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Fandom Naruto Shippuden


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Looking for Naruto Shippuden Roleplays...Crush would be Sasuke Uchiha for my OC.


The Name:
Name- Yuki Usagi
Name Meaning- Yuki (Snow) Usagi (Rabbit)
Nickname?- Bunny, Snow White, Snowy, Yu, Snow Bunny, and Kiki. She will accept most nicknames as long as they don't anger her, which is hard to do.

Basic Information:
Age- 17
Gender- Female
Height- 5'5
Blood Type-

Birthday Information:
DOB- December 12th
Zodiac Sign- Sagittarius
Birth Flower?- Narcissus
Birthstone?- Blue Topaz/Turquoise

Background Information: Yuki was born in the Land of Snow, and from a young age, she was worked hard. Her mother and father, along with even her older brother, taught her how to be a ninja, and Yuki loved it. She trained hard every single day, even when her parents were not home. One day, eight year old Yuki was training when an Akatsuki member by the name of Tobi played with her. They were playing hide and seek and even training together, when Yuki's mother came over. She hollered for her child to come to her now, which Yuki did. Tobi disappeared, and didn't come back until Yuki's parents were out on a huge mission that they had requested, which was to take down Akatsuki member Itachi Uchiha. Itachi watched as Tobi had killed them, since Yuki's mother went against the mission and went for Tobi instead. They fought him, and he killed them both. Itachi made a promise to them to spare the son and daughter to Yuki's parents, so he didn't let Tobi kill Sora, but Tobi said only if Sora agreed to not go back to the village. Sora felt terrible for his sister, but he didn't want to endanger her further, so he left and he never went back to the village. Yuki was alone, training when Tobi showed up. He came up to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "One day, I'll find you again." He said, using a voice she had never heard from Tobi before, then he left. Yuki was confused, but a few minutes later, an Anbu member came up to her and told her the news of her parents. Eight year old Yuki was alone and unhappy. She lived with her grandmother until she was about twelve. She worked hard, until her grandmother died. Yuki was hurt by her death, but somehow knew she was by her side. Yuki didn't want to live in the Land of Snow anymore, and since there were no more family members in her clan that she was close enough to to get her to stay, she left. She headed for the one village she knew from her grandmother's stories, and that was Konoha. She moved there and she trained alone, not working with an actual team. She was just put with random teams for random missions, but in the end, she grew closest to Team Seven. She was there during the first mission, and Naruto was the only one on the team who was kind to her. Naruto become her first Konoha friend. Sasuke gave her the cold shoulder constantly on that mission, up until they were all three trapped together in Haku's ice mirror jutsu. Yuki would protect Naruto and Sasuke, taking most of the needles when she could. Of course, she couldn't take them all, but she took a lot. They all seemed to come out of there covered in needles. After that, Sasuke and her grew closer, and up until he left, they were best friends. Her life was amazing after that, no pain or sorrow until Sasuke left, it hurt her more than anything else that had happened in her life, but it also made her stronger. After he left, she trained hard, determined to see him again one day to fight him and beat him. To this current day, four years after he left. Yuki lives happily, although Sasuke still lingers in her mind a lot. She has a lot of friends, and a decent amount of enemies. She is trying to strive to be a medical ninja and a member of the Anbu.
Personality- Feisty, Stubborn, Sarcastic, Smart Assed, Creative, Intelligent, Caring, Kind, Protective, and Curious. She can be described as a two sided coin. She has this one side where she has the 'negative' personality traits, like her sarcasm, feisty side, smart ass mouth, etc, while the other side has her true and sweet side, like her caring, protective, kind, and motherly nature. Overall, she is a wild card, and is very unpredictable. She has her instincts, and if she feels like her gut is telling her that you are bad, she almost always follows it.
Admirations- Music, Incenses/Candles, Snow/Rain, Animals, Reading, Training, Sleeping, Bunnies, Sweets, and Art.
Dislikes- Bullies, Liars, Cheaters, Being Yelled At (especially by men), Feeling Alone, Nightmares, Spiders, Snakes, Sluts, and Fan Girls.
Family- Hanako Megumi (Deceased;Mother) Hajime Megumi(Deceased;Father) Sora Megumi (Status of Life Unknown;Older Brother)

Ninja Information:
Jutsus- I usually make this up as I go along, to be completely honest.
Kekkai Genkai- Her clan's Kekkai Genkai lets her Blood Bend. It is a dangerous ability that could put Yuki in serious danger as well if used too much. This is why she rarely uses it, it could give her blood poisoning if used for too long. She also keeps this ability hidden, knowing how people could use this to their advantage.
Clan?- Megumi Clan
Affiliations- Konoha
Ninja rank- Same as everyone else/Chunin

Appearance Information:
P I C T U R E S- (Yukirender_copy)
Hair Color- Snowy White.
Eye Type?- Onyx Black.
Usual Attire- What she is wearing in the picture.

Relationship Information:
Best Friend- It used to be Sasuke Uchiha, but when he left, Kiba Inuzuka became her best friend.
Enemy/Rival- Sakura, Karin, Ino, Orochimaru Kabuto, Sasuke's Team, and Akatsuki Members.
Crush/Lover/Etc.- S A S U K E <3 U C H I H A
Ex?- None.

Theme Information:
Theme Song- Hard Times covered by Nathan Sharp. The main reason this is her theme song is because it sounds so happy and cheerful, but the hidden meaning behind the cute little tune is that the lyrics are very emotional and meaningful, sad even. She is saying she tries to stay strong and get through hard times for the sake of others not worrying about her. Usually, she worries about others and they don't know she is even hurting because of this. She also seems to be seeking answers to life that just are not there, and hopefully she realizes one day that life has more than one answer, if it even has answers!
Modern or Original?- Shippuden.

~"I swear, sometimes it's like you want me to hate you."
~"You don't like me? Fuck You. Problem Solved."
~"I Needed A Hero...So I Became One."
~"One Boy. A Thousand Feelings."
~"We Make Up Horrors To Help Us Cope With The Real Ones..."
~"Love Is Like A Friendship...."
~"A Penny For Your Thoughts?"
~"Beauty Is A Curse On The World, For It Keeps Us From Seeing Who The Real Monsters Truly Are..."
~"All Things Truly Wicked Started From Innocence."
~"Normal Is An Illusion. What Is Normal For The Spider Is Chaos For The Fly..."

Extra Information:
Cussing: Yes.
Anything Else?:
~She blushes easy.
~She has a bad habit of biting her lip.
~Sasuke and her made a promise when they were thirteen. She has never said what the promise was.
~She dances and sings beautifully.


The Goof
Pretty detailed OC I like the choice of music as well! I had a slight idea in mind in the back burner if I wanted to try my hand in Shippuden so yeah there's that!


Into Zanarkand
I’m new to PBP style role playing but have been doing tabletop role playing for close to a decade. I’m currently doing a few 1x1 RPs. Am interested in how group would work. Naruto shippuden is something I’m very familiar with! Anyway I’m rambling. Just saying I’d be interested!


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I’m new to PBP style role playing but have been doing tabletop role playing for close to a decade. I’m currently doing a few 1x1 RPs. Am interested in how group would work. Naruto shippuden is something I’m very familiar with! Anyway I’m rambling. Just saying I’d be interested!
Pm ^^

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