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Fandom Nature Always Wins (Naruto AU) Roleplay Page

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This is where we will be doing the Roleplay.
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4:30 p.m.
The Ninja Academy
The day had been a long one, and Kiyoshi Uzumaki just wanted to go home to train or something. Anything to get away from these people and the boring schoolwork that he was forced to do every day at the Academy. They had been training with Shuriken for three days straight at this point, but Kiyoshi already knew a lot about them, she hwasnt learning much. His eyes drifted along the walls of the classroom, attempting to find something that would entertain him, but he did not find anything. There were nothing but a bunch of cliche posters and boring ninja decorations.

Then, finally, the bell rang. The instructor at the front said his goodbyes, and then excused the students, who stood up all at the same time and made their way towards the door that lead into the hallway, including Kiyoshi.
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The only person who did not leave was Mensa, he prefered to stay and chat with his sensei for a little bit after class.
As of course this shuriken training was getting old, he still enjoyed doing it.
The two of them talked for awhile, but after the chit chat was done and over with Mensa had asked if he could practice more with his sensei.
He wanted to perfect his technique.
For what seemed like an hour, felt like seconds to Mensa.
He was focused on what was up ahead for him, the delightful training.

After the training was done with, he's decided he'd go to a tea shop for a quick drink.
As he walked down the streets of the Moss, people would greet him with cheerful smiles.
Mensa smiled back as always, he desires to avoid conflict with fellow people of the Moss.
walking now silently, he realized he'd finally made it to the Tea shop.
The best tea shop to him of course was Tea Greens Ocachai.
Mensa went in to this wonderful place.
It was nice and peaceful, the walls pastel green, all seating was low to the ground, scented Reed diffusers on every table.
It was paradise.
He sat down to the farthest left table, and ordered a Green Tea.
He'd payed 200 ryo, and the delightful waitress came out with his drink right away.
He said thank you and she'd fled to the kitchen.
He picked up his cup and drank slowly, he wanted to savour this flavor.
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Yuki got up and left the class room in a hurry, he did not like being around the people of the moss for long as he felt like he was not a part of them. He went and got some dango on his way home, he loved the tastes of sweets they really comforted him. Yuki didn't have a family that he could remember, from a very young age he was taken into the village but he still was hated by some people for a reason he did not know.

After he set his stuff at home he went out to walk and possibly train. Yuki would go into the woods for long periods of time to train his kekkei genkai, Crystal style. He had mainly used genjutsu so far with a few ninjutsu here and there, but he was proudest of his ability to use Fūinjutsu or sealing jutsu.


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Kiyoshi walked down the street, fellow Genin and Chunin running ahead of him to reach their homes as soon as possible, none of them paying any mind to him. He watched the ground as he walked, a tuft of deep red hair falling and covering his eye. This was fine.

He continued down the stone brick road, past a few shops until something caught his eye. Was this one new? "Tea Greens Ocachai," said the sign. Kiyoshi continued on, shaking the thought from his head. Hopefully they'd get assigned to teams soon, he was itching to do something exciting.

It was quite a walk from the Academy to his house. He lived near the outskirts, where the mines and more labor-inclusive jobs were. Coincidentally, it was also one of the lower-class areas of the village. Despite this, Kiyoshi's family was not poor, mostly because of the fact that his parents did not have jobs in the outskirts. Instead, they worked closer to the Mosukage's office, which was at the far opposite end of the village. Kiyoshi's father was a tailor, who sewed mostly Kimono and Yukata for the villagers. Kiyoshi's mother was a Medical Ninja, so she was sometimes out of the house a lot, but she still made good money. Kiyoshi wondered what Mother was making for today, and he smiled, thinking about a warm dinner with his family.


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Mensa still sat quietly, his eyes shut slowly letting this flavor consume his taste buds.
This delicacy was too good to be true.
Finally he finished his drink, he layed a few extra Ryo on the table.
A tip for a such a wonderful place.
As he walked out he saw what presumed to be a Genin, someone from his class, walking straight ahead to some destination.
He payed no mind, for he did not wish to engage with anyone.
Mensa walked the other way, he now is heading to his home.
It's been a long day to him, and he just wants to study in the comfort of his own home.


