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Nation Building Nation building/community strategy

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Action, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Multiverse

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
I got a unit list. I got a tech list too ( not a massive one just basics to roll for.)

The majority of the research subjects, you guys get to decide amongst yourselves.

Since Legions are their own governing body. Can keep tech to self unless want to trade and be friendly.

Everyone can research up to 3 things a faction. Though with certain technology say computers, can bump the max to 6.

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
Cool beans. Do we pick or roll for our tech and units?

And it was okay to be an Alien? I'm fine with a human fleet for ease sake, and just the admiral the alien. Mostly for a bit of flavor fun kind of thing.

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
No my friend. I The GM will roll for starting stuff.

And a Alien as a higher up official works in situation G, the story line I think is being done. As humanity ar not xenophobes yet as they have had no major space wars, yet. ( Said plot holds up unless a Fortress world situation or lost world. Then picking favored enemies.)

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
Last notes on Stellar: The Unit list is now literally 300 ( for ground wars, Space Battle Navy ships been done.)

Got all enemies down.

Recycled Children’s race map for random enemy aliens.

And recovered the 30 starter techs. Will roll for that today.

Also: Need to do randomizing Of sectors. Those humans touched and such.

Lastly: Did not do space magic list, clerical magic, chi or Psi. Figured people can make cool stuff but willing to start them off

Said units from tech, cultural choices and government choice.


Herald of the Great Devourer
Here are planetary units in Stellar Legions, stats are blank as not properly equipped yet and the last entries well the Pro/Con got lost due to bugs. Will correct it latter.

Troop Make up: Below is list. How to obtain is in the “Unlock” below con. Depends on choices which you start off with, get more with time.

1: Convicts: The slime of society being put to good use.

Pro: They steal enemy loot when defeat them, will salvage on own, help with resources.

Con: Bad Morale.

2: Officers: Politically charged soldiers who help run the chain of command, in hunting the enemy, and fighting would be deserters.

Pro: Bonus against rebels. Better rolls in holding ground.

Con: Must make rolls to prevent other units from killing them, as executions tick off the units they do service too. (Dead guys best friend taking revenge.)

3: Vat Grown: Clones, basically cloned humans for cheap soldiers.

Pro: As long have vats, unlimited troops.

Con: Takes time for them to grow and protect the vats. Or their gone.

4: Black Guard: Special breed of army convict army. These people who served in service and did dishonor are forced to be hosts to symbionts. That make them strong and honor bond.

Pro: Do their job well.

Con: Ally morale (Most units) Get nervous around them.

5: Warrior Caste: Some societies of humanity have castes. These people were raised to kick ass. The basic troop. Has no pro or con.

6: Scholar: Legion from a scholar world. Who studied the art of war.

Pro: Good warriors. Tactics, and offer suggestions at tactics phase.

Con: Still just human.

7: Mutants: Humans born different, and suffer as an result.

Pro: Just that good at killing.

Con: Other officers will frown on you doing this.

8: Gene Modded: Think Space Marines from Warhammer.

Pro: Gene Therapy super troopers who tear through enemies with ease.

Con: Super expensive to hire/replace.

9: Pilgrims: Those on a holy mission to do a great act, or visit a sacred place. Being in service helps them reach these goals, or maybe their religion is war like, so doing crusade for sake of questing.

Pro: Infalliable morale. Combat bonus with monks.

Con: Sometimes will request to visit said holy place and be gone from mission statement time.

10: Monks; Keepers of the state religion. And practice physical fitness and combat. To save the bodies and minds, along with souls of their companions.

Pro: Good fighters and bonus morale with Pilgrims and tribals.

Con: Still human, and scholars/mentats butt heads.

11: Tribals: Humans from the most rural, dirt poor worlds that have went to the stone age. Killing our enemies with a hunters wit.

Pro: Good at their job. Fighting that is

Con: Their superstitions may cause them to freak out when engaging some new threats. Hard time maintaining advanced equip.

12; Uplifted: Animals with science, made to act like people.

Pro: Dirt cheap.

Con: Ethic flag.

13:Psionic Adepts: Those who have been triggered and have mind of matter powers.

Pro: Decent psionic unit, think jedi/Sith or WH40 Librarians.

Con: Their powers do not work on somethings though, and are extra vulnerable to somethings.

14: Vessels: Think Avatar. Human/alien hybrid clones controlled by personal in neuro caskets. If Vessel dies, can get another, if pilot dies. Well crap.

Pro: Good at their job.

Con: Need to have a base that is protected planetside to deploy.

15: Post Human: Humans born not of dna, but nanites. Artificial humans that have inherit super powers as a result.

Pro: One of the best unit/grunts in game.

Con: need a tight leash, or they will try to play God.

16: Chimaera: half human, half animal. All killing machine.

Pro: Good at their job.

Con: Lets not discuss how their made though, or there will be a public outcry.

17: Synthmorph: Artificial life that can attach cyberware to itself. Living war machines.

Pro: one of the best grunts in game.

Con: Biggest flag of morality. Also does not help they are hyper aggressive and only handlers in blood lust are researchers in secure bunkers inputting code, to control their killing drives.

18: Xeno Auxiliary: Aliens deemed helpful to humanity and thus now in front line.

Pro: Their good at their job.

Con: Morality/conservative members of society might frown on this.

19: Servitors: Those deemed unworthy to have free will, so stripped away and now cyborgs, serving as automation.

Pro: Good at their work.

Con: Need to be programmed every day, to function.

20: Crusaders: Known as Archivists. These super soldiers have cloned super soldier flesh grafted to them, and have all genetic donor and previous owner memories injected into their psyche by way of drugs. To access genetic memory to do many things without need to train, and given neural implants to learn even more by survival. Nick named immortals for when one falls, they are replaced. If access to genes.

Pro: Good battling troops and little time to actually train. Can access gene memory for tactics help.

Con: They hate being ordered around. Other troops nervous that they will be harvested. (Which does not happen, rumors are rumors though.)

21: Volunteers: Good old lovable fools who signed up for this crap.

Pro: High morale.

Con: It can shift when you know, in the shit.

22: Amazon Brigade: All woman battle unit.

Pro: Kill just as good as a skilled man.

Con: Gotta roll to make sure them men keep to themselves. Otherwise battlefield babies.

23: Cherubim: Unwanted orphans of Empire, with surgery of mind, body and soul into perfect, loyal killing machines.

Pro: Super loyal, high morale, and good at killing. Absolute loyality.

Con: Raise morality flag.

24: Templar: Super soldiers on a holy mind quest/crusade to crush the forces of wickedness.

Pro: Good at their job.

Con: Do not work well with others, ever.

25: Iron Legion: A battle group of cyborg volunteers who are being mind controlled by a overseer onboard a scry ship.

Pro: Damn good at their job.

Con: Keep those ships safe or they lose effectiveness of the uni mind.

26: Engineers: Combat Crafters who love the art, of making war machines.

Pro: Handy in a fight and add one extra pick with special gear (As in they make it themselves.) Bonus in field repair and fortifying the positions.
Con: Not much else really.

27: Death World Survivors: These people are combat group from a death world. A planet where all life tries to kill humans. Makes them hard, and waged war since birth.

Pro: Damn good fighters and survivalists, less resource to field.

Con: Do not work well with others, unless survivors too, or after several tours together to kill tension.

28: Mentat Corp: basically a company of combat scientists.

Pro: Aid Arms race ideal with +1 to rolls. In Design, Price, and Bugs.

Con: They suck at fighting.

29: Hired Guns: Mercs, Bounty Hunters and etc hired by your faction to fight against the enemy. But on their terms.

Pro: Good at killing. Dirt cheap as they come with their own gear.

Con: Will only use their gear. Even if other better gear presented.

30: Frames: Human psyche inside robotic shell. Literally the ultimate transhuman ideal.

Pro: Damn good stats, and immunity to certain attacks.

Con: Will bring up ethics with certain groups of empire.

31: Agents: Secret agents, who are armed, trained and will help out in the effort.

Pros: Bonus to gain intel against certain enemies. Bonus with tactics working.

Cons: Best to use in hidden means, they are under handed and gather intel. Not true warriors.

32: Assassins: A order of warriors who are good at sneaking and killing. Just not that strong, agile, not strong.

Pros: Good at killing off leaders with tactics.

Cons: Not really good in open combat. Enclosed yes.

33: Rangers: Scouts who survive in the great outdoors.

Pros: Good in outdoors, depending on the environment.

Cons: Not really good for anything let.

34: Commandos: Highly trained independent acting squads, heavily armed one.

Pros: Really love to dig in, deep in enemy ranks to attack their ranks in surprise.

Cons: They will kill Officers if paired up, and not always good with taking orders.

35: Robotic Warriors: Built soldier sized robots. That are armed and met to serve man, by slaying it’s enemies.

Pro: No fear, and are built, not born. Literal killing machines.

Con: Need repair as they cannot heal (Unless nano swarms are around.)

