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White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Meirin Azuza
Dragons Arc 1: Scene 1 [Rogue of the Night]
Pleasure District (Forever Paradise), East District
Meirin, Isaiah, Reveler, Kairong, Robin
Rouge of the Night

Merin nodded, pleased that Isaiah and Silver seemed to be getting along, though it meant disassociating himself with the dragons outside. Izzy had always been the smart sort. Foundations built upon lies weren’t something she really believed in, but it wasn’t as if she couldn’t appreciate cleverness when applied to a just cause. The dragon cause. Besides, knowing the newly appointed Ace, he likely did it so as to keep civilians that know him—the ones whom he had a personal connection to—from getting too involved.

Not that Silver’s response hadn’t already suggested otherwise…maybe? Meirin found the silver-haired manager of Forever Paradise somewhat difficult to read. Did he suspect Isaiah to be a dragon? Could he see her? It didn’t seem like it so, for now, she decided to simply take things at face value. Innocent until proven guilty was how she liked to do things. Besides, it wasn’t as if she couldn’t relate.

Feeling the vibration that indicated texts, multiple texts in fact, Meirin brought the device to her face, quickly reading the message from Yo. Then Jay. The ‘invisible’ woman tilted her in curiosity at varied depictions of one Eli Azaz. On one hand, Jay had described her former, fellow dragon as ‘mean’—someone who would flit between two women, possibly even hurt them. Yo, on the other hand, insisted that such actions weren’t like the usual ‘Silence’ at all. Who should she believe? There was poison in all this as well. It made her brain hurt.

At least she now had a name for the two mystery women Azaz had been flitting between…sort of. Angel and Swallowtail. She doubted they were real names, and while she had an image of the blonde Angel in her head—courtesy of Isaiah—Swallowtail was still mystery. The brothel worker that had gone missing since the incident that morning as well. Or…were they the same person? Either way, they would need a list of employees. Gliding her way to Silver’s desk, Meirin was in the middle of texting a response to Jay when gunfire suddenly sounded in the night, causing her to still.

Something was disturbing the serenity of the East District—her home District.

Jay’s text came again not long after and Meirin’s thumb worked quickly: <I don’t know, but I’ll find out>

Was it one of the dragons? Meirin didn’t know and, honestly, she wouldn’t be surprised if it were—both Reveler and Jesper used guns, after all. Keeping the peace through fear was how the Azure Dragons operated…but the fact that such measures had to be used suggested that something nearby was threatening the peace they worked to achieve. Glancing at Isaiah, Meirin made several hand gestures, hopefully indicating to the Ace that she was going to check out the noise, before striding over to the curtained window. She waited for Silver to leave the room and Black Currant’s attention to be focused on Isaiah, before silently lifting the window open, slipping out, and closing the window with her foot as she climbed the wall of the building. Several quick steps, and a quickly grown arm to catch the ledge, was all it took for Meirin to reach the roof of Forever Paradise. She didn’t remember the range of Isaiah’s potential, and she hoped it still made her invisible, but whether anyone saw her mattered little to Meirin. She increased the size of her ears even further, as far as her head—which also enlarged somewhat—would allow so as to better pick up where the gunshots were coming from. Hard to see much with the sky being somewhat dark.

<It’s not us> Not unless the dragons felt like bombing their own headquarters. < If you’re worried about Angel and Swallowtail, send me a pic of them, or any deetz you're willing to share, and I’ll check up on them for you. The co-worker that went missing as well. It’s the least I could do for looking suspicious and scaring you =( As for determining what's suspicious or not, just trust your gut and I'll trust you <3 > Taigakitt Taigakitt Pressing the send button to deliver the text messages to Jay, Meirin then noticed a text from Jun:

<Are u okay?>

A simple message, but it kept Meirin grounded as her fingers typed. <Yea, don’t worry, Sis. I’m not involved in whatever is causing the gunshots. Is everyone in ENP ok?>

<We're fine. Lilith is with us. Wanna tell me what’s going on, Mei?> Meirin blinked when Jun attached a link to a video of a scythe-wielding red-cloaked lady spewing some crap about cutting ties with the Dragons and joining the Cobalt Wolves. Cobalt Wolves. Again. Meirin scowled. Seemed even civilians were catching wind of the troubles brewing…though Jesper had sent a District wide text about terrorists some time ago.

<Later. Lock the doors and windows just in case>

She then crafted a message to inform Isaiah, her gaze directed to the palace being boomed at in the distance:

<Looks like HQ is being attacked. What should we do, Ace? Continue with the investigation?>
Lucem Lucem

Meirin’s first instinct was to head straight to Dragon Headquarters and protect her gang friends. It wasn’t as if questioning people and uncovering secrets had ever really been her strong suit. She'd never really considered the details of the past to be more important than the present. However, given all the trouble that’s been brewing in the pleasure district, the Jun, Jay, and the other civilians living in the pleasure district would need protection as well, especially if a murderer was still around. She wasn’t the sort to abandon a job she’d been assigned without permission from her superiors. She also trusted the ones at HQ when it came to strength—the king especially. Bullets—unless they weren’t made of metal?—wouldn’t do much to a metal manipulator…

Meirin sighed, the evening breeze caressing her large face as she kept her ears peeled for any approaching trouble.

Then again, if Shen had to get involved, things were going downhill quickly.

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You dare mock the son of a shepherd
Serpents Arc 1: Scene 3 [We'll Do It Live]
Taigakitt Taigakitt Damafaud Damafaud mewmilk mewmilk

Standing next to Yuudai she realized their situation was a little chaotic and offbeat, to say the least. He was right, but she should have known better than to drop her charge as early as she did. Looking around casually she took a deep breath and thought about how to proceed. A sly smile began to form on her lips, she could try to chain the discharge together when they arrested her. Nudging Yuudai, who looked over at her, she motioned up to the power lines and then to the surrounding cops.

After a moment she felt grabbed by the fluffy beastial arm of Yuudai and was in the air a few seconds later, the body she was holding left behind. She soared through the air as Kisara took their attention and while not exactly graceful, made a landing on the top of the pole. Delynn took a second to gaze over those below before taking a deep breath “Oh good god this is going to be awful” She spoke out loud before ripping the power line off from the top of the pole—causing a power outage on the whole block. A bright light flickered as she looked away, the flash coinciding with Kisara’s own beam attack. She hesitated for a split second before taking it and jabbing herself in the side with it.

Immediately it was like the world was spinning, her body seized up and she felt as if she was suddenly being ripped from the heavens. The mania induced from so much chaotic energy descended upon her as she dropped it, the sparking line dragging across the ground near the side of the house. An unfortunate cop had been underneath and got fried by the primary line that fell. She swallowed hard and without any hesitation used the chaos that Kisara unleashed to leap and land in their midst.

Hitting the ground hard she rose up as fast as she could and reached around. She felt the hand of an officer grab and tug her back. A sudden impulse overwhelmed her and her body reacted to the new connection. A pulse of electricity erupted from her body into the body of the officer. Immediately his body burst into flames as a crack of localized thunder emanated from her body. The officer dropped like a sack of bricks leaving Delynn staring down at it before realizing she was rather open. Hearing someone approaching from behind her she ducked down just in time to move out of the way of an attack.

Sliding up and to the officer's right, she ducked another swing and began to enter a sort of dance, her body moving just out of the reach of the officer trying to attack her. Seeing her opening she moved her upper body to the side and grabbed the officer's arm as it tried to strike her. As before, her body reacted to the connection and this time willingly forced energy into the body of the officer. Fire erupted and the officer fell to the ground as her body sparked violently. Grabbing her head she felt her mind scream before she turned back towards the source of electricity, the downed power line, and went right for it like a moth to flame.​

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love rp except for the part where i write
Kazue Kaneko
Dragons Arc 1: Scene 1 [Eye of Providence]
Dragons’ Surveillance Room, East District
Eye of Providence

Kazue’s entrance was greeted by being whacked in the face with a whole lot more info and the daily reminder that her alias was a 12 year old’s idea of cool.

In an attempt to clarify what she had meant, Kazue started to say, “I meant what injury had—oh.” Yo had already donned her gloves and walked past her before she could get her sentence out.

That left Kasumi to be interrogated. Get info on what happened from the source, and all that.

Kazue shuffled through her bag to find her notepad and pen (yes she had a perfectly good phone to take notes on, no she was not going to use it). Having finally located her quarry after a solid minute, she turned to Kasumi—who had also rushed past her. Kids these days…

Mentally sighing, Kazue strolled right back out the door she had just rushed through. Slowly. Stop and smell the potted plants—

And then the guns opened fire. Still inside the building and half distracted by her own thoughts, muscle memory led to her turning on the soundproofing on her earphones as though it were a day out at the range, before realizing what the sound really was.

Time for some more running.

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Howling Tempest
Cassidy Harlow
Tigers Arc 1: Scene 2 [Money Talks]
The White Tiger Casino, West District
Alice Ari Number Two Ari Number Two , Charmy @BluEndings , Ezra Lucem Lucem , Titus Elenion Aura Elenion Aura
The game was going well as Titus stack of chips slowly withered away under the attention of the gathered Tigers; even if they hadn't quite spotted what the rotund man was hiding. Cassidy was about to return the mans compliment on her recent streak of luck when things turned sour. A raven haired woman approached the table, like a omen of bad luck and pried the beleaguered Titus from the Tigers tightening grasp with the effort of but a few words. Usually sudden shifts in fortune were more along Charmy's expertise, who seemed temporarily indisposed due to some rather grim news judging by the scrap of junk which used to resemble a phone.