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"Kiyoshi, how was your day?" asked Mother, wearing a black apron with the Uzumaki Clan's symbol on the front. She was cooking dumplings by the look of it, although Kiyoshi was unable to identify what she had put inside of them. It didn't matter though, he had faith in Mother's cooking skills; she could make anything taste good with enough time.

"Good, Mother. It was good." Kiyoshi rested his arms on the round wooden table in front of him, looking over at his mother. Something was off. "By the way," Kiyoshi said reluctantly, looking around. "Where's Father?"

Mother poked the dumplings with a fork, stirring them around in some sauce. "I'd assume he's still at the office, or just now leaving. He had to work late today, I think."

Kiyoshi nodded his head in acknowledgement. Father did sometimes work late hours, and he never understood why. All he did was make clothes, how much time does it take to make kimono? The one he wore to the Academy every day didn't seem that it would take long to make. Perhaps he wasn't aware of how many customers he gets, or that he was underestimating how long it took to make them.

Mother continued with the dumplings, folding more unidentifiable food into the dumplings and placing them onto the pan on the stove. "I sure hope he gets home soon; wouldn't want to eat without him," she said.

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Kirishiki Kimiko was also out of the door as soon as possible, not wanting to linger longer then needed and she decides to head towards the woods to train a bit, there was little opportunity to train her healing jutsu at the moment, so she could also practice her sword fighting, she needed to go there anyway, to pick up her dual blades, her father would be busy, she knows that, as that's usually the case, always on missions "What to eat today" she mumbles to herself, she lives near the forest, so it wasn't out of her way to pick up her weapons and tools on her way to her usual training area, though she wondered if she needed to replace the dummies.

As she walks she sees people rush home or wherever to most likely get away from the academy, which made sense, she didn't like it very much either, as she often got bored after half a day, although she's looking forward to being in a team "Dad?" she asks seeing the door open and she runs in "You're home and making dinner" she says with a surprised look on her face, she takes off her shoes after remembering she forgot that "We finished early" he says patting his daughter's head "I'm making dinner, why don't you go study or train?" he asks, but he's pushed out of the kitchen "I'm making dinner take it easy, I can always train tomorrow" Kimiko says and she heads back into the kitchen gathering the ingredient she needs for curry.
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Yukimuro had left many plants and branches crystallized in his wake. Finally able to release it all. If someone where to walk into the woods at the time they would see a thin crystal path that slowly expanded, until they come to a clearing that has been overtaken. Crystal glittering in the surrounding trees and plants, from where some of the leaves broke apart from the sudden change small bits floating in the air, shimmering like snow.

Small symmetrical patterns are engraved into the crystal floor. A blonde kid standing in the middle of a crystal meadow looking to the sky, if it weren't for all the shining gems in the air you would swear he was crying.


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"Fire Style: Flaming Sword Dance!" Kiyoshi's blade became doused in flames, and he dashed forwards at the dummy, slashing at it with attempted precision. A good thing about living in the Outskirts of the Hidden Moss is that there was plenty of space to set up targets and practice your Jutsu. Kiyoshi set his targets up behind his house, much to his parents' dismay. Having Fire Style and a wooden house wasn't a very good decision, now that they thought about it.

Father watched the dummy slide apart from the top to the bottom as the fire dissipated and Kiyoshi sheathed the sword onto his back. He smiled at his son, who had come so far from his first day in the Academy. If all went well, he'd be in his own Shinobi Team by the end of the week.

The training was successful. He managed to slice through the dummy, however it was only made of straw. Next week he'd have to practice on something a little bit more solid. Stones, perhaps. Nevertheless, Kiyoshi managed to hone his Chakra Control into a better weapon than before. Kiyoshi smiled as he looked down, his eyes shut.


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It was now the next day.
Mensa woke up to a bright and beautiful sunlight glare.
He'd stretched his out and released slight a yawn.
He got up out of bed, put on his clothes, gathered his gear, and finally headed out waving a slight goodbye to his mother as he fled his home.
Finally reaching the Academy, he saw the same boy from his class training with the wooden dummy's right outside the Academy building.
Another figure was with him, Mensa presumed it was his father.
The boy sawed the dummy in half with bruning flames.
They had shut their eyes now.
How enticing Mensa thought.
He walked through the front doors of the Academy.
"Time to start the real mind work now."
Mensa whispered under his breath.

