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Fantasy New Oasis: Four Heavenly Kings

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Yuudai "Beast" Fuse
Location: North Housing District 4
In Scene: Delynn ( Mook-LandStrider Mook-LandStrider ) | Tri ( Damafaud Damafaud ) | Kisara ( simj26 simj26 ) | Yeona ( mewmilk mewmilk )​

We'll Do It Live
3E00AC2F-A809-4B6D-9FFF-12097586BC51.pngAt the sound of the Jack’s voice, Yuudai looked over, his expression curious. He snorted a laugh, “Any of us chopping a weakling in the neck would kill them.” His eyes followed the cigarette that was thrown, a small urge to chase from the beast instincts wanting to bust through.

With a clearing of his throat, he responded regarding Tri’s advice on flattening the zone. “Man, if it was that easy, we’da done it. But doing that will kill all the bodies and the junkies we sell to.” He waved the hand that held his gun in the air lightly, “Losing that income would suck.

He stretched his arms above his head with a satisfied sigh, “It’s nice to get out every once in a while. I was getting cagey.” Haha. Confined Beast jokes.

At the sound of the teenager young adult whining about the swamp-like conditions and her outfit. Yuudai didn’t bother covering his mouth as he amusedly listened to the whining of the beastier-looking person than him.

I thought I was quite clear what this was. I never forced you to come here. Put your phone down and listen every once in a while.

He could only imagine Mother’s yelling in his ear if he truly did force anyone on a mission. Incentives were key. As long as no one pissed him off. Because he gets freedom too. Except Snake.

He pointed a claw at Kisara, “Do good with this, and I can arrange a Central push and we can try to get something besides our swamp. Is this boy of yours interested in any jobs, by chance?

The cigarette smoke surrounding him made his paw twitch. He wanted one, but he forgot his pack back at Headquarters. One of the other’s that he could smell cigarette smoke come from, Yeona, asked how intact their subjects needed to be.

He rubbed his chin with his paw, the claw scraping carefully against the stubble. “We can probably take one back without their limbs, but the blood loss might make the experiment fail. The test would be good data regardless. If they ended up with a regenerative potential, it would be pretty quickly obvious maybe. Now, normally I grab first, ask questions later, but we need some… more tough weaklings this time around for better rats.

Just then, the most green member strode past, the electricity coming from her body caused any fur Yuudai had on him at the moment to stand on end.

Not being able to make phone calls would be good on their end, but also bad. Especially if any of their own needed to make a phone call. The focus would be good right now.

His eyes followed as she chose a house for them to target. Taking initiative? Noted.

When Delynn opened the closest house’s door, Yuudai sighed, “What kinda dumbasses leave their doors unlocked around here of all places?” He shook his head.

The sound of glass popping as the electricity died in the house, he noticed that the street light nearby flickered before adjusting.

Cool, well, move in then. Maybe we can make this a stupid fast trip and get everyone inside.

He stretched his neck from side to side, looking through the doorway as Delynn acted like a beacon. “Deacon, do whatever the fuck you want. Bull, inside and get the biggest. Live Wire… Uh… Do what you can. Blender, make some extra escape routes for us to use. Not that we need it for our own escapes. Might be fun to chase some prey, see how fast they are. Or to pull them out.

A wide smile crossed his face exposing elongated fangs that were growing, "Also, someone grab my clothes and gun later." Then, his body fully shifted into a giant grizzly bear with the right eye scratched out, any sign that a man once stood there was the clothing pile on the floor with the pistol on top.

GM Note: Feel free to create the family in this house! If you don’t want to, tag me in discord and I’ll generate.
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The One Called Blu
Tigers Arc 1: Scene 2 [Money Talks]
The White Tiger Casino, West District
Alice, Cassidy, Ezra
Charmy had greeted Cassidy and Alice with a light nod.

Their presence was expected, and very reassuring. With them it would be nigh impossible to lose such a valuable bounty, but there was still work that needed to be done. Before a swift victory could be had the prize of the evening had to be out on the table, and that wasn’t likely to happen unless Titus had nothing else to wager. Either that, or there needed to be some interesting pressure applied.

That’s what Charmy hoped to find in Ezra. She wasn’t sure about the two’s history, but there was bound to be something to leverage. Plus she also wanted to see what the rookie was capable of, and if things went well it would mean less work for her in the end. So she just followed along with a smile on her face.

"When all players have their cards, we'll place our bets.”

War huh. A true game of chance. It was hard to imagine what the rookie had in mind. Not only were games like these harder to cheat in, but they were also less reliable to bet on. Luckily the man of honor seemed quite drunk so they might just get away with it. At the very least it would make for a good opener, but maybe not something the rest at the table needed to put stakes in just yet. Best to play it safe until they had a better grasp on the situation.

“Oh don’t worry about us,” Charmy assured, indicating Cassidy, Alice, and herself. “I think we'll sit out this first round. The two of you go at it—may the better man win!”

She leaned back into her chair until it was moments from tipping over.

“I nearly forgot!” She shot up, the legs of the chair letting out a resounding screech. “Cassidy, Alice, would you two mind fetching us some drinks? Not the cheap stuff they serve all willy nilly. Something more worthy of Mr. Latken. On me of course!”
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Serpents Arc 1: Scene 3 [We'll Do It Live]

Tri, the Jack Deacon
Housing Zone 4, North District
Yuudai, Delynn, Yeona, Kisara
Mention: Taigakitt Taigakitt , Mook-LandStrider Mook-LandStrider , mewmilk mewmilk simj26 simj26
"Hm." Tri rubbed his chin, listening, thinking. He didn't agree with the pink pale lady. He thought stealing people would be fun. Or at least different from stealing jewels or clothes or phones. He recalled his time of using people and added his two cents.

"Try to keep the limbs. Stabilizing the patients and balancing the antibiotics before the test subjects can be used sometimes take weeks. It's a pain. Healthy, intact ones are better."

A woman Tri barely recognised (well that's every woman here, but this one he was pretty certain he hadn't seen before... he thinks) walked up to a house, screamed, and messed with the lighting. Right, Live Wire, electric power of some sort, the rough outline Paris gave him said. Right.

"Whatever you say, King. Several humans coming right up." He stretched while approaching a different building. Houses in slum usually had connected wirings that siphoned from the same source. This one did for sure.

Tri tried the door. Locked. He tried the window. Locked too. He saw a woman running away with a pale face through the window. Hm. Tri scratched his chin.


"Oh. Right. This is technically a robbery." Ergo, he could use his trusty break-in technique. From inside his coat, Tri pulled out a hand axe. Wood splinters flew off the shabby, rotten door. As Tri blinked his eyes clear off the saw dust, his gaze met a pair of widened, dilating pupils. In the kitchen, a young man held him at gunpoint. Tri and the young man locked eyes. Still. The young man with trembling hands, while Tri was trying to think of something to say.


The young man flinched. His muscles tensed.

"As a part of medical ethics, you can know the details of the experiment."


"Do you want to know?"

"No-" "It gives healthy people Potential with 90% chance of dying, so we need volunteers."

Right. He found the perfect line to say. Tri raised his axe again. "Your consent is irrelevant. Yolo, and here's where you lose control of it."

Yes, that line was cool.


With a trembling voice, the maidservant answered Paris' questions. Yes, Doctor Tri ate his breakfast. No, he didn't wear his body armor; he only put on a coat before leaving- the tranquilizer guns? Nono, they were all still in the drawer where she last put them, but the handaxe was gone from the weapon room. She noticed that the megaphone was gone, too. Ah, Doctor Tri also mentioned something about a flash bang at dinner yesterday... hello? Hello?

Paris cradled his head. He wanted to crouch in a corner and be an unthinking rock.

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Serpents Arc 1: Scene 1 [Friends in Low Places]
Northside, Central District
Anna, Bash, Raphael

It would be a lie to say that Darius expected full success convincing the little punks to listen to his group. It wasn't helped, in his opinion, by his ally's choice of attire. The words still hurt though, especially hearing them mock Anna. Darius hadn't planned this far ahead yet and was still processing their words.
What the fuck is a North Central Prowler???

He soon came up with the genius plan of "try again without the gloves." He wasn't sure how the outcome would change, but if he could intimidate them, it helps.

He looked down at his hands as he removed both gloves, but brought his gaze up to the boys, not wanting to look like a toddler who had just learned how to put gloves on. Don't shake, don't shake, we can pull this off. He tried to command his trembling hands into cooperating, and sort of succeeded as he mustered up a speech.

"You boys don't understand who you're talking to, and if you did then you'd know to shut up and-"

Oh! There goes Bash.

Darius watched the boy go flying into the vending machine, instinctively shielding his face from the blood and debris that shot from the point of impact. It was hard to tell if his expression was positive or negative, due to the mask covering his face, but his widened eyes did show that he was not expecting it to happen.

Damn, he makes it look so easy.

Darius listened to Bash's speech, almost forgetting that it was only directed towards the Prowlers. He couldn't help but feel a bit sheepish afterwards and glared awkwardly at the two standing kids. But Bash hadn't finished yet, and his second assault took Darius's attention once more.

He couldn't say he enjoyed Bash throwing the young man around, but what better target than Raph. He entertained the idea of trying to stop the attack but knew it would be a mistake.

If I stop the attack then Bash would be mad at me instead,
Raph's stupid face would be intact,
I would fucking die,
So I should just stand here and-

His passivity stopped him from doing anything but watch again as Anna swooped in to interrupt the fight, but his eyes showed a look of terror. He was completely and utterly appalled.