Before anyone could properly react even the remaining thin veneer of civility shattered under a thunderous volley of firearms. A rather crass response to a meeting with the boss, even if Cassidy could occasionally empathize with the sentiment. Markus was a dangerous man and usually bad news, unless of course you counted yourself among the Tigers, then he was a dangerous man who paid you. Which was part of the dilemma, as a reasonable reaction would have been to duck and cover in the face of violent gunmen and Cassidy fancied herself reasonable, but that would hardly keep her on the payroll or in the man's good graces.

Instead she reeled back her arm and pitched a big handful of Alice potential at the smiling gunman, only to stare in shock as fluffy strawberry shortcake sailed through the air instead of steaming hot tea. Almost as if looking for an explanation Cassidy's gaze darted to where the girl had been but moments ago and could only see a glimpse of blond disappear behind the bulk of another fleeing guest. “Ali...!” Her cry ending in a painful gasp as a stray bullet ricochet off of their makeshift wooden barrier and into her.

Luckily Ezra had proven unusually calm under pressure, keeping his wits about him and even managing to secure Titus. Why on earth the gambler warranted all this perilous attention still eluded Cassidy, but there would be time for questions later. For now she agreed with the surprisingly competent rookies assessment while gritting her teeth, “There's no helping it, we need to keep them away from the guests and Alice! Besides, if Latkin ends up finding the boss metaphorical truffles there's bound to be some to go around.”

Laying a hand on Ezra's shoulder with a thankful nod Cassidy beckoned his potential and it responded. At first there was a hollow feeling, the dread of having forgotten something rather important and the faint taste of burnt tea before everything settle back in place with a renewed wholesomeness; even the ricochets damage to her clothes had disappeared. “We should work together more often.” the veteran noted with a hint of satisfaction. Then turned part of their wooden cover into an impromptu club by breaking one of the tables legs while a simple extendable baton appeared in her other hand from within the folds of her clothes.

“Ready?” she asked with a glance at Charmy, muscles tensing in anticipation of hurdling across the table and into the thick of it. Even if she had no personal appetite for violence and bloodshed, they couldn't allow these lunatics to continue wreaking mayhem.

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White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Elias Yumin
Tigers Arc 1: Scene 3 [High Life]
Albino Tiger Penthouse Suite, West District District
Elias, Sophia, Markus, Yulia, Isobel, Callahan
High Life

An array of images—memories really—flooded into Elias’s mind like films being played. Multiple films depicting the Np’s, Daniel Cox’s, life story in fact. Channels for him to choose from. With his potential, he had full control of these images. Speed up. Slow down. Edit. Copy. Delete. The remote to Daniel’s memories was in his hands, so to say.

Elias surfed through those memories, not quite sure what he was looking for. Perhaps, deep down, he’d been hoping for something exiting. A grand plot to destabilize the Albino Tigers? Some sort deep grudge? What he got was decidedly less than satisfactory. An ordinary, if not somewhat spoilt, childhood. A debt-filled, adulthood of crime. As far as Elias could tell, the only memories worthy of note where the ones he couldn’t see.

For some reason, some of Daniel Cox’s memories seemed hazy. Unusually so.

Elias frowned. Had someone altered them? Was he pawn in another’s scheme? Hit his head against a wall? Or was he simply drunk…granted it took a heck amount of alcohol to get so intoxicated that ones’ memories were affected, such things were not terribly unusual at parties…

While he would’ve liked trying to fix the memories, those things took time and his current situation was hardly the time or place to do so. Just because he was reviewing memories didn’t mean he couldn’t hear the chaos going on outside—or if he was being addressed. Elias quickly made a copy of all the hazy memories and stored them in box he created in his mind. He’d review them later. For now, he had some editing to do.

Elias’s hand danced from Daniel’s throat to the man’s shoulder as adjusted the images, fabricating some memories, deleting some, removing himself, and placing himself in others. There was barely any resistance from Daniel as he did so. That was how he could typically tell an NP from an HP. HPs were…more aware when a potential was being used on them. Their minds stronger and their memories more resilient to change. Not that he couldn’t influence an HP’s memories of course, but it was more effort on his part. Weaving believable memories as an art, after all, and the more holes he left behind, the more likely people were to be aware that something wasn’t quite right with their thoughts.

Elias watched as Daniel rubbed his temple, shifting positions to act as support while the Np’s brain adjusted to the new memories. Sometimes people passed out after having their memories altered. Sometimes they didn’t. It really depended on the person and the number of memories that were altered. “W-what happened…?”

“You had a little too much to drink, Dan.”


“Woah! Look at ‘em ladders!”

Ronald’s words cause Elias’s eyes to flicker over the partygoers strung to the ceiling by ladders, then to the large man approaching them. Or rather him. Gaze fluttering from the individual in the big man’s grasp to the offered hand, a broad smile formed on Elias’s face as their eyes met and he took the ladder maker’s hand. Memories flooded into him through that brief exchange—more out of habit than anything else—but it was enough to tell him that his fellow rookie Tiger had been trying to put a stop to the fighting. That Callahan was his real name as well. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Callahan. I’m Elijah Anamnesis.”

It wasn’t out of distrust that he offered the construction company son his alias, but rather a desire to separate his gang-life from his ordinary one. When he went to Tiger Parties, did jobs for the Albino Tigers, and committed crimes—or rather, assist in the committing of crimes—he was Elijah Anamnesis. However, to the rest of the non-gang-related world, he was Elias Yumin, the ordinary heir and CFO of Yumin Entertainment Industry. That was the way he liked it to be and…in a way…more liberating as well. “Quite the party we’re having, right?”

Dan groaned and Elias let go of the handshake to help the Np to a nearby table before returning to Callahan’s side, smirking at the wider berth the rest of the partygoers gave him as a result. As far as anyone was aware, Elijah Anamnesis stopped a couple of fighters with simple touches and words, whereas Callahan was the more obvious danger. The Homo Potentialis with the strength to back it up. It made things easier for him. Keeping close to Callahan, Elias placed a hand over the forehead of one of the brawling individuals the ladder maker had tucked under his arm, as if checking her temperature, and gave her good memories of partying and drinking hard, such that when she woke up the next morning, she’d believe she simply drunk herself to a stupor.

But of course, there was little changing memories could do about the black eye and bruises.

At the end of the day, Elias could only change what people believed to be true. Not the truth. And, the more lies/fabrications woven, the more convoluted things got, hence why Elias liked to limit his edits whenever he could and keep things as consistent as possible. Elias ran his hand through his hair, shrugging his shoulders as Ronald gave him a ‘what now’ look. As if he had a lot of experience breaking up fights. “Bring those causing trouble to me and I can calm them down…make them forget the fight ever happened…”

The easy way.

But if it was strictly necessary to do so, Elias would say no. They were all Tigers (mostly). Knocking them out was enough. Fear was enough. Possibly turning back on the music as well. Music tends to soothe the savage beast, after all. Get them back in the party mood. A good leader knew how to read and control the mob and a part of him wanted to watch and see which these would stand out in the Tiger crowd - if any. If Elias had a reason for wanting to shuffle through all the memories, it was to determine the cause of the initial commotion, check to see if there were any more unusually hazy memories around, and delete himself from certain memories.


And Ronald Crawford charged back into the fray. Elias pinched the bridge of his nose. Though, if one looked closely, they could see a small amused smile on the lips of Elijah Anamnesis as well.

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Serpents Arc 1: Scene 1 [Friends in Low Places] x Tigers Arc 1: Scene 1 [It’s Free Real Estate]
Sewers, Central District
<<< Remember

Darius, you're a fucking idiot. A very bold move to make, challenging the dangerous intruders of Mach Sling. A move bold enough to impress the Serpents, if it were coming from someone who could take on this crowd. He already thought speaking up was a mistake, but he knew it was when Lucy raised her scythe to him. He didn't recognize her, but he didn't need to. Her stance and speech indicated that she could be the leader of this group.

“And who the hell do you think you are fucking with Tiger business”

Great question. What was he meant to answer? "I'm a Serpent Veteran!" "Haha, I'm nobody don't worry about it." "D-Darius Kennedy, ma'am." Terrible options. It's not like he could strategize anyway. He felt only a few seconds away from being the scythe's next target. He could drop his alias into the conversation, but who is he in a sea of gang members. And why would a gang with such prestige as the Tigers care about some kid from the North?

Darius saw the flash out of the corner of his eye. Anna. Why was she taking a photo? Surely not to remember the occasion. He got an idea of who might be receiving the photo, though, and now even a successful escape felt deadly. Perhaps the other members of their party were too busy crushing each other's skulls to care. Maybe, hopefully. His phone stayed muted, blissfully unaware of the storm brewing in the group chat in the form of Bash.

When his attention returned to the Tiger's confronting him, he still had little idea of where to take the conversation. While one struck a pose, he took the opportunity to step back.

"Actually, I'm-"

He paused for one brief, final contemplation of how he wanted to introduce himself. There was no silence though, as his fellow Serpent was way ahead of him. "Brace yourself." Brace for what? Was she going to use her potential? He found out as the ground fell beneath his feet. He never got to finish introductions but didn't particularly mind that. Escaping the situation was the better idea after all.

