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Nation Building Nation building/community strategy

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D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
I might be interested in the Stellar legions.though I dont know much about 40k. Do know about starwars though!

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
Note that Stellar Legions is not 40k or Star Wars. Uses themes from that material and much more.

Yeah Stellar Legions, Children Of the Stars, Your Own Culture, And Star Brand are all sci fi love letters to sci fi Stuff.

In Stellar Legions party picks plot and stick with it. Only a handful of things make up the preset tech tree, it is open spaces otherwise.

Also the Genre is Science Fantasy. So high tech stuff that does not have to have a answer, along psionics, legit magic, and other weirdness.

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
Stellar Legions: You Pick the plot, sometimes your alien or altered human. Majority of the time it’s Humanity vs known galaxy. And majority of units are human.

The 40k Stuff is as follows:

Possible scale of fire power

Prepare to get swarmed by nonhumans, who want to kill you. Some of them even come from another dimension.

Genetic super soldiers ( Space Marine style and more.)

Also 5 Religions to choose from ( when I get notes) each one gives rise to extra feature ( could just pick all though. Just more you pick smaller the modifier, due to divided prayers)

Also unlike 40k. I made different genre of enemy type, each has 7 enemy types of different theme and Power level. So if Long War rule in place, your fighting them all eventually ( hell the npcs will fight each other as well.)

Magic is a thing, d and d, final fantasy stuff and so forth.

Psionics are a yes.

There is technology to fake magic but well it is real results should Thing work.

Some choices lead to early rise of enemy type.

10 PCs maxes ( title depends on plot setting) with 3 npc helpers ( Guys I choose.)

Lastly they’re are multiple planet types, and said worlds also have different roles.

Aside that, uses same map as Children just different stuff in it. And each block in map is divided into 5 sectors, rolling each sector as it comes up for worlds and what is going on.

And the sadness part is another one ( not ready for playing) is even more detailed in economy/special resource rules, and the fact it can be strategy or a rp. Or even just a random skirmish game.

Based on decisions and styles.

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
Option G milord

The Tempered Scions will serve... do we get a papa Emperor to serve and never earn his love?
Yes there is a Emperor. 5 types. For ease sake they are pretty brutal stat wise.

God Emperor: If a Cult of personality occurs. In time one worthy of title rises, a Living Saint into a Emperor or female equalivent. Ordering the minds, bodies, and souls of people. Also get benefits in army stuff.

Celestial Emperor: Thus kind of Holy Emperor is all about internal healing and holiness. While fighting off the Xeno invasion, the ruler makes lessons to free the people of their spiritual shackles.

Imperator: This time it is a dictator for life, who is voted in.

Khan: Strictly barbarian style. Biggest, strongest, and smartest rules. The humans trying to be Orks under this leadership.

Philosopher King/Queen: Aside the 40k Emperor Of having godly stats and psi powers he would fit in this role. The ruler in question is capable, most of all extremely educated and well versed in matters. Hell most likely so damn smart takes part in inventing the Empires stuff.

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
I could do the multiple choice quiz to decide what we get. Though yeah age can be a young man/teen/child of God or Celestial. Due to them being divine in government doctrine.

The other three got to be a grown up as you got office by merit.

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
Truth be told should be sleeping now.

I did the Dragon CS in Nation Building.

Guess tomorrow will do SL.

Number 3, Children? Since a write up for that. Will stop recruiting and just play. Until endings then the next thing ( If popular enough willing to de run, just changes. Like a 2.0 situation. ThoughnI have 11 years of stuff written up, this is like a corner of the top of the ice berg.)

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
G does sound pretty fun. I have some aliens that would be fun to play, but can do human too.

And I like both strategy and RP.

Ome thing I'm curious of, is will we be playing as one person? Or an officer controlling a unit? Or Joint leaders over larger force? And would we be focusing on space battles, planetside horde mode, or both?

It could be interesting to see leaders one for fleet and one for armies, having to work together to expand the borders. Having to support each other for the greatest possible effect.

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
I do have an alien race that, albeit pretty small, could make a valuable vassal.

An advanced technocracy that doesn't care much about politics or expansion. Mostly just science. And doesn't have any qualms about selling its wares to the highest bidder. While it is pretty advanced, its lack of resources is always an annoyance.

So if, say, an ambitious empire in its infancy just so decided it wanted to be its patron. Then it would be happy to give its support to said empire. As if defense is ensured, it would also not mind lending its military leaders and ships to the cause.

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
1: Battles are planet side and space navy.

2: You have a main character controlling your Legion/factions

Three kinds of said characters

1: Commander: Your main deal is planet side.

2: Admiral: Space navy themed.

3: Scienist: Yes, picking this character you actually get to pick what your “ chapter” or l Legion” or “faction” is researching. Quite literally picking subject and one background makes you a Commander/Soldier option deal.