36: Golems: Like the robotic. These guys are massive robots. Not true mecha, for there is no pilot. Big robots, killing enemies of empire with bigger gear.

Pros: Big ass robotic warriors, so bigger guns equipped.

Con: Just like their smaller brethren.

37: Immortals: Crippled beyond chance to be walking or functioning. They are hooked up to machines to be a man/woman piloted golem.

Pro: A golem., with human pilot. And reasoning.

Con: Not invincible.

38: MEC Jockey: Humans who eagerly lob off their limbs to have cyborg limbs, who in turn wire to powerful 12-15 foot tall mecha frames to beat down enemy to ground.

Pros: Heavily armed and strong as hell.

Cons: Parts need repair. Body needs healing.

39: Knights: Loyal servants of Empire who use their heirlooms for only to slay the enemies of their race. Born to be the best and trained to be the best.

Pros: Powerful loyal soldiers. Armed with super rare tech.

Cons: They never retreat, so pick battles carefully. They hate dishonorable combat too.

40: Nobles Regiment: Noble born soldiers. Who use their wealth to buy up resources and benefit to company.

Pro: More resources.

Con: Need to stay alive to get their gadgets.

41: Ravagers: Soldiers with injections of Forced Evolution Virus, mutated and armed to teeth to kill the enemy.

Pros: Super strong and tough beings. Whom also heal faster.

Cons: Can mutate in uncontrollable ways. Just beware, need to put down then.

42: Zealots: These guys are convicts who were forced to be in cyber ware to be mind wiped to serve the empire.

Pros: In battle their minds and focused on killing with holo imagery, so they do not have fear.

Con: Not at all concerned with their safety so chances are they will get themselves killed.

43: Reavers: Those who use the experimental bio armor known as “Arsenal.” Shifting super armed met to make user a angel of Death.

Pros: Super good at killing things.

Cons: Expensive as hell to recruit/numbers.

44: Armor: The columns/units whom are piloting tanks. Tanks of different roles.

Pros: Heavy supports who blow up the enemies with big guns.

Cons: Expensive and hard to bring to the various fighting stages.

45: Raptors: Super fast, quick acting response fighters based on tech. With flight suit tech these guys are your fliers. Otherwise using basic jump/launch pods. (Jet pack for jumps, not flight.)

Pro: Really fast fighters, so hit many times pre their turns.

Cons: They cannot take hits, lightly armed.

46: Paladins: Super convicted warriors. Who are out to protect mankind, and purge the enemy.

Pros: Fearless, super melee, and by their belief, deal damage, bonus with to dimensional monsters. Also, Psionic immune.

Con: They never retreat, close combat only, and suicidal devoted to combat.

47: Gifted: Psionics except they were given this by chemicals. So man made psionics.

Pros: Can use psionic powers.

Cons: Their mind magic hurts them as it’s not natural.

48: Altered: More man-made monsters. These ones are shape shifters.

Pro: Able to blend in to any enemies for swift killings.
Con: Not trusted.

49: Bio Morphs: Prototypes of Synthmorphs. These beings kill with teeth and claws. Who only know how to hunt.

Pros: Close combat monsters, who destroys those without fear.

Cons: They kill everything, including allies in the way. No gear either.

50: Tech Wizards: Mentats who were trained not to invent but command tech to do magic like spell effects.

Pros: Almost as good as Post Human, almost.

Con: Need support to get stuff done.

51: Soldier: Warriors empowered by sacred vita wave energy. To be stronger and better than the rest.

Pro: Really awesome at killing things.

Con: Need Vita wave energy baths or die by rejection/decay.

52: Android Squadron: Hyper advanced robotic helpers programmed and designed to look like sentient life. Met to aid/assist troops.

Pros: Super loyal, quick and powerful robotic helpers.

Con: When damaged, their disguise is no longer any good and quickly destroyed should enemy catch on.

53: Giants: Those who wield a Nano Swarm device, using the mass and energy of the device, can change shadow mass into real mass and control it. To smash down enemies, think Titan Shifter meets Ultra Man. Or soldiers who turn gigantic to destroy enemies.

Pro: Damn scary, fearsome in combat, hard to injure.

Con: Time limit. The strain and power to keep the mass is a lot. After several turns the Giant unit can die. Also not invincible. And also may have to change to human to recharge. Which in turn takes time.

54: Revenant Legion: Nanobot infused flesh of the dead, which in turn has made them rise. Undead cyborg army, my God!

Pro: Fearless, loyal, and scary to behold.

Con: Close corners only, slow, and proper blows can kill them for good.

55: Confessor Corp: Holy cops/Enforcers who spread the church light and keep the flock safe. Armed with mind reading tech, to scan the would be crook and judge accordingly. Attempting to redeem. In life, or death.

Pro: Bonus vs agent/spies/rebel activity. Morale bonus with religion.

Con: That’s about it, given a fight against say a xeno threat, their useless.

56: Blade Masters: These people devote themselves to mastery of melee combat, mainly blades. They train themselves hard to be the best.

Pro: Really good in melee.

Con: May not equip guns.

57: Kage: A deadly shadow warrior that when given a mission, will see to then end with it. Extremely well trained in stealth and killing things.

Pro: A hero unit practically, as they are one individual per unit who does work of a group.

Con: Pricey as Hell and yeah one life means one death is all you take.

58: Medic: Keep the troops alive with know how and best medical available.

Pro: Keep troop cost/death down. Morale boost.

Con: Very lightly armed.

59: Shepherds: Psionic holy people who attempt to keep good faith with the people. Guiding them to the light.

Pro: Psionic powers, good morale boost.

Con: They may not wear most forms of armor. Have to be dressed accordingly.

60: Espers: Man made psionic creatures to terrorize the enemy.

Pros: Damn good at killing and psionic abilities.

Con: Hard to control, may try to become free.

61: Mechanized Infantry: Troopers who use fast acting armored personal carriers to get going to bring the fight as hard and fast as possible.

Pros: Each team comes with squads and carriers. Good over all.

Con: Bad terrain can nullify speed of movement, also their carriers have light armor.

62: Gun Ships: Flying machines that bring direct fire power to battle field.

Pro: Good over all fast hitting air craft.

Con: Cannot be deployed in certain battle fields. And anti air can wreck havoc.

63: Battleoids: Gigantic artificial creatures out to kill the enemies of the Empire.

Pro: Fearless, strong, move easy across map, can cause fear.

Con: Have to recharge range attacks, and mostly deal in melee damage. Not invincible either. Small numbers in units. Expensive.

64: Space Marines: Heavily armed warriors who come down on drop pods from the Heavens to wage war directly to the enemy.

Pro: Can Deep Strike, heavily armed, and they hit hard.

Con: Cannot start with them, only on surface missions, and can misfire a roll and land at random points of map.

65: Machine Hunters: Special hard-hitting close combat support team made up of technology cultists, that also specialize in heavy explosions, to remove opposing negative terrain, like boulders or walls to give a edge to their team. Modified gear to be immune to fire/heat and weaponry deals heat.

Pro: Good close quarters combat, can do double damage against mecha units.

Con: Their weapons only function at closer combat range.

66: Storm Troopers: Highly trained elite special forces warriors whom when not serving their tours; are instead sleeping on ice to be awoken to kill again. Training and ages of killing has made them experts of their craft.

Pro: Really good special forces unit.

Con: Do not aid fellow units of their objectives, only their units only.

67: Sirens: Special operations soldiers who have received psi training. They use it to help manage battles. By sensing out life and directing fire to it, should it prove to be a enemy. Can also influence with mind psi, they are all female.

Pro: Think Commandos, with psi spells.

Con: Still small lightly armed/armored units.

68: Archon: The perfect fusion of Psionic might with modern technology. It’s a frame, who’s mind is a psionic, and armed with manipulators like a Tech Wizard. For a warrior type who are over all fearsome in force. Either by machine might, or the two schools of spells at their hands.

Pro: Really good hero unit.

Con: A hero unit.

69: Prophet: Another psionic unit. These select few have the rarest gift of all, Far Sight. They can see distance with their minds, and even feel out ripples of time. To predict out comes and shift them, hopefully in the Empires favor.

Pro: Get to Access the Far Sight spell list. And morale based defense/offense.
Con: Weak defense. Need spells and support to stay alive.

70: Psi Lord: The ultimate pure psionic unit. Armed to the teeth, fire forged combat skills, and access to *ALL* Psionic spells. These men and women (Title is unisex) Are the psionic top dogs. And they will wreck the enemy something fierce.

Pros: All best spells of psionic tree. Good over all stats.

Con: Can suffer from overload (Roll) In which cannot act, use psionics or even gain wounds over time. A risky cost for such power.

71: Drifters: Roving outcasts of the fringe worlds. Who use killer instinct and drive to survive to the zenith. Hire only when earned their trust.

Pro: Equipped with their own gear.

Con: Special mission o get. Stick to their own tools.

72: Snipers: Top shooters who hide in cover to pick off targets to their discretion. Ministers and dealers of death via well placed shots.

Pros: Very accurate. Far game, hard to track.

