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Nation Building Nation building/community strategy

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Action, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Multiverse

Overlord Chou

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Strategy Games:

1: Stellar Legions: My tribute to War Hammer 40K and Star Wars. There are many of different plot lines to play. There are units too. The main deal is your the Imperial side trying to restore balance and unity to the galaxy, good or bad. The deal here is the fluff/lore/backstory is completely malleable with choices and starting situations. So not absolute good vs Evil or even just survival. Also a tech system to make things more unique. A friend of mine made the map for this. Also there are *many* enemies in this. Finally we do not have pre set characters. Just faceless forces controlling the war front. Though can hire characters that are meshed out with important roles. Its a mix of RPG and Strategy.

Map made by friend. Though have to roll worlds and such pre sector/map stuff. Many plot lines to go by and the players are all on same side, it’s the npcs trying to kill you.

2: Children of the Stars: Can be multiple players. Make up a race, make up a theme, and just go nuts in sand box galaxy. Actually have a map, made by a friend.

3: Onslaught: The second game I ever designed, the first.. Conquest, is even more complex. Sticking with this. Here a massive tech tree, need a Map system like real world Earth deal. Three sides fighting for power. Free Nations, Old Guard, and the Rising.

Tech tree is so big, takes like 3 pages. Also units have actual stat values. Need co GM/ map worker here. Either replica of our glove map with color markers or made up world. Note I do plan to play in this one too.

4: Under the Surface: Help a community survive, under the surface? A massive archive of old world tech. The issue is, everything down there tries to kill your explorers. Even then, need luck to see if can unlock the loot. And on the surface still problems to deal with. No map needed here.

5: Fantasy Generals: Need a Co gm for map working. 10 Factions, a defined tech system, and over 200 merc factions to hire. Yes, you read that right. 200 non human, 20 humans. No alliances declared at start, plot defines that. And by defined tech I mean there are lists (Have not defined/filled in all caps.) and.. MAGIC. Magic I a viable option, despite fact people starting to use guns.

Reviewing notes of what to see. For rules/fluff stuff. Also chart for science/magic. Or just make up your own stuff. Really up for grabs.

Note nations have strengths and a flaw, rulers are made up with picks. Just need map made, then it’s legit.

Final Note: I plot to be one of the PC factions. I love being a GM who pc plays too. No cheese or cheating either.

6: Dragon's Legacy: your a dragon. One of the Last of your kind due to massive hunting and a internal war. Going across the Sea to newfound lands. With your dragon hoard paid 3-9 races to come along and be your minions. As you attempt your own kingdom and attempt keeping the dragon race going. In one form or another. (Not just community/politics. But has a dragon generation system to see what kind of dragon you guys want to play as.)

No map needed.

7: Manifest Destiny: Pick plot points that are given. Then expand from there. From Earth to the stars. No map needed.

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
I will do Dragon's Legacy. For sake of Dragon Creation rules and the servant races.

Dragon’s Legacy: As the world has changed dragons are being slain constantly. You play as a said dragon who has decided to head west for new lands, sacrificing treasure hoard for the journey.
Dragon stats: Normally in my table top with friends I have us roll 1 die 100 sides. Here? Giving you exactly 90 points to go wild with the Dragon of your choice.
Sections: Below are point picks to making your dragon with points provided in the roll.

Please note color does nothing, just an addition of choice. Breath weapon, power and etc up to the player.

Physical: Dragon’s body stuff.
Strength: How physically strong your dragon is. 5-30. At 30, can destroy mountain ranges with strength alone and toss castles. Not to mention wreck other kaiju monsters.
Speed: Not flight speed, but speed in regards to using limbs, tail, head, and biting. Maybe swimming, running, and digging but yes, mostly combat to lay hits and dodge. 5-30. At 30 can leave after images in speed.

Toughness: how hard it takes dragon to get hurt. 5-30. At 30, takes serious major siege weapons to stand a chance.

