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Fandom Naruto Long Term RP Group Drabbles/Personal Moments

"S-so big!" Toju stuttered in shock as he couldn't believe how big Daihiko is. "Okay." He said as he climbed on Daihiko's hand to look for his father. "There he is!" He said as he pointed at his father and his expression doesn't seem to be positive. "Can you take me there?" He asked.

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"There's no need to be sorry," Toju said calmly as he can understand how Matsuda is feeling but that didn't offend him. "I don't want it but thanks." He said as he refuses the boy's offer to give him an ice cream as an apology. "But first I have to find Dad." He said.

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"I can tell him, I took you to school with me, so you won't get in trouble!" Matsuda said still trying to find a way to make up for what he did, onlhh just now noticing how big Daihiko is and looked at him in awe "Cooool!" He said impressed with the boy's jutsu, best the hell out of his shuriken jutsu that was for sure.

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"Yes, I do and yes I am!" Matsuda said answering all their questions in one fell swoop and climbed up into Daihiko's hand. "Onward to the father person!" Matsuda said determined to fix his mistake and because he was kind of excited to be up so high. He then turned to Daihiko and offered him some ice cream mochi but kind of saw that he probably couldn't hold it right now at this moment so decided to wait until they had secured Toju's future!

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"What is that giant thing doing here in Konohagakure!?" Ryosei asked in fear. "It's okay, Dad," Toju said as he is trying to calm his Ryosei down. "These are my friends." He said. "They don't mean any harm to you." He said calmly. "I didn't know that you can make friends that quick," Ryosei said as he could hardly imagine that Toju can make friends flawlessly.

"Well, you never know what I am capable of doing so and that doesn't make me a shy person anymore," Toju said confidently. "Really?" Ryosei asked in confusion.

"Now that I found you, I should be on my way to the academy," Toju said. "Uh, okay..." Ryosei said as he is still looking at the person who is big.

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"Hi, my name is Matsudai, I'm sorry for kidnappings your son and taking him to school with me, please don't be mad at him!" The little boy said urgently, waving his arms as if he were trying to flag down a plane when he heard the boy say that he was going off the Academy and smiled excitedly "So you're coming back with us!? We're gonna be best friends just you wait and see!" Matsuda said still in the mand of the much larger boy and pointed in the direction of the academy "Daihiko, away!...but only if you want to and only if Toju is done talking with this dad...I don't want to be rude" He said.

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"I don't mind at aaalll, new friend! Do keep in mind however that I am still using chakra to maintain this giant form of mine! Where to next, friends? Perhaps youtwo can help me find my team!" Daihiko expresses excitedly as he continues to walk on, some of the villagers waving good morning to the giant lad
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"Hmmmmm" Daihiko scans the area until he spots the Ninja Acadmey just northwest "Indeed we are! Hold on tight, friends!" Daihiko makes one great bound in the air, clearing several buildings in one bound before landing in front of the school with a ground crashing landing "We have arived! HA-HA~!"
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Field of Go Residence
~54 Months Ago

Scroll Down​

  • Tick-Tock went the clock. Tick-Tock, tick-tock.

    Eiichi sat on his knees, waiting, silent, eyes closed, meditating. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

    Seiza, the method of sitting on one's knees was a painful process that Aunty A taught him was a posture nobility took back in the day. Sitting like this was not particularly comfortable until at least you were accustomed to it. Even then, sitting like this for too long was never fun for the knees or legs. Even less so when you had to sit where the concrete could really dig into the skin and irritate him as he sat there for at most an hour on weekday, or maybe more if he had done something particularly bad. Like prank Uncle Saburo or play a dirty trick on his cousins.

    For once though, Eiichi found he wasn't sitting here to train or for a punishment. Rather, he was sitting here like this, to pass the time. And most importantly, to pick up on any--

    "I hope you are PAYING ATTENTION to your surroundings still, Ichi-kun!" A voice shouted.

    Eyes snapping open, Eiichi only now felt his Uncle's presence and when he noticed how close he was gauging off the distance of the signature to his own, Eiichi swore under his breathe. He had been so lost in reminiscing, he hadn't paid attention to when Ryo had even entered his radar- and it must have showed because his uncle said as he chuckled: "Ah, I see I was not mistaken. I can see your frustration kiddo, hahaha, better luck next time."

    Gritting his teeth in displeasure, Eiichi said nothing as he rose to his feet and instead turned to face the presence in which he felt his uncle was coming from. Ryo had yet to enter the building let alone the room of the training grounds yet. There was a odd sense of fluctuation in the general energy he could recall his uncle having but Eiichi ignored this as it was not immediately important. Instead, it just made him focus on his uncle's signature even more to further block out the fainter signatures he could feel all around the residential compound.