Con: Not that good in melee, cannot have quality armor.

73: Aerial Calvary: Troopers who have tamed and ride on flying creatures. Dive bombing in for fearsome melee fighting, mounted gunnery, and sometimes dropping bombs. Covers wide variety of said creatures, including artificial ones.

Pros: Really quick on battle field and hit hard.

Con: Range, and due to flying not always best armored.

74: Divers: Soldiers in thick, powerful mecha suits for pressure, heat, and gravity. To go through lava, high gravity, or bottom of ocean. Handy elsewhere to due to toughness. Slow though.

Pro: Can work in all terrain, good defense. Spare weapon slots.

Con: Slow as hell.

75: Sappers: Crazed blood thirsty warriors who lost will to live and focus on killing as many as possible, including themselves, with bombs.

Pro: Blow themselves up for really good damage, can hit with grenades too.

Con: Once dead they are dead, cannot be zombies with psi either as their blown to pieces.

76: Tunnel Crew: Those brave enough to burrow through the Earth for God, and Family. To engage in sneak attacks or make new routes for the army.

Pro: Sneak attack by burrowing, good in melee, they make mine fields, cave ins, and supply tunnels too.

Con: Depend on dirt, sometimes it is not a option.

77: Riders: Those who ride on the backs of fearsome Xeno Beasts, and armed to the teeth while doing it. A time honored tradition to uphold arms and gallantry.

Pros: Beast is best based on world, hit hard, fast, and no worries of terrain. Can “eat” beasts for supply issues.

Con: Not as armored and protected as a vehicle though.

78: Juggernauts: Super humans inside chest of a mecha war walker. Using their bodies to pilot the death machines, to slay the enemies of the All Father.

Pro: Brutal, powerful, tough, and guided by human intelligence.

Con: Big targets, not fast.

79: Robo Beasts: Robotic helpers patterned after the fauna of the Empire.

Pro: Hit hard and fast. A night mare to face.

Con: Need constant orders as their not bright.

80: Combat Pets: Trained xeno beasts to rip the enemy a new one.

Pro: Cheap, and fast.

Con: Not that tough.

81: Phoenix Guard: Artificially created soldiers to mutate with angelic looking wings and feathers. For a public relation score as they can wield anything a trooper can, and yet fly with great grace.

Pros: Hit hard, fast, and can use anything a normal trooper can including powered armor.

Cons: Can go into a fury and go non stop killing, must roll to stop. May attack friendlies at that time.

82: Tamers: Special psionic operatives who have mastered the art of speaking to the beings of astral realms, and bind them to their call.

Pros: Psi spells, good stats, and can summon new units to help.

Con: Religious units/persons will see them as blasphemous and ask them to be destroyed.

83: Astro Paths: Special psionics who can perceive time and space in a great deal and can even affect said fields. From guiding ships, allies, or warping space of enemy.

Pro: Interesting spells, Can be used in fleet battles.

Con: It hurts them to over use spells, roll after third non stop spell for damage.

84: Psycho Drivers: Psionics who are this way for they have dream twisters, an amp device installed into their skulls. It’s painful, but benefit is using psionic energy.

Pro: Psionics! Meaning spells.

Con: Roll after each spell to see if hurts user.

85: Shamans: These guys tap into the beliefs of themselves and their followers. Riding the psionic waves of belief, get to do space magic.

Pro: Interesting spells. Damn good in melee.

Con: Most limited spell book of the psionics.

86: Zone Mages: Psionics, who have perceived their gift as magic. As their minds and even souls were altered by exposure to etheral energies of another dimension, known as the zone.

Pro: Psionics, great spells.

Con: They can go crazy, and at worst rolls will stop functioning, or even attack selves/friendlies.

87: Shield Maidens: Warrior maidens of the church who get up and close. For killing is personal in the name of God.

Pro: Fearless, strong melee, and fast.

Con: Still only human, and are lousy shots.

88: Redeemers: The hardest of hearts. That the church allows for almost everyone to them is a sinner against the All Father. They kill to fuel the All Father, or convert those who wish to be saved.

Pro: Killing enemies restores focus points to allied psionics, fearless, hard hitting, and can convert foes. (If possible depending on enemy.).

Con: Easy to kill. And relentless/never fall back.

89: Seekers: Combat machines that can fly, they fly round, probing enemy ranks for weakness and pick them off.

Pro: Fast, hit hard and fearless.

Con: Need repairs, and electricity fries their cpus.

90: Colossi: Really, really, really big war tanks. Like big enough to house weapons of mass destruction and crush smaller tanks with trends.

Pro: Really powerful, really tough to kill.

Con; Expensive, slow, and big target.

91: War Machines: A combat machine bigger than a soldier bot, but not as big as a golem, somewhere in between. Still armed to the teeth. Usefully outfitted with heavy, rapid fire ordinance.

Pro: Hit hard, always locked on target. And fast moving.

Con: Need repairs. Easier to hurt than golems.

92: Argami: These are Forced Evolution Virus troopers, if the virus hit a psionic. So big powerful mutated Ravagers, with psionic powers. Often the leaders of the groups. Should be noted due to even more mutation they look like big man/shark/reptile hybrids. Nick named Dragon Corps.

Pro: Sheer strength of ravagers, with a couple psi spells.

Con: Can cook their brain so they do nothing next turn (Roll.)

93: Wolven: A genetic experiment in terraforming (Making colonist tougher to survive worlds.) The result? Humans, who can turn into were wolf style monsters. Naturally they took advantage and made them into commandos.

Pro: Hit hard, fast, fearless, can cause fear, and good at all ranges. Can go wolf monster for stat upgrade and healing factor.

Con: Blasphemy con, also can go into battle fury, and wolf monster form does not wear armor.

94: Paratroopers: Troops who leap out of planes, to deploy into ranks of enemies to mow them down.

Pros: A reserve unit, when deployed, get to pick spots on map. (Above ground.) Good over all commandos.

Con: Only on surface missions, bad rolls can scatter them, and can die pretty easily as their just humans.

95: Siege Calvary: Riders, who ride and tame really, really big creatures into the battle field, who sometimes have siege weaponry attached to battle harness. For big time hurt.

Pro: Can travel through harsh terrain, hurt in melee, in range, blow up cover, and trample.

Con: Steeds can be frenzied or fear effect under certain conditions. Also they are big targets.

96: Avengers: Survivors fueled by sheer revenge for their loss. After training and brain washing, they become howling killing machines for the Empire’s name.

Pro: Fearless, psionic proof, and quick.

Con: Never retreat, subject to fury.

97: Battle Thralls: When humans war against each other. There are winners and losers. The losers, have to serve the winners. In this case, battle thralls. Armed with their own war gear and experience. To kill for their masters’ command.

Pro: Cheap, never have to worry about war gear.

Con: Can lose morale quick. Win enough battles replace as they earned their freedom. (And they take it to.)

98: Gear Units: Gears are biological grown war bodies modified with cyborg parts. For a living mecha body met for war. Brave pilots fuse mind, body, and soul into their piece to become super killing machines.

Pro: Quick for mecha, armed to the teeth, strong, and agile. Can heal too.

Con: Can go into fury, also fleshier than mecha so less defense. Must be smart. Big target too.

99: Witches: Women who made deals with warp beings for power and knowledge. The, bad kind. These witches are sanctioned to serve. But must play by their commanders rules. Otherwise they get their just punishment.

Pro: Very interesting magic. Very quick.
Con: Blasphemy roll. Bad morale. Target for friendly fire “Accidents.”

100: Necromancer: The worst of the worst in space magic. Going into the realms of souls and death. To have mastery over life, after it has died.

Pro: Really strong spells.

Con: Blasphemy, friendly fire, poor stats, and best stuff requires dead bodies.

101: Shifters: machine soldiers made up of liquid metal nano colony. To be as swift, agile, and deadly as possible.

Pro: Quick, easy to ambush target.

Con: Gets slower after each injury.

102: Clerics: Morale officers for the church. They double as military police in their cool uniforms, psi powers, and lethal combat skills.

Pro: Morale booster. Psi powers, good in a fight.

Con: Cannot wield that many weapons compared to others.

103: Alchemists: Space magic users who change matter from one thing to another. A blessing and a curse as some things are not set forever.

Pros; Interesting magic spells. Good fighting shape.

Con: Need to sacrifice multiple charges per spell to make it “Really good” as opposed to “Good” no focused.

104: Bio Troopers: Combine clone troopers in vats with genetic modification technology working on the flesh as it’s being born. The result? These guys. Better than most soldiers in every possible way.

Pro: Damn good soldiers.

Con: Really expensive.

105: Hunters: Animals, given cpu implants for boosted intelligence and cyberware to prove more useful features. The future, of combat pets.

Pro: Handy, quick, hard hitting, and fearless.

Con: Very lightly armed.

106:Cannonade: Really big mobile artillery pieces.

Pro: Super long range, hits hard.

Con: Reload time, vulnerable, and slow.