"Anna what the fuck." He couldn't stop the words quietly coming out as she tried to explain herself to the others. He wanted to grab her shoulder and drag her away to leave Bash to continue his assault. He opted for a verbal response instead for obvious reasons.

"Anna, instead of kicking that kid around, why don't we leave the Ace to his business. Let's go continue our work. That is our job." Darius put extra emphasis on his words as if to say 'Hey Bash! Look! I'm not trying to jeopardise the mission and would never stop you from attacking Raph! Do not kill us please!'. He took a few steps away from the group to further emphasise the point that they should get out of there, but kept an eye on both Bash and the remaining North-Central Prowlers, lest either pose a threat to him.


Reika "Succubus" Tsukiyama
In Scene: Dimitri ( The Prophet The Prophet ) | Vulken ( Nobody Special Nobody Special ) | Merrit ( Abyss Abyss )
Training Day
Location: North-Eastern Bridge; South District

9CAC2628-C548-437A-9C0C-0BABD39F8E33.pngThe last song was near its end just as Dimitri took his place next to her, though he kept his feet firmly planted on the road.

Then, Vulken and Merrit were down the road.

She hummed and as soon as the next song, Semi-Automatic by Twenty One Pilots, started, she cast a quick glance down. Night Falls, she swung her leg out to kick Dimitri square in the face, though she was being nice and used her calf since it was squishier.


With Gravity As leg met face, she landed gracefully on her feet like a cat onto the asphalt, her hair falling wildly over her shoulders as her body swayed with the beat.

The Earth Turns. Her bright yellow gaze then moved over to Vulken and his sponsoree.

A few beats as she contemplated her response and gave Dimitri a chance to do whatever he wanted to do.

I’m Never What I Like.She sauntered over to Vulken.

I’m Double-Sided. She quickly closed the distance, getting her face close to his face while brushing her hand against his cheek. As soon as skin contact occurred, a tingle could potentially be felt by the both of them as she gave Vulken a few of the bruises she had over to him.

Then, she pressed a hand against his chest and pushed herself away from him, “Just because the Dragons and us share this bridge with an understanding of sorts doesn’t mean we should drop our guards near the border of our territories.” She paced, swaying her hips with the music as she tended to do.

It’s training time bitches, come at me,” she held her arms out in an invitation as a wild smile graced her lips.

A short laugh, “Do your worst.



Howling Tempest
Cassidy Harlow
Tigers Arc 1: Scene 2 [Money Talks]
The White Tiger Casino, West District
Alice ( Ari Number Two Ari Number Two ), Charmy ( BluEndings BluEndings ), Ezra ( Lucem Lucem )
Latken was clearly more than a little inebriated and made no effort to hide his leering, which was directed at Alice of all things. Cassidy couldn't help but give an inner sigh that didn't make its way to the surface or break her smiling facade, the sweaty handshake reminding her that it was all part of the job.

It was a welcome change of pace when Ezra joined in, the young man willing to try his hand infused her casual smile with some actual amusement. Spurred on by Charmy's suggestion the group moseyed toward a table to play a game introduced as War. Its rules were simple and chance alone would make it difficult for Latken to hold onto his winnings when drawing against four. Sometimes simple was best, though it seemed almost too straightforward.

Much like herself, the young man placed value on assuaging any doubts of fair play that might develop once the game began which meant there was likely something more to the game. From the rather unpleasant handshake earlier Cassidy was confident Latken had no potential, no hidden ace; but what about Ezra? Would she be able to spot the trick to this game? For a moment her attention was entirely on him and the cards he shuffled.
Then Charmy's voice cut through the air followed by a screech of wood as she settled back rapildy, seemingly struck by some sort of revelation.. The dubious 'man of the hour' certainly didn't need any more help getting himself soused but unless she misunderstood Charmy that wasn't exactly the point. Besides Alice's tea was probably healthier for him anyhow, even if the girl tended to forgo careful measurements in favor of abundant enthusiasm.

“Of course, something pleasing sip on while we settle sounds like a nominal idea.” the veteran agreed sweetly, “I trust by the time we return the gentlemen will have had enough time to raise the stakes and make a good show of things.” With only two players the odds shifted dramatically and Ezra had his job cut out for him. Would the rookie buckle under the pressure or keep his cool? He'd certainly made the job more entertaining...speaking of which.

“Alicia, perhaps now would be a good time since everyone appears in the mood for drinks?” Cassidy asked, stepping away from the table and at least appearing to stroll toward the bar. “Say, have you ever tried making iced tea? Poor Mr. Latken looks a bit clammy and could probably use something cold.”


RpNation's local Neko and Quiplash Champion


Kanna Katsura - Azure Dragons - Jack [CS LINK]
Scene - Dragons Arc 1 | Scene 4: Reckoning
Location - East District
Mentions/Interactions - Jesper/Guardian ( Ari Number Two Ari Number Two ), Ruriko Ikeda (@Beann)

After a few moments of searching, Kanna pulled out...pieces of raw meat?

What the hell is this?

Kanna gave it a once over. It looked like regular meat from the store, but there was definitely something off. What was certain was that this is what he ate, explaining the blood on the man's lips.

She tossed the meat to the side, ignoring it for now. Then it happened.

Kanna's phone went off. And again, and again, and again. Her initial thought was that Kasumi was trying to urgently reach her. Keeping one hand on the man's wrists, she reached into her pocket for her own phone, looking at the screen. However, what she saw was the last thing she expected.

3 pictures of members of the Dragons, including her own. As well as all the info about them, especially their Potentials.

Kanna looked up to see that Ruriko was looking at her phone too. Her eyes looked over to Guardian, her lips parting as she was about to ask Jesper what was going on. But before words left her mouth, she noticed their sort of dazed state.

"Guardian, what's wrong?"

There was no reply, only Guardian talking to themselves. Then suddenly, she fell to he knees. Kanna could hear the faint screeching from their headset. Then just as quickly as it started, Guardian quickly got up and disappeared. The drones remained in the area, providing area security. Her eyes looked back to the unknown man as a laugh escaped his mouth.

She stifled her reaction to the man using her real name. Whatever was going on, Kanna was confident that they would get to the bottom of it. But one thing at a time; they had to deal with this person first, whoever he is.

Kanna began to pull the man up from his pinned state, but he spoke up again, this time talking about...bats?

Before she could do anything further, Kanna winced, her eyes squinting as a sharp pain filled her ears.


Her free hand moved to cover one of them while the hand holding the man down loosened its grip, allowing him to break free. Kanna couldn't think straight. The pain was continuing even if she covered her ears. Too distracted, she failed to notice the punch coming straight at her face.

But Ruriko didn't.

With her quick reactions, a portal formed in front of Kanna, the man's fist going through and coming out from another portal to the side of them, punching himself instead. He was staggered, and the pain stopped. Kanna took a breath, recovering her senses and re-focused. She was quick to retaliate, getting up from the ground and delivered a quick punch right back at him, her fist connecting with the front of his face, sending him back a little.

Kanna put distance between him and her, moving to cover the open end of the alley that Guardian had blocked off earlier, keeping the main cornered. She reached for her side, unclipping her bo-staff and flicked her wrist, extending it to full length. Her hand kept a firm grip as she held it off to her side, angled downward.

It was clear at this point that the man didn't intend to cooperate. Which was fine with Kanna. She could use the extra exercise.


Ari Number Two

Don't lose Ari~♪ Shine bright Ari~♪
Alicia Morel
Tigers Arc 1: Scene 2 [Money Talks]
The White Tiger Casino, West District
Alice, Cassidy ( Fenris Fenris ), Charmy ( BluEndings BluEndings ), Ezra ( Lucem Lucem )
Money Talks

Alice froze when a familiar voice cut through the floor. She beamed a wide smile as she turned to the source. "Ms. Charmy!" she shouted back. Before Cassidy even finished her answer to Alice's prior question, the blonde girl was already off, darting across to her other friend. At any other point, she would have jumped onto Charmy in a catapulting hug, but they were in public, and such manners weren't befitting of a classy lady.

Once Cassidy dropped in, introducing the bigger man as the person Alice had been told about, the girl only became more eager. At the mention of her knowledge of Latken's fortune, she was about to ask what fortune she knew of. Luckily, a distraction arrived in the form of Ezra. She eyed him curiously, getting excited at the prospect of making another friend in their job! She'd have to talk to him later, though, as Latken spoke up.

She noticed an abundance of hiccups in his words, and Alice wondered if he ate his food too fast; he certainly looked like an eater. At some point they'd agreed to play a game, probably one of the confusing card things that everyone else played here—meaning Alice couldn't join them, much to her disappointment. Just listening to the other man 'explain' his game lost her.

She did, though, notice Latken keeping a keen eye on her. Alice simply flashed a giddy smile back at the man. "Mr. Latken?" After Cassidy's hand was released, Alice took the man's sweaty palm, unfazed in the slightest. "I'm Alice!" she brightly exclaimed. She'd reached for his hand and pulled closer to the point that Alice was almost sat on his lap. "You're bigger than I thought you would be!" She giggled innocently, despite the unintended remark.

Alice whipped her gaze back to Charmy when she mentioned a task for her and Cassidy. "A worthy drink?!" she parroted, eyes sparkling. This was what she lived for! "I'll get something for everybody!"

With that, she followed Cassidy away from the group. She couldn't start a full-fledged tea party here, but Alice was always happy to make others happy with her Potentiality. However, at Cassidy's question, the blonde girl had to nervously shake her head. "I can't make ice." At some point, Alice raised a hand near her chest, and a white porcelain teapot appeared. She stared at it for a moment, then deciding with wide eyes and stretched smile. "I think I'll give Mr. Latken green tea to help him lose weight!"

