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Multiple Settings New Oasis: Gangsters Edition (CLOSED)

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Wanted: Lost Marbles

Emrick Nakamura
”Royal Clover”

Settling down on a seat in front of the pretty stranger, Emrick let out a “friendly” chuckle. “Heyyy, how’s it goin sugar cube.” With a smirk he tilts his head. “I’m learning about important dates in history. Wanna be one of them?” Sure, it wasn’t one of his best lines, but hell if it wasn’t worth a shot.

Motioning over his newfound foxy green haired companion, he states. “You looked lonely. Surely we could ‘elp with that hm?

Lowering his voice, he cackles “How bout we get up to some mischief. All three of us could. Oh I dunno.” A sneaky smiles paved way onto his face. “Scam some poor bastard out of house and home?

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Wanted: Lost Marbles

Matsuda Russo

Hearing Boltius’ plan, Matsuda can’t help but scoff. “Y’know. I’m fuckin ashamed of you Bolti.” He chuckled at the cringy nickname. Never. Saying. That. Again. “How dare. You even question whether we’d join your dumbass.” Picking up his glass and taking a large gulp, he slams it down on the table. “There’s no way in hell I’d let you go to those pompous asses’ territory alone!” A wide grin spreads on his face. Matsuda being Matsuda, doesn’t even notice how awfully loud he’s being, but he couldn’t care less at the moment. The idea of finding out the truth takes over his mind, filling him with excitement.

Let’s get those sons of bitches while their pants are down!” He starts to pant from all the excitement rushing to his head. This. Is gonna be awesome. Those bastards won’t even see them coming.

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𓆗 Sable Serpents |Junior| Jinx: Embargo
Location: Exiting Rose District, headed into South District
Interacting: Yelena ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura )

Bash grinned from ear to ear when Yelena approached him, ready to go. He patted his seat, gesturing for her to get behind him, and once she did, he put his bike into motion, slowly moving forward until he completely released the clutch, obnoxiously revving the bike as they moved down the street at a safe, but thrilling pace. Luckily for her, Bash was smart and got his seat customized to carry two people. Of course, he wasn't smart enough to buy a helmet for his passenger--or himself for that matter. It was fine! He completely trusted himself to ride his bike without error. After all, it used to be his uncle's bike, so he cherished it like a diamond. If he ever crashed the thing, it would be the fault of another driver--and the price of the damage would be their life.

As they cruised down the street, Bash ever-so-slightly turned his head so that his ear was directed towards his passenger. He made sure to keep his head low, to prevent the wind from forcing his hair back, and attacking her. Was she having fun? Was it even possible for her to have fun? It annoyed him that he wasn't allowed to break his concentration on the road for a second to catch a glimpse of her expression. Noticing a sudden lack of cars in the street, he snickered to himself and turned the throttle forward, causing the bike to charge forward at a less safe, more thrilling speed. For an older bike, it still moved pretty damn fast. As they neared the border dividing the South and Rose district, he opened his mouth to speak, making sure he was loud enough for her to hear through the loud wind. "Where to? I know the whole fuckin' city like the back'a my hand. Just tell me where to go." he was pretty confident in his navigation when it came to New Oasis, especially the South District. He'd grown up there, after all. And when you were the type of person to hunt down and beat down any person who talked bad about you or your family, you tend to learn the layout of places pretty fast. He pulled his wrist back on the throttle, significantly slowing the bike down so that he could hear her better, and in case he needed to turn around.

Sapphire Dragons |Rookie|Jinx: Explosion Enhancement
Location: Rose District, Alleyway
Interacting: Krueger ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )


Kimi had no choice but to let Krueger take the lead, following at a steady pace once he took her hand and started to sprint. For some reason, she had frozen once their initial path was blocked off. It wasn't fear, was it? She had time to think as she mindlessly followed her older companion through the forest of parked cars. No way. She wasn't scared of anything. It was just a one-time error. As they continued down their escape path towards the metal fencing that marked the edge of the mall, she took a moment to thank her past self for the hours of grueling exercise she had put herself through. If not for that, she would have been lagging behind, or possibly even caught, on her way to whatever juvenile detention center was closest.

Once they reached the fence, Krueger immediately released her hand, dropping to a knee in order to boost her. Without taking another second to think, she placed her shoe in his cupped hands, vaulting over the fence and playfully landing on both feet with her back straight and her hands in the air, like a gymnast sticking a landing. She waited for him to easily hop over, requiring absolutely no help, before following him into the concrete jungle that was the Rose District.

They stopped to rest in an alleyway. It was clear that they needed to take a breather, as Krueger's labored breathing echoed quietly while Kimiko leaned on a wall. Hell, she was tired too, but in baseball, you couldn't show fatigue to the enemy team or they'd try to pull a fast one on you. Her breathing was much quieter, her arms crossed as she looked up at nothing in particular. Her eyes flickered over to him when he began to speak. "...Who-... Who was the woman?" he raised his hand to point towards her bag, which hung off of her left arm instead of resting on her back, the handle of the Bronx Cheer sticking out and pointing towards the exit of the alleyway. " She said thank you... Do you-... know her?" Kimi's face twisted into a disgusted grimace when she realized who he was asking about. That bitch Kelly. "Geez, don't even get me started on her!" she began tapping her foot in annoyance at the mere thought of the saleswoman, before stopping to explain further. "I swear, those salespeople don't know when to lay the hell off! She went on some stupid tangent about all these coats and how the fabric lining inside helped keep my skin 'rejuvenated' or some crap. If anything, I should thank you for getting thrown out of the store, because I wouldn't have been able to escape her for long if--" She cut her own sentence short as she reached out to catch what Krueger tossed her way. Once it landed in her hands, she looked down at it with a puzzled, curious expression. Her lips quickly curled into an excited grin, before she leapt over to the fatigued man wrapping her arms around him for a tight hug that completely disregarded the tense escape they had just performed.

So excited that she forgot to say 'thank you', she leapt back and dropped her bag on the ground, placing the gloves on and tightening the velcro around her wrists before kneeling down and reaching in. In a matter of seconds, she pulled out two items, forcing him to hold both of his hands out before placing one in each of his palms. "And, before you start," she warned, pointing a finger at him. "Don't ask how I got the first one. I have my ways." Inside his right hand was a gold/ivory lighter, sporting a fitting dragon design. In his left, a black iPod Classic, wrapped in a pair of wired headphones. "You'd better use it, too. Or you'll get the same treatment that hefty garden gnome in the mall got." her eyes were glued onto him as he examined the gifts, as if she were expecting an excessive amount of praise or gratitude from him.​


Wanted: Lost Marbles

Alistair Fletcher
”Rabid Dog”

Suddenly, C.C appears before Alistair a couple minutes later, and transports him to wherever the hell they were. With a gasp, Alistair clutches his chest, heaving. “I fuckin told you don-“ Realizing they’re in front of others, he gives a chuckle and straightens himself up.

He sees Raven- the Elder’s precious little pet, and... another person. With a confused grin, Alistair rubs the back of his neck in embarrassment. “Uh... hi. I’m Alistair.” His flirty grin snakes it’s way into his face. “But you could call me Big Papa if it makes you feel any better.” He gives them both a wink, and chuckles. Sizing up the guy he didn’t recognize, he snaps his fingers. “Oh, your Pascal right? The uh.. Jinxless one.” He isn’t very fond of Jinxless folk, but he supposed he couldn’t care less. If he made it into the Albino’s Alistair guessed he’d have to respect him.

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Elenion Aura

One Thousand Club

«я ценю вашу помощь».
Yelena Zaytseva
In what could only be described as a surprise to absolutely no one, Bash rode his bike the same way he spoke. Loudly.