He let out a swear as he fell, but had the sense to close his mouth, lest some liquid stone seep through his mask. His landing wasn't particularly graceful, but no damage was done. He stared up at where they had been stood, dodging a rock that fell through as well, kicked by Lucy. Realizing they weren't out of the woods yet, he scrambled to his feet, to start a sprint down the dark tunnel. Darius wished he had brought a jacket. The liquid pavement felt uncomfortable on his bare skin, and he already felt filthy being exposed to the sewer water. He also could've done with an extra layer to cover his face with, the foul smell making him feel nauseous. Then a worse, yet all too familiar feeling arose. He was being touched.

He instinctively wrestled his arm out of Anna's grip, stumbling a bit from the movement. He quickly regained his footing and followed Anna through the sewer tunnel, away from the Tigers above. He put his gloves back on as he ran, to make sure that didn't happen again. "Anna!..." There wasn't much time to say anything else. She must've got the message anyway.

After Anna called to him over her shoulder, he paused in his tracks. "Anna, stop for a moment." He went silent, listening for any visitors in the tunnel. Apart from the usual sewery noises, it was quiet. "I don't think they're following us." While he's stopped, he takes his phone out, to see if anything has been said in their group chat. He tensed up reading the messages as if Bash were about to spring out from the water and start yelling.

He typed 'where are you both', then removed the 'both' before sending.

'where are you?'

'Both' was a bit too hopeful for the situation. "What do you think they've been up to?" Darius asked as he turned his phone's torch on, to hopefully discover a way out of the sewer.

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Serpents Arc 1: Scene 1 [Friends in Low Places]
North Side, Central District
Anna, Darius, Raphael, Dante, Vincent, August, Reina, Lucy
Friends in Low Places
<<< Remember Anna and Darius
<<< Remember Mach Sling

Seeing the hemo-dancer-- or whatever his alias was-- rise from the hard street ground without protest allowed him to lower his guard a bit as he slid his phone into his pocket, but definitely not all the way. He knew how Raph was; leading the person who had just 'defeated' to believe he was now in submission, only to stab them in the back at the perfect moment would be right up his alley.

Despite winning, Bash had fallen into his stomping grounds.

That was why he held onto the man's potential, keeping it confined within the cold, iron cell that was Embargo. At least, with that, he would feel safer knowing that spikes of blood wouldn't erupt at him out of the splatters he had left on the concrete after their scuffle.

"Where the fuck are they? They'd better answer me soon, or I'll fuckin'--"

Before he could finish his thoughtless threat, Bash felt a vibration in his pocket. He quickly whipped his phone out, unlocking it and peering at the words with his phone close to his face, as if he were 40 years older than he actually was. He carefully analyzed the photo. It was a group of people, in what appeared to be a bowling alley. A very special bowling alley to Bash, considering he had been banned from it months prior due to an... incident that had occurred there. If they were there... well, he wasn't sure if he'd be able to go in.

But, why the hell were they there? Surely they knew better than to slack off on the clock-- or at least not to send him a picture of them doing so. His eyes looked over the words, processing them to understand why Anna had opted to send a stupid photo and a message rather than her location. When he reached the last word of the message, Bash's smile was at its widest.

To think a single text message was enough to bring this much visible bloodlust out of a human being! His pupils dilated as if he had just taken a huge dose of his gang's strongest stuff, and his previously calm breathing instantly became heavier, transforming into anxious, growl-like breaths like a monster waiting to attack.

He was going to go Tiger hunting.

Without warning, Bash's legs immediately carried him into an energetic sprint as he ran in the direction of the bowling alley. "Let's go, dipshit! I know where they're at!" He yelled back to Raph, hoping he'd be able to keep up with him as he mindlessly pushed past pedestrians to pave the way to his destination. Another text from Darius had popped up, asking where they were. Phone still in hand, he tapped the 'speech to text' option with a shaking finger, and began to yell into his phone.

'Get the fuck out of the sewers. The dumb fuck and I are headed to you now.'

The phone's auto-correct feature made his message seem a lot more well-spoken than it truly was. He stabilized his phone-holding arm to prevent it from swinging with his steps to send the two another message.

"You're probably outnumbered, so I ain't mad at you for running. Find the nearest exit and meet us back where you saw the Tigers. They ain't allowed to be here. Not on my fucking watch."

He pushed his phone back into his pocket as he neared the familiar building, coming to a skidding stop once he was finally outside. Noticing the melted hole in the street outside of the building, Bash bent down to examine it, scrunching his nose at the immediate rush of stench that attacked his senses once he got too close to the broken seal seal of the sewers. Definitely Anna's doing.

He looked at the bowling alley. He was banned. That was a fact. He was legally not allowed to enter-- and, for whatever idiotic reason, Bash felt a physical adversity when he got closer to it. But he couldn't wait anymore. If he had to stand there any longer, he'd lose his mind and start attacking passerby's just to quench his thirst. It was quite the stressful dilemma-- trespass, or finally, FINALLY beat some Tigers' skulls into the ground?

He stopped, and inhaled, taking a deep breath of the air (and trying his best to ignore any hints of sewage that were mixed in). Scoffing at his own mental battle, he raised his foot, and kicked in the already-shattered door in, slowly stepping into the building. Before he was all the way inside, he turned his head back to Raph and shot him a thumbs up. Hopefully, the gesture was enough to convey what he was trying to say, as his hands were shoved into the pockets of his jacket moments later.

'Yer shit potential's back. Let's take our anger out on them instead'a each other.

After looking to his side, he grinned widely. Sure enough, there they were. And boy, were there some big fish in this catch! The fucking Queen, and, possibly even better-- in Bash's eyes, at least-- the Prima-donna Ace.

"No wonder they fuckin' ran! You pussies're a scaaaary little bunch, aint'cha?" He sarcastically snarled, keeping his preying eyes fixed onto the two Tiger leadership members.

He whipped his hands out of his pockets, revealing tightly clenched, shaking fists with knuckles that were practically begging to shatter bone. One of them reluctantly opened, rising to wave at the blonde Ace standing across from him. "Yo, Bakahime!"

Part of him wanted to rush forward and take away two potentials immediately, but he was still fairly new, at least as leadership. There was a possibility--be it a small one, considering his resume for attacking any enemy gang member he caught a glimpse of-- that they didn't know what his Potential was. If he played it safe, so would they. Then he would be able to deduce which two would be the best to take out first without risking too much. Unbeknownst to him, he was standing before someone who happened to know his ability very well. Whether or not he spoke, however, was completely up to him.

His beastlike smile was unwavering as he stared the Tigers down, completely oblivious to the situation he had just kicked his way into. He lowered himself into a charging position, now fully prepared for whatever came next.

"So! Who's dyin' first?"

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<<< Remember

Dante accepts the offer of a scented mask, and the look of it upon his face fills August with unseen amusement behind a stoic expression. Tossing up a thumb of approval, August nods, tells him, "Looks good, mate," then returns his attention to the situation at hand.

Despite his airs, he's gained some form of an understanding of it all, but he won't be one to admit it. Instead, he zones out as a long-drawn yawn overcomes him and muffles his ears to the surrounding noise.

Thoughts of a quiet nap while a historical documentary plays low-volume on the flat-screen take him to a place he'd much rather be, and the bliss temporarily manifests itself in the form of a smile beneath his mask. He contemplates asking Lucy if he can go home but quickly tosses that idea, as it won't earn him any favor in the fight to get his collections back from Markus.

Somehow... Someway... His only hope is to obtain veteran-status by becoming a trusted member.

His throat bubbles a low groan, like the idle engine of a weak-powered scooter, which he holds for as long as his lungs can manage. By the time he reaches a decision--to stick around, hopefully impress his uppers, and scrounge up some recognition--his lungs are ready to give.

He sucks in a deep breath then per the finalization of his deliberation, curling his spine back, then exhales into a slouch. "It is wot it is..."

"Was there anything else you wanted?" asks the scruffy proprietor to Queen Lucy. August blinks her way behind his goggles, awaiting talk of taxation and conscript of their employees possessing worthy Potentials, such as Wren.

However, that talk never comes, interrupted by the rattling clatter of the establishment's door being kicked in, at which August purses his lips, eyes wide and brows high.

In steps an unfamiliar character with an alpha energy and features matching a description well-known to August by rumor. Long, black hair and a savage expression--none other than Taipan of the Sable Serpents. Suddenly, August rethinks gaining favor.

He reminds himself of the value of his collections. "$8.2 million, mate. Stick it through."

Evidently, his own convincing needs work, as his feet have already begun to move on their own, taking him back a few steps in the direction of the emergency exit.

"Uhh, yeh, soooo~..." August gestures two finger-guns at Lucy, "I wasn't really invited t' this whole shebang... so I can, loike, show mahself out if ya need?" He checks his watch and smiles something uncomfortable, "It's waaaay past mah bedtoime." He snorts, half knowing Lucy will see right through his lazy bullshit considering the two of them frequently play video games together, and this is right around the time he'd be logging on, only to fall asleep on the headset an hour or two in, which is usually how their nights go.