107: Striders: Walkers/mecha that are pretty big and well armed.

Pros: Fire power, more nimble than armor/tanks, and good over all.

Con: Rough terrain, and a easier target.

108: Jotun: Biggest of the walkers/mecha. I mean huge, really huge. Battle ship on legs huge, like a crew, guns, and enough room for a hanger huge.

Pro: Modular bad ass unit armed to the teeth.

Con: So slow, and such a easy target.

109: Spider Tanks: Tank body that do not roll around but walk thanks to mechanized leg units.

Pro: Good in all terrain, bonus moves. Can fire and go.

Con: Less armor.

110: Behemoth Force: Big dogs of the AI Combat bots. A combat bot the size of a walker. As in, a jotun without a crew.

Pro: Just as bad ass as the Jotun, but no need for crew. And slightly faster/more nimble.

Con: Still a big target, AI can be disabled.

111: Warden: Psionic officers who are in charge of the soldiers. And keep their minds and souls safe.

Pro: Keeps units in line, and good spells.
Con: Hard to regain focus.

112: Machinists: Psionic officers who can control machines with their powers.

Pro: Have space magic that can effect machine morale, and attack with gadgets.

Con: Hard to regain focus, can get hurt by spell overdone.

113: Sorcerers: Students of the space magic schools.

Pros: Actual space magic, not psionics so different spells.

Con: Magic spells are costly, and lightly armed/equipped.

114: Sage: masters of space magic.

Pro: Good spells. Immune to mind warps.

Con: Lightly equipped.

115: Sensei: Super martial magic artists.

Pro: Massive focus points regain and good combat in melee.
Con: Fewer spells. Spell overload can damage them.

116: Elementalists: mages who harness the powers of the universe by scale, forces, and matter. All of them. To deliver death to the Imperium’s enemies.

Pros; Biggest spell chart of them all.

Con: Lightly equipped. More scholar than fighter.

117: Evolutionary: A psionic that is met to evolve themselves. They are bizarre in they mutate themselves. But are hated due to their rapid evolving.

Pro: They fight hard, and can evolve themselves additional powers. And cheap spells.
Con: Blasphemy stuff, and sometimes mutates are unpredictable.

118: Keeper of Secrets: Cyberware using psionics who specialize in absorbing memories. Keeping archives of personalities and experiences to recall latter. To store said memories so they serve empire and study very violent combat.

Pro: Very good in melee combat. Bonus against previous fought enemy, can get info easy, and psi spells.

Con: Risk getting possessed by memories they eat. And due to cyberware, cannot regen focus. Their focus pool is limited.

119: War Casters: The most battle ready and harden of the psionics/space magic aside psi lords. Trained to kill in every way to kill. Melee, guns, and psi. To serve to the best possible way.

Pro: Good in melee and ranged combat. Useful psi abilities.

Con: Despite being ready, they are not fearless or anything.

120: Lich: Imagine a space magic user/psionic who just got brought back from the dead. Kept personality and powers and out to kill more enemies. That’s a lich.

Pro: Fearless, immune to most environment factors, and psi power.

Con: Got to save psi focus points or will receive damage. As psi energy keeping body going, need some to spend on keeping the body going.

121: Motor Cultists: Lovers of speed who ride on combat motorcycles to kill or die serving Humanity.

Pro: Fast, attack while moving.

Con: Lightly armed.

122: Flight Disc Raiders: These guys ride on anti gravity disc gliders and speed into battle.

Pro: Fast, can go over any terrain, fly by.

Con: Lightly armed.

123: Jet Bikers: motor bikes strapped with jet parts for high speed flight.

Pro: Fastest of light recon craft.

Con: A chance of critical failure with freak explosion.

124: Sky Boarders: Hover board riding scouts.

Pro: Best dodge rate, still fast.

Con: Do not have the fly by trait.

125: Hover Tanks: Hover craft tanks, float like a hover disc, hit like a tank.

Pro: Big guns, good armor, ignore terrain.

Con: Not as armored as tank or as fast as other hover craft.

126: Land Ship: One of the biggest land craft and biggest hover craft. An armed low flying ship.

Pro: Powerful stats.

Con: Super costly.

127: Mobile Fortress: Biggest tracked vehicle. A carrier of air craft and smaller vehicles. A apc for vehicles basically.

Pro: Super armored and armed. Can carry twelve units.

Con: Really slow, really pricey.

128: Walker Factory: Biggest war walker ever, so big it is a factory for smaller units.

Pro: Creates AI units, big, strong, armed, and can kill by stepping on.

Con: A juicy slow target.

129: Carnage Engine: Some who commit crimes get this duty as a punishment. Strapped to a war frame, forced to view their crimes as the machine rampages. Does not stop until enemy is dead or pilot.

Pro: Lots of attacks and moves.

Con: Critical flaw, the pilot is exposed, and unarmored.

130: Hierophant: Pretty much a high priest of the order.

Pro: Morale boost, some spells.

Con: Cannot fight that good.

131: Priestess: A woman priest. One who works miracles by sheer faith.

Pro: Nice spell casting, morale boost.

Con: Weak in combat.

132: Purifier: Driven warriors in flame proof armor who burn the enemy in holy flames.

Pro: Super brutal in melee combat, burn damage. Can light things on fire.

Con: Poor range.

133: Skirmishers: Soldiers who use high tech tricks to engage the enemy on their own terms, as quick and agile as possible.

Pro: Free move special, good in close quarters combat.

Con: Benefits apply to rough terrain only.

134: Goliath Squad: Gene mod troopers who are grown to be 30-50 foot tall death bringers with macro weapons.

Pro: Good stats.

Con: Expensive as hell.

135: Gargantuan Force: The biggest xeno/bio grown combat creatures here. Talking true kaiju in size and scope.

Pro: Really powerful.

Con: Big target and expensive.

136: Samurai: honor bond clans with well trained warriors. These guys are armed with melee weapons that can take out tanks.

Pro: Really good in melee, fearless, can counter attack in melee.

Con: Range game is bad off, and small unit numbers.

137: Ogre Unit: Bigger synomorphs. Like MEC troop sized.

Pro: Bigger and stronger than originals.

Con: But more expensive.

138: Nano Hive: A machine that launches clouds of nano machines to tear enemies to pieces

Pro: Great range, attack power, and good in rough terrain.

Con: Poor armor. Ammo is limited/must make nano clouds once in a while.

139: Engels: Bio grown syno morphs who are able to fly.

Pro: Hit hard and fast. Flight.

Con: Still need to be controlled or too trigger happy.

140: Emperor Class Bomber: Big time bomber, huge even. Met to bomb enemies to the stone age.

Pros: Bombs the heck out of all land based targets with ease.
Cons: Needs refueling, or fixing. Also ammo can run out.

141: Valkyrie Fighters: High tech, high performance fighter craft.

Pros: Can attack flying units with ease, and attack land targets.
Cons: Need to go to refuel, or they will crash.

142: Imps: Small, like monkey to four foot tall robotic attack servos.

Pros: Easy to maintain, lot of numbers.

Con: Lightly armed. Lightly armored too.

143: Homunculi: Syno Morphs that are tiny. Like three foot to four foot tall.

Pro: Lots of numbers, fearless.

Con: Lightly armed.

144: Slayers: Shamed officers and nobles who have been stripped of their armor. But not their weapons, must fight until death redeems them.

Pros: Hit hard, fast, and fearless.

Con: Easy to injure if hit.

145: Librarian: Those who study under the Arcanmus Librinums in pursuit of power. With their tomes they serve humanity.

Pros: Spells.

Con: Weak in direct combat.

146: Defilers: Natural gifted wizards who are able to tap into the energy of the living universe around them. Kills the environment but boosts power.

Pro: Stronger spells. Decent fighters.

Con: Devalues planet they are on over time.

147: Boxers: Magic users who specialize in melee conflict and trapping mythical beings in boxes, as to draw on the captured power.

Pro: Decent fights, can trap certain enemies.

Con: To draw more power need said prisoners.

148: Photon Smiths: Using advanced technology they craft light to their tasks at hand. To point it seems like magic.

Pro: Specialized light crafting powers.

Con: Those devices need power to stay on.

149: Saint: So beloved by the church they gain living saint status. Through sheer belief in themselves and church do they do miracles.

Pro: Best church caster.

Con: Morale issues should they fall.

150: Dragoons: Mobile warriors who specialize in leaping into air and diving right into the enemy’s face.

Pro: Very quick, hit hard.

Con: Fragile defense.

151: Reapers: Extreme scouts who engage the enemy whenever possible. Using dirty tactics of ambushes, traps, and so forth. They are also a death cult.

Pro: Strong close quarters combat. Can lay traps.

Con: Poor armor.

152: Overseer: Those augmented with cybernetics to command steel legions and machine legions. Making them fight harder, they themselves capable of combat.

Pro: Boost to certain units. Decent fighters.

Con: Bonus becomes minus should they fall.

153: Gladiators: Gladiators who are used to fighting to death to entertain the crowds. Here they volunteered to fight to save their public.