Yelena had done as Bash had asked, seating herself behind him on the bike. With nothing to hold on to, she wrapped her arms around his waist. The lack of a helmet for her did not come as much of a shocker, either. Though to be fair, she probably would not have worn one even if he had offered. She was not an infant, after all.

In spite of herself, Yelena couldn't help but think that it was nice. The night air, the wind, the sound of the bike's engine every time it revved. Her face was the same as always, though, if a bit scrunched up in response to the cold and the occasional flyaway strand of runaway auburn hair. To his credit, Bash did an adequate job of keeping his mane in check. She wondered what conditioner he used...

Bash's sudden acceleration tore Yelena out of her own musings and dropped her rather unceremoniously back into the real world. Instinctively, her grip around Bash's waist tightened. She quickly loosened it again, however, for one reason or another, and would surely refuse to acknowledge it if asked later. Apparently unperturbed, Bash asked her for directions as he brought the bike back to a more reasonable speed.

Yelena told him where to turn. Luckily, her building was not far from the border that separated the South from the Rose, and after a few blocks they were parked outside her complex. It looked... Fine. It was apparent at a glance that she was not living in the lap of luxury. Hardly anyone in the South District could claim otherwise. To Yelena, it was adequate. She had secured a unit on the top floor, so she never had to worry about noisy upstairs neighbors. Small, but clean. It was enough.

"Zanks." She dismounted and took a few steps toward the curb. She paused. She turned. "Vell, see you." Then she was off again, striding across the paved walkway that led up to the door of her building.

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Shore Salvatore

In order to notice when their mark was going to make a run for it or get aggressive, Shore had learned to read small changes in people's behavior. When they noticed the woman sigh and mutter something under her breath, they knew that she wasn't in the mood to be talked to. Sure, coffee shops were usually the settings of meet-cutes in romantic comedies and whatnot, but women weren't always open to being approached by some man. Shore could attest to that from personal experiences of being seen as a woman. Still, they decided to let Emrick do what he wanted, expecting most likely a polite rejection, or a harsh tell-off if they were lucky. If he became too persistent, they would step in.

While the man took a seat across from the woman at her table, Shore remained standing besides it between the two. They had to raise an eyebrow at his choice of pet name. Sugar cube? Well, it was appropriate for the setting, they would give it that. The pick up line required them to hold back a snort. They continued to watch with an amused smirk as Emrick kept speaking. They had never had a problem with Emrick himself back at the orphanage, just his actions against the caretakers. Now though, they could understand why the other boys may have not been so fond of him.

His idea for what they could all do though dashed the smile from Shore's face. Nope. He had not changed at all.

"And who exactly do you suggest we target?" they questioned. "Certainly we'd only go after some wealthy businessman or woman who made their fortunes by stepping on others, right? And of course we'd only take as much money we need, and give the rest to those less fortunate than us... right? I'm sure your home, where you grew up, could use some help." They eyed him inquisitively with a raised brow and another smirk.

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Central District, coffee shop.

dress shoes

As she predicted, Estella watched the two strangers approach her. One of them held back while the other was straightforward. She almost spit out her coffee when he called her ‘sugar cube.’ She had to admit, she never heard of the history pick-up line before, but she was not impressed either way. What really got to her was how blunt he was about starting trouble. Who came up to a stranger asking that? Estella narrows her eyes, feeling suspicious of them. “What makes you think I’m the criminal type?” She asks slowly, tapping her fingers on the countertop.

Her attention goes to the other stranger as they joined them, and her eyes dart toward them. She looks at them more slowly. Now if they had said that pick-up line she would have fallen for it more than the first stranger. “That seems like an honorable gesture but what if I’m not interested?” She was curious about them, ignoring the first person that approached her.

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    Location: The Tunnels
    Date: December 31st, 2020

    Akira [Inari] ( Nobody Special Nobody Special )

    Chikage [Ogre] ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean ), Tadashi [Sonic] ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura ), Nionet [Sixth Sense] ( Cracker Cracker ), Pit [???] ( First Rose First Rose ) Kanna [Raikou] ( FabulousTrash FabulousTrash )

    ~ The Unimpressed Voyeurs ~
    Wolves || Lucidity’s CS File

    She would have laughed at the words coming from his mouth if not for the complete neutrality he spoke with. Who was he to speak bad about his superiors? Human. Only cattle listened without snapping back. She smirked as she leaned into the palm of her hand as she put her elbow to the car door. She turned her head away looking to the tunnel entrance.

    “My my how noble of you”

    She spoke softly as she let it rest between them. No if he wouldn’t join her then the conversation died where it was. She knew better than to overshare. While a strand or two wasn’t enough to hang her she wasn’t planning on giving him a whole line. Still she smirked out the window. It wasn’t like he went straight to defending the woman either.

    She turned her face back after switching back to a sweeter smile. When he continued the conversation she took the hook line and sinker. She pushed up a bit sitting a bit straighter as she coyly moved a bit closer to the driver side.

    “New years huh. Now is that a date offer I’m hearing here?”

    She would see how far she could take it but then she heard the clear yelling of a shout down the tunnel and her once pleasant and slightly flirty demeanor hardened into a still picture of annoyance as her smile became a hard line. She didn’t know who this Pit-Sama was but they were quickly a huge annoyance.

    “Oh would you look at that. It seems my New Years will be spent cleaning up the messes of idiots.”

    She pulled her chair back up as she crossed her arms over her chest. She glared down the tunnel’s entrance, even from their spot in the car it was hard to see them. The snow might have reflected some light but the tunnel, even as close as they sounded, ate up most of the light. She could see figures down the distance but she wasn't confident enough to get closer.

    “You know if i didn’t think they’d see us then crushing their cars would be a lovely way to greet the New Year considering I’m stuck dealing with this stupidity. Well if someone goes flying we can just drive in grab our guy and go right?”

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Nionet Sinblade | Sapphire Dragons - Elder | Location: East District Border to South - (Abandoned Tunnel) | Interacting/Mentioned: Pit McClain, Saito Tadashi, Nakazajo Chikage, Katsura Kanna| Outfit: Main Outfit + Hair Accessory (flower)

As her eyes take in the detail of everything in sight on account of her Jinx, the pain of Nionet's wounds become perceptible. They burn and are tender to the touch. Multiple pricks cover her torso and thighs, leaking blood down her body and into her boots. The only amount of it that can be seen is the red that paints her clenched hands and drips from the knuckles. Still, she ignores it.

A slow inhale and exhale momentarily relieves her racing heart.

Now felt like the worst time to be fighting. Lives have already been lost--there's no need to risk any more. She dreaded fighting this man...

Just before any more fighting could continue, a flash of light crackles through the tunnel as a whip of electricity shocks all the surrounding enemies. They drop, thudding on the ground, including Nionet's spiked opponent.

A thin trail of smoke swirls from their bodies, of which she quickly observes for signs of life. Particles of dirt and dust are lightly blown from their nostrils--a sign they're still breathing.

Nionet knows exactly who the artist this work is and surely, upon turning around, she's right.

"Kanna!" She says on a sigh of relief, smiling softly beneath the mask which allows only her squinted eyes to express joy.

Kanna continues to move forward in pursuit of William, who makes an attempt to flee. Snapping her fingers, a bolt of electricity shoots from the tips and strike a nearby brick. It flies through the air and hits the man in the back, causing him to fall.

Reaching William, Kanna grips his shirt collar and pulls him upright before turning her head to see everyone else.

"Are you guys alright?"

