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Fandom NBC Hannibal— reverse AU

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hello! i’m exhausted and unsure as to how well i’m about to articulate this, bear with me.

simply stated, i’m interesting in roleplaying a story which somewhat follows the plot of nbc’s hannibal, the primary differentiating factor being that the roles of the protagonists are switched. ie will graham is the cannibalistic psychiatrist and hannibal lecter is a consultant on the case regarding will’s murders (unlike will in the actual story, i think hanninal would be capable of passing the fbi screening process and thus is an actual agent?).
one thing leads to another, hannibal begins to suspect will, shenanigans ensue, so on and so forth.
i imagine it would be most interesting if the characters retain their general personalities from the show (i.e.: will is misanthropic, snarky and socially inept whilst hannibal remains contemplative, charismatic and of good taste in culture/cuisine/whatever etc etc), though in this timeline will is the one who becomes borderline obsessed with hannibal and is attempting to influence him to commit murders out of morbid curiosity.

we can begin at any point in the show’s timeliness that you find interesting, might that be the very beginning upon their first meeting, or much later on when they’ve known one another for quite some time. however, i would prefer hannibal be unaware of will’s participation in the murders where we begin so that we can go through the motions of the betrayal arc.

i’m hoping to take the role of reversed will, though i’m felixble & willing to write hannibal of you yourself prefer will.

uhm. that’s all. message me or reply to this thread if you’re interested or would like to pose questions/concerns/etc. we can generate a few more ideas around which to structure the story before we begin.


To stay alive you've got to kill your mind.
Hey. I'm Meeps :)
So I am really looking for someone to roleplay something Hannibal related with me. I'm not sure how their personalities fit with your idea, though. But pm me if you wanna discuss... And if you're still looking. ;)

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