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Fandom нer ĸnιgнт ιn ѕнιnιng... мeтal? [paғp] [ĸιrвy: planeт roвoвoт]

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ooc: Alright, hello there! I know Kirby isn't a very popular roleplay subject on the site, but here I am, chock-full of muse for roleplaying as Meta Knight, and damn, if I'm not up for some stupidly sappy romance (as weird as that sounds), I don't know what else I am up for! Let's get straight to it, shall we?

Basically, I'm hoping this could take place sometime after the events of Kirby: Planet Robobot, maybe closer to the events of Star Allies instead. All I ask of you is that you be comfortable with roleplaying as Susie Haltmann, the previous secondary antagonist of Planet Robobot; and that she be returning to Dream Land on mostly good terms with the folk of Planet Popstar intending to merely visit, but also have a bit of a raging crush on the one and only Meta Knight (that she isn’t recognizing as a crush right away). He will be very standoffish to her, given the way she treated him and turned him into Mecha Knight during the events of the previous game, and naturally not want anything to do with her. But, she's determined to change that, and simply won't leave him alone no matter how many times he tries to get away from her! We can discuss this more if you'd like to, or we could just go with the flow. It's entirely up to you!

Even if you've never played Planet Robobot before and are still interested, I wouldn't mind you joining. Susie's character isn't hard to understand at all, haha. Please try to give me two to three decently sized paragraphs to work with per post, as without much to reply to, I tend to lose my muse. Also, please keep these grammatically correct! Thank you! <3

Without any further ado, read ahead for my starter!

- - - - -​

ic: It was a relatively peaceful day in Dream Land, located on Planet Popstar; something that had always been pretty common when King Dedede or some other force wasn't causing any trouble for the land and its inhabitants. The sky was clear and a bright blue, dotted here and there with the occasioned puffy white cloud, and a gentle breeze blew over the grass-covered hills and through the leaves on the various types of bushes and the lush trees. There seemed to be little to no commotion occurring in the area, and Kirby seemed to be nowhere to be found; perhaps off taking a nap, like the typical ones he always liked to enjoy.

However though, that didn't mean that there was nobody out and about Dream Land. In fact, a particular figure who was rather popular--a knight, by definition--was taking the day off from his usual tasks aboard the Battleship Halberd. The knight--Meta Knight, to be exact--was seated calmly at the base of a tree, golden sword Galaxia in hand and a clean white cloth in his other hand, which he was using to clean and polish the reflective metal service of said beloved blade. He tended to do this rather often, actually; he valued the weapon so much that he always wanted to make sure it was well taken care of, both before and after its use. Besides, the best warriors took care of their weapons, and he liked to believe he was the most powerful warrior in the galaxy.

Bright yellow-eyed gaze dropped to the blade in his grasp, Meta Knight's eyes scanned its surface for any missed imperfections before once again sliding the cloth along it carefully, and rubbing a final smudge away from it. Chances were that when he finished, he would find something to read for a while, before returning to his battleship in order to check with Axe, Mace, Trident, and Javelin Knight for any updates on activity that occurred during his absence. Little did he know though, that getting back there might not end up being as easy as he had planned for it to be; for all he knew, an old acquaintance had returned for a little visit, and, well... she wasn't going to make his 'me time' very simple to accomplish.

And, of course, he held one hell of a grudge against her.


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Eyes scanning the horizon, pacing back and forth for some time before continuing on. While to onlookers it may appear that Susie was peeved or anxious, that was far from the truth. No, she was analyzing, moving about to take in as much detail about the world around her as she could. In her hands was a little device she held onto after her time working for Haltmann; a small gray box that produced a holographic space that one may write (or doodle when she was in a certain absent mood) atop of with a pen dedicated to it. Yes, the natives here had a more primitive version - "pen and paper" - but she much preferred this. No having to deal with paper, no mess, no smudging ink. It was perfect! A testament of how progression through technology could only help society as a whole!

At the thought of progression, she hastily went back to work. After leaving Haltmann Works Corporation, she taken it upon herself to help the people of planet Popstar by giving them a newer, better way of life. Yes, they seemed to be happy as-is, but that was because they didn't know like she did - they never truly dealt with technology, and she would educate them on the wonders they were missing out on. And so, here she stand, working on her newest invention.

"Aaaaand -" She wrote out a quick little side note along the edge, eyes looking over her writings for any errors. "- that should do it!" She beamed happily. Her eyes flicked up to meet the metallic beast that sat in silence before her. A creation she worked hard on; hard work it was as she had to scavenge and scrounge for every piece she could find. Not to mention it didn't work before. But that was where her current addendum to her previous work came in. She created theories upon theories for why it failed to start up, but finally she fixed every little detail. Susie had just finished writing all of her findings down for future reference, in case she needed to look back on this machine later.

An excited little laugh bubbled up from her as she powered off her tablet, staring at her creation with giddy eyes. She quickly darted over to it, checking for any obvious things that could cause a problem before stepping back and pulling out her controller. She happily smashed the power button down, practically bouncing up in down with anticipation. Her first creation here! She worked for every piece, days upon days for this moment - a moment that would she could remember!

Susie had to hold back an almost schoolgirl cheer when she watched its oval "eyes" light up a bright blue. It seemed to correct its stance, no longer sitting awkwardly on the ground. The mechanical whirring filled the air, as it took a step.

