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I got some good memes
Welcome to N.I.C.E National. Intellegient. Crime. Education.

Greetings, and welcome to N.I.C.E. Also known as National, Intelligent, Criminal, Education. Here, we desire to provide a proper education to the criminally gifted. Since our founding in 2021, our organization has reformed what it truly means to be a criminal. We simply wish for you to join us as a fellow student, our top advisors have already specially selected other skilled students for you to join in a squad and perform missions to the best of your ability. Your freshman enrollment date is September 8th, 2025. Do not disappoint us, and please remember to be civil under our premises. You will be punished accordingly to any rules you break, including suspension.

This group RP will follow a set of students under study in a college specifically designed for criminals, success being based off of their classes and passing or failing proctored missions. They will also face the threat of investigation agencies trying to expose the school, vigilanties out to ruin missions, and some of their own friends betraying them. Your character can be any gender, race, sexuality, origin, and appearance you desire, but remember to be realistic. Your character can also have supernatural abilities. Down below is a set of roles that your character can be, but once they are filled, that option is unavailable.

Mission Proctor (Professor role, 2 roles open)

Medic (Closed)
•Taken (@scorpiodragon)

Scout (Closed)
•Taken (@Gentlehell)

Tank (closed)
•Taken (@Walnutt)

Mission Cordinator (Closed)
•Taken (@Shagranoz)

Explosive Expert (Closed)
•Taken (@ABetterNickname)

Infiltration Unit (Closed)
•Taken (@Darkhan)
•Taken (@Shibe)

Diversion (closed)
•Taken (@LadyLuckTakeTheWheel)

Negotiation (closed)
•Taken (@Inb4Cloaker)

Sniper (Closed)
•Taken (@Emmi)

Other (3 roles open)
•Taken (@Thisle, Hacker)
•Taken (@FoxyPlayGamer435 , Fighter)
•Taken (@Kirwinning, A.I)

Vigilante (Antagonist role, 1 role open)
•Taken (@Lunar)
•Taken (@A Thousand Rivers)

Advisor (Closed)
•Taken(@Mackenzie wise)
•Taken (@SirGrey)

Other roles will open later on, including roles for professors, advisors, and elite organization members. The roles listed as ‘other’ means that players can decide their own role for their character if it doesn’t fit into the other catagories. Plot is open for casual discussion and if you have any ideas please feel free to share them with me! Rules are basic, 3rd person paragraph form, no godmodding, no sexual themes, mature themes are allowed. Be kind and respectful to one another, shipping is allowed as well as romance. Stay tuned!

N.I.C.E Main Roleplay

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I got some good memes
I actually tried to draw what I thought the original founder of what N.I.C.E looked like. My doodles aren’t the best but I thought I might share. :3


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