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Fandom Nakayoshi Nostalgic

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.complicated names enthusiast.
  1. My reply time is inconsistent, I can give replies around like 2 replies a day on one moment, and no more than a second later, I'll reply once every one week
  2. PM, thread, anywhere is alright as long as it's on-site
  3. Let's collab, don't hesitate to go out of the trail if you want or have to, and if there's a direction you want to go that requires more than a pair of replies, tell me, and I'll do the same
  4. Ghost-friendly
  5. If there're triggers, or something that tics you off, do tell
  6. No one-liners, but I'm more of quality > quantity type of person, so if you can write a paragraph of juicy response, then we can try something out
  7. OCxOC only
  8. Can be platonic or romance

A collection of plots based (either loose-ly or hardcore-ly) on comics published in Nakayoshi magazine. Some of this will be about the setting, or the basic plot, of which all is moldable into something that we like. Extensive knowledge isn't required, and I'll give the required infos if it ever comes to it.

In a world where technology has advanced to the point of being able to receive orders from body gestures and movements, a virtual world where people from all over the world can meet despite real life's distance was created, named "BOX". Divided into 12 areas, each named with birth gems and each region has its own aesthetic. There, exists something called Logical Step (or commonly referred to as Logiste), where when a set of movements is done, will produce an impact. Such impact varies, and is currently known to have 2 types, along with their sub-types:
  1. Physical
    • Attack
    • Defense
    • Healing
    • Buffs
  2. Mental
    • Emotional corruption
    • Mental strengthening/weakening
There is currently one premise that I can think of, but feel free to put a suggestion!

Premise 1: After the corruption of BOX, codes from the Mother Computer have evolved and grow, one dare say, a conscience. Made from sets of codes, sets of logistes, two beings that know every movesets like the back of their hand.

Muse A is a sheltered, rich kid. One day, to pursue their studies, they have to move out of their parents' home and abroad. There, on the other side of the world, Muse A is quick to be exposed to newfound technology called "smartphone". Muse A who has a cellular phone, begs their parents to buy them a smartphone, what they get instead is a human android that functions as a smartphone, Muse B.

And, well, Muse A isn't allowed to give Muse B back, non!

They're pretty pre-baked, so there should be plenty of rooms to fit our ideas in.

Thank you for your time!

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