Nionet gives a nods and slides her sword back into its sheathe. She speaks calmly, "I sustained few injuries. The others, I am unsure of..." Her eyes fall on Pit with concern, who appears to have taken a good beating. Tadashi, on the other hand, seems to be in better condition than the rest--besides Kanna.

Then a sudden howl of anger echoes throughout the tunnel, to which Nionet whips her head around towards the direction it came.

The man jogging towards them in the distance requires a second glance before his identity registers in her mind--Nakazajo Chikage. She proceeds to shoot a questioning gaze at Kanna.

As Chikage draws nears the group, the stray enemy gives a cry of rage and lunges at him in an attack.

To counter this, Chikage merely flicks a finger to his head, but the force of which it contains is as mighty as hitting him with a truck at 70 miles per hour, it seems.

The victim is hurled into the air and launched towards the curved wall of the tunnel in a series of flips. His head smashes brutally on impact, now a bloody mess of mushed brain and skin.

"Wha-" Nionet's freezes in shock, unable to move a single muscle. Her eyes are wide, but her expression is undistinguishable. Truth be told, she can't even discern her own feelings at this moment. Seeing that man's head made her insides curl.

A gag works its way up her throat which forces her to hunch over for a moment. This is all a subtle movement.

After that, all Chikage can say for his actions is simply "Ah~ Guess I overdid it..." His eyes lock with Nionet's, then he looks at the others, "I just thought... They'd be tougher..."

To hear this, an unfamiliar feeling of wrath washes over Nionet. Her brows draw together and she looks upon him with fury, "You- It doesn't matter their strength!" She bites a bitter tone, "You need to learn your own and understand that every single choice you make has consequences, you damned fool!

Realizing what she said, Nionet gasps and immediately recomposes herself. It's surprising that she lost her temper so easily.

"I- I'm sorry. That was unethical of me. I did not mean to insult you, forgive me." She says this in a more tranquil tone, though her remorse for the man he killed is still strong. She redirects her attention to Kanna and clears her throat, "Is there a reason you brought him out here? Could he not have waited at the temple?"

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Doctor Llamabean

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(South District)
Abandoned Library

Jin Masaka SRUNewman SRUNewman , Snake (Donelle Bankole) First Rose First Rose , Mixie Edellson Cracker Cracker
FabulousTrash FabulousTrash Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed

Traditional Silk Robe; Black Hoodie with White-Patterned Sleeves; Silk-Patterned Sweats; Tennis Shoes
[Reference - Left one]

When Brax finally relieves his shoe of that pestering pebble, the rustling of Jin hopping the wooden-board fence beside him perks him to attention, and he follows quietly, slinking over it with his elastic body while Snake phases through.

They crouch behind the nearest SUV, sleek and black, and Brax peers around the back of it at the remaining three vehicles, stretching his neck to do so. Then at Jin's command, retracting his neck to its original form, he gives a firm nod in synch with Snake's.

Just then, three armed men step into view from around the front of the SUV, and Brax's eyes widen. If there's anyone here that can take a bullet and live, it's him, so he surrenders himself to instinct and springs to his feet--but alas, Jin proves faster. By the time Brax realizes, the Elder's tanto is already organ deep in one man's gut while the other man is slumped on the ground.

Brax looks around for the third man, but he's gone.

"Snake GO!!!" Jin demands!

And suddenly, a familiar pain washes over Brax's entire being--a static pain like millions of needles puncturing the first layer of his skin--and he vanishes from sight at Snake's touch. Weightless and numb despite the initial discomfort, he and Snake move through the wind before materializing again behind the next SUV, where Snake pokes her head through the solid matter as if it were but an illusion--after which, a shake of the head at Brax. He understands, nodding, then they proceed, moving closer to the Library where another SUV is rear-end at the entrance.

This time--executing the same inspection as before--Snake nods, and Brax's eyebrows pinch tightly together in an affirmative fashion before he heeds Snake's unspoken order to take out the driver.

He stretches his arms over the roof of the SUV, then pulls himself up until he's peering down into the open window of the driver's side. Meanwhile, Snake has begun her infiltration--one he's aware will involve blood, which wraps his heart in a string of thorns, but there's only so much he can do.

Focusing back on the driver--he can see his hairy arm, wrapped with a gold wrist-watch--Brax stretches his head down until he's staring wide-eyed into those of the other man, who flinches with shock to see him. He then, at such a speed the man cannot react, wraps his own neck around the man's and constricts him to sleep.

At that point, Snake can be seen making herself comfortable in the passenger seat, and Brax hurries to carefully remove the unconscious man from his place before readying himself at the wheel.

"Stehp ah'n it..."

Brax nods.

The tires of the SUV squeal like an enraged tea-kettle, causing the thing to swerve in place upon its initial acceleration before it finally takes off with Mixie Edellson of the Sable Serpents in the rear-view mirror.

As Brax watches the girl detach her own wrist, flinging it at Jin, an overwhelming dread floods his being. Perhaps, had he been paying attention, he could have avoided the sudden appearance of the last of the four SUVs moving to block their path, forcing him to press on the brakes but not nearly fast enough to prevent a collision. His head rams into the steering wheel--in the end, unharmed--though, in order to say the same for Snake, he looks to his right to check on her.

A man appears in the window then, aiming a gun dead between her eyes with Brax next in its line of fire.

He pulls the trigger.

(Jaiden's response next!)
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Jaiden Wilson - Sable Serpents - Ace
South District, abandoned library
Interactions: Gregoire Tanaka ( Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed ), Mixie Edellson ( Cracker Cracker ), Xavier Brax ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean ), Snake/Donelle Bankole ( First Rose First Rose )

Finally, some action.

Jaiden watched as one of the bodyguards ran into the library, panicked and shouted something about the deal going south. He kept his calm and expressionless composure as he listened, then glanced over to the old woman who clearly seemed pissed. And of course, it was Gree that felt the full force of the woman's angry at the new development. In the blink of an eye, she was quickly escorted to safety, leaving Gree, himself and Mixie to clean up the mess, as they were sent to do in the first place.

Jaiden's eyes locked with Gree as he barked at him and Mixie to go out and check it out. He said nothing in reply as he got up, following Mixie as she went ahead. He wasn't sure who exactly was here, but regardless a job was a job and he was ready to fuck some shit up if it came to it. As he walked, Jaiden reached into the pockets of his jackets. When his hands came out, his knuckle dusters were on, his hands balled up into tight fists.

Mixie was the first one out the door, proudly proclaiming her presence. Jaiden was a couple steps behind her and came out the door just in time to see her throw her hand forward. Jaiden looked ahead and saw her target. The Elder of the Ruby Revenants, Jin Masaka. Before Jaiden could make a move towards him, the sound of engine caught his attention. One of the SUVs was speeding away.


Before Jaiden could tell Mixie to give him one of her limbs to throw at the SUV, an audible crash of cars was heard. He looked back at the SUV that tried to speed away, only now it was smashed into the side of 4 other vehicles after just a few seconds. Jaiden let out a long sigh, calling back to Mixie as he walked towards the crash.

"He's all yours Mix. I'll deal with the crash."

Jaiden walked in long strides, his hands down at his sides and swaying lightly. He could feel the adrenaline running through his body. Truth be told, it had been a while since Jaiden got into any action. The most he had been involved lately was some low-bar fights that didn't last long since he ended up simply outlasting his opponents. But tonight felt different. He knew he would be going up against people who had a jinx of their own. No doubt the drivers of the runaway SUV were with the Revenant Elder.

As Jaiden got closer to the crash, he could see that there was a gunman at the passenger side, aiming a pistol into the cabin of the vehicle. The gun went off, but to Jaiden's slight surprise, blood came out of the gunman's head as they fell to the ground.

