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Fantasy New Gods creating a world Character Creation



You faker than some Sweet 'N Low
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Age at Death:
Cause of Death:
Godly domain:
Appearance: (doesn't have to be human)
Appearance before death: (Optional)
Goals as a God:


You faker than some Sweet 'N Low
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"A God...I never would've expected this."


  • Name:
    "A name? Hm...Please, call me Af."

    Human Name:
    Skyler Michaels


    Genderfluid, DMAB before death but still femme genderfluid (will use whatever pronouns go with their current body, most of the time)

    Godly Domain:
    Love and Death

    "I'm not too concened"
    Bisexual, apparently
    Cause of Death:



Zero Mortal Plan!
“Let this world flourish beautifully!”

Name: Akainu Takeshi
God Name: Eteus, The God of the Forest
Age at Death: 18
Gender: Male
Cause of Death: Fell off a cliff during a hiking trip through the woods.
Godly domain: Forest God

Appearance before death:

He grew up pretty generic being having to grow up with a prestige family. Even though his family was rich he found himself getting involved with more trouble then good. Constantly running away from home into the woods.
+ Animals
+ Nature
+ Food
- Ocean
- High heights
- Death
Goals as a God: Carve this world in peace

Tainted Nazgul

Wraith of the Dragon
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Name: Hendrick
God Name: Shade
Age at Death: 17
Gender: Male
Cause of Death: train wreck
Godly domain: shadow and travel
Appearance:OIP (3).jpg
Appearance before death:OIP (4).jpg
History: Nothing important, just your average goth kiddo.
Likes: Cats
dark places
Dislikes: dogs
bright lights
being bored
waking up early
Goals as a God: To have fun and protect people.


Fantasy Romance Archivist
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Roleplay Type(s)
Name: Mirabelle Evans
God Name: Astra, Our Lady of the Moon
Age at Death: 21
Gender: Female
Cause of Death: Cancer
Godly domain: Moon and Dreams
moon godess.jpg
History: Mirabelle led a happy life. She was constantly surrounded by love and joy, all the way up until the moment of her death. While studying the art of writing at university, Mirabelle was diagnosed with late stage cancer. She dropped out of school to focus on treatment, but sadly doctor's had caught the disease too late. Mirabelle passed away young and before fulfilling her dream of filling the world with wonder and imagination via stories.
  • Books
  • Dark chocolate
  • Bad puns/Goofy jokes
  • Stargazing
  • Giving gifts to other people
  • Strong chemical smells
  • Misogyny
  • Snakes
  • When people don't listen while she or others are speaking
  • Hot weather
Goals as a God: To bring peace and comfort to others


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Roleplay Type(s)
Name: Njal Erikson
God Name: Ulfr, Three-headed Beast
Age at Death: 30
Gender: Male
Cause of Death: Maimed by a bear
Godly domain: Hunting and Animals

History: Ulfr was a hunter in his prior life, he used to hunt bears for his rather small tribe in an icy tundra. He had a trusty companion wolf, named Ulfr who he loved dearly. He passed away with Ulfr on a hunt that went south.
  • Wolves
  • Hunting
  • Small tribes
  • Nature
  • Large Realms
  • Cities
  • Animal Cruelty
Goals as a God: Helping hunters and protecting the wilderness
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Skeleton Boi
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“Come forth fellow gods… let us create a world that shall flourish under the bright beautiful rays of the Sun… for we are the sparks that shall create a grand fire of life and existence that make way to becoming the greatest achievement all can witness!”


Kerem, Lord of the Sun

True Name:
Markus Lionhearth

Age at Death:


Cause of Death:
Car Crash

Godly domain:
Fire and the Sun

Appearance before death:

Markus was yet another individual who had grown up in a pretty normal life. Coming from a lower-middle class family who had a decent life, and yet, he always still seemed to have some level of nervousness that not even he himself could understand. Never wanting to stand out amongst others or preferring to be within third/second place within a competition, Markus felt as if such a life suited him best if he wasn’t held up to certain standards that others think of him as. Of course… later within his own life, after becoming a office worker for some company he much rather forget the name of… Markus had felt as if that was the wrong choice within his life, often wondering what would have happened if he had instead been his own self instead acting like someone he isn’t. At least, until one particular day, in which Markus alongside a couple other employees had been fired due to concerns with budget within the company alongside him not being up to the ‘standards’ of the company. Such an action had affected Markus greatly, who wanting to take his mind off what happened, had gone to a bar he frequented to have a couple drinks. Unfortunately for him, this would have been his grave mistake, as he had one drink too many when trying to ‘get his mind off a small problem’, and as he was driving home, he didn’t notice the red lights upon the traffic lights in one intersection. His life was suddenly ended in a flash as a car slammed straight into the side of the car that he was driving, gravely injured by the crash before eventually bleeding out to his own injuries.