Pros: Come pre equipped, good fighters.

Con: poor at following orders, will not switch out.

154: Seraphim: Super elite soldiers selected at birth, raised to be warrior elite. Then given injections of nano fiber material. Enforcing their bones with nano metals and then given advanced battle suits. They fight to scare the enemy, then slay them.

Pro: hit hard, fast, and armor is shielded.

Con: Few in battle as their expensive.

155: Skimmers: Conscripts riding on hover craft, one seated machines that have a gun geared in.

Pro: Quick, cheap, and hover.

Con: Will blow up like a pinto if hit.

156: Mjollner Force: Mecha unit that can be employed like space marines. (Launch from orbit, crash into enemy, then unleash hell.)

Pro: Orbit deployment, fight very well.

Con: EMP Weakness, certain things take machinery out.

157: Hopper: A tank on legs that can leap over terrain to catch enemies off guard.

Pro: Leap attack/ability. Guns.

Con: Armor is light.

158: Wylding: One born of magic influence. So half mortal, half magic. All weird.

Pro: Defense against magic greater, good fighters.

Con: Hated by public.

159: Tera Buster: Biggest siege gun allowed.

Pros: Big huge, huge range.

Cons: Cannot move when placed. Easy target.

160: Abomination: Prisoners who have failed and given extreme treatment of chemicals. To point they are released just to die after next battle from over dose, but the chemical cock tail results, are quite devastating.

Pros: Fast, strong, good defense. Causes fear.

Con: HP drops per battle until death.

161: Cannoness: A high ranking battle nun who decides which prayers to use, and who to pray to church wise. Also trained a century’s worth of combat.

Pros: Pick miracles to use. Get to equip self and underlings.

Con: Still quite human.

162: Arbiter: Judge, jury, executioner. That’s their calling as they move like night and hit like death.

Pro: Chance to instant kill enemy.

Con: Each unit is a single individual, so can be overwhelmed easily.

163: Preserver: Like the Defiler except they give back, after using magic so the environment is safe.

Pro: Like Defiler, just no enviro damage.

Con: Harder to train.

164: Guru: Spiritual awakened one who seeks to spread the good word and teach those inner enlightenment.

Pros: Good spells, excellent spell pool.

Con: poor combat.

165: Digital Oracle: One who uses technology and odds matrix to decide best course of action due to predictions.

Pros: Rolls due to predictions. + to self and those nearby.

Con: Light defense.

166: Specter: Military combat agents who had grafted engines to perform magic like abilities.

Pro: Super agents with spell casting.

Con: Limited castings a battle.

167: Suns Chosen: Those who decided to worship the Stars themselves, often on feral worlds. As these enlightened few teach ways to survive. And smite enemies with the Suns power.

Pro: Plasma element spells, hit like Death World commandos.

Con: Few numbers, hard to get along with certain units.

168: Rune Maker: One who makes runes, symbols that draw magic to enhance the item.

Pro: Get rune pool to enhance units.

Con: Not really fighters.

169: Hosts: People chosen to house horrible monsters in their body. To seal them in place and to make sure they stay sealed. Using the power of monster within to kill the empires enemies though.

Pro: Unlimited spell pool, some spells, decent combat.

Con: Certain units hate, limited spell list, can hurt self, monster comes out if slain.

170: Shapers: Those who took the “oath of the Flesh” as a result, wizards and witches who create life forms. Life, to kill the enemy, and better the empire.

Pro: Spells, and can create minions on battle field.

Con: Minions need their masters to stay alive or they die.

171: Spell Singers: Signers who tap into the Aether and so by song, can do magic.

Pro: unique spells.

Con: bad stats.

172: Weaver: Cybernetic shaman who use mono wire for weaponry, wield six arms, and enlightened. So can cast spells. Can use other stuff too, just a taste thing. They prefer stories as payment.

Pros: Good stats, good fighters, great magic.

Con: Need certain religion legalized to access.

173: Witch Doctor: Feral world wizard using beliefs and knowledge to get spirits to do bidding, while accessing primitive science of chemistry to keep followers alive.

Pro: Decent all around leader.

Con: Crap on their own.

174: Papillion: Specialized magic students who use their inner magic reserves to enhance their bodies and to fly by making aether wings. Which look like shiny energy bug wings.

Pros: Can fly, hit hard, and fast. Decent speed too.

Con: Cannot really access magic aside self-boosting, which also can roll to kill them accidental.

175: Dracomancer: A magic user who can tap into primal forces of the universe and mimic power of Dragons of legend.

Pro: Dragon breath, flight, transformations, the works.

Con: Some will see them as demon worshippers though.

176: Mind Crafter: Magic using telepath. Can also create mental spheres that act as brains for machines.

Pro: Interesting spells.

Cons: Soft squishy mages.

177: Occultist: One who merely studies the arcane, and uses relics to mimic power.

Pro: “Safe” magic.

Con: Puny in combat results.

178: Hex Slinger: One who uses gun studies and magic gifts.

Pros: Unique “Bullet magic” can “curse” enemies too.

Con: just do not get them in melee, have them use their guns/spells or their toast.

179: War Mind: A warrior telepath who links their mind to collective nearby. Either to direct, or draw on their power to collective boost their power in slaying enemies.

Pro: interesting powers.

Con: individual/hero unit.

180: Druid: One who talks, in commune with nature, to access it’s power.

Pro: interesting magic, nature, and beast. Decent in fight.

Con: Do not really belief in armor.

181: Deviant: One who tampered into light and dark magic. Forever changed, neither good noir evil. Just chaos in a human package.

Pro: Wide magic list.

Con: Crazy results, could kill your army and deviant rather than enemy, given the rolls.

182: Conjurer: One who can summon things from beyond reality, to serve humanity.

Pro: unique spells to summon creatures.

Con: if defeated, the creatures run loose.

183: Mother Superior: Grand member of Battle Sister Church. Who channels their book of prayer directly.

Pro: Church magic! Plus to followers.

Con: Very much mortal.

184: Evoker: One who uses passion to make magic boom forth.

Pro: Great offense spells.

Con: Only for killing people.

185: Channeler: One who controls flow of mana. Literally.

Pro: Preserver and Defiler in one. Can enhance ally magic users too.

Con: Need team for maximum effect.

186: Technomancer: Own who invents and powers up inventions to do magic.

Pro: Get to make up to 4 spells.

Con: only those four will work.

187: Egoist: Magic mind again, this time taking ideas into reality.

Pro: Magic to keep the other guy guessing.

Con: Will keep you guessing too.

188: Animagus: Magic users who transform into other forms. Spying and fighting.

Pro: Good fighters, scouts, and interesting forms.

Con: All their magic is melee/ close related.

189: Geo Master: One who commands nature directly. It is brutish, but it works for power.

Pro: Good fighter and nature magic.

Con: Depends on environment as to spells.

190: Wilder: These people tap into “Wild Magic.” Magic that floats and taps into people to cause insanity while making them write them down to exploit spells. They eat it, and use insanity inducing power directly. So no need to write it down.

Pro: Big list of spells.

Con: Random way of using it.

191: Dervish: A religious man who teaches people to follow their beliefs. With minor magic to help process along.

Pro: Decent warrior/magic combo.

Con: Work in small numbers.

192: Barrier Guard: Warriors who carry heavy energy field generators with them.

Pro: Excellent defense, can make walls/shields for others too.

Con: Slooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!

193: Berserkers: Those who come from feral worlds. They accept the warrior madness and go into it for strength and speed.

Pro: Scary in combat.

Con: Can do friendly death though.

194: Archers: Those who never were taught guns, but bow and arrow instead. Quite lethal given materials used.

Pro: Ranged combat, decent melee, can remain quiet due to less noise.

Con: Less fire rate though.

195: Great Swords: Those who taught and invest time in wielding massive, heavy blades longer than their bodies. Sure they keep small arms on them, the main tool is their blade.

Pro: Scary in melee combat.

Con: Not much else.

196: Battle Dancers: Warrior women who taught the dance of combat and wear dresses/suits of blades as to slice and dice the enemy.

Pro: Smooth and slick in going through enemy, multiple attacks.

Con: Poor defense.

197: War Seed: Warriors grown with human, plant, and animal dna. The result is weird but works. A creature who needs only water and Sun, death means reproduction, and growth in constant combat.

Pros: They hit hard, in death have chance to make more troops, and use all gear.

Con: Well there is chance they want to branch off to be their own culture. So gotta be in check.

198: Apostles: Fallen heroes who fell to temptation of the “Bleed” and made a pact, they gave up what they love in life for power. The church found them, and beat them to redeem. These people can transform for greater power.

Pros: Hit hard, fast, can transform for even more horrifying power.

Con: They have a death wish so they go straight to fighting. And will not accept healing.

199: Ghosts: Machines who had personality matrixes of fallen heroes as basis of their logic processors. Which means their machines, pretending to be famous dead human warriors. The results are, terrifying.

Pro: Good results all around in combat.

