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My lizard thinks I'm cool
Howdy Y'all! I'm Snally, and came crashing into this site to help facilitate my never-ending search for good stories and fun people to write with. In truth, the fandoms I'm asking for aren't TOO niche, but they're definitely not ones I see people roleplaying much.

I usually write anywhere from 2-10 paragraphs, and enjoy a variety of different plots, both following canon, canon-divergent, or complete AUs. Crossovers are also totally within my wheelhouse if you want to play someone outside of the fandoms I've listed. As you'll see, I'm flexible when it comes to characters.

No idea what I'm doing so this probably won't be very pretty, but I have no shame, so let me just get into it!

  • Be 18+. I'm an adult, you should be too.
  • Write at least one paragraph per reply.
  • 3rd Person
  • Be cool with NB and trans headcanons
  • For now, on-site RP only. If we click you can ask about moving it elsewhere.
  • Casual reply time, Once a day to once a week most likely.
Hard No's:
  • M/F romance*
  • OC/Canon romance*
  • Romance as a main plot point, the pairings I listed are for their dynamic.
  • Doubling (I much prefer to do something we'll both enjoy)
  • Mainly plotless RPs, Slice-of-Life without anything going for it.
  • One-Liners
*Will do M/F gen plots between canon characters. I'll also do OC/Canon gen plots so long as they're M/M, F/F, or NB//. Weird rule? Probably, but it's the pickiest I'll be.


Hotline Miami
Can Play: Jacket, Biker, Richter, Manny, The Son (Lebedevson)
Looking For: Anyone. Itch for Jacket/Biker or Manny/Evan though.

Payday 2
Can Play: Jacket, Houston, Joy, can take a shot at pretty much anyone.
Looking For: Anyone, give me found family criminals. Sokol, Houston, Dallas, Sydney, or Hoxton come to mind.

Can Play: Eridan, Dave
Looking For: Eridan, Dave, Dirk, Karkat. Specifically, Eridan/Dave, Eridan/Karkat, or Eridan/Dirk. ALSO down for OC/OC.

The Magnus Archives
Can Play: Michael, Jon, Martin, Daisy
Looking For: Anyone, entity or archive worker. Jon/Michael or Martin/Michael would be rad.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Can Play: Anyone, but I'd love to write as Garak or Jadzia.
Looking For: Anyone. Garak/Bashir or Jadzia/Kira would be fantastic. OC/OC would also be neat.

Can Play: Marco, Ax, Tobias, Rachel
Looking For: Anyone. Down for OC/OC or Animorphs AUs for the other fandoms.

Amnesia: TDD, Penumbra, Soma, Silent Hill, Night in the Woods
Lumping all these together because I'm more down to base something off the setting rather than a canon based RP. I'm a fan of horror, what can I say?
That being said, would be down for interactions between Daniel and Philip or Philip and Clarence. Otherwise, OC/OC

Pokémon: Mystery Dungeon
Least niche request goes right at the bottom.
Looking for: OC/OC, give me Pokémon adventuring with each other, being criminals, surviving through hardships, being best friends, and/or rescuing people, darn it!

If all of this is way too broad and you wouldn't even know where to start, I've got a couple of favored dynamics right here.
I have VERY few triggers, and enjoy exploring mature topics in RP. That being said, I will not break site rules, and I'll always ask before I bring in potentially upsetting topics.

Found Family, Enemies forced to work together, Secret double life, Urban exploration, Getting over your head with something you don't properly understand, Coffee shop, Everyone is terrible but we're terrible together, Starry eyed innocence getting dashed, Getting lost in the woods, Alien crash landed in my backyard, Psychological horror, Space Operas, Non-Human grows enamored with human, Yandere, Supernatural investigators, Supernatural creatures, Eldritch fascination, ROAD TRIPS, we tried to kill each other and failed, A quiet day in a usually hectic life, PAINFULLY slow burn, Dragons, criminal activities, Dark Themes:tm:, Toxicity, Making up for past toxicity, Adventure to dangerous lands, Revenge, Autumn vibes.

Monster x Human
Demon x Human they're haunting
Normal Person x Eldritch Creature
Murderer x Murderer
Murderer x Fan
Human x Surrounded by monsters not aware they're human.
Human x Monsters who are Aware they're human
Human turned into monster x Monster
Protagonist x Antagonist
Enemies To Wary Allies To Toleration To Grudging Friends To Lovers

If any of that sounds fun, feel free to message me so we can chat :>

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