This just got a whole lot more interesting...

Opting to approach the driver side door, Jaiden peered through the window. Low and behold, there were two occupants inside. He didnt recognize either of them, but they seemed like the type to be members of the Revenants.

"Right then, out you come."

Gripping the handle of the door, Jaiden opened it and reached in, grabbing Brax by the shirt, pulling him out of the drivers seat and threw him to the ground nearby. He took a look at the one in the passenger seat, but ignored her for now since it looked like she was still stunned from the crash.

Jaiden turned back to face Brax, a slight, sly and cocky smile appearing on his face.

"And who do we have here? Should've stayed home tonight pal."
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Katsura Kanna - Sapphire Dragons - Ace
East District, Abandoned rail tunnel
Interactions/Mentions: Nakazjo Chikage ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean ), Nionet Sinblade ( Cracker Cracker ), Saito Tadashi ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura ), Pit McClain ( First Rose First Rose )

Kanna mentally flinched at Nionet's sudden outburst, but physically didn't move. It was uncharacteristic for Nionet to suddenly lose her composure like that, but Kanna couldn't blame her. What Chikage did violated every moral the Dragons upheld. If Chikage were a member of the Dragons himself, there would've been hell to pay for such a violent act.

Kanna kept a firm grip on William, who was trying everything to break free from her grip. She gave him a sort of deathly glare, a few small bolts of electricity sparking from her skin, which seemed to get him to stop for the time being. She looked towards Nionet, who seemed to be eyeing William. Nionet gave Kanna a single nod, a silent cue, and Kanna understood right away. Looking back at William, Kanna delivered a swift strike to the side of William's head, his temple. His figure went limp, knocked unconscious. Kanna lowered his body down to the ground carefully, then released the hold on his shirt. Turning back to Nionet, Kanna answered her question.

"I couldn't leave him at the temple. Paige was still in the lobby when we arrived and attacked him. I stopped her from going any further, but, and I mean no offense to anyone, I couldnt trust both him and our own to leave him. Plus, I..."

Kanna's eyes glanced away briefly as she felt a slight sense of regret. To Kanna, it felt selfish that she rushed to assist Nionet so quickly without giving a proper thought whether or not Chikage could truly be trusted to stay at the temple. She quickly worked up the courage to look Nionet in the eye once more as she continued.

"I was more worried about you and for your safety at the time, since I wasn't sure if you were alone or not. No one at the temple could be certain...Forgive me."

She sighed, the mixed feeling of selfishness and regret nagging at her mind. However, Kanna did her best to push it out of her head for the time being, recomposing herself. Kanna looked out towards Saito and Pit, who had probably noticed Chikage by this point. She called out to them so they could hear her, her voice echoing slightly throughout the tunnel.

"Its fine, he's with us."

Kanna shifted her attention back to Nionet, gesturing with her hand to lead the way. In the back of Kanna's mind, she was ready to receive any sort of criticisms from Nionet. As soon as Kanna had some free time, she planned to use that time to fully recollect and reflect on her actions.


𓆗 Sable Serpents |Junior| Jinx: Embargo
Location: South District, in his apartment
Interacting: Yelena ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura )

Bash listened intently as Yelena gave him directions on where to go. He noticed, but disregarded the tightening of her grip when he sped up, and decided that it would probably be best not to do it again. Instead, he smoothly steered at every turn, and kept a moderate pace with much less revving. A warm feeling swarmed over Bash when they crossed the border and made their way into the South District. A feeling that comforted him, making him feel right at home, but also warned him to stay alert, as anything could happen at any time. Before long, Bash parked outside of Yelena's apartment complex, his tail light illuminating the dark concrete and painting it red, and his engine humming quietly. He motioned his foot to slam down the bike's kickstand, providing more stability for his passenger to hop off.

"Zanks." Bash watched as she took a few steps back, obviously ready to part ways. "Yeah, don't sweat it." she turned around, heading towards the door of her building. " Vell, see you." he waved her off, before putting the bike back into Drive and moving forward, back into the middle of the street. Before he took off, he pointed his fist at her. "Don't forget, we're partners now! If ya see Silva again, you'd better call me so I can get my licks in!" with that, he revved his bike and pulled off, disappearing once he was far enough down the street. He was free to ride however he wanted now, so he obviously sped up as much as he could. His engine's screams ripped throughout the district, before he came to an abrupt stop outside of his own apartment building, parking his bike and stepping off.

Before he could wrap his hand around the handle of the door to his cheap building, footsteps caught his attention. His gaze shifted towards the source of the sound, a tall, thin man-- probably not too far from him in terms of age, with his hands in his pocket. He was constantly looking around, as if he were just waiting for someone to try him. There was probably a weapon in his pocket. An interested smirk revealed his sharpened canines as he turned around, heading down the stairs and standing directly in the man's path. He quickly stopped walking, tightening the grip on whatever was in his pocket and staring at Bash. "What? You're in my way--" the man didn't even get to finish his sentence before he was forced to pull out the golden switchblade in his pocket and aim it at Bash, who was charging at him like a wild beast who had just spotted it's prey. He quickly ducked under the first slash the man made with the knife, utilizing the momentum of the duck to aim a powerful overhand right at his face. The man instantly flew backwards, landing on his back and dropping the knife. Bash then revealed an animalistic smile as he stood over his victim, before proceeding to slam his fists into his face for about 15 seconds.

"Man, that was fuckin' refreshing." he uttered to no one in particular, wiping his bloodstained fists off on his unconscious victim's shirt before getting up and turning the knob to the door, walking up to the second floor and unlocking the door to his apartment. For such a ruthless person, Bash's apartment was surprisingly neat. He barely had any belongings, other than a tv, a bed, a couch, and the clothes in his closet, and throughout his entire apartment--consisting of a bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen, there was nothing unnecessarily on the ground. He stepped into the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror before noticing that there was blood spattered on the lower half of his face. He grinned at himself, as if to say 'good job', and turned the water on, washing his face off. Once he was clear of blood, he dried off, removed his jacket, and threw himself onto his bed. "Fuck, man..." he looked at his hands, which were still trembling from the adrenaline rush that came from the fight. It obviously wasn't enough to satisfy him, but he wasn't in the mood to go out hunting for any more fights. He had a good day, after all. "Why do the rookies always have the best luck? Fuckin Erich Silva? You kiddin' me?"


Albino Tigers |Senior / Bodyguard|Jinx: Item Teleportation
Location: East/South District border, parked outside abandoned tunnel
Interacting: Lucidity ( BriiAngelic BriiAngelic )


Lucy's reaction to his answer left a lot to be desired. She truly was a master of deception. He couldn't get a read on how she really felt, as her true feelings were hidden deep under her smirk.

His inquiry regarding her New Year's plans seemed to lighten the mood and put an end to the brief silence that had overtaken the car. She leaned ever-so-slightly closer to him, and he continued to curiously smile at her. They locked eyes for a moment, a lovely connection between brown and red similar to the leaves descending onto the ground on an autumn day. "New years huh. Now is that a date offer I’m hearing here?" Once again, he couldn't tell if she was being serious or not. Her smile and eyes appeared to be genuine, but, as he knew, she was a tricky person. Guess I'll play along. He thought, narrowing his eyes slightly. It doesn't matter, after all. As soon as he opened his mouth to reply, probably with something like "If you'd like it to be" or some other flirtatious nonsense, their 'moment' was cut short by an outburst coming from the depths of the cave they were supposed to be watching.

