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    "This'll all be over by Christmas, right?"

    The year is 1914, tensions in Europe are higher then ever. The death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand has took Europe by storm, nations begin to make alliances with other nations in case of a 'World war' breaking out. Can you change history?

    ~|RP stuff and Rules|~
    1. Third person RP, texts should be like 'France had declared war on Germany' or if it's a message 'The Kaiser sends a message to the leader of France. "We will invade Belgium."

    2. Please be realistic, no having thousands of tanks or planes as soon as you start. Make sure the weapons are appropriate for the time.

    3. Do not take command of nations you do not own.

    4. Don't be bitchy if your nation's taken, you can possibly still have it if the person's inactive

    5. Check the Aa every so often, It shows the date and notable events.

    6. Obey the rules, Have fun!

    7. Also, you don't need to be 100% historically accurate.

    ~|I worked very hard on this, please keep it alive.|~
    France: @Russianwolf
    Netherlands: @jppeer123
    Russian Empire: @CabalAnomicPotato
    German Empire: @Keidivh
    Greece: @R-Breezy
    Denmark: @I_Exist
    Japan: @Master Hand

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    (( Thing's changed, Austro-Hungary didn't call Germany into the war against Serbia yet, whoever wants to continue can continue ))
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    (( Re doing starter ))

    After Archduke Franz-Ferdinand's assassination the news takes Europe by storm. Austro-Hungary believes that the Serbian government had planned the assassination, they send an ultimatum to Serbia falsely pinning them on the assassination, the ultimatum was made to be declined due to the unreasonable requests. The Great War has begun, Austro- Hungary has officially declared war on Serbia.
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    As tensions rose in the motherland, and citizens constantly showed their displeasure and distrust in the tsar, Russia seemed as if it could collapse at any moment. The tsar wanted to change that, and with the pressure from the public, Russia had plans for industrialation. The tsar sends a message throughout Russia and to his advisors, "if we are to survive in this day and age, we must strive for more, we must modernize our great nation, and we must do it fast". Factories are to be build and ran throughout Siberia, with industrial goals set, farming was to get a boost. It was dubbed the 5 year plan.
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    Serbia sends an urgent message to her allies in Russia, the letter goes straight to the Tsar, it states 'My dearest Russian allies, Serbia faces a dark age, war has been declared on us by the Emperor Franz-Joseph. We humbly ask for you to join us in the fight against Austro-Hungary, not for any kind of material gain but to strengthen our alliance as well as show the rest of the world your true power.'
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    The Tsar knew that the plan would do wondrous things for the empire, not only would it help advance the Russians into the new age of europe, but would bring the people's faith in the tsardom to a full circle. As much as it hurt to admit, the tsar knew Russia would need help with this transformation, so a message was sent to those of the UK and that of Germany, "Russia would like to propose a deal with you on matters of industrialation. You help us in our goal of modernizing Russia and bringing innovation to the motherland, and in turn we allow you to use a wealthy amount of our land and factories for production means. It would be a 5 year fix". The tsar finishes the letter with the official seal of the Russian royalty, and has them sent. The tsar responds to Serbia with a heavy heart, and a not so modest excuse, "dear serbian comrades, we regret to inform you that Russia cannot help you in war efforts, because of a recent economic faliure".
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    (wait wait wait, why is this IC thread in the interest check tab)
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    (The world may never know)
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    The German Empire

    "Gott verdammt!" The voice rang out like a hammer striking an anvil, the men in the office remaining deathly silent as their leader fumed. Alrick Gottzmann had worked diligently for his entire reign to keep the peace between the major powers of Europe. And with a single death, it seems it was starting to unravel. The Iron Chancellor was likely turning in his grave. "It is only a matter of time before the powder keg goes off now gentlemen."

