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    Hey All,

    So like we mentioned before the site went down for the big update, we’re updating the way we collect donations for the site. We will be using Patreon, which is a more secure service than what we were previously using.

    You can access our Patreon here:

    Note: Patreon is one of the world’s largest ways to support your favorite sites, artists, and more. We will use nothing but the best for you all.

    Switching to Patreon accomplishes a few things:
    1. Keeps donations secure instead of requiring site addons that kept breaking.
    2. Provides other payment methods besides Paypal
    3. If a malicious user donates with a fraudulent credit card or account, Paypal won’t freeze us. (We at Patreon now, suck it Paypal).
    4. Encourages a more stable income since users can choose to automatically donate monthly, giving us peace of mind and allowing the staff to focus their attention on managing the site.

    As usual we will never ever put any ads on the site or hide features behind pay to win, but instead we reward users for donating their hard earned cash. We have also added extra tiers past just the regular monthly medal and gold/ribbon.

    Patreon lets you change your email/name after your account is made, it would help if your Patreon email matched yours on RpN, or even better your username!

    If you can’t for any reason, send us a poke in Admin Contact so we can make a note of who you are in Patreon. We do have to manually send out the rewards every month after all.


    Keep in mind that any pledges you make will not be charged by Patreon until the 1st of each month.


    Say you select the five dollar tier, but set the custom amount to 10 (not to be confused with selecting the 10 dollar tier) you’d get two of the 5 dollar tier! This option is great if you want to gift rewards to a friend, a random site user, or even if you simply want more rewards for yourself (such as in the art tier).

    If you pay multiple times the price of a given tier, you get multiple rewards. So two art creations per month would be $75x2 (or $150).

    Additionally, when you get your gold name on the site, discord will also pick up on it if your account is synced to our server!


    We are getting more artists on board in the foreseeable future for different kinds of styles for those of you who get the 75 dollar tier.

    Art by @volchan

    Art by @C.DEX


    Can I make a one time donation?
    Yes, just cancel it quite easily after it charges you on the 1st, like on the 2nd. Patreon talks about it here:

    If I start out at a certain tier, can I switch to a different tier later on?
    Yes, you can switch tiers on the fly if you want to get the rewards for a particular tier one month and a different tier later on.

    When do I get my rewards?
    Rewards are only processed on the next first. So for example, we are in march all users who proceed to pledge now will get their march rewards in April and their April rewards in May.

    I hope you all end up enjoying this as we have plans for more art based goodies in the future.

    Disclaimer: The site staff are volunteers and don't profit from donations. All donations go towards hosting, domain, license, and development costs and misc costs of running the site.
  2. If we wish to give our badges to someone else do we send you guys a PM?
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  3. Yeah :).

    Just poke us after the 1st when pledges are processed.
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  4. I'd love to pay for the $75 dollar one, but I need some linearts and an artist who can do much better work at that. I do pay to make custom artworks but I get much better works as cited in ApfelSeine's Portfolio for $35 across Tumblr and facebook. Sorry no offence meant for the artist at all- its just my personal opinion on the matter as a reward, because I understand I'm not actually paying the said artist for the work, AND I'm not sure if the artist would get anything in return, like maybe a percentage. But if he or she gets less than $35 then it makes sense.
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  5. Its fine.

    We have a wide selection of artists coming, and some members do donate at that tier quite regularly and didn't get anything in the past. We are just tossing in art requests C:.

    @ApfelSeine <3

    Edit: But yeah its less about the art and us just trying to find something to finally give to the users who like to donate at that level :O.
  6. That's what I thought. lol
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  7. If you are still looking for artists, I would be happy to try help out! I can link to examples if that would help ^_^
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  8. If you'll have me, I'd be willing to offer art to the donation tier that takes it
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  9. Another artist here. I can also offer up some work in my spare time, if that's acceptable :3
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  10. Very, very, interesting. I like this new model you've got now. I wish more people saw and understood what this means.
  11. Quick question:
    Do you have to have a badge or anything to submit art? If so, how/where can I get a badge?
  12. I decided I like RPN more than I like cookies soooo, I might put my monthly 'cookie budget' in this Patreon, if I can get the digital credit card thing to work...

    I'm a total newbie at bank things... I also wonder if I can set up monthly transfers from my bank account to said digital card... I might forget otherwise >o<

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  13. I've actually cancelled my [questionable stuff subscription] to support RPN. I have one more useless subscription that I'll tear down and put it on RPN next month.
  14. What do you mean? Everyone can donate and get the rewards for that certain tier.
  15. Aw I've been trying and trying but for some reason Patreon takes issue with my one and only credit card... Every time I try to submit it, it says there was an error. I've been retrying and googling for the last half an hour, but I cannot find even one page anywhere with some help or someone else having the same problem, just tons of results where people complain about declined pledges and such.

    It can't be my fault as this is the card I am using all the time to make purchases on Steam and Amazon. Correct numbers punched in, balance is upwards of zero, not sure what else I can do. My card is good enough for these other places but not for Patreon? Lol.

    Someone have experience with this? *woof*
  16. I dropped one of my other Patron Subscriptions to support this site. :D
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  17. That is odd, poke Patreon :(.


    Glad you like it though!

    That moment when you are loved more then cookies ,_, <3


    Put up your portfolio in the creativity section and tag or send it to me. We will be restoring Helpers in the forseeable future, so consider that your easy applications :P
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  18. @yonmita rae @KiKi Kitsune

    If you still want to do art for the Patreon send in a helper application. Already had volchan go ahead.
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  19. @The Dark Wizard
    If I donate 50$ one month and then 5$ every month afterwards, I get a custom badge, right? (Which is my set goal.l

    But if I donate 50$ each month, do I get a custom badge each month?
  20. Correct to both questions :D!
  21. Hm, then I'll push in 50$ whenever I can, but once should be enough.

    I'll set my goal to five monthly, Cuz I can do that maybe. If I work hard enough.
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  22. Please don't push your self. Thanks for taking an interest though, its the thought that counts :)!
  23. Nu, it's fine, I need motivation to work anyways, so this helps.

    And as I already said on my profile, Rpn is like the second biggest thing in my life, so it wouldn't be wasted.
  24. Note that donating $5 still gets the special monthly badge, it's just that $50 also gets you one designed just for you. ^33^
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  25. Glad that this system is easier for everyone. :) Would love to support the site now that I'm economically stable, but my paranoia and stress issues make it so that I'm paranoid about anything that has to do with money online. Hope it all works out good, though.

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