    When Ryo entered, there was something...different about him that Eiichi could not quite put his finger on. And he noticed the first thing, was his uncle's eyes. Faint beige, or maybe it was some other color, coated his uncle's eyelids like mascara along with faint markings that were visible along his cheeks, chin, and the back of his hands.

    "Why are you wearing so much makeup?" Was the first thing Eiichi asked with feigned disinterest and a skeptically raised brow, topped up with his nose wrinkling in equal disgust.

    "Hey, you wore it to when you started those Kunoichi classes. Remember?"

    "That was a disguise."

    "It wasn't a good one."

    Eiichi said nothing. Speaking foolishly to an adult would merely get him into trouble. And he had no interest in suffering 3 hours on his knees on a Saturday. False, it had been a great disguise because all it had been was makeup and a wig and for the one day he took it to school, no one had noticed he was even a boy.

    Sure, the skirt may have helped, and sure his cousins had done it to make fun of him, but back then he would have rather died than be known as that guy who thought Kunoichi meant "Badass Spy Skills", instead of learning the actual arts of being a spy, for females. Not that he was complaining anymore, those classes were paying off. Besides the girls hadn't noticed him immediately; he blamed the instructor for stripping him of the wig his cousins had given him. The bitch got her payback though. Good kick in the shins, even if it had been two years ago and earned him trouble for it.

    Now frowning Eiichi cocked his head to the side, a lesson he had picked up in class, about maintaining facial expressions and body language. "Why are you wearing make-up Uncle? You and the others leaving again so soon?"

    Ryo maintained a straight face as he smiled, and then replied with a simple "No." Before he broke down into fits of laughter. Eiichi, not liking how he was on the wrong end of whatever was funny, frowned harder, and then crossed his arms as he waited. Knowing answers would come in time if he was patient.

    "Whew!" Ryo sighed. "Jeez kiddo, that was a good one. But no, this isn't mascara I'm wearing."

    "Oh...so...what are you wearing?"

    "Nothing." He smiled. "I'm using senjutsu."

    Eiichi blinked. "Senjutsu?"

    Ryo nodded. "Senjutsu. A alteration to the body based off the amount of natural energy one has absorbed." Eiichi, now frowning, blinked again. Ryo merely smiled a bit wider. "I'm using one of the variant energies of chakra. You remember that talk you, Uncle Ronin, Saburo and I had about the different kinds of chakra, right?" The blonde nodded. "Ninja tend to focus on using one specific type, it is the same energy both Yokai and Beasts use on a daily basis, but for us humans- its different. The chakra we tap into is a lower form of the energy Yokai and Beasts use. Most of which is tied to ninjutsu and its variant energies. And this is one of them: Natural energy."

    "Natural energy." Eiichi repeated then squinted. "I see", he said, staring at his Uncle while twirling a lock of his hair in thought. "Why do you call it natural energy?"

    "It comes from our surroundings, to put it simply." Ryo stated as he approached. "Now, before you go asking anymore question, and don't worry, I'll be sure to answer a few- if you're interested in it in the future- you can learn it yourself."

    "What if I want to learn it now?"

    This made Ryo chuckle just a tad. "You can't."

    This reply made EIichi scowl. "And why not, huh? What, I'm not good enough for it or something is that what you're trying to say?"

    Ryo did not chuckle that time, rather he maintained his smile, and then said simply: "No. The way you are now, especially at your age, you'd die. Plus I can't teach it to you. That's the law, and I know that's ironic coming from a guy who barely follows most country laws- but this is one I can't break kiddo."

    "Uncle" the blonde groaned with a roll of his eyes, "please stop making up--"

    Immediately, "Hey." He cut in. "I'll tell you this once and only once, I'm not lying." There was a brief moment of eye contact between uncle and nephew, then after a intense silence, Eiichi looked away. He said nothing, and Ryo smiled once he saw his point had been made.

    "Now- let's get some tea and then come back."

    "But you just got here!"

    "Yeah?" Scratching the stubble of his chin as he said this Ryo cocked his brow and had a look around. "I didn't notice that. This your bedroom or something? Been about a year since I've been back hasn't it, things change in a year don't they?"

    Throwing his hands up into the air with a "UGH!" of protest, Eiichi just followed after the man as he chuckled and began to leave without him. "What did you even show me this for if we were just going to leave right after anyway?"