"Pit-San!! "

His eyes immediately broke contact with hers and shot towards the cave. Was it time to head in? He stopped for a second to listen. Five seconds passed. Then ten. Then fifteen, and time passed until 30 seconds had elapsed. If anything, all of the noise was coming from one person. What on Earth was taking place in that cave? Whatever it was, Chikage didn't seem to be in much trouble. The main thing he was looking for was some sort of display of immense strength. A person being sent barreling out of the tunnel, flying chunks of concrete, an explosion-- any of those would be an immediate signal to leap into action. While the Japanese screams that echoed from the cave, followed by a few other unfamiliar voices, were a cause for concern, they weren't Chikage, so Akira didn't care. Whoever else was in there could be reduced to a pulp for all he cared.

"Oh would you look at that. It seems my New Years will be spent cleaning up the messes of idiots." He looked over to his colleague, who was now sitting erect with a heavily annoyed mien. She was looking at the tunnel, but there was no chance that she would actually be able to see anything in the dark underpass, as nightfall had already made its grace on the day. He calmly leaned back, resting his arms behind his head. Being the relaxing one this time, he continued to watch her as she looked through the windshield. "Looks like we'll have to postpone that date, then." What a shame.

He was slightly surprised by her annoyance, but he supposed that anything would be better than sitting in a car waiting for something to go down. He sympathized with her a bit. "You know if I didn’t think they’d see us then crushing their cars would be a lovely way to greet the New Year considering I’m stuck dealing with this stupidity. Well if someone goes flying we can just drive in grab our guy and go right?" With that, he let out a quiet chuckle before reaching forward and pushing the 'drive' button on his gear dashboard, immediately placing his foot on the brake and pressing the 'brake hold' button right after. After making it easier for him to immediately accelerate into the cave if needed, he looked at her with another closed-eye smile. "Better to be ready in case we have to do that, right? I have to say, you come up with some pretty good ideas. Where did you learn to be so quick on your feet?" He sat back once again, now resting his left hand on the steering wheel.​

Doctor Llamabean

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(South District)
Random Cafe

Felicity Quinn Nanner Nanner

Countless Stickers and Band-aids; String Choker; Pink Long-sleeved Shirt; Pink Undershirt; Black Leggings; Pink Boots
[Shirt + Choker] [Boots]

She occupies a cafe booth behind an unduly loving couple. They've been going on about moving in together and buying a puppy, and what breed of pup they'll get, for the last eight minutes--the seconds of which Audience has counted by the audible ticks of an overhead clock.

"Maybe a boxer..." One suggests, earning a disapproving shake of the head from Audience.

The other, however, agrees with their partner, "That's a good one."

Upon her face--as if offended by their disregarding her unspoken opinion--a twisted expression occurs. She stands in her seat, boots deepening into the cushiony leather, and she peers over the separation between her and the couple, looking down upon them with disdain.

"Boxers are kid-friendly, too!"

"Yeah, it'd be good for preparing for a family."

"YeAh, iT'D bE GoOd fOr a FaMiLy~ HooooYEAH~"

Hearing the derisive voice, the couple jolts in the shoulders and they both whip around to see Audience resting her chin on the back of their booth.

"What the-"

"WHAT THE!? What the what, asshole?"

"What's your problem?"

Audience laughs, moving out of the booth to stand at their table. "My problem? My problem is that you guys BORING as fuck. Talking about marriage and dogs and family- BARF ME A RIVER ALREADY," she slams a hand down, its shock registering through the couple's shared coffee, causing it to ripple.

"If you're gonna talk about shit in public where everyone can hear it, at least make it interesting! I'm in a bad mood!"

With that, she returns to her seat without another word, slumping down low--so much so that she might as well be laying. The couple, disturbed and offended, decides to leave. Audience watches. On their way out the door, an entering customer runs head-on into its glass surface before properly entering, and they share a look with each other that says: "We're never coming back here again."

The new arrival is none other than Felicity Quinn.

Seeing her, Audience perks up, "Fucking finally!" But when Felicity takes a seat somewhere else, her expression dead-pans, "Really."

Audience scoots out of her own booth, moves through the cafe, then slips into a seat across from the ditsy girl--appearing horribly irritated.

"You're slow as shit..." She pauses, seeing the red spot on Felicity's forehead from her intercourse with the glass door a second ago. Pointing, Audience asks, "What's that on your forehead?... You've got something- Yeah, yeah... It looks like the fucking door." Wasting no time, she then adds, "Anyway, give me the details. I don't want to talk to you any longer than you do me."
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Brielle Rousseau | Ruby Revenants - Junior | Location: West District - Red West Bar | Interacting/Mentioned: Boltius Beckman, Matsuda Russo | Outfit: Full Outfit

Upon hearing Brielle loudly proclaim her opinions about who is behind the killings, Boltius immediately gestures for her to stop talking, all the while shaking his head and telling her to shush. She's quick to comply, doing so with a cupped hand over her mouth and cheeks turning a rosy pink.

"Désolée..." Saying this, Brielle leans back in her seat and listens closely to what Boltius has to say. He piques her interest at the mention of an idea, but before he could continue, Harriet approaches the table and interrupts him.

"Alright, crew~! I'm back witcho drinks, mhmmm," She passes everyone their respective beverages, to which Brielle happily snatches her Negroni and slides it across the counter until it sits an inch from the edge, close to her chest.

"Just lemme know if y'all need anythin' at all. It's gettin' busy so I can't stick around to annoy y'all,"

Brielle hums a friendly laugh with her usual blank face on. Once Harriet walks off, Boltius leans forward and continues to explain his scheme.

Besides furrowing her brows a few times during his talk, Brielle mainly nods her head instinctively until he's finished.

“Y’know. I’m fuckin ashamed of you Bolti.” Matsuda says on a scoff, his voice louder than most others in the bar. As he talks, Brielle dozes off, unaware of the heart eyes that she's blatantly throwing at him. This is the main reason she can't be around him--she knows this stuff happens and it comes off as weird, for sure.

Matsuda chuckles, “How dare. You even question whether we’d join your dumbass.” Picking up the glass before him, he gulps a sip before slamming the cup back down, to which Brielle is startled and brought back to the present. She perks up and straightens her posture, brushing a stray hair behind her ear.

“There’s no way in hell I’d let you go to those pompous asses’ territory alone!” Matsuda grins, “Let’s get those sons of bitches while their pants are down!”

Being the sucker she is, Brielle nods in agreement with each and every one of his words, despite having not heard most of them.

"So, what we do?" She asks, gesturing to her and Matsuda with a long finger. "If word spreads abo't you ta'geting a Tiger, it might draw bad blood between us--more than the' already is."

Lowering her voice, she cautiously looks around the bar before continuing, "Like I say, if de Se'pents are trying to make us fight each other to eliminate en'mies, you'll only help dem. They are sneaky, true?"

Saying this, she shrugs her hands and slouches back into her seat, taking a small sip of her drink, "But ei'zer way, we have no othe' options. Truth comes one way or anotheer." Oddly, a visible smile grows on her face, expressing a hint of mischief, "So les' make de fun of it..."

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(East District)
[Near South District border, city outskirts]
Outside of the tunnel

Katsura Kanna FabulousTrash FabulousTrash , Nionet Sinblade Cracker Cracker , Pit McClain First Rose First Rose , Saito Tadashi Elenion Aura Elenion Aura , Akira Sendo Nobody Special Nobody Special , Rocio de la Torre BriiAngelic BriiAngelic

Green Trench-Coat; White Button-Up Shirt; Denim Jeans; Brown Boots; Brown Leather Gloves

Nionet's reaction says it all. The wide-eyed shock, the redness of fury flushing her cheeks, the display of utter discomposure as she hunkers forward with a revolted gag.

Her scolding straightens Chikage's posture; though, he remains indifferent, hands in the pockets of his long-coat.

