They didn't even wait for a proper 'yes' from her before shoving their phone in her face. If she had paid for her order she would have just walked away at this point, but sadly, she would never dine and dash. Before she could say something too heated, Mary finally came back with her dessert. "I'll cash out now," she says and hands Mary her debit card. She waited patiently for the receipt, signed off on it, before turning back to her 'offer.' "You must be rather stupid talking about a deal like this in the open public," she says before sliding their phone back to them. When the other said that they were interested, she paused, feeling more convinced the two knew each other.

She gets up with her pastry in one hand and starts to gather her stuff up. She puts back on her hat, gloves and scarf slowly as to give her more time to think about this deal. It had good intentions but she never did this type of stuff, especially not without her gang. She wasn't one to take the initiative and wasn't sure of her abilities. "You can tell me more somewhere else, but you can start with your names," She looks between both of them as she heads for the door. "Have a great day, Mary!" She calls over her shoulder and leaves the cafe, highly confident the two would follow her.

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(East District)
[Sapphire Dragons' Temple]

Chu Ji-yoo SRUNewman SRUNewman , Omar Ayad Vahn Vahn

Capri Trousers; Sweatshirt; Black Beanie; Mask and Goggles
[Trousers] [Hoodie]
Crouched--elbows resting over his knees--Silva nods as Omar speaks. He didn't think about the possibility of Yelena having followed them but even so, given the circumstance, one would think they'd be here by now if they were going to. Then again, it's as Omar says: opportunistic thugs could be lurking.

He rubs his masked chin, stroking a seemingly non-existent beard, "Eh-yes, I see... Makes sense." On that, he squints his eyes and takes a few rapid glances around the room, staring suspicion into the few Dragons who've returned since Kanna's dismissal, recognizing them all.

Silva doesn't usually forget a face despite his careless and frolicking behavior.

Omar dials a number on Silva's phone then puts it to his ear. There's a second wait before someone can be heard on the other end, muffled but familiar, and Silva's eyebrows peak upon his forehead.

"The reason I didn't tell Paige is because your mother can do things much much worse than Paige could ever do," Omar says, handing the phone to Silva, who is backing away with frantic waving hands. In the end, though, he takes it and lifts it slowly.

"Ho-Hola mamá-" He mumbles, the words but a mere whisper beneath the idle chatter about the room.

In response, an immediate and ear-shattering burst of Spanish scolding that causes him to jerk the phone from his ear, turning his head as if he's been punched by the words themselves.

Quickly then, he returns the phone to his ear and begins pacing back and forth, speaking to his mother in his native tongue. Briefly, he turns to Omar and bounces a finger at him to express a sort of sportsmanship, respecting the move--though, hating the game.


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Brielle Rousseau | Ruby Revenants - Junior | Location: West District - Red West Bar | Interacting/Mentioned: Boltius Beckman, Matsuda Russo | Outfit: Full Outfit


Brushing a gentle hand down the side of her face, Brielle scans for any noticeable flaws. Though, the mirror displays a distorted version of her reflection per the missing shards and cracks that run along the surface.

With a light push on the marble countertop, she stumbles away from the sink until met with the tile wall of the bathroom.

Everything is spinning...

Music thumps through the speakers, muffled by the thin walls.

As a result of the five Negronis and two shots of something she can't remember the name of, a drunken snicker falls from her lips, having no reason in particular.

Just then, loud cheers and screams roar within the other room.

"Hm?" She snaps a curious gaze at the door, then glances in the cracked mirror one last time, squinting at the top of her head.

"Mon béret..."

The beret that was once there is nowhere to be found.

She shrugs. It's not like there aren't twenty more in her dresser...

The girl proceeds to adjust her clothes, patting down a few stray hairs. She preps herself with a specific person in mind, whispering on a slur and chuckling quietly, "Mashhudaaaa~"

Somewhere in her mind...

Shining like a bright star, Matsuda dances in a tuxedo whilst a crowd of people scream and cheer.

Girls--and boys--faint at his marvelous beauty.

His elegant moves, though somewhat clumsy, are still performed with grace.

Then, like the very moment she fell in love with him, he trips...

His face burns red as he cups his cheek, "Oh no! I've embarrassed myself!" Then, his eyes lock with hers and he stares an enticing gaze...

"Je t'aime!"

Snapping back to the present, Brielle clears her throat, cheeks being bright red. She humbly turns to the door and finally exits the bathroom.

Upon looking around, there's a crowd of people surrounding the counter, earning a raised brow from the girl. She quickly shoves her way through the blurry faces and staggers to the front.

There, the center of attention is revealed...

Brielle's mouth gapes open in perplexity. Her heart sinks a little bit.

