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Fandom Nature Always Wins (Naruto AU) OOC



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Honestly, not much has happened with anyone. We introduced our characters, went to the Academy, and we're now sparring with each other. The same day this is all taking place is the day that everyone is getting assigned their Team Captains.
MidnightMoon MidnightMoon I'm kinda impatient so I'm going to assume Yuno has the gloves, since, you know, the logical assumption would be that she almost always has them on.


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Fun fact is she does not always have them on. She takes them off after battle or when In village because they channel her chakra into them. Which In turn wears doesn’t the gloves and can burn her (lightning natured chakra) if kept on to long.

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Also isn't it cheating to have play hide and seek and have something follow the ones who are hiding?

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