Con: Can suffer from reality flashes and think something is up. (Really thinking a friendly is a ancient enemy and attacks and such.)

200: Custodes: Warriors selected by service to serve and protect the most sacred things of the empire. Best enhancements genetic and technology wise. Along with a life time of training.

Pro: Among the best infantry in the game.

Con: Super elite, so super rare.

201: Commander: Battlefield commander heroic types who do front line tactics.

Pros: A hero unit. Need to take right trait to allow for said commander. Bonus boost in field.

Con: Can die like anyone else, if happens everything goes to Hell.

202: Patch Work: A warrior made from reanimated corpses of deceased warriors, woven together.

Pros: Frankenstein monsters with no fear, cause fear, and can use weapons.

Con: Simple minded as far as what they do though.

203: Aspect Warrior: Elite warrior wearing Aspect armor. Armor that transforms based on users will power for superior energy-based defense, and an offense that changes based on situation.

Pro: high grade stuff.

Con: pricey as Hell.

204: War Chief: Ultimate feral world warrior. One who commands their kinsmen to battle.

Pro: Bonus dice with their kin.

Con: Get drawback should they die. Do not work well with others.

205: Artillery Walker: Mobile Artillery piece to fire big guns on the go.

Pro: Great range, hits hard.

Con: Slow and can be knocked off balance.

206: Gryphon: A Gryphon is mana infused statue capable of flight that tears into enemy lines.

Pro: Flyer, tough to damage and no morale issues.

Con: Only melee attack, dumb as bricks.

207: Husks: Basically nanite space zombies.

Pro: Can make more in killing enemies.

Con: no gear, and easy to kill.

208; Ubers: Beings given super powers. Only lasts certain amount of time as it tears them to pieces.

Pro: Really strong, options.

Con: It kills them. So after battle, their dead anyway.

209: Guardians: Warriors chosen by the “Light” to dish out damage and save the universe.

Pros: Good overall stats. If slain get a extra life due to “light.”

Con: only one extra life and need gear or just a over blown special ops soldier type.

210: Bahamut Legion: Cybernetic Dragons that blast the enemies of the Empire.

Pro: Flyer, good offense and defense.

Con: Cost. Also can malfunction.

211: Harbingers: A battle cult of tech worshippers who have heralded this is the end of times. Using the “best” available technology occurring to them, to try to go out with a bang.

Pro: Cheaper knight with armor that self heals. Already equipped, no fear/morale bonus.

Con: Cannot reequip.

212: Familiars: Magic based servant/pets of spell users to serve and fight.

Pro: Can cast magic. Can do damage, good stats.

Con: Need a magic user on field to employ them, one per user. If killed user loses a hp point. If user dies, familiar vanishes.

213: Avatars: Ultimate Magic servant being. Basically beings with condensed energy to point their nearly “A God.” Used for extreme battles.

Pros: Stats, attacks, etc.

Con: Need handlers to keep in check, or they wreck you due to outrage of you binding them.

214: Bond Beasts: Science version of Familiar, creatures that bond to officers to be extra body guards.

Pro: Sneaking, free action. Good stats.

Con: Can only attack, defend, and such.

215: Hacker: One who uses computer to perform actions to hack computers and wear down data defenses.

Pros: Can do many things based on which enemy facing.

Con: puny human in stats.

216: Phantom: Human agents who employ phasing stealth suits, the kind that go through walls.

Pro: Can navigate heavy terrain with ease, for quick attacks.

Con: if hit, will tend to die.

217: Marauders: You have gained trust of a local marauder group. Basically, space pirate scum with “rules” to set them from the rest. It had to be a oath/honor pact or they would have been gone right now. Make use of what you can.

Pro: Always come equipped. Cheaper to maintain as their survivors. Decent stats.

Con: Poor morale and troop coordination.

218: Cardinal: One of the Holy agents who gets to vote for space Pope. These guys are equipped with sacred relics to aid in fighting, for the lord.

Pros: Good gear.

Con: A risk should they die, need to elect another, and can lose the items.

219: Dragons: Summoned beasts from the warp, the kind that fly and can use breath weapons.

Pros: it’s a honest to goodness dragon.

Con: Scales are not best defense against high grade sci fi weaponry.

220: Wyrm: A bigger dragon summoned from warp, these things cannot even fly. They are that huge.

Pros: Can swallow enemies whole, burrow, and good defenses.

Con: Cannot fly, still vulnerable.

221: APE Suit: A warrior inside a rather large suit that mimics what pilot is doing. For offense, defense, and reaction time.

Pro: Decent stats, good weapon options. Good in urban combat.

Con: Armor is not the best though.

222: Grav Ship: A navy ship, but in atmosphere. Good for bombing, strafing drives.

Pros: Good offense, movement, and speed.

Con: Stick out as a target so no special ops with this thing.

223: Variable Fighter: A fighter plane that can transform into a mecha fighter.

Pros: Air, space, and ground combat.

Con: limited fuel unless researched. Transforming takes time. Not most sturdy of vehicles.

224: Charioteer: Another transformer. Ball, car, and mecha mode.

Pros: Great movement on ground. Mecha can cause insane damage.

Con: Still not sturdiest armor though.

225: Sky Fortress: Biggest flying machine allowed in invasions. A mobile city fortress armed to the teeth.

Pros: Armor, flight, weapons.

Con: Slow. Expensive.

226: Auto Mail: Soldiers who willingly gave up parts to be cyborgs.

Pros; Many options.

Con: Still human, just with cyber parts.

227: Scion: Humans imbued with divine blood of a Avatar/God.

Pros; GOOD stats, and spells.

Con: Religious outcry, super rare/pricey too.

228: Pariah: One who is born without a soul, so their aura eats magic/psionic energy. They creep out normal humans and the night mare of magic based things.

Pro: Best anti magic unit.

Con: Super rare.

229: Animancer: Those who tap into the source of souls themselves, anima. And use it for spell effects in breathing life into things, taking souls away, making new souls, and other stuff.

Pros: Interesting magic options, decent in combat.

Con: Limited spell stock effect.

230: MASK Bearers: Those who wear totem masks for power. When bonded they get to have super human status. Works only with magic students so these guys are magic knights basically.

Pros; Good strong units with magic.

Con: Pricey.

231: Grendels: Big time AI machines, the biggest AI manned walkers, around mecha Godzilla size.

Pros: Strong, can smash and toss things. Good defense, spare room for bonus systems.

Con: Pricey.

232: War City: The Biggest thing fielded in planetary, defense unit only as no way to haul this stuff through space. It’s a super vehicle war machine, over a kilometer in every dimension. A true God Machine of Death. Like the biggest Auto Bot Metroplex and stuff.

Pro: Stats are crazy.

Con: Slow, and expensive.

233: Python: A flying gigantic cyber snake with weapons and AI to hunt down foes.

Pros: Flight, weapons, and decent armor.

Con: Price, AI issues with church.

234: Arc Wielder: Science wizards who wield electricity and can control machinery.

Pro: Can access broad range of energies for free.

Con: Puny humans in terms of stats.

235: Griever: A magic user who draws upon their own pain to amp spell effects. It’s a cult following called the Harrowing.

Pro: More damage done to them, stronger spell effects/restock spells. Decent fighters.

Con: Kinda a suicidal fight plan though.

236: Champion: The ultimate fighter/magic user hero. That taps into the power of states’religion/belief to channel them to max.

Pro: Really that good, and varies sells based on which one they uphold.

Con: Stuck once established, need to train another for different value spells.

237: Aberrations: These poor souls are animals with mana infusion, which makes them monstrous.

Pros: Strong and loyal.

Con: Ethics issue.

238: Nemesis: The ultimate assassin unit, designed to hunt down one type of enemy at a time.

Pro: Will kill the hell out of said certain enemy.

Con: only that effective against said enemy.

239: Jinn: Warrior spirit things from warp enticed to serve humanity for glory and fun.

Pros: Good stats.

Con: Will bail on you if losing.

240: Eidolons: Guardian creatures bond by runes to serve humanity.

Pro: Basically poke mon, from another dimension.

Con: They will do their best to break free.

241: Bringers of Mercy: These soldiers are healers, but they are still killers as well.

Pro: They can heal and fight.
Con: Must balance what they have/can do. Can end up running out of means to heal, or weaponry in a attrition fight if poorly equipped.

242: Aero Marines: Power suit wearing troopers who have flight methods to stay in the air to board sizable aircraft or just better movement before settling a enemy base for close quarter combat.

Pro: Super mobile infantry heavy troop. Can also fight aircraft like any other.
Con: Have to wait for boosters to recharge once every two turns or risk falling out of the sky. Also still human sized targets, so harder to hit. If hit though depending on gun, can end up being meat.

243: Ring Bearers: Using high tech ring gear. These troops have access to many interesting, abilities.

Pro: Can do many, many cool tricks with the rings.
Con: limited battery of once every five turns, charge it or stops for battle.

244: Grudge Bringers: Human troops with upgrades, aside better soldiers they have downloaded memories of all humans dying by non human. So their chosen enemy? Any non-human in the way. Said process also makes them super human.

