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Nations of the World

Nations of the World


Nations of the World is a roleplay established in a fictitious world of player-generated countries. Set in the year of 1993, people will be able to craft their own nations and choose how they operate amongst the global community in a story-driven setting. This will, of course, be a roleplay where the history, the world, and the lore - as long as it remains reasonable and within the realms of plausibility within the time periods - is crafted by those participating. For example, you may claim credit for the establishment of modern military tactics, and leave the rest of us with nothing to brag about. That doesn’t mean you can state that you have invented robots or achieved nuclear fusion, as the technological realm of this roleplay will be centred between the periods of the 1990s and 2000s. What your nation is is entirely up to you. You could be the copy-and-paste North Korea of the world, threatening everyone with faulty WMDs, or you could be a global policing power who’s shoving their nose up everybody's arses. Whatever you decide, the potential stories of the roleplay will be entirely up to those participating.

[Nation Building - Nations of the World: Character Sheets]


Global Map Featuring Equator Line

Claimed Territories
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Interested. I have a few ideas. Could I ask what your nation is? And also if our nation could be separated (Like Germany with East Prussia) or even have a colony thing going on?


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Id think id be intreasted in making a country...though after finals...
This RP has been dead for a while. I don't know why, but this section is becoming besieged by people who aren't aware for whatever reason which threads are alive and which are not. If you're interested in this type of RP, I suggest you make one like it yourself.

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