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Nenma Takashi

Terribly Terrible
Hey it's Nenma here and I'm sure the title tells you everything you need to know when it comes to what I'm looking for in a plot. Let me just tell you a bit about myself, been rping since I was ten, I'm fairly active though I can have my days where I struggle to reply. I'm super friendly so don't be scared to chat with me about our plot before we jump into it. I also tend to match my post to my partner or even one up them if I can. So with all that said let's get into the plots, I'm also open to any plots you might have so feel free to pm any ideas for an to you have.

My lover is the demon lord-It's been about a year since you began living with your lover it's everything you've dreamed of. The two of you have been spending wonderful time with one another. They are the perfect lover and make you're day everyday. One day as you wake up you turn to you lover who is staring up at the ceiling deep in thought. Worried you ask what is wrong they turn to you sitting up slightly and say. "I think I might be a Demon Lord?"

The Demon lord is bored-Being the Lord of all demons is hard, having so called heroes busting down your doors every other day is annoying, and sitting all alone in a room by yourself is just so boring. Being the demon king is just soooooo boring I bet bakers have more fun then a demon king does, or a blacksmith hell even being a hero would be better at least ya get to travel places. Being anything but the demon king would be so much better huh what's that sound? oh just another hero here to try and kill me.....wait a minute if they did kill me that'd be the end people wouldn't think to search for a dead man free at last! Now then.......what's the plan?

Her highness- Due to family problems one must work for the royal family in order to keep their family out of debt. Alone in the throne room with the empress she steps down from her throne and holds out her hand. With a face of pure confidence she proclaims. "Be mine!"

Harmless teasing-Kids will often tease those they like in order to get their attention. When most grow out of such childish behavior some do not, but what happens when innocent name calling become hurtful verbal abuse? What happens when playful hits become actual blows? What happens when cute teasing turns into full blown bullying, what happens if the feelings that started all this never went away? What if you wanted to stop but every time you saw their crying face you couldn't help but fall in love all over again?

I'll be your white knight!-"I'll always protect you!" "I won't let you feel lonely!" "You can hold my hand if you scared!" "I fight off all your bullies!" "I'll be your white knight!" Those words typically come out of a handsome guy's mouth but what do you do when a girl is the one who says all of this? When your knight in shining armor turns out to be a girl when the one being swept off their feet turns out to be you!? When the cutest girl in school is the one who is saying all of this to you!?

Biggest Fan-There's nothing wrong with being a fan of something or someone. It's fairly common for people to be a fan of someone. Of course most people are a fan of singers, dancers, actors, so maybe it is a little weird that your a fan of a serial killer. Just a teeny tiny bit though.

Long Gone-When you found someone you love and mean the world to you it can be hard to move on after they pass. What can be even harder is when other people and things keep reminding you of them. But what if you found someone who looked just like your deceased love only, they aren't anything like them. Can you learn to love again and can you even handle looking at their face.

I love the idea of you-You could watch them for hours and have, you get so lost just seeing them be so well amazing. Their just so cool their exactly what and who you wanna be. Your heart can't stop beating so fast around them that you're afraid it'll explode. Finally you tell them, "I love the idea of you."

Accidents Happen-Here you are the roof of the school waiting for your crush to come up. You finally worked up the courage to ask them out and this is your chance to finally tell them how you feel. Just as you're second guessing yourself you hear the door open. You can't stop yourself the words just get blurted out. "I like you go out with me!?" You close your eyes and you hear it. "Yes." You can't believe you actually did it and they said yes but as you open your eyes it's none other than one of school's most notorious delinquents well accidents happen.

The Blurred Line-You can't believe how angry they make you even after knowing them for years they still know just how to piss you off. Everyone keeps joking about how you two are some old married couple but you can't see it. There's no way you like them, you constantly talk about them but only to complain about them. You stare at them but only cause they won't stop making faces at you in class. You go over to their place a bunch but only because they won't shut up unless you agree to help them study. You absolutely hate them....right?

Beethoven-You've never been one for music but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate it. Everyday you eat lunch in the same spot just down the hall from the music room to hear the beautiful music that is played. For the longest you were sure it was a recording but after talking to some other students you found out that wasn't true. The music is actually coming from someone playing it in the room themselves. Many think their amazing including yourself they're even nicknamed Beethoven not only because they are amazing but because similar to him they too should have much more difficulty playing so well. After all they are blind completely in both eyes you decide during your next lunch period you should stop by and get a close up view at this Beethoven.

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