Pro: Really good killers with the works in bio upgrade.
Con: Whenever anyone who is a ally dies, they go towards that scene, and any time a Grudge Bringer kills said enemy, they go towards that scene. They refuse to surrender, always heading to the action.

245: Laborers: Combat troops who wield big time power armor, usually though just to do construction/fortification issues.

Pro: Help make defense better in campaigns, in combat have super strong suit.
Con: Not met for fighting.

246: Tectonic Frames: Massive laborer units, like five-man crew, make the process even faster. Though armed to fight, still not met to.

Pro: Huge, so hard to put down, makes battle craft even faster/easier. Comes with weapons.
Con: Need five drivers to make it work, it’s a easy target and slow. The weapons depends what you equipped. Not met for fighting, but can, typically by stepping on things.

247: Avian Craft: Air craft that works like a bird flying wise, exotic in flavor.

Pro: Fast, energy safe, and make little noise.
Con: Fragile even by air craft standards.

248: Hornet: Gigantic robotic flying bugs who do best to kill enemy.

Pro: It flies, no morale check, and tough due to being robotic.
Con: Subject to emp. Armor destroying stuff works too.

249: Arc Whale: A flying battle ship that is part whale.

Pro: Big flying battle ship whale with a main gun, that is flying.
Con: Churhc issues and being a big target?

250: Cyber Gargantuan: Grown, cyborg enhanced life form.

Pro: A kaiju warrior beast that can access one super power at a time.
Con: Big target. Must ration energy with function.

251: Transhuman Soldiers: Human volunteers, only thing human is brain essence in a computer chip. Everything else is cyber ware or grown alien creature tissue, grown in shape of a man.

Pro: Great dice and good combat.
Con: no ally really trusts them, so basis in racism due to fact they gave up being human.

252: Walker Transports: APCs, just these guys walk, and tall/big.

Pro: Big, well armed, armored, and can step on things.
Con: Slower than typical APC.

253: Anima Mecha: With pilot, AI, and artificial replica brain, these sizable mecha can proof to be useful.

Pro: Quick and hits hard.
Con: Machine can go wild and refuse commands, going berserk or fleeing. Also emp.

254: Organoids: Artificial cyber organisms that do best to survive and evolve.

Pro: Never have to equip, they grow their own weapons from their mass. Hit hard, and evolve to be bigger and better each battle. Literally these things have XP counter and can level them up whenever you feel like it. For stronger bodies, more mobility, and even evolving weapons/fire power.
Con: If they survive battles that is. Due to unique circuits immune to EMP. But any serious damage could kill a organoid.

255: Buzz Craft: Small scale personal scout fliers and that can have guns.

Pro: Super fast, hard to hit, and safe on fuel.
Con: If it gets hit, good as dead.

256: Tamed Amoeba: Gigantic blob that oozes and eats.

Pro: Hard to injure, eats what it kills and gains mass/intelligence that way.
Con: Can only attack by touching. Also cold and heat are weaknesses.

257: Animen: Human and Animal hybrids on purpose with genetic splicing. To see what is truly the ultimate life form.

Pro: Super tough, strong, quick, and can gain environmental bonus. Eat enemy dead for HP boost, and other stuff. Strong enough to wield anything one to two hands.
Con: Sadly the limit is what is in your genetic data base. Each Animen type, has to be made different, so instead of a rag tag group of animal people, each created faction/unit is based on different units. So a SHakr unit is all sharks, lizard and etc. Have to develop each type separate. Which could take time.

258: Salamanders: Genetic grown creatures that have easy time generating and controlling heat.

Pro: Big, tough, slow regen, and can access fire psionics.
Con: Big targets, not always nice either.

259: Battle Pods: Massive egg-shaped war frames that house many things, including weapons and limbs for getting around.

Pro: Can move around really good, surprise weapon reveal.
Con: Fragile as all hell for it’s low cost.

260: Collective: Magic rite. Take a gathering of souls and put it all in one body.

Pro: A combat wizard with a ton of juice to toss spells.
Con: limit each fight by 6 spells, can switch each battle. Just during said battle, make the best of it.

261: Morphic Fighter Craft; A shape shifting atmospheric air plane.

Pro: Very mobile and dodgey and enhanced attack rate due to weapon morphing.
Con: Super fragile.

262: Carbon Platoon: Clone troops but mutated to survive damn near anything and anywhere. With chemical and radioactive resistant genes, four hearts, four ball shaped lungs and the works.

Pro: They can fight anywhere. Hard as hell to kill, and horror to face in melee.
Con: Dim in they need a officer or another unit to boss them around. Unless grant them a cyberware to be attuned to command. SO literally need to spend money to get the best.

263: Lifa Tree: Massive slow moving tree super unit. That can give birth to new units.

Pro: Regen, long range, makes units.
Con: Big, slow target.

264: Psionic Adept: Student in training to use psionic powers.

Pro: knows a few tricks.
Con: Still a squishy human who has weapon and tricks.

265: Arcane Student: A magic user in training.

Pro: This time magic.
Con: Like the adept.

266: Gouken: Master martial artist that happens to use chi as well.

Pro: Really powerful close combat warrior. Can access all chi skills.
Con: Cannot equip ranged weapons and some armor.

267: Chi Pupil: Those who wish to become rank of Gouken.

Pro: The martial arts version of a adept.
Con: literally.

268: Mobile Fighter Unit: A massive robotic fighter unit that has said martial arts pilot.

Pro: Comes with weapons. Using them. Highly mobile, fast, strong, and decently tough.
Con: It is a horror to maintain full power/green status.

269: Dread Knight: One who brings fear and horror to the party while being a decent fighter.

Pro: Decent in a fight and conjure up fear stuff to ward enemies away. Max level fuses with the horror to be able to go beyond human in butt kicking.
Con: That trick does not work on robots. The fear anyway.

270: Fire Bird: Massive flying bird shaped craft that uses a ton of heat/fire based attack weapons.

Pro: Fast, tough, and fire power.
Con: Difficult to maintain.

271: Arbiter Frames: Police units to guard cities or take down riots. They are armed and armored, just not built for the outdoors.

Pro: Good for urban war fare. Even has scaled weapons.
Con: A poor mans mecha, but still useful.

272: Thunder Lizards: Dinosaurs and other dinosaur based mutations/splicing due to Fossil blood tampering. Now have dinosaurs.

Pro: Its dinosaurs as a attack unit.
Con: Need handlers or go berserk.

273: Morphic Mecha: A transforming mecha unit. Has to be ground space but what the morphs are, anything really. Get wild with imagination, their weapons are attached too. So pop out in correct combat form.

Pro: Toughest armor of shifters. Also most weapons.
Con: Transformations can fail. Slower than other shape changers.

274: Ace: A commando of highest degree in combat, with secret agent training to blend in for black ops and channels their psi energy into a second life force. That happens to wield powers.

Pro: Acts three times a turn, due to conditioning, psi speed, and having a energy ally doing stuff. The fighting spirit can have up to three powers. Will make list down the line.
Con: Energy ally gets hurt, so does ace. Goes double for death.

275: The Changed: This is what happens when Evolutionary hits allied units with their spells. Mutated troopers who stay that way until death. Stronger, fast, and tougher. But still, a high price.

Pro: Super human ogre/giant sized soldiers.
Con: Have to be commanded what to do, and slightly slower.

276: Typhoon Strike Craft: A decently large sized gun platform to rain death on enemies below.

Pro: hits hard, can fly.
Con: Slower than most flying stuff.

277: Tunnel Tank: A tank that goes through the ground and pops up to shell the enemy.

Pro: Surprise attack galore, hits good, can take a hit.
Con: Chance it messes up.

278: Tunnel APC: A tunneling apc unit for surprise deployments.

Pro: like tnak but a APC with gun, and troops.
Con: Depends on dice where burrowing ends up.

279: Bore Wyrm: massive drilling worm for making tunnel systems, can fight as well.

Pro: Surprise attacks, can devour units if succeed superirse attack when tunneling up.
Con: No troop carrying. No ranged weapon.

280: Aura Mail Mage: A wizard who makes energy armor for themselves. For real bad up close and combat. Can still use other spells, but they charge forth in their magic armor.

Pro: Super cool armor powers.
Con: Only two ranged attacks. That’s it, and energy material takes will to keep up.

281: Psi Worms: Pet worms that are tamed. They drive targets insane and eat their flesh while using their brains to lay eggs in.

Pro: Attack with pure psionic attacks. Easy to breed so numbers.
Con: Easy to kill. Also some enemies can fight it off, others are immune.

282: Aqua Marines: Classic marines, for their job. Sea to ground fighting.

Pro: Can hit from water, can move in water. Hit hard and fast.
Con: Honor bond to stay in fight, if pushed back will go full out, not caring if live or die. (So lose ¾ troops in retreat. But they will fight to the end. Or as close as they can.)

283: Geo Marines: In special powered armor suits for dirt swimming.