Immediately after that, Alice remembered another thing she wanted to try, marked by a mouthed "Oh!" She eagerly looked up at Cassidy with pleading eyes. "Can I try playing with them, too?"



White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Meirin Azuza
Dragons Arc 1: Scene 1 [Rogue of the Night]
Pleasure District, East District
Isaiah, Reveler, Kairong, Robin
Rouge of the Night

Merin watched as Reveler moved to greet Isaiah and Kairong (mostly Kairong), mildly envying the family relationship they seemed to share, but mostly feeling happy for the reunited trio. Family was important, after all. Certainly, there were times in her youth—especially after her sister left the orphanage—that she yearned for what she didn’t have, but Meirin had always been a positive thinker. Blood didn’t make a family. Nor legal documents. If she didn’t have one, she could always build one with her own two hands. Besides, she was gratefully for what she did have.

Glancing at the pretty boy who’d been silently following her the entire time—so silent she’d nearly forgotten he was there—she gave Robin a reassuring pat on the back, figuring the rookie might be nervous meeting Dragons besides her…and the queen…for the first time, as she grinned widely at Isaiah who joined her under the blossoming tree. “Good to see you too, Izzy~! I'd be doing well if weren't for this whole betrayal fiasco. This is Robin, a new Rookie, by the way. Not sure if you two have met yet.”

Then again, given that Isaiah was the Ace, it was highly likely he already knew. Azure Dragon’s Fade was as kind as always. In comparison, Old Dragon Fist made her just a little nervous as always. Even as the elder dragon laughed and diminished his own skills, Meirin couldn’t help feeling like the more experienced veteran was testing them…somehow. Meirin had never been the sort that did well on tests. Five years of being a Dragon didn't help any.

Nodding seriously at Kairong’s advice, the girl returned her gaze to her tickle attack target only to find that Sho had managed to escape during her distraction. She let out a huff of annoyance. On hindsight, it probably hadn’t been the smartest idea to greet her fellow Dragons by their real name in front of civilians…but, even if she did, it wasn’t as if Sho or anyone else had reason to believe they were one of the ‘Rulers of the East’. Their epithets were more well known. Sparked more fear—which wasn’t something Meirin desired during the ‘investigation’. Besides, she liked to think that the pleasure district was their home turf, more so than most other zones. She wanted to believe that no one she’d spoken to or interacted with intended her any harm…but it wouldn’t have been the first time Meirin had been betrayed. Nor seen the corruption within the hearts of people.

Returning her attention to Isaiah as the Ace of the Dragons stated his plans and Robin raised his hands to add his own input, Meirin blinked when the digital billboard atop one of the brothel houses began to glitch out, displaying the static-y image of a cobalt wolf. Not long after, everyone on the streets began checking their phones…and Meirin was no different as she too felt her mobile communicative device come to life. Unzipping the pouch that hung on her belt, her eyes scanned the data uploaded on her smartphone, not quite comprehending what she was reading at first. However, as soon as she did, the screen of her smartphone cracked within her grip.

“No, it isn’t.” Meirin answered Robin’s inquiry through gritted teeth.

She could already see some of the passing civilians, who recognized Robin’s face on their screen, give them wary looks and instinctively stepped forward to shield the rookie, at least partially, with her body .

It didn’t particularly matter to Meirin if her information was released to the public since she had nothing to lose and rarely did anything she was ashamed of. Owning a brothel already made her a ‘criminal’ by some standards. She was used to whispers about her. Didn’t have much a life outside of Dragon work either. However, not all dragons were the same. Some had family. Lives that could be ruined if such details were put in enemy hands. Fortunately, Jun wasn’t exactly a Dragon and her data didn’t seem to be on display, but Meirin had little doubt that college would probably become a little more difficult for her elder sister should her connection to brothels—or Meirin—be revealed to the general public. Robin, who only recently joined the Azure Dragons because he needed a job, because Meirin invited him, didn’t really deserve to be ousted in such a manner either. Not all Dragons were strong. Not all wanted to be a Dragon at the start. She knew because she'd spoken to a couple of them. Befriended a couple of them. As fear-inspiring as they might be, they were people too.

Just imagining how such people might be feeling made indignant fury burn within her. Meirin hated cowardly attacks like that—even moreso because there was nothing she could do about it.

Calling to mind the image of the old monk who taught her martial arts, and all his zen principals, Meirin forced herself to remain calm. Crushing her phone (and losing her connection to her allies) wouldn’t do any good. She had to focus on the task at hand and trust that their tech support knew what they were doing. She didn’t understand how ‘BabyBlue’ managed acquire such information on her allies…or hijack so many monitors in the pleasure district. All that tech-y stuff went over her head. However, the one thing she did know was that neither Jesper nor Kasumi were the sort to take such attacks lying down.

Meirin wasn’t someone who took such attacks lying down either. ‘Bye Bye Dragons’? Was that a threat? If BabyBlue’s goal was to rouse a Sleeping Giant, they certainly did a good job of it.

Meirin didn't talk again until she managed to reign in her temper. “I’m down with you hiding my presence once we get to Paradise Forever, Ace...” Where the murder of the dragon took place. Meirin shrugged. “Though, to be honest, I don’t know much about that particular brothel. Only ever heard that there are a couple of women working there charming enough to have snagged the attention of a certain dragon these past several nights~ Haven’t managed to acquire their names yet though.”

No one in Eternal Night seemed to know them either. Taking Robin by the hand, Meirin lead him and the other dragons down the streets of the Pleasure District to ‘Paradise Forever’, which fortunately wasn’t too far away. Meirin pointed to the establishment. “There it is." She looked to the Robin. "Pretty sure I have the picture of their manager saved somewhere on my phone as well if you want to use that… ”

Glancing down at the crack screen of phone, Meirin scratched the back of her neck in an embarrassed manner. “…haha, though it’s probably better to impersonate them when they aren’t around…dammit! I hope the display still works…” Meirin fiddled with her damaged device, hoping she wouldn't have to buy a new one.

Lucem Lucem simj26 simj26 Mqueserasera Mqueserasera Anne Boolean Anne Boolean
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Elenion Aura

One Thousand Club
Serpents Arc 1: Scene 1 [Friends in Low Places]
Northside, Central District
Bash, Darius, Anna, Raph

The sound of glass shattering upon violent-collision-with-face was an unmistakable one. The kind that got people's attention. The whole square seemed to quiet down and look toward the source of the noise. The people watched, some of them covering their mouths in shock. And the people listened. Well, most people, anyway.


The boy whose head Bash had violated the vending machine with was far, far away right now. Little serpents were flying 'round his head in his mind. His eyes were rolled over white. Little cuts slowly opened around chips of glass sticking out from the ruin of his face as his head lolled around of its own accord in Bash's grip. As for his 'friends', his fellow former North Central Prowlers...


Bash's sudden explosion of violence had broken their swaggering facade. They stood quivering in their boots, nodding vigorously as Bash gave them their new directives. He could've told them to do anything in that moment and they would've jumped to the task. Undoubtedly they'd be seeing Bash again soon... Neither of them would dare to cross him for worry that their friend's fate would also become theirs if they disobeyed. Fear once again proved itself to be an excellent motivator...

"Y-y-yes sir!"
"Y-y-yes sir!"

They bowed, completely unprompted, before tripping over themselves to try and get away from the scene as fast as possible, leaving their friend to his fate...

Serpents Arc 1: Scene 1 [Friends in Low Places]
Northside, Central District
Bash, Darius, Anna
That's right. That's right! Let's go, right here.~

A giddy Raph let slip a little laugh that might easily have been a scoff, his eyes wide and twinkling with mad glee as Bash unsheathed his fists. He knew—Raph knew—he'd been hiding those in there. They were similar. Too similar, in too many ways. He ripped his own hands out of his pockets to reveal the bubbling, crimson blood that coated them, dripping and undulating as though of its own accord, as though it were a living, amorphous thing.

"Ha! I knew it. Let's g—"

Raph's words caught in his throat as Bash turned and did the exact opposite of what Raph had wanted him to do. His smile faltered, becoming a deepset frown that became a scowl dripping with naked contempt. How dare anything take priority over him. And of all the people to make the rational, goal-oriented decision over blindly swinging at the person who'd insulted him... The whole situation was beginning to curdle the blood in Raph's veins... And staining his hands.

Insouciant, Raph waited not-exactly-patiently for Bash to finish terrorizing the local youths. He was unwilling to give any of them the satisfaction of his dismay, or let them know how badly it needled him that Bash thought he could just ignore his challenge... As though it were no real challenge at all, how dare you.

He waited... And waited... Listening to Bash prattle on. Until it was finally over. And the riffraff had been chased away. Now, then... Raph thought, gleefully watching as Bash turned to face him again, wondering what his opening move would be. Where were we?

Luckily, he didn't have to wait long before a flying child was sent careening toward him... Let's begin, shall we! Raph's hands exploded into countless bloody spikes. He planned to skewer this little piggie. They'd have to find another pusher, he supposed, but Bash could worry about that... Here it comes!..

Only for the Gorilla-masked-rookie to kick the flying body off-course, and out of reach of his bloody spears. To safety.


Raph's thoughts hitched on this moment, like a scratched record.

"What... Are you doing?" His voice pitched downwards, his countenace a darkening cloud. As the shock faded, rage flooded in to replace it. He wheeled on Anna—mutely aware of Darius' attempt to calm the situation—as the blood from his hands coiled up and around him like a massive, melting viper... Ready to strike.