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*Willingly Participates in Self Sabotoge*
North-Western Central District
Dante ( The Regal Rper The Regal Rper ), Vincent ( OverconfidentMagi OverconfidentMagi ), August ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean ), Darius ( FangS31 FangS31 ), Anna ( The One Eyed Bandit The One Eyed Bandit ) Reina ( cojemo cojemo ) Raph ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura ) Bash ( Nobody Special Nobody Special )
Its Free Real Estate X Friends in Low Places
<<< Remember

She relaxed as the owner quickly surrender the cash. Good so he knew better than to really stir up some shit she let her scythe fall once more. Now she could afford to have some slightly less dangerous fun. As his voice lost the biting edge of it she slumped down into one of the seats nearby looking like the cat who had caught the canary.

“Anything else? No can’t say I-”

She heard a familiar-sounding voice cut through the bowling alley as the Ace of the Serpents and presumably another serpent stood before them. She grasped her scythe tighter as she pushed off the seat to raise to a stand once more. With a flick of her wrist, she began to twirl her scythe into a deadly circle on her right. With a shit-eating grin she spoke directly to the pair.

“Oh? Who’s dying first? I suppose you’re volunteering. And who are you again?”

She would have left it at that had she not heard her own tiger and friendly companion asking to slip away. With clear annoyance in her voice, she gave a shout.

“TAZZ! ....Beat them and I’ll buy you that new collector thingy you wanted.”

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Nitpicker of swords
CS Link
Phoenixes Arc 1: Scene 1 [From the Ashes]
Phoenix HQ, South District
Lyric, Yong-Yut, Ziz, Bernardo, Boltius
Charlie took a moment to relax and breath deeply. Panicking would only make things worse, yes the sight was atrocious, yes it was extremely uncomfortable. But he had to keep calm and listen to his leader, cooperation is key in dire times after all.

Despite her best efforts to conceal her emotions, it was clear as day that their king was absolutely enraged with what had just transpired. Any implications of a personal connection with the executed phoenix aside, and even ignoring the possibility of more killing being done by this incognito murderer, Charlie could feel that this probably also served to send a message. You phoenixes are a pathetic bunch, your death is inevitable, or something along those lines, and he knew that Lyric, fittingly as king, was the one to carry highest pride for her gang. Having one of her own killed in cold blood like this by probably an enemy gang member must be incredibly insulting for Lyric. She commanded those available to group up and search for the killer, or whatever useful thing they could see or get. Charlie listened to her words as he nodded in compliance.

The other phoenix that was nearby, who apparently was nicknamed Blitz, was talking enthusiastically about taking matters into his own hands, expressing that he'd take Charlie if necessary. The blue haired boy was slightly surprised at the prostpect, but found little to no reason to say no, there is no such a thing as bad phoenix company in his eyes after all.

"O-okay then, sure we can team up no problem" said Charlie as he casually approached Blitz. "I know this is probably not the best time for introductions" he said as he stared as Nina's corpse with a deeply pained look on his face before quickly returning his gaze back at the mandarin-haired man "But i'm Temperer, you can just call me Charlie if you want though, let's work together and bring justice to Quetzal".

...Did he just say "her" though?
thought Charlie for a second, before brushing it aside immediatly after. Eh, probably just a slip of the tongue.

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Lyric Ashton Crianza
Nightlife District, South District
Ziz ( OverconfidentMagi OverconfidentMagi ), Yong-Yut ( gxxberkit gxxberkit ), Fixer ( GrieveWriter GrieveWriter ), Charlie ( Kai_Drescher Kai_Drescher ) Boltius ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )
From The Ashes
She crossed her hands over her chest as Blitz went to interrogate further ready to throw himself fully into the fray. She let out a sigh knowing that her words would not reach the other. At least he was looking to follow the guidelines she placed for him. She couldn’t say she liked the idea of Temperer, who was still a rookie himself, being Blitz’s backup.

“Fine, if you’re both willing… ZOMBIE… which way was Muskrat’s team headed?”

The girl before her quickly straightened up looking flustered as she turned and pointed to the northeast.


“They left that way but uh it seems that the butterflies got far enough to scatter.”

With a pat on the girl’s shoulder, she gave her a nod showing that it was enough. She turned back to the two in front of her gearing up to go follow the trail. Someone still needed to examine Nina further to figure out what really happened. Unfortunately, there really wasn’t anyone suited for the job here. At best she could get Velvet to wrap the girl in cloth to give some defense against prying eyes.

“Blitz, be careful Temperer is still just a rookie. Temperer, come back alive and keep the hot head in check. Both of you call if you find anything, you hear. Someone needs to actually examine Nina… which means we need to bring her back to HQ.”

She didn’t wish to be the one to do it but even so the area around here needed to be properly assessed. If everyone chased the swarm they could wind up missing any additional information.

“Velvet, Fixer, Ziz. We need to do some intel grabbing. Zombie, pair off with Bastion and bring Nina to HQ for an autopsy.”

>>> Stay with YY, Fixer, Ziz, and Lyric
>>> Split with Bolt and Charlie
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Day Of Reckoning

Reckoning: Ruriko ( Beann Beann ) | Kanna ( FabulousTrash FabulousTrash ) | Jesper ( Ari Number Two Ari Number Two )

Training Day: Reika ( Taigakitt Taigakitt ) | Dimitri ( The Prophet The Prophet ) | Vulken ( Nobody Special Nobody Special )

Entering Peeps: Auvura ( Mook-LandStrider Mook-LandStrider ) Darren ( Rantos Rantos )

Collab With: Taigakitt Taigakitt

It Don’t Mean A Thing

Screenshot 2022-01-14 133225.png

It wasn’t long before their third made his entrance into the car by quite literally falling into the seat beside him covered in water. He shuttered from the chill of the September temperatures mixed with the wet covering his right side due to the splash.

“How nice of you to drop in Ghoul.”

“Thanks!” was the white-haired man’s response.

The car struggled to keep itself safe as the diver swerved to avoid the other cars swerving sideways to avoid the pile-up. Luckily the time of day meant rush hour had long since passed letting the cars have some distance between them avoiding a bridge-long pileup and too much death.

He took a second to pull out his phone with the hand not holding a gun to take a photo of the collisions and send it off to a group chat along with a message.

“Oh Company…”

With the entrance of Kanna, he quickly flooded the area in smoke making it even more dangerous for both civilians and villains alike.

Ghoul, the white-haired man, waved his hand in the air to swat at the smoke that “Lulu” exhaled,
“Great—“ he stopped to clear his throat, trying to not cough— “I’m going to really smell like a smoker.” Though the shit-eating grin didn’t leave his face as he watched the pile-up get larger. “Quite the exit, I’d say.” Then, he raised his voice, “GET OUT OF THE WAY OF US DRAGONS!” He snickered softly to himself.

The girl pulled her blade up to her strangely-matte-in-appearance face and scraped the metal against her cheek, causing flakes to litter the metal.
“Don’t touch me or die, okay Lulu? Ghoul?” She acted as if she was unbothered by the newly filtering smoke, but honestly her deadpan eyes did start to water. She reached down and tore at the butterfly fabric from the hem up to about mid-thigh, presumably to make herself more comfy or allow for a wider range of motion.

Ghoul patted his pockets, feeling some squelches under his touch,
“Really wish I had something to eat to avoid breathing you guys.”

Before the smoke really took over, Ghoul’s pink gaze caught sight up ahead of an interesting party, where one of the three red-heads had shouted out with some expletives. He nudged Lulu,

The man in the vehicle seems quite unwilling to hit a civilian, and the gravity that Kanna spit out caused the car to screech to a halt, a hairbreadth away from touching Kanna.

The girl looked over at the terrified driver,
“Thank you.” Then, she hopped over the windshield and into the hood of the car, her blade at the ready.

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Elenion Aura

One Thousand Club
Tigers Arc 1: Scene 2 [Money Talks]
The White Tiger Casino, West District
As Alice fled, so too did the crowd of gamblers. NPs with hefty wallets and plenty to live for—in theory—piled toward the exit: a single elevator that was already packed to bursting. The price of exclusivity. Lucky for them, though, it seemed that the masked gunmen were not overly concerned with their lives or their deaths. Their opening salvo of weapons' fire tore through the floor-to-ceiling windows that dominated one wall of the High Rollers' Club. The glass panes exploded under the hail of bullets, shattering into smithereens and exposing the Clubhouse to biting gusts of the evening wind that whipped around the high-rises of the West District.

Before she could carve the fat man like a cake, a heavy wooden table crashed into the dark-haired woman's path. With a grunt of annoyance, she paused for a beat, calculating... The wound in Titus' neck was fatal, she thought. Die slow or die fast, all that mattered was the death. If only she knew what miracles the Young Tiger was working beyond his makeshift cover...

The job of shattering the glass done, the Comedy Mask turned—as if sensing an incoming attack—in Cassidy's direction. When things obviously did not go as expected, the Mask tilted his head at Cassidy before continuing toward the window, firing as he went. It seemed as though the two masked men weren't interested in the Tigers, either...

Switching gears in a flash, the woman—moving with telltale unnatural speed (marking herself as an HP)—dashed right up to the ledge, kicking shards of glass into the yawning darkness of the evening skyline. She produced a small metal torch from her pocket and shone its light into the sky. A signal. A beacon.

Titus, for his part, couldn't be sure whether he was alive or dead. The shock of the blade spilling his life all over the floor was almost equal to the shock of his sudden resurrection. He clung to groggy consciousness, blinking blearily up at those who stood huddled above him. Until he was hoisted up again like a slab of meat, as his world spun madly.

