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Burning hearts and bleeding roses
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Harsh Reality

Beautiful Flowers,Beautiful Trees,
Blossoming Showers of a hundred leaves.

Green and vivid like every dream,
pathways and pathways full of refreshing breeze.

The harmony of nature glazes the scene,
hearing the birds chirping their glee,
while the sun dances of the green grasses and leaves.

Beaming wide i set down my sight,
at a painting of Mother Nature

As I Laid it across the grass,
considered artificial.
Thinking I’d finally accomplish something,
in a world full of bitter.

But than I looked up at the sight,
The trees looked dead by my side,
The flowers they’ve withered like the leaves,
so black and grey,
so like the suffocating breeze

The failure of humanity glazes the sight,
And the birds mourn the sight.

I lay there beneath my garden of hope,
knowing that I had done my full,
all that’s left is being buried in the land of life
I lay there mourning,
Praying for a miracle of light.

Oh, How I wish that this was a dream,
But this was indeed the harsh reality.

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