Boltius, her greatest friend of all time, lies on the counter of the bar, completely shirtless. Hovering over him is her one and only crush, Matsuda Russo. Both of them connect lips, engaging in what seems to be a passionate kiss.

"J'ai besoin - j'ai besoin d'air frais... The girl mumbles to herself, and before either of her friends can see her, she fades into the crowd and darts toward the door. Her hands fumble to open it, pulling it the wrong way at first, but she gets it open in the end.

Exiting the bar, a cold gust of frosty snow smacks her dead in the face. She gasps softly and hugs herself, dropping into the snow on two knees.

"Wat de hell jus' happened?"

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RpNation's local Neko and Quiplash Champion
Jaiden Wilson - Sable Serpents - Ace
South District, abandoned library
Interactions: Xavier Brax ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean ), Snake/Donelle Bankole ( First Rose First Rose ), Mixie Edellson ( Cracker Cracker )

Jaiden gave Brax a good look-over. He wasn't scrawny or anything and it seemed like he could take a punch or two. Though, Jaiden knew that Brax had a jinx of his own. What it was exactly was still in question.

If Jaiden had more time, he had some questions of his own to ask Brax, like what they were doing here, or who sent them. However, it would have to wait another time, as securing the drugs was his main priority. Jaiden began to turn away from Brax, giving him one last look as his smile turned more into a smirk.

"Maybe another time. I got other things to worry about other than you."

Jaiden's gaze moved and he was slightly surprised to see the same man from before, who Jaiden thought had gotten killed from the bullet earlier. At first glance, Jaiden didnt notice anything off from the man, aside from the bullet lodged in his forehead. Jaiden gave the man a nod as they confirmed that the drugs were safe and that the girl in the passenger seat from before was dealt with.

"Dealt with the girl,- feisty she was. The drugs are fine."
"I'll take them from here."

Moving towards the container, Jaiden knelt down to make sure there was no damage. Then he heard the gun click, the man uttering words with the intent to kill. Jaiden stayed where he was, listening as Brax got up and watched as he took the container away from Jaiden. Slowly, Jaiden stood up.

"You sure thats a good idea?"

There was no response from the man. Only the sound of the gunshot. In an instant, Jaiden felt the impact of the bullet hit his thigh. He stumbled slightly, feeling his leg give out as Jaiden fell down to one knee. He quickly turned, only to see the man quickly approach, the gun raised in the air. Jaiden did his best to block the incoming strike, but was too slow as the butt of the gun slammed into his face. Jaiden grunted, but no pain followed. Now Jaiden was just getting annoyed. Thankfully, the man had missed Jaiden's temple, striking near the jaw instead.

With a quick and swift movement, Jaiden brought one fist up into the man's gut, winding him as Jaiden's other hand grabbed the wrist of the hand that was holding the gun, twisting it and forced the man to drop the weapon. Jaiden quickly kicked it to the side and the hand that was on the wrist moved to hold the man by the shirt. A deep glare and a scowl was on Jaiden's face as he stared the man's eyes. That was when Jaiden noticed.

They're different colors...

Only now did it occur to Jaiden that he actually never saw the girl from before after he initially looked into the car. It was safe to say that the girl had some sort of possession jinx. Before Jaiden could do anything more however, he heard the familiar cry of pain nearby.

Jaiden gritted his teeth, but let go of the possessed man and shoved him back, putting distance between them.

"This isnt over. Now fuck off."

Quickly, Jaiden turned, moving back to where he had left Mixie. He had a slight limp to his walk because of the leg wound, but he didnt care. From what it sounded like, Mixie was in more danger than he was. It didnt take too long for Jaiden to find Mixie, as well as all the blood that had pooled to the ground. He saw that Mixie was holding her right arm very close to her chest and that her clothes were soaked with blood. Jaiden took his jacket off, ignore the cold winter weather as he got close to Mixie, quickly wrapping his arms around her. He spoke to her in a hushed and reassuring tone.

"Hey, hey, calm down. Its ok, I'm here now. Here."

Jaiden folded his jacket up, lifting Mixie's right arm up briefly and placed his jacket between her chest and the stump, then let Mixie hug her arm again, this time his jacket soaking up whatever blood was left. With an arm still wrapped around her, he quietly spoke to her again, firmly holding her close.

"Lets go back inside. We dont need to be outside anymore."

He didnt have the heart to tell Mixie that they failed at their job, but Jaiden knew he wouldn't have a choice with Gree or the lady from the Death Squad. He kept his mouth shut, but behind his lips, Jaiden was gritting his teeth. Hard. To think that everything was going smoothly, only to be ruined in the blink of an eye. And now there was blood shed.

Once he and Mixie were back inside the library, Jaiden looked around and sure enough, Gree was still inside doing fuck all. Jaiden gave him a cold look as he spoke to him.