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Kimiko, having finished making dinner heads off to the woods, she wasn't really hungry yet and her father had fallen asleep, she tilts her head seeing the crystal path and pokes it with her sword, carefully "Odd" she mumbles following the path, she hoped her dummies were still standing. Realizing she doesn't know how far it goes she starts running, if she was right she couldn't train at all "Great" she says, partly because she almost slips when she stops and partly because her training dummies are crystalized too. She could shatter them, but then she'd have to make complete new ones.

Following the crystals she comes into the clearing "Excuse me" she says seeing a blonde boy "You crystalized my dummies, you know, assuming that was you"


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Gin Matsuda

They’re... such cuties~!”
gin inwardly squealed from his nesting position in the thick trees. Pink eyes practically sparkles as he took in his soon to be Genin Training their little hearts out.
Such dedication~ such hard work!’
One small Fangirling later
Watching his students had become a bit of an unhealthy habit since he was assigned a to the smol munchkins. From making sure they got home safe, to walking them (stalking them) to school.

Gin was lucky that he had a near infinite amount of patience, for this waiting for them to hurry up and gradu Was killing him . Although the occasional mission or work in the hospital helped keep his patience in check. Well...that and his demon of a cousin Yuno mocking him every time he came home... the fights with her tended to leav him running and in need of trip away from her. Which in turn meant a trip away from his future Genin. And they would be his future Genin, he had already called dibs after all!
(by calling dibs, he roughly meant harassing the Mosukage with tons of paperwork)

Still, Gin really couldn’t wait to begin team bonding with his-new babies.


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Yuno Matsuda

Yuno was in a bit of an uppity mood to say the least. Ok to be fair there were precious few times that she was in a good mood to begin with. But in this case, she was in quite the tizzy.
the cause for this particular foul mood was non other than her own inability to keep a fish alive above water. Or rather it was her cousins insistent patience as he repeatedly taught her that had her fuming.
Who the fuck does he think he is?! “You’ll get it eventually” ugh annoying shitstain!’
She growled internally. Anger pouring into her chakra and sleeping into the air around her. Mismatch eyes glowered at every single passer by as she marched deeper into the forest with her nose in the air, already strapping on her gloves in preparation to sufficiently beat the trees to relieve some of her anger.​


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Oshiriki Namino
Paperwork. Paperwork. Paperwork. Damn that Gin for all of this, he already had enough to fill out as it was. Sometimes he wondered if being a Kage was just filling out papers about Shinobi who would become strong, no matter the teacher. Although, he thought, it's a good idea to pair students with a teacher who liked them.

Kiyoshi Uzumaki. Mensa Igatai. Kirishiki Kimiko. Why these three? Did Gin see something in them? What was so special? Oshiriki guessed that it didn't matter; he had faith in the Jounin's abilities. He belonged to the Moss, after all. Those from the Moss were exceptional Shinobi, in the Mosukage's eyes.

Then a knock came at the door. Who could it be? "Come in!" Oshiriki called from across the room. The doors swung open, and Akatoshi walked in. Right, he had called Toshi to get his papers indicating what young Shinobi he would be assigned to. Oshiriki purposefully assigned Chunin to his team, so in the case that Akatoshi slipped up in his... current state, he would have more experienced ninja to back him up.

"Akatoshi, come on in, I got your papers..." Oshiriki looked around, surfing through the piles of paper while trying to find the assignment sheet. Akatoshi approached the desk silently, a passive look on his face.

"Right here!" The papers, stapled together, was handed over to the cloaked Jounin. Akatoshi grabbed it with his soft, green, mossy hand and read it.

"I see, Lord Mosukage. I can't wait." He slipped the paper into his cloak and turned around, walking towards the closed doors.

Oshiriki couldn't tell if what he said was sarcasm or not. "I'm entrusting you with the future of these Shinobi, Akatoshi. You haven't disappointed me yet."


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Mensa had got to his class, he sat down in the front row.
He'd gotten there a little early, as well as Kiyoshi had.
Kiyoshi was still outside with his father, he probably wouldn't come in here for a little bit, class hasn't even begun yet.