As the masked men advanced on the shattered windows, shoving aside bodies in their wake, one of them turned its head and found Ezra, popped up around the table-turned-barricade, Titus Latken strewn across his shoulders. The figure stopped dead, turning back to face the other masked man who'd advanced a few paces in his meantime. Without warning, the second man stopped, turning toward his duo. No words passed between them, and yet they seemed to have both reached an understanding, focusing their sights on the Tigers, and an apparently still-living Titus.

The Comedy Mask (the one who'd marked Titus across Ezra's shoulder), turned and raised his rifle and fired at the table, bullets tearing through the cover in short order. Meanwhile, The Tragedy Mask sank into the floor.

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Dragons Arc 1: Scene 2 [Placidity]
East District
Lorrin Pik, Caomei qingwa , Omar Vahn and lady in red brii BriiAngelic
<<< Remember

Omar stayed among the crowds blending into the crowds and mimicing their pattern of hysteria. All the while Omar followed this lady in red but then he saw it as she threw a knife at Lorrin Yumi only for it to be thrown back at her. Odd but then again; Omar never did pay much attention to what the other Azure Dragon members could do until he was given the special order from Faa Yun but Faa Yun does not give special orders anymore.

Omar watches as the lady in red fell from the sky like a wounded Phoenix to be picked up by the hunter and the hunting dogs but for the case the hunting dogs were the normal bystanders of the East District. Omar found it odd that one of these bystanders was foolish or was it bold enough to grab and attempt to hold her while others recorded or took photos of her face. People are usually less courageous, is this because of the fear manipulation? No Omar was not increasing nor decreasing anything for at the moment Omar is only feeling the fear of the crowds. Only for the lady in red to shout out a threat after which she hopped and jumped alas she was up high again. Was the lady in red part cat, flea, frog or hare ? Maybe amplified leg muscle? No signs of any damages from the fall. Pain nullifier? Numerous hypotheses but what kind of experiments can be done at these fleeting moments. As Omar watches the people only to be interrupted by a typical cliche gang recruitment tactic. Professor Ayad of the criminology department will have to grade the attempt with a decent five points out of a hundred. The wording may be off but it is literally a common spiel. It does not highlight the benefits of joining these Cobalt Wolves nor does it highlight the faults of the Azure Dragons. Professor Ayad would also like to note that she declared herself to be of a better standing thus she unknowingly set an expectation pole so high that she unwillingly set for herself and has no chance of reaching. Professor Ayad would like to point out that if you are going to pretend that you are an A plus student than at least put in the effort and work to make an assignment A plus material too. At least it is better than a recruitment speech from the lazy Sable Serpents.

Omar quickly snaps out of his grading of her lackluster performance and places a hand over his throat as if grasping at his own adams apple as he hides behind the corner and begin speaking in a deeper pitch different from his normal monotone and flat voice as he throws this new voice around.

"You Cobalt Wolves are no better than slimy drug pushing serpents. What do you think we are sheep?"

At that moment a man from the crowd would respond to this.

"That's right at least Dragons keep the peace."

Another man would to reply to the first person.

"They at least try...but they never did caught the masked freak that terrorize us a few years ago. "

A woman would reply.

"You mean that pumpkin freak? "

Another woman replies.

"But he only hunt serpents. Doesn't that mean the pumpkin is a dragon?"

Another man reply.

"No a few years back. A dragon was found dead, bloodied and hung by his feet. Everyone could see that pumpkin insignia carved into the chest and stomach. It was headline news a few years back. "

Someone else pelies.

" I heard he gutted the serpent pushers like a fish and spray painted the walls with a pumpkin insignia. "

Another person replies.

" Didn't the freak hang a tiger in front of their casino? "

As the fear starts to grow among the people with the various ridiculous rumors and the hearsay of some gossip, Omar thought to himself that yes there was a special order from Faa Yun to Jack-o'-Lantern to remove an Azure Dragon who was undermining everything the Azure Dragons stood for and betraying the misplaced trust the people were giving this Azure Dragon. The crimes that Azure Dragon will never be revealed but Jack-o'-Lantern can say street justice was served that night. Time to switch voices; no its not a voice... its actually time to for my partner to take the stage. Time to tag out, its your turn in the ring.

At that moment Omar also known as The Librarian closed his eyes but when he opened them, it was not Omar anymore. The first thing this entity did was open the book that Omar carried and flipped through the pages as it reads the secret text that Omar had placed for it before simply nodding and closing the book. As he placed the book into the duffel bag before stretching its arms and legs to get a feel of its body. To those wondering what is happening to Omar and what is the entity in Omar's body well its going to be a long story and unfortunately it seems like the entity is going to make its move so it will be for later.

As the entity began to move by first picking up one of various pieces of junk on the floor of the streets. Finding a broken piece of side walk and a few bits of what used to be part of brick. It looked at the place where the group of people were and the lady in red. A quick aim at the at the street light and the trash cans as the entity lobbed the sidewalk piece and brick pieces at them. A crash followed by the glass of the street light rain down. A large thud followed by the trash cans falling down and spewing their contents on the streets. It was enough to make some of the people jump in fright but that was not the end as the entity spoke out loud in its deep dark voice.


This declaration sparked a reaction from the people as they realized the freak that they talking about was coming. One of the few brave people in the crowds shout out.

I..I..It's only one person we can take him.

But that was not enough for some people as some started running away while someone shouted out loud.

Stronger people than you died at the hands of that freak. If you want to die be my guest but I'm not sticking around to join you.

As more people started to run, did the brave person realize that it was not worth it. As the brave person ran he shouted out loud.

Take the wolf. I'm just a bystander in all this.

As the dust settles, a single person was left and he was making his way towards the lady in red. Upon closer inspectation of this person; one could see the person had a black hood covering its head and wearing black coveralls, black gloves and black boots. This person was carrying a warpick as it walked slowly towards the lady in red.

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Serpents Arc 1: Scene 3 [We'll Do It Live]

Tri, the Jack Deacon
Housing Zone 4, North District
Yuudai, Delynn, Yeona, Kisara
Mention: Taigakitt Taigakitt , Mook-LandStrider Mook-LandStrider , mewmilk mewmilk @simj26

Unlike Kisara, Tri was not pleased with the appearance of the police. They were a pain to deal with if he didn't plan ahead. And he didn't plan ahead. All he had on him was his burglary ax, several backup weapons, and none of his good ones. He was planning to do one of those prank videos after they captured people, so he really packed light.

"Ah, what a pain," Tri muttered as Kisara held her magnificent banter, and he pulled out a megaphone. No matter, at least the condition was perfect for one thing.

"Good afternoon, this is your doctor speaking-""Behold! I am Prinz Gyoushi, baring my heart to all!""Today's lucky horoscope is Pisces which is mine and the weather is cloudy with a-""Hiiii everyone~ It's so good to see you! Thanks for comin' all this way just to catch me, in action! ""-it's going to a harlem shake of-""It's not so often I get a live audience, and ready for a first-hand experience too~"

Tri stopped speaking and stared at Kisara. Even with the megaphone, the pink rookie's magnificent spiel was louder than his megaphone-boosted Public Service Announcement of Death. And just as he stopped? She also stopped. And started charging some beams that sparkled and dazzled. Tri scratched his chin. Yeah, he couldn't compete with that.

"Show-off. Hup."

With a roll of his shoulder, Tri pitched a baseball-sized object at the opposite side of Kisara's beam. It hit a shield and burst into green sedative gas, immediately dispersing around the battlefield. The gas would affect police wearing gas masks or Potentials, but it was enough. Tri hid behind a pile of their to-be research subjects, watching the scene from behind. Far as he was from the fight, some attentions remained on him as he practically was holding the hostages, well, hostages. Since they were the police.

Hm. The police. He had some idea. Tri raised his megaphone.

"Good afternoon, this is your doctor speaking. Try to keep everyone intact if possible. The police makes good volunteers since they are healthy and strong- Ow."

The 'ow' came from a bullet hitting Tri on the shoulder. It still hurt. Several police charged toward him, unmasked. Potentials. As he was out of non-lethal bombs, Tri did the only thing he could.

"Prepare to get rekt."

He raised his ax for a fight he definitely wasn't confident of winning. What's the worst thing that could happen?


"Paris, sir, we already send the cleaning crew-"

"If Dad died, death will be a relief for all of you."

The whisper sent a chill down the researcher's spine. They just received news that the police has just arrived to where the King and Jack were. If not for the client he was meeting, the researcher had no doubt Paris would storm out right at that moment. They really, really didn't want someone who could start an epidemic on his own rampaging because his adventurous father died.

Had the Cleaning Crew left? Well, they said they were on the way, but they were recovering from last night's hangover, so it's fine if they got lunch first, right?

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U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit

  • E_31bbnVcAQghd6.jpgMiss Wonder
    Scene: Tigers Arc 1: Scene 3 [The High Life]
    Location: Albino Tiger Penthouse Suite, West District
    Interaction: QuirkyAngel QuirkyAngel Elenion Aura Elenion Aura The One Eyed Bandit The One Eyed Bandit Nova Anyw Nova Anyw

    Flight was a concept Miss Wonder knew several folks with Potentialities knew like the back of their hand, but even so it felt like something for the birds or bugs or other winged creatures which made up the majority of the animal kingdom. Even with the number of folks who could fly being far from zero, with some even being close friends of her's at one point or another, she felt as though she had a respectable grasp of what did and didn't belong in the air.

