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Fandom Naruto Shippuden- 21+ please- OC or canon

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Naruto Universe, Slice of Life

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Hello there. I'm looking for a partner whose at least 21 (personal comfort reasons and all site rules will be followed). Message me if interested or like this search thread and I'll message you. Do NOT post below.

I've been reading lots of stories lately that have had Kakashi go rogue and I'd like to do my own take on that concept.

Plot: Hashirama is able to kill Madara. Sakumo kills himself. Obito and Rin both die during the Third Great Shinobi War. Kakashi blames his loss, trauma, and suffering on Konoha and the shinobi way of life. He goes rogue; abandoning his sensei and village. (Minato and Kushina are both alive since Obito did not ruin Naruto's birth).

Years later and Kakashi Hatake is still on the loose. He appears in the shadows; stalking and then killing shinobi. He does not discriminate. If you are wearing a forehead protector, then you are a shinobi and need to be eliminated so that the shinobi way of life is not continued.

There will be no excessive gore. This is a slice of life role play and so there will be an emphasis on drama, emotional scenes, etc. Things like the deaths themselves will simply be mentioned and details hinted at.

I will play Kakashi and you can play any canon character or an oc. The choice is yours.
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