"They got away with the drugs. I'm taking Mixie back home."

Before Gree could get out any words, Jaiden led Mixie out of one of the side entrance, avoiding the main entrance in case there was anyone lingering and waiting to ambush them. He didn't care about the drugs anymore. For Jaiden, things got much more personal.

First Rose

First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum

Even once the enemy had fallen, and calmer conversation began to reside within the alleyway, the head of the large hound was still beneath his arms; the occasional shiver apparent as his fur remained standing. The only real pain he felt was the strain of his sore muscles as he flexed in pure fear as hard as he could. The pooch's hide was almost as hard as a turtle's natural shell.

He would've laid there, crouching in terror if it wasn't for the friendly voice that pulled him out of the dark hole that he had retreated to. For a moment, he went completely still, and after a long moment, Pit slowly raised a hand from his vision, revealing a small eye the color of warm amber. The single eye looked around in a panicked manner until it once again landed on Tadashi's figure. A nervous swallow.

"Are they gone?"

The reassurance from his fellow gang member would spark a bit of confidence in Pit to get to his feet, his height at a stance consisting of a few feet of distance between Tadashi's scalp and Pit's chin. The large man-dog looked around once again, finding his elder bleeding and bruised, but standing, and once he batted an eye toward the fallen enemies that laid all around them, Pit couldn't help but feel a wave of shame come over him; his ears dropping in consequence. Had he missed that much? What a disaster, the gang elder had brought along with her a cowardly, dimwitted pooch. One that could barely manage a single adversary, one that was so quick to hide in pathetic fear as their allies were bombarded with foes. What kind of Gang Member was he? The same question Tadashi was most likely asking himself right about now,- their eyes met. He wouldn't be surprised if the lad was in fact, and would have no qualms if he voiced the blunt confession.

"I-...I-am sorry..." Quickly averting his gaze in shame before they just as instantly widened in shock at the sight of Nakazajo Chikage. Rocchi was here?? Why? When? For what?

"He's with us."


Pit gave an unsure glance toward Kanna, remembering the fact that Chikage wasn't all too fond of males- did he like dogs? Or did he hate animals as well..- Pit swallowed, Even WoRsE...The tiny ears upon his head drooped in consequence of his rising anxiety, and it only worsened as the gang elder began to show growing malice as he witnesses the anger quickly rise within him. The large pooch brought his limbs toward him as he took a few steps back, longing to get as far back as possible Though something stopped him, instinct, at the bottom of his heart, forced his feet to plant beside Tadashi, not allowing him to cower while danger visibly stood before him. While the elder punched right through the walls and tore apart train tracks, Pit didn't move, not unless any of his own members did; he simply watched. As would a Doberman stare at a door, knowing someone lurked behind it, but unsure of what to do. His hair stood on end as the yelling and enraged bellows reached his ears, it was only when Chikage began to storm off that he realized he hadn't been breathing.

Another swallow before he turned back to Tadashi, "I-..think I would be better if we started our leave." With that, he glanced over to the gang elder for her word, though, before he could speak, something came to his senses, and Pit turned around to see Chikage picking a car up with his bare hands, such movement wouldn't be too pernicious if he hadn't turned toward them. Before he knew it, the car was being hurled right toward him, and Pit lunged forward in front. Shoulder barging the car that came burling toward the lot of them. When he opened his eyes, he couldn't believe it, he really did it. Even so, looking back to the rest of them as if they'd congratulate him for such. That was when he grabbed the car that was thrown and hurled it back, something else he couldn't believe he did, and something he quickly regretted.

Making an impact with his figure, it only made Rocchi take a step back as the leader of the Albinos snapped the car's metal in two, though at this point, he laid perfectly in front of Akira and Lucidity's car and his blinded focus aimed toward Pit at this point. The pooch's ears went down in slight and utter terror, though his feet planted in a way that said he wasn't going anywhere.
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”Wh-...W-what the hell..?”
Saito Tadashi
"It's fine. He's with us."

Like Hell it is! Tadashi had wanted to retort, but didn't. He stood by Pit even as he kept one eye on the notorious Raging Ogre. What in the world was Kanna thinking bringing a guy like that here? Who was to say that he didn't set this whole ambush up to begin with?

"Are they gone? Pit asked. Tadashi was relieved when he stood up, glad that for the most part the big guy seemed unhurt.

"Yeah. Kanna took 'em all down. Thank god, too." Tadashi replied, his voice more sullen and even keel than it had been only a moment ago, when he was locked in pitched battle with thugs trying to bash his head in. He thought he was being ironic, seeing as Kanna's moniker was Raikou, the god of Thunder. But then, did he really expect a fresh member to pick up on that? Now he just ended up making himself sound lame in front of the newbie. Tadashi, you dolt!