Keep in mind for certain amount of points, can hire more said characters for said roles.

As for research in general would do a ton of dice rolling for your starting stuff. Aside the planets and what’s going on there. The final being what enemies you guys know of with map presence .

3: The only story lines in. Which sliensvare big deal for pc is those plots.

Ina normal game, can have aliens, but they are auxiliary forces. Though could create a alien type of character or what not.

Final note: Thevwholevwhatbto do with xenos is up to you as in G no one is really your sworn enemy yet. So could mix said benevolent in and get their toys/etc.

Obviously in other story lines Humanity is in full 40k mode with purging.
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D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
Thay sounds pretty cool. As much as scientist sounds fun, being an Admiral also sound pretty awesome.

Are there certain backgrounds to choose from?

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
Yep. All three character types have picks. From background to what they are good at.

No stats, just picks. Deciding how one runs things. ( The only stats are for units and that is based on what you equip them with.)

Off the top of my head

Personality ( how they run things)
Equipment preferences ( decides your stuff)
Tactics ( how your troops fight.)

Back story ( Decides stat boost when your in conflict zone)

Family Heirloom: I roll for this, Decides your capital ship.

Tactics: How you guys fight and it’s different from others.

Researchers: Least worked out.

Home background:

Merchant Clan:

Genius Prodigy:

Tribal Home Life:

Army Brat:

Prestigious Schooling:

Tech list:

Energy Fields:
Power Systems:
Xeno Tech:
Neo Tech:
Relic Tech:
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Overlord Chou

Junior Member
The title Stellar Legion literally means that. In charge of a Legion. Which means:

Army of troops based on commander or world type.

Governor job of two worlds, and a decent fleet. The numbers come when play start. As “numbers” are more about restocking killed troops.

Though yes it gets crazy big in scale.

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
Character and world stuff.

Commander Mindset: pick one from below.

Sanguine: Very high spirits and think your army is invincible. Kill the enemy, let the blood flow.

Pro: Army under service gets relentless. As they do not know to stop except when enemy is dead.

Due to training this way. Are good at the attack.

Con: They suffer resource flaw as they constantly demand troops to fill in the ranks. (High morality rate, as they are hesitate to withdraw.)

Stoic: This officer speaks a few, strong words. Action speaks louder than words.

Pro: Whatever you do actually order will get done. Your men have been taught that way.

Con: Command rating is down due to lack of commands given.

Maverick: You are an upstart who has thrown away the rule book and play by your standard. The soldiers love you for it as you value their lives, command, not so much.

Pro: Morale, and bonus tactic points on tactics phase.

Con: Less resources/look out for yourself. As command hates you.

Pious: You are a devote commander to the faith and drill it into the minds and souls of those under you.

Pro: Bonus with such troops (Tribals, Pilgrims, Templar and Monks. CHurhc/Faith units in general.)

Con: Mentats and Scholars do not like it as much.

Watchful: Super caution and by the books. You do not just rush into a fight.

Pro: Less likely to fall into enemy traps.

Con: Less command points as focus on a few main things.

Head Strong: The best way to lead the team is to be among them. Do you want to live forever!? I thought not!

Pro: You yourself get to go into a battle zone in super hero unit status, giving positive roll mods to theatre.

Con: You can be killed, then need replacing.

Gear Bonus: (Start with three.)

Heavy Support: Easier access to bigger guns, bigger vehicles, and such.

Bomb Squad: Start off with bonus explosives to blow stuff up.

Pack Rats: Thieving hands allows to snatch stuff from fallen friend and throw to add to armory. even steal directly. If caught, take penalty. (Roll for that.)

Xeno Beasts: Use xeno beasts as attack pets, steeds, or even in siege warfare.

Modified Weapons: Get to start off for free revised gear of your choosing.

Cyberware: Your flesh and blood types can get cyborg parts/more of than average.

Cameo: Blend in easier with stuff that helps troops to blend in.

War Trophies: Remainders of past victories that strike fear into hearts of the enemy 9If they can feel it that is.

Doctrines: Pick three from below.
Fast Deployment: Troops get into field fast, really fast. To surprise enemy in flanks and outnumber tactics.
Trench Warfare: Dig in, shrug off the volley, return volley and keep on fighting until too tired or other guy is dead.
Intense Hand to Hand: A good deal of training into melee and hand to hand combat.
Sharp Shooters: Taught how to shoot with all available guns, for sake of being handy with fire arms.

Covert Ops: Know how to do sneak missions and hurt the enemy in hidden ways.

Field Craft: Reduce resources needed in knowing how to fend off needs with the land, and whats available. Knowing how to be your own improve mechanic.

Heavy Fire Power: Have access to really big guns. Squad support ones anyway.