Size: How big your dragon is. 5- horse. 10- dinosaur. 15- bigger dinosaurs. -20, a whale. 25, a modest kaiju. At 30? Godzilla. Yes, Godzilla sized. Enhances all stats including hp. Though need to eat a lot to get around, prey, plant, sacrifices, or energy if picked that.
Intelligence: Figuring out riddles, languages, skills, and so forth.
5-20. Each five levels that much smarter. At 20 can master mind insane plots that likely work.
Stamina: How much energy/health/fight off disease.
5-20. More the better.
Flight: Wings of any type, otherwise go to Ether. If not using flight you actually gain 20 points to point pool or could buy a Boon with it for a extra boon point (Instead of max 3, its now 4.)
5: Slow flight.
10: Better flight.
15: Can now go so fast leaves a boom.
20: Such super speed flight can cross oceans in less than a hour and half a day can go around the world.

Breath: Breath weapon if pick one.
1: Heat: 15. Launch a invisible wave of raw heat that can burn, or even boil water of huge amounts.
2: Fire: 20. Make a breath blast/cone or line of fire. To engulf targets in flames.
3: Fire Balls: 20. Launch (Die roll) of massive burning energy spheres that explode.
4: Poison Mist: 15 make a cloud of deadly gas that poisons.
5: Acid: 20 launch a liquid burst of acid that melts stuff down. Can burn things too.
6: Ice: 20 Instead of heat, now cold that can freeze people to death or water turns to ice.
7: Lightning: 25 Fire off lightning bolts from mouth to fry/shock/explode things. Can catch things on fire too.
8: Force: 30 Massive spiraling energy of death that plows through darn near everything. So much power have to cool down for 1-3 turns. It is all damage and it does just that.
9: Sonic Cleaver: 25 roar, condensing the energy into a tiny thin line of energy. Cuts right through things.
10: Radiation: 30 Powerful green or blue blast. Burns and grants sickness. Anyone killed by blast either reduced to dust or burning toxic sludge.
11: Plasma: 30 Super hot blast of heat akin to a Sun that burns the holy hell out of targets.
12: Gravity: 30 Crushing or pushing targets away for messy results.
13: Roar: 5 Roar. May cause knock back, knock down and fear. Can pick another breath weapon if picked this. (Only multiple heads can cast multiple blasts not counting roar.) Oh and it boosts allies too.
14: Energy: 25 Blank white energy, hurts everything equally.
15: Negative Energy: 25 Negative purple energy that saps the strength out of living targets.
16: Blast Breath: 25 Invisible brute force blast that can smash down mountains or reduce human armies to red mist and paste.
17: Radiant Breath: 20 A brilliant Light that blinds and burns and slams targets.

18: Light Arrows: 15 Homing projectiles of light that stab and explode afterwards.
19: Arcane Breath: 30 Magic breath, random effects on what happens to whom when hit.
20: Flare Breath: 30 Biggest blast breath. Causes nuke level explosions without radiation.
21: Disease Spit: 10 like acid but only living tissue or contaminate inanimate. Super diseases!
22: Positive Energy: 25 A energy blast that heals allies, and can damage only undead.
23: Solar Blast: 20 A energy blast powered by solar energy reserves, in day light with ton of Sun, can use this a lot. At night or cloudy days more limited and weaker.
24: Stellar Energy: 30. This baby pitches out the power range of a small star in a condensed area, talk about scorched earth. And Sun Light and Star Light help empower it.

Yeha Dragons are diverse here. From Smaug, to Toothless, to freakken Godzilla.

Below are Dragon powers to make your dragon stand out. For sake of fun can have 7. You are a big, bad ass dragon and need all the help you can get. (Considering your going to a new land full of new monsters, and the Dragon Slaying Empire may follow you to new world.)

1: Empower Ally Magic: In your dragon’s presence. Ally magic users have more potent magic effects.
2: illusions: Can cast illusions to trick and deceive.
3: Beast Control: Command vermin and wild animals.

4: Weather Control: Able to change the weather on a whim.
5: Regeneration: Dragon constantly repairing damage that is done, can regrow even if just one body part is intact.
6: Arcane Powers: This dragon is a regular magic user too. Depends on GM to what used and system. Once a day casting or magic points to spend out.
7: Mutagenetic Presence: Being around dragon can mutate other life forms to be more dragon like.
8: Ether Flight: No longer need wings to fly, soar on energy waves akin to Super Man.
9: Teleporting: Disappear and reappear within eye sight distance.