"It doesn't matter their strength! You need to learn your own and understand that every single choice you make has consequences, you damned fool!"

She's right--he tells himself, briefly meeting the glaring gaze of Tadashi, who's sudden defensive bearing provokes an unintentional simper upon the Tiger Elder's face.

She's wrong--his mind retorts, pulling the short-lived curl of his lips into a sudden frown as he focuses back on Nionet. Her tone is softer now, "I- I'm sorry. That was unethical of me. I did not mean to insult you, forgive me."

How embarrassing.
Mocking you. They're mocking you.

"Please," Chikage pulls his hands from his pockets, tightens his arms at his sides, and shows Nionet his sincerest of gestures--a deep bow as evidence of his shame, "Don't apologize." Not only that, but to leave himself so open, he hopes to express his certitude in the honorable ways of the Sapphire Dragons. That he trusts them enough to turn his back.

Mocking you.

However, the humble demonstration also belies a momentary rage that has manifested itself upon his face in the form of a hateful scowl, one he dare not show those surrounding him, lest they deem him a threat per his reputed tendencies.

"Is there a reason you brought him out here? Could he not have waited at the temple?" Nionet asks Kanna.

"I couldn't leave him at the temple."

Chikage maintains his bow. Calm down.

"Paige was still in the lobby when we arrived and attacked him." Kanna says.

Calm down.

Heat radiates like crashing waves through the Elder's being. His hands--at first, palms flat against the denim of his jeans--have formed into tight fists now, as he knows not what to do with them once he stands. Perhaps he'll tuck them under his armpits to pin them from harming anyone, or shove them deep into his pockets like before. A tremble plays with his shoulders--though it is not fear. If anything, he wishes it was.

When finally he straightens up, the features of his face sag with tire, as does his posture, and he staggers slightly.

Kanna says to Pit and Tadashi, "Its fine, he's with us."

You know you want to.

Gesturing for the group to follow her, Kanna starts to leave the tunnel, but Chikage's mind has gone blank.

They drag you around.
They scold you.
You're an embarrassment.

Forgetting his surroundings, he slowly and unsteadily approaches the wall, brushing Nionet's shoulder, until his forehead meets with its hard surface. At that point, you'd expect him to stop... However, he keeps walking, pushing forward against the wall as his feet dig and slide through the gravel, creating tracks in the dirt beneath them.

Break something.

Lifting his arms from their limp dangle, he presses his palms into the vertical brick structure and suddenly it cracks from the continuous applied force of his strength.

Stop fighting it.

Chikage groans.

Break something.

Chikage yells. He punches the wall--over and over--barreling it with a single fist. The tunnel tremors and the gravel clinks against its metal tracks for a spine, and he keeps going, yelling and yelling, until finally he turns in a wily display of fury, blind of the others, and squats down to grip the train rail with both hands.

With just enough force, the metal bends to his will and snaps up like a scorpion's tail. Holding it in one hand then, no longer roaring like a rabid bear, he drags it along behind him as he exits the tunnel. It creaks and cries under the strain of bending in a way it's not supposed to. But for Chikage, it's as easy as bending a broom handle.

The brightness of the snow obscures his vision, making him even angrier, and the railway breaks off in his hand. Without stopping, he launches the massive eight-foot-long scrap in front of him, then wastes no time in chasing after it as it completely crushes the front of Akira Sendo's car, ultimately destroying the inner workings beneath the hood.

Looks like he'll be purchasing late Christmas gifts...

(I grant permission to control Chikage in his rage, as he literally blacks out, lol.)


Maybe I want Happiness not Turds



(South District)


Brax Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean , Mixie Cracker Cracker

Jin was able to mow done two more guards but it almost seemed like there was no end to them he saw that Snake and Brax had made there way to the SUVs, Jin ran to another guard and on the run up he was shot at with the guards pistol he was able to just barely dodge and he crouched down and sliced at the guards stomach slicing him almost in half He looked to see how the other two were doing but there most have been an issue because the SUV they were in was crashed into another one and Jin started to run and give them a hand but he was stopped when he heard what sounded like a girl yell at him when he looked over he instantly knew who it was and kind of dreaded a fight with Mixie because her jinx made it hard for Jin to use his Katana's but she wasn't about to give him enough time to think about how to fight her because she already threw her hand at him. Jin tried to jump away from the soon to by explosion but he didn't move fast enough. The explosion pushed him backwards and he hit onto a tree.

Jin was dazed from the blast but he had to get up if he took another hit from one of her explosions he would be done for. Jin looks over and sees Brax with Jaiden and it looks like they are going to start fighting. Jin yells to Brax "You guys get out of here ill try to dealing with the others" Jin hopes they can take of themselves but Mixie is to much of a threat to be left alone. Jin gets up and makes a spreint towards Mixie making show to get as close to her as he can. Once he was close enough dark thoughts swirl in his head. He could make this an easier fight if he just uses his jinx. Maybe he could even kill her. Its hard sometimes to to Keep these thoughts away. Maybe if you toughen up you gang will actually respect you. Jin isn't always strong enough to fight these thoughts. Before he take any swings of his blade at Mixie black smoke starts to flow out of his body and his eyes turn black. Not thinking of alerting other serpents his black smoke is able to make its way into the building. Once it reaches Gree, Jin can tell someone else was in the building but just not sure who. He looks at Mixie with a sadden face. "Sorry Mix but I cant promise you wont die today." Jin then teleports behind her and slices down at Mixie.



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Omar Ayad - Sapphire Dragons - Jack
East District, The Dragon's Temple
SRUNewman SRUNewman Chu Ji-yoo and Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Erich Deon Silva

At the Temple, Oxie Lancaster, Senior of five years, with a regenerative Jinx was called upon to heal Erich Deon Silva which so happened to be injuried and Omar was informed of the situation. Oxie Lancaster Jinx calls for one use per day as far as major injuries go, so she was only able to heal Erich Deon Silva halfway--the rest of the way calling for some ointment and bandages around his head.

Omar had been looking at this unusual ability with interest even though he was informed about it by Nionet Sinblade seeing it for the first time is league apart from any explanations while this whole process was taking place Omar looked at his right hand where the Jack-O'-Lantern puppet was on did Omar swiftly removed the Jack-O'-Lantern puppet before quickly opening his duffel bag and placing the Jack-O'-Lantern puppet in it. As Omar slowly pulls the zipper to close the duffel bag those Omar notice the Jack-O'-Lantern puppet slowly rubbing it own two hands by itself before Omar sealed the duffel bag with the zipper muttering out loud to himself.

Omar Ayad: "Just my Imagination...Must be my imagination."

Then the familiar voice spoke to him as if it was right beside Omar.

Jack-O'-Lantern: "Yes....Just an imagination.... for now."

All the while Erich Deon Silva was then placed on the middle of the floor on the lounge with a pillow propped under his head as Omar looks around to make sure no one heard him. Omar noticed Chu Ji-yoo and slowly realized that Paige and Mercy is gone... Omar take a deep breathe before hearing Erich Deon Silva

Erich Deon Silva: "Maaaaaan~! Whut a daay..." "You know, dey call me lucky, but ¡dios mio!, amigos, I didn' know I wus 'at lucky! You should 'ave seeeeen this señorita. She say she a rookie... but she an elder in mi corazón."

On the words, Erich Deon Silva then made a hearty chuckle before he points at Omar and Erich Deon Silva says.

Erich Deon Silva: "I owe you big, ese! Señora sol say she'd 'ave my legs if anysing were to 'appen to mi hermanita! Heh heh~ I call you Ol' Reliable now, Jacko."