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Elenion Aura

One Thousand Club
Tigers Arc 1: Scene 2 [Money Talks]
The White Tiger Casino, West District
The wheels of Titus' mind turned, slowly. But surely. The pieces had worked themselves out. He knew whose boy this was, now. And that realization tickled his greed. Someone with actual capital to lose. He had been getting worried that the Tigers' coffers might be running dry, but now there was a new pot to be won... And it was staring him right in the face.

Keen on starting the betting, Latken lowered himself into a chair at their new, cozy table... Only to be greeted rather generously by the young girl the Tigers had brought to him.

"Charmed to meet such a fine young lady."

Latken grinned lecherously at the young girl. And as Alice and Cassidy went off to fetch him a drink, his eyes followed them for a moment. The people around them—fellow patrons and high-rollers all—tried to watch these proceedings without being obvious. Well, some of them did. Others were less subtle about their interests at the table. Everybody knew what was at stake here, from tycoon to table-maid.

And now who was it that shouldered the burden of winning back what had been lost? And claiming an illusive prize?

"Ezra... Knight! You've grown a bit since last I laid eyes on you."

Latken listened as Ezra explained the rules of this new game. His beady eyes were suddenly sharp and alert. Analytical. Almost like he'd become a different man. His eyes flitted once, away from Ezra's cards, landing briefly on an empty spot in the far corner of the room before re-focusing on the cards.

"Oh, ho! Alright, m'boy. Let's begin."

Titus reached a grubby hand across the table and drew one card, keeping it face down. He peered knowingly across the table at Ezra. Evidently he was waiting for Ezra to name his opening bet. It was just the two of them, now. Seemingly. Charmy had respectfully bowed out of the game while the other girls had gone to fetch Titus something to wet his whistle. May the best man win.

"What'll it be, m'boy?"


Awful, Terrible, No-good Layabout
Kisara McDowell
Serpents Arc 1: Scene 3 [We'll Do It Live]
Housing Zone 4, North District
Yuudai, Tri, Delynn, Yeona
She folded her arms across her chest and muttered something darkly under her breath. The boss was right, and she had nothing to say about it. She had some issues paying attention to whatever anyone said, to tell the truth. She had received earfuls of lectures from Sister Skygrave, teachers, and even other students back in school, and she had somehow learned to tune it all out and focus on something else more important, like her hair. It was little surprise that the briefing of the details of this particular job escaped her ears. She huffed irritably. The other two Serpents with her did not share the same complaints as she did. How could they? They didn’t have to deal with the same kind of stuff that she had to. She didn’t know their names, exactly. Again, an issue of communication, mostly on her side. She wasn’t about to admit to them about it though. Besides, one of them looked almost impatient about starting the job.

Mmph.” She grunted at Yuudai’s claim that they would move in on Central. She didn’t really care. So long as she found more people to fight, more people to love, more people to get to know, she was happy. “I’m not too sure about whether he’s interested in jobs or not. It’s...kind of a blind date,” she responded to Yuudai’s question. “Anyway, I’m not even sure if he’s going to be cool with me jumping him like this. I always fancied myself to be the kind of gal that likes to surprise someone, and if he doesn’t like being surprised, well, he’s gonna hafta get used to i--

She was interrupted when one of the other female Serpents, the one with the fiery hair, marched up to one of the houses, pushed through the door, then blasted the whole place out with a burst of electricity. Kisara’s phone gave a retort of defiance, then suddenly fell quiet. She whipped it out, and pressed on the buttons at the side. No response. “Hey, what the heck?!” She exclaimed. “C’mon, you gotta tell someone if you’re gonna do something like that!” She tapped the screen of the phone a few times. No response. “I have, like, so many things to update about once we’re done here! What am I gonna do after this, huh? Sit around and watch one of the bosses do a hand puppet show? You gotta be kidding me! Ugh!” She gave a scoff of disgust and despair, shoving her phone back in her pocket. “You’re paying for the new phone after this.” She scowled at the electricity-wielding Serpent as she passed her by, striding into the darkened house.

How unlucky. How unfortunate. How absolutely terrible. She had already set a reminder for a stream by one of her favourite streamers. Now that her phone was out of commission, how was she going to catch her streamer doing a karaoke stream? She would never miss one of those. She was also supposed to catch some selfies with her and the gang after the mission was over, and now, that plan was all ruined, and she couldn’t even update her followers about it. She made a sound of protest as she roamed around the darkened hallways of the house. She glanced at a door as she walked past it, paused, then reversed back to it. She supposed this would be a good time to practice some stress relief. She raised her foot, then kicked the door open, breaking it off its hinges, sending it collapsing down onto the ground.

Almost at once, a huge body charged through the door. Out of instinct, she returned the favour, and found herself in a lock, her hands against his, against a burly man about a full head taller than she was. She could feel his muscles and his strength press down onto her hands as she was pushed back slightly. He was wider, taller, than she was, but once she had managed to steady herself, she found that the man was the one struggling against her. Naturally. Kisara couldn’t even bring herself to grin. This was a normal human being, without a Potential. Even at her lowest point, he probably couldn’t even match her, much less with her body charged up like this. She supposed he would have been a wonderful opponent had he been someone with a Potential, or had she been a normal person as well. She shifted her weight, stepping back slightly, forcing the man to lean forwards just a little, before kneeing him in the gut. He exhaled sharply, and doubled over, releasing his grip on her hands. He coughed, winded, as she moved slowly around him. She clenched her fists, then hesitated. What...exactly was she doing? This wasn’t what she wanted to do. Pushing around weaklings like this? She did not like the taste, and to quote a famous gourmet on the topic of food that he did not like, she would not swallow. She gritted her teeth. Whatever. She’ll have to eat whatever she was given for the time being. She raised her fists, and brought them down, slamming them onto the man’s back. He hit the ground, hard, and for a second, he struggled to maintain his consciousness, trying to lift himself from the cracked floor, before he gave out, slumping down, limp. Kisara brushed a stray lock of hair from her face, and began to try to pick the man up.

Something struck her in the forehead, sending her sprawling backwards. She blinked, then scrambled to her feet. The crushed bullet fell off from her head, clattering uselessly on the ground. She rubbed her head, the dull pain radiating from where it had hit her. She barely had an opportunity to register where the shot came from before two more bullets struck her in the chest. The projectiles stung, but did not break skin. Whoever was attacking her, however, clearly knew what they were doing. She stumbled back, and readied herself for the next bullet. Again, she was not given the chance to. This time, a punch, augmented by what seemed to be brass knuckles, collided with her face. It did not hurt as much as the bullets, but being hit by surprise made her reel. A flash of steel in the dim light barely missed her as she ducked.

This was it. This was someone who could stand up to her. The lilac glow on her arm and her leg lit up, spurred on by the sudden burst of adrenaline in her body, and with the light, the question of who had managed to land successive blows on her was answered. She could just make out the features of her attacker- the curvature of the body was one of a woman, and the black that sheltered the right corner of her face was, on closer inspection, an eyepatch. The way she stood, the way her stance was, with a trench knife gripped in one hand, Kisara could tell that she was no ordinary person. The impact of her punch had not been one of someone with a Potential, but there was just something...dangerous about her.

Get out.

Something in her voice made Kisara freeze. This was a completely different feeling than the emptiness that Sister Skygrave exhibited. There was an ice cold edge to her tone. Her punches, her shots, her attacks had had the same kind of feeling. Like a cold wind, no- like a mistral. A freezing wind. Kisara reached up slowly, touching where she had been hit in the chest. The woman had aimed to kill.

Heh.” Kisara could feel a smile spreading across her face. What a thrill. What a wonderful, wonderful thrill. A non-Potential who was this ready to kill, no matter who her opponent was. She could get used to this sort of person. How she wished, how she dearly wished that more people would be like her. “Now this is gonna be interestin’.” She straightened up and made to crack her knuckles. Before she could blink, the gun was raised again, and another bullet found its mark in her forehead, sending her reeling again. “What the--

Just like that, she found a pair of arms wrapping around her neck, closing in on her windpipe. She was almost invulnerable to most attacks, that much was true, but she still needed to breath, as much of a monster that she was. Not many figured this weakness out, but this woman had gone straight for it in the short moments they had together. She was straight to the point, direct, and knew what she wanted. She was just the type of person that Kisara hated, and loved. Someone who could give her a run for her money. Lancer, Bash, they were all brute force, and while that was a very attractive quality in both of them, this woman was all about skill and knowledge of where and which position that would make her feel the most. No wasted movements. She wanted to laugh, but with the air being deprived from her, she supposed that it would be a bad move for her. She wanted to match the woman, step for step. She wanted her to feel the same thrill she felt. She was not going down like this.

Kisara reached up and took hold of the woman’s arms, holding them tight onto her. Her grin widened, a manic flare present in her eyes. She could feel the woman tense up, and for a moment, her arms twitched, as if to attempt to free herself from Kisara’s iron grip. Kisara swung around, almost playfully, to test that her hold on her passenger was solid enough. Once she was satisfied, she jumped, and fell onto her back, slamming herself and the woman onto the ground. She heard a pained exclamation behind her, and the arms that had been wrapped around her loosened on their chokehold. Kisara rolled over to one side, gasping for breath. The woman didn’t seem to be moving, but her chest was rising and falling.

Whew.” She exhaled, wiping a drop of sweat from her brow as she straightened up. “That was rough.

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One Thousand Club
Tigers Arc 1: Scene 3 [The High Life]
Albino Tiger Penthouse Suite, West District
Elias, Sophia
“You look bored, Boss.”

Markus barely looked up from his phone as the Rook took a seat beside the King. On the other hand, some of the other nearby Tigers made noises of suprise... Or warning. Bold move, little cub. And yet, if Markus cared, or really even noticed, this new addition to his inner circle... He didn't make a fuss over it.

