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Realistic or Modern New Oasis: Academy [Open]

Elenion Aura

One Thousand Club
"Oh... Have you come to enroll in the Academy..? The Headmaster will be along shortly... Just make yourself comfortable...

Me..? Oh, I'm nobody... Y-you better get a move on. N-no dilly-dallying... S-see you around."
  • 「 BASICS 」
    Rosengarten Conservatory
    ”Welcome, young ones—students new and old—to Rosengarten Conservatory. Or should I say... Welcome home.

    You have come to us from all walks of life. From the highest of heights, to the bottom of the gutter. Had circumstances been different, your paths may never have crossed. And yet... Fate has brought you, one and all, to our doorstep. I am sure that right now some of you in this very Hall may be feeling uncertain, frightened; and you may be questioning. 'What is this place? Why am I here? How can I be certain that what I am hearing is the truth?'

    And while now is not the time for those, be at ease. For all questions have an answer, and these are no exception. But for now, rest well in the knowledge that you will, eventually, come to see Rosengarten and its staff as your home, and family.

    ... As you are settling in, feel free to explore the grounds. The dormitories are separated by year, starting from First on the First, to Twelfth at the top of the stair. West Wings are for boys, and East, for girls. Classes will be held five days-a-week from morning to afternoon with a short break for lunch around mid-day. Your classes will be, once again, separated by year.

    Classes will begin in earnest in one week's time. Until then, take time to settle into your new lives, learn the names of your neighbors, and enjoy the many amenities that this old castle has to offer, including a chaperoned field-trip into Town in three day's time... However, should you be of a more... Intrepid sort, I should warn you to steer clear of the hillocks and woods after dark.”
    Today, approximately 10% of the world’s population possesses a quirk of genetics that has unlocked within them latent, untapped potential. These Potentialities can take many form and manifest in strange, often-times otherworldly ways… Humans with Potential (HPs) are born naturally stronger, faster, and hardier than their Non-Potential (NP) kin. But beyond mere enhancements, a certain subset of HPs (less than 1% of the population by most current estimates) possess unique, fantastical, and above all powerful abilities. Some move at astonishing speeds, others manipulate matter with a mere thought. Just one of them is enough to defeat entire squadrons of Non-Potentials (NPs) with little effort.

    The true origins of the subspecies known Homo Potentialis have been lost to the ages. Though in (relatively) recent times, their resurgence was due solely to the actions of a handful of explorers who stumbled upon an ancient system catacombs hidden away beneath a far off city. Uncovering this hidden tomb awoke the dormant Potentiality of all humans the world over, and the NPs have been struggling to keep up ever since.

    Currently there are five accepted types of Potentialities, which have more-or-less categorized Potentialities by their presentation, though they are by no means an exhaustive list, and often-times Potentialities may belong to one, two, or more different categories simultaneously. The five Potentials are:

    Physical enhancements with a condition belong here, including but not limited to super strength, super speed. They are by comparison the most simplistic variation.

    Transformations and alterations of normal human biology, either temporarily or permanently, belong here. Potentialities concerning shape-shifting, animal chimerism, and the like would belong in the Chimeric category.

    This type of Potentiality deals in the creation of either matter or energy that comes ostensibly from nothing. Ethereal HPs can command elemental forces of fire, ice, or lightning among countless others.

    HPs with the power to transmute and manipulate existing matter are called Alchemical. Most broadly, this can include telekinesis, or more specifically, manipulation of specific pre-existng elements or states of matter.

    The fifth and final category exists to lay claim over any Potentiality that does not fit neatly into one or many of the above categories. There is little that links one Irregular Potentiality to another outside of their rejection of the common understanding.​
    This roleplay will be predominantly "PvE", with a few opportunities for Player Character Vs. Player Character sprinkled throughout. With that in mind, occasionally events will have their outcomes determined via dice roll, with opportunity for advantaged rolls for characters who may have some trait or ability that would lend itself well to the task they are trying to complete. The dice rolls and advantages (or disadvantages) will be determined by the GM prior to the roll.

「 MORE 」
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