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Fandom Nature Always Wins (Naruto AU) OOC



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i'm not seeing anything wrong with your character besides the fact that they're a 13 year old Chunin and their Chakra Type is medical (by Chakra Type I meant Chakra Nature, like Fire, Wind, Lightning, etc.), so if you could just either change the age or make them a Genin, and specify what Chakra Nature they have, I think you'll be good to go. Also do you want to be on Team 1 with Repsugar Repsugar and I, or do you want to wait and be on Team 2 when and if we get more interest?


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MidnightMoon MidnightMoon was the Jounin CS you posted the Sensei one or the side one? Also will the Sensei one be taking on Team 1, or would you rather wait for new players to come in and teach Team 2?


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I finally finished reading over everyone’s characters! They look awesome! I love how everyone is super protective of friends lol. Well except for Yuno....


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Alright, so I think we really only need one more player, that being either another Genin, or a Chunin (if we get them to play a Chunin, we could have an all Genin team and an all Chunin team). I'll be making a Jounin Sensei character for Team 2, by the way.

Here are the teams we currently have:
Team 1 -
Kiyoshi Uzumaki Unfortunate. Unfortunate. (Genin)
Mensa Igatai Repsugar Repsugar (Genin)
Kirishiki Kimiko Flame Demon Flame Demon (Genin)
Gin Matsuda MidnightMoon MidnightMoon (Jounin)

Team 2 -
Yukimuro Taka - Nori Nori (Chunin)
Yuno Matsuda - MidnightMoon MidnightMoon (Chunin)
(Open Chunin Slot)
Unfortunate. Unfortunate. (Jounin)

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask.

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