Mensa decided he'd sit and read a book on Genin strategies, you can never be too prepared.
Besides, today was the they'd all get assigned to their teateams.
"I wonder who my teammates will be..."
Mensa had been thinking long and hard about this, he hopes he doesn't get stuck with people who are too reckless.
If he did, he would be in a whole world of trouble from the get go.
He'll just have to wait and see for himself.


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Kiyoshi greeted his fellow Genin and Chunin on his way to the Academy, most of them ignoring him. It didn't affect him; he was used to it. Upon reaching the Academy, he pushed the doors open, navigated to his classroom, and opened the doors. He looked around to see who was sitting where. He didn't want to sit by certain people, who made fun of his red hair, so he walked up the stairs to the sitting area and sat next to one who he didn't speak to much. He was reading a book and minding his own business. Kiyoshi thought the boy's name was Mensa.

He glanced over to Mensa while he sat down, making sure it was okay to sit. Once he was down, he glanced at the front of the room, back to Mensa, then to the front again. He always got nervous around new people.


The Crystal Viper
"Oh, I'm sorry i didn't realize this was someones training area." Said Yuki quickly. Suddenly all of the crystal broke and shimmered in the wind as Yuki went down the path to head back home. He wondered what to have for actual food today. "I suppose some rice cakes should be fine, i do love them." He whisper as he went faster down the path.

In the morning Yuki went to head to the academy, he really dreaded today. He had to be assigned a team and actually talk to people, he wasn't exactly adept at talking or working with others. His anxiety spiked as he realized his team might treat him like some of the villagers. Yukimuro looked around and saw a kid with red hair heading to the academy "How odd, i like the difference though." Yuki said quietly to himself.

Getting into the room as one of the crowd, he sat in the top right corner desk. He got out of everyone's way and created small crystal patterns on his desk waiting to see who would sit by him and if anyone would make fun of him today.


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Students started to fill the classroom now, Mensa not paying any attention to his fellow peers.
Strategies were more important as of now.
Kids walked up the low leveled platform and gathered in their seats; he could hear some talk about their excitement for today.
He was excited too but he just didn't show it, he'd rather keep to himself.
He'd noticed the boy from earlier, Kiyoshi, had decided to sit beside him.
Mensa took a glance over at him, and then continued to engulf himself in the literature.
The boy say there awkwardly, sometimes rummaging in his chair slightly.
He'd guessed the boy was a little socially awkward, so Mensa decided to give a bit of pity.
"Hi, my name's Mensa,"
He reached his hand out, "looks like we'll be sitting together." Mensa smiled.


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Ohno ohno ohno ohno ohno, what do i do
Kiyoshi's eyes went white with fear, and he struggled to form a fake smile, his mouth twitching. He reached his unstable hand out slowly, and grabbed Mensa's hand.

"H-hi, I'm Kiiyoshiiiii" he said awkwardly, his voice cracking.
you IDIOT, Kiyoshi. Why do you always do this.

People began to flood in more and more, and Kiyoshi pried his attention off of what Mensa's opinion of him must have been at this point and focused on anything else. When was the teacher going to get in here? Kiyoshi just wanted to get into his team and skip the hell of social awkwardness that he subjected himself to. Maybe it was best just not being around people sometimes.


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"A bit pitiful." Mensa thought.
It seemed as if Kiyoshi's face was a little red, probably do to his embarrassment of an impression.
Though, it is to be expected with people like him, and that's all right.
Mensa smiled and then chuckled a little, it may be pitiful but it's always fun to watch people react this way.
He kept the smirk on his face and then gave Kiyoshi a little pat on his shoulder for reassurance.
After that, Mensa looked around him, more people have came in it seems.
Class is almost about to start, Mensa still wanted to squeeze in a little more reading.
So that's what he did, he wanted to try to get to the section about Kunai and when to use them.
Once he did that, then he'd bookmark it for later.
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Gin Matsuda