10: Energy Field: Have a barrier/force field to turn on. Endures to a point before breaking, can turn a new one on. Takes time though.
11: Dream Collector: In sleep can copy magic spells of other races. Up to three. (GM offers list.)
12: Spell Immunity: With this, attacks with magic do not hurt dragon.
13: Create Life: From your life force, can conjure new life forms on the spot.
14: Telepathy: Can speak with one’s mind, read minds, and even attack minds and take them over.
15: Protective Prophecy: The only way to die is by prophecy. GM rolls 1-12. Each number represents a different fate. GM drops hint to what could do it. But has to be vague.
16: Female: your female. You can magically lay eggs without need of a male. So can insure future generations of them.
17: Shape Shifter: Your dragon can go as small as a flea, and up to size with original form or greater. (Nothing bigger than class 5 size, despite shape.)
18: Rite of the Restless: Basically, your dragon is a necromancer.
19: Extra Cash: Start off with far more cash than most dragons dream off.
20: Imperial Bane: Have a habit of toppling kingdoms and empire. Better rolls in military action against organized beings.
21: Proud Parent: Roll 1-3 die. The single roll, number? How many pure breed dragon offspring you have.
22: Pact: Made a deal with a being not of this Earth, call favor on occasion, but do need to return in favors.
23: Ancient: Old, like over a thousand years old. Positive modifiers due to life experience.
24: Multiple Heads: Roll 1 die 6 sides. Add said rolled number for extra heads. Biting attacks, speaking, or multiple breath attacks (Different ones pre head or all same type.)
25: Weapon Stock Hold: Invested your horde to having many weapons for your soldier minions for use.
26: Magical Item(s): Roll 1/3. Number is how many magic trinkets you have. Decide with GM/ST your ideas.
27: Knowledge of Tongues: Can speak in all languages.
28: Eater of Energy: Sun Light, fire, exposure to intense heat, lightning bolts, magic attacks, and sound/radiation/energy. Picking this boon means no longer need to eat food (You can though.) But instead can feed off of three of what is listed here. Also can use said energy absorb to empower spells, stats, and breath attack.

Minions: Pick three. Can give them whatever “race” you want. Just these are stereotypes they will be. Each race can have one perk. If want two perks, must pick a flaw.

Magic Scholar/Masters: Masters of magic. For mage/wizard race deal.
Elemental magic zealots: Magic capable warrior race.
Great Warriors: Can kick butt without magic.
Hard Workers: Work very hard, get great works done.

Sea Faring Folk: Handy with water/naval aspects.
Natural Explorers: Better die results/modifiers for adventuring.
Amazing Inventors: These people know how to invent stuff! Roll, can get successful roll, cool stuff.
Supernaturally gifted: Excellent in all skills.
Faithful: Loyal to the end and have faith in your leadership.
Rich: These minions are already rich.
Amphibious: Can live in water or land.
Rock Dwellers: Can dig deep, for more minerals or living room.
Can fly: These minions can fly! Great for scouting.
Flaws list for greedy double perk picks.
Weak Willed: A tad easy to trick, mind control, and lie to.
Pampered: Not used to harsh work/treatment/ combat. Makes them less likely to survive without help.
Hated: These beings have a bad reputation.
Vain: Think they are hot stuff, in reality makes them easier targets.
Cowardly: Faint of heart, they go have to pass will test or flee.
Self-Serving: Out for their group. Or group having own works as well. Shifty buggers.
Lazy: They rather not do anything and hate having to do.

Blood Thirsty: Eager to fight, maybe too willing to get in a fight.
Known Dragon Enemy: The ones you hired for this job have had a history of slaying dragons.

Will give three examples of servant races based on above. Seeing how you the players "make them up with picks."

1: High Elves: Super good in magic, have the air of nobility, kept around as their princess will make a great mother for your spawn in heritage and social standing. Not to mention know valuable truths of the world.


Supernaturally Gifted: In what they actually do, they do a great job at it.

Magic Masters: Of all the races that came after dragons in this realm, the High Elves are top tier in regards to understanding magic and how it functions.

Vain: THeir noble stuff makes them think they the hottest shit.

Pampered: If there is certain work to be done, they out right refuse. Rather let a "lesser" race do it.

2: The Rohan League: A small Confederation of Humans who are adventurers at heart (Name goes out to Tolkien yes, but they are different. Besides a sample sheet.)

