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Fandom naruto cc x cc rp search ! [mostly aus + lgbt pairings]

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me? rebranding on rpn? i would never!

hiya y'all! i'm getting back into my naruto phase and figure now's the time to finally search for that needle in a haystack partner that i'm looking for to rp some pairings from the series. before we get too deep into things, here's a bit about me:

+ transmasc with he/him pronouns
+ most comfortable with mxm and fxf
+ i've rped for about 7 years now with some sporadic breaks
+ i'm semi-lit, my cap is usually about 1000 words, but i'll match anything under that
+ i'll rp on site or on discord

now, onto the good stuff!

as the title says, i'm only interested in cc x cc rps. i've already got some oc only rps running, and i really don't care for oc x cc, it's just not my cup of tea. as far as pairings go, i'm really only interested in mxm and fxf, with one or two exceptions. here's the pairings that i'm most interested in, with the role i'd prefer to play bolded; feel free to suggest one that isn't on the list, but know that i most likely won't be interested if it's mxf.

+ naruto x sasuke
+ naruto x gaara
+ naruto x hinata (basically the only mxf ship i'm down for agsdf)
+ naruto x most male characters, just ask if there's one you're interested in
+ sakura x hinata
+ sakura x ino
+ hinata x tenten (craving!!)
+ gaara x rock lee
+ kakashi x iruka

noww onto the plot details! here's where i expose my cardinal sin: i never finished shippuden. never even got that far into it, in all honesty. i love the original naruto to death, and i love the idea of shippuden, but it's always been an overwhelming thing to watch since it's just so big. because of this, i'd prefer to do an au plot so we don't have to worry about the source material! i'm down for pretty much any au, so lemme know if there's an idea in your head that you want to try out. some basic ones i can think of are college aus, coffee shop aus, harry potter aus (fuck jk rowling btw), royalty aus, etc etc

that's pretty much it! thank you for reading this far and feel free to message me if you're interested.

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