After safely seeing his to-be genin home the night before, Gin finally stepped into his home to relax. The Matsuda Clan compound almost echoed with its emptiness, sending a similar hollow echo in his chest.
“ Tadaima!”
He called cheerfully, standing perfectly still as his call Echoed throughout the barren structure. Drooping slightly as an a persistent ache began to grow stronger in his chest.
He whispered weakly, shuffling out his Sandals and setting them by the door. A soft sigh left him at not seeing a smaller pair waiting by the door.
Guess Yuno is still mad, dunno why I thought she would be in a better mood.’
Gin thought bitterly. Pulling his sleaveless hoari off, he hung the armored cloth on the rack and made his way Into the kitchen, already going about making dinner for a family that would never come join him.
small hums resonated through the kitchen as he expertly rolled dumplings and fried noodles.
“Both your Wings are broken frail and torn, it’s left you feeling worn, of a sky above that’s always far too blue~”
He sang quietly under his breath as he began plateing the meal on the large table.
“but you don’t have to smile, for anybody else, just remember it’s ok to simply smile for yourself~”
Finally he sat down at his own cushion and smiled blindly at the surrounding 9 steaming plates in front of 9 empty spaces.
Teeth clenching he numbly ate his food before numbly dumping the extra food in the outside bin for the animals to enjoy.
‘at least there’s no Yuno to tell at me for wasting food...’
almost as soon as the thought crossed his mind another sharp pain filled his chest along with instant regret. If not for Yuno, no matter how much of a pain she was, who else would he have?
Well..a small smile tilted his lips up, soon he would have three cute little genin. With that last thought, he reset the wards once more and went to bed.

Next day.

The next day found him guiding (following) his Genin to class per usual. Giving small excited little giggles as they interacted with each other.
Aww look at them getting to know each other and socializing!! That’s it Uzumaki-San! Spread your wings and soar my lovely little Red Robin!’
He cheered mentally,Doing a small fist pump in the air from his concealed position in the ground beneath them.​


The Crystal Viper
Yuki looked across the room to the red haired kid he saw before. He just caught a glimpse of the odd ball making a fool of himself to his neighbor. "See that is why i never sit by anyone." He said to himself. It must feel nice to have an introduction out of the way though... The persons eyes were.. green? So many odd people in this world of ours.

Looking at the desk someone would think it was a ice slab on the top, small patterns engraved into it making it seem more special than any snow flake. Yuki decided to form a small crystal layer on the red heads desk top just to see how he would react, and if he would guess the right suspect. After dissipating the crystal on his own desk of course.


bruh moment
At first, Kiyoshi was too focused on the door, waiting for it to open and for Sensei to walk in. As the desk began to crystalize more and more, Kiyoshi began to notice. Various spots began to crystalize and he tried to cover them up with his hands to hide them from sight so that no one would draw attention to himself.
Frustration set in as the crystal spread across the desk, covering the surface of it
Why, why does this always happen to me? Why can't it be someone else for once?

Thinking fast, Kiyoshi slipped off his kimono and threw it on the desk, wearing only a pair of comfy black pants and a green shirt. He looked in the corner of the room and saw him. That weird kid... he's just staring at me. I bet it was him!

Kiyoshi curled his bottom lip upwards and narrowed his eyes, glaring at Yukimuro. What was his deal?


The Crystal Viper
Oh, he noticed? Yuki pointed down while looking at the strange red head signaling to look at the desk, he had made it so that the crystal pattern said "Sorry, I didn't mean to do so much, I just wanted to see if you would notice. After he read the message Yuki made the crystal dissipate while giving a weak smile and waving. "Did i screw something up for him?" wondered Yuki, what if it scared him. It didn't seem like anyone noticed, not even the person beside him.

He started writing a note which he would give to him later that read: "That was my kekkei genkai, sorry if it bothered you. You just seemed a bit awkward like i am so I thought I would try to see how you would react and how fast you would realize it was me." he sat the letter aside for later


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Mensa heard some other kids voice,
He took his eyes away from the book.
A noticable crystallization was upon Kiyoshi's desk.
He looked looked up from the desk and saw someone with blond hair, he assumed they'd done it.
Kiyoshi was glaring at them, yep, they did it alright.
"Hey buddy, you shouldn't treat people like that ya know."
Mensa said the blond kid.
He got out a Kunai, and began to try to chip away at the crystal, though it was quite tiring.
"Try not to get bent out if shape,"
Mensa said in a calm tone to Kiyoshi,
"There's gonna be people like that everywhere you go."
The crystal was starting to chip easier now thankfully.

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