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Futuristic NCQuest: Mecha flavored action, OOC



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Another notification: Don't feel too constrained by the deadline, we can easily make summarizing posts even after the deadline to wrap things up succinctly and put nice bows on things.


Two Thousand Club
Malphaestus Malphaestus
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Tanya Degurechaff Tanya Degurechaff
AnonyMouse AnonyMouse
DeKay DeKay

Howdy everybody! GM wrap-up post coming in tomorrow; but just as a reminder, that doesn't mean you can't do finalization/epilogue stuff of your own. I hope everyone had a decent enough episode 2 and had at least most of the development they wanted.

Furthermore, if anybody has any requests or general suggestions about EP3, please notify me so I can consider and integrate them into what I have as soon as possible! The earlier, the better. Of course, don't think I completely forgot about what ya'll already gave me up to this point. I'm happy to say that EP3 will be the start of our actual 'beginning plot' and I hope everyone enjoys what I have in mind for the start of the gang's Linker careers.

Please enjoy the coming month's episode, and I'd like to thank all of you for your continued participation.


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Howdy again everybody. I've been taking the time to gather all my thoughts and prepare the EP-3 proposal document thing, as I said I would try and do for every episode. So, here's the gist of what's gonna go down and what I have prepared for you guys.

I made sure to tailor everything to the intended parties, yet try and see to it that the situations still sound plausible enough, considering. I hope everyone enjoys what I've cooked up this go around, down below.

NCQuest Episode 3: Proposal/Developmental Document
The Episode begins a little over a week after EP2.

A long, rainy week ends with a thick lingering fog, and an emergency call-in of all relevant Linkers to the resident MAVERICK facility of New Baltimore as a terrorist incident in the underground rail network develops. A surprise appearance from the Governor and his staff to the resident MAVERICK facility accentuates the importance and scale of the altercation. However, the Governor gets interrupted with breaking information from his assistants as he pleas for his people...

As the situation escalates, further concurrent incidents are reported around the entire state to the point that MAVERICK authorizes the Governor's request of immediate launching of all available NC's to assigned trouble-spots, as multiple, simultaneous plots to further the goals of the Sons of Zeus and their new-found allies spring into action.

Again, the team would preferably be divided into two teams of two and one team of three; for three separate plot-streams/queues total.

The operations would be 2A, 2B, and 2C, with details and presumed/intended members as below.

Operation 2A: 'Grecian Hostage'
Intended Members (3):
  • Hadrian Fosse ( DeKay DeKay )
  • Friedrich-Alexander Von Streuben ( Malphaestus Malphaestus )
  • Adam Davion ( YsFanatic YsFanatic )
  • Operator(s): Richard Knight.
  • Guest Stars: New-Baltimore Military-Police Chief.
Aforementioned large-scale hostage crisis in the 'Superfreight' train tunnel, New-Baltimore's vital economic link to the rest of the continent.

A critical five-rail arterial section has been blocked off by a detachment of the 'Sons of Zeus'. Even worse, the 'Sons' have derailed and captured a passenger train full of nearly four hundred people, who were shipped in to begin work on important infrastructure projects in the city.

The crisis is meant to be de-escalated, so the Linkers will hang back at first, but it could easily turn violent. In this case, it would be extremely brutal close-quarters fighting in cramped tunnels where anything but the most basic evasive maneuvers are impossible. Heavy NC's that can take charge of the cramped spaces and soak the punishment are vital.

The 'Sons' have almost certainly tailored their unit composition for these conditions, so a hard-fought battle is guaranteed. Enemy force details are unconfirmed but suggests a main element of melee-type walkers, alongside an amount of infantry in and out of powered armor. A small allied force is present, in the form of infantry fighting vehicles and general military personnel.

Base payout is 3,000,000 ICC/Linker. A 1,000,000 bonus is available if the vast majority of the hostages can escape or are otherwise recovered safely.

Operation 2B: 'Perfect Water'
Intended Members (2):
An important water-purification plant satiating the city is under attack by a substantial wing of aircraft, lead by a heavy gunship. Believed to be carrier-borne aircraft and a large seaplane from 'The Reavers'. The plant's security detail is severely under-equipped for this situation and need assistance. If the facility were to be destroyed, hundreds of thousands wouldn't be able to rely on clean drinking water for the immediate future.

While New-Baltimore has its own aerial defense force that intends to reinforce the area ASAP, damage to their primary airfield means that the Linkers need to keep the plant secure until the airmen can jury-rig something and launch their own clean-up operation. The Linkers will have to handle the situation until reinforcements can arrive, and make sure the main building with the majority of the machinery doesn't get destroyed.

The bogeys are primarily made out of what appear to be multirole carrier-use combat drones, fitted for ground-combat. The sea-plane gunship is circling the facility from long-range and saturating the area with airborne artillery fire. Linkers that can go toe-to-toe with the aerial forces, or bring up a barrage of flak would be ideal.

Base payout is 3,000,000 ICC/Linker, with a 1,000,000 bonus if damage to the entire facility is minimized.

Operation 2C: 'Broken Tomahawk'
Intended Members: (2)
  • Hazel Scott ( SkyHawk MK III SkyHawk MK III )
  • Jennifer Peyton ( Viper Actual Viper Actual )
  • Operator(s): Alice Ericsen.
  • Guest Stars: New-Baltimore Coast-Guard Commander.
A landing force, believed to be a combination of 'The Reavers' and the 'Sons of Zeus', has beached itself about the south-eastern shoreline and are setting up what appear to be cruise missiles; possibly including WMD's such as biological or chemical agents. The long perimeter is defended by a strong anti-air network, further assisted by the several landing ships that disgorged the elements. The ships themselves happen to have guided-shell cannons aboard, rounding out the long-armed defenses.