Sea Fare Folk: Really good at navigating the Ocean.

Great Warriors: They know how to get good and dirty. A Rohan master of arms is worth fifty men, or like twenty five orcs then. And so forth.


Dragon Slayers: Kinda bold and desperate to hire out a group who as adventurers, have actually managed to kill dragons. Puts a damper on relationship but they have a honor code, and dragons are smart enough to exploit that.

Blood Thirsty: A tad too eager to fight though.

3: Sagi: Fish people, design in question is akin to Rumble Fish. COlorful and such, still deadly.


Amphibotus: Capable of breathing air and water.

Hard Workers; They build stuff good.


Weka WIlled; Hav a history of being slaves to cruel masters, so will not make up their minds themselves, and can cause them to shift in what they feel is right to do.

Self Serving: Truthfully they are along for the ride to stay alive, they seek to out live all the others to govern themselves, just has not happened yet.

Edit: Will do Fantasy General stuff. Three ways research works out. And well each race (200 nonhumans) and 20 npc humans all have different looks and niches. Will do those latter.

Also in Fantasy Generals there are 10 factions, each faction has strengths and weakness. The finishing touch is you get to make rulers up with picks. (And the start of the game is a freebie battle/skirmish series in new world. The actions that take place between said nations dictates who friends and enemies are.)

Overlord Chou

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Oh yeah. If you guys are that interested decide for yourself Dragon character sheet including minions and I do main game.

Keep in mind as you go to new world, there are natives there. Can deal with them however you want based on how plot turns around.

So the three can become more. The huge deal with Dragon is your the leader, and super weapon/unit of mass destruction, while trying to ensure the dragon race does not die out.

And basically the closest thing these guys have to a Royal.

Note 3 is the default minimal, max seecitors is 9. Either you guys make that number up or I am willing to make a massive cast for you, with lore.

Though the Dragon is up to you guys, that’s the main pc leading. While doing sci fi stuff and making the list for other game. Which is big. It is basically WW1. Just magic and muskets and the main focus of said war is in the Colonies and some in home lands.

Overlord Chou

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Well Onslaught can be done at a latter date. Say after run with Dragon. Because in Onslaught, the complete tech list with units attached is like three pages long. Lots of work there. ANd some may not have patience for it.

Fantasy general for most part you do a research project and die roll. Roll decides what catergory you get, but you make it up. Allowed if not too op.

Under the Surface is one half community builder/keeper, and one party rpg exploring for more technology. ANd got to win roll to see if your town's computers can decode said loot fast enough. In that one things are simplified at the moment.

But yeha guess since interest with Dragon lets see how you guys do CS and from there toss in main plot? I plot to do as many games as possible. Just after some big ones are finished. (Plus Onslaught is one of the few along with Fantasy Generals, that actually needs a visual map.)

Also in Dragons: The stat stuff like strength, Size, breath Weapons and etc? Can be unlocked with time and xp. ( Most of these games no level ups. Mostly xp is used as cash for abilities.)

And if interested in sci fi but no wanting to go strategy, I did a sci fi rp Quest In sci fi section. So thinking 2-3 games for sure. I try to update said work at the least of once a day. I am very reactive in Post depending on how the audience/players do but with my own core stuff in play.
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Overlord Chou

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Alrighty just woke up and checking. Aside you guys doing it yourselves I guess I will do first CS ass a example. And bumping the Dragon stats to 100 just because.

Latter will do basic write up of three said dragons and 12 Servant Races. Out of said 12 Pick 9. Going for big value team theme.

Overlord Chou

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Alrighty the Dragon CS setups as examples.

Base points: 120 (the max cap for experimenting).
Name: Dragons have names, they are a race after all.
Age: Decades to centuries. With a perk can be in thousands, nothing older than that though. Million mark is really pushing it.
Color: Note color here does not matter jack or shit, it's a cosmetic choice.
Back Story: Could provide interesting tid bits in play.

Rest: Divide Dragon stats/breath, then 7 speciality stuff.

And in this case making 4. (To try to show all specialty combos as there are 28 and pick is 7 choices.)

Now stop horsing around and get inot it.