Iron Discipline: tougher to break up or fall back as with a iron will bestowed to troops, they will not falter.

Bigger is Better: With this your tanks, cannon encampments, mecha, etc can be built/deployed at very big levels in scale. For sheer scale effect and bigger boom.

Death from Above: Know that to rule the air is to rule battlefield. Air strikes, paratroops, lifts, carry, strafing runs, that sort of thing.

Home World: Below are options for your starting base world.

Death World: Your home base is a Death World. Where the plants and animals are out to kill humans.

Pro: Tougher troops, Survivors have field day.

Con: Recruit troops may die based on rolls.

Fortress World: World on the fringe, under constant attack by a enemy. Now whole populace is in a encamped city armed to the teeth.

Pro: Pick a enemy, bonus against.

Con: Constantly have to spend time and effort defending world from said enemy.

Hub World: Planet of artisans and researchers.

Pro: Bonus in Design and Revision phase. (Pick, re roll design or revise.)

Con: Gotta defend for bonus.

Halo World: Massive artificial super world that equals to four worlds encircling a star. Rich due to matter inside and a preserve for all things.

Pro: Rolling in resources if starter.

Con: Huge! So a lot to defend.

Forge World: Having this under your protection will led a huge boost to your effort.

Pro: More mass produced stuff/resources to you. All things manifested in arms race is a tier cheaper too.

Con: Must protect said world, at all costs.

Temple World: Your world is a holy world.

Pro: Holy units love it here and more flock here to serve.

Con: Of course gotta protect for bonus.

Scholar World: One of the scholar worlds.

Pro: Free Scholar army. And one extra tablet for tactics phase.

Con: Local defenses are puny, depending more on foreign muscle and out witting invaders.

Lost World: Your home world was lost to the enemy.

Pro: Get massive bonus against chosen enemy who did it. All enemy forces who can feel fear, get it facing your troops.

Con: no home world as a base, stuck on fleet, or a asteroid until you earn a world.

Tomb World: A world burnt by nuclear fire and left in frozen radioactive ash. Troops here are hardy for survival tactics, and known how to maintain their gear.

Pro: Tougher troops.

Con: Low resource world.

Knight World: World of sacred relics of past held by a knight house.

Pro: Exclusive knight gear and troops.

Con: Got to protect it as it’s valuable.

Psionic Academy: It is a place psionics get training to do better at their job.

Pro: Research psionic spells this way, improved psionic units, start with them.

Con: Got to protect. So many psionic minds attract certain enemies.

Mana World: Super rich in celestial life force that magic tech thrives and people more likely to cast space magic.

Pro: Space magic units. Easier to research spells.

Con: Must defend for benefit.

Farm World: A bio rich world to serve as farming for billions of human lives.

Pro: FOOD! So you do not strave.

Con: Home defenders are good to a point, best have professionals there at times.

Port World: Billions of humans, so many they build space ships just to leave.

Pro: Cheaper and faster space ship builds.

Con: Very important so protect.

Fractured: Billions of people live here but divided amongst themselves so at war with themselves.

Pro: Strong recruits.

Con: Got to quell this problem yourself.

Resource World: Mines, fuel and so forth. Very important asset to the effort.

Pros; In possession things get a lot cheaper and more things can be made.

Con: Must defend.

Admiral: How to make said character.

Origin: Pick one.

Exiled: You were dishonored and not of nobility anymore, oh well you stole the heirloom ship out of spite. Due to constant moving know better than stick around to take a hit (Better evading.)

Family in Debit: Family got into serious hard times and character volunteered to pay it off (Ship repair bonus in engineering, your guy had to learn to do that work)

Sole Survivor: You’re the last of family due to a savage attack from a rival noble house. But you took the ship and wiped them out. Now in military. Naturally, this means in battles you and ship are in, gun values go up (To hit and damage.)

Call of Adventure: Simple story, you got bored so decided to do the job. With your family’s blessing you joined the cause for humanity. (Here the vanilla deal of resource points.)

Ship: Roll one die 6 sides.

1: Battle Cruiser: Small capital ship, but the fastest and it can work in atmosphere. Without gravity issues which is a awesome thing should you be asked for being air support.

2: Battle Ship: So big can only be bought and used in space. Also have enough fire power to raze a moon.

3: Carrier: Here it is a massive target, that spits out constant craft, missiles, rockets, and torpedoes. Has point defense guns though and built to take a hit, while there is a automated builder device onboard.

4: Dreadnaught: This big bad boy can blow up a Moon and Raze a planet with enough ordnance. Insane yes, just way it goes.

5: Titan: Bigger than a Dreadnaught and takes a good chunk of a planets crust to forge material wise. This puppy could be a battery ram through asteroids and be ok, while being decked out in a ton of killer fire power.