"Yes!" She cried, hands clasping together. "You work, you big, beautiful thing you!" Its eyes locked on to her, staring as it seemed to "read" her.

"Administrator recognized." It spoke, its voice robotic. "Initiate greeting: Hello, Administrator."

"Yes, yes, your feature recognition works too!" She looked down at the controlled, pressing down another button. "Alright, now initiate prime directive!"

Another whirring, it's face staring off before it turned. "Prime directive: protect settlements of planet." Its movements were slow as it started to stomp off carelessly. There was no grace to its movements, no elegance to it at all. That was to be expected, of course, it was more of a test than a final make. A first of many! She trailed behind her robot, thinking up other designs for the ones to come. One with air maneuverability would be nice - maybe one that could burrow? Yes, yes, those would make for good defenders -

"Hostile sighted." The voice of her robot (she still needed to name him!) cut through her thoughts, bringing her back to the present. Hostile? She didn't notice anything hostile. She looked to where her robot - Rob for now - was fixated on. That wasn't a hostile, that was - ... oh no. She had programmed him to protect settlements, but not the occupants. She had a damn robot that protected buildings and apparently saw those living in them as targets for elimination!

"No, no, no, no!" Susie huffed, pressing the power button. It had no effect. "Come on! Ugh, I have to fix your programming so just power down already!" Her eyes darted between Rob and the poor guy in the distance - they must've realized this hulking mass of metal was coming for them by now. Well...She'd have to figure out a way to help them. But how? She made this thing a damn wall! It only had a few weak points at where joints connected to its body, but those were small and would require utmost precision to hit.

solar sailor

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For the time being, the knight let his eyes scan the surface of the golden blade in his grasp one last thorough time. As far as he could tell, there were no more smudges to be seen. It was nearly perfect, through his vision, definitely good enough to set aside for now as he would surely have more time for this kind of tedious work at one point or another in the future.

"That should do it," Meta Knight finally spoke to himself, the usual Spanish accent overpowering his voice in the same fashion that it always did. With a small and content nod, he reached to put the cloth he'd been holding away as well as return his precious sword to its sheath at his side; or scabbard, if you want to sound fancy. He never went anywhere without Galaxia. Really, he would be a complete fool to let the sword out of his sight. It was one of the most sought after blades in existence after all, and surely it would make a pretty penny for anyone who would wish to steal and make a profit off of it. That was... if there was anyone else who was even able to wield it in the first place. Can't steal something you can't touch, right?

That was beside the point though. After the deed had been done, Meta carefully pushed himself back up onto his saboton-clad feet, with his back still towards the tree that he had been calmly sitting at the base of. It was very rare that he actually enjoyed leisurely things, so this had been a bit of a mere treat to himself. A small one, that was; warriors could never, ever let their guard down. One could truly never know when danger were to decide to take a visit, so it was a warriors job to be ready for anything.

Honestly though, this was probably going to be one of the least things that he could have expected to happen at a time like this.

Meta Knight was just about to take his leave, to which he turned to his left and took a few calm steps forward, in the direction of where the large building that the Halberd had been parked and stored in was located. He was walking now, but he would soon choose to use his wings to fly the rest of the way there. For now though, said pair of wings kept their hidden position in the form of the purple cape that was draped around his back. He wasn't able to walk very far before a strange noise off in the distance caught his attention, and he brought himself to a very abrupt halt. Now, what on Planet Popstar could that be, at a time like this? There was no telling, but he had a bit of a hunch that King Dedede had something to do with it. Turning to look around for the odd sound, he heard it again, and that was when he realized just how mechanical it sounded.

Okay, maybe Dedede didn't have something to with it this time. Who could it be then? Truth be told, he could only think of one other possible answer... but... no. There wasn't time to think about that right this second. First, he had to take care of the issue.

He was very quickly able to turn completely around and locate what he was hearing, and it was... a robot? Ah, and it had some physical attributes that reminded him somewhat of a very particular corporation, one that he really wanted to forget about. Whatever. It seemed just like this robot was out to kill him though, as it was heading exactly in his direction. Hmm. He could take care of that issue, and quite frankly, he had to; before this robotic beast targeted someone else, who was actually unable to defend themselves.

Pushing aside the annoyance that came with the thought of using the sword he'd literally just cleaned already, Meta Knight jumped into action. The cape on his back quickly transformed its way into the pair of bat-esque purple wings he used to fly during fights, as he was drawing Galaxia from its scabbard once more. Then, he was speedily charging his way in the direction of the robot that had apparently chosen to target him moments before. What was its creator even thinking, building something like this? This was Dream Land, the Land of Peace, and it was no place for killer robots. Previous events had proven that already. Oh well, too late now; time to take this mechanical menace down before it was actually able to do any real damage.

"I don't know what your creator was thinking, but its time to end this. Say goodbye, you monster!" Meta Knight stated coldly to the beast in front of him, before he went to attack it and take it down. Of course, a sword against a solid metal contraption sounded more than silly, but Galaxia was different and was more than powerful and capable enough to destroy it. Figuring immobilizing it would be the best first action, he aimed for the likely weaker joints of the robot, the edges of the blade's golden surface seeming to practically glow as it caught the light and made every sword slash that its wielder inflicted a little stronger, bit by bit.

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