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Fandom naruto roleplay!

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Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, Naruto Universe, Romance


hello all! i’m looking for a partner or two for some current cravings! i’m going to make this super short and to the point!

about me:
- 18+ and many years of writing experience
- pretty good at coming up with dramatic plot points
- writes around 500 - 1,000 words per reply and would prefer if you did as well c’:
- cool with any pairing! i am double friendly as well
- can play any gender but has preferences depending on the plot
- ghost friendly. no worries, kiddo!
- no limits/triggers. will write anything within site rules! if you have any, tell me!

what i’m craving:

i would super love to find somebody that would be willing to do a naruto roleplay with me! i’m wanting to do canon x oc. a bit of romance mixed in with some adventure. i’m wanting to find someone willing to play sasuke, itachi, or kakashi against my oc. we can definitely double if you’d like and i can play anyone c’: i have a few general ideas that will alter depending on what we do.

please shoot me a pm and i look forward to plotting with you!

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