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Realistic or Modern Need a Hero

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Realistic, Romance, Super Powers


I am looking for a hero, someone with the morality of characters like Billy Batson, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, and similar sorts. I am going to imbue this person with powers beyond those of mere mortals. Your character may come from a simple or complicated life. Maybe you are mild mannered. Maybe you struggle to get through each day against the odds. However bad they are you never give into temptation to do wrong to get ahead. And when someone else needs help, you do whatever you can - even if it means getting beat up. If you saw someone drop a dollar bill on the ground you would tell them or return it - no matter how badly you needed it - just because it is the right thing to do. You always do the right thing even when others think you are wasting your time.

At least, that is the person I am looking for ... Trust me, it is a pretty tough search.

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