    And her plate of Hamburger Helper certainly wasn't on that list.

    But yet there it was, sailing up in the air after someone shoved a guy in a Hawaiin shirt into her loyal little waitress. But Miss Wonder wasn't focused on the spread of violence which engulfed the party-goers, even as guests were slamming each other into statues or throwing someone onto the tables. Instead, her even gaze was locked onto her Hamburger Helper.

    By some divine providence, the entire plate was intact, managing to land on a table with all of its contents remaining. And like a hound locking onto a savory bone, she went after it like it was the only thing in the entire room.

    "Excuse me," she said as a guy stumbled by with a woman clinging to his back and slamming fists against his expensive-looking glasses "Pardon."

    She leaned forward as two other men threw a third behind her and into several other attendees.

    "Just gotta slip through here." She crouched down and crawled between two women tearing at each other's hair and clothes, the table with her prize was just within reach. But then the entire table cloth went sliding. A man at the end was wrapping it around a woman's head before kicking her away, the result leading the Miss Wonder's plate slipping off the table. She gasped, but grinned upon seeing a rolling chair of all things had caught it. That grin vanished when another pair crashed into the side of it and sent it rolling into the middle of a brawl.

    Sighing, Miss Wonder leaned out of a way as a half full glass of 1987 La Swinure went sailing past her head and shattered against the back of a large man's head. He released an enraged roar, but Miss Wonder was too close to give up now. Casually walking over the table, she dropped down to the floor and stumbled her way through the brawl. Luckily for her, the number of fighters began going down as some big guy started sticking them in ladders. Out of the corner of her eyes, Miss Wonder noted him making his way to Eli, but the smell of her Hamburger Helper reached her at that moment.

    Cheese, beef, and noodle mixed together in a savory blend that tickled the senses and beckoned her closer. There it was, next to a few folks who were hopefully just taking a fun little nap in the midst of the brawl. The rolling chair had nowhere to go, and upon it was her prize. Miss Wonder's hands went for it, almost touch the plate when a woman was shoved backwards, tripped over one of the downed attendees, and reached for the back of the seat to steady herself. The entire chair fell with her, and Miss Wonder's breath caught in her throat as she watched her plate slip and fall.

    But yet again, the fine plate withstood, and merely slid onto the back portion of the chair as it collided with the ground. Miss Wonder didn't give the surroundings a chance to intervene, snatching it up and whipping another spork out and turning it on the assembled plate of still-warm meat and noodle blend.

    Only for a flying chair to slam into her wrists and crash to the ground, scattering the plate on one of the downed party-goers as it rolled to a stop next to a pillar. YThe desecrated meal leaaked its its tamntalizing fluids all over the floor, dripping like blodo from the unconscious partier as teh flavor was instantly ruined by a mix of sweat and cologne on his clothes.

    All in all, a heartbreaking scene to witness.

    Miss Wonder stared at her fallen comrade, eyes blinking slowly several times before she released a simple, "Aw..."

    But as her dreams died before her, a voice called out.

    "YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?!?" she looked back to see the large man who had been hit with the La Swinure, a second chair clutched in one hand while the remains of the broken bottle were clutched in the other "Think you can treat Lil Will like this!?!?"

    He gestured to her with the bottle, muscles straining against his dress shirt. While Miss Wonder had definitely seen beefier boys in her days, Lil Will was the kind of yolked that made her ponder whether it was natural physique or if he had a Potentiality that left him shredded. It was a question she pondered even as he stomped towards her, cracking the remains of the bottle in his hand and letting the pieces scatter on the ground as he approached.

    "That was eight bucks worth of quick and convenient microwaved heaven." she wound up muttering as Lil Will towered over her "I didn't wanna have to make someone venture out into the unknown scavenging for treasure again with the weather like this. Such matters should be left to our Sire's hand-picked staff of cooks and jesters who refrain from driving non-renewable vehicles. You know, giving back to the community and all that? Right? You get what I'm-?"

    The fist slammed into the side of Miss Wonder's face with enough force to make her entire body spin like a ballerina on one foot.

    "I-I mean it just don't seem fair... right?" she muttered as the taste of blood filled her mouth, she spat it aside before continuing "Copper don't really mix well with Mozzarella and cheddar, ya know?"

    The second swing sent her tripping back over the fallen rolling chair. But even as her vision swam she kept going.

    "I don't exactly know who.... uses copper in recipes nowadays?" She wondered as Lil Will approached "It just don't got the same ring as lime or pepper or-Hrrk!"

    A hand latched around her neck and pulled her up, with Lil Will rearing back with the chair as Miss Wonder struggled to breath. But the second he adjusted his grasp, she tried sucjking in air.

    The resulting squeeze he gave her throat was enough to force it out of her: A growing Plume of Aetherwave.

    Both of their eyes widened as Lil Will got a face-full first, tossing Miss Wonder aside as he grunted and growled. As he tried waving the cloud away with his free hand. Another Partygoer tripped over Miss WOnder and led to her coughing out even more of her Potentiality.

    "Sorry! Something probably got stuck!" she called out whilst trying to get a handle on her coughing. During which she poked her tongue at a gash on the inside of her mouth, received courteously from Lil Will's knuckle sandwich earlier.

    Seeing that her Aetherwave was coming out with every cough and that those around her were beginning to display symptoms, Miss Wonder called out to her fellow Tigers.

    "Might... might wanna cover ya noses and mouths for a bit!" she choked out before trying to rise to her feet "A/C went a little bad over here. Think I let out a bit too much."

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Hector let out a sigh, taking a step back from Catherine. He shook his head away from the group as Akane thanked the others. Through gritted teeth, he gave his own thanks, "Yeah. Thank you. We appreciate the help." It sounded insincere, but he followed it up with one firm handshake to Catherine and another to Noland. "You find us first if you got any new info."

He stepped away with Akane without giving any farewell to the other duo. Akane seemed to be sorting things out with their other Phoenixes, good. Hector pointed a finger up to her, to indicate he'd be gone a moment and slipped away. He walked until he found a more secluded spot to gather his thoughts.

The first thing he does is turn off the earpiece. The last thing he needs to hear right now is any more bad news, and despite his trust in Alex, he didn't like the others being separated from him right now. Once Akane sorts out their whereabouts, he needed everyone together. The next thing he does is yell at the wall he's stood next to.

"GOD FUCKIN- DAMMIT. GIVE ME A FUCKIN BREAK." A group of girls shriek nearby as they scurry away into the crowd. He looks back at the source of the noise but pays them little attention. He raises his fist and a thin layer of metal starts to coat his knuckles as he drives it towards the wall. He stops at the last second leaving just a light impact. Save your energy for them. He lets the metal chips drop from his hand onto the floor, and draws his phone out. There was a far more productive way to spend his time.

Though his fingers still couldn't form any worthwhile messages through his anger and troubled mind, his voice definitely could. He reads the message Lyric left him.
"Working on finding where body dropped away from where she died."
Hector closes his messaging app and goes straight to calling her. Even though their lead is one man who may not even be connected to their current problems, it was at least worth mentioning, and that's what Hector cut straight to when Lyric answered.

"Coalescence. I read your messages." It was hard to hear what he was saying, keeping his voice low, but not making any effort to make it clear. It sounded almost like a growl. "I might have a lead. I was- Alibi and I were questioning some people at the docks. They spoke about a man who frequents the area, they say the animals get all weird around him. All with red eyes and shit. Says they can plan and stuff, but I don't know what they can do..." He didn't want to ask, but he had to. "The butterflies and... Quetzal. Are they linked?"

"Yes, the swarm appeared just before the body fell. Velvet, Fixer, Ziz, and I are searching further for where she could have been killed. The butterflies may have dropped her but until we have further information we don't know how many were involved with this."

"Dammit... Well, the man was last seen on Wednesday at the docks and took a ship to Central. Young guy, white hair, dresses all fancy but he ain't rich apparently. Oh, and he might be blind! His eyes are all cloudy. If we see him or find anyone else who could be linked, do you want them kept alive, or can I... deal with them."

"You have full reign to deal with them once you have determined the cell has been all caught or if they have no further information for you"

"Got it. I'll keep you in the loop."

After hanging up, Hector puts the phone back in his pocket and looks towards the docks. He was still furious, but taking a break to talk with his King cleared his mind. He scans the scene for Akane, and hurries back over, turning his earpiece back on.

"Anything from the others? We're sorting this out tonight."

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Rogue of the Night: Angel
In Scene: Reveler ( Mqueserasera Mqueserasera )​

1642301142867.pngA flutter of her eyelashes signified the fake innocent expression she wore as Reveler guffawed. It seemed Angel had amused the Dragon.

As Reveler-Adonis calmed down and started talking again, Angel tilted her head the slightest bit at the word “murderer.” She wouldn’t know that much, to be honest.

A stray golden hair fell over her face when Reveler-Adonis took a hold of her shoulders. Angel could feel the power that radiated from the other and knew that even if she wanted to get away from the grasp, there’s no way she could. The sickening truth behind the super-powered versus the mundane.

Angel was the mundane.

A grin fell over her lips, “Charmed indeed. You’ll have what information I can offer. Papa will understand. Let me gather my thoughts about her.