Dragon 1:
Name: Bagan
Age: 4,500 years
Color: Emerald
Story: One of the great dragons of legend. Literally the stuff of stories in toppling cities, wrecking armies, and slaying other gigantic critters, eating their flesh. With it their souls (A belief in some cultures, that not the case though.) The massive menace in his wisdom chose to fled. Given how a new Empire seems quite capable of killing dragons. He "could" provide a good fight. Doubt's his chances of survival though, and dragons are selfish that way. Not just power of his age but also has gotten magic capable abilities from learning and practicing in his youth.

Strength: 20 (Can wreck stuff biblical style with enough effort)
Speed: 10 (Decent speed. For being that big)
Toughness: 20 (Tough to hurt, not invincible though.)
Size: 30 (He is Legendary Godzilla in size.) Note size alters + results with strength/tough and health pools.
Stamina: 10 (When he actually gets hurt due to age, has to sleep it off.)
Flight: 0 (He does not fly)
Intelligence: 5 (Slowed down with age, still as smart as a genius human spell caster though.)
Dragon Breath: 25

Breath: Blast Breath: Capable of smashing cities away, blast mountains away, and reducing armies to chunks.

1: Shape Shifter: Capable of going as small as a flea or back to original size. Handy for breeding with humanoids or hiding undercover.
2: Empower Ally Magic; Due to his Ancient Power, in presence of those he chooses, get a boon in spell works.
3: Ancient: Yeah, he is in thousands and still going. + Dice due to life experience.
4: Regeneration: Has a Healing factor that makes trolls jealous.
5: Imperial Bane: Has had a history of toppling kingdoms, and even now has the tactical intelligence in leading armies, smashing armies, strategy and tactics.
6: Proud Parent: Has two pure blood offspring, is hyper protective of them. Another reason he did not march off to war. Did not want to leave them without a parent. (They get stated if this guy is picked.)
7: Energy Eater: As long he is touching energy, natural, other and can still eat and drink. Either way never starving and has room to expel his energies.

Dragon 2:
Name: Tiamat:
Age: 90
Color: Scarlet.
Back Story: A rarity, one of the last great dragon females. Named by religious parents who praised the original dragon female. Though now must contend with aiding in that dragons do not go way of the dinosaur.

Stats: 120:
Strength: 15
Speed: 15
Toughness: 15
Size: 15
Flight: 15
Stamina: 15
Intelligence: 15
Breath: 15 (Arrows of Light. So seven headed dragon, like a machine gun can cast heating seeking magic missiles that go boom.)

1: Tongues: Speak in all languages.
2: Female: Dragon female. s a result from having known males touch can lay eggs, which must be guarded. Though even so could make broods on her own now. Just parenting would be a hassle and too many dragons would spread and bring the hunters.
3: Multiple Heads: Has seven heads.
4: Rite of Restless: She is also capable of commanding and making undead.
5: Spell Immunity: Magic will not work on Tiamat.
6: Pact: Made deal with a creature of Void. The benefits include extra magic such.
7: Artifacts of Power: Has three magic items in hoard pile and willing to use them or loan them. (If picked will dice roll them.)

Dragon 3:
Name: Chou
Age: 50
Color: Gold
Back Story: The last scion of the Star Dragon clan, the rightful rulers of dragon kind. Due to powerful gene pool and inherited wealth is why he is still alive.

Stats: 120:

Strength: 15
Speed: 20
Toughness: 15
Flight: 10
Intelligence: 15
Breath: 30

Stellar Breath: Enough said, channeling power in area ( fire ball, line, or breath cone) akin to stars.

1: Weapon Stock: The minions start off with as much weaponry as a freakken imperial army, and you yourself, have gotten hold of gear, that is met for titans, the biggest of giant kind, and it fits you. Due to rather humanoid frame, can use said tools (armor, shields, weapons) Like a warrior of a lesser race.
2: Ether Flight: + Dice in flight. And in this case, you fly like Super Man.
3: Illusions: Mind trickery.
4: Telepathy: Slam into thoughts for talk, mind read and such.
5: Teleporting; Able to blink in and out of existence within eye sight. Instant travel.
6: Energy Barrier: Includes a Force Field. Extra layer of defense until it breaks.
7: Extra Cash: Still have some wealth afterwards. incase greedy encounters or buying for minions.