+ Sitting in the sun
+ Drinking alcohol (not too much after what happened)
+ Warmness
+ Peace and Quiet
+ Working
+ Listening to music

- Rain
- Individuals who are a ‘bit’ too loud
- The Dark
- Stress
- Cats
- Anything related to smoking

Goals as a God: To aid other gods with their own domains as well as to attempt to restart anew by being ‘himself’


Elder Member
Name: Jin-yu
Godly Name: Clear Jade/The Lady of the Quill

Age at Death: A young woman
Gender: Transfeminine
Cause of Death: Drowning

Godly domain: Law and the Arts
The Lady of the Quill often manifests much as she did in mortal life, a fair-skinned woman with braided black hair, slim and rather short. Furthermore, she usually dresses in ornate traditional garments with fine gold and jeweled accessories, much to her satisfaction. Occassionally, she may however appear more subtly as a vibrant butterfly, a peacock, or even a handful of petals blown on the wind.

Born to an impoverished single parent in a time that was both modern and far too backwards, Jin-Yu was an ordinary child who grew up with her fair share of friends and who did the best to help provide for her little family of two in the ways she could. Even as they cared for each other, there was nonetheless a certain sense of distance between Jin-Yu and her mother. Perhaps some families just couldn't get along perfectly, or perhaps her mother never really approved of certain lifestyle choices. Jin-Yu eventually found a certain talent for painting and prose alike, and poured her struggle amidst poverty and discrimination into her work.

She caught the eye of several art enthusiasts, and eventually had some of her work selected to open an exhibition at a major art gallery. But tragedy struck in the least expected way: having travelled out of town to clear her head in preparation for the big day, Jin-Yu found herself wandering through a forest, by a deep and clear river. Idly, she reached for a particularly unique flower growing by the banks. And all it took was stepping a single inch too far ahead to slip on the wet stone...and be carried away.

Sincere artistic expression
Warm hugs
The sound of her own voice (maybe a little too much)

Wealth inequality
Criticism without tact or subtlety

Goals as a God:
The art that expresses and inspires all at once, as well as the law that is chosen by the people, that guides them to live harmoniously alongside each other and the world around them. These are the foundations of humanity, that lifted them up from animals. Or so it seems. Now placed in a position to nurture both across a brand new world, Jin-Yu hopes to give its inhabitants a future better than the one she had, one by one.


Let us embark on a new journey
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
"The destitute shall be free of their anguish by their own hands and be paid for by the sins of the greedy"


Ryou Hanzo

God Name:
Mendos, Patron of the Destitute

Age at Death:


Cause of Death:
Murdered in jail by another inmate

Godly domain:
Deceit and Thievery


Appearance before death:

Ryou was born to a poor, impoverished family and from an early age there was only one way he could make a living for himself and his family: stealing money and goods from others, selling the goods for a profit, and scamming people out of their money with a silver tongue. This worked well enough for him until one day his mother had contracted a contracted a condition that required urgent medical attention, however the procedure to treat it was far too expensive for his family to afford and so Ryou turned to desperation. He targeted the home of a wealthy family in his city to burglarize and sell off as much things he could steal to help pay for the treatment. However, authorities were alerted by the home's security system and thus he had to flee with little to show for the effort. It was when he tried to sell off the stolen goods to a buyer was when the authorities caught and arrested him in a sting operation.

The courts found him guilty, both for this crime and other crimes authorities managed to pin back to him, and sentenced him to several years in prison. Of course, Ryou knew his mom would be dead by the time he completed his full sentence and once again turned to desperation to escape to at least be with her when she passed. He turned to stealing from fellow inmates and the prison staff to gather materials for his escape. Unfortunately, his luck would run out as one day he stole from a particularly violent inmate who fiercely attacked him after finding out Ryou stole from him. Not long after the fighting started, prison security broke it up, incapacitated the violent inmate, and transfered Ryou to the infirmary, however the prison infirmary staff failed to save him due to his injuries being far too severe for the staff to treat.