    A highly decorated officer stepped forward, one of the few who didn't. The General Field Marshall of Reichm Tabbart Rommel. "Whatever storm comes our way, it will break against the bulwark of the Reich's armies mein Kaiser. Our troops are prepared, and the reserves are ready to be called upon in a moments notice." The Kaiser gave a nod as he turned to look out of his window and over Berlin, the heart of the Reich.

    "What say you Franz?"

    Konrad Franz, Chancellor of the Reich and personal advisor to the Kaiser stepped forward. "The strength of great empires industry is the envy of the modern world mein Kaiser, and the will of our people strong. I am with Rommel, our people will be ready."

    With a heavy sigh, the Kaiser turned back to his trusted advisers, with steel in his eyes. "Very well. It is time then gentlemen. Prepare the Reich for war."


    Over the course of the next few weeks Germany saw an explosion of productivity as the Kaiser looked to further strengthen the industrial core of the Reich, new factories were to be built throughout its states, while a portion the civilian factories slowly redirected their focus to making war time supplies. Meanwhile Chancellor Konrad Franz began work to strengthen Germany's agriculture, looking to try and make his home country more self reliant in feeding its populace, as the Kaiser had expressed deep concerns over their ability to keep their trade lanes open.

    During this busy time period, Alrick carefully watched the situation in Serbia, curious to see when they would call upon their ally, the Russian Empire. If a call had been issued however, it seemed to go unheeded, much to the astonishment of the Reichs leaders. Even more shockingly, a message was brought to the Kaiser from the Tsar himself. Instead of being a declaration of war, they were asking for help. Rommel expressed deep concerns over strengthening Russia's industry, wary of making a potential enemy only more powerful. Franz meanwhile argued that if Germany didn't step in, the British would. Russia would industrialize, the question was who would the Russians be grateful towards?

    In the end, Kaiser Alrick Gottzmann came to the conclusion that a strong ally in the east would be far more beneficial to the Reich than a weak enemy. An ambassador was sent to to the Russian motherland to approach the Tsar himself, with this message to bear. "Our glorious Kaiser see's great sense in your request mighty Tsar, and would be honored to stand alongside the Russian Empire as its industrial partner. The Kaiser has seen fit to provide advisers and resources to assist this process, and is most grateful for the use of factories in the years to come. The only other request we would make is a contribution to the granaries of the Reich."

    With the possibility of a friend in the east, and the apparent abandonment of Serbia, it was clear that now was the perfect time to seal the fate of the Serbians, and bring a swift end to that front, securing it for the Reich and its allies. So it was that Generalfeldmarschall Tabbart Rommel called upon the Sixth Army to assemble at the borders of their allies country, readying themselves to move in and support them at a moments notice.

    (Strengthening Industrial core of the Reich, attempts being made to make Reich more agriculturally independent, trade deal with Russian Empire accepted with addendum of a contribution to food stores of the Reich, Sixth Army mobilized and preparing to assist Austria-Hungary)
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    Georges Clemenceau begins to construct new modern battle tactics, paranoia is running rampant throughout France. If a large scale war were to break out in Europe the French people a paranoid of an attack. After all the French weren't exactly a technological peoples. France sends Russia a proposal, the message is delivered on foot to the Tsar. The message states, 'My dear Allies, having heard of your recent economical failure, in order to keep our alliance together the French shall stay beside you if any civil unrest shall occur.'

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    After hearing of the circumstances going g on South of Denmark, people are deeply concerned of war. If Germany was eager enough they could invade Denmark.

    While the Danish didn't have too much to fear, as being a large economic standpoint in the middle, and securing themselves as a neutral country, making an attack on them look terrible to outside Nations, that might not stop a country eager enough to invade.

    The King, Charles the 10th, issued a statement;
    Our country has friendly relations with all nations. We are confident that the strict and unbiased neutrality that has always been the foreign policy of our country and that will still be followed without hesitation will be appreciated by everyone.
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    @Russianwolf (mind reposting this actually in the Nation Builder section?)
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