6: Leviathan: Bigger than Pluto and such if did dock in atmosphere would cause gravity issues. The only thing bigger is a Battle World. This puppy though can easily defeat a inferior fleet all by itself with no aid what so ever.

Tactics: pick 2 from below.

1: 3 D Combat: instead of 2 d fire fight exchange, ships can engage from above or below the enemy instead.

2: Ramming Speed: Taught bigger ships if too close, just ram into the enemy and duke it out.

3: Waves: Making work out of missiles/rockets, and fighter craft.

4: Specialized Ship Formations: For bonus with filling the enemy with holes, or try to anyway.

5: Synchronize: Fleet working in perfect union with each other. Bonus results.

6: Unorthodox methods: Playing on own book of tactics in what is to go on.

Researcher Maker Notes:

Scion Born: Born to big name family in the Empire. Get benefits of space travel via a research ship, have private army and our own world to retire too and test stuff there.

Merchant Clan: Start off with ton of resources, know how to make deals with money makers, and family has hired your own private legion to equip and protect self and such.

Brilliant Prodigy: Start off with not 2 specialties, but 4. Given 8 is max, this is a good boon for wide range of stuff. Due to this character being that smart.

Tribal Family Roots: Due to harsh world upbringing, you know how to work weapons and relic tech easier than most. Given Relic tech exists on one’s planet, and being tribal in refiguring it out, one is intelligent. The biggest thing though is due to having shaman blood in your veins, you can literally research magic. Something no other researcher officer does. (Because most part spells are a given by unit.)

Prestigious Graduate: Got top honors in a major Scholar world. As a result get access to more resources as the researcher is getting proper funds.

Army Brat: Aside learning how science works, grew up in a tough military environment. As a result, knows how to fight, so a freebie tech in weapons. And bonus side effects for said inventions.

Chemistry: Act of changing and molding that change with science law and materials.
Physics: Study of motion and distance.
Construction: Building things.
Energy Fields: Making energy so dense it can be used as a shield, and toying with energy/matter in general.
Power: What gets and keeps a engine going, providing power for ships, buildings, and etc.
Biology: Genetics, microbes, and cloning/etc.
Weapon System: Making new weapon systems. Or upgrading previous ones.

New Tech: making up new stuff never considered before.
Relic Tech: Studying Ancient Humanity’s tech.

Xeno Studies: Studying alien gear.

Computers: Making better computers to process speed and so forth. Includes AI.

Max Master fields is 8. To get more is to “drink books” by having researcher go into a chamber of liquid knowledge, after path know of contents in data chamber. Cannot be more than 8 because it kills the brain, each data bath is 2 fields, but researcher out for two turns.

Management: Can have as many commanders, admirals, and Head Researchers as you want as long you pay the 500 points, they cost pre buy. Each does their job. Note that even researchers are in peril due to fact a lab accident or a rival or spy work can injure/murder them.

There. And instead of making a list of resources. Instead it is "resource points" into hiring people, restocking units, rebuilding units, and so forth.
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Commander Mindset: Watchful:

Super caution and by the books. You do not just rush into a fight.
Pro: Less likely to fall into enemy traps.
Con: Less command points as focus on a few main things.

Gear Bonus: (Start with three.)
Modified Weapons: Get to start off for free revised gear of your choosing.
Cameo: Blend in easier with stuff that helps troops to blend in.
War Trophies: Remainders of past victories that strike fear into hearts of the enemy 9If they can feel it that is.

Fast Deployment: Troops get into field fast, really fast. To surprise enemy in flanks and outnumber tactics.
Iron Discipline: tougher to break up or fall back as with a iron will bestowed to troops, they will not falter.
Death from Above: Know that to rule the air is to rule battlefield. Air strikes, paratroops, lifts, carry, strafing runs, that sort of thing.

Home World:

Tomb World: A world burnt by nuclear fire and left in frozen radioactive ash. Troops here are hardy for survival tactics, and known how to maintain their gear.
Pro: Tougher troops.
Con: Low resource world.

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
Admiral Mindset: Maverick

Field craft
Death from Above
Heavy fire power

Homeworld: Scholar World

Origin: sole survivor (though would like ship repair bonus instead)

Ship: Carrier

Tactics: Synchronize, Specialized Formations
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D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
Got a nice even 3. A carrier. Not what I would have hoped. But would be able to take full advantage of chosen tactics.

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
Alrighty. Interesting choices on worlds. Will ditch out starting Units, and roll for prevexisting gear for start.

Then the enemies and order they show up. Lastly sector rolls.

Notice: Would you guys get a unit list before game start?

And also the main techs one can start with?

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
Yes. It would be pretty handy given hardware is pretty important on my end. Got to strategize around what I got available.

Did you have a list, or were we making one? I can't remember.

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