Then Pit said something that Tadashi didn't know how to respond to. I'm sorry, he said. For what? Tadashi thought, but didn't reply. Truth be told the details of the fight were a bit fuzzy. He had gotten so caught up in the effort of not dying that he'd forgotten to pay attention to things outside of his immediate surroundings. Or, at least, that was the truth he was deciding to believe, for now.

Tadashi turned away from the Elders, since looking at either of them right now made him uncomfortable (Nionet for her injuries, and Chikage for his general Chikage-ness), and was about to ask Pit something... When the sudden sound, like a horrible grinding crunch, sucked the thought out of his head through his ear and threw it to four winds.

Silently, alongside Pit, Tadashi watched the Elder of an opposing gang become increasingly violent in the presence of their own Elder, and once more felt his countenance growing darker with each moment that passed. When Pit said it was time to leave, Tadashi nodded. "Yeah..."

It was in the very next moment that Pit saved him.

Tadashi blinked. Eh..? His heart was pounding nearly out of his chest. When the dust settled, Tadashi was staring at Pit's broad back, and around his bulk he could spy the edges of an automobile. He'd almost died.?! He peered a little ways further around and spied its origin: the crazed Tigers' Elder himself. If Pit hadn't... He'd have been flattened like a pancake for sure. W-wait, what are you doing?!

Without time to thank Pit for saving him, or to tell him not to do what he was about to, Tadashi simply watched as the large dog-man hybrid hoisted the car up and launched it back at Chikage. Return to sender.

I appreciate the enthusiasm rookie, but that there's Rocchi. Flying car to the face is only going to piss him off!

Tadashi imagined himself saying something cool like that, but the shock hadn't yet worn off as the last few moments replayed themselves on a loop in his mind, and he could only stare dumbfoundedly ahead as exactly what he predicted came to pass. He watched Chikage disappear from view behind the girth of the car, only to reappear once again as he split it down the middle. Shiiiiit, he thought. He's looking right at us, Pit! Let's run already!

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Alright everyone! It is now time to start discussing the wrap-ups of your current interactions.
The skip to SCENE THREE will take place at 12:00 PM EST on January 10th, 2021.

Unfortunately, we had a few setbacks during the scene that resulted in some of the interactions lacking closure, but that's okay! Hopefully we can do better next scene!​

A few reminders:
- You are never required to post for characters that aren't engaged in interactions.

- If you don't post one week, the next character in rotation is allowed to post in your place so that it doesn't hold up the interaction. (With exceptions, of course)

- If you feel that you really wanted to finish an interaction with someone, but the timeskip prevented it, feel free to start an alternate thread where you and those involved may carry out that interaction until it's finished. I can post the link to it in the Discord #links.

- Remember that you control your interactions! They may last as long or as short as you allow them to. Feel free to include mini-timeskips in your posts for progression--these will not affect others--so long as they don't progress into the next day. Regarding this, it is only right to discuss the interaction with your partner(s)! Don't do anything that may strongly affect their characters without their permission, such as physical or mental states!

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Nionet Sinblade | Sapphire Dragons - Elder | Location: East District Border to South - (Abandoned Tunnel) | Interacting/Mentioned: Pit McClain, Saito Tadashi, Nakazajo Chikage, Katsura Kanna| Outfit: Main Outfit + Hair Accessory (flower)

Hearing Kanna's reply, Nionet sighs at the same time she does.

Something inside her introduces a sense of guilt... People keep apologizing, but it feels like she should be the one bowing--the one asking for forgiveness and building up courage to speak.

Millions of questions flood her mind, stripping her away from the present.

Why did she yell at Chikage? Why does Kanna feel the need to apologize for caring?

Clutching her chest, Nionet closes her eyes and inhales deeply. A pain tears at her heart--what is this horrible feeling?

Coming back to the real world, she opens her eyes and hastily acknowledges Kanna offering the lead to finally exit this place... It now holds awful memories.

As they begin to advance toward the outside, Nionet ponders her mind for a response. The wounds that dot her body sting, aching like bruises.

"Kanna, I'm not angry-" She begins to speak. However, Chikage, whom of which walks sluggishly in the opposite direction, cuts the Dragon Elder off as he bumps her shoulder.

Nionet spins around and stares at him with furrowed brows, "Nakazajo?"

Ignoring her, he continues walking until his forehead meets the wall of the tunnel. Yet, it doesn't stop him.

His feet drag in the gravel as he walks in place, pushing the tunnel walls with his palms, to which cracks branch out and run along the surface.

Nionet looks to the others for their word, only to startle a glance back at Chikage as he roars.

She steps backwards in a slow, steady pace. Realization of what's happening dawns on her.