The primary issue is the range of the weapons involved and their wide-spread; a stealthy insertion is needed to penetrate the impromptu fortress. Furthermore, interception of possible enemy launches is paramount, alongside counter-battery fire to make sure these guns and launchers stay as silent as possible.

If these weapons aren't taken care of, the entire city could be at stake; even if these munitions aren't loaded with NBC warheads the possible loss of life and vital infrastructure is extensive. Anti-missile systems are in place to try and intercept any stragglers, but can't be expected to handle any significant offensive attempt. Allied forces are unavailable; the two Linkers are on their own.

Base payout is 4,000,000 ICC/Linker. A 25% bonus is in order if absolutely no missiles get through the combined net.

With your appetites... appetized, (hopefully), if you have any suggestions or commentary to add onto what I have wrote down, please share them with me as soon as is convenient for you!

Anyway, we're also going to try and start some specific sub-plots for everybody who requested one as soon as the opportunities become available. If you want to discuss those, again, hit me up ASAP. Admittedly, this proposal isn't very conducive to every single one yet, but I'm always open to hearing on how to better squeeze in everything right.

But, more immediately, when tomorrow comes in my timezone there's going to be the aforementioned EP2 cap-off post, but everyone can still post their own intermissions (I certainly plan to), or personal epilogues, or most anything else! You can use this opportunity for your own set-up to those subplots of course. Please keep me up to date with your own plans so I can work with you wherever possible.

I'd like to thank everyone for staying up to date, and for sticking with me so far. Please enjoy the following month of tactical mecha action!


Two Thousand Club
How do we deal with mission failure states. Especially in the case for Mission 3.
It'll depend on context but the basic idea is that if someone gets their NC totalled they'll obviously be out of the rest of the fight, perhaps unconscious outright. They'll pay a hefty fine to get their NC repaired and overhauled for continued use (also a small excuse to tweak the NC a bit so it doesn't happen again too soon) and be back in action later. That's the gist of it, but I'm open on expanding this further.

OOC this means that the poster won't be able to post unless it's minor commentary or perhaps flashback sequences or something, I dunno. Just not participate in the battle.

Depending on if the mission itself failed, MAVERICK protects its Linkers as best as they can but people will notice. Complications may arise in the future or it may get swept under the rug and the Linker is blacklisted from further special opportunities. Stuff like that.

And ofc I try to be a nice GM so nobody gets super hurt unless they want to smh.


Seven Suns Shatter
When I referred to the third mission, I mean the potential WMDs. Are you open to outright destroy certain places if we fail a mission. How much weight are on our shoulders.


Two Thousand Club
When I referred to the third mission, I mean the potential WMDs. Are you open to outright destroy certain places if we fail a mission. How much weight are on our shoulders.

Don't worry too much about that, this is only the starter plot after-all. But, yes, if 2C is failed some major changes to New Baltimore will develop in the background. So too 2A and 2B.

Weight level is "very noticeable" :^)


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Okay, that's the base ending for EP2! If anybody has anything at all to add onto that, be my guest and go crazy! Short but sweet, as per my style at this point. Smh.


Two Thousand Club
About the start date for EP3, I'd like to keep it in July if possible but we could start sooner if everybody agrees to it. I was thinking of July 3rd presuming we don't want to accelerate progress.


Two Thousand Club
When Ep3 begins, are we jumping right into action, or will there be some down time before the crap hits the fan?
We'll begin EP3 proper with a briefing/meeting situation involving the Governor and his staff at the MAVERICK base. The briefing will be interrupted with new information and turn into a larger situation necessitating emergency action, with in-transit sitreps provided for each sub-operation further explaining those specific missions. In short, it'll start terse then balloon out of control.

A prologue for some pre-mission downtime may be provided if requested.

EDIT: Oh, intermissions are available to everyone; so if you want to write something up for your dude(s) go ahead and post them while we're in the middle of EP2 and EP3.


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So everyone's up to speed, as of writing each one of those bars would be worth maybe 2.5 million United states dollars using modern prices. For simplicity's sake we can presume a similar price in 'ICC'


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Got a good question in private, and I'll answer it publicly. "Is there opportunity in-character for some NC modification?", and the answer is 'Somewhat'. If you've got plans bigger than changing paint or adding decorative elements, please talk to me and I'll give you a yes/no.

To give you guys more of an idea, we can presume small work-crews have been able to be called in but nothing like a major overhaul or anything like that; adding minor components or re-working weapons but nothing entirely new. But, bring up anything you've been thinking about to me and I'll give you the go-ahead.

Thanks for staying up to date!


Windsock Windsock
I have a question. (Actually, I have lots of them, but forgot most of 'em. It'll come back to me, eventually.) If an NC is down for maintenance, repairs, upgrades or whatever, how is that handled in the RP if a mission arises during that downtime? Would that Linker be stuck chilling on base, while everyone else is out fighting? Is there such a thing as a rental NC? (I don't think so, but the thought of it amuses me, so I had to ask, hahahaha.) Are missions mandatory? Would Maverick force a Linker to sortie in a broken or half-finished NC, if the situation called for it?

I'm mainly asking these things because I've been reworking Cammy's sheet, especially the NC section, and some of the things we discussed (new engines and the railgun) will probably happen sometime between Episodes 3 and 4. I'm not sure how much time will pass between those episodes, but the upgrades probably won't be completed in less than two weeks, even if her crew rushes the work, which means she might miss Ep4 if it happens on the heels of Ep3.

Or, alternatively, if Ep4 is another "emergency" contract, she might sortie with some major components missing or inactive. (Raijin with no jet engines, for example. Blasphemy!)

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