Although, the next line to come out of Elias' mouth did manage to get Markus' attention. He looked up and over at the 'young man'—only about three years his junior—and curled the corner of his lip. It might've been a smirk. Might've been a snarl. Then he looked back at his phone. He liked it when his Tigers were perceptive. And Elias was right. There was a lot going on tonight, more than just a stupid party. While he wasted away the evening here, Markus' phone was the only thing keeping him abreast of any and all... Developments.

"Mm." He said, and refused to elaborate. He hunched forward in his chair, eyes glued to the flashing of his phone's screen.

"Hey guys..."

Markus looked up in time to catch the "Boss-man," from the latest addition to this den of tigers. Only, this time he didn't look away immediately. Instead he found himself watching this peculiar interaction unfold between Elias and Miss Wonder... Which transitioned into another meandering compliment about the party.

There was more muttering from the Veterans nearby, but Markus ignored them. Just then a cocktail waitress ascended the dais with a drink for him. She replaced the one he'd been nursing—still full as when it'd been poured—with one that was freshly made. He accepted it without looking at her. His eyes were on his two new companions.

"Order whatever you want." He said with a wave of his phone-hand.

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Into the cat night
Dragons Arc 1: Scene 1 [Rogue of the Night]
Pleasure District, East District
Isaiah, Meirin, Kairong, Reveler

Even before Meirin’s introduction of the young boy tailing her like a meek cat, Reveler had studied him with earnest interest. There was something about him, that meekness aside, he was the sort to stand out from the crowd, and not just for his appearance, his demeanor, but therein something hidden. Already the imaginative woman could picture a tragedy of epic proportions about him – a painful love in the past, a sinful existence to be amended – what burden might he be carrying? But before the thought could run wilder than it should, she smiled warmly at him, perhaps one too warmly. He had the air of a curious subject, one she would like to probe at leisure at a later date.

Sometimes during her engrossment with the rookie, a sudden change swept through the area. Startled by Meirin’s crushing of her phone, Reveler checked her own. It didn’t take long for her to register the information displayed on the screen. She knew those names, those potentialities by heart, and more. Those are the Dragons, better known as the ruling tyrants in the shadow. Not so shadowy anymore, it seemed.

“Bold, I give them that,” Reveler cracked a smile, this time a dangerous one. It’s the epitome of either foolishness or heroism. No small discontentment that, nor a strike for quick cash, nor an act for attention – this was on a different level: calculated, deliberated, flashy. A declaration of war, or so she hoped. She would be mightily disappointed if this ended anyway anticlimactically. She expected war. Nothing less.

“Gramps,” she said, turning the screen in Kairong’s direction, “someone gave our people a shout-out in public.”

But also a big whatever – the midget and Kasumi would surely do something about this fiasco, it was their job. Reveler’s was on the field, making corpses, dealing terrors. Not this childishness game of public relations departments.

“This changes everything, Isa,” she shook her head, “I’ll try to do it your way: it’s your call. The moment things get hairy though, I go all out, you bet I will. A dead Dragon, now this prank. We’re long past the time for mercy.”

Her gaze then followed Meirin's pointed finger. A bright idea lit up in her mind. Not one so bright for the mission, but much more to her amusement. “You said something before about the girls looking for promotion opportunities, Meirin? Then shouldn’t we be gracious today, gentlemen?” She whirled snappily to face the men. “If Meirin’s going to hide her presence, then one of you should be the manager. As for me,” she winked at Isaiah, it was a gesture that, at one time or another over the years, had announced the imminence of chaos, “you still remember my fav, right?”

Having said that, she briskly walked towards the Eternal Night Palace nearby, picked a corner out of sight, then sent a message to Isaiah.

A moment later, someone entirely different came out. Their appearance at once put a thin but calming cover over the tension in the air. He was slender and fair of skin. His demeanor soft and a gentle joy perched on his lips, being petals of spring flowers. And when again he was standing by the Dragons, the sunny aura appeared only clearer. He wore a light-colored cardigan, one so simple it served only to accentuate his better virtues. “Your friend,” he made a slight sweeping bow, “Adonis. Shall we go?” And when he left for Paradise Forever, a subtle hint of lavender and rosemary trailed after him, making faint delight of the air. Though he looked a stranger, there were still signs unmistakable for those who knew him well, namely the platinum shade of his hair, and the way he turned his head sideways as he walked, throwing them his signature wink.
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White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Elias Yumin
Tigers Arc 1: Scene 3 [High Life]
Albino Tiger Penthouse Suite, West District District
Elias, Sonny, Sophia, Markus
High Life

Focused on keeping up with Miss Wonder's messed up ‘secret’ handshake, his movements mirroring hers surprisingly well, Elias didn’t really have the time to skim her surface level memories even if he had intended to—which he hadn’t. He already knew what he needed to of Miss Wonder, aka Sophia Sassrukha, the first time they met and it wasn’t as if he had any deep desire to learn about the traumatic lives of his fellow tigers. Knowledge was a useful tool, but it wasn’t always good. Often times he ended up learning things about people’s history that he’d rather not know—which resulted in him feeling sympathetic towards people he would rather keep at a distance. It wasn’t like he could choose what they remembered…and a hammered Sophia probably had a hard time remember her own name, let alone how her ‘secret’ handshake was supposed to go…


As he was pulled into her embrace, Elias was certain the tall woman remembered more than she let on. Even if she smelled of chemicals, and some sort of sweet, intoxicating substance, growing up with her potential made fully stoning her an arduous task.

“It did. I’m glad to see you’ve been enjoying yourself, Miss Wonder,” Straightening his blazer after their hug ended, Elias glanced over to Markus who told them to order whatever they want, his smile widening as the whispers around them grew. Given how the king of the Tigers had been ignoring everyone thus far, he hadn’t expected much a response from the arrogant man at all. A good sign, right? It could also mean that King Cold was gauging them based on what they ordered.

As amusing as it would be to start draining the Flashy King’s endless pockets with long orders of expensive luxury drinks, thus getting his payment’s worth in membership fees, Elias had a feeling he’d regret it later. Besides, he hadn’t joined the Tigers to play rich games. Did that enough on his own time.

Once more seated, Elias turned to cocktail waitress. “In that case I’ll have a dry Sapphire Martini, stirred and with a twist, please.”

Then he pulled out his own phone, though he couldn’t deny the temptation to simply lean over and peek at whatever Markus Weiss was looking at was there. Or some casual shoulder claps. Innocent rudeness was a trait that only some could pull off well…and Elias figured he’d already pushed his luck by taking a seat that would’ve belonged to the Queen if she were present. A pat on the back might result in his hand freezing over. Besides, since Weiss seemed content to work throughout his own party, Elias saw no reason why he shouldn’t do the same. He really did have Yumin Entertainment’s financial reports to look through before his day was done and King Cold not being very social actually made things more relaxing for him. The atmosphere of the VIP room as well. There was no need to entertain. Long gone were the days where Elias attended parties because he actually enjoyed them. They’d become social obligation. Compared to the 4 years he’d lived in the East District, where’d actually got to enjoy himself despite the controlling gang that ran it, his return to his real life in the West District was more stifling.

But he didn’t hate it. It was his world. Where his family was. Where he belonged.

All good things had to come to an end…but that didn’t mean he hadn’t stored the memories for safekeeping. Nor did he lose all the connections he’d made. Therefore, when one of his old highschool friends texted him with a quote on quote: ‘Some wild shitz going down in the East, man. Wish u were here to see it’, Elias merely raised a brow. He’d known Meirin had become an Azure Dragon since they separated 7 years ago and, while he didn’t think it was a good idea, he wasn’t terribly surprised. She’d always been the sort to do something like that. One could almost say he instigated it by reuniting his ex with the former adoptive daughter of Wux Automobiles…but that really hadn’t been his intention when he gave her the parting gift.

“Miss Wonder, you used to live in the East District, right? Did you enjoy it there?”

A simple, casual conversation starter that showed interest in his fellow rookie tiger, while slowing easing it in the direction he wanted. Slipping his phone back in his pockets, he thanked the waitress that replaced his half-empty champagne flute with a martini glass and took a small sip of the blue drink he ordered, eyes closed as he enjoyed the taste. Money meant nothing if you couldn’t enjoy the wealth…and just because one was rich, it didn’t mean they had class. Weiss seemed to him the sort that wanted to step into a world that he didn’t even like, just because he could. Someone who would be never satisfied with what they had. Someone who wanted everything.

A true pirate in every sense of the word.

People like that were always entertaining to watch, whether they fumbled or succeeded.

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The One Who Tries
Sang-Cheol Man
Serpents Arc 1: Scene 2 [Pumping Out The Volume]
Lab Icarus, Serpent HQ, North District
Caio, Vice
Pumping Out The Volume

If God had offered him a gun, Sang-Cheol would take it and off himself to remove himself from this situation. Between the relaxed Snake and the peppy Vice, Matchsticks wondered why did he have to do more work when it wasn't his fault flopped. At the very least, he could relieve himself from some stress when the Boss and Tri came back with more bodies to experiment on. While he didn't like the work, at least he got to vent his frustration whenever he felt like it. It's not like anyone cared what happened to the poor rats anyways.

"At least I know when to get the first batch done," Sang-Cheol muttered to himself as he finished his survey of the room. Everything seemed to be in order, and production was at a steady rate. Though, he'd have to increase his production rate soon if he wanted to get today's quota done. He had so many things to do and such little time. It was unfortunate; he couldn't smoke while on the job.