He's lost control...

Chikage finally bursts into a full rampage.

"I-..think I would be better if we started our leave." Pit says to Tadashi, though it echoes loud enough for her to hear through the screams of rage.

The wrathful Tiger rips up the railroad tracks with his bare hands, no longer yelling, and drags it behind himself as he exits the tunnel.

"We have to stop him." Nionet says firmly to the others. Then, a clashing sound resonates off the tunnel's wall, pulling her gaze back to see the tracks crushing an unfamiliar car. She watches with curiosity as an unfamiliar blonde, accompanied by a black-haired man, escape the vehicle in a hurry and duck behind Kanna's car.

In that moment, Chikage hurls the strange car into the tunnel, to which it aims directly at Pit.

"Pit, watch out!" Nionet calls to him, but it's too late. Just as the car meets the tall dog-man's figure, her heart stops, she gasps, and all falls silent for a moment.

Then, like a miracle in a movie scene, it's revealed that Pit caught the vehicle, and even more to her astonishment, he mightily returns it. As it hits Chikage, he's only knocked back a few steps, snapping the car into two halves.

Although it was an amazing, heroic act, it only made him angrier. His eyes fall on Pit, glaring with blind fury and he lets an infuriated yell, charging forward.

Nionet takes it upon herself to distract him, matching his moves, and lunges into a sprint.

Just as the two elders come close enough for contact, Chikage throws out an aggressive hand to grab her, but she quickly ducks beneath it and skids across the snow.

Had he succeeded, she would probably be dead right now.

Whipping around, Chikage scans for Nionet and spots her standing next to Kanna's car, of which he is now perfectly in line of.

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DATE: January 1st, 2021
- It's the new year!
- Happy birthday Pit McClain! First Rose First Rose
- Happy birthday Hector Moses! FangS31 FangS31

TIME: 10:00 AM and ongoing

WEATHER: 65 degrees Fahrenheit/18.3 degrees Celsius
- Mostly sunny, somewhat cloudy



-----There is talk of a fight having went down nearby the Rose District's Rose Winter Park, located southside. Not much is known to civilians about those involved. The combatants were none other than Vice Elder of the Sapphire Dragons, Erich Silva, and Rookie member of the Sable Serpents, Yelena Zaytseva.
- [Civilian Hearsay/Sapphire Dragon Topic/Sable Serpent Topic]
Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Elenion Aura Elenion Aura

-----There is ongoing gossip of a young man challenging civilians to fights throughout the districts, most notably the South and Rose districts.
- [Civilian Hearsay/Sable Serpent Topic]
Nobody Special Nobody Special

-----An abandoned library located in a rural section of the South District, for reasons still under investigation, blew up yesterday around sunset. More to be released with further findings; though, rumors hint at gang-involvement.
- [Official News/Civilian Topic/Ruby Revenant Topic/Sable Serpent Topic]
Cracker Cracker First Rose First Rose FabulousTrash FabulousTrash SRUNewman SRUNewman Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean

-----A group of innocent civilians were found brutally murdered in the East District after sunset for reasons still under investigation. The crime scenes are taped off; entrance prohibited by outsiders.
- [Official News/Civilian Topic/Sapphire Dragon Topic/Sable Serpent Topic]
SRUNewman SRUNewman

-----Nakazajo Chikage's office was infiltrated last night during Raven Sandford's birthday party. The culprit is known only to a select few--that few being Pascal Corbin, Raven Sandford, Markus Weiss, and Emelia Dawson. Since then, Chikage has sent someone in search of the young boy named Pablo Juarez, having identified him on camera. There is also scarce rumor that the act was live-streamed on YouTube for a very brief moment.
- [Albino Tiger Topic]
Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Anne Boolean Anne Boolean SRUNewman SRUNewman Elenion Aura Elenion Aura First Rose First Rose

-----Junior Sable Serpent, Misa Tanaka, and Senior Sable Serpent, Malik Padovani, were attacked last night in the Rose District. Misa, beaten bloody and severely intoxicated, was left at the Sable Serpents' abandoned carnival park where she was discovered by Joanna Finchum, Rutheless Julio-Hernandez, and Eustass Finnegan.
- [Sable Serpent Topic]
Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean First Rose First Rose SRUNewman SRUNewman

-----Sable Serpents' Vice Elder: Rutheless Julio-Hernandez and Rookie member: Joanna Finchum were attacked last night by anonymous members of the Albino Tigers in the South District before sunset.
- [Sable Serpent Topic]
Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean First Rose First Rose

-----Nakazajo Chikage had a meeting with the Ace of the Sapphire Dragons for reasons currently unknown to the majority of the Tigers and Dragons. Such information is known to Gregoire Tanaka through Audience Vālor and Felicity Quinn.
- [Albino Tiger Topic/Sapphire Dragon Topic/Sable Serpent Topic]
Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Nanner Nanner Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed

