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Fandom Nature Always Wins (Naruto AU, Long Term)

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Action, Adventure, Naruto Universe


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The Village Hidden in the Moss, known as Mosumuragakure, is a peaceful village south of the Land of Rivers and Land of Wind, located within the Land of Jungle. Not many people talk about it, mostly because not a lot of people from the village leave, or do things like cooperating on missions, trading with other villages, etc. They try to be a self-sustaining village, but with 700 residents, it can often be difficult. The only reason anyone really believes that it exists is because they import and export goods to and from their village twice a year.

The Moss, even though it looks developed, is actually only 4 and a half years old. Oshiriki Namino, the current Mosukage, founded the village after his previous one was destroyed by an unknown assailant -- although he suspects it was the Leaf, and has held the grudge against them for years.

This roleplay will take place in the Village Hidden in the Moss, and will start at around the same time that Naruto Part 1 takes place. Players will assume the role of ninja (or side characters, you can have more than one) that are either Genin students, or Jounin Sensei. We will be starting out with two teams, but that's mostly because I don't know how much interest this will get. We will be making our own friendships, adventures and the like, and our characters too! This IS long term, so be prepared for commitment!

Team 1
Kiyoshi Uzumaki Unfortunate. Unfortunate. (Genin)
Mensa Igatai @Repsugar (Genin)
Kirishiki Kimiko Flame Demon Flame Demon (Genin)
Gin Matsuda MidnightMoon MidnightMoon (Jounin)
Team 2
Yukimuro Taka Nori Nori (Chunin)
Yuno Matsuda MidnightMoon MidnightMoon (Chunin)
(Unknown 3rd Genin)
Akatoshi Yama Unfortunate. Unfortunate. (Jounin)

What I Would Expect:
  • Activity. Be active when you can. I don't expect you to be here every second of every day, and I understand if there is something going on. Just tell me and I'll get it worked out. So many of my roleplays die right off of the bat because nobody is active.
  • Post length. Don't go into immense measures of detail about how your character stood and stared at someone before talking, and don't write one sentence and then end a fight scene, unless it's called for. Try and stray away from one liners, however, sometimes it can't be helped.
  • NO. SEXUAL. ROLEPLAY. Romance is fine. Just fade to black or don't do it at all. Definitely don't do it at all if it's among the Genin level kids. Nobody wants to see any of this.
  • No Godmoding, Gary Sues, Mary Sues, etc. I understand that you want your character to be powerful, but keep in mind, so do others, not to mention these are 11-13 year old Genin.
If you've made it this far: Congratulations! You must be interested. Right? Right? Hopefully. If you are, just PM me or reply to this. I hope to see you all soon!

OOC - Fandom - Nature Always Wins (Naruto AU) OOC
Lore/History - Fandom - The Moss Character Lore/Overall History
Character Sheet Page - Fandom - Nature Always Wins (Naruto AU) CS Page
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bruh moment
The RP has started, we just need a few more people in order to progress.
Here's the link if anyone would actually want to look at it.


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It's never too late to join! We don't have enough people to start the actual roleplay, so we're just establishing our characters and getting a grasp on how the village works on the RP page for now.


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Sure!! Just make a character sheet and make sure I approve it!
Here's the link to the CS page!


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Two character sheets, since you want to play two characters :P You can make them as detailed as you want, or not detailed at all, just make sure it's comprehensible.


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Okay, we only need one more student (preferably a Chunin so we can have an all Chunin team and an all Genin team) to start the plot! Remember, you are allowed to play more than one character, you don't have to stick with students or teachers.

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