Dragon 4:

Name: Angron:
Age: 500
Color: Black
Back story: A dragon that has slept through some ages but not triggered, due to death screams of the dragon race and broke free from his icy tomb. Now swimming the unknown coast in hopes of finding a safer home. And willing to wreck those who threaten such a thing. Given he slept at a node of mana. Has learned how to tap into the worlds energy.

Stats: 120:
Str: 20
Spd: 10
Tough: 20
Size: 10
Stamina: 20
Flight: 0
Intelligence: 20
Breath: 20

Fire Balls: Able to generate and propel orbs of condense fire that fly forth and then explode at target zone. Can charge, or just aunch, or rapid fire for smaller but still painful blasts.

1: Arcane Spell Caster: Knows magic for casting.
2: Dream Collector: In his dreams and knowledge of the sleeping realm, each story turn can access four spells of different sources.
3: Weather Control: Sleeping deep within the Planet, could detect the energy of the planet and so alter it's weather.
4: Beast Control: If your a critter, magic or natural and lack quality of being sapient? He mind controls you via thoughts.
5: Mutagenetic Presence: just being around him too long alters life into akin a dragon. And said changed can be bossed around by him.
6: Protective Prophecy: With this perk, Angron may die under certain conditions, said conditions ar emuddled in die roll and there are clues. But trying to work around prophecy may undo you. Yet in same token nothing will kill him except said prophecy requirements.
7: Create Life: He can geenrate life waves and when congested enough, new forms of life of his choosing spring forth. It's why he has a massive green plant growth on his black shelled hide. He is not a mere black dragon turtle deal, but a guardian of the life force.

Alright there are 4 dragons. Can well attempt making your own, or just vote of the four presented here.

Next time 12 cannon Races to be minions, you decide.
I'm down expect a filled CS within 24ish hours. I've been waiting for a nation builder to join. I'll try to stay within the left and right limits.

Tbh I was fine with any of the options but I preferred the 1st the most alas until next time.

Overlord Chou

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The Twelve Races ( On the top of my head.)

1: High Elves: A enclave of High Elves who do not wish to give over rule to dwarves and the current leading monarch is a Dragon Worshipping princess. So there is that too.

1: Mastery Of Magic.

2: Any other skill they attempt to do is super effective.

1: Pampered: Spoiled rotten nobles who refuse to get their hands dirty.

2: Vain: They thonknthey are the Master Race. If they handle diplomacy it gets a negative mark due to their attitude at speaking to anyone else. Minus fellow High Elf’s and your draconic self.


2: Dragon Elves: Super cruel sub branch of elf that actually worship dragons and seek to become them.

1: Magic Masters

2: Great Warriors

1: Bloody Thirsty

2: Hated: They got history of being cruel jack asses. Of course bad blood.


3: Verdant Hill Dwarfs: Dwarfs who live in the hills and to account are different from other dwarves.

Hard Workers

Cowards ( in their religion, no hurting peeps, If do fight, not to the death.)
Bad rep blood with other Dwarfs.

4: Black Stone Dwarfs: From the great darknrock spire itself. These dwarves are actually were part of the new empire that’s going around, killing dragons. But promise not to do to you, and want new lands.

Rock Dwellers

Own agenda
K own dragon killers


5: Angelo Outcasts: These Humans, are From Angelo. Who is the nation doing to dragon crusade war. These people though, refused to acknowledge them. So taking Sea faring roots to explore.

Sea Navigators

Dragon Slayers
Bad Rep ( opposing non humans.)

6: Knights Of Cerberus: A mercenary Company Of adventurers.

Great warriors

Dragon Slayer past:

7: Tiberians: Civilized Blue Lizard people who were part of the industrial revolution but consider the main land too barbarians. Aside that we reptile folk must stick together, yes?

Great Warriors: You would think a race of uppity blue reptiles who act British snobs would fold like paper. Not true at all.

Own Agenda: Oh they will take care of you but rest assured, they are looking after their own necks.

Vain: They try out doing the High Wlves here, so damn shameful.

8: Mon Kei: Shark people. Nuff said.

1: Ambitious
2: Hard workers

Weak willed

Bad rep ( they have eaten people)

9: The Orc Fleet Of the Red Sails: Pirates And slavers who happen to be orcs. No home land, they embrace the sea.