Sang-Cheol internally groaned when he heard Snake call him 'Matchy.' Why did he decide to pick a nickname out of the blue, and why to create such a childish name. It didn't help that Snake said something about being the reason why the lab was understaffed at the moment. Was he the reason why Jack, Zack, and Mac didn't come in today? Whatever the case, he'd have to blame them for not showing up and not Snake since he couldn't necessarily blame the Queen of the Serpents for the mess he was in.

Of course, Vice didn't help with the predicament either. "Match is fine..." Sang-Cheol said as he decided one of the two poisons that had been offered to him. While he had no intention of being friendly with Vice, it would show his bias if he allowed Snake to call him 'Matchy.' That and Match was a better nickname than the horror that Snake had called him. For the sake of his sanity, Sang-Cheol ignored whatever introduction Vice had offered and sighed. "Just get back to work; you're going to burn the drugs if you keep on yapping," He said to Vice. Already the day seemed like it was going to belong.

Anyways what was Snake saying again? He paid attention to-

"Thanks; I'd appreciate all the help I can get." Great more idiots in the lab. While he appreciated his superior's thoughtfulness, he didn't like the fact he had to babysit more people in the lab. It would seem like the quality of the next few batches would be considerably low from today. One of his arms would be numb for the next day by the end of it, and his other arm would probably follow soon after. This is what he might need, however. The production rate was slow, so he needed all the help he could get. Speaking of new workers...

"If I may ask, are there going to be new workers here? Aside from the rookies, some people with experience would be nice." Clearly, since Jack, Zack, and Mac were out of commission, Sang-Cheol needed to replace them with people that knew what they were doing. It was a time like these that made him envy Paris, who either had capable assistants or didn't have to give a shit about having the boss breathing down his neck. After all, he was well accomplished in his field of work and kept on doing good shit that ensured trust within the gang.



The world just isn't fun without a little chaos.
Phoenixes Arc 1: Scene 2 [A Gathering Storm]
Restraunt, South District
Hide, Alex, Hector, Nina, Akane
A Gathering Storm
Helva glanced at each person who entered, the first one being the less liked bird brain, she never really did a mission with them before and frankly she was still reluctant to give doing a mission with them a try, especially if Alex had to remind them not to jump through windows, they seemed to be more trouble than they were worth. But then came Hide, who seemed to be a slight upgrade from lesser bird brain, still not enough to make her thrilled though since Hide wasn't exactly all that strong. Next came in Hector the Queens favorite pet, to be completely honest, Hector and Akane seemed to be the most useful of the bunch, though Hector was brash and could be a bit annoying he was atleast capable of handling himself though she was unimpressed with the guy opting to bring food into a restaurant and she was defintly not planning to encourage him either. Which was more than what could be said for lesser bird brain and Hide, but this unfortunately was one of the few missions she took where she didn't get to choose or know of the team ahead of time thus she must reap the consequences of such a decision of assisting with this mission as it was too late to back out now. This team honestly sucked and few people here had decent chemistry with one another, which would be one hell of a problem, though a problem that was out of her control nonetheless.

When it finally came time for the briefing though she relaxed in her seat and eyed Alex, his briefing, sucked, his plan was meh, though she was a bit pissed with the play bait part and gave him a death glare as a result."Fine whatever, but if any damage happens to my car while on the mission Alex, you are paying for it." she of course had the money to pay for it, but if Alex had enough money to tip somewhat generously he should have the money to fix her stuff it gets damaged in the mission. She then snatches of the walkie talkies, and marched her way to the door with a stoic expression plastered on her face, scooting past Alex without even touching him, and opening her car up before entering it and waiting for Zulin.

Phoenixes Arc 1: Scene 2 [A Gathering Storm]
Restraunt, South District
A Gathering Storm
Helva didn't seem all too happy about this little family get together it seemed, though to be fair, she was in a area where the one person she liked decently enough was Hide. When it came to Alexs briefing Zulin wasn't even impressed with it either, especially since he just called him Helva "I have a name you know...." He even went on to give Alex a displeased look just to show how displeased he was. Luckily the waitress came back just in time to give him his drink, which Zulin calmly sipped while Alex finished up his planned briefing. It seemed very poorly thought out with little details, Zulin likes, when Alex stood up to leave he was followed by Helva, who seemed pretty annoyed with this whole ordeal, and the bait part didn't seem to make things any better. Zulin remained calm as he watch the spectacle with interest, and by the time Helva entered the car he had finished his drink.

When he had finished he threw the drink on the ground without a care in the world, and filed out the restaurant as well, giving a dismissive back wave to everyone behind him, and stuck his tongue out when he passed Alex. When he got outside himself a fourth of the way inside the car before waving off everyone one last time, then closing the car door and grabbing his phone in order to play whatever mobile game he wanted. "Well that was fun all things considered, though that Alex guy was pretty rude, like you know someone for years and they call you Helva two? Like seriously did he fall out of a tree and hit his head while trying to climb out of a second story window or something? Hmp."


Awful, Terrible, No-good Layabout
Lin Kairong
Dragons Arc 1: Scene 1 [Rogue of the Night]
Pleasure District, East District
Reveler, Isaiah, Meirin, Robin
Dragons Arc 1: Scene 1 [Rogue of the Night]
Kairong eyed the young man following Meirin like a forlorn pup. Meirin seemed to not mind his presence, so he kept his silence, allowing the others to speak to each other. He had no intention of being an extra wheel to their conversations, and so turned his attention to the flowers upon the tree. Some had begun to drift down with the gentle breeze. He reached out slowly, and plucked one of them from the air, gazing at it intently. She would have loved to see this sight. She was always the more emotional one of the two, and she loved capturing these sights on a canvas. He heard Meirin introduce the young man who accompanied her as Robin behind him and, his expression stone-faced and unchanging, he let the flower fall from his hand. He turned, and strode towards the young man. “Lin Kairong. I hope an antique such as myself would not spoil your mood.”

He had barely the time to give any more remarks when the cacophony of everyone’s mobile devices going off at the same time, even those of the people within the district. How peculiar, he thought to himself, as he looked around. He removed his phone from his own pocket and unlocked it, just as his children had explained to do, but he could make no heads or tails about the item on display. It displayed Hua Caomei, one of the Katsura twins, and, surprisingly, the new recruit that was standing in front of him now. The flickering display made him even more confused. Was this some new hazing ritual that he was unaware about? It would not be a surprise to him if it were. He was almost entirely detached from the practices of the Dragons, and he was not one to talk about work when the Dragons actually paid him a visit. Judging by Meirin’s reaction and response, however, this was certainly not a ritual.

He could only elicit a guttural growl of discontent when Reveler turned her phone towards him and explained the situation. “I see.” By her tone, this act was a most grievous one. While he couldn’t fully understand what the situation was, a cursory glance around the district told him that it had not just been the other Dragons who had received the message. His lacking knowledge in the workings of technology did not prevent him from making the leap to the conclusion that not only had someone found out the details of three of the Dragons, they had also sent it out to the general public. The true reach of it was unknown to him, though he surmised that it would be a much wider scope than simply within the area. Nevertheless, to reveal the names and faces of their members was a danger to their safety.

The rusted gears in his mind began to turn. “Young man, it would be wise for you to take Isaiah’s offer to hide yourself, and remain at Isaiah, Meirin, or Reveler’s sides, disguise or no disguise. They may have their eccentricities, but I assure you they will keep you safe.” Kairong pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, and turned towards Isaiah and Reveler, the latter of which had already transformed herself into a young man whom she called Adonis. “I, myself, will refrain from doing so. I am quite in the mood to take a walk myself, as myself. I doubt any of your illusions would disguise my age in the first place, Isaiah.” He flashed a slight curl of the lips, a grin by his own standards, no doubt, towards Adonis/Reveler. “I’m sorry, dear, but I don’t think I’ll be playing at managerial duties today.” He gave another staccato laugh. No doubt, the people would recognise him immediately. He was not keen on hiding, and if there were hunters of Dragons lurking in the shadows, he would show them, firsthand, that they had made the mistake of encroaching upon the Dragons’ hoard. In short, he would draw their attention first and foremost, while the others engaged in their duties.

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Phoenixes Arc 1: Scene 2 [A Gathering Storm]
Restaurant, South District

Hector kept his smile up when Akane spoke about his generous offerings, sensing sarcasm, but choosing not to respond to it. He simple nudged the box further in her direction, continuing to offer it up. As Alex began to brief them, he sat back in the seat, looking quite relaxed. This was not the case though, and one would be foolish to let their guard down at the apparent inattentiveness. He was listening carefully and only felt more confident as the plan came together.

"Hector, I'm leaving you to your own devices." There are the golden words he'd been waiting for, already knowing Alex wouldn't bog him down with strict instructions. A perfect day to hone his skills for the gang. "and asking you to take Akane with you." And a member for him to command as well? Brilliant. He turned to Akane with great enthusiasm.

"Alibi," it was time for business, time for aliases, "This is a great opportunity for you. I'm sure you'll be a great asset to our team. I’m thinking we start snooping around the docks, while we’re in the area."

Before leaving the table, he turns to two other members.

"Spellbinder, great to see you as well!" He leans in to Hide, with a sly look on his face, "20 bucks says I figure these intruders out before you do." He offers his hand out for a handshake but remembers they're on a time limit. He doesn't linger and calls out to Alex, catching up to him.

"We got this." His face darkens to an actual serious expression. It had been a tough year for Hector, thrown into the deep end after the Hurricane. This was his dream, and every mission was important to him, no matter how minor, or major. All he wanted was a success. "You and me, we're an unstoppable force. Whoever we're tracking, they won't know what hit 'em." He gives his Jack an affirming nod before turning back to Akane, cheery again.