-----There is fun talk around the Ruby Revenants about their Jack, Boltius Beckman, their Ace, Matsuda Russo, and Junior member, Brielle Rousseau, having partied last night at the Revenant-owned Red West Bar. A video has been released to the internet of the said Jack and Ace locking lips in the heat of a drunken moment--titled: Boys Gone Wild Wild West
- [Ruby Revenant Topic]
Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Cracker Cracker Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed

-----Sapphire Dragon Rookie, Sonny Gomali, was attacked and stabbed yesterday in the Rose District. He was assisted by Junior member, August August, and taken to get healed by Senior member, Oxie Lancaster, who later also treated Vice Elder Erich Silva for his own wounds.
- [Sapphire Dragon Topic]
Cracker Cracker Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean

-----There is talk that, during the meeting between Nakazajo Chikage and Nionet Sinblade, Nakazajo Chikage went on one of his usual rampages and started attacking both his own and Dragon members. The members present were Nionet Sinblade, Katsura Kanna, Pit McClain, Saito Tadashi, Nakazajo Chikage, Rocio de la Torre (Lucy), and Akira Sendo.
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Doctor Llamabean

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[North District: Ol' Pleasant Neighborhood]
(Albino Tigers' Mansion)
His Office

No one, but soon-to-be Raven Sandford SRUNewman SRUNewman

Black Turtleneck Sweater + Black Jeans + White Wool Long Coat + Black Boots
(He wears a black leather glove on his right hand)
He didn't sleep last night. Sore from the events that took place with the Sapphire Dragons. You know, getting hit by two cars then bathed in electricity.

Rather, he paced and he fretted--and only once the sun's rays peeked over the horizon did he sit at his desk and bury his face in his hands. That stupid boy.

He struggles to imagine what needs to be done--his heart an anchor aweigh a seabed of sorrow--but deep down he already knows, governed by the goals toward which he has worked for the last five years without waver. A vision of the future that came to him when he first discovered of the Death Squads.

Last night, he'd returned a mess to find the mess of his office, and his initial thought was Markus. If there's anyone he could think of who would have the guts to rummage through his things, it would be him, but upon further investigation, he discovered it was the last person he'd ever suspect: Pablo Juarez.

A mere outsider.

A boy.

Chikage searched the entire mansion. He asked around--even approached Markus, who was hardly a help--until Emelia gave him just the information he was looking for.

She'd told him, "Pablo?... He was walking around looking like you, last I saw. I didn't think anything of it, though. Why?"

"He took something from my office," Chikage said.

By the look on her face then, and the suddenly distant quality of her eyes--as if she were remembering--Chikage understood that she knew something, and so he asked, "Emelia, what do you know?" And she answered, "I was zoned out but... I mean...I didn't think he was serious... Pascal told him where to find your office... As- As a joke, but if... What did he take?"

Chikage never told her. Instead, he returned to his office, cleaned the place up, found time to shower and change, then contacted a low-ranking Tiger to seek out the young boy's whereabouts, promising him a guaranteed promotion to Ace come the next choosing.

Of course, that's a lie, for he is but a disposable pawn in a game of chess he couldn't even begin to understand.

Still leaning on his desk and holding his head, Chikage sighs, breathing life into the stack of papers between his elbows. They move about an inch, ultimately stopping beneath the weight of his hand as he slams it down, getting to his feet. His chair rolls back until it hits the wall, then the office falls silent once more--save for the soft whisper of wind seeping in through the cracked window.

It's simple, he decides.

Just kill the boy.

Yet despite the determination of the thought, something in his chest tightens, and for a moment he snaps, crumpling the papers beneath his hand as his fingers curl into a fist. Worthless shits. Can't even assess when someone is where they don't belong.

He blames his members for Pablo's mistake.


A knot rises in his throat. He grits his teeth, baring them widely. Then by the boiling presentiment of contrition for what's to come, that knot erupts into a loud cry, and Chikage's desk flies across the office, smashing into the bookshelves ahead and giving rain to their many titles--like dozens of birds taking flight all at once, only to fall back down, thudding onto the floor one after the other.

He paces now, running a hand down his face but stopping it over his mouth.

