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Fandom Need a ride to the train station? Yellowstone Rp Interest check!

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just a starstrucken dreamer
Hello friends! I am putting feelers out to see if anyone would be interested in a Yellowstone (Paramount) roleplay! I have not done an rp within this fandom before, but I have done other fandoms before. I do use an OC, but I am completely open to doubling! I am a pretty active writer, at least conversing about the stories and OCs everyday, if not sending a reply everyday, but I do at least get multiple replies out per week (usually around 2-4 in a normal week). I do prefer detailed writing with responses averaging around 6000 characters or so. I am a full-time graduate student, so proper syntax and grammar is preferred! However, mistakes happen and it's no big deal if they do! I am not a perfect writer! Here's a sum up of everything I am looking for and some info on my OC!

1. 18+ up only please. Prefer 21 up!
2. Active responses and communication about the story. I am here for all the Tiktoks, memes, Pinterest boards and anything else on the story!
3. Must be okay with OCs and doubling! I can play anyone you want, but I may need some guidance playing characters I have never played before!
4. No ghosting! If you don't like an idea, or loose interest in the story, just let me know. It is frustrating to put so much effort into a story just to have someone never respond.
5. Be ready for an open, fun, active roleplay! I love to converse on the story and build it to make it even better!
6. There's not a whole lot I am not comfortable with writing, but please don't glamorous mental illnesses. If it's well developed in the character and it's realistic, I'm okay with that. But don't just give your character one for the sake of it.
7. This is an LBGTQ safe spot! I write my characters as M/F so I am looking for someone to play an male for my female OC, but I can do whatever you prefer!

A bit about my OC:
- She is the her youngest Dunton. She would be a professional student (vet school) in Texas
-I would pair her with Rip and she would be very close to John.
-She would be a pretty avid rider, competing in reining for her college and competing on Yellowstone horses around the country. She hasn't really been groomed to take over the ranch, as she is the youngest and there are many before her, but she is probably one of the more active kids involved in the ranching work.
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Always Confused
I understand this is a bit of an older search, but if you're still looking, I would love to do this with you! I have a character already for this fandom as well

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