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Hey all! It's me again. I have been DYING for some Naruto content lately. I'm currently looking for some new partners to write with. I'm going to go over the basics of my rules and drop some pairings here.

I just finished watching Shippuden! I'll be starting Boruto soon, but I'd like to stick to the Shippuden timeline or AUs.

AUs and Canon-adjacent plots are welcome.

These are just paraphrased, I have a full set of rules here if you want to read them.
  • Please be over 18. I'm 21 and roleplaying with minors makes me uncomfortable
  • Slowburn romance, queer only. Opposite gender bi and pan ships are welcome.
  • I try to reply at least once a week but if you really hook me, you'll probably get more out of me. I'm available for OOC throughout the week, though.
  • OOC friendly and preferred, I love making friends with my partners.

I love Canon x Canon, but I'm not opposed to OC x Canon. If we're going that route, I would prefer we double for each other. Italicized characters are muses I would like to play, but I wouldn't be opposed to playing the other characters.

* = Craving this pairing/crush

Canon x Canon Ships I'd love to write
Kakashi / Guy *
Kakashi / Yamato
Kakashi / Obito * (AUs preferred for this one!)
Jiraiya / Tsunade *
Jiraiya / Orochimaru
/ Neji *
Deidara / Sasori
Tobi / Deidara
Nagato / Yahiko / Konan
Naruto / Sasuke (Post Shippuden or AU only)

Oc x Canon Love interests (who I'd like you to play)
Jiraiya *
Neji *
Sai *
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*Gasp* Need Water!
Ooooh, we have some common ships! I love Jiraiya and Tsunade! I'd be happy to play Jiraiya. I also like Neji and Lee! I wouldn't be opposed to doing an oc x canon double up as well, I'd also be happy to write for Jiraiya or Neji. As for my side, I'd like either Naruto or Gaara.

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