Omar thought to himself what a pain as Omar is now rubbing the temples on his head as he slowly think about a few things before remembering that Katsura Kanna had left and the same rookie member who she talked to was still present with them. Omar first points at Silva before his hand up and raising his index finger to indicate one moment as Omar now has a plan to execute. Omar approaches the rookie member before placing his arm around the shoulder and pulling his head closer to him as he then whispered into the ear of the rookie member.

Omar Ayad: "Gather the available crew members that are not busy or crying... Fortify the position and arm yourselves...I want whoever think its easy to take out the Sapphire Dragons to think twice.... Do it discreetly."

Omar would let go of the rookie member as the rookie member would make his way to some of the members who are lofting outside the temple doors. Omar would make his way to the prayer area where some of the statues reside as Omar would then push one of the statues before revealing a floor safe. Omar would begin pressing 372466 and a gentle pin can be heard as Omar pulled on the handle to open the safe. Inside the safe was blue backpack as Omar would bring it out of the safe before closing the safe and then pushing the statue back on it. Omar would then walk back to the lounge area and make a seat at one of the free chairs at the lounge. Omar unzips the blue backpack before saying out loud to Chu Ji-yoo and Erich Deon Silva.

Omar Ayad: So I got a couple of guns we can use...do you prefer a Revolver or a Glock? And to answer the question that will eventually pop into either one of your heads...yes, I got guns and weapons hidden around the temple... Nionet Sinblade never said I could not hide a few prep bags here and there...think of this as insurance...on the side note Erich you got a cellphone? also can I borrow it?


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  • 783-7830991_disfruta-de-los-10-renders-del-anime-death.jpg
    Location: The Tunnels
    Date: December 31st, 2020

    Akira [Inari] ( Nobody Special Nobody Special )

    Chikage [Ogre] ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean ), Tadashi [Sonic] ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura ), Nionet [Sixth Sense] ( Cracker Cracker ), Pit [???] ( First Rose First Rose ) Kanna [Raikou] ( FabulousTrash FabulousTrash )

    ~ Item Get: Kanna's Car! ~
    Gunshot Wound || Lucidity’s CS File

    Everything went to shit faster than she could have ever imagined. One second she was turning back to go back to her little game of cat and mouse with Akira in which she couldn’t accurately say who was leading who, the next there was a crash to the hood of the car as their leader was apparently charging them.

    “For the lov’a. WHAT IS HIS PROBLEM!”

    Too dangerous to try to get the car to move. They were lucky it didn’t blow up from the impact. She was quick to unbuckle and slide out, only pausing to grab her scythe. She had two options, fight and die or run and die. Well, she wasn’t going down that easily. Not when there were two other weapons chilling out at the entrance, sure her scythe wouldn't do much but a car should be enough to even their odds. Probably.

    “Out out out. Hope you aren’t attached to the car cause it’s gonna blow!”

    She started a sprint away running to another car and ducking behind it. There wasn’t an explosion? Didn’t that usually happen to broken cars? Movies had lied to her. She looked up and remembered that a pending explosion wasn’t the only problem in the near future. She took the opportunity to slide into the driver’s seat. Keys? Keys? Nope okay plan B. She looked around and popped off the lower console and kicked in the emergency brake.

    “Any chance you got a screwdriver or some other flat thing I could use to rev this up? I'd use my Scythe but it's a little too big...”

    As she said it she started to mess with the lower wires. She hadn’t hotwired a lot of cars but she’d done enough that she knew the general steps. Dimitri had had some skewed priorities in what she needed in her driver’s education. It was probably best she not share she didn’t quite know how to do squat after but hopefully, her stopper would be Chikage’s body so parking wasn’t something she needed to learn right this second.

    “Running isn't gonna work so I think our best shot is hitting him with a car till he goes down. I’m sure the Tigers won’t mind that much…”

    She was sure it wasn't going to gain her any brownie points with the boss but her life would always be the most important to her.


Anne Boolean

One Thousand Club

Pascal Corbin

It was a good thing Pascal didn't arrive a moment earlier, as he would have had a heart attack upon seeing the way C.C. was manhandling the device he had made. His gaze was primarily fixated on Raven as he waited for a response, but his eyes did fall on the white-haired man besides her. Even if they hadn't met, Pascal had studied the capabilities and weaknesses of every Tiger for his work to be able to easily identify him as Cosmo Collymore. When he first heard about Houdini, he was fascinated. A jinx that allows a person to travel through the fourth dimension? What was that like? Pascal had only seen it crudely demonstrated through math, but it was considered impossible for a human to even see it, much less travel through it. He had dug himself into a physics rabbit hole that day, scouring through textbooks, videos, and any other educational resource he could find in order to better understand it.

Meeting him was one of the things Pascal had been very much looking forward to, but sadly their paths hadn't crossed... until today. He gave a warm smile at the introduction and reached out to shake the other's hand. Before he could do so however, the other vanished, leaving Pascal with a confused expression. He returned just a moment later, but the confusion didn't leave Pascal's face, as he simply blinked and then eyed the new person who the other had brought along. From the gasp and the way the newcomer grabbed his chest, Pascal could only assume he was caught just as off-guard by being transported as the scientist himself was when C.C. disappeared.

The blond turned back to C.C., opening his mouth to speak, but before any words came out the new guy went ahead and introduced himself as Alistair, and then 'Big Papa.' He blinked his blue eyes at the words, thinking to himself it didn't make him feel better and he'd rather not. He once again returned his gaze to C.C. to finally try and introduce himself, but Alistair went on to do that for him as well.

He winced a bit at the title the man had given to him, before finally using his voice to say, "yep... that's me..." A moment of awkward silence passed before he then remembered the question C.C. had asked. "A rave...?" He was certain he had never been to one those before. Honestly, this party would have been social enough for him, but the conversation he had with Emelia had soured his mood. Perhaps loud music with a thumping bass and colorful flashing lights would be a good distraction to help him forget about the conflict with the woman. A smile returned to his face and he said, "I'd love to go to a rave. I must say though, I've never been to one before."

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Doctor Llamabean

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(Rose District)

Kimiko Kugisaki Nobody Special Nobody Special

Black Shirt, long-sleeved, high-neck; Black Pants, cargo; Red Leather Shoes; Fedora; Wrist-Watch; Surgical Mask
[Reference] [His Club]

Kimiko looks up at Krueger with a beaming smile, and Krueger turns his head to avert his gaze, unable to keep a straight face behind the way of his hand.

He always thought he'd grow up and get a worthwhile job, find someone to settle down with, adopt a child and start a family... But, just as surely as the world keeps spinning, not all dreams are as easily obtainable as liquor in a liquor store.

Alternatives exist, however.

Kimiko lunges toward Krueger with a hug, causing him to totter just a tad, briefly stunned by a pain in his back that he manages to ignore, loath to show any sign of injury. He returns the gesture with a gentle pat to her head. It's almost embarrassing, but before he can think too hard about it, the girl withdraws to don her new batting gloves.

"They look slick," he says rather nonchalantly, sporting his usual slack expression, which is next accompanied by the quirk of a curious brow when Kimiko steps back and begins rifling through her bag. She pulls out two items, neither of which he can see, then she signals for him to hold out his hands by the subtle gesticulation of her own fists in his direction.

He does as desired, and she lays the two items in his palms. To see them, Krueger blinks, specifically fixated on the iPod.

"You'd better use it, too. Or you'll get the same treatment that hefty garden gnome in the mall got," she says. He looks down at her, then back at his hands, then back at her... Then he shows a lopsided grin on a misty sigh, half tempted to decline the particular electronic device, but ultimately unable to by the youthful gleam in her eyes.