    "Oh you'll see kiddo." Ryo grinned. "You'll see. Tea first, then after some breakfast- we start. I'm going to be teaching you about Chakra Pressure today. The basics at least, and maybe a bit more if we have time..."

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    Junko Chronicles: Land of Tea, Lady Kaiko's Goodbye I
    Junko's Age: 18
    Ryo's Age: 14

    ~ A Unknown Village in Country of Tea ~
    ~ Ten Years Ago || April 17th ~
    On My Way To The Moon || Junko's CS File

    She rose to her feet as the rain stopped. The little awning she was seated under did no more to protect her than an average umbrella but it stopped her from coming back soaking wet at the very least. What truly mattered was that the scrolls she had found were safe. Her bag had been protected from all the unpleasantness of the storm. With some good fortune, Ryo and herself would be able to leave by noon. They’d found logging but she knew better than to overstay their welcome. The town was by no means large enough for a proper inn, finding an older woman generous enough to take in a near pauper of a teen and an absolute hellion of a brat who was clearly hiding something with the heavy cloaks and hoods was miraculous.

    As the woman of the house emerged she attempted to duck out of sight. She was grateful to Ms. Kaiko but she couldn’t handle the pity that overcame the woman when she looked into her eyes. She refused such looks, she was in no way a child any longer as even the basic ninja signed away their rights to humanity to become tools. Something that she thought so little of as a child, a mistake she couldn’t rectify any longer. She would no longer take such actions lightly, each choice she made came with consequences.

    Leaving was a choice, one that meant she could barely afford enough to feed Ryo, but she’d be damned if she failed in it. Sitting under the bushes of Ms. Kaiko’s home she could almost feel as though she might get some help in it. Officially they weren’t missing-nin, well actually Ryo had never gotten in before it had happened. Either way, it means that the change in regime was enough that they couldn’t afford to track down their failures. That or Ryo was never given a paper trail to follow.

    She prayed that it was the former. All the secrecy and disguises in the world would mean nothing for the boy if he didn’t keep his mouth shut. She wasn’t sure how much more she could impress upon her brother the importance of silence. The Land of Water would only let them be for so long and when they were back on the trail she wanted to be far from them and several switched lives in.

    “Jun- Junpei!”

    Oh seems the spitfire was awake then. She really needed to teach him what was an appropriate way to fix mistakes. Calling her by her name was bad, they didn’t want to be caught. Calling her by a similar, very male, name was probably worse.

    “Haruka, just what are you calling me now kiddo?”

    Even if it was just the two of them he needed to remember they had a role to play for the people. Haruka, Ryo not quite the same but close enough. The meaning held and thus he would remember. Her own alias was the same idea. It was risky but then again he’d never been quite good with lying even as a child, much less with his head a mess as they’d left him.

    “Sorry Kat...sumi. Seriously though whatcha hiding from?.”

    She took a second to do a quick scan of the grounds, Ms. Kaiko was no longer anywhere to be seen. It was no wonder, despite the fact that the rain had let up the Land of Tea still had a chill that hadn’t quiet changed to the summer heat. She relaxed a bit as she grabbed her bag and went to the center standing right by the gardens.

    “From Ms. Kaiko, our welcome is sure to be outstayed if we are too visible. We may have to leave soon are you all packed up?”

    His face may have been covered up by the shadows cast by the hood but with the vicious shake of his head, she could tell that Ryo was getting too comfortable here. She couldn’t disagree with him but at the same time she couldn’t relax until they’d fully healed Ryo and this small nameless town would do no good in terms of a base. For one the land wasn’t even in one of the Great five shinobi nations, which meant there were few cases she was able to research, and even less that would be of any use. There was also a deep hatred of her own bottled up, wishing to ignore the idea that she would get any better treatment here then she had in the Land of Water. If only her father had better judgment when it came to fleeing.

    “Sis… Do we really have to leave? Lady Kaiko could help us to settle properly, heck Ichirou’s practically in love with you-”

    The look she gave must have said it all as he cut off whatever else he planned to say. Ryo turned away from her and it pulled deep at her heartstrings but ultimately her answer would not change. They couldn’t just settle down yet. No, they would never find peace if they did. The idea that they could, quite frankly, was ludicrous. Ryo couldn’t even remove his cloak in public, how could he ever live a fulfilled life? What if they did settle down only for Ryo to let his guard down and be hurt should they turn on the siblings? No, she wouldn’t allow that. If it was the last thing she did she was going to damn well see her little brother free and happy.

    Even if the world is against you, well always have each other

    Her father's words she repeated out loud as if to strengthen her convictions. One day they would have the life they craved but it was unlikely to be in this town, certainly, it wouldn't be today...

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