Anything that would help the poor (especially if they hurt the extremely wealthy and privileged in the process)
The ambient sound of busy city streets

The Nobility
Excessive Wealth
Food Waste

Goals as a God:
Ryou despises those who are extremely wealthy and privileged, no matter how pure hearted they may be. In his eyes, the root of all evil in the world is extreme wealth and so he has made it his mission to punish those who he believes to be evil merely through their very existence and to alleviate their victims' suffering through the "reallocation" of their wealth. To these ends, he gives his blessings to the destitute and poor, no matter what their morals may be. Be you a humble and innocent beggar or a violent robber, so long as you are in need and are willing to to seek out Mendos, Patron of the Destitute, he will give you his blessings, so long as the wealth one covets comes from the extremely wealthy and privileged.​
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Ten Thousand Club
Name: Pearl Shafiq
God Name: Naki, the nothing, the great archivist, the void queen
Age at Death: 34
Gender: female primarily but often shifts genders and forms.
Cause of Death: science experiment
Godly domain: Void and knowledge
Appearance: her 2 favorite ones


History: As pearl Naki was a scientist that was on the edge beyond the cutting edge, what most might call a mad scientist. She didn't really mind it and even played into it some, but she got the results whose with the cash bags liked so who cared if she was a bit silly when outside the lab. It was the drive to push science beyond it's limits to understand the fundamental forces of creation that in the end lead to Pearl dying. Experimenting with strange matter the containment vacuum failed and that is all she remembers.
Likes: knowledge, libraries, the colors purple, bioluminescent everything, insects , eldritch horrors.
Dislikes: ignorance., destruction of knowledge, overly fluffy things, the color pink .
Goals as a God: To understand all, then tear it apart and remake it over and over
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Gaius Danius Griinia

Kamen Rider Amino
Name: Izuru "Zero" Kamukura
God Name: Amareus
Age at Death: 22
Gender: Genderless Dragon
Cause of Death: Mutually Assured Destruction
Godly domain: Order, Chaos
Appearance before death:
Born to a upper class family with well meaning parents. Izuru was given every opportunity to make something of himself. So he worked his hardest and did all he could to find his way in the world. However the world itself dealt a wound that never healed. Losing his parents to an accident under suspicious circumstances. His inheritance was held onto and slowly stolen away by relatives. With a twin brother who left to pursue power and an elder sister who chose to throw herself into her studies. Izuru was left to wallow in his own despair. Then he met her, the woman who became his teacher. While living as a mangaka in the public eye. Her true profession was a contract killer. Taking lives without hesitation and removing corrupt figures from the world. Such a person was Izuru's salvation. Nene Nebiros was initially dismissive of Izuru. She didn't want him to end up on a similar path. However he soon showed a conviction to endure despite everything he went through. Turns out HE was her next target, his mothers family putting a hit on his head. Showing the resolve to learn from Nene by shooting his aunt and uncle in front of their children. Izuru became her apprentice and followed her across the world as both an assassin and mercenary. Some days they would explode the cars of mafia bosses, others they would snipe warlords giving passionate speeches.

While their relationship began with Nene ragging on the overly serious Izuru and forcing him to do ridiculous tasks. She would begin treating him with increasingly maternal affection. Izuru chose not to openly reciprocate this. He didn't want to forget what he lost by forging a new familial bond. Eventually Nene fell ill with a terminal illness. Despite the growing protests of Izuru over her worsening condition. She spent her final days making sure Izuru learnt everything she had left to teach. When she finally passed on, Izuru hated himself for not doing more. Throwing himself into his work and numbing himself to anything beyond pulling a trigger. Eventually he found himself back in his home city where his younger cousin put a bounty on him for killing her parents so long ago. The entire city was reeling from the steps she took to hunt him down. Wanting to clean up his mess. Izuru assassinated the corrupt officials assisting his cousin before they both killed one another in a final showdown.

.Rules and Regulations that exist to help the people
.Freedom of expression
.New experiences
.Oppressive Rule of Law
.People who can't make their own choices

Goals as a God: To keep a good balance


Name: Augustine Beck
God Name: Dythum (Die-Thoom)
Age at Death: 19
Gender: Male
Cause of Death: Stray shot to the head (Died before even hearing a gunshot.)
Godly domain: Sky & Mountains
Appearance: (Subject to change.)
Appearance before death:

Likes: The Beach, Sunsets, Warmth, Happy Memories/Dreams
Dislikes: Losing, Regret, Neglect, People being used, Being replaced, His own godhood