"Time to hit the road!"

Not much sooner after entering the restaurant, Hector was now leading Akane outside, where his car had been haphazardly parked on the side of the road.

“It’ll be quicker if we take my car. Get in.”

He gives the car an affectionate slap before getting in, pushing all the junk off the passenger seat to welcome Akane inside.

“So, docks seems to be the obvious first stop. We need to keep track of Revenant’s location as well, but I’m sure she can handle herself in the meantime. Any questions?”

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One Thousand Club
Akane Miyazaki

Akane had to hold back an eyeroll when the Ace referred to her by her codename and informed her of the great learning opportunity she had been presented with. She wanted to say how she probably had undertaken ten times as many of these kinds of mission as he had but decided it was best to hold on her tongue. The woman quietly watched as her partner had a few words with the other members of their larger team, making a bet with one and assuring the leader that they would make a great duo. Had Akane not known better, she would have wondered whether he had already forgotten how the group had been divided.

"Right..." she simply said to his excited exclamation as she followed him outside. When they got outside to Hector's car, the woman had to once again hold back a reaction upon seeing the state of his passenger's seat. The urge to make a disgusted face was strong as he cleaned it off, but she managed to keep her composure while she went ahead and took his seat.

"Well, Alex- er... Greed didn't answer my questions about whether anyone has interacted with these people. I don't suppose you know? And I don't suppose you can tell me just how similarly they acted?" She assumed both answers were a no, but if she could indeed get some information to deduce whether they were after a group of people or an individual with a chimeric potential, their plan of attack may need to be different.

Either way, she waited for Hector to start driving but not before buckling up. Akane had never been in a car with this man, and he looked like the sort to think traffic rules were more just... suggestions. She had come this far without dying, and there was no way in hell she was going to be taken out by getting in a car with a careless driver. Thankfully, the time it took them to get to the docks wasn't too long, and they arrived with the car, and more importantly: their bodies, fully intact.

The woman eyed the piers, taking in the floating boats and ships that sat in front of a setting sun. "Were they loading and unloading things from any specific ship?" she asked. It would certainly be easier to camp out in front of one as opposed to watching over the whole dock. At the same time, perhaps they could find who they are connected through from the logo on the vessel.

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Nine Thousand Club
Isaiah Spade
Dragons Arc 1: Scene 1 [Rogue of the Night]
East District
Isaiah, Meirin QuirkyAngel QuirkyAngel , Kairong simj26 simj26 , Reveler Mqueserasera Mqueserasera , Robin Anne Boolean Anne Boolean
Before Isaiah had a chance to respond to Robin, his attention was stolen by the digital billboard above one of the brothels. For a moment, there was only static, but as the screen slowly cleared, he was able to make out a single image. In the center of all the noise, there was the head of a wolf. It was a bad omen.

He had a bad feeling about what was to come, and the sudden alert from his phone proved him right. The screen flashed to life, displaying the faces of his fellow Dragons, including Robin. Meirin was quick to shield the young man, preventing passersby from getting a closer look. Taking advantage of the cover she provided, Isaiah focused on Robin, subtly changing the blond's features to add another layer of protection. For now, nobody would recognize him, but the damage had already been done. Each time the phone vibrated in his hands, more information was revealed, spreading to everyone who had access to a screen.

He always did his best to stay calm. Maintaining his composure was part of his job. Even now, his expression remained unchanged, showing no signs of agitation. However, he wasn't completely unaffected by the sudden data leak. Robin, Kanna, and Caomei were in danger now. As Dragons, they faced all kinds of hazards on a daily basis, but this was different. Someone openly threatened them, as well as the people they were close to. Exposing sensitive information like their names and abilities could get them and their families killed. It was a very serious situation, and he'd show no mercy to those who created it. After seeing their display, he already knew who was responsible. It seemed like the gang they'd been investigating wasn't content with staying in the shadows anymore.

Suddenly, the alerts stopped coming. All the harmful data had been wiped away, leaving no trace behind. It was no doubt a result of the other Dragons' hard work. They had a wonderful security team, so it was no surprise that they were able to resolve things so quickly. However, even if everything had been scrubbed from people's phones and computers, it'd stay in their minds.

As he pocketed his phone, Isaiah nodded at Reveler's words. He appreciated her willingness to cooperate and go along with his methods, even if it wasn't her preferred style. She made it clear that she'd change her approach if things took a turn for the worse, and he wouldn't have expected anything less. If their enemies chose to bring the battle to them, he couldn't fault her. War had just been declared.

After Meirin said that she'd take him up on his offer to hide her presence, Reveler spoke up once again. Knowing very well what that wink of hers meant, Isaiah nodded and followed her toward the Eternal Night Palace. "Of course." He remembered every detail about the man named Adonis and brought each one into reality, replacing the young woman's features with those of her 'fav'. She wore the face well, almost as if she had been born with it.

When he returned with Adonis, Isaiah looked to the other two men in their group. Unlike the others, Kairong declined the offer to have his appearance changed. The elder's light-hearted jokes were appreciated, showing that recent events hadn't affected his spirit. He also offered advice to the youngest member of their group.

Agreeing with Kairong, Isaiah walked closer to Robin, continuing to hide his true face. "It'd be dangerous to walk around with your real face right now. It's great if you can change your appearance on your own, but if you need help, don't hesitate to let me know. If you can, try to stay within my line of sight so I can support you. If that's not possible, just remember to stay calm and alert. Be safe in there."

Isaiah cared about everyone in the Azure Dragons, but Robin was a bit of a special case. He'd been at the young man's trial, so he knew what he had gone through before joining the gang. Robin endured the kind of treatment he'd been trying to prevent others in the brothels from experiencing, making things more personal. The rookie also had the misfortune of being caught up in the information leak. While Isaiah had no doubts that Robin could handle the mission he'd been assigned, he couldn't help but be concerned about his well-being.

Following Meirin as she pulled Robin toward Paradise Forever, Isaiah looked around for a spot where they could discuss their plans without having to worry about wandering eyes. Once he found somewhere suitable, he beckoned to the rest of the team, directing their attention to his right palm. Soon, the empty space was filled with four miniature replicas of the people they were likely to see inside the establishment. "These are four of the workers I know. If you plan on speaking to someone or listening in on conversations, it'd be good to start with them."

After telling them what he knew about the employees, Isaiah created another replica, showing the team a man with long, silver hair. It was the same man who was in the gallery of Meirin's damaged phone. "This is Silver. He's the manager of Paradise Forever." Looking at Robin, he brought the illusion closer. "If you'd rather not impersonate him, I'll likely do so if my questioning doesn't go well. If that's something you want to do, just do your best to avoid running into each other. I don't know him well enough to give you every detail of his personality, but I do know that he's very protective of his workers." That was one of the man's admirable traits, and Isaiah wished others in his position shared it. However, now that a murder had taken place, he wondered if he cared so much about them that he'd be willing to kill someone. He didn't want to believe that was the reason for Silence's death, but he couldn't dismiss any theories at this point, especially when he considered the way people behaved around Silver.

"People sometimes have trouble speaking when he's around. They'll open their mouths, but the words won't come out. It could just be a result of nervousness, but I've also considered that Silver may have a Potential that prevents others from speaking when he doesn't want them to. It's not lost on me that an ability like that matches the silver-haired victim's alias." The thought of the manager using an ability to silence people was concerning, but it may have been worse if he was just an ordinary person. "Remember to keep this mind when interacting with the workers and Silver himself."

Getting rid of the illusion, Isaiah ended his brief presentation. "The rest of you weren't part of the leak, but remember to be careful. That might not be the last time we hear from those wolves tonight." The gang already lost one member, and he didn't want to lose any more. "Good luck."

After hiding Meirin's presence, Isaiah made his way inside. The interior looked the same as always, but the expressions on the workers' faces were definitely new. They looked just as guarded as the ones he could see from outside, letting him know that obtaining information wouldn't be easy. Nevertheless, he decided to start by questioning the staff directly.

It was normal for him to visit the brothels and speak with the staff. He always asked how they were doing and did his best to resolve any issues they mentioned during their talks from behind the scenes. Even if there weren't any problems that needed to be dealt with, he was more than happy to just be a conversation partner, chatting casually and listening to complaints about everyday life. Even before he joined the Dragons, he had plenty of experience talking to the men and women who worked in the Pleasure District, often speaking with his mother's coworkers when they came over for a visit.

It didn't take too long for him to spot a familiar face. From the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of silver hair, which he knew could only belong to one person. Once he was sure that no other employees were nearby, he approached the long-haired manager. "It's been a while, Silver." He greeted the older man with a slight bow, remaining polite even as he spoke casually.

"It's good to see you again. I hope work hasn't been too stressful." He had known Silver for a long time, remembering when he was still preparing to take over as manager more than a decade ago. Unfortunately, there was no time to reminisce. "Forgive me for being abrupt, but I'd like to discuss something important with you. In private." By removing Silver from the area, Robin would be able to move around freely while wearing his disguise, and the others could investigate without being interrupted. It also gave Isaiah the opportunity to ask questions of his own.
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Dragons Arc 1: Scene 2 [Placidity]
East District
Lorrin [ Pik ], Caomei [ qingwa] , Omar
Omar started with a simple response as he flip a page on his book."The Librarian would like to point out that the heads of the Changs and Zous have no children old enough to throw such parties so the two questions that come to mind are Why the parties? and What is the true purpose for the parties?" As Lorrin mentions a plan to patrol certain areas, the sounds of cellphones beeping, humming and music tones blaring seem to interrupted their conversation before Lorrin mentions out loud to Caomei about a security breach and Lorrin quickly noticed a potential attacker or ambush.