"You'll have to show me how," he responds--reluctant but willing--tucking the thing into a pocket as he then inspects the lighter, admiring it almost. Compared to his own, it's flashy, much unlike his standard taste.

However, since it's her--looking at Kimiko again, his smile softening--he'll smoke a cigarette in honor of the gift.

"Thanks, kid."


Albino Tigers |Senior / Bodyguard|Jinx: Item Teleportation
Location: East/South District border, outside abandoned tunnel
Interacting: Lucidity ( BriiAngelic BriiAngelic )


Oh, no. There goes his car.

Akira wasn't too upset about the car being destroyed, and while Lucy immediately leapt out in a rush, he calmly pulled the handle to the door and slid out of door. A small sigh escaped as he took no more than a second to examine the damages, before turning to face the charging Elder barreling towards him. He closed his distance from Lucy by reaching under his jacket and tossing a needle near the passenger seat of the other car she entered. Before he knew it, he was out of harms way and standing in front of the passenger door. His jinx was definitely more handy than a car, especially in times of peril like these. He sat down in the passengers seat, passively smiling as he watched Lucy hotwire the car. It wasn't a surprise that she knew how to hotwire, but her reaction to the whole situation was definitely a bit of a surprise. She was in much more of a hurry than he was... maybe he was the one acting strange? Guess this is her first time seeing him act like this.

"Any chance you got a screwdriver or some other flat thing I could use to rev this up? I'd use my Scythe but it's a little too big..."

He perked up when she asked. Quickly, he leaned over to examine the screw she needed to turn. He then pulled out one of his larger needles and placed it on the ground, stepping on it to flatten its end into a sturdy, makeshift flathead screwdriver. He reached down to grab it, and handed it to her. "Here you go." she quickly grabbed it from him and got to work, as he contently watched her every movement. "Wonderful weather we're having, hm?" it may not have been the best time to crack jokes, but Akira was strangely calm. For the amount of time he'd been following Chikage around, this was nothing. And while the Elder had no control over his current actions, evading him wouldn't be much of a problem as long as Akira had nobody else to worry about. As soon as she finished hotwiring, she would probably try to hit him with the car before he could cause any damage. Although it wasn't a bad idea, Akira worried about whether or not his secret target would survive the impact of the car. He would definitely live, right? After all, he was capable of throwing steel far enough to total his car. He concluded that hitting him with the car would be safe, and he opened his mouth to suggest it--

"Running isn't gonna work so I think our best shot is hitting him with a car till he goes down. I’m sure the Tigers won’t mind that much…"

"Great minds think alike!" he shot a thumbs up in her direction. "I was just about to suggest that we hit him." It would be a great sight, seeing his sister's killer fly around in the air for a few seconds before falling on the ground like a raindrop. Maybe it would rid him of his Jinx somehow. Anything was possible, and Akira accepted every possible option that didn't result in his death. He reached over and fastened his seatbelt. "Whenever you're ready, feel free to hit him." his finger raised and pointed in her direction. "Be sure to put your seatbelt on, though. We still have a date to go on, remember?"​


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Helping his home? Emrick had to scoff at that. Like he’d even bother to involve himself with that hellhole. Though, in the back of his mind, he knows it wasn’t all bad back then… and he supposed they did need help, especially after- he cut himself off. He shouldn’t start feeling pity for them.

Focusing on the stubborn brat in front of him, (his patience was slowly running thin.) he placed his hand on his chest, feigning pain. “
Wow. You really would deny adventure? Hmp, probably for the best. I doubt you could handle the heat.” As he finished, the side of his mouth turned up into a testing smile. He side-eyes her.

Not waiting for whether she’d say she’d go or not, he took his phone out and displayed it so all three of them could see the screen. Other than the large crack on the glass, an image of a lady dressed in a shiny fitted red dress hooking her arm alongside a man, dressed in a suit, with a cigarette in his mouth was plastered on the screen. “
I’ve been dying to go after these two for awhile now. Word on the street is, they’ve been illegally selling people’s property once their client stops obeying them. Now I know it’s not like selling actual people as slaves or some shit, but it still seems like a fun job, dontcha think?

Looking away from the screen, he set his phone face up on the table. “
Jeanette and Robert are their names. Christ even that sounds ridiculous right?” He lets out a chuckle, shaking his head. He’d had many opportunities to go after them before, but he’s never gone after someone who had so much influence or who was so well known. Doing it alone, well he just couldn’t go through with it. The chances of messing up were too high. “I hear they’re fucking assholes too, showing off their wealth like some pompous flamingos.

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Shore Salvatore

Emrick apparently responded to denial by negging. It would make any pick up artist proud, although it just made Shore want to roll their eyes. Randomly approaching this woman, suggesting she join him for committing crimes, and then insulting her. What a guy. The green-haired individual rose an eyebrow as the woman once again mentioned her disinterest to them, realizing she had lumped the two together. They opened their mouth to explain that this was in fact not their idea, but before they could say anything Emrick's voice once again sounded.

Their blue eyes fell on the screen of the phone now being held up to their face, taking in the appearance of the couple as the other green-haired individual elaborated. After the debriefing, Shore found themselves pleasantly surprised. They had assumed Emrick was still picking on the vulnerable and stealing money from old ladies or something, but it seemed at least this once he was trying to target someone actually corrupt. Indeed they weren't involved in human trafficking, but suddenly selling someone's property could have terrible consequences for the person if they owned a small business or the like. Shore didn't feel one way or another about their names but did indeed find themselves in disdain towards their behavior.

"I'll join you," they said, offering the man a smile. "They sound like the perfect mark."

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Kimiko watched as Krueger scanned his gifts, particularly eyeing the iPod in his hand. She smiled mischievously as she watched. There was no way he could say no. It was impossible to say no to her, she was just too cute to say no to! Declining a gift from her would be like leaving a puppy out to die on the street. She was sure that even if she gave a bomb to someone, they'd take it like it was gold. Well, maybe she was getting a little too cocky now. Krueger let out a light sigh and smirked as he put the iPod into his pocket. Never mind, she was totally, 100% right.

"You'll have to show me how," he replied before stopping to look at the lighter, which was definitely bound to be his favorite gift out of the two. "Well, since you don't have a computer," she crossed her arms as she spoke with her chest puffed out. "We'll probably have to go to the library for your first technology lesson. Which is a total bummer, by the way." her eyes narrowed as she glared at him. Seriously, was technology really that bad? He always found it so abhorrent, even choosing to live in the woods somewhere instead of being in the city. "As long as I don't get shushed by some old, sad librarian with nothing better to do, I guess it'll be okay. Besides, the computers in there are all old as hell. It'll be more your style, yeah?" She slid her bag back onto her back, reaching over to pat him on the shoulder. "Or, you could get your sister to show you when you go over there. Maybe not today, though. Since the cops'll probably be there to ask if they've seen ya." She pulled out her phone and checked the time, frowning slightly once she realized it was getting late. She should probably be getting back home, before her mother started worrying. At that realization, she gave Krueger one last pat on the shoulder, this time a much harder one.

"Well, tough guy, I've gotta get going. Mom's gonna have my head on a stick if I'm not there to see the Ball Drop." she pivoted on her feet, making an obnoxious scratching sound as her shoes grinded against the snow and concrete beneath them. "Maybe try visiting home after the cops leave? And go buy a gift bag for your sister's sweater. I should really follow you home someday so I can meet her~" she lifted one of her gloved hands to wave goodbye, shoving both of them in her jacket pockets shortly after before leaving Krueger behind in a cheerful skip. As she made her way home, she began to whistle, choosing to improvise rather than stick to a specific song.

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