Growing up in a bad town in Chicago, Augustine was raised to stay out of trouble, but sometimes trouble found him. But his childhood friend, Kiko, was always there when all was said and done. They were always looking out for each other no matter what. Even when Augustine's single mother fell ill and passed, Kiko was there to take care of him in those hard times. Things stayed that way as they got older. But in their teens, Kiko became sought after by many, mostly guys from bad crowds. It never fazed the two, until they approached adulthood. That's when a particularly villainous guy came along. Freddy, who quickly pulled Kiko away from her old friend, leaving Augustine neglected and buried, while Freddy found joy in his turmoil. Augustine was left feeling meaningless to Kiko, who never tried to reach out while his heart ached. Communication gradually dwindled until there was complete silence. And that's when he had enough, he had to see her, but he wasn't expecting the bruises. Things only got worse, and in a backwards, illogical way of protecting him, Kiko pushed him away with harsh words that made him feel unwanted, and that reflected in her actions.

A year passed, and his heart slowly put itself back together. He got over Freddy's tactics to harm him mentally, and Kiko's attack on his emotions. But he wasn't going to give up. Deep down he loved her, and would do anything to get her out of the toxic life style she had become accustomed to. He didn't care about what was best for him, or what Kiko thought was best for him. He made his way to the sketchy ally that lead to Freddy's place. No matter what, he was leaving with Kiko. "She's sick of you, bro." Freddy taunted. "You should leave." Kiko said with a hurt expression. No matter the reason, weather to protect him or if she truly wanted him gone, Augustine couldn't let his old friend do this anymore. She needed a way out and he was going to rescue her before it was too late. He acted entirely on instinct for the preservation of the one he loved, and without thinking, he pulled Kiko away from Freddy, sucker punched him in the nose and said "run."

With Kiko in front, Augustine pushed her along in a full sprint away from Freddy and his posse. He wasn't entirely sure how this would go, but Kiko didn't protest. Deep down, this is what she wanted, an escape. A way to get her old, secure life back after it was taken away from her. They made it past the storm fence gate leading out of the sketchy ally, but they were pursued. Augustine told her where to run, the Uber he had used to get there, and gave her a shove forward.

But then there was darkness. Everything for Augustine suddenly stopped, as his fragile life was snuffed out by an aimless gunshot. It just so happened that the stray bullet imbedded itself in the back of his head, unceremoniously ending his life before his body could even hit the ground. As his body left a puddle of blood, the outcome of Kiko's escape became ambiguous to him. Weather she made it out, or suffered a similar fate, or worse. The thought left him in grief as his hazy consciousness refilled with a new scene before him.

Goals as a god: To (Eventually) become human again and return to Kiko
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Draco Knight
Gender: Male

Kiren (Keer-ren) or Kiro to his close friends


God Name

Livets Arucana (Magic of Life)

Marnie's Teacher.jpg


Godly domain: The Origin of Magic and the God of Life.
His goals as a God?

Bringing Life and happiness to the world which he and others created.
Spreading the wonders of Magic throughout the world.
Teaching the people of this world the Magic of Life.

Cause of Death: An accident during a magic show.
Died at 24 years of age.

Life before his death wasn't the best, but he made the most of what he had. Growing up as an orphan, Kiren learned to treasure life for what he had and came up with his own little chant when he was feeling down; "Life is what you make of it". Kiren had a knack for sleight of hand and decided to use this on learning magic tricks rather than stealing, earning enough to keep him from starving even while living on the streets.

Eventually he caught the eye of a famous magician and later on became famous himself. However, due to his background, he lived quite modestly, and donated huge portions of his income to Orphanages and other similar charities. The day before a charity show, he was asked how he managed to overcome the struggles of growing up as an orphan. His answer became quite famous just before his death; "Life is Magical. Life can become anything you wish to make of it. I treasured what I had and didn't greed over what I didn't."

The next day, at the charity show, an old, faulty rope connected to one of the larger props broke and ended Kiren's life.

Kiren loves life and likes those who do too.
Magic is something he grew up with, he will forever enjoy anything to do with it.
Kiren loves animals; They're all so cute.
Enjoys a good laugh, jokes and funny stories.
Enjoys finding new recipes and ways to cook food; his old life as an orphan never gave him many opportunities to enjoy his only other hobby.

Dislikes most fish. As food that is. Doesn't mind crustaceans or muscles (clams and such) though.
Hates needless and pointless death; so much so that he brings judgement down on one those who do so himself.
Drinking alcohol excessively annoys him. While he understands why people do it, he still can't condone it.
Wanton destruction of nature. Cutting down a few trees to build a house is fine; cutting down whole forests without replanting them or hunting/fishing so much the species disappear is a sin in his book.