When the Guardian project was announced to the Azure Dragons so many years ago, the only person paranoid enough not to trust the project was Omar as his experiments tend to be at risk from said surveillance and would potentially have an error or a glitch or a bug as most surveillance systems have. Omar previously calculated such a scenario happening at forty eight percent at best however today's circumstances only bumped the it up to forty nine percent. As Omar would flip a page on his book before reading a short part of the story out loud again."The Raven and the Fat Cat would eventually find themselves near a corn field with a simple scarecrow at the side. The Fat Cat stomach growls as The Fat Cat looked at the large corn as the Fat Cat approaches to try and yank at the corn. The Raven caws as the Raven replies at the Fat Cat CAW! CAW! Beware! Beware! Jack-o'-Lantern is here at which the Fat Cat purrs loudly. Purr Purrrfect means I can eat pumpkin too. The Raven was more worried for the both of them as the Raven only just realized the scarecrow is missing from the corn field. As The Raven looked around in a rush only to the notice a large shadow on the ground and in the direction behind them as The Raven then pecked at The Fat Cat and shouting quite loudly DON'T PICK THE CORN! DON'T PICK THE CORN! JACK-O'-LANTERN IS HERE! "

Omar would close his book before walking past Caomei and Lorrin as he quickly whispered to them. "Ambushes involves one distract while others surround. I'll protect the rear. One takes the front and the last stay alert." Omar would never announce to his fellow Azure Dragons that he does ambushes on a daily basis as Omar has his own secrets to keep. Simply saying one of the multiple sentences caused Omar to feel the fear flowing around but was it Lorrin fear, Caomei fear, Omars fear, the attackers fear or was it the fear of the people walking past by the alley but how does one classify the multiple fears. Was it the fear of being attacked? Or was it the fear of being exposed? Or was it the fear of coming out? Or was it the fear of being interrupted? Or was it the fear of being caught in the act? Or was it the fear of caution? The good thing about fear; it does not discriminate but provides to all equally now how will Omar play this. Increase or decrease? and can Omar target a certain person? or let the fear flow to all?
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Jesper Albrecht / Guardian
Dragons Arc 1: Scene 3 [Eye of Providence]
East District
Yo ( Taigakitt Taigakitt ), Kasumi ( FabulousTrash FabulousTrash )
Eye of Providence

Before Jesper got to any disabling, he needed more info about the situation, and that came in one of the localized monitors. With the press of a button, it powered up to reveal a map of the East District and the locations of all of Guardian's assets; cameras, drones. Cameras were marked with hollow, red circles, and drones a full red dot.

They were falling. One by one. The dozens of dots flickered in and out within seconds. This was a coordinated attack against the Dragons.

With a stressed sigh, he minimized the window and quickly set to work. "This is my turf," he said through gritted teeth. "This is my father's legacy." Jesper clicked into one of the files, opening a software that immediately seeped into the map. It cast a wide net over the East District, and the file began filling with encrypted codes and passwords. "My way of ensuring our future..." He took the first decrypted code and uploaded a copy of Guardian's failsafe. "Our business plan does not involve the likes of you." In the next seconds, with Kasumi's help, the three files were erased from their devices. The upload would have spread across the phones' contacts like an intertwining web, all with the purpose of eliminating the leaked data.

Jesper leaned back in the chair as the data leak finally resolved. He intended to call over to Kasumi and give her a hug for helping, but he got a text file dumped onto his monitor at the last moment:

The source is disabled. It was a laptop in an internet cafe, in Zone 3. Address is attached.

It was broadcasting to both the East and Central districts. Make sure to verify that the data has actually been deleted from everyone's devices. It would be wise to check the general internet as well.

I can feel my body weakening. I may pass out once I disconnect. I'll be fine.

He still winced when he heard her body hit the ground, but Jesper trusted her reassurance. "Thank you, Kasumi..." he muttered, forming a small smile. But there was still the real, human threat that spared no mercy against his family's life work. For that, he had one message to send back. Everyone's phones buzzed again, hopefully including the attackers'.

"All civilians, please seek the nearest shelter. Terrorists are attempting to compromise the Eastern District, and they could not care less about innocent lives. These are relentlessly cruel attackers trying to disrupt our salvation of order and prosperity. This unlawful disturbance will be swiftly dealt with, rest assured. Thank you for your cooperation."

After that, it was back to work again. He needed to perform one more clean sweep of the internet just in case any residual bits and pieces remained. If any, he erased them in the instant he found them. The pings of drones and cameras going down still echoed in his head. Jesper instinctively gnawed on his fingernails as he scanned.


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One Thousand Club

Robin Dior

Robin felt his back stiffen as Meirin introduced him to the rest of the group. The light-haired woman gave him a smile, and the elder among them went on to introduce himself as well, to which he had planned on responding with words of gratitude but couldn't due to the chaos that had erupted. Confused hazel eyes moved from Meirin's face to the electronic display behind her after she had given her answer. The static logo of a wolf on it reminded him of a scenario from one of the sci-fi dramas he had managed to catch a few minutes of before, and the realization that every passerby's eyes were now on him made it more similar yet. Meirin stepping in front of him made him feel safer though, and he looked down at his hands after the Ace used his ability to notice he looked slightly different as well.

Apparently Isaiah and his own abilities were quite similar. The Ace's seemed to have more range and utility though, as was apparent when he went off to the pleasure house from which Meirin and Robin himself emerged with Reveler and soon returned with a blond man. He couldn't help but feel a little disheartened. Maybe he really would be a just a redundancy on this job. Then again, using his potential so much would certainly cause Isaiah to expend a lot of energy, so maybe Robin disguising himself would take the edge off a bit.

He blinked at Isaiah's words of concern. "Ah... thank you very much..." he said, not having expected someone in leadership to care about a simple rookie. "Don't worry though. You won't need to use any more energy than needed to disguise me as well, sir." He gave a soft smile.

Robin went along with Meirin and the rest as she brought them to Paradise Forever. It seemed the Ace knew some people who could be sources of information. He blinked once more as miniature replicas appeared in the man's palm as he explained his plan to everyone and then eyed the replica which was of the manager.

The rookie once again found himself surprised when Spade gave him the choice to take on the appearance of the manager or not. Again, he responded with a small smile. "I'll do it. You don't need to take on any extra work, sir." Committing the image of the small replica to memory, he allowed himself to take on the form of Silver. "As for not running into each other..." It was a valid concern Meirin brought up as well. "... perhaps a diversion can be made to call the real Mr. Silver out of the building?"

With both Meirin and Isaiah now glamoured as well, they were ready to enter the pleasure house. While Spade made his way inside though, Robin hung to the back of the group until a decision was made about pulling the manager out with a diversion. If the diversion was decided against, he would need to be well-aware of his surroundings as to not be spotted by the actual manager. On top of that, he would need to play the part as well and not seem as if he was affiliated with the group who just stepped in.

Interactions: Meirin ( QuirkyAngel QuirkyAngel ), Reveler ( Mqueserasera Mqueserasera ), Kairong ( simj26 simj26 ), Isaiah ( Lucem Lucem )


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North-Western Central District
Dante ( The Regal Rper The Regal Rper ), Vincent ( OverconfidentMagi OverconfidentMagi ), Reina [NPC/Hiatus]
Its Free Real Estate
Dumb muscle could at least be easy on the eyes. It was too bad she hadn’t taken greater care of who she was bringing along.

At the very least she knew both of them were capable even if she wanted to toss them both in the goddamn river. She sighed as Dante show boarded by ruining his own clothes. Once Vincent tried his pitch to gain her… affection possibly… she knew tonight was going to be an exercise in patience. She brought a palm to her face as she sighed.

She kicked off her spot leaning on the car letting her scythe trail on the floor as she rounded the car to the passenger seat to check on Reina…. Who wasn’t looking that good? Shit. She should have just had the woman drive.

Okay, time to change plans.

“Woo boy, alrighty. Change of plans. Mori watches the car, circle up in 30 to the north to pick us up. Dante, Vince you’re with me. Unfortunately, we don’t have time for detours. Closing on these two is the top priority.”

She gave two pats on the hood of the car as a sort of weak comfort to Reina before she tossed the woman her keys.

“Just take it slow for now, ain't the first time someone got carsick on me.”

She turned back to the other two before swinging her scythe over her back. She completely passed them as she headed north to their destination with full expectations that they knew to follow. She walked forwards for around five minutes before stopping. She stretched her spine out as she shot her arms up and then back down to her sides. She threw her weight on her heeled boots getting the position for a full-body sprint before throwing a shout over her shoulder.

“Keep up.”

With that, she kicked off the ground in a run, the clack of her heels a noise of warning to anyone in the area. She originally planned this more for the benefit of her newer ace but central should always be reminded of their place. She was every bit a reaper at night. Her heels clicked as they hit the ground rhythmically, the sight of her scythe in her grasp, her near full black clothes, and her manic glee when it came to bringing terror.

She had run for a solid ten minutes before she did a jump in the air twisting herself into a slam into the ground, letting her weight primarily be on her side as she distributed herself to correct the landing on heeled boots. She’d stopped herself in front of a building reading “Mach Sling”. From the looks of the photos outside this could only be a bowling alley.

The store was clearly still open and busy from the looks of it as drunk patrons stumbled out and newer fresh-faced friend groups went in. It would be something of an incident to go in now to do dealings, but then that is what they were aiming for in the first place. A true show that this area was now owned by the Tigers.

“Buckle up boys we’ve reached stop numero uno.”

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