Sea Navigators: They are pirates after all.

Inventions: They know how to make bombs, guns, and bullets.


Bad rep
Lazy ( have their goods do most of the work.)

10: Mokole: Dinosaur people. Humanoid sauropods, Great In size and I. Strength, rather just want a place for themselves as their fed up of being hunted.

Hard Workers
Magic masters:

Cowardly: They hate hurting people

Own Agenda: They want to make a better world, with or without you.

11: Tiefling Cults Of Shu: Mutated Humans due to have demonic blood. These in particular have a common faith and mutation that is shared to point they consider themselves family.

1: Adventurers: Warn their cash going into ruins, Dungeons and such.

2: Fliers: Their unified gift. All of them of this lot and blood lines, they fly with their bat like wings.

12: The Telu-Kai: Ant people. They are size of halfings. With hard exoskeleton, four arms and great re enforced strength. They seek security in numbers. They are not a Hive or a queen mother. Rather caste system, lead females make orders and rest follow. Also their reproduction is simple stoping eggs in rich soil and fertilize them. Due to this all communities are considered related.

Rock dwellers

Weak will

Overlord Chou

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I'm down expect a filled CS within 24ish hours. I've been waiting for a nation builder to join. I'll try to stay within the left and right limits.

Tbh I was fine with any of the options but I preferred the 1st the most alas until next time.
We can discuss it anywhere and any time ya want. I said 2-3 games and I mean it. Not always going to post but I try to be as active as possible. Also did thread of a adventure/Combat team rpg Of humans do e in a different light ( science fiction too.)

But yeah, I aim to please. As many people as possible.

On that note: Willing to do write ups for fantasy generals too. Though takes time. And that’s a game I need assistance with mapping process, same deal as Onslaught really.

Overlord Chou

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Final note: Will do Fantasy Generals starting tomorrow. With write ups in general. Mercs, Magic, Tech, Units and nation/ruler notes.

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
I would be interested in doing this. And have a rough idea already for a dragon in mind. A sea farming lung dragon who wishes to create his empire under the waves. Taking the amphibious races as minions.

Would just need to get some time to create a CS.

Btw. How does posting and play normally go in your games?

Overlord Chou

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As for sea empire: It’s doable just got to make up a ton of wate breathers and maybe surface dwellers are good at ships.

As for how rp goes in my games go?

You post and I respond. If just fluff and setting things up the rating is effort and well done.

Also note I am considering if people want different dragons, that you guys are on different sides on ya own trying to survive in new world ( original idea is all if you vote on a single set up and votes of what to do next.)

Rolls with die occur at points where things are not so cut and dry. Along with it is something that inspire conflict.
Brothers! And Sisters! Anyone interested in Option 1? We can still do the dragon thread too, but alas The God Emperor requires we purge the xeno, burn the heretic and nut on chaos. Who else wants to lead gene enhanced warriors and have daddy problems?

D. Rex

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I think if I were to pick a different game, it would probably be #2, children of the stars. I got a race I think would be fun to use in a nation builder.

As for sea Empire, could find a nice island chain with some deep waters, and start its populace with shark folk, sagi, and island dwelling humans.

Oh? You mean one dragon between us all?
*read post in excitement falls out of chair realizing no one else wants to purge the galaxy*

I can settle for Option 2 also. Anything Sci-fi like tbh. I think its 1 dragon per PC unless you get the proud parent perk.

D. Rex

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Would definitely be interested in 2 as alternative.

Lol and I think one dragon per is fine. Would be writing enough as is if already have to manage dragon and internal stuff between races.

Overlord Chou

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Yeah I met that normally you guys work together as one set up. Willing to have you guys as community of dragons. Could work that in as one of three plots.

Sad about Stellar, though there is still Fantasy Generals, which I will post today. As that got some love.

Notice: My games do have definite beginnings and endings. That way people get more stuff. The play itself dictates time/length.

Also Children is dirt easy to GM as most of it is sand box free style, just the rules are faction creation. Which is easy.

D. Rex

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120 for dragon points, 7 picks for boobs.

Then the minion races.

I like dirt easy. And I like boobs. So picking 7 is easy.

Okay, I think I see what you are saying. while we each pick a dragon, we are a community within one setting. Right?

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