She took a breath, a sparkle in her emerald eyes, “Swallowtail was newer. Probably the newest girl but boy did she shoot up in popularity quicker than even I did.” A muscle in her face twitched. She had jealousy issues if that wasn’t obviously blaringly obvious. “She lived here I thought, don’t know if she had her own place to call him. She seemed to really get along with Black Currant, but they tend to get along with everybody.

Looking straight at Reveler, a devilish grin flashed across her glossy lips before switching back to the princess face, “If you find her… She really liked purple and butterflies on her clothes. Had purple tips in her hair.

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Yo "Kiyohime" Saiwa
Location: Outside of Dragon HQ, heading towards the Pleasure District
In Scene: Kasumi ( FabulousTrash FabulousTrash ) | Kazue ( azenmannumber2 azenmannumber2 ) | BabyBlue ( BriiAngelic BriiAngelic )​

1642302921567.pngConsidering Yo’s mind was going in many directions, she absolutely forgot that she brought Kazue in to check on Kasumi. After all, the threat of a laptop still out there running was plaguing her mind and Kasumi wasn’t out for too long.

It seemed not too long after they had left HQ that they were assaulted.

Gunfire rained down on them. A few bullets were close calls as she felt the pressure smack one of her curved horns and tear along her garments. She was thankful for the scales that littered parts of her body, otherwise those could have left marks. Didn’t mean that she didn’t feel them though.

The gunshots that didn’t meet their target left craters in the earth. Well, Shen can deal with the landscaping later since that seemed to be all he was good for lately.

Pushing aside the quick millisecond of annoyance, Yo placed herself in front of Kasumi, using her arms to shelter her vitals the best she could, “If you’re going to be a deer in headlights, get back inside. I’ll find them myself.

Yo did her best to try and locate where the shooter could be coming from by trying to determine the trajectory of the bullets.

She needed a shield but normal, every-day objects wouldn’t do much in the face of bullets that could tank through HP skin.

If Kasumi didn’t move on her own, Yo would attempt to move Kasumi herself and push her back inside the building, as they were close enough to the entrance.

She couldn’t stand there forever being a shield. She needed to take action.

Clenching her jaw, she felt a biting cold chill her to the bone as she opened her mouth wide and shot out ice, generating as much of an ice wall to use as a shield as she could muster in one breath. This would be used as shelter to get closer. She wouldn’t even wait as she would do as much evasive maneuvers to avoid the bullets that managed to smash through. She felt scrapes across her body. Was there a bullet in her forearm? Adrenaline made it hard to tell.

She wished she remembered to grab her coat.

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Tigers Arc 1: Scene 3 [The High Life]
Albino Tiger Penthouse Suite, West District
Mark ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura ), Wonder Woman ( GrieveWriter GrieveWriter ), Callie ( Nova Anyw Nova Anyw ), Sock Collector ( Saturn_moon Saturn_moon ) Ellie ( QuirkyAngel QuirkyAngel )
The High Life
Hysterics. That butter-fingered sort of violence that every person on God's Green Earth seemed to be so talented at. Yulia looked out over the crowd with a sigh caught between her eyes as it erupted into a collage of wanton brawling and shouts. She would've been disappointed if she'd had any expectations of these people to begin with.

She eyeballed a slurry of spilt drinks and broken glass that was steadily pooling on the floor, and was overwhelmed with regret at the fact that she hadn't gotten more of those in her before having to deal with all this. Yulia let her arm, and by extension, her weapon too, dangle flaccidly over the balcony's edge, wondering for a moment if all these morons would shut up if she unloaded it into some poor sod's head. A noise of exasperation, one which she'd been bottling up since she decided to be helpful at all, escaped her.

No. Shooting somebody would probably not help.

"Crowd control really isn't my, guys..." The tiger woman muttered to herself, massaging her brain for any semblance of a solution she could muster. Figuratively. Her thoughts coiled around one another, mirrored serpents of responsibility and lethargy vying for control of her mind, until a lightbulb interrupted their eternal duel.

She aimed her gun aloft, this time aiming for a specific sort of blemish on the extravagantly perfect ceiling. Not the cleverly hidden air conditioning, nor the just as well obscured ventilation system, nay, not even the pock-marked patch of blackness and insulation were her quarry. Instead, her eyes sought those always important, and always ugly metal flowers which you could only make the barest attempt to hide without ruining their purpose altogether.

The sprinkler system. Yulia crossed her free fingers, hoped she wasn't going to have to pay for the damages, and then pulled the trigger. The second shell of buckshot she'd loaded into the gun exploded in the barrel, and a spray of red hot lead soared through the air. A second gunshot filled the room, and more importantly, that aforementioned red-hot lead bit into one of the sprinklers. It was mangled by the impact, and it was rendered useless as far as fighting fires went, but its death throe was heard by its siblings, and a dense spray of water started to rain down from the ceiling.

"HHHHEEEEYYYY!" Yulia howled at the top of her lungs. Now that she'd gotten wet, that exasperation she'd been feeling was starting to bubble up into anger. "DID I FUCKIN' SAY TO START FIGHTING? ANYBODY WHO DOESN'T WANT THE NEXT ONE OF THESE-" She waved her shotgun about for emphasis. "-IN THEIR FUCKIN' HEAD... Better take a seat. Right. Now."

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Ari Number Two

Don't lose Ari~♪ Shine bright Ari~♪
Jesper Albrecht / Guardian
Dragons Arc 1: Scene 4 [Day of Reckoning]
East District
Ruri ( Beann Beann ), Jesper, Kanna ( FabulousTrash FabulousTrash ), Reika ( Taigakitt Taigakitt ), Vulken ( Nobody Special Nobody Special ), Dimitri ( The Prophet The Prophet )
Day of Reckoning


Once two of the four drones were stationed to keep the bridge closed, Guardian took the rest of them and hovered over the right side of the bridge, opting to go around the pileup rather than over. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Kanna and Ruri portal above, followed by the abrupt stopping of vehicles. However, the moment he float around, a thick black smoke blanketed the whole scene. Not wanting to blindly fire into the cloud and pose a risk to his allies, there was a brief moment's hesitation as he hovered idle with the drones. As the smoke grew larger and larger, though, Guardian sighed. "Guess it's in or back out."

Upon entering the cloud of smoke, Jesper knew he'd made a mistake; he couldn't see anything. The car was certainly stopped, judging by the sounds. Having watched the white-haired stranger be thrust into the vehicle, he knew there were three people total causing this mayhem. But how was he to locate anything?

The answer came in a miracle. Who he assumed was the man of the trouble-making trio shouted, "HEY! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOIN' ON OVER THERE?! ANSWER ME, NOW!"

What a way to give away their own position. Jesper figured that the stranger lost his companions, frantically searching while this close to escaping the East. Then, in a split moment, the smoke lifted to reveal three silhouettes at the far side. of the smoke cloud. It all seemed to make sense: after their car stopped, they must've been attempting to flee. Unfortunately for the trio, Jesper's patience ran thin.

"You could have had a fair trial in our courts." From the smoke, the Phoenixes saw the pair of glowing red eyes staring each of them down, growing larger as Guardian approached. Two drones emerged above, feeding ammunition into their guns. "Execute."

A hail of bullets peppered the three.


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Elenion Aura

One Thousand Club
Tigers Arc 1: Scene 3 [The High Life]
Albino Tiger Penthouse Suite, West District
Elias, Sophia, Yulia, Callahan
Even hoisted up on ladder rungs, the rabid partiers snarled and kicked, hissed and spat at each other, savagely clawing the air in desperate, ultimately futile attempts to rip apart one another. There seemed to be no sense left in them. They had become beasts. Overtaken by some kind of madness.

Meanwhile, below, the pair of Rookie Tigers continued to do their best to quell the fighting, each in his own way. The NPs still on their feet beat against Callahan's massive frame, their blows little more than inconveniences to him, as Elias continued to pore through the NPs' minds, one addled brain at a time... And the more memories Elias tampers with, the more partygoers' minds he invades, the clearer it becomes... The throughline connecting these disparate, seemingly 'normal' individuals, and this sudden explosion of violence. Over and over their minds repeat the same pattern. Not memories, per se. Nothing so articulate. It is more like... Feelings... In some the feelings are muddled, in others they are crystal clear amidst the backdrop of euphoria that has left these people stricken dumb and violent.

Over and over again, the rhythm of it repeats. Like a drum beating to the cadence of the hearts beating frenetically together, all attuned to the same driving force. Swirling together, like love, lust, longing, despair... But most of all it's love.

Love. Love... Love.

Suddenly, as if Elias had cracked some hidden code, a figure emerges from out of the hazy smog of the current NP's memories: tall, handsome, and wearing a red jacket. A description that eagle-eyed Elias would place immediately. That was what one of the HP's in the party—one of the supposed 'peacekeepers'—looked like. The man from the NP's memories was standing halfway between Elias, Callahan, and the doorways that led out into the lobby, currently in the middle of pulling a thrashing girl in a fancy party dress off of a man in a ripped three-piece suit, when he simply stopped, and turned to look in Elias' direction. Their eyes met, and were filled with mutual half-guessed understanding.