True Black Rose Beauty
Human Name: Claire "Rose" Grisham

God Name: Alice | Lady of Prosperity

Age at Death: 20

Gender: Female

Cause of Death: Sniped by an assassin

Godly domain: Wealth and Nobility


Appearance before death:

Princess Claire was an interesting person to meet when she was alive. Born in Great Britain to the Grisham family, this elegant princess was taught at a very young age to be kind to others, and to help those who are unfortunate with their power and wealth. She would secretly give expensive gifts or money to others, and would enjoy her secret life outside of the castle whenever they got the chance.
When Claire was at the castle, they would spend their free time by talking to the staff, cooking, dancing, or playing on the harp.
Everybody in the castle loves her, but she wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. This girl gets frustrated pretty easily when a stressful situation happens, but they usually hide that fact from others. They would immediately leave whenever someone does an stupid or meaningless argument, and she does get angry upon seeing the other nobles belittle those below them. In fact, if the situation goes too far. This freaking princess will literally slap them for their disgusting behavior.
This is also how she got assassinated, they were unfortunate enough to piss off the wrong noble, due to the jerk assaulting an innocent woman. He wouldn't let them go, because of their so-called love at first sight. Claire gave them a well deserved slap to the face, and immediately helped the poor lady get away from the creep.
…He didn't like that, so they hired an assassin to kill Claire. When she at least expected it, the assassin successfully sniped them through the heart. She died on her way towards the hospital, since they lost a lot of blood.

Giving expensive gifts to others

Chocolate of any kind

Rabbit, Cat, or Dog


Giving money to the unfortunate

Delicious Food


True Leadership




Selfish people, who are hoarding all of the money for themselves.

Disgusting nobles, who belittle others.




Stupid or Meaningless Arguments

Goals as a God:
She wants to create a golden age for the mortals. Nobody has to suffer from the lack of money, and they can freely do anything they want.


U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
Age at Death: 32
Gender: Female
Cause of Death: Asphyxiation followed by a seven story-fall to pavement
Godly domain: Change and Ambition
History: One day a young girl realized that she hated one thing above all else: stagnancy. Doing the same thing over and over was worst than any rash, bruise or insult she could ever recieve. Lying in bed, nearly-comatose from an illness, she figured it was at least better than going to dance practice to go over the same moves again. She did everything she could to alleviate this during her schooling years, often changing her routines, clothing, preferences and even dispositions on a dime just to put a stop to that all-consuming sense of sameness.

And more than anything, she hated the sedentary. Those who relaxed and languished in their sense of normalcy, accepting routines and status quo as if it wasn't the cancer she knew it was. As a young adult she sought nothing less than to destroy each and every status quo she could, encouraging as many people as possible to throw away the shackles of normalcy and seek out their ambitions with ruthless abandon. Let no imposed limitations deny you the pleasure of changing the world around you, and let none say that their crusade was anything less than humanity displaying its apex of potential.

But her following was plagued with infighting, the very ambition she fostered in the masses turning them against one another to succeed and outperform in any way necessary. To the young woman, this too was nothing less than perfection. Even the standard of devoting oneself to a united cause had led her back to the one thing she hated most: Stagnancy. So let it be consumed from within, broken apart and transformed into the various sects that spread their own distorted versions of her message.

It was like watching young birds fly from their nest, she was certain she had reached something of an enlightenment.

But having your following split apart was no excuse for relaxation, so she through herself into her next work, using the power she'd accumulated to begin calling out the dysfunctional systems of society itself. It was one thing to rally people under a banner of self-interest, but fighting society itself was no task to be undertaken lightly. She already had eyes on her from her earlier escapades, threatening the status quo of the elite brought more attention than she could handle.

So one night, while formulating another rallying cry for the masses, her office was raided by an unknown and completely unaffiliated task force. She didn't even know until the wire tightened around her throat and hauled her out of her chair. She tried to fight, the pen she'd been using punctured an eye that night. But all that did was make her attackers fling her through the window of her office.

Sending her hurtling down into a new life all together.

945d9830e3c0cce4602c534d82b68382.jpgLikes: Surprises
Being outsmarted
Public Speaking
Spicy foods
Foreign films
Dark Fan Adaptations of Children's media

Dislikes: Stagnancy
Any Status Quo
The Last fifteen minutes of "Balthut's Trial."

Goals as a God: To combat stagnancy and consistency in any form,​

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