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Realistic or Modern Neighbors are a Drag (Idea, Friendship, Family, Drama)


Magical boy from Mars
My idea is that our characters would be neighbors who are polar opposites of one another. My characters are a group of performers and trans people that have lived on their street for several years. Eva and Kennedy took in their children from abusive households. The entire group is pretty much just as out there and queer as you could possibly get. My idea for your characters is, well, the opposite! I was thinking maybe really strict no nonsense religious parents who of course, think my characters are completely backwards. What I'd like is that if your family had at least one kid in their teens who is queer but can't be out because of their parents (though they suspect it and aren't happy, with behavior bordering on abusive). The teen befriends my characters as their family is moving in, and they start spending time with my characters, much to the extreme disapproval of their parents.

Your character eventually comes out to their parents, and things get worse at home. After a night when things become particularly brutal, they escape to my character's house, and we can go from there. Any takers?

My requirements:
  • Please don't join the RP, and then drop it right in the middle. It bugs me when people only post once, or post a few times and then just leave.
  • Please be advanced. At least four paragraphs per post with good spelling, grammar, and detail. I can make exceptions at times. This is a big thing for me. I get annoyed when people can't do this. I don't mind a few screw ups, but if you 'typ LIek diss' and don't use decent capitalization and punctuation, or use long run on sentences I'll most likely drop the thread or ignore the request to RP with me. Everyone makes mistakes, and I understand that, but if you can't manage basic grammar then please don't ask to RP with me. If you can't think of what to reply with, PM me and I can add a bit more. I would prefer you to match my length. Also, so I know you read this, tell me your favorite color when you express interest. Otherwise you will be ignored.
  • Be active PLEASE. I'm online most every day. I haven't Rped on a while due to real life issues, and I understand you might need to drop. If you do please PM me first.

My characters (I’ll pm full bios):

Eva Robins: A transgender woman and drag queen, also Kennedy's wife. She is gentle and soft spoken.

Kennedy Piane: Another trans woman and drag queen. Eva's wife. She is more fiery and easy to irritate, but does love her children, and is deeply and passionately in love with her wife.

Jupiter O'Neal: The eldest of Eva and Kennedy's children, but the last to come live with them. They are calm and responsible, and usually the one to take charge first.

Ronan Price: Eva and Kennedy's adoptive son and Hugo's twin brother. Ronan is the more upbeat and positive twin.

Hugo Price: Eva and Kennedy's adopted son and Ronan's twin brother. Hugo is extremely anxious and is generally very quiet. He sticks close to Kennedy or his twin the majority of the time. He has Cystic Fibrosis.
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