284: Geo Ship: A ship that can go through ground like water.


285: Hover Fort: A mobile fortress that goes off ground. Only cannot go pass craters or mountains.


286: Geo Base: Whole base that can travel underground and pop up elsewhere.


287: Gigantic Robot Beast: Really big AI controlled robotic animal.


288: Ocean Striders: Mecha designed to function in water. Incase of a ocean conflict campaign.


289: Spotter AIs: Little flying robotic eye balls to record things, they move very fast.


290: Alpha Troops: Cloned and mass produced/trained soldiers with psi talent.


291: Ray: A land support unit, ray shaped. Mainly armed with energy weapons.


292: Harrier: A fish that swims on ether waves, has psionic powers, and is brutally intelligent.


293: Wave APC: A fast transport and sleek hover craft Has exotic weapons while carrying troops.


294: Gunship: It’s a drop ship to drop land units off and comes equipped with guns to fire away at land or sky targets.


295: Squires: Servants of Knights who keep in great shape by fixing their gear and working out. Capable fighters of their own with personally crafted gear.


296: The Pure: A experiment in Mana Uplifting which worked. Took harmless Moths and evolved them into school bus sized smart, helpful moths with paranormal powers. Noted I title due to how pure they see things.


297: Tactician: This psionic officer does best to read minds, command allies and coordinate to get strategy/tactics running as smoothly as possible.


298: Sabers: Super soldiers who love to conjure blades of psi energy for use.


299: Geo Mecha: Mecha that can go through the ground like other Geo units.


300: Obliteration Corp: Big, strong, power armor soldiers wielding the biggest fire power options around. For a person to carry anyway.


301: Mana Frame: A giant robot that is piloted by a magic user, who can perform magic in shell and it copies everything, so scaled up.


302: Hellions: Cherubim soldiers, who also happen to be Psionics, once proven trustworthy get latent psi powers unlocked.


303: Spiritualist: A hero unit with psi power who can touch the astral dimensions, to deal with “dead spirits” or ghosts, or spirits in general.


304: Warlocks: Order of magic users who “bought” right to power, said cost depends on the caster. Aside that, they have great knowledge and potent energy to cast serious spells around.


305: Jesters: They seem colorful and funny. But these masked performers also happen to be assassins. Who know just what to do to kill someone off guard, does not help that they get powers unlocked to said operatives after a ritual. Basically a assassin unit that can cast spells. Oh what fun.


306: King: The ultimate being in combat, genetic grown, with psionic make up, human intelligence, and magic/chi secrets uploaded in head with micro chips to brain. This unit, is the true ultimate. Capable of flight, many special effects and hits harder than the genetic super soldiers.

Man, you are overcomplicating it WAY too much. Just stick to several unit types and let people do variations. Or just abandon this entirely and let players do whatever they want. What if I don't want to have castes, penal batallions, clones or mercs as my frontline troops? Normally, I would aither just have professional volunteer force, or conscript general population, but there is no conscript or volunteer force on your list. Your RP ideas are good, but in every single one of them you are controlling players way too much. I suggest you to throw away the lists and choices entirely, and just let players do what they want.

Overlord Chou

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Deleted list. People make their own stuff up by choices and research tech.

And in the list there was volunteers. I know there is, just the list is big and scary. So got rid of it.

So there. Units will be totally player created now.

Overlord Chou

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Another note in SL:

All PCs have 5 research stuff from Get go. ( as in able to research five projects)

And. There is no list! None what so ever so can make up what you want and use. To keep
With simple choice systems ( Having a Science character allows bonus modifiers on said stuff. But yeah not using a actual list now.)

And not posting Onslaught, as that does have a pre made tech tree and number values of units.

So yeah SL is free reign with units and toys for said units. This is why I love feed back.

Ironically the real life people actually do not like making shit up. Hence the lists.

Edit: I do have such games that has no unit list. Just take people train and arm. There is only two games with pre set stats for said units. I am not introducing those here. That’s too much.

So yes SL, make what you please in game thread when it’s there.
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The easiest one.

Ashes of the Empire: Pick a spot in galaxy map and following.

Character name
Job title
Name of home world.

And that’s how it starts. Everybody makes up their own stuff research and unit wise. ( Plot of that game is empire is dead so planet and sector Lords and Lady’s compete for how much they get.)

Yep, the easiest nation game I made.

Overlord Chou

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On my review just s Arth our Gigantic Unit list, and character creation. Just “ghost” style management of your forces.

The only deal is Name your chapter/troops/corps

As for technology, get five picks. What you want but pm me, cannot be nothing super killer at start.

Still using map galaxy grid.

And I solely control the npc “baddies.” Will roll them in time.

Overlord Chou

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We’ll during the summer will have limited windows for updates. Depends on what’s popular, the dragon game is still the same.

Children is still the same.

Stellar? Nope. No unit list. You guys have companies/chapters/Legions. You guys decide troops and no research tree so you guys make stuff up. Though depends on what.

Edit: Fantasy general, no preset tech tree/web either.

Also pre set Mercs are gone. Make up what you want in tasteful manner in hiring.
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:Smashes our of the ocean floor to the surface with a Godzilla roar.:

Back! And will post up dragons. And everything is simple now.

That includes next projects.

Dragons will keep same rules but everything else is simple, simple details. That’s it for now.

Overlord Chou

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Now! The Dragon game will get started Darnit! Might not be perfect but will update when I can.

As for space stuff: Like yeah, ignore Units list please. May do Stellar Legions for real. Though the Commander options does give things.

Overlord Chou

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Next one thinking of is Under the Surface.

One part community builder sim, survival, and dungeon crawler.

The loot down there is tech parts, blue prints that hopefully the machine intelligents can make use for the community to stay alive.

Overlord Chou

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In Under The Surface all character creation is random number aside names.

As for other parts die rolls with modifiers. Community/build. Then dungeon exploring to get tech.

Last phase of turn us pray and roll you got something good that trip.

Overlord Chou

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Well Legacy is up, running and trying to not be confusing. Yeah Onslaught there is a tech tree. And need help with maps ( got Space one though.)

Also Fantasy need map, that o e has no tree. Can research/upgrade but more simple and only three pre made troops as of now ( got rid of old format with all Mercs tribes.)

So yeah in FG 1.5. All tech and magic is up to player theme and paying gold for it.

Overlord Chou

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:Waits for post season I. Dragons as he actually posted, less busy now.:

New things:

Thinking of a RPG in setting of my Warhammer 40k universe Thing. But that’s not strategy or community. Treadmill of up to 12 people at a time. As for classes there is nothing detail. Just six paths.

Said path decides class style but no labels.

Has a pro/con and back story. Back story being a choice that is pro and con.

Second: Did a super simple version of Stellar Legions. As in that your only in charge of a single legion. Name it, decide how they fight battles and bonus stuff.

The old one is now called High Command as I realized how much admin power you had.

The new Stellar Legion is a strategy game though and all players in the same legion. Just making things work to safe guard humanity and such.

The bad guy npcs are still the same though.

Overlord Chou

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Note: Onslaught has more stuff than High Command as the Units Have stats and a actual tech tree.

Fantasy Generals did simple version of no over stuff with races or people.

The issue there is map, needs to be a detailed map with 30 land pieces. And color markers. So yeah why not posted on that ( Fantasy General have done on actual table top.)

Overlord Chou

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I am more than willing to do that one as long there is interest. Got a galaxy map and everything.

The new updated Stellar Legions is a mix of three things.

Story game: make decisions, get results.

Designer game: Make Up Units And their Gear bit by bit. No shoving whole unit list again. That was High Command ( which now has 420 Units. Planet side, space navy like a decent number.)

Lastly it is a Combat game in showing up to map sectors to save, defend, and crush enemies. (Which are in 6 catergories and just keeping it as 6. In HC each type had 12 different versions. To spice it up. Well forget that in Stellar.)

So yeah managing a Army. A sci fi one. Only thing left debating is generation list for our legion or just go on and earn stuff as we go along.

Overlord Chou

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Yeah tech wise starting will be bullets and power armor met for just cartying heavy stuff, and users still human. FTL is Bomb based.

Lastly willing to do a list of what the Legion is supposed to be like with pros and cons. ( personality to mix.)

But stuff like super soldiers, Mecha and space magic earned. Not to mention the weapons.

Also have support of vehicles and such for now. Note seven enemy types in these games.

Rebel/Traitor humans
New Guys ( tau like in theme.)
Scourge ( Nids)
Machines ( nuff said.)
Warriors ( Orks and Company.)
Ancients ( Protoss/Eldar.)
Planars: ( Chaos/Daemons, Alter universe creatures, nightmare fuel from magic the gathering. The Gentry count here too.)

Said enemies show up randomly or let events trigger them.

Butbyeah part story game, strategy, design toys/Units, And personal rping should you decide to lead your own war party doing stuff ( Not recommended until your well off.)

As for creation chart: Decides favored gear/supply, tolerance, cultures, folk lore beliefs and planet type.

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