Let's just hope he doesn't show them to anyone... That's all I ask. That's all I ask.
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RETSUKO ICHIGO | No gang affiliation | Location: West District - Rock Java Coffee Shoppe | Interacting/Mentioned: Adder Shaley 'maybe'

It's late morning, a darkish sky with a reddish hue in the clouds, not night, but not day. A forward lunge is shared by the passengers as the bus lurches to a stop, as if the driver wasn't paying attention to how quickly he was stopping. Maybe his mind was elsewhere out of the West District, but it doesn't matter, the burst of air from the brakes is the signal of Ichigo’s new chapter. He has arrived. New Oasis. He’s heard a lot about this place from back home beside campfires. Most likely the stories were probably lies or exaggerations. Very few islanders came here during Ichigo’s upbringing so a lot of the stories were regarded as fantasies. Stories like rival gangs and covert missions. Laughable.

Ichigo chuckles at the silly idea imbedded in his thoughts, "Gangs! C'mon really?"

Ichigo came here looking for answers to his family, the one he lost. Unfair to a kid that age. Images like that really affect a person, more so on a child. Ichigo has no luggage to scramble for, fighting other passengers for ‘firsts’ cause their timelines are more important.

“Selfish bastards!” he thinks too himself. Another of Ichigo’s dislikes is rude people. Ichigo pushes a few folks aside and nabs a bag. Not his. It belongs to the elder lady who was shoved aside by some other passengers who were more than capable of being helpful. “Here miss, this one is yours.” Ichigo quietly walks by without so much as a glance. A response from the old woman wasn’t needed, however she did, “Thank you so much, but you are quite the unfriendly bastard!” Ichigo paused in shock….. ”Just go” he thought.

Bus stations are quite vexing at a minimal. “Long ride. I need coffee.” The pulsating sign above a small shop casts an annoying glimmer of ‘Rock Java’ across the standing puddles of water left by a recent rain. “Good enough.” A nice corner stool is usually best for Ichigo. He is able to avoid physical contact with others and he can keep everyone in sight. Don’t need any unexpected events. The last one did not end favorably.

A few patrons seem to stay for extended periods, but most are just in and out. Ichigo watches people. He is able to view the little tether of chi that intertwines all people together through the energy of emotions. It’s more than chemical releases in the body that tell the brain to feel a certain way. Feelings are tangible despite medical belief. Measurable. Warm or cold, electric…..electric…..love is electric. Some loves are a gentle hum like a transformer power by thousands of volts. Other loves are different, like a lightning strike that leave you twirling inside. Ichigo has never felt his own love like that, only seen it in other people. Curiosity led him to steal a little bit that he saw once. It was a different aura. Different in most every way from other emotions. He wanted to feel that deep down inside of him, envy. That’s an emotion. The characteristics of such an emotion were pure and Ichigo DID NOT deserve to have that. He gave it back after a few minutes because something that innocent should not be taken away. That type of emotion hasn’t been seen for a great while and it lingers in his mind like that little tornado on a dusty old road, whirling up out of nowhere then vanished! “Third cup of coffee, I gotta pee.”

Ichigo slips passed customers without contact, so to protect him and them. “Restroom, yes…omg was that girl wearing a beard?! Geeeeeez.”

Ichigo sets back down at his table scanning still. Ichigo’s lips move without sound “That guy is interesting! He is connected, but how?”

Cracker Cracker

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Ye-Jin Park

Location: Central District

That was her first post on social media in a really long while, having about 13k followers who eagerly awaited for this day to come about. A mere picture of her holding one of her own bubble tea in her hands, sipping on it ever so lightly with soft pink lips, staring into the distance. The picture was taken at her home hence why the completely white background which just added to her aesthetic she went with since the start of her page. It wasn't that much of a hassle to keep up with her postings as she just did so whenever she felt like it unlike most people who attempted to post every single day of their lives, making it somewhat forced which made people unfollow in the end. Unless they had a nice body, then they just did it for that which was society of this day and age. A light sigh escaped her as she finished the tea and threw it into the bin as she arrived at the shop in only half an hour which was great, it didn't take too long to get to work nor too short so she had time to fully wake up. Especially now that they had arrived in January and the cold weather would start to kick in, at least that was what she thought but instead it was a full eighteen degrees and nowhere near the freezing temperatures.

In a vast tempo, she readied up the small shop which had a definite bohemian theme going about and then turned on the ¨opened¨ sign so guests could come in for some food and drinks. Now what she had was an array of sandwiches, salads, paninis, sweets (such as cake, tart, pastry, etc), bubble teas, coffee, tea, soda, and even a creation of the week which currently was Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart which couldn't go really wrong with those who were a fan of chocolate. She scribbled down the item on the blackboard together with some doodles for the finishing touch and then went on with cleaning the counter as she noticed some crumbs still laying there, meaning her pastry chef forgot to clean this part. With one swift swoop, she got all of it in her hand and threw it into the bin that was placed neatly underneath. At least, she would get high marks on the cleanliness of the place. Soon enough, heads of people started to pop in out of curiosity and slowly started to fill up the place, giving their orders carefully as they didn't know what to exactly expect from here. But since the prices were the average, some were a little more bold in their choices. And so began the story of Jinnie's.