Meanwhile, nearby Aetherwave breaks out from Miss Wonder's lungs, and begins to seep into the air, and the lungs of those unfortunate—or perhaps fortunate—enough to be nearby... The NPs near to the steadily expanding source lose their aggression as one-by-one they are lost to their own minds, under the effects of Wonder's Aetherwave. Some fell back, others stood still and slackjawed... But not one of them threw another punch.

Just then another shot rang out, as Yulia filled the fire sprinkler head with buckshot, triggering a spray of water to erupt from its nozzle before subsequent sprinklers kicked in around the party in response to the first, as the fire alarms begin to blare loudly in everyone's ears. Soon enough everyone on the party floor is doused as the Aetherwave continues to snake its way into more hapless partiers' lungs. More and more eyes begin to clear, looking to Yulia standing in the gallery above their heads.

Before long, all is quiet, every NP partygoer either hoisted up on ladders, tripping on Aetherwave, or staring mutely, drenched to the bone, at the shotgun-wielding woman overhead...

It is precisely at this moment that the red-suited man winks at Elias, before he casually snaps the neck of the NP he's holding and breaks for the exit, kicking down the door that leads into the long hall, at the end of which waited another door that lead to an emergency exit stairwell.

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Tigers Arc 1: Scene 3 [The High Life]
Albino Tiger Penthouse Suite, West District
Markus hung the phone up and after he gazed at the blank screen for a beat, tossed it onto his desk. He looked over at Isobel with an inscrutable look. He figured he ought to fill her in on his plan, just the bits that concerned her, anyway. Everything with Markus was on a 'need-to-know' basis. Only he never got the chance, for as soon as he opened his mouth to clue her in a knock came at the door that led back out to the party. The knock was followed by the body of one of his black-suited goons, squeezing through the entrance and shutting the door tight behind him.

This nearly sent him over the edge. I don't remember sayin' you could come in here, ya piece a' shit— Markus thought, waiting less-than-patiently for a good fuckin' explanation for the disturbance. Luckily he didn't have to wait long. The mook went straight to the false panel in Markus' wall and fiddled around before he came away with three gas-masks and a jet-black umbrella.

“'Pologies fer the intrusion, Boss... But, uh, you better come take a look at this...”

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QuirkyAngel QuirkyAngel GrieveWriter GrieveWriter The One Eyed Bandit The One Eyed Bandit Saturn_moon Saturn_moon Nova Anyw Nova Anyw

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Rogue of the Night: Jay
In Scene: Just he, himself, and him-- texting Meirin ( QuirkyAngel QuirkyAngel )​

1642378882643.pngJay remembered the window. There were gunshots. He remembered his sister’s words. “When gunshots sing, get outta sight.

Being in front of the window was technically like being in sight. It’s glass. Anything could break glass if it tried hard enough.

Taking those words to heart, he decided to roll off the bed with a thud, keeping cocooned in his blankets, back now up against the frame of the bed instead. Safer, not seen from the window. (Technically, his head was still poking up. Someone should tell him he’s not great at hiding.)

He stared at his phone as he waited for a response from Meirin.

She didn’t know. Therefore… probably not Dragons? The thought sent a chill through his spine. He trusted the Dragons. They kept the brothels in business. He’d have nowhere to turn and would probably be homeless if it wasn’t technically for the Dragons.

The cowardice filled his chest just as he thought about leaving the room, remembering what Meirin had told him. He couldn’t work up the courage just yet. Especially since she came back and said that it wasn’t them. He wasn’t ready to pay the Dragon’s back for their kindness, but at least he could fulfill her second request.

Thumbing over to his Photos app on his phone, he furrowed his brows. He had a lot of pictures of himself. There were the occasional few photos of others– some of his favorite clients, and some of the staff hang-outs.

Ah, it’s been a minute since they had one of those. He should ask Angel again. It’s been a minute. She was always fun to hang around. The sweetest person ever.

After a minute of scrolling around quickly, he spotted a photo with the long, wavy blonde hair that could only belong to Angel. He sent it to Meirin with the words attached, “This is Angel! U mighta saw her when you came in cause she was in the lobby unless you came in through a hole in the wall cause you were ant sized

Now for Swallowtail. He recalled seeing her out back around the garden. She was unaware, but the sight was gorgeous. At least, it was to him.

He soon found it and his heart ached a little. He liked her, but she always seemed sad in the eyes, despite what her glowing expressions around others said. He hovered his thumb over the photo as he thought back fondly about her, saddened that she wasn’t anywhere to be found. The other members not in today were at least accounted for. Not her. He was afraid the mean, newly-discovered-he’s-a-Dragon guy had killed her and stashed her body somewhere.

Swallowtail sat on the wooden deck, in her purple attire covered in butterfly motifs. She wore her hair up with a butterfly piece. She had dark hair, but the tips were dyed purple. Her eyes were purple, but without the light shining that she typically had. They seemed… dull, but beautiful regardless. It wasn’t in the shot, but she was watching a Monarch butterfly fluttering around some of the flowers.

He pouted before sending to Meirin, “This is swallowtail. if u see her pls get her home safely

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Reika "Succubus" Tsukiyama
In Scene: Guardian ( Ari Number Two Ari Number Two ) | Vulken ( Nobody Special Nobody Special ) | Dimitri ( The Prophet The Prophet ) | Kanna ( FabulousTrash FabulousTrash ) | Ruriko ( Beann Beann ) | BriiAngelic BriiAngelic
Day of Reckoning​

1642383047728.pngGears in her brain churned as it went from playful to predator. Any perceptive person might be able to see the shift in her bright, yellow eyes. There was a wonder if they glowed in the dark to permeate the predator mode, but appearances could be tricks of the eyes.

She was facing the direction of the East district, where that 18-wheeler had jack-knifed. Catching sight of that.

“That” being a giant water hand.

Predator eyes turned to fury as memories of a year and a half ago flooded her mind. She could hear muffled shouts of people running down the sidewalk about the “Dragons going crazy.

Water… Dragons… Chaos…

Her stance dropped as she stared at that water hand that made a thumbs up before disappearing. The Dragons had a water-user?

A breeze bellowed through her hair as the natural wind whipped through the bridge.

Her face darkened like a person in anime where the shadow fell on the top of their face. This wasn’t an anime, so that didn’t actually happen. It’s the expression equivalent.

Did they cause that mayhem a year and a half ago?

The smoke covered her sight before she could see the woman stop the convertible so Reika may still be under the assumption that the people in that vehicle were Dragons.

Her training session was now far away from her mind, barely registering that Dimitri was ready to keep going.

Her pupils dilated into slits.

As Vulken played velociraptor-keeper, her eyes flicked over to him, her expression hardened before looking over at Dimitri.

She held her arm out to her sponsoree as Vulken went to address the out-of-control Dragons, “Draken has the right of it. Vamp Babe, If you need to heal, do it now. Those fuckers are going to pay for what they’ve done.” Reika switched to aliases. Dimitri may or may not know what she was referencing. The hurricane. But there’s a chance it could be construed as “interrupting their training session.”

Vulken’s stage 2 heat plus Reika’s fiery expression was a perfect combo. A snarl briefly glossed her face but wiped it away, replaced by a neutral line of her lips. “I’ll protect you from these monsters.” She spit that last word as she started walking behind Vulken, her heels clacking menacingly against pavement, no care in the world of any pedestrians. A car door opened in her way. She tore it off and tossed it in the water without a skip in her step.

It seemed Vulken managed to get the attention of one of the Dragons. The smoke was upon them now, and the person in the smoke, you could really only see the glowing red eyes.

You could have had a fair trial in our courts.


What fucking trial?

Then the bullets came. Reika jumped in front of Dimitri to guard him, taking whatever hit her.

That’s enough of that, now isn’t it.

She jumped up into the smoke without a care in the world, aiming to grab one of the drones and attempt to destroy it by tearing something off. Off that attempt, whether it succeeded or not, she then would attempt to leap off the drone onto Guardian.

We’re. Done.” She'd attempt to grab the Guardian, preferably the throat or face, to slam them down to the pavement.

Bite to hand
Scraps and bruises from Dimitri
Burnt back from Vulken
Burnt cheek and singed forehead from Vulken and melted metal horn
Broken rib from vehicle
Bullet wounds from Jesper drone
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spongebob enthusiast
Phoenixes Arc 1: Scene 1 [From The Ashes]
Phoenix HQ, South District
Lyric, Ziz, Bernardo, Charlie, Boltius
From The Ashes
Okay, gathering intel. Gathering intel, gathering intel… Nope. That’s not any less hard to understand. She sharply exhaled, annoyed at her own incompetence. What was so confusing about it?

Yong-Yut silently made her way over to Lyric’s side, watching Bernardo as the King was on a phone call. He was making some good points, actually. But what would be significant enough proof to what their intentions were? Her eyes scanned the area for a moment as she crossed her arms behind her back.

As Lyric's phone call ended, they blinked at her for a moment. Okay, just ask.


Okay. Let’s try that again. Ask.


She stared at Lyric for an.. unnecessary amount of time, trying to work up the courage to say something. They had a much easier time talking earlier. What happened? They’d guess that it was the possibility that not knowing what to do would disappoint the King. She looked back at where the body was for a split second before looking back at Lyric. One more time.

“..So,” she paused for a second. “Is there anything specific you need me to do or look for or..?” She congratulated herself and then immediately cringed internally, though it’d be hard to tell all the ways her emotional state was changing from her apathetic face.

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