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Realistic or Modern Need an RP Bud? Hit me up! [FxF or FxM]

Naeva Ami

Junior Member
Hello! I'm newish here. Joined a year or so ago but fell into an rp slump before I could get running. So I'm here again to try and get back into things, and hoping to find a good partner or two to kickstart my venture into roleplaying again! Not all that sure how to go about things here yet, but I thought this would be a good place to start.

Some Deets:
  • I'm in my 20s
  • Looking primarily for a FxF roleplay, but may accept FxM. Also fine with non-romantic roleplays
  • I post around 3-6 paragraphs per post on average, but its flexible to my partner's preferences, and whats happening in the rp
  • Happy to play multiple characters
  • Happy to doa small 3 person rp as well as a 1x1
  • I'm sporadically active. Some times on all day, other times once a week, but will try to let you know if I forsee any long delays.
  • Always trying to improve my writing, happy to take feedback.

Some Pairings:
A few ideas for pairings to start an idea off with. Happy to combine any number of these together to form a later idea. Also accepting of your own ideas! Note that not all pairings are meant to, or need to be romantic. Some I will specifically note as such. A bold role is one that I prefer to play.
  • Roommate x Roommate
  • Therapist x Patient
  • Overnight idol x manager
  • Younger sister x Big sister (non-romantic)
  • Mother figure x daughter figure (non-romantic)
  • Barber x new customer
  • Hairdresser x regular
  • Criminal x to-be-trained-as-assistant
  • Girlfriend x Girlfriend x Girlfiriend
  • Long lost princess x Mentor/advisor (modern day)
  • Tethered Ghost companion x human who grew up with them
  • Police officer x amnesiac
  • Runaway x caretaker
  • New in town x Outgoing local
  • New in the office x coworker
  • Theater performer x jobless newgrad
  • Cultist x to-become-cultist
  • Foster child x adoptive parent (Non-romantic)
  • Fashion queen x tomboy
  • Goth queen x tomboy

Some Words/Ideas
  • Starting a business together
  • High class society
  • Unprepared for fame
  • Creating 'perfect' people
  • Realistic Magical Girls
  • Humans with Powers
  • Cybernetic enhancements
  • Life on a starship
  • Hidden Cities
  • Secret lives
  • Growing up
  • A controlling, manipulating institution/school of dark intent
  • Fixing a relationship
  • Reinventing one's self

And that's that! I hope this is enough to entice someone, but if you have any questions, comments, ideas or concerns, please feel free to speak up!


ᴹᵒᵒᵈ • Apathetic
I'm actually very interested in the two non-romantic roles you have listed. Big sister x little sister, and foster parent x child.
Please message me if you're interested in pursuing that!


New Member
Fashion queen x tomboy sounds like it could be a fun place to jump off of. If you're interested message me. I'd love to plot something out!


Hey! I’m interested in the tethered ghost and the human that grew up with them! I’m up for f/f although I prefer m/f a little more. I’m down for anything really though!

Naeva Ami

Junior Member
I'm not too big on romance, what sort of plot would the cultist one include?
Well, to add some clarity, I'm 100% fine with no romance for any of these ideas. Romance is not required for me for anything.
As for the cultist one, I don't really have a plot in mind to be honest. But I was in general thinking a sort of... Realistic modern setting, a cult that has its own way of life, either directly integrated with the rest of society or separately functioning on its own, without need of the 'outside' world. Two distinctly different details to pick from there, I know. But the idea of an every day life within this cult, where their unique views are a deep contrast to society norms, but accepted within their group, and not questioned.

I know that's nothing solid, but just some stray thoughts. Happy to brainstorm further with a willing partner though, and open to different ideas.


New Member
Hallo! Im interested in these bits:
  • Fashion queen x tomboy
  • New in town x Outgoing local
  • New in the office x coworker
get back to me through pms if you could! I can't send ;w;, still new and all that.

Professor red

Your leading Pokémon expert
I’m legit down for like all haha. I have an idea aswell you might like. Street racer x high schooler. This can be either fxf or mxf. Up to you

Naeva Ami

Junior Member
I’m legit down for like all haha. I have an idea aswell you might like. Street racer x high schooler. This can be either fxf or mxf. Up to you
Sorry, didn't see your message until now! If you're still up for it, please shoot me a message and we'll chat! Not as keen on street racer x high schooler, though with the right plot, or combination with ideas, its a maybe!


The crazy discord gal <3
I'm definitely interested! We can discuss ideas! Hit me up on Discord if you can! Yenera#2210


Galaxy Elf Extraordinaire
Hello! I'm interested in multiple ideas you have here:

Cultist x to-become-cultist
Goth queen x tomboy
High Class Society
Secret lives
And Realistic Magical Girls


Lesbian Extraordinaire
I have a fun criminal character if you want to try that one.
She's an assassin, in case you were curious.


OOh, I'm interested.
-little sister x big sister (altho my preference is also little sister. Could we g-a-s-p be twins?)
-ghost x human (I'm the bestest ghost out there nobody ever sees me)

Since I'm new, you'll have to be the one to message me, sorry haha.

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