The moment she took up her phone, it immediately started ringing, as if she had predicted that to happen. Her employee took over as she went out of the shop as it wasn't suitable for the owner to take a call in the middle of the shop. It was something she saw as unprofessional unless the situation couldn't be changed. Narrowing her eyes the moment she heard the voice of the other, her face becoming completely emotionless as she stared into the void. "I thought I would never hear from you again." She responded with a tone as cold as ice as she absolutely detested what she was hearing. "You couldn't even do such a small task and now you beg me to take you back? Don't let me laugh. A dog would be better than you, a f*cking donkey even." Her voice snapped back which made it grow more silent to the other side of line. An eery pauze emerged which lasted for a good few seconds until the other started once more, almost like a whimper. "If you call me again, I'll get rid of you as well..." Her voice now more in a threatening whisper before ending the call. Slapping her face rather harsh with her two hands in order to call herself down, she looked back inside and noticed her colleague doing their utter best which was nice to see, at least she could depend on that kid a little more after all.


Anne Boolean

One Thousand Club

Pascal Corbin

The rave had gone on well into the night and the wee hours of the morning. The other three were nothing less than enablers. It started out with simply having a few drinks and dancing, and then escalated to... other substances. Pascal partook, but he did so solely for the pursuit of science. There was no better way to learn than through experience, after all. Despite the craziness that ensued, compared to the others three, Pascal was relatively sober. He even ended up looking after C.C. and putting him to bed once they got home, and he even managed to wake up without any sort of hang over.

It was a good thing too, as he was informed he had a mission. It was nothing crazy, just picking up a product and delivering it to a client. He would even have a partner to do it with: Alistair. The way the guy addressed him when they first met rubbed him the wrong way, but he was hoping that after last night, they understood one another better.

As the day went on, he got himself prepared for the operation. He did a few more tests of a new invention of his: a gun which shoots rubber bullets coated with a jinx-neutralizing serum. The blond was under the impression that they would simply be smuggling drugs, so discretion was key, but in case things went wrong, it would be important to have some sort of profession. Although he wasn't a fan of most of the gangs' activities, smuggling drugs was one of the least offensive thing they could do. In turn, Pascal's conscience felt relatively clear about this.

After night fell, he linked up with Alistair at the Tigers' mansion and made his way over to the pick up location. Somewhere in the East District, nestled between unremarkable buildings, sat what was apparently a medical facility. It took some navigating in small and shady alleys in order to find it, but the two Tigers had finally arrived.

"I wonder what we'll be taking..." Pascal mused. Since it was a medical facility, he assumed it would indeed be some sort of drugs. Maybe a heavy sedative to cause euphoria in its user or perhaps to be used for incapacitating targets. Or perhaps it was some newly-developed undetectable poison or some sort of miracle drug. Either way, the scientist planned on taking some as a sample for his research.

As instructed, they approached the back door. After a few moments, a black-haired woman in scrubs answered.

"Ah, you must be here to pick up," she said with a smile. On the surface, her expression looked comforting, as one would expect from a nurse, but Pascal could see something nefarious in her eyes. "Follow me."

The blond wordlessly stepped in behind her and followed her down the hallway. As he looked around, he realized this looked more like a care facility than a clinic. There were other men and women in similar scrubs to the woman leading them going about their business. In one of the rooms, two young girls were playing with some Legos when another nurse came to gently remind them it was time to sleep. They reacted in disappointment, but eventually complied with the adult's instructions, giggling as the followed him down another hall. He peered into the open doors that line the hallways, seeing a few young children being read to by nurses or being tucked into their beds. A bittersweet smile came onto Pascal's face as he remembered his guardian and longed to once again see them.

Eventually they came up to a door whose knob she turned and pushed open. "Here you go," she said, allowing the two men to step into the room. After stepping in, Pascal scanned the small chamber. It simply looked like a child's bedroom. There was a desk, a chair, some posters on the wall, and some trinkets placed on the table. The only remarkable thing in the room was the white-haired boy sitting on the bed with a curious look.

"Er... what exactly are we supposed to take?" he asked, turning to the nurse.

She chuckled. "Why, him, of course."

Pascal's eyes widened. "What?" The woman chuckled once again before stepped out of the room and letting the door close behind her. He turned to Alistair. "We're... smuggling a child?" he questioned. This was not drugs. This was a human being! What exactly did the buyer want with this boy? Were they his true guardian? Then why was he here? Was their guardian not fit to be his caretaker? The children here seemed happy and well-cared for. Taking him to a place where he could be worse off was not something Pascal was willing to do. "I... I don't think we should do this..."

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